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Septic Information

Residential Permit Fee Schedule

  • New: $100.00
  • Repair: $75.00

Septic Installation Guidelines

  1. Obtain a soil profile analysis from a certified soil scientist.
  2. Complete and return an application with the permit fee.
  3. The Health Department will specify the size and type of the septic system that will be needed before a permit is issued.
  4. An installer will draw up a plot plan with the septic system and materials on it. The Health Department will either approve the plan or recommend changes.
  5. A permit for construction will be issued.
  6. Call the Health Department when the system is being installed so an inspection can be conducted.

Application for Septic Permit

Rebecca L. Langford

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Dave S. Ralston

Professional 38
Soil Tech, Inc.
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Toll Free: (800) 684-1358
Fax: (812) 858-0888

Greg Orr

Certified Geologist
Newburgh IN 47630
Phone: (812) 430-4162