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Health Care Volunteer Registry

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In 2015, Governor Mike Pence signed into law House Enrolled Act 1145, establishing Indiana’s Health Care Volunteer Registry.  The Registry grants civil immunity to health care professionals, under certain circumstances, who volunteer their services outside of traditional health facilities.

Application For Inclusion On Healthcare Volunteer Registry By Individual

Application For Inclusion On Healthcare Volunteer Registry By Location - Apply Online Now!

Volunteer Healthcare Registry List - Current as of 4/1/2024

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?

The registry is an electronic health care registry providing an alternative health care option for Hoosiers. Registered practitioners have civil immunity when providing volunteer services under this registry. The registry is available to the public on the internet, including the information of each registered practitioner: name, city and state of residence, licensed profession, license number, date of registration, and date of expiration for registration.

How do I sign up?

Registration is possible through an electronic application available simply by clicking the above link. Applicants can send documents to the department within IPLA that regulates their profession. Applications can be sent by email or mail. All location applications are processed through the Indiana Medical Board.

What does it cost?

The registry is free of charge.

What is the benefit?

The benefits of a volunteer health care registry include civil immunity and the opportunity for health care professionals to provide an alternative health care option, freestanding from traditional health care.

Who is eligible to apply?

The following licensed health care practitioners are eligible for registration.


*Physician Assistants





What is an example of a volunteer health care practitioner?

In 2015 the Indiana State Fair Grounds hosted a charitable dental clinic. The clinic serviced 2000 patients in need of dental care over a period of two days. The event was free to the public, regardless of age or income. The hope of this volunteer registry is to provide service similar to the charitable dental clinic, to meet all areas of health needs.

Does the registered professional receive a card or paper certificate saying they have been registered?

Practitioners who register do not receive a card or paper certificate. The information is stored online for the public to see and access. Practitioners can purchase their own card, like a business card, to promote their voluntary services.

How can a practitioner be removed from the registry?

If need be, per request of the practitioner, a customer service representative will remove the professional from the registry.

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