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Diabetes Educators Resources

Additional Resources for Diabetes Educators

  • Statutes & Rules

    A copy of the Statute and Rules can be obtained by clicking the links below.

    • The cite for the Diabetes Educators is IC 25-14.3.
    • The cite for the Uniform Standards of Practice is IC 25-1-9.
    • The rules of the Board are located in Title 844 of the Indiana Administrative Code.
  • Continuing Education Requirements

    All Diabetes Educators must obtain fifteen (15) hours of continuing education annually in order to renew your license.

    To renew a license, an applicant must complete continuing education. The continuing education must meet the requirements of IC 25-1-4 and consist of:

    1. the completion in each two (2) year license cycle of thirty (30) contact hours that have been approved by the American Association of Diabetes Educators, National Certification Board for Diabetes Educators, or other approved provider.

    Please do not send in your continuing education certificates.  An audit will be performed after the renewal period is complete.  If you are chosen you will be sent a letter with instructions on sending in your certificates.

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