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To file a complaint against a provider, please use the link below. All complaints are investigated by the Attorney General's Office and are confidential unless formal charges are filed by the Attorney General's Office with the Board. For more information, the Attorney General's Office may be contacted at 317-232-6201.

Information on the process of submitting a Consumer complaint can be found on the Consumer Complaint Process page.


The Indiana Public Licensing Agency and Private Investigator & Security Guard Licensing Board cannot provide legal advice or interpretation. For additional support, please contact an attorney.

  • Statutes & Rules

    INDIANA CODE § 25-30 – Private Investigator Firms, Security Guards, and Polygraph Examiners

    • Chapter 1.  Private Investigator Firm Licensing
    • Chapter 1.3.  Security Guard Agency Licensing
    • Chapter 1.5.  Repealed

    INDIANA CODE § 25-1 – Professions and Occupations

    • Chapter 1.   Evidence of License Applicant's Payment of Personal Property Taxes Required
    • Chapter 1.1.  Effect of Criminal Convictions on Licensed or Registered Persons
    • Chapter 1.2  Effect of Delinquency in Child Support Payments on Licensed or  Registered Persons
    • Chapter 2.  Renewal of Licenses Granted by State Agencies. Notice of Expiration
    • Chapter 3.  Civil Immunity of Regulatory Agencies
    • Chapter 4.  Continuing Education
    • Chapter 6.  Professional Licensing Agency
    • Chapter 7.  Investigation and Prosecution of Complaints Concerning Regulated Occupations
    • Chapter 8.  Occupational and Professional Licensure, Registration, and Certification Fees
    • Chapter 10.  Reserved
    • Chapter 11.  Professional Licensing Standards of Practice
    • Chapter 12.  Renewal of Licenses Held by Individuals in Military Service
    • Chapter 14.  Meetings
    • Chapter 16.  Evaluation of Regulated Occupations
    • Chapter 17.   Licensure of Individuals with Military Training; Licensure of Military Spouses
    • Chapter 18.   Repealed
    • Chapter 19.   Scleral Tattooing
    • Chapter 20.   Effect of a State Disaster Emergency on Professional Disciplinary Action
    • Chapter 21.   Reciprocity for Health Care Professionals


    Title 874, Article 1 – Private Investigator Firms and Security Guard Agencies

    • Rule 1.  General Provisions
    • Rule 2.  Private Investigator Firm Licensing
    • Rule 3.  Security Guard Agency Licensing

    Title 874, Article 2 – Private Investigator Firms and Security Guard Agencies

    • Rule 1.  General Provisions
  • Scope of Practice Rulings

    Licensed practitioners that have a specific question or questions about the scope of practice of their licensed profession may request a "practice ruling" from the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency (PLA) and the Indiana Private Investigator and Security Guard Licensing Board (the Board). The PLA and the Board may provide a formal determination/interpretation based on the practitioner's factual situations/circumstances. Licensed practitioners may submit a "Request for Practice Ruling" through the web-based form provided on the PLA's "Request for Practice Ruling" web page. Additional information and instructions for submitting a "Request for Practice Ruling " are provided on the web page.

    All requests will be reviewed by the PLA's legal team, and PLA's legal team will draft a ruling for the Board's consideration and potential adoption. All rulings adopted by the Board will be posted to the Indiana Register as well as the comprehensive list provided on the the PLA's "Request for Practice Ruling" web page.

Contact Information

    Amy Hall, Board Director
    Chris Shea-Russell, Assistant Board Director

    Staff Email:
    Staff Phone Number: (317) 232-2960

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