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Indiana's Energy Policy

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Indiana is in the midst of a transformational energy transition. Today’s energy landscape in the Hoosier State is far different than it was just 10 years ago. The way we produce, distribute, and consume energy is changing in profound ways. Hoosiers are on the ground floor of this transition, building the future of our energy economy, from new vehicles and technologies that will transport Americans throughout the country to developing and building new resources that will supply our future energy needs.

Managing this transition responsibly includes ensuring the state’s policy and regulatory frameworks are flexible and adaptable to new and emerging technologies, while maintaining the reliability and affordability of our electric service that Hoosiers rely on every day. It also includes capitalizing on opportunities to support Indiana’s strong, dynamic, and growing economy.

Recognizing the changes that continue ahead, the Indiana Office of Energy Development (OED) is engaging on complex topics related to new and emerging technologies, regulatory issues, and other energy-related challenges. OED prioritizes its work to support workforce development, economic development, and the five pillars of electric service: reliability, resilience, stability, affordability, and environmental sustainability to guide current and new energy policies for Indiana.

Learn more about key energy topics below.