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Environmental Division

The Environmental Division handles complaints and issues permits.


We investigate all complaints that pertain to health concerns (private & public) and follow up if necessary.
Some common complaints are:

  • Housing (Abandoned wells, Child welfare, Indoor air quality, Garbage, Indoor mold, Lead, Mercury, Radon, Trailer parks, Trash, Weeds, etc.)
  • Disease (Foodborne, Rabies, etc.)
  • Insects (Cockroaches, Fruit flies, Mosquitoes, Ticks, etc.)
  • Rodents (Rats & Mice)
  • Vermin (Birds, Cats, Dogs, Geese, Pigeons, etc.)

Complaint Form


  • Food: We issue permits for all of the food establishments and vendors in Shelby county. All restaurants must be permitted every year and require at least 2 inspections per year. We investigate all food complaints.
    Food permits are $100.
  • Septic: We issue permits for all residential and commercial sewage disposal systems that are not connected to a regulated sewage facility. All repairs and new construction must be inspected and signed off by our inspectors. We investigate all sewage complaints. Our records extend back to 1955.
    Septic permits are $25. The septic installer registration fee is $20.

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