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Want to Review Case Decisions?

OEA serves Indiana’s citizens and environment as the ultimate authority to provide independent, fair and efficient resolution of disputes to decisions made by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management via administrative adjudication when necessary, and via mediated case resolution when appropriate.

Filing documents:

Petitions for review, pursuant to Ind. Code ยง 4-21.5-3-1(h)(4), may be filed in person by first calling (317) 233-0850 to arrange time for filing or via email at Per 315 IC 1-3-3(d) (1998), documents need to be received by 4:30 pm to be file marked that day. Proof of filing for documents sent via email will be sent to the filer. If a party chooses to file via email that party shall also submit a duplexed (double-sided) hardcopy of any document longer than ten (10) pages via US Mail service to the OEA.

Administrative Law Judge ("ALJ")/Environmental Law Judge ("ELJ") Qualifications

ADVISEMENT: OEA Staff cannot provide legal advice to any parties. Legal advice could be described, but is not limited to: offering interpretation of rules; recommending a course of action; predicting an ELJ's decision and interpreting the meaning or effect of any court order or judgment.