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Permit Steps

** Any Disturbing of the Septic Absorption Field Site will Result in a Septic Permit Being Denied or Voided. Disturbance Could Be; Excavation, rutting, compaction, removal, or addition of any dirt/topsoil.

Steps to Obtain a Septic Permit

  1. Obtain a Soil Evaluation of the proposed septic absorption field.
  2. Fill out Septic Application and return it to Jennings County Health
  3. Provide Health Department with a copy of proposed Floor Plans.
  4. Then and only then a Septic Specification Sheet will be completed by the Jennings County Health Department. Also, a list of Certified Septic Contractors will be provided to you.
  5. Septic Permit may be issued.
  6. ONLY Jennings County Certified Septic Contractors May install/Repair a Septic System in Jennings County.

Failure to perform any of the above steps could result in a septic permit not being issued.

A current list of Septic Installers can be obtained from our office  or emailed to you.

Chestnut Ridge Consulting Inc.

John F. Bowen
7208 E. CR 100 S.
Seymour, IN 47274
Phone: 812-521-0995

James Brown

11329 W IM Brown Road
Campbellsburg, IN 47108
Phone: 812-755-4195

Jack Coulter

652 N. CR 600 E.
Paoli, IN 47454
Phone: 812-723-2846

Gregory L. Henderson

9099 Pipe Creek Road
Metamora, IN 47030
Phone: 800-841-4992

Soil Horizons Inc.

Mark S. McClain
1300 Drawbridge Lane
Lafayette, IN 47905
Phone: 800-288-7645

Nickell Soil Consulting

Allan K. Nickell
Scott A. Nickell
6500 N Bacon Ridge Road
Phone: 800-465-2111 or

John M. Robbins Jr. Soil Services

1903 S. Finley Firehouse Road
Scottsburg, IN 47170
Phone: 812-752-7160

Joseph R. Steiger

3940 Dorothy Drive
Zanesville, IN 43701
Phone: 740-454-3734

Indiana Soil and Water

Curtis  E. Turner
12945 State Road 23
Granger, IN 46350
Phone: 800-283-5413

SE Environmental Consulting

Spencer G. Williams
1771 S. State Road 3
Scottsburg, IN 47170
Phone: 877-556-1557

Science Appl International Corp

Bruce Willman
6310 Allentown Blvd
Harrisburg, PA 17112
Phone: 800-944-6778