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Important Notice Regarding New Rules for The Massage Therapy Board

Effective July 13, 2022

Pursuant to IC 25-21.8.3, the Indiana State Board of Massage Therapy has adopted the new rules for the practice as a massage therapist and will require Continuing Education for renewal and has transitioned the Massage Therapy Certification to Massage Therapy Licensure.  If you currently hold a Massage Therapy Certification, there is nothing you need to do to transition to a license. Your state issued number will remain the same.

As of July 13, 2022 all licensed Massage Therapist will be required to complete 18 hours of Continuing Education before the May 2025 renewal. After that, they will be required to complete  a total of 24 hours of Continuing Education within the 4 year renewal cycle.

Licensing Information

Board Information

Consumer Information

To file a complaint against a provider, please use the link below. All complaints are investigated by the Attorney General's Office and are confidential unless formal charges are filed by the Attorney General's Office with the Board. For more information, the Attorney General's Office may be contacted at 317-232-6201.

Information on the process of submitting a Consumer complaint can be found on the Consumer Complaint Process page.

Contact Information

Toby Snell, Board Director
Ashlee Scott, Assistant Director

Phone Number: (317) 232-2960


  • Statutes & Rules

    Licensure Law and Administrative Rules governing this profession are found in various parts of the Indiana Code. The Indiana Professional Licensing Agency provides access to the Licensure Law and Administrative Rules, available by clicking on the links below:

    INDIANA CODE ยง 25-21.8 - Massage Therapists

    • Chapter 1. Definitions
    • Chapter 2. State Board of Massage Therapy
    • Chapter 3. Powers and Duties of the Board
    • Chapter 4. Issuance of Certification
    • Chapter 5. Certification by Endorsement
    • Chapter 6. Certification Renewal
    • Chapter 7. Discipline and Violations
    • Chapter 8. Preemption of Local Ordinances, Resolutions, Rules, and Policies

    Title 25, Article 1 - Professions and Occupations


    • Article 1 - Massage Therapist Licensure
      • Rule 1. Definitions
      • Rule 2. Standards of Competent Practice
      • Rule 3. Certification (Repealed)
      • Rule 4. Compliance with Standards; Failure to Comply (Repealed)
      • Rule 5. Continuing Education Requirements
    • Title 847, Article 2 - Fees
      • Rule 1. Fees; Certification, Renewal, Verification

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