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Contested Administrative Decisions

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Rulemaking Docket (IC 4-22-2-22.5)

Comments on proposed rules before the Natural Resources Commission must be submitted through the rulemaking docket or by U.S. Mail.

CADDNAR Updates (April 29, 2020)

Digests of the ten most recent “Contested Administrative Decisions (CADDNAR) are available for review. You may also receive notice by email when new decisions are added to CADDNAR by signing up using the "Subscribe for e-mail updates" icon.

Guest Parking on Indiana State Government Campus

Guests visiting the Indiana Government Center campus for hearings, meetings, conferences, and other official state business with the Natural Resources Commission may park in the Washington Street Parking Garage, the Senate Avenue Parking Garage, or North Capitol Surface Lot Parking.  Location information for these parking areas may be found here.  Maps of the campus parking areas and conference center are also available.

Guests are required to take a parking ticket from the entry terminals of the parking area upon arrival in order to gain access. Bring the parking ticket with you and you may present it to Commission staff for validation when you are ready to leave the government center campus.  Once validated, you will be able to exit the parking area free of charge by inserting your ticket into the exit terminal.

* Please note that ticket validation is not available on Mondays through Thursdays during which the Indiana General Assembly is in session. During the Legislative Session, the government parking areas reach capacity early in the day, so you may wish to find a parking facility located off the government campus.

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