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NIPSCO Electric Rate Case

New base rates for NIPSCO's electric utility were approved in July 2016. In its order, the IURC approved a February 2016 settlement agreement among the OUCC, NIPSCO, industrial customers, municipal governments, and the United Steelworkers, with no opposition from LaPorte County. For a summary of the agreement, please see the news release issued by the settling parties.

In this case, the settling parties agreed to an electric rate increase of $72.5 million. By comparison, NIPSCO had originally requested an increase of approximately $126.6 million. The OUCC's litigation testimony, filed in January 2016, recommended limiting the increase to about $15.6 million.

An IURC public field hearing was held in Hammond on December 14, 2015. The OUCC issued a November 2015 news release to invite consumer comments.

To view the IURC case file, including testimony, click here and enter Cause Number 44688.

Natural gas rates were not at issue in this case. The base rate case is separate from NIPSCO's seven-year electric infrastructure plan.