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Broadband Funding Opportunities

  • OCRA
  • Current: Broadband Funding Opportunities
  • Next Level Connections

    Grant Program for Broadband Providers offering funding to specific areas in Indiana that lack broadband coverage

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  • Subsidy Program

    More information coming soon on programming to provide subsidies to student households, school corporations and rural health clinics for broadband services

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  • Indiana Connectivity Program

    More information coming soon on programming to provide funding to specific individual addresses (households, businesses, schools and rural health clinics) in Indiana that lack broadband coverage

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  • Provider Information

    Indiana providers must register online to be eligible for broadband funding opportunities

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In an effort to improve broadband adoption and accessibility, Gov. Eric Holcomb allocated $350 million to be invested into increasing connectivity in Indiana. This appropriation, to be managed by the Office of Community and Rural Affairs, will begin to expand access to reliable, high-speed broadband service through grants, line extensions and subsidies.

Indiana Broadband Goals

  1. Increase access to unserved or underserved households, businesses, health clinics and schools.
  2. Increase adoption of school buildings and rural health clinics receiving 1GB of service.
  3. Increase adoption of households and businesses receiving greater than 25/3.
  4. Create a public dashboard demonstrating metrics used to measure goals.
  5. Increase public sector/philanthropic engagement in broadband service deployment projects.

Indiana Broadband Metrics

  1. Number of Locations served.
  2. Private/local dollars leveraged/invested.
  3. Number of Schools with new access.
  4. Number of schools increased to 1GB.
  5. Number of Rural health clinics with new access.
  6. Number of Rural health clinics increased to 1 GB.

Disclaimer:  No one grant/project application is guaranteed to receive funding.  Factors including, but not limited to, eligibility or competitiveness, existing service, provider interest or funding resources may restrict awarding grant funds for a proposed project.