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Prerequisites for Operation


Plans for new food establishments must be submitted to the regulatory authority per 410 IAC 7-24, Section 110.  IAC 410-7-24, Section 107, states that the retail food establishment shall notify the regulatory authority with intent to operate at least thirty (30) days prior to registering.

The regulatory authority is either the county health department or the Indiana State Department of Health. The submission of plans is also required by the Local Planning and Zoning Department (812-738-8927) as well as other state entities, such as Fire and Building Services.  Your architect or engineer should have that information.

To ensure that your plans are complete, please print out and fill in:

The Application for Plan Review should include:

  • The intended menu to be served
  • The anticipated volume of the food to be stored, prepared, or served
  • The proposed layout, mechanical schematics, construction materials, and finish schedule
  • The proposed equipment types, manufacturers, model numbers, locations, dimensions, performance capacities, and installation specifications.
  • Other information as required by the regulatory authority for the review of the proposed construction, conversion or modifications, and procedures for operating a retail food establishment.

If you have questions, call 812-738-3237, extension 1082, or email Matthew Baker at