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Engineering Board

Board Members

  • Board Members as of 2024
    • Jason Durr, P.E., Chairman
    • Greg Morical, J.D., Public Member, Vice Chairman
    • Tim Jensen, P.E., Liaison
    • Opal Kuhl, P.E.
    • Susan Zellers, P.E.
    • Sam Reed, P.E.
    • Stephen Gillman, PE

    You may write to any of the board members by sending your letter to:

    (Board member name)
    Indiana Professional Licensing Agency
    Attn: State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers
    402 W. Washington St., Room W072
    Indianapolis, IN 46204

Board Calendar & Dates

  • Dates to Remember

    The following meetings will begin at 9:00 am unless otherwise indicated.

    2024 Board Meeting Dates

    January 30 
    March 26
    May 21 
    July 16 
    September 11
    November 19

Board Minutes & Agendas

Other Board Information

Electronic Participation Policy

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