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Stepping On Falls Prevention Program

One in Four People Age 65 or Older Has a Fall Each Year

Falls could be the most serious health issue you're not talking about with your doctor.

Too many people think a fall can't happen to them - but one in four Americans over 65 will fall this year. Even when people aren't hurt, they are often afraid to go back to their regular activities after a fall. But cutting back on normal activities actually increases your risk of falling again.

Falls are preventable...if you take the right actions.

In Stepping On workshops, we take fall prevention step-by-step. Participants learn how to build and maintain the physical strength they need to walk confidently. From footwear to prescriptions, you'll learn which risks you face - and make an individualized action plan to stay on your feet, and living life the way you want.

Target Population

  • Age 55 and over
  • Live in a home or apartment
  • Able to walk without the help of another person and don't use a walker, scooter, or wheelchair most of the time for mobility
  • Ability to perform standing balance exercised independently
  • Are cognitively intact (able to fill out forms, follow written and verbal directions and interact in a group setting)
  • Have fallen in the past year or have a fear of falling
  • To Register for the Stepping On Program, call the Harrison County Hospital Access Center at (812) 734-3100

What is Stepping On?

It is a 7-week (one 2-hour session per week) falls prevention program conducted by trained leaders, and specially designed for adult learners.

Stepping On has been researched and proven to reduce falls by 31%!

Stepping On brings together the life experience of its participants and the expertise of community professionals. From the first session, participants put new skills to use. Group members set short term goals each week - goals that focus on life activities that are most important to them. Physical therapists, pharmacists and other experts help the group adapt fall prevention practices for individual needs and levels.

Stepping On helps you...

Know your risk for falls. Avoid common fall risks in your home and community. Get back your confidence after a fall.

Stepping On is for people who are age 60 or older and who live independently.

If you need support from a walker indoors or a wheelchair during the day, or have a cognitive impairment, please talk to your doctor for appropriate fall prevention screening and assistance.

Learn to stay strong, balanced, and independent.

With support from trained leaders, guest experts and your group, Stepping On helps you handle the fall risks in your life. So you can keep living the way you want to.

Session 1 - A physical therapist supervises as you learn to do balance and strength exercises the right way for you. Learn about the Preventative Framework. Then go home ready to practice your exercises and take a fresh look at how falls happen and how to avoid them.

Session 2 - Practice your exercises with the physical therapist to be sure you are safe. Learn strategies for moving around in the community and identifying falls risks. Set your goals to practice mobility activities.

Session 3 - Look at new fall hazard topics, like unsafe clothing - and test yourself on solutions for common risk situations. The physical therapist will help you make adjustments as progress.

Session 4 - A vision specialist discusses the role vision can play in falls, and a community safety expert shares tips and modifications you can adapt for yourself. Find out the difference between safe and unsafe footwear.

Session 5 - A pharmacist presents vital information about medication management and the role medications can play in falls risk. You'll learn about bone health, reading supplement labels and improving sleep without sedatives.

Session 6 - You are in the home stretch! Hear from a former Stepping On participant. Learn special skills for coping with weather hazards, especially ice. Use your new knowledge to think of questions to ask your doctor about your fall-related concerns.

Session 7 - Celebrate your achievement - you completed Stepping On! Now you have an individualized plan to stay strong and reduce your chance of falls. Keep learning until the very end with one more chance to review your exercises with the physical therapist. Leaders will discuss tips for safe travel on public transportation, and explore any remaining questions from your group.

Researched & Proven

Stepping On has been researched and proven to decrease falls by 31%.

Fewer falls mean fewer injuries, fewer visits to the emergency room, fewer hospitalizations, and fewer deaths due to a fall.