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EECBG Program

About the Program

The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program (EECBG), funded through Section 40552(a) of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), is administered through the Indiana Office of Energy Development (OED). This program provides $431.2 million in formula grants to states, local governments, and tribes for the purpose of improving energy efficiency and reducing energy consumption. In Indiana, 37 communities and 1 Tribe were selected to receive formula funds through the EECBG program. Under this U.S. Department of Energy Formula Program, OED will administer Indiana's allocation of approximately $2.4 million, with at least 60% of these funds being set aside for local governments and tribes who did not receive formula funds.

  • Eligible Entities: Local governments
  • Project length: Up to 2 years


The funding opportunity to apply for the EECBG program opened on November 15, 2023. While there is no minimum or maximum, OED anticipates federal awards to be between $100,000 and $200,000. Download the full application package below for application details.

Application deadline: February 2, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

Press Release

  • For the press release, click here.

Indiana's EECBG Strategy

OED uses the five pillars of electricity policy, as codified in Indiana law: affordability, reliability, resiliency, stability, and environmental sustainability, in the development and implementation of grant programs. Energy efficiency supports the five pillars in multiple ways, including maintaining affordability through reducing energy consumption, increasing reliability, resiliency, and stability by reducing demands placed onto the electric grid, and providing environmental benefits. Indiana’s EECBG program also includes consideration for disadvantaged communities, and applications that improve outcomes specifically for disadvantaged communities are strongly encouraged.

Indiana's Program Activities

The federal EECBG Program has over 14 categories of activities that are eligible for funding. After discussion with stakeholders and local governments, OED identified 4 program areas that will best serve the needs of local governments and drive as much of these limited dollars to communities as possible. See the application instructions for additional information about each program activity.

  • Energy Planning

This activity will allow for local governments to develop a strategic roadmap to focus and guide energy efficiency and conservation efforts. Energy plans will identify existing energy consumption, goals, and strategies to meet the goals.

  • Energy Efficiency Audits and Retrofits

This activity allows local governments to identify and implement energy efficiency improvements for reduced energy consumption and for cost savings. Actions for this program might include: building assessments and energy audits; energy efficiency improvements and technologies, including grid-interactivity; and energy savings performance contracts (Indiana Guaranteed Energy Savings Contract). Further examples of eligible activities under this program include the replacement of traffic signals and street lighting.

  • Electric Transportation

This program activity supports local governments to deploy zero-emission transportation measures. Eligible activities for this program include electric vehicles and fleets, community EV charging infrastructure, and grid modernization efforts that are necessary to support electric transportation (such as metering systems, grid-interactive technologies). This program may be subject to further NEPA and Buy America (BABA) compliance.

  • Workforce Development

This program activity assists local governments in enhancing and broadening skills of the workforce, fostering prosperity for individuals, communities, and businesses, with a focus on clean energy and the energy efficiency industry. Actions for this program might include workforce development program and curriculum development, stakeholder engagement, and paying trainers and trainees.

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