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Citizens Wastewater of Westfield

The IURC has approved a rate settlement agreement between the OUCC and Citizens Wastewater of Westfield.

The approved agreement will allow sewer rates to rise by 9.2 percent.

By comparison, Citizens originally requested a 25.4 percent rate increase for its sewer utility in Westfield. In testimony filed in December 2016, the OUCC recommended a rate decrease of 8.9 percent.

For the IURC public case file, click here and enter cause number 44835.

An IURC public field hearing was held in Westfield on November 3, 2016, with the OUCC issuing an October 21, 2016 news release to invite consumer comments.

Our infographic and Guide to State Utility Regulatory Proceedings describe the steps in the rate case process.

A settlement agreement regarding Westfield's natural gas rates was recently approved in a separate case.

Rates and charges for Marion County customers were not at issue in this case.