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Grid Resilience Program

About the Program

The Grid Resilience Grant Program, funded through Section 40101(d) of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), is administered through the Indiana Office of Energy Development, the Governor-designated state energy office. This program provides $2.5 billion in formula grants to states and tribes for the purpose of improving the all-hazards resilience of electric grids. Under this U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) formula program, Indiana is estimated to receive approximately $23 million over five years.

On June 16, 2023, DOE announced the award for the first $9.2 million for Indiana's program.

Indiana's 5-Year Strategic Plan

As required by IIJA and the federal DOE program, the state must submit a plan (also known as the Program Narrative) to implement this program. This Program Narrative is a high-level five-year strategic document to guide investment decisions. The Program Narrative includes the objectives of the program, the methods and criteria on sub-awarding funds to eligible entities, as well as the distribution of funding. As a part of developing the plan, Indiana OED provided several opportunities for public participation and feedback to implement this program.

Indiana's plan focuses on building upon existing efforts throughout the state and supplement existing funding in order to improve the electric grid infrastructure, particularly as it relates to the ability to withstand and recover from potential disruptions.

Final Program Narrative

Next Steps

Before the end of the year, OED will develop a competitive application process and solicit project proposals that fulfill the goals of the program. Each selected proposal must be reviewed and approved by U.S. DOE before being awarded by OED.

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