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Methamphetamine is a highly addictive, physically damaging drug, but it is very simple to make in a clandestine lab setting. Citizens need to know what to look for to stay safe and understand how meth affects the body to grasp the significant changes a meth user will undergo both physically and mentally.

Education is one of the priorities of Indiana State Troopers assigned to the Meth Suppression Section (MSS).  If you would like an educational program on meth, meth labs and the dangers associated with these environments, please contact the MSS office at (317) 234-4591, or within Indiana, 1-877-MSS-METH (677-6384).  You may also contact the Indiana State Police District where you need the program and request to speak to the Meth Suppression Section Trooper or Public Information Officer assigned to that district.  The link to the ISP districts  is:

In addition, several attachments can be found below on a variety of topics related to clandestine lab safety and information.  If you would like additional copies of these hand-outs, please contact our office or the MSS Investigator in your area.

A short educational video produced by Purdue University in conjunction with Meth Free Indiana on safe roadside cleanup is available to view on the Videos page.

Educational Links: