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Information for Attorneys or Representatives

Note for Attorneys: If you are an attorney, you must be licensed to practice law and in good standing in Indiana to appear as an attorney before OALP. Out of state counsel should secure temporary admission status or use local or ad-hoc counsel.

Additionally, OALP’s case management system utilizes the Indiana Roll of Attorneys for purposes of auto generating contact information for attorneys. All correspondence and orders will be sent to the e-notification email address you have on file with the Indiana Roll of attorneys. Please use this guide to make sure that information is updated appropriately.

Note for Non-Attorney Representatives: A person designated as a representative of an individual or entity will receive all correspondence and orders directly from OALP and the assigned administrative law judge. You are responsible for communicating all information from OALP to the individual or entity that is a party to the proceeding. The individual or entity who is a party to the proceeding will not receive direct mailing from OALP.  Thus, a representative is required to provide a valid mailing address, email, and telephone number so that OALP may contact you.

If you are contesting an action by an agency subject to OALP’s jurisdiction (check if you aren’t sure), please complete a Petition for Review on behalf of your client. You may also download and print the form.

Upon properly completing and submitting a Petition for Review, you will receive a confirmation number that you should save for your records. Once OALP reviews the Petition for Review, an administrative law judge will be assigned to the matter and will contact all parties to the proceeding for scheduling. A copy of your Petition for Review will be provided to the state agency or opposing party.

Attention: If you are contesting an action by the Family and Social Services Administration or its agent concerning any of the below matters and have questions about filing an appeal, please visit or contact OALP by emailing or calling 317-234-3488 or 1-866-259-3573.  

  • Medicaid Beneficiaries
  • SNAP
  • TANF
  • Licensing for Child Care Homes and Centers
  • Tax Intercept
  • Vocational Rehabilitation (If you are appealing a vocational rehabilitation determination you must contact your local vocational rehabilitation office. Find your local VR office.)