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Physician Assistant Resources

Additional Resources for Physician Assistants

  • Statutes & Rules

    Compilation of Physician Assistant Practice Act

    • The cite for the Physician Assistant Committee Practice Act is IC 25-27.5.
    • The cite for the Uniform Standards of Practice is IC 25-1-9.
    • The rules of the Board are located in Title 844 of the Indiana Administrative Code.
  • FAQ - Prescriptive Authority for Physician Assistants

    1.      If a PA is applying for prescriptive authority and they are going to have more than one collaborating physician at the facility do they need to submit a prescriptive authority application for each physician?

    • No, you need to only submit one application; however, include additional copies of page 3 of the application with each physician's information.

    2.      If you have more than one collaborating physician do you have to submit separate collaborative agreements?

    • If you have more than one collaborating physician and you will be performing the same duties with each physician they may all be in one agreement.
    • If you are performing separate duties for each physician then a separate agreement should be submitted for each physician.

    3.      If I am going to practice at two separate locations for two separate physicians do I need to complete two prescriptive authority applications?

    • No, you do not need to submit more than one prescriptive authority application. You would submit one prescriptive authority application with one physician.  You would then need to complete Change/Addition Applications for every other collaborating physician.  All collaborative agreements will need to include prescriptive authority in the agreement to prescribe.

    4.      Once I have prescriptive authority do I have it indefinitely or do I have to reapply each time I change supervising physicians?

    • You only need to apply for prescriptive authority once. If you change or add collaborating physicians, you need to complete a Change and/or Addition application along with the collaborative agreement that includes the authority to prescribe within the new practice.

    5.      Must I submit an application for a Controlled Substance Registration (CSR)?

    • You only need to submit an application for a CSR for your place of employment if you are prescribing, administering or dispensing controlled substances.  It is not necessary if you are only prescribing legend drugs.  If you have more than one office, you must apply for a CSR at each location in which you are dispensing or administering controlled substances.  One CSR will cover multiple locations for prescribing.

    6.      How long will it take to obtain my prescriptive authority?

    • The time will first depend on how long it takes the applicant to submit all documents required.
    • The application is then subject to the review and approval of the Physician Assistant Committee.

    7.      Must I renew the prescriptive authority with my PA license?

    • Prescriptive authority is not a renewable status.  Once you are issued prescriptive authority your status will say Physician Assistant-Prescriptive Authority.  You will only need to renew your PA license and any CSR’s you have in June of even years.

    8.      Where I presently work, I do not prescribe, but I will be prescribing at my new place of employment. What do I need to submit?

    • You will need to submit the Change and Addition application and all requirements for it.
    • You will also need to submit the Prescriptive Authority application and all requirements for it with the following exceptions:
      • You are required to only submit one collaborative agreement (same one can be used for both applications as long as the applications are submitted at the same time).
      • You will also need to submit a CSR application and all requirements for it if you will be prescribing controlled substances.

    10.  What needs to be included in the Collaborative Agreement?

    • Please review the collaborative agreement sample.

    11.  Can I practice as soon as you receive my application?

    • If it is an initial application to practice as a physician assistant, you cannot practice until a license is issued and a collaborative agreement is on file.
    • If it is an application for prescriptive authority, you may practice with your collaborating physician as a PA (assuming you are licensed); however, you cannot practice using the prescriptive authority until you receive an approval letter from the Board.
    • You have thirty (30) days after beginning a practice with a new or additional collaborating physician to complete a Change/Addition Application.

    12.  IC 25-27.5-5-2(f)(4) states that the supervisory agreement must specify the name of the drug or drug classification being delegated to the PA and the protocol the PA shall follow in prescribing a drug. What does Protocol mean?

    • Protocols are the instructions that the PA shall follow in prescribing a drug.

    13.   Can I write a prescription for a Schedule II controlled substance?   

    • Yes, if your collaborative agreement and CSR permits you to.
    • If your current collaborative agreement does not permit you to prescribed Schedule II controlled substances, you may have the agreement amended and submitted to the Committee for approval.
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