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NOTICE: We do not confirm receipt of items as they are received.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for review of applications and documentation. Upon review of application and additional documentation, you will be notified by email of any missing items.

You may also log onto your MyLicense account to view updates as they are processed. Allow 4-6 weeks for processing of submitted items. Items are processed in the order they are received.

Applicants are responsible for reviewing the application information for their license type for a full list of requirements. Application information for all licenses can be found in the Board's Licensing Information section.  Status updates for new applications will not be provided over the phone.


Important Notice Regarding Changes to the Law Affecting Massage Therapy

Effective July 1, 2019 pursuant to IC 25-21.8-4-2, enrolled during the 2018 legislative session under House Enrolled Act 1130, an individual who applies to practice as a massage therapist in Indiana must have successfully completed a massage therapy school or program which requires at least 625 hours of supervised classroom and hands-on instruction on massage therapy.

Any application received before the new law goes into effect on July 1st, 2019, will be evaluated based on the certification requirements in statute at the time the application was submitted. Therefore, any application that is received before July 1st, 2019 will be reviewed to ensure the 500-hour requirement has been met regardless of when the actual certification may ultimately be issued.

After July 1st, 2019, the law will be in effect and any application that is received after this time will be required to provide proof of completion of 625-hours in accordance with statute.

For more information and a copy of House Enrolled Act 1130-2018, please visit the Indiana General Assembly website at www.iga.in.gov

Pursuant to IC 25-21.8-3, the Indiana State Board of Massage Therapy has begun the process of transitioning the practice of massage therapy from certification to required licensure.

Please note, an individual will not be required to hold a license to practice massage therapy in Indiana until 183 days after the effective date of additional rules to be promulgated and adopted by the Board for Massage Therapy.

Until the effective date of the rules adopted by the board for licensure, the Board of Massage Therapy shall continue to issue and renew massage therapy certifications.

Additional updates on the transition to licensure will be posted on this page as they become available.

Licensing Information

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Consumer Information

To file a complaint against a provider, please use the link below. All complaints are investigated by the Attorney General's Office and are confidential unless formal charges are filed by the Attorney General's Office with the Board. For more information, the Attorney General's Office may be contacted at 317-232-6201.

Information on the process of submitting a Consumer complaint can be found on the Consumer Complaint Process page.

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Dinena Moore, Assistant Director

E-mail: pla14@pla.IN.gov
Phone Number: (317) 234-8800