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Real Estate Resources

Additional Resources for Real Estate Professionals

  • Statutes & Rules

    The Indiana Real Estate Commission and the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency are prohibited from providing legal advice on issues contained in the laws and regulations. For legal advice, please consult an attorney.

    Studying for the Indiana Law Exam: The Indiana law portion of the examination for broker licensure covers all content found in the compilation of laws below.

    INDIANA CODE  – Indiana Real Estate Commission

    INDIANA CODE § 25-34.1 – Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons

    • Chapter 1. Definitions and General Provisions
    • Chapter 2. Creation of Commission
    • Chapter 3. Licensing
    • Chapter 4. Principal Brokers
    • Chapter 4.5. License Transition
    • Chapter 5. Educational Courses
    • Chapter 6. Enforcement
    • Chapter 7. Real Estate Recovery Fund
    • Chapter 8. Real Estate Appraiser Licensure and Certification Board
    • Chapter 9. Continuing Education
    • Chapter 10. Real Estate Agency Relationships
    • Chapter 11. Appraisal Management Companies

    INDIANA CODE § 4-23 – Boards and Commissions

    • Chapter 30. Mortgage Lending and Fraud Prevention Task Force

    INDIANA CODE § 23-1.5 – Professional Corporations

    • Chapter 1. Definitions
    • Chapter 2. Administrative Provisions
    • Chapter 3. Ownership
    • Chapter 4. Change of Corporate Form
    • Chapter 5. Foreign Professional Corporations

    INDIANA CODE § 24-4.6 – Special Provisions Concerning Certain Transactions

    • Chapter 1. Interest Limits and Application of Other Laws

    INDIANA CODE § 24-5 – Consumer Sales

    • Chapter 23.5. Real Estate Appraisals

    INDIANA CODE § 32-21 – Conveyance Procedures for Real Property

    • Chapter 5. Residential Real Estate Sales Disclosure
    • Chapter 6. Psychologically Affected Properties

    INDIANA CODE § 25-1 – General Provisions

    • Chapter 1.1. Effect of Criminal Convictions on Licensed or Registered Persons
    • Chapter 1.2. Effect of Delinquency in Child Support Payments on Licensed or Registered Persons
    • Chapter 2. Renewal of Licenses Granted by State Agencies. Notice of Expiration
    • Chapter 3. Civil Immunity of Regulatory Agencies
    • Chapter 4. Continuing Education
    • Chapter 6. Professional Licensing Agency Functions and Duties
    • Chapter 7. Investigation and Prosecution of Complaints Concerning Regulated Occupations
    • Chapter 8. Occupational and Professional Licensure, Registration, and Certification Fees
    • Chapter 11. Professional Licensing Standards of Practice
    • Chapter 12. Renewal of Licenses Held by Individuals in Military Service
    • Chapter 17. Licensure of Individuals with Military Training; Licensure of Military Spouses

    INDIANA CODE § 4-6 – Attorney General

    • Chapter 14. Health Records and Identifying Information Protection

    INDIANA ADMINISTRATIVE CODE – TITLE 876 – Indiana Real Estate Commission

    Title 876, Article 5 – General Provisions

    • Rule 1. Authority; Purpose
    • Rule 2. Definitions
    • Rule 3. Fee Schedule

    Title 876, Article 6 – Real Estate Schools; Prelicensing Education; Examination

    • Rule 1. Definitions; General Provisions
    • Rule 2. Real Estate Schools; General Requirements
    • Rule 3. Instructors
    • Rule 4. Conduct of Courses
    • Rule 5. Real Estate Schools; Miscellaneous Prohibitions
    • Rule 6. Licensing Examination
    • Rule 7. Transition Requirements for Certain Inactive Broker to Activate and Certain Referral Status Brokers to be Removed from Referral Status

    Title 876, Article 7 – Managing Broker Education; Postlicensure Education; Continuing Education; Instructor Education

    • Rule 1. Scope of Article
    • Rule 2. Sponsors of Courses; Approval
    • Rule 3. Managing Broker Education and Designation
    • Rule 4. Postlicensing Education
    • Rule 5. Broker Continuing Education; Managing Broker Continuing Education; Instructor
    • Continuing Education
    • Rule 6. Distance Learning Continuing Education
    • Rule 7. Continuing Education Waiver

    Title 876, Article 8 – Operation of Broker Companies and Other Provisions Concerning Real Estate Practice

    • Rule 1. Operation of Broker Companies
    • Rule 2. Listing Agreements, Offers to Purchase and Other Provisions Concerning Real Estate Practice
  • Approved Education Providers

    The following list contains Commission-approved continuing education providers for brokers.  To learn whether a specific provider offers courses for brokers, or both, please contact the individual provider.

    CE Providers
    Instructions on how to register and submit the continuing education information.

    Below is a list of continuing education providers who have courses approved by the Indiana Real Estate Commission.

    5/21/2024 Updated Approved CE Courses and CE Providers

    Continuing education courses can be approved by the Commission, or by any "approved organization." An approved organization is any of the following:

    (1) United States Department of Education.
    (2) Council on Post-Secondary Education.
    (3) Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals.
    (4) Joint Commission on Healthcare Organizations.
    (5) Federal, state, and local government agencies.
    (6) A college or other teaching institution accredited by the United States Department of Education or the Council on Post-Secondary Education.
    (7) A national organization of practitioners whose members practicing in Indiana are subject to regulation by a board or agency regulating a profession or occupation under this title.
    (8) A national, state, district, or local organization that operates as an affiliated entity under the approval of an organization listed in subdivisions (1) through (7).
    (9) An internship or a residency program conducted in a hospital that has been approved by an organization listed in subdivisions (1) through (7).
    (10) Any other organization or individual approved by the board.

    When searching for continuing education courses, please be sure the course meets one of the above qualifications.  A course provider must be able to provide information on whether the course is approved by the Commission, or by an approved organization.  The Commission only retains the list of courses approved by it, and does not maintain a list of courses approved by one of the above organizations.  Only courses approved by one of these two methods will qualify towards renewal of your professional license.

    For more information, please review the statutes and rules.

  • Scope of Practice Rulings

    Licensed practitioners that have a specific question or questions about the scope of practice of their licensed profession may request a "practice ruling" from the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency (PLA) and the Indiana Real Estate Commission (the Commission). The PLA and the Commission may provide a formal determination/interpretation based on the practitioner's factual situations/circumstances. Licensed practitioners may submit a "Request for Practice Ruling" through the web-based form provided on the PLA's "Request for Practice Ruling" web page. Additional information and instructions for submitting a "Request for Practice Ruling " are provided on the web page.

    All requests will be reviewed by the PLA's legal team, and PLA's legal team will draft a ruling for the Commission's consideration and potential adoption. All rulings adopted by the Commission will be posted to the Indiana Register as well as the comprehensive list provided on the the PLA's "Request for Practice Ruling" web page.

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