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  • Statutes & Rules

    The State Board of Dentistry and the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency are prohibited from providing legal advice on issues in the statute and administrative rules.  For legal advice please consult an attorney. 

    The most current version of the Indiana statutes and administrative rules may be accessed using the Legislative Service links below:

    Indiana Code

    Indiana Code § 25-13 Dental Hygienists

    • Chapter 1.    Regulation of Dental Hygienists by State Board of Dentistry
    • Chapter 2.    Continuing Education for Dental Hygienists

    Indiana Code § 25-14 Dentists

    • Chapter 1.    Regulation of Dentists; Creation of Board
    • Chapter 2.    Marking Requirements for Dentures and Partial Dentures
    • Chapter 3.    Continuing Education for Dentists
    • Chapter 4.    Referral Services
    • Chapter 5.    Dental Underserved Area and Minority Recruitment Program
    General Provisions

    Indiana Code § 25-0.5 Applicability of Certain Provisions in IC 25-1

    • Chapter 1.    Initial License or Certificate under IC 25-1-1.1-4
    • Chapter 2.    Permits, Licenses, Certificates of Registration, and Evidences of Authority under IC 25-1-2-2.1
    • Chapter 3.    Entities under IC 25-1-2-6
    • Chapter 4.    “Board” as used in IC 25-1-4
    • Chapter 5.    Performance of Administrative Function, Duties, and Responsibilities for Entities by the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency und IC 25-1-5-3
    • Chapter 6.    “Provider” as used in IC 25-1-5-10
    • Chapter 7.    Performance of Administrative Functions, Duties, and Responsibilities for Entities by the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency under IC 25-1-6-3
    • Chapter 8.    “Regulated Occupation” for purposes of IC 25-1-7
    • Chapter 9.    “Board” as used in IC 25-1-8
    • Chapter 10.  “Board” as used in IC 25-1-8-6
    • Chapter 11.  “Board” as used in IC 25-1-9
    • Chapter 12.  “Board” as used in IC 25-1-11

    Indiana Code § 25-1 General Provisions

    • Chapter 0.1.  Effect of Certain Acts
    • Chapter 1.     Evidence of License Applicant’s Payment of Personal Property Taxes Required
    • Chapter 1.1.  Effect of Criminal Convictions on Licensed or Registered Persons
    • Chapter 1.2.  Renewal of Licenses Granted by State Agencies, Notice of Expiration
    • Chapter 3.     Civil Immunity of Regulatory Agencies
    • Chapter 4.     Continuing Education
    • Chapter 5.     Professional Licensing Agency Registry of Professions
    • Chapter 6      Professional Licensing Agency Functions and Duties
    • Chapter 7.     Investigation and Prosecution of Complaints Concerning Regulated Occupations
    • Chapter 8.     Occupational and Professional Licensure, Registration, and Certification Fees
    • Chapter 9.     Health Professions Standards of Practice
    • Chapter 11.   Professional Licensing Standards of Practice
    • Chapter 12.   Renewal of Licenses Held by Individuals in Military Service
    • Chapter 13.   Indiana Scheduled Prescription Electronic Collection and Tracking Program
    • Chapter 15.   Exemptions for Athletic Organization Practitioners in Other Jurisdictions
    • Chapter 16.   Evaluation of Regulated Occupations
    • Chapter 17.   Licensure of Individuals with Military Training; Licensure of Military Spouses
    • Chapter 18.   Pilot Program for State Registration of Privately Certified Individuals

    Indiana Code § 16-39 Health Records
    Chapter 39.   Health Records

    Indiana Code § 4-6    Attorney General
    Chapter 14.  Health Records and Identifying Information Protection

    Indiana Administrative Code

    Title 828, Article 0.5 – General Provisions

    • Rule 1.         Definitions
    • Rule 2.          Fees

    Title 828, Article 1 – Licensure of Dentists and Dental Hygienists

    • Rule 1.        Dentists; Licensure by Examination
    • Rule 2         Dental Hygienists; Licensure by Examination
    • Rule 3.        Dentists and Dental Hygienists; Licensure by Endorsement
    • Rule 4.        Practice of Dentistry
    • Rule5.         Continuing Education for Renewal of License
    • Rule 6.        Dental Hygienists; License Renewal
    • Rule 7.        Inactive Dental License

    Title 828, Article 2 – Dental Professional Corporations

    • Rule 1         Corporations; Dental

    Title 828. Article 3 – Anesthesia and Sedation

    • Rule 1.        General Requirements
    • Rule 2.        Dental Hygiene Local Anesthetic Permit

    Title 828, Article 4 – 4 Mobile Dental Facilities and Portable Dental Operations

    • Rule 1        Applicability; Exceptions
    • Rule 2.       Definitions
    • Rule 3        Registration

    Title 828, Article 5 – Instructors Licenses

    • Rule 1.      General Requirements

    Title 828, Article 6 – Dental Assistants

    • Rule 1.      Caries Prevention and Coronal Polishing Requirements; Limitations

    Title 410. Article 1 – Communicable Disease Control

    • Rule 3.      Infectious Waste
    • Rule 4.      Universal Precautions
  • Other Governing Bodies
  • Scope of Practice Rulings

    Licensed practitioners that have a specific question or questions about the scope of practice of their licensed profession may request a "practice ruling" from the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency (PLA) and the Indiana State Board of Dentistry (the Board). The PLA and the Board may provide a formal determination/interpretation based on the practitioner's factual situations/circumstances. Licensed practitioners may submit a "Request for Practice Ruling" through the web-based form provided on the PLA's "Request for Practice Ruling" web page. Additional information and instructions for submitting a "Request for Practice Ruling " are provided on the web page.

    All requests will be reviewed by the PLA's legal team, and PLA's legal team will draft a ruling for the Board's consideration and potential adoption. All rulings adopted by the Board will be posted to the Indiana Register as well as the comprehensive list provided on the the PLA's "Request for Practice Ruling" web page.

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