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Behavioral Health and Human Services Resources

Additional Resources for Behavioral Health & Human Services

  • Statutes & Rules

    The Behavioral Health and Human Services Licensing Board and the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency are prohibited from providing legal advice on issues in the statute and administrative rules. For legal advice please consult an attorney.

    The most current version of the Indiana statutes and administrative rules may be accessed using the Legislative Service links below:

    Indiana Code

    Indiana Code § 25-23.6 Behavioral Health and Human Services Licensing Board

    • Chapter 1.       Definitions
    • Chapter 2.       Behavioral Health and Human Services Licensing Board
    • Chapter 3.       Marriage and Family Therapists; Unlawful Practices; Penalty
    • Chapter 4.       Social Workers; Unlawful Practices; Penalty
    • Chapter 4.5.    Mental Health Counselors; Unlawful Practices
    • Chapter 5.       Social Workers; Licensure; Examinations
    • Chapter 6.       Privileged Communications
    • Chapter 7.       Mandatory Disclosure
    • Chapter 8.       Marriage and Family Therapists; Certification; Examinations
    • Chapter 8.5.    Mental Health Counselors
    • Chapter 9.       Repealed
    • Chapter 10.     Repealed
    • Chapter 10.1   Addiction Counselors and Therapists; Unlawful Practices; Penalty
    • Chapter 10.5   Addiction Counselors; Clinical Addiction Counselors; Licensure; Examinations
    • Chapter 11.     Prohibited Practices

    General Provisions

    Indiana Code § 25-0.5 Applicability of Certain Provisions in IC 25-1

    • Chapter 1.      Initial License or Certificate under IC 25-1-1.1-4
    • Chapter 2.      Permits, Licenses, Certificates of Registration, and Evidences of Authority under IC 25-1-2-2.1
    • Chapter 3.      Entities under IC 25-1-2-6
    • Chapter 4.      “Board” as used in IC 25-1-4
    • Chapter 5.      Performance of Administrative Function, Duties, and Responsibilities for Entities by the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency under IC 25-1-5-3
    • Chapter 6.      “Provider” as used in IC 25-1-5-10
    • Chapter 7.      Performance of Administrative Functions, Duties, and Responsibilities for Entities by the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency under IC 25-1-6-3
    • Chapter 8.      “Regulated Occupation” for purposes of IC 25-1-7
    • Chapter 9.      “Board” as used in IC 25-1-8
    • Chapter 10.    “Board” as used in IC 25-1-8-6
    • Chapter 11.    “Board” as used in IC 25-1-9
    • Chapter 12.    “Board” as used in IC 25-1-11

    Indiana Code § 25-1 General Provisions

    • Chapter 0.1.    Effect of Certain Acts
    • Chapter 1.       Evidence of License Applicant’s Payment of Personal Property Taxes Required
    • Chapter 1.1.    Effect of Criminal Convictions on Licensed or Registered Persons
    • Chapter 1.2.    Renewal of Licenses Granted by State Agencies, Notice of Expiration
    • Chapter 3.       Civil Immunity of Regulatory Agencies
    • Chapter 4.       Continuing Education
    • Chapter 5.       Professional Licensing Agency Registry of Professions
    • Chapter 6        Professional Licensing Agency Functions and Duties
    • Chapter 7.       Investigation and Prosecution of Complaints Concerning Regulated Occupations
    • Chapter 8.       Occupational and Professional Licensure, Registration, Certification Fees
    • Chapter 9.       Health Professions Standards of Practice
    • Chapter 11.     Professional Licensing Standards of Practice
    • Chapter 12.     Renewal of Licenses Held by Individuals in Military Service
    • Chapter 13.     Indiana Scheduled Prescription Electronic Collection and Tracking Program
    • Chapter 15.     Exemptions for Athletic Organization Practitioners in Other Jurisdictions
    • Chapter 16.     Evaluation of Regulated Occupations
    • Chapter 17.     Licensure of Individuals with Military Training; Licensure of Military Spouses
    • Chapter 18.     Pilot Program for State Registration of Privately Certified Individuals

    Indiana Code § 16-39 Health Records

    • Chapter 39. Health Records

    Indiana Code § 4-6 Attorney General

    • Chapter 14. Health Records and Identifying Information Protection

    Indiana Administrative Code

    Title 839, Article 1 – General Provisions

    • Rule 1.            Definitions
    • Rule 2.            Licensure and Fees
    • Rule 3.            Social Workers; Clinical Social Workers
    • Rule 4.            Marriage and Family Therapists
    • Rule 5.            Mental Health Counselors
    • Rule 5.5.         Addiction Counselors; Clinical Addiction Counselors
    • Rule 6.            Continuing Education
  • Approved Education Providers

    Below is a list of automatically approve providers. If a provider has become a CE Sponsor for the State of Indiana, they will be provided a CE Sponsor number by our agency. Licensees may look up any license numbers by visiting our Free Search and Verify.

    (1) Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine.

    (2) Academy of Family Mediators.

    (3) Accreditation Council on Continuing Medical Education (programs or seminars related to mental health).

    (4) American Association for Continuity of Care.

    (5) American Association for Diabetes.

    (6) American Association for Social Work with Groups/Spinal Cord Injury.

    (7) American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy.

    (8) American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists.

    (9) American Cancer Society.

    (10) American Counseling Association.

    (11) American Health Care Institute (programs or seminars related to mental health).

    (12) American Hospital Association (programs or seminars related to mental health).

    (13) American Medical Association (programs or seminars related to mental health).

    (14) American Mental Health Counselors Association.

    (15) American Psychiatric Association.

    (16) American Psychological Association.

    (17) American Red Cross (programs or seminars related to mental health).

    (18) Arthritis Association.

    (19) Association of Oncology Social Work.

    (20) Association of Pediatric Oncology Social Work.

    (21) Association for Treatment of Sexual Abusers.

    (22) Association of Social Work Boards.

    (23) Brain Injury Association of Indiana

    (24) Chicago Center for Family Health.

    (25) Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification.

    (26) Employee Assistance Professional Association.

    (27) Employee Assistance Society of North America.

    (28) Federation of Societies for Clinical Social Work.

    (29) Federation of Society of Sex Educators and Therapists.

    (30) First Steps.

    (31) Healthy Families.

    (32) Hoosier Oncology Group.

    (33) Hospice Foundation of America.

    (34) Indiana Association of Home and Hospice Care.

    (35) Indiana Commission on Continuing Legal Education (programs or seminars related to mental health).

    (36) Indiana Council of Nephrology Social Workers.

    (37) Indiana Council on Adolescent Pregnancy.

    (38) Indiana Counselors Association for Alcohol and Drug Abuse.

    (39) Indiana Healthcare Ethics Network.

    (40) Indiana Hospice Association.

    (41) Indiana Hospital and Health Association (programs or seminars related to mental health).

    (42) Indiana Organ Procurement Organization.

    (43) Indiana Perinatal Association.

    (44) International Critical Incident Stress Foundation.

    (45) Leukemia Society of America.

    (46) Mediation Matters.

    (47) Mental Health Association.

    (48) Midwest Regional Network for Intervention with Sex Offenders.

    (49) National Association for Family-Based Services.

    (50) National Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors.

    (51) National Association of Liver Transplant Social Workers.

    (52) National Association of Perinatal Social Work.

    (53) National Association of Social Workers.

    (54) National Board for Certified Counselors.

    (55) National Board of Addiction Examiners.

    (56) National Brain Tumor Foundation.

    (57) National Committee to Prevent Child Abuse.

    (58) National Council of Community Mental Health Centers.

    (59) National Council of Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity.

    (60) National Hospice Association.

    (61) National Kidney Foundation.

    (62) National Organization for Victim Assistance.

    (63) National Resource Center for Family Centered Practice.

    (64) National Spina Bifida Association.

    (65) Society of Heart and Lung Transplant Social Workers.

    (66) Solutions Training Institute.

    (67) The Alfred Adler Institute of Chicago.

    (68) The American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children.

    (69) The Center for Family Studies, Chicago, Illinois.

    (70) The Cincinnati Psychoanalytic Institute.

    (71) The Family Institute of Chicago.

    (72) The Family Institute/Center for Family Studies.

    (73) The Gestalt Institute of Cleveland.

    (74) The Indianapolis Gestalt Institute.

    (75) The Institute for Clinical Social Work, Chicago, Illinois.

    (76) The Institute for Psychoanalysis, Chicago, Illinois.

    (77) The International Institute of Object Relations Therapy.

    (78) The Jungian Institute of Chicago.

    (79) The National Association of Family Mediators.

    (80) The National Center for Child Abuse and Neglect.

    (81) The National Children’s Advocacy Center.

    (82) The Society of Social Work Leadership in Health Care.

    (83) The Wellness Community

    (82) A national, regional, state, district, or local organization that operates as an affiliated entity under the approval of any organization listed in subdivisions (1) through (81).

    (83) Any institute or program focused on self-psychology.

    (84) A university, college, or other teaching institution accredited by the United States Department of Education or the Council on Postsecondary Education.

    (85) A federal, state, or local government agency that coordinates and presents continuing education courses and programs in conjunction with this rule. (Social

    Worker, Marriage and Family Therapist, and Mental Health Counselor Board; 839 IAC 1-6-2; filed Dec 29, 1998, 10:57 a.m.: 22 IR 1512; readopted filed Dec 2, 2001, 12:30 p.m.: 25 IR 1314)

  • Other Governing Bodies

    National Association of Social Worker
    NASW, Indiana Chapter

    1100 West 42nd Street, Suite 226
    Indianapolis, IN 46208

  • Scope of Practice Rulings

    Licensed practitioners that have a specific question or questions about the scope of practice of their licensed profession may request a "practice ruling" from the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency (PLA) and the Indiana Behavioral Health and Human Services Board (the Board). The PLA and the Board may provide a formal determination/interpretation based on the practitioner's factual situations/circumstances. Licensed practitioners may submit a "Request for Practice Ruling" through the web-based form provided on the PLA's "Request for Practice Ruling" web page. Additional information and instructions for submitting a "Request for Practice Ruling " are provided on the web page.

    All requests will be reviewed by the PLA's legal team, and PLA's legal team will draft a ruling for the Board's consideration and potential adoption. All rulings adopted by the Board will be posted to the Indiana Register as well as the comprehensive list provided on the the PLA's "Request for Practice Ruling" web page.

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