Clan Lab Addresses

Clandestine Labs listed on this website fit the following criteria:

  • At least 180 days have passed since the seizure of the lab by law enforcement, if the address is a “property” as defined by IC 5-2-6-19(b);
  • Locations not defined as “property” will be listed approximately 30 days after the seizure of the lab;
  • It has been no more than 90 days since the approval of the Qualified Inspector’s Certificate of Illegal Drug Lab Cleanup (form 53276) received from IDEM;
  • The lab was reported to the Indiana State Police (ISP) either through an ISP criminal incident report or via EPIC 143 report submission by another police agency;
  • The lab was seized January 1, 2007, or after.

Clandestine labs not listed on this website may fit the following criteria:

  • The lab was not reported to the Indiana State Police;
  • The report has not been reviewed by the ISP;
  • It has not been 180 days since the seizure of the lab on a “property” as defined by IC 5-2-6-19(b);
  • A “property” was certified clean by submission of form 53276 to IDEM and the ISP prior to the initial 180 day wait period expiring;
  • The lab was seized December 31, 2006, or before.

If it has been disclosed through a real estate transaction that a clan lab was on the property for sale but it is not listed on the website, contact the ISP Meth Suppression Section at 317-234-4591 or within Indiana 1-877-MSS-METH. ISP can determine if the property was delisted after cleanup or if a lab was never reported to the Indiana State Police for that location.

Instructions for using the mapping program, are at any of the following links:

Due to the consolidation of some ISP facilities since 2007, the contact numbers on the bottom of the ISP Occurrence Reports may have changed. Current ISP district geographic and contact information can be found at this link:


ISP Meth Suppression Section
1-877-MSS-METH (677-6984)

Indiana Dept. of Environmental Management