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Welcome to Franklin County Public Health Nursing Services
Our clinic offers a variety of vaccinations, tests and screenings for adults, children & infants.
Call to schedule for all vaccinations.  COVID-19 vaccinations are on TUES & THURS.
TB Testing is performed on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday

We are able to offer FREE pregnancy testing, counseling and referrals.
Curious about your blood pressure or blood glucose? 
We can screen and offer education about  blood pressure and diabetes!

We can also perform lead screening for your child!

Connect to webPOISONCONTROL®.


Aldous Huxley Foresaw America's Pill-Popping Addiction with Eerie Accuracy  ‹ Literary Hub

Use our Pill Identifier to figure out:
What's this pill I just found in my teen's pocket?
Was my prescription filled correctly? It looks different.
My pills are mixed up. Which pill should I take?

You can search by imprint code, shape and color, or medication name. Enter the imprint code or medication name first. Add shape and color if needed.

Get Your Shot Records Now for You or Your Child!
Contact your Health Department or Physician and get a PIN# to
access MyVax Indiana!
You can email us at As a tip, if you wish to download your record, please install Adobe Acrobat Reader.