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Genealogy Search

Book Search Cost: $10.00/Name
Computer Search Cost per Name:

# of NamesCost
1-5 $5.00
6-10 $10.00
11-15 $15.00
16-20 $20.00

Genealogy searches will be done during the Registrar's downtime. You will receive the search and a genealogy sheet which provides all the information straight from our death books.

For a genealogy search please provide all the information you have for an accurate search.

Local Library has a Wonderful Genealogy Department

Jennings County Public Library Genealogy Department
Contact: Sheila Kell (812.246.2091) | JCPL | Email Sheila

Hours of Operation:

Monday 9AM-1PM
Tuesday 9AM-1PM
Wednesday 1PM-5PM
Thursday 9AM-1PM
Friday 9AM-1PM
1st Saturday of the Month 9AM-4PM

Additional Genealogy References: Jennings County Genealogy Reports