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  • How can I get a birth or death certificate?

    If the birth or death occurred in Orange County, you can come in to our office and obtain the certificate with proof of identity and/or legal interest. You may also request one via mail by completing the request form and mailing to the Health Department, along with a photocopy of your Driver’s License, proof of relationship, and/or legal interest, and payment. Please note that with our new system, it make take longer than normal to process your birth certificate requests as we may need to update your records.

  • How can I get my birth certificate if I don’t have a Driver’s’ License or State ID card?

    You may use alternate forms of identification. You will be required to submit a minimum of two of the following documents as proof of identification (items must contain signature of applicant):

    • Verification of Employment on letter head including date of employment, employee’s address and manager’s name and signature
    • Voter Registration
    • Vehicle Registration (no titles)
    • Previous year’s tax return with social security number
    • Probation documents or statement from Probation Officer on letterhead, including person’s name and date of birth with signature
    • Signed Warranty Deed or current Lease/Rental Agreement
    • Signed Social Security Card
    • Military Discharge
    • Indiana only Gun Permit
    • Indiana only Professional License
  • Who is eligible to obtain a birth certificate?

    The following is a list of eligible persons:

    • The individual named on record (18 years or older)
    • Parents of individual named on certificate (must be listed on record)
    • Grandparents (Must be parent of a parent listed on record and show proof of relationship)
    • Sibling, 18 years or older of individual named on certificate (must show proof of relationship)
    • Current spouse of individual named on certificate (must show proof of marriage)
    • Aunt or Uncle of individual named on certificate (must show proof of relation)
    • Court Appointed Legal Guardian, Attorney representing person named on record, State and Federal Agency, or Social Agency (must have I.D. and provide guardianship papers with seal)
    • Step-parent (must have I.D. with valid marriage certificate)
    • Genealogy (individual on record must be over 75 years old and deceased, must show proof of death)
  • How much does a birth/death certificate cost?

    Certified Birth and Death Certificates are $12 per copy. We accept cash/money order/credit card payments (processing fee not included). No personal checks.

  • How can I add the father of my child to his or her birth certificate?

    If the birth of the child occurred in Orange County and there is currently no father listed on the birth record, the mother and the biological father need to contact our office to schedule an appointment. We can then process and file a Paternity Affidavit which will add the father’s name to the birth certificate. Both parents are required to appear in person and must have their state ID and Social Security Card with them. If the parents are married, we will also need a copy of the marriage license. There is a $20 fee for this service.