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Criminal Background Check Instructions

Please wait for the Email notice. Do not submit to a criminal background check until you receive an email notifying you that the board has received your application. A criminal background check (CBC) completed prior to the submission of an application for licensure will not be considered valid. An application is not considered “received” until it is manually entered into the IPLA licensing system by board staff.  An email is sent out notifying you that the application is in our system and you are eligible for the CBC.  If an application is not received before scheduling a CBC, the applicant will be required to submit to another check resulting in additional fees. As stated, you will receive an email from your board notifying you that you are eligible for the CBC.

Fingerprint rejections may lead to delay Fingerprint rejections occur for different reasons including the prolonged use of hand sanitizer and the wearing of latex gloves.  IPLA does not conduct or administer the criminal background checks and cannot assist you with expediting the process.

Applicants who reside out of state, or are physically unable to go to a location to be fingerprinted may use Card Scan Processing Program. To view step-by-step instructions, please go back to the previous page and use the "Out-of-State Instructions."

Follow the simple steps outlined below to complete the fingerprinting process (for a printable PDF of these instructions, click here): 

  1. Once you receive the board email with receipt of your application (or receive your receipt from an online application submission), go to IPLA does not conduct or administer the criminal background checks and cannot assist you with expediting the process.
  2. Once on the IdentoGO landing page please use the option to Search for Services by State and select the State of Indiana.
  3. Select the option for Digital Fingerprinting
  4. Select Schedule a New Appointment
  5. On the Service Code entry screen, use the Service Code provided to you by the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency.  (To locate your specific Service Code, go back one page.)
  6. Please read the disclaimer on the screen and if you agree, then please select Agree
  7. On the next screen you will be asked to choose the IdentoGO Fingerprinting Location by either entering the Applicants Home Zip Code OR by choosing a Region from the drop down menu.
  8. Complete the demographic information page. Required fields are indicated by a red asterisk.
  9. Review the full information you have entered during the Registration process
  10. Select your Payment Information
  11. Print your confirmation page. If you provided an email address, you will receive an email confirmation as well.
  12. Bring one of the following with you to your fingerprinting appointment: Valid Driver License, Valid State Issued Identification Card, or Valid Passport
  13. Arrive at the IdentoGO Enrollment Center at your appointed date and time. The Enrollment Agent at the site will check your Valid Photo ID, verify your demographic information with you, capture your fingerprints, and then submit your data in real time to the Indiana State Police for processing.If you do not have the above identification, you will need both a valid birth certificate and a social security card.
  14. All results will be processed by IN State Police and the FBI with the end results being submitted to IN Professional Licensing Agency as the official Requesting Agency. Please note IdentoGO is never in possession of criminal record data results.

If you do not have access to the internet, you may call IdentoGo toll-free at (877) 472-6917 to schedule an appointment.
You will be required to provide the Service Code data above in order to schedule an appointment.

Applicants Under 18

All individuals under the age of 18, can only request an Indiana Criminal Record Review Challenge. You will use the same instructions as above except for Step 7 you must select “Criminal Record Review Challenge” from the dropdown (DO NOT choose Professional Licensing) or call 1-877-472-6917 for guidance.

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