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Aboite Wastewater Division Rates

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New sewer rates for the Aqua Indiana, Inc. Aboite Wastewater Division were approved on January 18, 2017. The division includes parts of Allen, Huntington, and Whitley Counties.

The IURC's order approved a settlement agreement among all of the case's formal parties: The OUCC, Aqua, and the City of Fort Wayne. For a summary of the agreement, please see the settling parties' August 9, 2016 news release.

Testimony filed by the OUCC earlier in the case is summarized in the agency's June 24, 2016 news release.

To review the case file, including testimony and exhibits, please click here and enter cause number 44752.

More background information is available from the OUCC's May 4, 2016 news release and the fact sheet distributed at the IURC's May 17, 2016 public field hearing in Fort Wayne.

The Aboite Wastewater Division's previous rates were approved in 2011.

This page will be updated based on case developments.



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