Herschel Spencer v. State 84S00-9704-CR-280 84D01-9603-CF-81 Word Perfect
Kenner v. State of Indiana 49A04-9802-CR-89 49G02-9609-CF-140818 Word Perfect
Jesse Palmer v. State 49S00-9706-CR-350 49G05-9307-CF-81026 Word Perfect
Charles L. Sanders v. State 27S00-9711-CR-619 27C01-9607-CF-33 Word Perfect
Leon R. Jones v. State of Indiana 63S00-9705-CR-312 63C01-9512-CF-625 Word Perfect
United National Insurance Co. v. Adele M. Deprizio 94S00-9802-CQ-113 2-97-CV-89-RL Word Perfect
James P. Harrison v. State 65S00-9605-PD-318 65C01-9104-CF-8 Word Perfect
Indiana Dept. Natural Resources v. Solar Sources 63A05-9708-CV-346 63C01-9602-MI-32 Word Perfect
In The Matter of Benedict L. Samai 49S00-9710-DI-563 N/A Word Perfect
Ford Motor Co. v. Ammerman 49A05-9608-CV-322 49D05-9311-CT-1305 Word Perfect
In The Matter of Michael A. Fleener 49S00-9705-DI-297 N/A Word Perfect
In The Matter of Mitchell R. Heppenheimer 71S00-9808-DI-462 N/A Word Perfect
Darnell Williams v. State 45S00-9303-PD-397 2CR-133-886-531 Word Perfect
Gregory Rouster v. State 45S00-9304-PD-408 2CR-133-886-531 Word Perfect
J.P.B. v. State of Indiana 49A04-9803-JV-145 49D09-9712-JD-6155 Word Perfect
Thomas v. Victoria Fire 46A05-9704-CV-145 46C01-9506-CT-211 Word Perfect
WTHR-TV and McGraw Hill Broadcasting Co. v. Krista M. Cline 49S00-9709-CR-484 49G05-9707-CF-098582 Word Perfect
WTHR-TV v. Zelda R. Milam 49S05-9802-CR-104 49G05-9701-CF-178 Word Perfect
Stephen D. Brown v. State of Ind. 20S00-9401-CR-30 20D05-9510-CF-294 Word Perfect
In the Matter of David J. Colman 53S00-9606-DI-457 N/A Word Perfect
In the Matter of Ernest Lowell Dinius 49S00-9602-DI-150 N/A Word Perfect
In the Matter of Lloyd B. Fisher 45S00-9701-DI-6 N/A Word Perfect
In The Matter of James Richard Barnes 73S00-9604-DI-283 N/A Word Perfect
Kofi Modibo Ajabu v. State of Indiana 71S00-9512-CR-1377 71D01-9409-CF-963 Word Perfect
Betty Jean Sauders v. County of Steuben, et al 92S03-9803-CV-146 92C01-8712-CP-401 Word Perfect
Gregory Scott Johnson v. State 48S00-9305-PD-498 3SCR85-71 Word Perfect
Beiger Heritage Corp. v. Montandon 71A05-9608-CV-318 71D08-9309-CP-10529 Word Perfect
Ivory Barnes v. State 47S00-9611-CR-710 47D01-9508-CF-691 Word Perfect
Ft. Wayne Ed. v. IDOE 49A02-9703-CV-164 49D07-9608-CP-1100 Word Perfect
Mark Allen Wisehart v. State 48S00-9005-PD-378 3SCR-82-204 Word Perfect
Auto Owners Insurance v. State 27A05-9612-CV-487 27C01-9602-MI-85 Word Perfect
In the Matter of Clifford G. Antcliff 41S00-9410-DI-967 N/A Word Perfect
David McKinney, et al v. State of Indiana 49S02-9709-CV-483 C85-3356 Word Perfect
Ratliff v. Cohn 49S02-9710-CV-529 49D03-9606-CT-0784 Word Perfect
Taflinger v. State 34A05-9702-CR-68 34C01-9303-CF-27 Word Perfect
Michael/Jean Koval v. Simon Telelect Inc. etal 94S00-9710-CQ-552 392-CV-505RM Word Perfect
William E. Sides v. State of Indiana 49S00-9611-CR-730 49G06-9501-CF-9086 Word Perfect
Michael T. Robinson v. State of Indiana 48S00-9610-CR-628 48C01-9509-CF-163 Word Perfect
In The Matter of Marvin Andrew Mittower 49S00-9607-DI-490 N/A Word Perfect
Wisniewski v. Bennett 45A05-9610-CV-417 45D05-9509-CP-1710 Word Perfect
In The Matter of Richard J. Thonert 17S00-9407-DI-627 N/A Word Perfect
Charles H. McClain v. Review Board 93S02-9708-EX-456 95-R-1950 Word Perfect
ISTA v. Bd Comm. City of Indpls. 49A05-9705-CV-194 49D12-9604-CP-521 Word Perfect
Telly Gant v. State 49S00-9703-CR-185 49G04-9410-CF-142400 Word Perfect
Christopher McEwen v. State 49S00-9612-CR-731 49G02-9508-CF-111229 Word Perfect
Broome v. State 29S05-9804-CR-251 29D01-9504-CF-27 Word Perfect
In the Matter of David J. Puterbaugh 30S00-9610-DI-688 N/A Word Perfect
Brian L. Denney v. State 27S00-9701-CR-47 27D01-9511-CF-87 Word Perfect
In the Matter of Joseph G. Edwards 18S00-9706-JD-361/18S00-9709-JD-482 N/A Word Perfect
IHSAA v. Carlberg 29S02-9610-CV-681 29C01-9410-CP-737 Word Perfect
Phillip Lee v. State of Indiana 02S00-9703-CR-228 02D04-9608-CF-381 Word Perfect
State of Indiana v. Guy A. Mohler 87S01-9709-PC-497 87D01-9311-CF-116/117 Word Perfect
James E. Dunn v. State of Indiana 47S04-9801-PC-7 47E01-9208-CF-848 Word Perfect
J.H. v. State of Indiana 18S05-9802-PC-103 18D02-9210-CF-73 PDF
Martin Peterson v. State of Indiana 64S05-9802-PC-102 64D01-9311-CF-161 Word Perfect
In The Matter of John W. Brooks 49S00-9506-DI-679 N/A Word Perfect
Thomas Montgomery v. State 49S00-9708-CR-465 49G01-9606-CF-80608 Word Perfect
Hall v. Hall 50A05-9703-CV-119 50C01-9607-GU-10 Word Perfect
In the Matter of James E. Chovanec 35S00-9603-DI-229 N/A Word Perfect
In the Matter of James A. Fletcher 98S00-9406-DI-563 N/A Word Perfect
IN Wholesale Wine & Liquor Co. vs. IN. Alcoholic Beverage Comm., et al 49A02-9406-CV-394 49D05-9108-CP-871 Word Perfect
Indiana Wholesale Wine & Liquor Co. v. State of Indiana ex rel. Indiana Alcoholic Beverage Commission etal 49S02-9609-CV-606 49D05-9108-CP-871 Word Perfect
In The Matter of Joseph A. Blumberg 45S00-9605-DI-400 N/A Word Perfect
In The Matter of Frank J. Pope 49S00-9702-DI-163 N/A Word Perfect
Dwayne Taylor v. State 49S00-9611-CR-723 49G06-9411-CF-153772 Word Perfect
Kristine M. Bunch v. State of Indiana 16S00-9607-CR-486 16C01-9507-CF-486 Word Perfect
Olive v. State 71S00-9705-CR-300 71D08-9508-CF-391 Word Perfect
Henry Emerson v. State 49S02-9703-PC-190 CR86-192F Word Perfect
Charles E. Barker vs. State of Indiana 49S00-9411-DP-1107 49G03-9308-CF-95544 Word Perfect
Eura F. Mitchell v. Pamela D. Mitchell 45S03-9806-CV-339 45D01-9306-CP-979 Word Perfect
Joseph Weeks v. State of Indiana 03S00-9701-CR-10 03D01-9605-CF-518 Word Perfect
Patrick E. Cox v. State of Indiana 48S00-9705-CR-313 48D01-9509-CF-280 Word Perfect
John Allen Haak v. State of Indiana 45S00-9702-CR-156 45G01-9407-CF-189 Word Perfect
In The Matter of William M. Hawkins 49S00-9705-DI-329 N/A Word Perfect
In The Matter of Alan Merideth 10S00-9704-DI-259 N/A Word Perfect
James Martin etal v. Amoco Oil Co. 56S03-9804-CV-242 56C01-9105-CT-67 Word Perfect
Tracey A. Young v. State 71S00-9702-CR-158 71D08-9510-CF-499 Word Perfect
Robert W. Weatherford, Sr. vs. State of Indiana 48S00-9602-CR-149 48C01-9401-CF-10 Word Perfect
John M. Hirsch v. State of Indiana 48S02-9806-CR-374 48D03-9505-CF-179 Word Perfect
Siho v. George 03A05-9704-CV-148 03D02-9609-CP-199 Word Perfect
In The Matter of James P. Quinn 49S00-9202-DI-80 N/A Word Perfect
In The Matter of Michael A. Ragland 49S00-9608-DI-565 N/A Word Perfect
Gary Elvers v. State 09S02-9805-PC-292 09C01-9207-CF-119 Word Perfect
Garry T. Seay v. State 82S01-9701-PC-26 82C01-9009-MI-2477 Word Perfect
Michael G. Parker v. State of Indiana 49S00-9607-CR-496 49G01-9505-CF-583553 Word Perfect
Stephen R. Powers v. State 82S00-9706-CR-389 82C01-9601-CF-101 Word Perfect
Taylor v. State 49S00-9710-CR-525 49G02-9601-CF-016753 Word Perfect
Dunnewind v. Cook 49A05-9710-CV-424 49D08-9509-ES-713 Word Perfect
Minnick v. State of Indiana 47S00-9008-PD-497 47C01-8507-CF-00039 Word Perfect
Allstate v. Axsom 54A05-9704-CV-124 54C01-9609-CP-277 Word Perfect
Taflinger v. State of Indiana 34A05-9702-CR-68 34C01-9303-CF-27 Word Perfect
Debra Denise Brown v. State of Indiana 45S00-9212-PD-939 1CR-203-1184-842 Word Perfect
Donald Stewart Wilson v. State of Indiana 10S00-9606-CR-432 10C01-9406-CF-86 Word Perfect
Bouye v. State of Indiana 49S00-9703-CR-201 49G03-9210-CF-135603 Word Perfect
Jackson v. State of Indiana 49S00-9701-CR-001 49G03-9504-CF-055645 Word Perfect
Jones v. State of Indiana 45S00-9704-CR-279 45G03-9501-CF-27 Word Perfect
Dontay L. Jones v. State of Indiana 48S00-9709-CR-489 48D03-9609-CF-308 Word Perfect
Ray Ogle v. State 19S00-9610-CR-640 19C01-9508-CF-188 Word Perfect
Brownsburg Conservation v. Hendricks County 32A05-9708-CV-314 32C01-9505-MI-142 Word Perfect
Timothy D. Elsten v. State 48S00-9706-CR-367 48D01-9601-CF-17 Word Perfect
Scott L. Maloney v. State of Indiana 92S03-9708-CR-447 92D01-9804-CM-185 Word Perfect
Rocky Stidham v. Kathy (Stephens) Welchel 27S02-9808-JV-451 CJP-77-64 Word Perfect
Raylon Young v. State of Indiana 49S00-9701-CR-15 49G05-9511-CF-173081 Word Perfect
Raylon Young v. State 49S00-9701-CR-15 49G05-9511-CF-173081 Word Perfect
William E. Alford v. State of Indiana 18S00-9707-CR-391 18C01-9606-CF-25 Word Perfect
Herb Budden, et al v. Bd of School Comm. of City of Indianapolis 49S05-9804-CV-220 49D10-9506-CP-850 Word Perfect
Thomas Lee Anderson v. State of Indiana 79S00-9708-CR-439 79D01-9608-CF-44 Word Perfect
David Waters v. State of Indiana 02S00-9607-CR-478 02D04-9509-CF-462 Word Perfect
Roderic Eugene Ingram v. State of Indiana 45S00-9608-CR-560 45G03-9508-CF-175 Word Perfect
Troy Lee Shields v. State of Indiana 45S00-9709-CR-499 45G02-9611-CF-225 Word Perfect
Walter M. Leach v. State of Indiana 20S00-9606-CR-452 20C01-9507-CF-033 Word Perfect
In The Matter of Raymond Victor Stivers 49S00-9512-DI-1344 N/A Word Perfect
Robert O. Caruthers, Jr. v. State 10S00-9708-CR-461 10D02-9702-CF-20 Word Perfect
Michael Klein v. State 49S00-9708-CR-452 49G02-9504-CF-56069 Word Perfect
Anthony Trojnar v. Carole Trojnar 45S03-9808-CV-459 45D02-8807-DR-784 Word Perfect
Steven Thomas Hurst v. State 45S00-9703-CR-179 45G04-9509-CF-198 Word Perfect
In the Matter of Terry E. Johnston 64S00-9601-DI-86 N/A Word Perfect
Earl Ronald Cox v. American Aggregates Corp. 93S02-9701-EX-20 124414 Word Perfect
Paul Eddie Rhodes v. State 49S00-9709-CR-476 49G03-9405-CF-51348 Word Perfect
In the Matter of Anthony Thomas Makin 49S00-9602-DI-185 N/A Word Perfect
In the Matter of Steven J. Radford 49S00-9205-DI-349 N/A Word Perfect
Jones v. Harner 27A05-9701-CV-34 27D01-9412-CP-648 Word Perfect
Floyd P. Poore v. State of Indiana 29S05-9708-PC-470 29C01-8304-CF-016 Word Perfect
Meridian Mutual Insurance Co. v. Auto-Owners Insurance Co. 14S01-9605-CV-374 14C01-9306-CP-150 Word Perfect
Rickey Brown v. State 49S00-9705-CR-345 49G05-9602-CF-28205 Word Perfect
Kevin Webster v. State 49S00-9709-CR-481 49G03-9604-CF-056543 Word Perfect
Earl Sauerheber v. State of Indiana 89S00-9701-CR-18 89D02-9605-CF-33 Word Perfect
Debra J. Wilsey v. State of Indiana 83S00-9702-CR-113 83C01-9510-CF-48 Word Perfect
In the Matter of Anonymous 49S00-9606-DI-470 N/A Word Perfect
Decker v. Farm Credit Services 71S03-9511-CV-1317 71J01-9010-ES-0581 Word Perfect
Michael Greer v. State of Indiana 71S00-9604-CR-272 71D08-9506-CF-258 Word Perfect
Whatley v. State of Indiana 49S00-9608-CR-543 49G05-9411-CF-163995 Word Perfect
Terrane Mitchem v. State of Indiana 71S00-9604-CR-294 71D08-9506-CF-260 Word Perfect
Jolley v. State of Indiana 82S00-9611-CR-702 82D02-9511-CF-693 Word Perfect
Dawn Nalee Winkler v. Kirk Steven Winkler 16A5-9612-CV-528 16C01-9201-DR-19 Word Perfect
N In Comm Trans Dist v. Chicago S Shore/S Bend RR 46S03-9703-CV-191 46D04-9409-CP-244 Word Perfect
Thomas Lee Rogers v. State of Indiana 45S00-9608-CR-568 45G04-9502-CF-56 Word Perfect
Dorian Lee v. State of Indiana 71S00-9605-CR-310 71D08-9506-CF-259 Word Perfect
In the Matter of Joseph M. Toth 71S00-9603-DI-256 N/A Word Perfect
Jenkins v. Madison Co. Bd. of Comm. 33A05-9611-CV-447 33C01-9405-CP-37 Word Perfect
IN Dept. State Revenue v. Assoc. Ins. Co/Subsidiaries 49T10-9405-TA-152 N.A Word Perfect
Benny Lee Saylor v. State of Indiana 48S00-9301-DP-6 48D03-9206-CF-185 Word Perfect
Harroll Kriner v. State of Indiana 71S00-9704-CR-253 71D08-9606-CF-236 Word Perfect
In the Matter of James R. Fisher 49S00-8905-DI-386 N/A Word Perfect
Turbines v. Thompson 84A05-9603-CV-114 84D03-9408-CP-1364 Word Perfect
Malcom Goodner v. State 49S00-9608-CR-533 49G02-9510-CF-146324 Word Perfect
Randy Stahl v. State of Indiana 43S03-9709-CR-511 43D01-9506-CF-140 Word Perfect
Charles Richmond v. State 71S00-9702-CR-141 71D08-9511-CF-560 Word Perfect
Howard Allen v. State of Indiana 49S00-9207-DP-566 CR87194C Word Perfect
Tiffany Ellis v. Catholic Charities 71A03-9701-JV-22 71J01-9606-JT-538 Word Perfect
Zohrab & Naomi Tazian , et al v. Alice Cline 02S03-9709-CV-512 02C01-9502-CP-192 Word Perfect
In the Matter of David H. Knobel 45S00-9407-DI-672 N/A Word Perfect
State of Indiana on Rel of City of New Haven v. Allen Superior Court and Hon. Robert Schmoll 02S00-9801-OR-21 N/A Word Perfect
Frank Robinson v. State 49S00-9706-CR-387 49G02-9512-CF-193884 Word Perfect
In the Matter of Alfred L. Towell 53S00-9610-DI-627 N/A Word Perfect
Warner Truck. v. Carolina Cas. 20S03-9603-CV-212 20D02-9105-CP-340 Word Perfect
Jeffrey A. Whipps v. State 42S00-9609-CR-623 42C01-9506-CF-034 Word Perfect
Franklin v. State 49S05-9707-CR-412 49G02-9505-CF-60146 Word Perfect
John R. Bacher v. State 48S00-9503-CR-285 48D03-9405-CF-132 Word Perfect
Gary Trimble v. Ameritech Publish. 53S01-9805-CV-298 53C04-9607-CP-919 Word Perfect
Lampkins v. State 18S04-9609-CR-597 18D01-9411-CF-55 Word Perfect
Jeffrey S. Morrison v. State 42S00-9605-CR-392 42C01-9508-CF-40 Word Perfect
Kevin Lamar Carter v. State 48S00-9603-CR-290 48C01-9411-CF-229 Word Perfect
Danjo Graziano v. State 42S00-9603-CR-220 42C01-9508-CF-40 Word Perfect
In The Matter of Jeffrey A. Golding 64S00-9612-DI-752 N/A Word Perfect
Epifanio Alvarado v. State of Indiana 45S00-9608-CR-566 45G02-9407-CF-186 Word Perfect
Richards-Wilcox v. Cummins 69A01-9709-CV-285 69C01-9603-CP-044 Word Perfect
Michael D. Greer v. State of Indiana 57S03-9610-CR-653 57D01-9101-CF-3 Word Perfect
Sample v. Kinser Insurance 53A01-9710-CV-423 53C01-9507-CT-845 Word Perfect
In The Matter of Jeffrey K. Baldwin 32S00-9608-DI-571 N/A Word Perfect
Francis v. Yates 53A01-9801-CV-31 53C04-9703-CP-265 Word Perfect
Lavelle Malone v. State 49S00-9712-CR-678 49G04-9606-CF-089351 Word Perfect
In The Matter of Douglas F. Darling 54S00-9612-DI-749 N/A Word Perfect
In The Matter of Dollie Stafford Manns 53S00-9502-DI-230 N/A Word Perfect
In The Matter of Frederick A. Lamb 82S00-9610-DI-683 N/A Word Perfect
Teresa Figert/B. Green v. State 50S03-9709-CR-473 50D01-9605-CF-52 Word Perfect
Derrick Williams v. State of Indiana 49S00-9708-CR-453 49G06-9607-CF-092499 Word Perfect
William W. Pond v. Brenda A. Pond 02S03-9707-CV-418 02C01-9303-DR-405 Word Perfect
In The Matter of Thomas K. Hoffman 45S00-9701-DI-30 N/A Word Perfect
Mark Steven Nill v. Karen (Nill) Martin 43S03-9611-CV-704 43C01-8904-DR-291 Word Perfect
In the Matter of Jack R. Riddle 13S00-9704-DI-255 N/A Word Perfect
Vick L. Johnson v. State of Indiana 45S00-9610-CR-656 45G04-9503-CF-00081 Word Perfect
Lester Bufkin v. State 20S00-9804-CR-231 20C01-9512-CF-59 Word Perfect
Mark A. Jenkins v. State of Indiana 82S00-9609-CR-600 82C01-9511-CF-946 Word Perfect
Kiera R. Carter v. State of Indiana 48S00-9703-CR-167 48D03-9403-CF-068 Word Perfect
John White Jr. v. State of Indiana 27S00-9603-CR-245 27D01-9503-CF-24 Word Perfect
James McKinney v. State of Indiana 49S00-9702-CR-122 49G04-9507-CF-102627 Word Perfect
Marlon L. Scisney v. State of Indiana 82S05-9811-CR-687 82C01-9506-CF-519 Word Perfect
Larry E. Jaggers v. State of Indiana 47S01-9711-CR-564 47D02-9307-CF-457 Word Perfect
Vincent J. Prowell v. State of Indiana 82S00-9407-DP-666 82C01-9305-CF-313 Word Perfect
Campbell v. El Dee Apartments 29A05-9710-CV-452 29C01-8811-CP-759 Word Perfect
Daniel Nelson v. Irene Parker v. NBD 45S03-9703-CV-225 45D05-9409-CP-1735 Word Perfect
Lorenzo Borders v. State of Indiana 20S00-9505-CR-513 20C01-9402-CF-7 Word Perfect
Kenneth W. Payne v. State of Indiana 10S01-9711-CR-618 10C01-9403-CF-42 Word Perfect
In the Matter of Lawrence B. O'Connell 79S00-9512-DI-1331 N/A Word Perfect
IDNR v. Solar Sources 63A05-9708-CV-346 63C01-9602-MI-32 Word Perfect
J.A.W. v. Marion Co. Dept. of Welfare 32S01-9510-CV-1199 32D01-9004-CPV-277 Word Perfect
David Leon Woods v. State 06S00-9403-PD-224 S-7007 Word Perfect
LaMonte M. Battles v. State 49S00-9608-CR-532 49G05-9505-CF-067254 Word Perfect
Alan L. Matheney v. State of Indiana 45S00-9207-PD-584 45G02-9001-CF-22 Word Perfect
Charles Cooper v. State of Indiana 84S00-9610-CR-648 84D03-9506-CF-230 Word Perfect
Lanny/Carolyn Rogers v. Mncpl Cty Elk 20S03-9605-CV-317 20D03-9209-CP-111 Word Perfect
Jaunese v. State 48A02-9711-CR-790 48D03-9607-CF-247 Word Perfect
Mary Jane Gray v. Natl City Bank/Ind. 29S02-9712-CV-636 29C01-9306-CP-299 Word Perfect
Bloemker v. Detroit Diesel Corp 85S02-9712-CV-640 85C01-9110-CP-488 Word Perfect
Bd. of Zoning Appeals, Bloomington, IN. v. Jack & Barbara Leisz 53S01-9806-CV-345 53C02-9506-CP-789 Word Perfect
Arthur P. Baird, II v. State of Indiana 54S00-9304-PD-434 CR85-66 Word Perfect
Anthony F. Ragucci v. Metropolitan Development Comm. of Marion County Word Perfect
Chad L. Taylor v. State of Indiana 17S00-9603-CR-202 17C01-9503-CF-13 Word Perfect
Thomas Brown v. State of Indiana 82S00-9609-CR-603 82D02-9512-CF-810 Word Perfect
Thomas Brown v. State 82S00-9609-CR-603 82D02-9512-CF-810 Word Perfect
State Bd. Of Tax Commissioners v. Town of St. John 49S10-9806-TA-340 49T10-9309-TA-70 Word Perfect
Legue v. State of Indiana 61S00-9504-CR-434 61C01-9405-CF-40 Word Perfect
In the Matter of Charles E. Campbell 49S00-9608-DI-526 N/A Word Perfect
Dorwyn Craig Collier v. Anne C. Collier 02S03-9811-CV-694 CC-87-116 Word Perfect
Valentin v. State of Indiana 49S02-9711-PC-628 CR86155A Word Perfect
Page v. State 48S00-9411-CR-1095 48D03-9305-CF-187 Word Perfect
Hodge v. State 45S00-9508-CR-974 45G01-9304-CF-98 Word Perfect
Michael A. Gibson v. State 55S05-9807-CR-386 55D03-9603-CF-66 Word Perfect
Michael W. Charlton v. State 84S00-9608-CR-570 84D03-9508-CF-318 Word Perfect
St Bd Tax Comm v. Mixmill Mfg. 49S00-9805-TA-308 49T10-9701-TA-61 Word Perfect
St Bd Tax Comm v. L.H. Carbide Corp 49S00-9806-TA-326 49T10-9701-TA-72 Word Perfect
Perry Steven Miller v. State of Indiana 64S00-9408-PD-742 64D01-9011-CF-181 Word Perfect
Ralph & Wilma Kirchoff v. Jeff & Diane Selby 26S01-9812-CV-760 26C01-9203-CP-15 Word Perfect
Joseph D. Diederich v. State 29S02-9810-CR-541 29D04-9604-CM-2999 Word Perfect
David Walkup v. Wabash National Corporation 79S04-9808-CV-456 79D01-9611-CP-368 Word Perfect
Spencer T. Pendergrass v. State of Indiana 34S00-9711-CR-623 34C01-9610-CF-67 Word Perfect
Kathleen Deible v. Steven Poole 45S03-9812-CV-762 45D01-8904-CT-383 Word Perfect
Ricky Ricardo Fentress v. State of Indiana 82S00-9712-CR-693 82C01-9704-CF-382 Word Perfect
Thomas Foster v. Auto-Owners Insurance Co. 71S04-9807-CV-390 71D04-9505-CP-461 Word Perfect
Sean D. Gates v. State of Indiana 45S00-9802-CR-65 45G04-9701-CF-17 Word Perfect
DeWayne E. Pierce v. State of Indiana 42S00-9706-CR-353 42D01-9512-CF-55 Word Perfect
Walter William Richeson v. State of Indiana 45S05-9710-CR-558 45G01-9311-CF-295 Word Perfect
Kathleen Regester, R.N. v. Indiana State Board of Nursing 06S04-9807-CV-389 06D01-9610-CP-219 Word Perfect
Farber v. State 82S00-9801-CR-34 82D02-9504-CF-139 Word Perfect
Berry v. State of Indiana 49S00-9707-CR-411 49G03-9601-CF-1369 Word Perfect
Berry vs. State of Indiana 49S00-9707-CR-411 49G03-9601-CF-1369 Word Perfect
Charles Edward Sweeney, Jr. v. State 10S00-9603-CR-231 10C01-9403-CF-51 Word Perfect
In the Matter of Anonymous 45S00-9611-DI-721 N/A Word Perfect
McIntyre v. Baker 50A03-9706-CV-202 50C01-9406-CP-55 Word Perfect
Marvin Bieghler v. State 34S00-9207-PD-583 2436 Word Perfect
Joseph T. Garner v. State 49S00-9709-CR-502 49G01-9512-CF-195507 Word Perfect
Max Yanoff v. Glenn Muncy etal 10S05-9712-CV-673 10D02-9505-CP-111 Word Perfect
In State Highway Comm et al v. Billy D. Curtis, Carl Sutton et al 37S05-9810-CV-557 37C01-8806-CP-169 Word Perfect
IN High School Athletic Assoc. v. Jason Carlberg, et al 29S02-9610-CV-681 29C01-9410-CP-737 Word Perfect
Willie Ray Lee v. State of Indiana 21S00-9612-CR-800 21C01-9606-CF-606 Word Perfect
IN High School Athletic Assoc. v. Freddy Reyes, et al 79S02-9605-CV-361 79D01-9502-CP-46 Word Perfect
In The Matter of Anonymous 69S00-9411-DI-1071 N/A Word Perfect
Higgins v. State of Indiana 71A05-9702-CR-64 71D04-9601-CF-3 Word Perfect
Games v. State of Indiana 49S00-9002-PD-114 CR83-126A Word Perfect
Frankenmuth Mutual Insurance Co. v. Jena Williams b/n/f Tracy Stevens 43S03-9501-CV-2 43C01-8910-CT-739 Word Perfect
Marta Hanson v. Saint Luke's United Methodist Church et al, 49S02-9804-CV-228 49D03-9609-CV-597 Word Perfect
Jerry K. Thompson v. State of Indiana 49S00-9507-DP-869 49G03-9204-CF-60651 Word Perfect
Como Inc. v. Carson Square 49S02-9511-CV-1267 49D07-9308-CP-884 Word Perfect
Ingolf U. Biereichel v. Steven Smith et al 45S03-9812-CV-815 45D01-9404-CT-402 Word Perfect
Mark Lott v. State of Indiana 49S00-9410-CR-988 49G04-9305-CF-62397 Word Perfect
Robert L. Hicks v. State of Indiana 68S00-9606-CR-431 68C01-9505-CF-13 Word Perfect
West Clark Community Schools v. H.L.K. 10S01-9611-JV-706 10D01-9505-JD-304 Word Perfect
Ronald Mason v. State of Indiana 49S00-9610-CR-649 CR85-143E Word Perfect
Alton Coleman v. State 45S00-9203-PD-158 1CR-203-1184-842 Word Perfect
Rivera v. City of Nappanee 20A03-9803-CV-139 20D05-9612-CT-595 Word Perfect
Dillard Lee Landis v. State 64S04-9812-CR-776 64D01-9608-CF-84 Word Perfect
Skala v. NPW,Inc. 79A02-9803-CV-245 79D01-9604-CP-112 Word Perfect
Berry v. State 49S00-9612-CR-739 49G05-9510-CF-151127 Word Perfect
Charles E. Roche, Jr. v. State 45S00-9305-PD-588 45G04-9005-CF-95 Word Perfect
Ronald Berry v. State of Indiana 45S00-9610-CR-632 45G02-9508-CF-178 Word Perfect
In the Consolidated Matter of Mark S. Christoff and Richard M. Holmes 23S00-9410-DI-983/23S00-9508-DI-962 N/A Word Perfect
In the Matter of William H. Bender 65S00-9603-DI-249 N/A Word Perfect
Marshall Ford v. State of Indiana 49S00-9703-CR-193 49G06-9520-CF-146699 Word Perfect
Shell Oil Co., Union Oil Co., vs. Richard & Kim Meyer, et al 79S04-9801-CV-43 79D01-9305-CP-118 Word Perfect
In the Matter of Dwayne M. Brown 49S00-9511-DI-1268 N/A Word Perfect
Shell Oil Co. vs. The Lovold Co. 32S01-9806-CV-343 32D01-9603-CP-62 Word Perfect
Herbert Melrose v. Capitol City Motor Lodge, Inc. 49S00-9708-CV-444 49D07-9509-CP-1370 Word Perfect
In the Matter of William A. Goebel 54S00-9703-DI-1218 N/A Word Perfect
In the Matter of Michael B. McNeil 85S00-9801-DI-28 N/A Word Perfect
In the Matter of Joseph Rabb 49S00-9608-DI-527 N/A Word Perfect
In the Matter of Floyd Allen Tew, Jr. 49S00-9611-DI-708 N/A Word Perfect
Ben-Yisrayl f/k/a Peterson v. State 64S00-9103-DP-229 64D02-9102-CF-22 Word Perfect
Darcy Robinson v. Wroblewski 02S03-9809-CV-482 02D01-9602-CT-51 Word Perfect
Matthew E. Wrinkles v. State 82S00-9408-DP-741 82C01-9407-CF-447 PDF
In the Matter of Robert E. Lehman 49S00-9510-DI-1244 N/A Word Perfect
Michael/Jacintha Worrell v. Elkhart County Office of Family and Children 20S04-9810-JV-598 20C01-9406-JC-210/211/212 Word Perfect
National City Bank v. Douglass Shortridge 33S05-9712-CV-685 33C01-8911-CT-81 Word Perfect
State of Indiana, Ex. Rel. W.A. v. The Marion County Superior Court 49S00-9803-OR-154 N/A Word Perfect
Christopher M. Stevens v. State 79S00-9507-DP-828 79D02-9402-CF-24 Word Perfect
John Doe v. Methodist Hosp., etal 30S01-9504-CV-420 30D01-9202-CT-67 Word Perfect
In The Matter of Daniel K. Houston 79S00-9809-DI-485 N/A Word Perfect
Jimmie L. Carter v. State 27S02-9712-CR-656 27D03-9507-DF-630 Word Perfect
John Edward Cox v. State 48S02-9802-CR-93 48D03-9208-CF-273 Word Perfect
Michigan Mutual Ins. Co. v. Sports, Inc. 84A04-9707-CV-314 84D01-9201-CP-133 Word Perfect
Dallas White v. State of Indiana 18S00-9708-CR-446 18D01-9612-CF-69 Word Perfect
Thomas J. Freije v. State 32S05-9811-CR-746 32D03-9511-CF-148 Word Perfect
In The Matter Bruce R. Snyder 02S00-8906-DI-474 N/A Word Perfect
Joseph M. Henson, Jr. v. State of Indiana 82S00-9710-CR-530 82C01-9607-CF-717 Word Perfect
Indiana Farmers Mutual Ins. Co. v. Kevin Richie 12S05-9903-CV-180 12D01-9610-CT-303 Word Perfect
William Ellis, Sr. v. State of Indiana 02S00-9609-CR-625 02D04-9505-CF-250 Word Perfect
Derrick L. Smoote v. State 49S00-9610-CR-631 49G02-9502-CF-25320 Word Perfect
James E. Goliday v. State 49S00-9709-CR-500 49G02-9604-CF-047573 Word Perfect
Shelby Eng. v. Action Steel 49A02-9804-CV-387 49D13-9705-CP-0783 Word Perfect
Schwartz v. State 29A02-9806-CR-557 29C01-9803-CF-120 Word Perfect
Brian Meagher v. State of Indiana 48S00-9804-CR-247 48C01-9709-CF-183 Word
Whatley v. State 36A05-9806-CR-307 36D01-9709-CM-876 Word Perfect
In The Matter of Zena D. Crenshaw 45S00-9809-DI-506 N/A Word Perfect
In the Matter of Zena D. Crenshaw 45S00-9809-DI-506 N/A Word Perfect
Neuhoff v. State of Indiana 82A01-9806-CR-213 82C01-9701-CF-587 Word Perfect
Neuhoff v. State 82A01-9806-CR-213 82C01-9701-CF-587 Word Perfect
In the Matter of William R. Norman 45S00-9710-DI-562 N/A Word Perfect
In the Matter of James J. Schneider 49S00-9603-DI-252 N/A Word Perfect
In the Matter of Theodore D. Wilson 49S00-9707-DI-408 N/A Word Perfect
In the Matter of James J. Schneider 49S00-9603-DI-252 N/A Word Perfect
In the Matter of Kenneth C. Eager 98S00-9702-DI-162 N/A Word Perfect
In the Matter of Michael J. Siegal 49S00-9111-DI-891 N/A Word Perfect
In the Matter of Michael J. Siegel 49S00-9111-DI-891 N/A Word Perfect
Mark A. Thacker v. State 49S00-9710-CR-524 49G03-9603-CF-34643 Word Perfect
In the Matter of Ida Katherine Warren 98S00-9802-DI-97 N/A Word Perfect
Dozier v. State of Indiana 49A02-9710-CR-671 49G05-9511-CF-161855 Word Perfect
Fawcett v. Gooch 82A04-9807-CV-355 82D04-9710-DR-1310 Word Perfect
Guardianship of Wade 33A01-9709-CV-289 33C01-9404-GU-013 Word Perfect
George Neal Jackson v. State 82S00-9806-CR-352 82C01-9708-CF-801 Word Perfect
Freddie L. Byers, Jr. v. State 71S00-9808-CR-455 71D04-9701-CF-59 Word Perfect
Donald Ray Peck v. State of Indiana 71S05-9903-CR-162 71D02-9712-DF-786 Word Perfect
HCC Credit Corp. v. Springs Valley 59S04-9703-CV-222 59C01-9301-CP-2 Word Perfect
Mark Fish v. State 71S00-9612-CR-788 71D04-9507-CF-337 Word Perfect
Scott Harris v. State 49S00-9711-CR-634 49G05-9605-CF-064056 Word Perfect
Steven McQueen v. State 49S00-9709-CR-521 49G05-9604-CF-045913 Word Perfect
Kevin Aron Conner v. State of Indiana 49S00-9207-PD-591 49G01-8801-CF-08449 Word Perfect
Ray C. Smith v. Donald James Johnston 49S05-9902-CV-141 49D07-9601-CT-0016 Word Perfect
Kevin Carter v. State of Indiana 48S00-9805-CR-303 48C01-9412-CF-229 Word Perfect
Richard V. Taylor v. State of Indiana 71S00-9806-CR-328 71D04-9604-CF-00188 Word Perfect
In The Matter of the Application of Public Law 16-1995 49S00-9904-MS-221 N/A Word Perfect
Keith Stafford v. State of Indiana 45S04-9906-PC-327 45G02-9209-CF-236 Word Perfect
Anthony Thornton v. State 49S00-9612-CR-750 49G01-9505-CF-68230 Word Perfect
Leonard/Barbara Dible v. City of Lafayette 79S02-9710-CV-534 79C01-9406-CP-209 Word Perfect
James R. Willey v. State 06S00-9712-CR-654 06D01-9703-CF-23 Word Perfect
In the Matter of John J. Halcarz, Jr. 45S00-9901-DI-4 N/A Word Perfect
Jay Myoung Yoon v. Sunsook Yoon 49S02-9906-CV-353 49D06-9501-DR-75 Word Perfect
Dolores Shebel v. Yaskawa Electric America Inc. 46S03-9707-CV-417 46D01-9309-CT-417 Word Perfect
William T. Cowart vs. Cathy Jo (Cowart) White 29S02-9906-CV-355 29D03-9409-DR-454 Word Perfect
Journal-Gazette Co. v. Bandido's Inc. 57S03-9709-CV-495 57C01-8901-CP-7 Word Perfect
Tax Certificate Investments, Inc. v. David E. Smethers and Ellen E. Smethers 48S02-9809-CV-490 48C01-9409-MI-338 Word Perfect
State v. Kerrie D. Price 49S00-9802-DP-96 49G06-9702-CF-28645 Word Perfect
Brownsburg Area Patrons Affecting Change and John Patten v. Patricia Baldwin, etal 94S00-9803-CQ-144 N/A Word Perfect
McEnroy v. St. Meinrad 74A01-9803-CV-123 74C01-9705-CP-193 Word Perfect
Emergency Physicians v. Pettit 49A02-9805-CV-416 49D06-9701-CT-88 Word Perfect
Matthew Middleton v. State 85S02-9812-CR-764 85D01-9706-CM-672 Word Perfect
Adler v. Adler 37A04-9808-CV-401 37C01-9009-DR-232SJ Word Perfect
Patricia Baldwin et al v. Rebecca Reagan et al 32S00-9812-CV-767 32D02-9810-CP-212 Word Perfect
Patricia Baldwin et al v. Rebecca Regan et al 32S00-9812-CV-767 32D02-9810-CP-212 Word Perfect
James Jackson v. State 49S00-9705-CR-348 49G04-9603-CF-033390 Word Perfect
Bradford Garrett v. State of Indiana 49S00-9710-CR-556 49G01-9603-CF-38164 Word Perfect
Robert Simmons v. State 49S00-9806-CR-366 49G04-9705-CF-65358 Word Perfect
St. Margaret v. Lake County 56A03-9808-CV-353 56C01-9609-CP-140 Word Perfect
Raymond Powell v. State of Indiana 49S00-9611-CR-729 49G06-9603-CF-036169 Word Perfect
In the Matter of Steven C. Brown 18S00-9808-DI-466 N/A Word Perfect
In the Matter of James Michael Kummerer 03S00-9806-DI-319 N/A Word Perfect
Myers v. State of Indiana 64A03-9808-CR-349 64D04-9610-CM-1387 Word Perfect
Indiana Civil Rights Commission v. Alder 09S02-9806-CV-344 09D01-9305-CP-62 Word Perfect
Gary Goodner v. State 49S00-9708-CR-469 49G03-9412-CF-182397 Word Perfect
Roosevelt Williams v. State 49S00-9712-CR-689 49G06-9607-CF-097107 Word Perfect
In Re:Court Reporter Salaries in the Knox Circuit and Superior Courts 42S00-9901-MF-58 42C01-9805-MI-107 Word Perfect
James A. Wurster, Samuel R. Turpin, Willis R. Conner v. State of Indiana 49S02-9904-CR-404 49G03-9704-CF-60445 Word Perfect
GTE Corp., et al v. IN Utility Regulatory Comm. 93S02-9907-EX-370 IRUC41322 Word Perfect
IN Bell Telephone Co. v. IN Utility Regulatory Comm. 93S02-9906-EX-350 IURC41255 Word Perfect
In the Matter of Gregory L. Caldwell 29S00-9712-DI-686 N/A Word Perfect
In the Matter of James Michael Kummerer 03S00-9806-DI-319 N/A Word Perfect
Brad C. Angleton v. State of Indiana 49S00-9812-CR-755 49G03-9309-CF-111404 Word Perfect
Sallee v. Mason 55A01-9808-CV-311 55D02-9512-CP-177 Word Perfect
State of Indiana vs. Johnson 49A02-9806-CR-536 49G02-9610-CF-152211 Word Perfect
Conwell v. State of Indiana 49A05-9901-CR-18 49F14-9809-DF-150929 Word Perfect
Conwell v. State 49A05-9901-CR-18 49F14-9809-DF-150929 Word Perfect
Indiana Heart Assoc. v. Bahamonde 49A02-9810-CV-831 49D03-9710-CP-1576 Word Perfect
Mark J./Kathleen A. Pelo v. Franklin College of Indiana 43S03-9903-CV-167 43C01-9612-CT-955 Word Perfect
Hutchison v. Old Indiana 49A02-9808-CV-697 49D02-9605-CT-733 Word Perfect
Keith D. Champlain v. State 65S00-9803-CR-157 65C01-9507-CF-35 Word Perfect
Walls v. State 02A04-9810-CR-520 02D04-9801-DF-8 Word Perfect
Darrell Toney v. State of Indiana 49S00-9804-CR-202 49G02-9710-CF-150820 Word Perfect
Williamson v. Williamson 22A01-9808-CV-319 22D01-9401-ES-002 Word Perfect
Williamson v. Williamson 22A01-9808-CV-319 22D01-9401-EX-002 Word Perfect
Reed v. Schultz 49A02-9807-CV-598 49D05-9701-CP-95 Word Perfect
Utility Consumer v. C & M 93A02-9802-EX-166 40479 Word Perfect
State of Indiana v. John Walton 49S02-9806-CR-365 49G06-9508-CF-112808 Word Perfect
State v. John Walton 49S02-9806-CR-365 49G06-9508-CF-112808 Word Perfect
Charles Bradley Vehorn v. State 49S00-9709-CR-491 49G03-9604-CF-049069 Word Perfect
In the Matter of the Hon. Donald C. Johnson 79S00-9903-JD-184 N/A Word Perfect
In the Matter of Assignment of Courtrooms, Judge's Offices, and Other Court Facilities of the St. Joseph Superior Court 71S00-9901-MF-57 71D06-9807-MI-70 Word Perfect
"Jane Doe" v. Carl M. Tobias 72S01-9902-CV-147 72C01-9404-CP-045 Word Perfect
In the Matter of Hugh Erskine Cherry 48S00-9612-DI-745 N/A Word Perfect
Anthony Henderson v. State 49S05-9908-CR-440 49G03-9707-CF-098498 Word Perfect
In the Matter of Gene E. Conn 43S00-9709-DI-479 N/A Word Perfect
In the Matter of Arthur R. Welling, Jr. 32S00-9808-DI-448 N/A Word Perfect
In the Matter of Randall L. Cable 49S00-9708-DI-454 N/A Word Perfect
Robert D. Williams v. State 49S00-9711-CR-614 49G06-9609-CF-136265 Word Perfect
In the Matter of Ronald Lynn Davis 10S00-9802-DI-106 N/A Word Perfect
In the Matter of Richard A. Gole 49S00-9503-DI-326 N/A Word Perfect
In the Matter of Gary Van Rider 84S00-9804-DI-244 N/A Word Perfect
In the Matter of Theodore D. Wilson 49S00-9707-DI-408 N/A Word Perfect
Harold Carie & Al Harper v. PSI Energy, Inc. 83S01-9811-CV-695 83C01-9307-CP-55 Word Perfect
Antione Barber v. State 18S00-9808-CR-434 18D02-9612-CF-81 Word Perfect
Robert T. Metcalfe v. State of Indiana 49S02-9901-CR-7 49G03-9411-CF-157473 Word Perfect
John Ivy v. State 18S00-9809-CR-499 18D02-9612-CF-82 Word Perfect
Fred M. Ingram, Jr. v. State 48S00-9811-CR-718 48D01-9803-CF-080 Word Perfect
Porter v. State of Indiana 49S00-9802-CR-79 49G03-9608-CF-113534 Word Perfect
Porter v. State 49S00-9802-CR-79 49G03-9608-CF-113534 Word Perfect
Montrez Berry v. State 49S00-9807-CR-392 49G05-9511-CF-166548 Word Perfect
Michael Galanis v. Lyons & Truitt 64S03-9904-CV-231 64D02-9512-CP-3015 Word Perfect
Jerray Franklin v. State 45S00-9809-CR-517 45G03-9708-CF-00170 Word Perfect
In the Matter of the Hon. Jerry F. Jacobi 10S00-9903-JD-185 N/A Word Perfect
Joseph L. Trueblood v. State 79S00-9211-PD-887 79C01-8904-CF-12 Word Perfect
Jeffrey R. Ortiz vs. State of Indiana 45S00-9806-CR-370 45G02-9708-CF-154 Word Perfect
Linda Schuman & Rachel Stuckey v. Ernest & Susan Kobets 49S02-9901-CV-13 49D05-9606-CP-776 Word Perfect
Tipmont Rural Electric Corp. v. Gregg Fischer and Susan Fischer 61S05-9909-CV-482 61C01-9304-CP-117 Word Perfect
Donald Earl v. State of Indiana 49S00-9909-CR-484 49G05-9605-CF-63755 Word Perfect
In the Matter of Charles R. Deets III 79S00-9902-DI-131 N/A Word Perfect
Dennis Tippman, Jr. v. Brian S. Hensler 02S03-9603-CV-201 02D01-9209-CP-1645 Word Perfect
Sean Miller v. State of Indiana 49S00-9807-CR-399 49G02-9702-CF-025069 Word Perfect
Cindy Wine-Settergren v. Robert H. Lamey, Jr. 49S04-9909-CV-489 49F01-9310-CP-1776 Word Perfect
William T. Cowart v. Cathy Jo White 29S02-9906-CV-355 29D03-9409-DR-454 Word Perfect
Maurice A. May v. State of Indiana 48S00-9909-CR-493 48A02-9710-CR-697 Word Perfect
Maurice A. May v. State 48S02-9909-CR-493 48D03-9603-CF-164 Word Perfect
Morris Wesley Soward v. State 45S00-9809-CR-510 45G01-9709-CF-207 Word Perfect
Harris v. State 49S00-9701-CR-33 49G02-9601-CF-5968 Word Perfect
Dennis Michael Glass v. Nancy Burdett Oeder 49S02-9909-CV-491 49D11-9410-DR-304 Word Perfect
In the Matter of Timothy L. Corbin 49S00-9810-DI-606 N/A Word Perfect
Michael J. Wisniewski v. Donna Bennett, Comm. of Insurance 45S05-9909-CV-497 45D05-9509-CP-1710 Word Perfect
In the Matter of Richard W. Reed 18S00-9801-DI-62 N/A Word Perfect
Carnahan v. Moriah Property Owners Assn. Inc. 45S03-9909-CV-492 45D01-9305-CP-783 Word Perfect
Conder v. Wood 49S04-9807-CV-409 49D13-9606-CT-980 Word Perfect
Ross v. Cheema 49S04-9909-CV-500 49D07-9607-CP-1021 Word Perfect
Steven Workman v. State 49S00-9804-CR-221 49G05-9701-CF-13476 Word Perfect
Charles E. Etienne v. State 40S00-9801-CR-14 40C01-9604-CF-433 Word Perfect
Shane Allen v. State 49S00-9712-CR-660 49G02-9605-CF-071382 Word Perfect
Doug W. Williams v. State 45S03-9810-PC-602 4CR-143-987-567 Word Perfect
Bill J. Benefiel v. State 84S00-9207-PD-590 84D01-8705-CF-34 Word Perfect
Collin Merrill v. State of Indiana 45S00-9806-CR-351 45G04-9706-CF-128 Word Perfect
State of Indiana v. Joseph Klein 49A02-9802-CR-105 49G04-9604-CF-49882 Word Perfect
Larry D. Wooley v. State 61S00-9806-CR-354 61C01-9608-CF-82 Word Perfect
Sherman Andre James v. State of Indiana 02S00-9712-CR-704 02D04-9509-CF-412 Word Perfect
Terri J. Johnson v. Scandia Assoc. Inc. 06S01-9506-CV-785 06D01-9106-CT-227 Word Perfect
Walter Dye v. State of Indiana 49S00-9801-DP-55 49G04-9608-CF-112831 Word Perfect
Charles Leslie Pendleton v. State of Indiana 45S00-9811-CR-714 45G02-9704-CF-66 Word Perfect
State, IN Civil Rights Comm. v. Indianapolis Newspapers, Inc. 49S04-9907-CV-371 49D01-9607-CP-0913 Word Perfect
Richard Dale Huffman Jr. v. State of Indiana 49S00-9704-CR-260 8400483 Word Perfect
Robert Richardson II v. State 67S01-9910-CR-506 67C01-9609-CF-74 Word Perfect
Hernandez v. State 46S00-9702-CR-110 46D02-9404-CF-17 Word Perfect
Stephen K. Sherwood v. State of Indiana 55S00-9708-CR-441 55C01-9604-CF-65 Word Perfect
Eddie Griffin v. State 18S02-9910-CR-505 18D01-9307-CF-39 Word Perfect
Robert P. McIntyre v. State 46S00-9606-CR-408 46C01-9404-CF-30 Word Perfect
Demetrius Taylor v. State 49S02-9810-PC-542 49G02-9001-CF-14491 Word Perfect
Scott E. McIntire v. State 79S00-9706-CR-381 79D01-9608-CF-49 Word Perfect
Donald Guffey v. State of Indiana 33S04-9910-CR-507 33C01-9704-CF-015 Word Perfect
Donald Guffey v. State 33S04-9910-CR-507 33C01-9704-CF-15 Word Perfect
Brian K. Collins v. State 87S05-9910-CR-508 87D01-9601-CF-5 Word Perfect
Leonard Emery v. State 76S04-9910-CR-509 76C01-8908-CF-42 Word Perfect
Wallace Wilkins v. State 49S00-9803-CR-160 49G03-9701-CF-2372 Word Perfect
William Hackett v. State of Indiana 49S00-9803-CR-186 49G01-9608-CF-112962 Word Perfect
In the Matter of Elizabeth Bashaw Bybee, Candidate for Judge of Madison County Court 2 48S00-9607-JD-480 N/A Word Perfect
Cincinnati Insurance Co. v. David & Marcia Wills, et al 79S00-9808-CV-458 79D01-9605-CP-132 Word Perfect
Poehlman v. Feferman 71S05-9810-CV-384 71A05-9709-CV-384 Word Perfect
In the Matter of David J. Puterbaugh 30S00-9803-DI-159 N/A Word Perfect
Nass v. State of Indiana 49A04-9901-CV-34 49D11-9805-CP-675 Word Perfect
Nass v. State 49A04-9901-CV-34 49D11-9805-CP-675 Word Perfect
State of Indiana v. Goble 92A05-9704-CR-160 92D01-9507-DF-389 Word Perfect
Emergency Physicians of Indpls. v. Pettit 49S02-9911-CV-637 49D06-9701-CT-88 Word Perfect
Reginald Anderson v. State 84S00-9808-CR-433 84D03-9706-CF-187 Word Perfect
James Edward Ford v. State 45S00-9806-CR-353 45G02-9710-CF-231 Word Perfect
In the Matter of Richard N. Bell 49S00-9702-DI-116 N/A Word
William T. Phillips, Jr. v. State of Indiana 02S00-9811-CR-745 02D04-9804-CF-215 Word Perfect
Daniel Standifer, Jr. v. State 67S00-9804-CR-240 67C01-9701-CF-11B Word Perfect
In the Matter of Peter L. Benjamin 45S00-9712-DI-655 N/A Word
Richard J. Johnson v. State 20S00-9810-CR-611 20C01-9712-CF-66 Word Perfect
Castlewood v. Trepton 45A03-9808-CV-368 45D03-9204-CP-01154 Word Perfect
Guthrie v. State 49A02-9902-CR-110 49F10-9806-CM-106518 Word Perfect
Reid v. State 89A01-9806-CR-222 89D02-9112-CF-111 Word Perfect
Kelly McKinley v. State of Indiana 45S00-9704-CR-278 45G03-9601-CF-8 Word Perfect
Charles D. Sturgeon v. State of Indiana 49S00-9805-CR-307 49G06-9503-CF-35113 Word Perfect
John Miller v. State of Indiana 49S00-9705-CR-294 49G02-9503-CF-134702 Word Perfect
Donnie Childers v. State 84S00-9711-CR-625 84D01-9610-CF-307 Word Perfect
In the Matter of Charles H. Graddick 45S00-9705-DI-308 Word
OP 45S00-9705-DI-308 In the Matter of Charles H. Graddick Word
Charles Burke v. State 49S00-9808-CR-478 49G04-9705-CF-70920 Word Perfect
Termaine Donte Chapman v. State 02S00-9802-CR-72 02D04-9609-CF-401 Word Perfect
Allen Garland v. State 75S00-9404-CR-229 75C01-9602-CF-10 Word Perfect
David Lee O'Neill, Jr. v. State 76S00-9903-CR-163 76D01-9712-CF-1103 Word Perfect
Jerred Kahlenbeck v. State 71S00-9808-CR-435 71D01-9703-CF-121 Word Perfect
Sharon Garland v. State 75S00-9704-CR-248 75C01-9602-CF-11 Word Perfect
State of Indiana v. Gordon McCraney 45S03-9908-PC-439 4CR-12-179-46 Word Perfect
State v. Gordon McCraney 45S03-9908-PC-439 4CR-12-179-46 Word Perfect
William Hubbard v. State 45S00-9802-CR-105 45G04-9701-CF-17 Word Perfect
William Wise v. State 49S00-9806-CR-333 49G06-9403-CF-023557 Word Perfect
Jay F. Vermillion v. State 84S00-9708-CR-428 84D03-9505-CF-189 Word Perfect
Iregous Ewing v. State 46S00-9804-CR-196 46D01-9605-CF-61 Word Perfect
Zelda Milam v. State 49S00-9804-CR-193 49G05-9701-CF-178 Word Perfect
Jack M. Walker, et al v. Jennifer & Eugene Campbell 17S03-9911-CV-670 17C01-9710-AD-16 Word Perfect
Nesbitt v. Rising Sun 58A01-9903-CV-81 58D01-9906-CP-6 Word Perfect
Nesbitt v. Rising Sun 58A01-9903-CV-81 58D01-9906-CP-6 Word Perfect
Roger Coy, Jr. v. State of Indiana 42S00-9803-CR-166 42D01-9608-CF-41 Word Perfect
Alonzo Allen v. State 49S00-9801-CR-25 49G03-9607-CF-095056 Word Perfect
Jason M. Sunday v. State 34S00-9902-CR-123 34D02-9612-CF-75 Word Perfect
In the Matter of Carlos A. Razo 20S00-9610-DI-675 N/A Word
Michael Dowdell v. State 49S00-9703-CR-224 49G01-9508-CF-120351 Word
Albaugh v. State 24S05-9812-CR-777 24C01-9608-CM-331 Word Perfect
Bradford E. Kilgore v. State 45S00-9810-CR-601 45G01-9705-CF-101 Word Perfect
Robert Bonds v. State 49S00-9808-CR-420 49G05-9707-CF-104533 Word Perfect
Robin Sensback v. State 32S00-9812-CR-823 32D02-9807-CF-172 Word Perfect
Jewan Brown v. State 49S00-9809-CR-479 49G05-9707-CF-102857 Word Perfect
Omond J. Smith v. State 48S00-9807-CR-414 48C01-9705-CF-75 Word Perfect
Billy E. Love v. State of Indiana 20S00-9811-CR-709 20D03-9705-CF-55 Word Perfect
State v. Purcell 86A03-9801-CR-29 86C01-9502-DF-14 Word Perfect
Purcell v. State of Indiana 86S03-9912-CR-705 86C01-9502-DF-00014 Word Perfect
Dobbins v. State of Indiana 49S00-9802-CR-109 49G04-9611-CF-168656 Word Perfect
Benton v. City of Oakland City 26S04-9803-CV-156 26C01-9606-CT-005 Word Perfect
Serviss v. State, DNR 64S03-9912-CV-709 64D03-9701-CT-20 Word Perfect
Eugene Dullen, Sr. v. State 49S02-9912-PC-711 49G04-9511-CF-162347 Word Perfect
In The Matter of Steven C. Litz 55S00-9806-DI-330 N/A Word
Ernest Stewart v. State 49S02-9904-CR-211 49F09-9510-DF-148638 Word Perfect
Newson v. State 49S00-9801-CR-60 49G02-9604-CF-048010 Word Perfect
Joseph C. Monegan v. State 89S00-9703-CR-186 89D02-9506-CF-039 Word Perfect
John R. Bacher v. State of Indiana 48S00-9804-CR-237 48D03-9502-CF-070 Word
John R. Bacher v. State 48S00-9804-CR-237 48D03-9502-CF-070 Word
John R. Bacher v. State 48S00-9804-CR-237 48D03-9502-CF-70 Word
John R. Backer v. State 48S00-9804-CR-237 48D03-9502-CF-70 Word
Kofi Modibo Ajabu v. State 71S00-9810-CR-546 71D01-9409-CF-963 Word
Carl Echols v. State 49S00-9801-CR-36 49G03-9707-CF-113209 Word Perfect
State et al v. Robert Monfort 66S00-9904-CV-232 66C01-9707-CP-68 Word
Roger Caldwell v. State of Indiana 10S00-9806-CR-346 10D01-9611-CF-81 Word
Ricky Warlick v. State of Indiana 02S00-9606-CR-539 02D04-9606-CF-259 Word
William C. Burns v. State of Indiana 84S00-9811-CR-734 84D01-9712-CF-321 Word
In The Matter of Gregory Nelson Holmes 10S00-9309-DI-1007 N/A Word
In The Matter of William R. McCord 84S00-9806-DI-313 N/A Word
Herbert Underwood v. State of Indiana 49S00-9707-CR-49 CR-84-106C Word Perfect
Lenhardt Tool & Die Co., Inc. v. Duane Lumpe 49A05-9706-CV-216 49D04-9408-CT-1187 Word
Mark A. Sales v. State of Indiana 08S02-0001-CR-29 08D01-9801-CM-22 Word
St. Bd. of Registration for Professional Engineers v. Eberenz 10S04-0002-CV-90 10D02-9706-CP-156 Word
State of Indiana v. J.E. 02S05-0002-PC-107 02D04-9006-CM-17905 PDF
State Ex. Rel. Kathy Koppe v. Cass Circuit Court and the Hon. Dennis H. Parry 09S00-9910-OR-610 09C01-9805-DR-108 Word
Fairlis Ramsey v. State 49S00-9801-CR-33 49G05-9612-CF-191000 Word
Tracey T. Dunlop v. State 49S00-9704-CR-273 49G02-9410-CF-127146 Word
In The Matter of Darlene W. Mears 45S00-9309-DI-987 N/A Word
Ricky W. Jester v. State of Indiana 82S00-9806-CR-371 82C01-9704-CF-350 Word
Edward E. Williams v. State of Indiana 45S00-9701-PD-45 45G02-9207-CF-182 Word
William & Diane Bosecker v. Westfield Ins. Co. 82S04-9902-CV-148 82D03-9607-CP-1848 Word
Taurus Butler v. State 02S00-9812-CR-822 02D04-9705-CF-302 Word
James R. Rawley v. State 53S00-9803-CR-153 53C03-9612-CF-721 Word
Dujuan Emerson v. State 49S00-9808-CR-419 49G03-9608-CF-116145 Word
Lawrence D. Sowers v. State of Indiana 33S00-9807-DP-387 33C01-9806-CF-16 Word
Indiana Lawrence Bank v. PSB Credit Services 25A03-9801-CV-24 25C01-9607-CP-202 Word
Tony Williams v. State of Indiana 49S00-9901-CR-45 49G06-9608-CF-126264 Word
In the Matter of Donna R. Hagedorn 82S00-9601-DI-83 N/A Word
In the Matter of Mary Jane Humphrey 82S00-9811-DI-723 N/A Word
In the Matter of Ronald Warrum 82S00-9612-DI-790 N/A Word
In the Matter of Vaughn Arthur Wamsley 29S00-9906-DI-790 N/A Word
In the Matter of Anonymous 49S00-9910-DI-607 N/A Word
Jerry Young v. State of Indiana 49S00-9904-CR-242 49G04-9804-CF-058703 Word
Jermaine S. Brown v. State of Indiana 49S00-9901-CR-46 49G06-9707-CF-104531 Word
Kerrie Price v. State of Indiana 49S00-9802-CR-84 49G20-9701-CF-6216 Word
Larry Cutter v. State of Indiana 49S00-9603-CR-204 49G05-9212-CF-172011 Word
Ellis v. State of Indiana 45S00-9805-CR-279 45G02-9706-CF-127 Word
Cecil Jenkins v. State of Indiana 49S00-9903-CR-200 49G03-9804-CF-054025 Word
Frank Turnley v. State of Indiana 49S00-9812-CR-757 49G03-9603-CF-034571 Word
Warren v. State of Indiana 49S00-9905-CR-307 49G04-9808-CF-128010 Word
Wallace v. State of Indiana 45S00-9808-CR-426 45G01-9708-CF-171 Word
Bassie v. State of Indiana 79S00-9804-CR-236 79D02-9712-CF-116 Word
Anthony McGregor v. State of Indiana 49S00-9902-CR-115 49G04-9802-CF-030289 Word
Dwayne Noble v. State of Indiana 82S00-9811-CR-748 82D02-9801-CF-85 Word
Timothy Evans v. State of Indiana 91S04-0003-CR-216 91D01-9607-CF-81 Word
Ruffin v. State of Indiana 49S00-9802-CR-258 49G06-9601-CF-006417 Word
Larry and Sally Arnold, et al v. City of Terre Haute 84S04-9910-CV-622 84D01-9803-CP-399 Word
Chad E. Marcum v. State of Indiana 48S00-9803-CR-185 48C01-9709-CF-200 Word
Oil Supply Co., Inc. v. Hires Parts Service, Inc. 02S05-9705-CV-316 02D01-9105-CP-1105 Word Perfect
Michael Johnson v. State 49S00-9903-CR-191 49G01-9703-CF-42739 Word
Bagnall v. Town of Beverly Shores 64S05-9909-CV-499 64A05-9704-CV-138 Word
J.M. v. State of Indiana 49S02-9809-JV-489 49D09-9704-JD-1587 Word
Andrew Cherrone, Jr. v. State of Indiana 71S00-9904-CR-265 71D04-9806-CR-238 Word
Dixie v. State of Indiana 02S00-9904-CR-220 02D04-9804-CF-214 Word
Jenkins v. State of Indiana 02S00-9810-CR-538 02D04-9706-CF-333 Word
Joann & Jack Alexander v. D. Kevin Scheid, M.D.,etal 49S05-0004-CV-231 49D03-9612-CT-1631 Word
Navaretta v. State of Indiana 29S02-0004-CR-230 29D05-9709-DF-3515 Word
Cavinder Elevators, Inc. v. Hall 55S01-0004-CV-233 55C01-9109-CP-290 Word
Damien Ray Fayson v. State of Indiana 45S00-9903-CR-189 45G02-9808-CF-00158 Word
Kelly E. Culver v. State of Indiana 84S00-9801-CR-18 84D01-9705-CF-151 Word
Sanquenetti v. State of Indiana 83S00-9802-CR-88 83C01-9703-CF-32 Word
Quentis Hardiman v. State of Indiana 49S00-9901-CR-10 49G03-9712-CF-175669 Word
Menard, Inc. v. Dage-MTI, Inc. 46S03-0004-CV-272 46C01-9407-CP-184 Word
Walter v. State of Indiana 92S00-9809-CR-502 92C01-9708-CF-124 Word
Town Council of New Harmony v. Shirley Parker 87S01-9911-CV-673 87C01-9608-CP-305 Word
John Dell Carr v. State of Indiana 73S00-9709-CR-487 73D01-9602-CF-15 Word
Mitchell v. State of Indiana 49S00-9803-CR-163 49G01-9612-CF-193960 Word
Cline v. State of Indiana 49S00-9810-CR-594 49G05-9707-CF-098582 Word
Turben v. State of Indiana 13S00-9810-CR-603 13C01-9711-CF-026 Word
In the Matter of William Levy 49S00-9406-DI-582 N/A Word
In the Matter of Kenneth R. Bass 16S00-9812-DI-778 N/A Word
Calvert Baxter v. State of Indiana 49S00-9812-CR-751 49G02-9710-CF-153318 Word
In the Matter of Scott R. Jones 49S00-9904-DI-225 N/A Word
Celebration Fireworks, Inc. v. Wayne Smith 50S03-9712-CV-657 50C01-9406-CP-54 Word
In the Matter of Richard L. Roberts 49S00-9906-DI-330 N/A Word
Dayton Duane Evans v. State of Indiana 45S00-9809-CR-508 45G02-9506-CF-145 Word
Troutman v. State of Indiana 71S00-9807-CR-394 71D02-9708-CF-354 Word
Erick S. Schmitt v. State of Indiana 84S00-9905-CR-282 84D01-9809-CF-343 Word
Shirwanda Sheri Boone v. State of Indiana 45S00-9903-CR-155 45G01-9802-CF-40 Word
Dennis & Tina Mendenhall v. Skinner & Broadbent Co. 49S04-9811-CV-740 49D13-9606-CT-767 Word
State v. Holmes 49S00-9808-PD-436 49G05-8911-CF-131401 Word
Ricky Lee Jackson v. State of Indiana 83S00-9812-CR-770 83C01-9803-CF-20 Word
Stephen Thompson v. State 46S00-9902-CR-100 46D01-9612-CF-155 Word
Lundberg v. State of Indiana 51S00-9808-CR-438 51C01-9703-CF-N16 Word
In The Matter of Paul D. Edmiston 12S00-9810-DI-615 N/A Word
Obadyah Ben-Yisrayl f/k/a Christopher Peterson v. State 45S00-9708-PD-460 45G04-9103-CF-42 Word
In The Matter of Susan J. McCarty 26S00-9809-DI-514 N/A Word
Eric A. Ross v. State 82S01-0005-CR-334 82C01-9704-CF-400 Word
Spangler, Jennings & Dougherty P.C. v. Indiana Insurance Co. 71S03-9806-CV-359 71D02-9401-CP-72 Word
Lawrence W. Carter, Jr. v. State of Indiana 73S00-9805-CR-312 73D02-9703-CF-006 Word
In the Matter of Kevin W. Ault 70S00-9608-DI-525 N/A Word
Sirlando Logan v. State 02S00-9708-CR-448 02D04-9602-CF-85 Word
Steven R. Lowrimore v. State of Indiana 49S00-9806-CR-315 49G01-9509-CF-132515 Word
In the Matter of James B. McFadden 02S00-9904-DI-226 N/A Word
Edward D. Brown v. State 48S00-9802-CR-82 48D03-9612-CF-421 Word
James & Sondra McIntosh v. Melroe Company 71S03-9805-CV-297 71D07-9506-CT-229 Word
Indiana University Medical Center, Riley v. Logan 49S02-0003-CV-220 49D04-9605-CT-0721 Word
Timothy R. Farber v. State of Indiana 82S00-9903-CR-181 82D02-9504-CF-139 Word
Hicks v. State 68S00-9812-CR-846 68C01-9505-CF-13 Word
Cecil Jenkins v. State of Indiana 49S00-9905-CR-291 49G04-9804-CF-057978 Word
John Wallace Maxey v. State of Indiana 45S00-9804-CR-195 45G01-9611-CF-206 Word
Azania v. State of Indiana 02S00-8808-PC-751 CR81401 Word
Groves v. Taylor 14S01-0006-CV-358 14C01-9412-CT-315 Word
Anthem Insurance Companies v. Tenet Healthcare Corp. 10S01-9909-CV-501 10C01-9512-CP-435 Word
Hauk v. State 49S00-9805-CR-262 49G06-9503-CF-35112 Word
Jerry A. Bonds v. State 49S00-9902-CR-86 49G03-9708-CF-116824 Word
In the Matter of David K. Galloway, Sr. 64S00-9908-DI-428 N/A Word
IN Dept of Environmental Mgmt. et al v. Medical Disposal Services, Inc. 56S05-9905-CV-298 56C01-9708-MI-6 Word
In the Matter of Anonymous 30S00-9904-DI-234 N/A Word
In the Matter of Montague M. Oliver, Jr. 48S00-9802-DI-101 N/A Word
In The Matter of Steven John Moerlein 71S00-9901-DI-56 N/A Word
Midwest Security Life Insurance Co. v. Theresa A. Stroup and Patrick J. Stroup 06S05-0006-CV-364 06D01-9506-CP-139 Word
In The Matter of C. Kenneth Wilber 71S00-9901-DI-3 N/A Word
In the Matter of Robert W. Miller 48S00-9511-DI-1264 N/A Word
Carol Creasy v. Lloyd Rusk 08S02-9901-CV-74 08C01-9606-CT-3 Word
Steven Bethel v. State 71S00-9712-CR-642 71D08-9105-CF-224 Word
Branton Allen Noojin v. State of Indiana 45S00-9812-CR-827 45G02-9712-CF-282 Word
State Bd. Tax Comm., et al v. Troy Montgomery, et al 45S00-9906-TA-340 45T10-9807-TA-84 Word
Arthur Smith v. State 49S00-9808-CR-465 49G03-9708-CF-121649 Word
Mark Lewis v. State of Indiana 49S00-9904-CR-241 49G04-9802-CF-22396 Word
Jason Matthew Lehman v. State 82S00-9904-CR-268 82D02-9809-CF-675 Word
R.C. Boggs v. Tri-State Radiology, Inc. 82S04-0002-CV-115 82D03-9710-CP-3553 Word
Kirk & Martha Vernon v. Adam J. Acton 49S02-9809-CV-488 49D11-9512-CT-1937 Word
Ryan Eugene Gill v. State of Indiana 45S00-9809-CR-512 45G03-9604-CF-66 Word
James M. Roop v. State of Indiana 79S00-9907-CR-405 79D01-9712-CF-113 Word
Tommy James Rubalcada v. State of Indiana 82S00-9902-CR-113 82C01-9802-CF-181 Word
Oshun R. Grace v. State of Indiana 49S00-9804-CR-241 49G05-9701-CF-3520 Word
Jimmy A. Craig v. State of Indiana 17S00-9911-CR-638 17C01-9811-CF-031 Word
Engai Maul v. State of Indiana 49S00-9811-CR-729 49G02-9706-CF-089363 Word
LTV Steel Co. v. John P. Griffin 49S04-9811-CV-692 49D10-9503-MI-399 Word
Carlos O. Owens v. State of Indiana 49S00-9908-CR-420 49G04-9701-CF-5601 Word
Anthony L. Houston v. State of Indiana 49S00-9901-CR-61 49G02-9706-CF-86487 Word
City of Gary v. Indiana Bell Telephone Co. 45S03-0006-CV-393 45D05-9802-CP-224 Word
James F. Wright v. State of Indiana 20S00-9808-CR-431 20C01-9706-CF-30 Word
Bader v. Johnson 02S05-9709-CV-493 02C01-9311-CT-92 Word
State of Indiana, et al v. Bernadette Costa, et al 45S05-0005-CV-338 45D03-9911-CP-2869 Word
Mariam Butler v. City of Peru, etal 52S02-0002-CV-117 52C01-9501-CP-9 Word
James E. Johnson v. State of Indiana 48S00-9904-CR-263 48D01-9804-CR-101 Word
Ryan Michael Specht v. State of Indiana 82S00-9810-CR-612 82C01-9803-CF-254 Word
Mark Williams v. State 48S00-9808-CR-471 48C01-9409-CF-148 Word
William A. Sanders v. State of Indiana 45S05-0004-PC-285 45G02-9003-CF-47 Word
In the Matter of Richard J. Thonert 02S00-9902-DI-151 N/A Word
In the Matter of Joe F. Watson 80S00-9711-DI-629 N/A Word
Rainier L. Johnson v. State 49S00-9910-CR-613 49G06-9711-CF-168333 Word
Indiana Dept. of State Revenue v. Farm Credit Services of Mid-America, ACA 49S10-9908-TA-453 N/A Word
Jeffrey S. Cahoon, M.D. and Shari A. Kohne and Edward L. Kennedy v. Glessie Joann Cummings 79S05-0009-CV-513 79D01-9502-CP-38 Word
James H. Smith v. Wilbert Washington, M.D. 49S04-0009-CV-512 49D02-9503-CT-0459 Word
Arnold Cade v. State of Indiana 49S00-9906-CR-325 49G03-9809-CF-147639 Word
Ellis Thomas v. State 48S00-9802-CR-81 48D03-9401-CF-017 Word
Robert Chambers v. State of Indiana 49S00-9905-CR-306 49G02-9805-CF-071245 Word
Ernest Allen Cook v. State 10S00-9707-CR-394 10D01-9603-CF-23 Word
In The Matter of Chris P. Kouros 45S00-9908-DI-442 N/A Word
In the Matter of Chris P. Kouros 45S00-9908-DI-442 N/A Word
In The Matter of Anonymous 79S00-9912-DI-6997 N/A Word
Christopher Nicholson v. State of Indiana 48S00-9907-CR-395 N/A Word
Donald J. Stuart v. Alice Jean Phillips (Stuart) 03S01-0009-CV-532 03D02-9506-DR-102 Word
Donald J. Stuart v. Alice Jean Phillips(Stuart) 03S01-0009-CV-532 03D02-9506-DR-102 Word
Greater Hammond Community Services Inc. v. Lucile Mutka 45S03-9904-CV-224 45D01-9502-CT-203 Word
LCEOC, Inc. and Greater Hammond Community Services, Inc. v. Freddie Greer 45S03-9904-CV-223 45D01-9604-CT-429 Word
Sonya Hulfachor v. State of Indiana 82S00-9903-CR-193 82D02-9710-CF-771 Word
Mark Duncan v. State of Indiana 82S00-9812-CR-820 82D02-9710-CF-770 Word
Deatron Lee v. State of Indiana 02S00-9905-CR-286 02D04-9707-CF-431 Word
United States Gypsum, et al v. Indiana Gas Co., et al 93S02-9904-EX-251 40437 Word
Mike M. Williams v. State of Indiana 02S00-9910-CR-603 02D04-9803-CF-156 Word
Ronald Oman v. State of Indiana 46S03-9909-CR-495 46D04-9805-CM-679 Word
Gerald W. Bivens v. State of Indiana 06S00-9602-PD-173 06D01-9104-CF-24 Word
Georgopolus v. State of Indiana 29S00-9803-CR-155 29D01-9607-CF-84 Word
Edward Lee Jackson v. State of Indiana 43S00-9903-CR-196 43C01-9706-CF-94 Word
Nanette Luckhart v. State of Indiana 18S00-9905-CR-276 18D01-9807-CF-62 Word
Ricky Joyner v. State of Indiana 20S00-9804-CR-225 20C01-9406-CF-44 Word
Travis Sisk v. State of Indiana 49S00-9908-CR-424 49G05-9710-CF-159801 Word
Charles M. Hatcher v. State of Indiana 49S00-9908-CR-426 49G04-9807-CF-113463 Word
Jason Rascoe v. State of Indiana 49S00-9911-CR-667 49G06-9802-CF-017642 Word
Tim Godby v. State of Indiana 33S00-9807-CR-416 33C01-9512-CF-036 Word
Bryson Burnett v. State of Indiana 49S00-9905-CR-287 49G03-9808-CF-136936 Word
Shemika Lee v. State of Indiana 71S00-0002-CR-44 71D02-9806-CF-267 Word
Joshua E. Spears v. State of Indiana 49S00-9908-CR-430 49G03-9808-CF-141918 Word
Stephen Clark Wieland v. State of Indiana 49S00-9908-CR-423 49G04-9802-CF-021548 Word
Larry Boyce v. State of Indiana 49S00-9908-CR-446 49G04-9802-CF-021517 Word
Michael Ringo v. State of Indiana 28S00-9804-CR-218 28D01-9702-CF-140 Word
Adam v. Ellis 01S00-9910-CR-632 01C01-9808-CF-27 Word
Clarence A. Martin, Jr. v. State of Indiana 82S00-9811-CR-710 82C01-9710-CF-982 Word
Michael G. Albrecht v. State of Indiana 49S00-9901-CR-55 49G06-9706-CF-080729 Word
Jason Small v. State of Indiana 82S00-9811-CR-691 82C01-9710-CF-983 Word
Herschel S. Crain, Jr. v. State of Indiana 29S00-9803-CR-180 29D02-9701-CF-0001 Word
Melissa Skinner/Brandon Cockrell v. State 49S05-0010-CR-583 49G05-9905-CF-78437/49G06-9905-CF-78436 Word
Jason Rascoe v. State of Indiana 49S00-9908-CR-444 49G06-9802-CF-19037 Word
Bryce D. Pope v. State of Indiana 02S00-9807-CR-411 02D04-9709-CF-553 Word
Claude Hoskins v. State of Indiana 49S00-0002-CR-132 49G05-9807-CF-113273 Word
Keith Scruggs v. State of Indiana 49S00-9908-CR-457 49G06-9806-CR-92690 Word
Richard Calvin Williams v. State of Indiana 45S03-0011-PC-618 45G02-9102-CF-00030 Word
Howard Garrett v. State 49S00-9912-CR-694 49G20-9812-CF-189275 Word
Russell Bowles, Jr. v. State 49S00-9908-CR-443 49G06-9703-CF-6755 Word
State of Indiana v. John Lombardo 38S00-9802-CR-111 38C01-9707-CF-25 Word
Kevin R. Troxel and Rick L. Troxel v. Joanne K. Troxel 71S04-0008-CV-480 71J01-9707-ES-343 Word
Douglas R. Allen v. State 75S05-0011-CR-623 75C01-9710-CF-089 Word
In the Matter of Darren T. Cole and Scott C. Cole 49S00-9801-DI-2/49S00-9801-DI-3 N/A Word
Zolo Agona Azania f/k/a Rufus Lee Averhart v. State of Indiana 02S00-0009-SD-538 CR-81-401 Word
Ben-Yisrayl (Greagree Davis) v. State 49S00-9307-PD-826 CR84-76E Word
Janet Livingston, et al v. Fast Cash USA, Inc. 94S00-0010-CQ-609 N/A Word
Toney L. Brown v. State of Indiana 49S00-9901-CR-19 49G01-9710-CF-160631 Word
Jeffrey Carter v. State 49S00-9701-CR-23 49G02-9502-CF-19872 Word
Mark E. Henry v. State of Indiana 45S00-9810-CR-558 45G04-9704-CF-159 Word
Donte Kidd v. State of Indiana 79S00-9911-CR-640 79D02-9903-CF-32 Word
Quan Turner v. State of Indiana 49S00-0001-CR-37 49G03-9812-CF-204921 Word
James and Judy Johnston v. Richard Allen Dobeski and State 64S04-9902-PC-140 64-PCCR-105 Word
In the Matter of James P. Quinn 49S00-9902-DI-129 N/A Word
Contrice L. Carter v. State 02S03-0005-PC-330 02D04-9307-CF-519 Word
State Civil Rights Commission v. County Line Park, Inc. & Fox 27S02-0004-CV-270 27D03-9803-CP-91 Word
James Swingley v. State of Indiana 18S00-9905-CR-271 18C01-9805-CF-34 Word
Danny Flowers v. State of Indiana 79S00-9908-CR-411 79D01-9204-CF-32 Word
Joseph E. Corcoran v. State of Indiana 02S00-9805-DP-293 02D04-9707-CF-465 Word
IN The Matter of Vincent Lee Scott 49S00-0006-DI-392 N/A Word
IN The Matter of Robert L. Glasser 49S00-9804-DI-243 N/A Word
Ricky Tobar v. State of Indiana 71S00-9909-CR-481 71D03-9903-CF-00144 Word
In the Matter of Glenn S. Huelskamp 49S00-9907-DI-399 N/A Word
Christopher Lewis v. State 49S00-9910-CR-611 49G04-9805-CF-70079 Word
Sammons v. Conrad and Leach 56S00-0011-CV-635 56D01-0009-MI-76 Word
In the Matter of Phillip R. Smith 79S00-9910-DI-605 N/A Word
William Tobar v. State of Indiana 71S00-9912-CR-687 71D03-9903-CF-00159 Word Perfect
Alton Coleman v. State of Indiana 45S00-9203-PD-158 1CR-203-1184-842 Word
Henry Johnson v. State of Indiana 49S05-0008-CR-506 49G05-9808-CF-0939999/49G05-9905-CF-072832 Word
In the Matter of Frank B. Harshey 49S00-9904-DI-261 N/A Word
Sharnee R. Appleton v. State of Indiana 45S00-9901-CR-62 45G01-9803-CF-55 Word
In the Matter of Charles A. Davis, Jr. 20S00-9904-DI-238 N/A Word
Vincent J. Prowell v. State of Indiana 82S00-9803-PD-138 82C01-9305-CF-313 Word
Glenda Gail Robinette v. State of Indiana 48S00-9910-CR-614 48D01-9809-CF-226 Word
Charles Hughes and Alex Cherry v. City of Gary, et al 45S00-0011-CV-636 45D02-0007-CP-199 Word
Tom-Wat, Inc. d/b/a W.A. International v. George Fink, d/b/a GF Associates 31S01-0101-CV-28 31C01-9409-CP-124 Word
Michael William Daniels v. State of Indiana 49S00-9411-SD-1079 CR78-47D Word
Randall L. Hubbard v. State of Indiana 55S00-9808-CR-428 55C01-9612-CF-271 Word
Bradley A. Turner v. City of Evansville, et al 82S05-0008-CV-479 82C01-9812-CP-397 Word
Sears Roebuck and Co. v. Milan Manuilov 73S01-0002-CV-119 73C01-9705-CT-5 Word
John M. Stephenson v. State of Indiana 87S00-9605-DP-398 87D01-9604-CF-23 Word
Collis Dean Sivels v. State of Indiana 49S00-9908-CR-455 49G02-9612-CF-202377 Word
Valentin Ortiz, Jr. v. State 45S00-9910-CR-514 45G01-9808-CF-168 Word
Jessie B. Williams v. State of Indiana 71S00-9909-CR-461 71D01-9804-CF-155 Word
Jose Vasquez v. State of Indiana 49S02-0012-CR-740 49F15-9910-DF-172952 Word
Indiana State Employee Appeal Comm. v. Bishop and Harpold/Green, Stowe and Walters 49S02-0101-CV-71 49D03-9601-CP-48 Word
Galligan v. Galligan 10S01-0004-CV-261 10C01-9708-CT-324 Word
In The Matter of Gerald C. Sterns/In The Matter of George W. Murgatroyd, III 98S00-9303-DI-310 N/A Word
In The Matter of Frederick H. Shull 21S00-9906-DI-358 N/A Word
Michael S. Dill v. State 53S01-0008-CR-504 53C06-9712-CF-769 Word
Ulises Ledo v. State of Indiana 02S00-9904-CR-266 02D04-9703-CF-139 Word
In The Matter of Patrick R. Taylor 49S00-9708-DI-443 N/A Word
In The Matter of George J. Luddington 49S00-9912-DI-700 N/A Word
In the Matter of George C. Paras 45S00-0007-DI-445 N/A Word
Gerald Mickens v. State 49S00-0005-CR-325 49G03-9909-CF-166512 Word
Kerry Tremayne Murray v. State of Indiana 45S05-0102-CR-138 45G01-9906-CF-106 Word
Torlano Roby v. State 71S00-0004-CR-274 71D02-9702-CF-69 Word
Guilford Forney v. State 49S00-0001-CR-25 49G05-9904-CF-056827 Word
In the Matter of Aaron E. Haith 49S00-9711-DI-630 N/A Word
G & N Aircraft, Inc. & Paul Goldsmith v. Erich Boehm 45S05-0003-CV-221 45D01-9506-CT-722 Word
Leif O'Connell v. State of Indiana 71S00-9911-CR-665 71D01-9703-CF-122 Word
Michael Allen Lambert v. State of Indiana 18S00-9702-PD-96 18D01-9101-CF-002 Word
The Clear Creek Conservancy District v. Kirkbride 67S05-0004-CV-269 67C01-7107-MI-4 Word
Jeff Davis v. State of Indiana 42S00-0003-CR-187 42D01-9901-CF-002 Word
State Board of Tax Comm. v. Indpls. Racquet Club 49S10-0011-TA-631 49T10-9607-TA-88/49T10-9609-TA-119 Word
Steven Mitchell v. State of Indiana 49S00-0006-CR-363 49D04-9901-CF-8585 Word
Roger Leon Long v. State 28S00-9907-CR-388 28D01-9710-CF-501 Word
Michael Dearman v. State 49S00-9908-CR-422 49G04-9809-CF-145851 Word
John Redman v. State 28S00-9909-CR-466 28D01-9805-CF-244 Word
Jaron Q. Johnson v. State 71S03-0009-CR-529 71D01-9811-CM-9697 Word
Jerry E. Russell v. State 28S00-9912-CR-692 28D01-9810-CF-624 Word
Rebecca Bolin and Calvin Bolin v. Brandon A. Wingert 87S01-0203-CV-177 87C01-9802-CT-056 Word
GKN Co. v. Magness 49S02-0002-CV-116 49D01-9405-CT-434 Word Perfect
Kenneth Mayes v. State 49S00-0002-CR-92 49G03-9903-CF-035571 Word Perfect
Degussa Corporation v. Lenita Mullens 49S05-9812-CV-763 49D07-9403-CT-0301 Word
Jacqueline Latta v. State of Indiana 46S03-0004-PC-236 46C01-8905-CF-065 Word
In the Matter of Michael J. Galanis 45S00-9904-DI-233 N/A Word
In the Matter of Gary M. Spraker 98S00-0006-DI-379 N/A Word
In the Matter of Mark E. Wagner 50S00-9906-DI-362 N/A Word
James Games v. State 49S00-9908-CR-447 CR83-12A Word
Melvin Tunstill v. State 49S00-0005-CR-327 49G05-9709-CF-146841 Word
John B. Ellis v. State of Indiana 10S05-0010-PC-593 10C01-8901-CF-022 Word
Steven Allen Carroll v. State of Indiana 02S00-0004-CR-259 02D04-9808-CF-462 Word
Steven Allen Carroll v. State 02S00-0004-CR-259 02D04-9808-CF-462 Word
Elmer Buchta Trucking, Inc. v. Christina Stanley 14S01-0002-CV-114 14C01-9612-CT-363 Word
Noble County, et al v. Crystal Rogers 57S03-0003-CV-218 57C01-9611-CP-140 Word
Damon Smith v. State of Indiana 49S02-0103-CR-170 49G05-9903-CF-036941 Word
Ryan Pratt v. State of Indiana 49S00-0004-CR-265 49G03-9907-CF-120073 Word
City Chapel Evangelical Free Inc. v. City of South Bend 71S00-0008-CV-501 71C01-0002-CP-194 Word
In the Matter of Allen Robert Thayer 49S00-9806-DI-376 N/A Word
Barry Durham and Bill Wade v. U-Haul International, etal 49S02-0005-CV-294 49D10-9704-CT-0504 Word
Kathleen Lynn Bemenderfer, M.D. v. Lois Emogene Williams 49S02-0005-CV-296 49D06-9410-CT-1776 Word
Craig Ferrell v. State of Indiana 49S00-0003-CR-142 49G04-9901-CF-009945 Word
James David Terrell v. State of Indiana 82S04-0104-CR-200 82D02-9705-CF-383 Word
Louis David Query v. State of Indiana 49S02-0008-CR-502 49G02-9811-CF-176141 Word
Steven L. Kilpatrick v. State of Indiana 49S00-0003-CR-185 49G04-9901-CF-009940 Word
Derek Wilson v. State 55S01-0104-CR-208 55D01-9901-CM-013 Word
Paul Mitchell v. State 49S00-9906-CR-343 49G20-9601-CF-7512 Word
Dwayne Brown v. State 49S00-0002-CR-93 49G02-9808-CF-136998 Word
Yvonne Rogers v. R.J. Reynolds 49S02-0102-CV-95 49D02-9302-CT-08 Word
Jennipher Forte v. Connerwood Healthcare, Inc. et al 48S02-9904-CV-270 48D03-9609-CT-641 Word
Terry Pennycuff v. State of Indiana 49S02-0104-CR-213 49G01-9606-CF-088754 Word
Brasher v. State of Indiana 49S00-9909-CR-460 49G04-9805-CF-74012 Word
Chambliss v. State of Indiana 49S00-9908-CR-438 49G03-9806-CF-90545 Word
Steve L. Young v. State of Indiana 49S00-0001-CR-32 49G06-9709-CF-130751 Word
Ingle v. State 22S00-9611-DP-724 22D01-9607-CF-183 Word
Rheem Manufacturing Company v. Phelps Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. 49S02-0003-CV-219 49D13-9607-CT-1202 Word
Jewell K. Krise v. State of Indiana 16S05-0002-CR-118 16C01-9705-CF-055 Word
Albert A. Lemos v. State of Indiana 49S00-0001-CR-5 49G05-9805-CF-080618 Word
In The Matter of Kathleen Ransom 49S00-0006-DI-388 N/A Word
Kevin Walker v. State of Indiana 46S03-0101-CR-39 46C01-9707-CF-60 Word
Steven Armstrong v. State 45S03-0010-PC-564 45G02-9403-CF-60 Word
Geoffrey C. Lockett v. State 02S03-0004-CR-232 02D04-9810-CF-551 Word
Allstate Insurance Co. v. Watson 24S01-0009-CV-535 24C01-9512-CT-252 Word
Santiago Perez v. State of Indiana 12S00-9910-CR-633 12C01-9805-CF-181 Word
Lindell Winn v. State of Indiana 49S00-0004-CR-255 49G05-9809-CF-154769 Word
Maurice Fosha v. State of Indiana 49S00-9911-CR-668 49G02-9212-CF-178471 Word
Jesse Murphy v. State of Indiana 49S00-0006-CR-370 49G20-9908-CF-147681 Word
Norman Johnson v. State 11S00-9904-CR-244 11C01-9806-CF-44 Word
John Hawkins v. State 49S00-0005-CR-298 49G01-9708-CF-127418 Word
Stanrail Corp. v. Unemployment Insurance Review Board 93A02-9911-EX-765 99247099R615 Word
Julie Marley v. State of Indiana 49S02-0009-CR-521 49G02-9706-CF-085105 Word
Sherwood v. State 48S00-9906-CR-363 48D03-9408-CF-195 Word
Teresa Fratus et al v. Marion Community Schools 27S02-0005-CV-295 27C01-9802-CP-59 Word
Progressive Ins. Co. v. General Motors 56S03-0106-CV-266 56D01-9712-CP-29/49D01-9805-CP-744/49D11-9808-CT-1130 Word
Rene Majors v. State 49S00-0004-CR-254 49G05-9805-CF-083454 Word
Fleetwood Enterprises, Inc. v. Progressive Northern Ins. Co. 45S03-0106-CV-265 45D01-9611-CP-1133 Word
DeQuan Fry v. State of Indiana 49S00-0008-CR-471 49G04-9911-CF-199872 Word
City of New Haven v. Penny (Bradtmueller) Reichhart, et al 90S02-0101-CV-35 90C01-9202-CP-25 Word
Grandon Reed v. State of Indiana 71S00-9911-CR-654 71D03-9804-CF-156 Word
In the Matter of James V. Tsoutsouris 64S00-9905-DI-311 N/A Word
Mario McCann v. State of Indiana 49S05-0104-CR-209 49G03-9708-CF-127103 Word
Keith Gerard Wheeler v. State of Indiana 45S00-0006-CR-377 45G02-9807-CF-150 Word
Barry S. Poynter v. State of Indiana 57S03-0010-CR-595 57E01-9901-CM-007 Word
Landis v. State of Indiana 64S05-0010-PC-570 64D04-9508-CM-1300 Word
Guadalupe A. Sanchez v. State of Indiana 92S03-0009-CR-518 92C01-9807-CF-124 Word
Jose Daniel Segura v. State of Indiana 10S01-0009-PC-515 10D02-9203-CF-030 Word
William K. Zimmerman v. State 77S01-0008-CV-478 77C01-9907-CP-213 Word
Danny L. Saintignon v. State 18S02-0106-CR-308 18D02-9903-CF-24 Word
Lloyd Flint v. State 58S01-0106-CR-302 58D01-9907-CF-65 Word
Ronald Williams v. State 49S00-9903-CR-204 49G03-9807-CF-123641 Word
Timothy McCarthy, Jr. v. State 37S04-0006-CR-359 37D01-9711-CF-389 Word
John William Davenport v. State of Indiana 71S00-9912-CR-800 71D03-9805-CF-179 Word
Swigeart v. State of Indiana 48S00-9909-CR-480 48D03-9806-CF-243 Word
Floyd E. Carr v. State 45S00-0012-CR-792 45G02-9909-CF-150 Word
Greer v. State of Indiana 41S00-0003-CR-228 41D01-9805-CF-65 Word
Hubbard v. State of Indiana 46S00-0005-CR-324 46D01-9701-CF-2 Word
Carlos Williams v. State of Indiana 45S00-0002-CR-130 45G04-9905-CF-79 Word
Jeffrey Whitney v. State of Indiana 49S00-9910-CR-609 49G01-9707-CF-115298 Word
Howard Allen v. State of Indiana 49S00-9804-PD-249 CR87-194C Word
Matthew Eric Wrinkles v. State of Indiana 82S00-9803-PD-170 82C01-9407-CF-447 Word
Gary Vitek v. State of Indiana 02S00-0002-CR-109 02D04-9901-CF-32 Word
Holsinger v. State of Indiana 49S00-9812-CR-750 49G03-9701-CF-012975 Word
Mark Coleman v. State of Indiana 49S00-0002-CR-59 49G02-9702-CF-025496 Word
Jack R. Wadsworth v. State of Indiana 42S00-9909-CR-490 42D01-9901-CF-001 Word
Darnell Carter v. State of Indiana 79S02-0107-CR-327 79E01-9807-DF-248 Word
Louis J. Baker v. State of Indiana 66S04-0005-CR-345 66C01-9808-CF-024 Word
State Board of Tax Commissioners v. Town of St. John 49S10-0009-TA-541 49T10-9309-TA-70 Word
Douglas Brown v. State of Indiana 49S00-0004-CR-256 49G01-9812-CF-205847 Word
Gallant v. Isaac 49S02-0011-CV-718 49D10-9708-CT-1141 Word
William Woodford v. State of Indiana 20S00-0007-CR-395 20C01-9912-CF-140 Word
Ricky Lee Jackson v. State of Indiana 83S00-0010-CR-567 83C01-9803-CF-20 Word
Livingston v. Fast Cash(Payday Loans) 94S00-0010-CQ-609 & 94S00-0010-CQ-610 N/A Word
Anthony Wallace v. State of Indiana 46S03-0107-CR-331 46C01-9803-CF-23 Word
Cotton v. State 49S00-0005-CR-326 49G03-9811-CF-177029 Word
Norman Timberlake v. State of Indiana 49S00-9804-PD-252 49G02-9302-CF-14191 Word
Hollowell v. State 49S00-9912-CR-688 49G20-9811-CF-177824 Word
Tapia v. State of Indiana 45S03-0011-PC-708 45G04-8802-CF-47 Word
Dow Chemical Co. v. Ebling 22S05-0008-CV-481 22D01-9601-CT-30 Word
State of Indiana v. Richard E. Fulkrod 48S02-0108-CR-375 48C01-9202-CF-032 Word
Abdulla Alkhalidi 71S00-0005-CR-288 71D03-9905-CF-286 Word
Steven Edwards v. State of Indiana 49S00-0008-CR-476 49G04-9902-CF-21008 Word
Gregory Dickens v. State 71S00-9911-CR-646 71D01-9708-CF-375 Word
John D. Farris v. State of Indiana 02S00-0006-CR-386 02D04-9903-CF-141 Word
Obadyah Ben-Yisrayl, f/k/s Christopher Peterson v. State of Indiana 64S00-9808-PD-429 64D02-9102-CF-22 Word
Dayton Miller v. State 49S02-0008-CR-505 49G01-9805-CF-68593 Word
Alfred L. Stewart v. State of Indiana 49S00-0010-CR-587 49G04-9812-CF-191462 Word
Ashabraner v. Bowers 49S02-0010-CV-603 49D07-9802-CT-207 Word
In the Matter of Jorge L. Rodriquez 49S00-9805-DI-281 N/A Word
Orville Carter v. State of Indiana 49S00-0001-CR-41 49G03-9907-CF-099435 Word
Jason Hubbell v. State of Indiana 03S00-9912-CR-714 03C01-9908-CF-1191 Word
Kim Buckalew v. Tim Buckalew 34S05-0107-CV-332 34C01-9811-DR-830 Word
In The Matter of Donald K. McClellan 18S00-0008-DI-498 N/A Word
In the Matter of Donald K. McClellan 18S00-0008-DI-498 N/A Word
James R. Griffin v. State 49S02-0101-CR-43 49G05-9703-CF-44527 Word
Owens Corning v. Cobb 49S04-0001-CV-33 49D02-9501-MI-147 Word
Charles Smith v. State of Indiana 33S00-9911-CR-644 33D01-9811-CF-33 Word
Marvin D. Castor v. State of Indiana 89S00-9803-CR-182 S2861933CR Word
James Leshore v. State of Indiana 02S03-0101-CR-69 02D04-9903-CF-133 Word
Alfrazier Dewitt v. State of Indiana 45S04-0104-PC-221 3CR-103-678-460 Word
Rickey Osborne v. State of Indiana 34S00-0009-CR-531 34D01-9812-CF-313 Word
Jerome Owens v. State of Indiana 49S00-0009-CR-546 49G01-9906-CF-109366 Word
Michael West v. State of Indiana 49S00-0001-CR-38 49G01-9809-CF-143703 Word
Commissioner, IDEM v. RLG, Inc. 27S02-0102-CV-101 27C01-9602-CP-66 Word
Jwan A. Crawford v. State of Indiana 10S00-0007-CR-456 10D01-9912-CF-078 Word
Larry H. Clay v. State of Indiana 49S00-0010-CR-615 49G06-9906-CF-111861 Word
State, IN Dept. of Revenue v. Timothy & Marie Deaton 73S01-0104-CV-207 73D02-9901-SC-195 Word
In the Matter of James Funke, Jr., Judge of the Jennings Superior Court 40S00-0102-JD-136 N/A Word
In The Matter of Charles F. Hear 29S00-9911-DI-662 N/A Word
Richard Oliver v. State of Indiana 71S00-9912-CR-699 71D03-9809-CF-399 Word
Michael Lacey v. State of Indiana 49S00-0002-CR-111 49G05-9705-CF-070177 Word
Marshall Randolph v. State of Indiana 45S00-0008-CR-465 45G01-9808-CF-156039 Word
In the Matter of Dean E. Richards 49S00-9606-DI-444 N/A Word
Dr. William M. Felsher v. University of Evansville 82S04-0008-CV-477 82C01-9902-CP-63 Word
Bruce A. Jiosa v. State of Indiana 35S00-9910-CR-619 35C01-9808-CF-00042 Word
Dillard v. State 20S00-0005-CR-301 20C01-9902-CF-00008 Word
Fredrick v. State 20S00-0005-CR-336 20C01-9902-CF-00009 Word
Morgan v. State 34S00-0006-CR-350 34C01-9901-CF-14 Word
Thomas Ivan Green v. State of Indiana 02S00-0011-CR-707 02D04-9909-CF-482 Word
Joseph C. Monegan v. State of Indiana 89S00-0010-CR-600 89D02-0506-CF-39 Word
In The Matter of Ronald J. Moore 89S00-0105-DI-230 N/A Word
Lloyd Johnson v. State of Indiana 47S04-0110-PC-478 47D01-9708-DF-553 Word
Matthew Mangold v. IDNR & Switzerland CSC 78S01-0110-CV-479 78C01-9801-CT-002 Word
In The Matter of John Capper 54S00-9810-DI-545 N/A Word
Harold Warren v. State 49S00-0008-CR-467 49G01-9901-CF-6121 Word
Darryl G. Forrest v. State 49S00-0012-CR-748 49G02-9909-CF-153586 Word
Paul Brightman v. State of Indiana 49S00-0010-CR-584 49G05-9801-CF-13515 Word
Equicor Development, Inc. v. Westfield-Washington Township Plan Commission 29S02-0105-CV-239 29D02-9806-MI-349 Word
Jay & Jenny Moberly v. William Day d/b/a Day Farms 07S01-0010-CV-605 07C01-9711-CP-344 Word
Gray v. State 49S00-0003-CR-212 49G01-9810-CF-157515 Word
Clifford Brown v. Rhonda Branch 07S04-0011-CV-716 07C01-9704-CP-130 Word
Cannon v. Cannon 49S05-0101-CV-38 49D01-9408-DR-827 Word
Norman L. West v. State of Indiana 82S00-0008-CR-474 82D02-9911-CF-911 Word
Luna v. State 02S00-0012-CR-769 02D04-9901-CF-8 Word
Vasquez v. State 02S00-0011-CR-711 02D04-9901-CF-9 Word
In the Matter of Robert M. Baker, III 49S00-0008-DI-459 N/A Word
Stephen M. Deane v. State 24S00-0009-CR-557 24C01-9907-CF-301 Word
Stacy M. Francis v. State 49S00-9909-CR-473 49G01-9804-CF-56562 Word
Charles J. Desjardins v. State of Indiana 31S01-0111-CR-560 31D01-9801-CF-13 Word
In the Matter of Alan Roy Miller 22S00-0107-DI-319 N/A Word
Damon Forte v. State of Indiana 49S00-0012-CR-784 49G04-9812-CF-91461 Word
Scalissi v. State 20S00-0003-CR-200 20C01-9906-CF-52 Word
Michael S. Edwards v. State of Indiana 09S02-0112-CR-649 09C01-0001-CF-6 Word
Boatright v. State 49S00-0007-CR-423 49G04-9809-CF-156370 Word
Michael W. Gates v. State 49S00-0011-CR-633 49G04-9812-CF-189570 Word
Allstate Insurance Company v. Dana Corporation 49S02-0105-CV-231 49D01-9301-CP-26 Word
Anthony Hopkins v. State 49S00-0011-CR-617 49G02-9903-CF-43913 Word
Sandra Hendrix v. State 57S00-0008-CR-509 57C01-9808-CF-58 Word
David T. Sholes v. Christine (Sholes) Patterson 27S02-0112-CV-655 27C01-9802-DR-84 Word
In the Matter of Fredrick R. Spencer 48S00-0102-JD-137 N/A Word
Sheila Ray-Hayes v. Ryan S. Heinamann 89S05-0201-CV-306 89D02-9807-CT-018 Word
Orlando Martin v. State of Indiana 45S05-0106-PC-282 45G04-9010-CF-184 Word
Robert Kiefer v. State of Indiana 44S03-0201-CR-11 44C01-9909-CF-37 Word
Andrew W. Carie v. State 53A01-0009-CR-304 53C04-9912-CF-840 Word
Neher v. Hobbs 92S04-0109-CV-401 92C01-9710-CP-325 Word
Andrew L. Warren v. State 49S00-0011-CR-634 49G03-9907-CF-120834 Word
Karl P. Driver v. State of Indiana 71S00-0102-CR-140 71D03-0003-CF-132 Word
Brian K. McCary v. State 49S02-0105-PC-240 49G04-9309-CF-121825 Word
Raylon D. Young v. State 49S00-0012-CR-806 49G01-9511-CF-173081 Word
Hollen v. State of Indiana 13S01-0102-CR-107 13C01-9809-DF-51 Word
Raymond Love v. State of Indiana 49S00-0008-CR-491 49G03-9905-CF-93435 Word
Demario Banks v. State 82S00-9912-CR-170 82C01-9901-CF-19 Word
Mark P. Murray v. State 02S00-0007-CR-449 02D04-9905-CF-258 Word
In Re Judge Pro Tem in Tippecanoe Superior 2 79S00-0201-MS-76 N/A Word
State v. Willie Virginia Hammond 41S04-0104-PC-196 41D03-9703-DF-41 Word
Stephanie Dunlap v. State 49S00-0002-CR-104 49G05-9801-CF-012097 Word
G. Clark Harrison v. Carl E. and Lois L. Thomas 89S05-0108-CV-379 89D01-9905-CP-049 Word
J.L. Spivey, Jr. v. State 41S00-0002-CR-76 41D01-9707-CF-98 Word
Ronald Pierce v. State of Indiana 49S00-0010-CR-575 49G06-9907-CF-124582 Word
Ronald Pierce v. State of Indiana 49S00-0011-CR-710 49G04-9907-CF-126805 Word
Bellamy v. State 45S05-0201-PC-91 45G02-9504-CF-101 Word
In the Matter of Kenneth W. Davidson 45S00-0009-DI-558 N/A Word
Anthony G. Hernandez v. State of Indiana 68S00-0009-CR-563 68C01-9212-CF-39 Word
Koenig v. State 49S04-0201-CR-92 49G02-9701-CF-87 Word
Mark A. Warsco v. Dorothy J. Hambright 02S04-0104-CV-212 P-84-572 Word
Control Techniques, Inc. v. John W. and Linda Johnson 45S03-0202-CV-97 45D04-9203-CT-229 Word
Swaynie v. State 79S02-0104-CR-194 79D01-9811-CF-126 Word
Dept. of Revenue v. Adams 49S10-0011-TA-628 N/A Word
Adams v. State 49S04-0011-CR-627 49G20-9804-CF-56875 Word
Steven Beam v. Wausau Insurance Co. 20S03-0202-CV-111 20D01-9702-CT-81 Word
Leon Benson v. State of Indiana 49S00-9910-CR-631 49G02-9808-CF-134837 Word
Lander v. State of Indiana 49S00-0005-CR-297 49G05-9902-CF-30548 Word
Terrell Williams v. State of Indiana 49S05-0108-CR-378 49G02-9812-CF-177765 Word
Daniel K. Lashbrook v. State of Indiana 79S00-0003-CR-222 79D02-9809-CF-98 Word
Tincher v. Davidson 49S05-0011-CV-719 49D01-9502-CT-0190 Word
Tincher v. Davidson 49S05-0011-CV-719 49D01-9502-CT-190 Word
Johnie E. Davidson v. State of Indiana 22S01-0101-PC-42 22D01-8901-CF-1 Word
State Farm Fire & Casualty Co. v. T.B. 53S01-0102-CV-99 53C06-9705-CT-676 Word
Oxley v. Matillo 32S05-0202-CV-124 32C01-0004-CT-115 Word
James R. Griffin v. State of Indiana 49S02-0101-CR-43 49G05-9703-CF-44527 Word
James & John Vadas v. Rita Vadas 45S04-0103-CV-145 45C01-9705-DR-1340 Word
Shambaugh & Son, Inc. v. Carlisle 02S03-0010-CV-602 02C01-9610-CT-102 Word
Rosa J. Linke, et al, v. Northwestern School Corp. 34S05-0103-CV-151 34C01-9902-CP-131 Word
State v. Jarrod E. Gerschoffer 71S05-0102-CR-106 71D08-9906-DF-686 Word
James E. Bradley, et al v. City of New Castle 33S01-0104-CV-195 33C01-9302-CP-19 Word
City of Fort Wayne v. Certain Southwest Annexation Area Landowners 02S05-0109-CV-412 02D01-9702-CP-234 Word
The Indiana Fireworks Distributors Assn. v. M. Tracy Boatwright 49S02-0106-CV-316 49C01-9712-CP-2847 Word
Michael D. Bailey v. State 47S00-0103-CR-167 47D02-9807-CF-521 Word
David E. Corbett v. State 45S00-0011-CR-639 02D04-9904-CF-215 Word
In The Matter of Larry O. Wilder 10S00-0008-DI-495 N/A Word
In The Matter of Robert G. Williams 55S00-9805-DI-283 N/A Word
S.T. v. State 20S03-0010-JV-606 20C01-9809-JD-476 Word
Benny Saylor v. State 48S00-9712-PD-647 48D03-9206-CF-185 Word
Fight v. State 19S01-0203-CR-191 19C01-0004-CF-0128 Word
Hancock v. State 47S01-0203-CR-190 47C01-9908-CF-398 Word
Apollo Plaza v. Antietem Corp. 02S03-0203-CV-192 02D01-9602-CT-67 Word
Jimmy Robertson v. State of Indiana 49S02-0103-CR-157 49F10-9910-CM-188439 Word
Thomas G. Allen v. Great American Reserve Insurance Co. 29S05-0204-CV-222 29C01-9709-CP-751 Word
Omond J. Smith v. State of Indiana 48S00-0009-CR-550 48C01-9705-CF-75 Word
Anthony Sanders v. State 49S02-0204-PC-223 49G02-8910-CF-123146 Word
Farley Neighborhood Assn. v. Town of Speedway 49S04-0109-CV-424 49D03-0005-MI-660 Word
Nina Merritt, et al v. Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corp. 82S01-0102-CV-98 82D03-9712-CT-04354 Word
Indiana High School Athletic Association, Inc. v. Jessah Martin 02S03-0106-CV-312 02D01-9911-CP-1980 Word
Kerrie Price v. State 49S00-0006-CR-385 49G02-9702-CF-028645 Word
Indiana High School Athletic Association, Inc. v. Jessah Martin 02S05-0106-CV-311 02D01-9911-CP-1980 Word
In re Courthouse Security in Tippecanoe Co. 79S00-0109-MF-405 79C01-0012-MI-43 Word
State Bd of Tax Comm. v. New Castle Lodge #147, et al 49S10-0011-TA-720 49T10-9701-TA-113 Word
State Bd of Tax Comm. v. Juan & Maria Garcia 71S10-0108-TA-366 71T10-9809-TA-104 Word
Jason Wentz v. State of Indiana 82S00-9804-CR-238 82C01-9607-CF-718 Word
Malcolm Wilson v. State 49S00-0008-CR-468 49G04-9903-CF-035473 Word
Vanessa K. Thompson v. State 49S00-0012-CR-786 49G04-9903-CF-035469 Word
Alexa Whedon v. State 49S00-0009-CR-540 49G04-9903-CF-035467 Word
In the Matter of Edward E. Brown 49S00-9808-DI-464 N/A Word
Anthony Brannon v. Chris Wilson 41A01-9906-CV-225 41D01-9609-CT-311 Word
Hector Ortiz v. State 71S00-0002-CR-73 71D01-9808-CF-356 Word
Shawn L. Bald v. State of Indiana 10S00-0101-CR-19 10D01-0001-CF-007 Word
Peter Carter v. State 49S00-0008-CR-507 49G05-9904-CF-056997 Word
St. Vincent Hospital v. Robert J. Steele 34S02-0107-CV-329 34C01-9812-CP-951 Word
Lake County and State of Indiana v. Herbert Smith, Jr. & Charles Zacek 45S00-0102-CV-105 45D03-9911-CP-2969 Word
State of Indiana v. Charles E. Barker 49S00-0110-DP-461 49G05-9308-CF-095544 Word
Elliott D. Tyson v. State 49S00-0006-CR-381 49G20-9905-CF-081336 Word
Lanny Abney v. State of Indiana 49S02-0204-CR-255 49G03-9909-CF-164322 Word
Debbie Trice vs. State of Indiana 49S05-0106-CR-313 49G04-9807-CF-125015 Word
James and Pamela Corr v. American Family Insurance 71S03-0107-CV-336 71D06-9808-CT-968 Word
James T. Corr v. Glenn Shultz & Glenn Shultz Agency 71S03-0107-CV-333 71D09-9906-CT-171 Word
Mark Pickens v. State of Indiana 69S00-0012-CR-815 69C01-9907-CF-16 Word
James W. Buchanan v. State of Indiana 18S04-0105-CR-238 18D01-9908-CF-69 Word
Policy Statement on Trial Court Case Management Systems 94S00-0205-MS-280 N/A Word
Ramona & Lee Stegemoller v. ACandS, Inc. 49S02-0111-CV-593 49D02-9501-MI-001-107 Word
James A. Martin v. ACandS, Inc. 49S02-0202-CV-117 49D02-9501-MI-0001-295 Word
Cathleen A. and Emmett O. Camplin v. ACandS, Inc. 49S02-0202-CV-128 49D02-9501-MI-0001-375 Word
In The Matter of James N. Scahill 49S00-0103-DI-172 N/A Word
State Ex. Rel. Kaufman v. Lake Circuit Court 45S00-0203-OR-186 45D10-0107-DR-136 Word
FSSA v. Wayne and Chantel Schluttenhofer 91S02-0111-CV-594 91C01-9801-CF-1 Word
Dale Roger Stewart v. State 45S00-0011-CR-639 45G02-9902-CF-25 Word
Christopher Nicholson v. State 48S00-0109-CR-434 48D03-9710-CF-405 Word
South Gibson School Board v. Sollman 26S01-0009-CV-530 26D01-9903-MI-0004 Word
In the Matter of Lucille Uttermohlen 91S00-0110-DI-444 N/A Word
Indiana Family and Social Services Administration v. Walgreen Co. 49S00-0112-CV-647 49D05-0109-CP-1480 Word
Nadine Goleski v. Walter Fritz, M.D., et al 75S05-0205-CV-296 75C01-9910-CT-037 Word
Brian Ringham v. State of Indiana 49S02-0112-CR-642 49G01-9907-CF-122609 Word
Sheila Ray-Hayes v. Ryan S. Heinamann, et al 89S05-0201-CV-306 89D02-9807-CT-018 Word
Anthony Warren v. State 49S00-0101-CR-66 49G04-9808-CF-128010 Word
Corey Henderson v. State 49S00-0010-CR-616 49G05-9904-CF-059686 Word
Tammy Robins v. William Harris, et al 84S01-0106-CV-315 84D01-9712-CT-2199 Word
Chad Dunson v. Terry and Teresa Dunson 34S02-0108-CV-370 34D02-9012-DR-325 Word
In the Matter of Paul J. Pacior 29S00-0103-DI-171 N/A Word
April M. Brown v. State 35S00-0010-CR-599 35C01-0002-CF-9 Word
Myron A. Powell v. State 49S00-0009-CR-562 49G03-9712-CF-183028 Word
Jeremy Gross v. State 49S00-0009-CR-528 49G04-9808-CF-141115 Word
In Re The Guardianship of B.H. and S.H., minor children 67S05-0101-JV-36 67C01-9812-GU-37 Word
John David Smith v. State of Indiana 29S02-0107-PC-337 29C01-9701-CF-3 Word
Garry L. Kirk v. Kathy Mae Kirk 45S03-0205-CV-287 45C01-0991-DR-199 Word
Rodney Young, et al v. General Acceptance Corporation, et al 53S04-0206-CV-345 53C02-9808-CP-1184 Word
Jack Becker and Catherine Becker v. Keith Kreilein, Cindy Kreilein, and Steven Krueger 19S01-0202-CV-133 19C01-9712-CP-275 Word
Wayne Anthony Mull v. State of Indiana 89S00-0012-CR-747 89C01-9407-CF-85 Word
Michael L. Davis v. State 34S00-0009-CR-527 34C01-0002-CF-34 Word
Richard Moore v. State 06S00-0006-PD-389 06D02-9904-CF-176 Word
Tracy Sue Crawford v. State of Indiana 48S00-0103-CR-166 48D03-0003-CF-00060 Word
Ronnie G. Miller v. State 49S00-9908-CR-445 49G05-9508-CF-110486 Word
State Ex Rel. Indiana State Bar Association v. M. Drew Miller 94S00-0001-MI-40 N/A Word
Christopher M. Stevens v. State 79S00-9804-PD-250 79D02-9402-CF-24 Word
Jay Green, Sr. and Mary Green v. Hendrickson Publishers, Inc. 79S02-0206-CV-352 79D02-9906-CP-144 Word
State of Indiana v. Brian Downey 79S05-0106-CR-314 79D01-9912-DF-55 Word
In the Matter of Robert R. Foos 49S00-0102-DI-73 N/A Word
Undray D. Wilson v. State 34S00-0006-CR-391 34D02-0003-CF-95 Word
Timothy McAbee v. State 38S00-0007-CR-442 38C01-9908-CF-17 Word
Jeremy Wayne Smith v. State 17S00-0009-CR-551 17C01-0003-CF-005/CF-006/DF-013 Word
Jason Ratliff v. State 49S02-0112-CR-656 49G20-9910-CF-180114 Word
Healthscript, Inc. v. State 49S05-0102-CR-00108 49G06-9904-CF-69249 Word
Healthscript, Inc. v. State of Indiana 49S05-0102-CR-108 49G06-9904-CF-69249 Word
Mapp v. State of Indiana 48S02-0108-CR-362 48C01-9903-CF-074 Word
Mapp v. State 48S02-0108-CR-362 48C01-9903-CF-074 Word
Rose Fobar (Vonderahe) v. Anthony M. Vonderahe 34S05-0204-CV-228 34D01-9904-DR-154 Word
Stephen A. Songer & Country Concrete v. Civitas Bank 23S01-0207-CV-360 23C01-9801-CP-011 Word
In the Matter of the Hon. Douglas B. Morton 25S00-0109-JD-435 N/A Word
Curtis Williams v. State 48S00-0010-CR-578 48C01-0003-CF-78 Word
Richard Lee Davis v. State of Indiana 34S02-0206-PC-305 7026 Word
Estate of Evan Sears v. Patricia Griffin 71S05-0207-CV-402 71C01-0008-CP-1200 Word
R.L. McCoy, Inc. v. Michael and Amy Jack 49S02-0112-CV-658 49D07-9906-CT-0904 Word
Dominique Guyton v. State 49S00-0002-CR-105 49G04-9804-CF-067208 Word
In the Matter of John P. Coale and Phillip B. Allen 98S00-9303-DI-309 N/A Word
In the Matter of William K. Hefron 98S00-0006-DI-390 N/A Word
In the Matter of Allan G. Loosemore, Jr. 82S00-0105-DI-250 N/A Word
Clarence White v. State 49S00-0101-CR-9 49G20-0003-CF-41138 Word
Turley v. Hyten 79S04-0208-CV-421 79D02-0004-CP-70 Word
Orville Lynn Majors v. State 11S00-0004-CR-239 11C01-9802-CF-9 Word
Joshua Warner v. State 71S00-0011-CR-622 71D04-9905-CF-314 Word
Michael Highbaugh v. State of Indiana 49S00-0008-CR-466 49G03-9712-CF-183229 Word
Hall Drive Ins, Inc. d/b/a Don Hall's Guesthouse v. City of Fort Wayne 02S04-0109-CV-423 02D04-9912-OE-1226(A) Word
Hall Drive Ins, Inc. d/b/a Triangle Park v. City of Fort Wayne 02S03-0109-CV-425 02D04-9912-OE-1134(A) Word
Howard Smallwood v. State 71S00-0112-CR-653 71D01-0003-CF-146 Word
Jason Eichelberger v. State 49S00-0010-CR-597 49G01-9908-CF-143245 Word
Amy Bostick v. State of Indiana 33S00-9911-CR-651 33D01-9807-CF-20 Word
Amy Bostick v. State 33S00-9911-CR-651 33D01-9807-CF-20 Word
Richard Vestal v. State of Indiana 11S04-0208-CR-433 11C01-9702-CF-11 Word
Richard Vestal v. State 11S04-0208-CR-433 11C01-9702-CF-11 Word
Mark Booher v. State 49S00-0007-CR-441 49G01-9901-CF-015648 Word
Marceilus Abel v. State of Indiana 49S00-0011-CR-709 49G06-0001-CF-6222 Word
State of Indiana, State Police v. Timothy X. Willits, et al 30S05-0010-CR-569 30D01-9709-CF-60 Word
Artie Thomas v. State of Indiana 18S00-0009-CR-536 18D01-9911-CF-0090 Word
Mercantile National Bank of Indiana v.First Builders of Indiana, Inc. 45S03-0102-CV-100 45D01-9504-CP-389 Word
Steven Palmer v. State of Indiana 35S02-0208-CR-447 35D01-9708-CM-00922 Word
Jami Martin v. State of Indiana 03S01-0108-PC-363 03C01-8802-CF-175 Word
Freidline v. Shelby Insurance Company 71S03-0107-CV-335 71D05-9908-CP-01027 Word
In The Matter of Paul J. Page 49S00-0110-DI-443 N/A Word
Joseph E. Corcoran v. State 02S00-9805-DP-293 02D04-9707-CF-465 Word
In the Matter of the Hon. Raymond L. Kern 47S00-0105-JD-226/47S00-0206-JD-333 N/A Word
Carolyn Bowers v. Robert Kushnick 45S04-0111-CV-591 45D02-9702-CP-175 Word
Truedale Williams v. State 49S00-0012-CR-741 49G03-9910-CF-173817 Word
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. v. Ruth Ann Wright 29S05-0202-CV-131 29D01-9607-CT-320 Word
Michael Bruno v. State 18S00-0009-CR-523 18D01-9911-CF-88 Word
In the Matter of Kenneth J. Allen 64S00-9907-DI-401 N/A Word
Paris K. Bush v. State of Indiana 79S00-0012-CR-743 79D01-9909-CF-98 Word
Michael Carrico v. State of Indiana 71S00-0101-CR-17 71G02-0005-CF-28 Word
Ben Robinson, Jr. v. State of Indiana 71S00-0102-CR-102 71G02-0005-CF-22 Word
Stansberry v. Howard 48S02-0206-CV-347 48C01-0008-MI-590 Word
N.D.F. v. State of Indiana 49S02-0103-JV-144 49D09-9907-JD-2958 Word
Stonger v. Stonger(Sorrell) 52S02-0202-CV-130 52D01-9205-DR-1112 Word
In the Matter of Anonymous 49S00-0103-DI-174 N/A Word
In the Matter of Roland W. Gariepy 02S00-9902-DI-145 N/A Word
Wrinkles v. State of Indiana 82S00-0207-SD-407 82C01-9407-CV-447 Word
In the Matter of Franklin A. Webster 02S00-0102-DI-94 N/A Word
Robert L. Groce v. State of Indiana 49S02-0203-CR-202 49C01-0006-MI-1312/49C01-0006-MI-1313 Word
In the Matter of Michael A. Wilkins 49S00-0005-DI-341 N/A Word
Salvatore Desantis v. State of Indiana 30S01-0210-CR-532 30D02-9911-DF-1263 Word
Joseph B. Garner v. State of Indiana 31S01-0202-CR-132 31D01-0002-CF-114 Word
In the Matter of Raymond F. Fairchild 49S00-0103-DI-161 N/A Word
D'Paffo v. State of Indiana 28S04-0108-CR-377 28D01-9807-CF-413 Word
Terry R. Kincaid v. State of Indiana 06S01-0204-PC-258 06D02-9607-CF-310 Word
Louallen v. State of Indiana 58S05-0211-CR-613 58D01-0008-CF-062 Word
Jaco v. State of Indiana 32S05-0211-CR-612 32D03-9907-CF-81 Word
In the Matter of Dan L. Clayton 49S00-0008-DI-493 N/A Word
In the Matter of Dean M. Beckner 08S00-0201-DI-55 N/A Word
Shelamiah D. Jordan v. Michael Deery 75S05-0106-CV-310 75C01-9009-CP-258 Word
James Troxell v. State of Indiana 69S00-0101-CR-2 69C01-9809-CF-43 Word
Catt v. Board of Commissioners of Knox County 42S01-0106-CV-288 42C01-9611-CT-231 Word
Roman Lamont French v. State of Indiana 03S00-9911-CR-661 03D01-9810-CF-1044 Word
Larry E. Lampkins v. State of Indiana 48S00-0010-CR-614 48D01-0002-CF-90 Word
Zolo Agona Azania v. State 02S00-0009-SD-538 02D04-8109-CF-401 Word
Roger Boesch v. State of Indiana 45S00-9909-CR-467 45G01-9807-CF-144 Word
Alan Bunch v. State of Indiana 79S02-0205-PC-293 79D01-9009-CF-116 Word
Arthur Schlichter v. State 49S02-0210-CR-508 49G05-9608-CF-129256 Word
Jones v. State of Indiana 42S00-0103-CR-154 42D01-9907-CF-34 Word
Marshall County Tax Awareness Committee, et al v. Jan Allen Quivey, et al 50S05-0212-CV-636 50C01-0207-PL-17 Word
In The Matter of Michael A. Wilkins 49S00-0005-DI-341 N/A Word
Ruben Hinojosa v. State of Indiana 45S05-0111-CR-590 45G02-9806-DF-10029 Word
The Municipal City of South Bend, Indiana v. John & Denise Kimsey, et al 71S03-0203-CV-183 71D03-9609-CP-909 Word
The Municipal City of South Bend, Indiana v. John & Denise Kimsey, et al 71S03-0203-CV-183 71D03-9609-CP-909 Word
Gregory Leonard Wright v. State 29S02-0301-CR-33 29D03-9906-DF-128 Word
Sims v. USF&G 49S02-0105-CV-229 49D12-9904-CT-489 Word
In the Matter of Michael A. Wilkins 49S00-0005-DI-341 N/A Word
Edward M. Hopkins v. State of Indiana 49S02-0302-CR-54 49G02-9903-CF-47240 Word
Indiana Dept. of Revenue v. Interstate Warehousing Inc. 49S10-0205-TA-266 49T10-9806-TA-71 Word
Bourbon Mini-Mart Inc., Robert E. Wanemacher v. Gast Fuel & Services, Jack Boardman, d/b/a Boardman Chevrolet 50S03-0106-CV-287 50C01-9106-CP-107 Word
Chad Leroy Goodwin v. State 82S01-0302-CR-73 82D02-0108-CF-575 Word
Michael Dean Overstreet v. State of Indiana 41S00-9804-DP-217 41D02-9711-CF-158 Word
Terry C. Brown v. State of Indiana 34S00-0112-CR-621 34D01-0007-CF-177 Word
In the Matter of Anonymous 45S00-0301-DI-13/45S00-0301-DI-14 N/A Word
Jerry Jones v. State 49S00-0106-CR-317 49G03-9803-CF-32696 Word
Dept. of Local Government Finance v. Michael Griffin 49S10-0209-TA-489 49T10-0009-TA-98 Word
Mitchell Ludy v. State 49S02-0303-CR-99 49G03-0102-CF-36177 Word
State Board of Tax Commissioners v. ISPAT Inland 49S10-0206-TA-349 49T10-0107-TA-74 Word
State v. Walter Dye 49S00-0002-PD-112 49G04-9608-CF-112831 Word
Tippecanoe County v. Indiana Manufacturer's Association 79S02-0202-CV-118 79D01-0104-CP-220 Word
Troy D. Cohoon v. Daphne D. Cohoon 49S04-0303-CV-101 49D12-9901-DR-10 Word
Apple Glen Crossing, LLC et al v. Trademark Retail, Inc. et al 02S05-0207-CV-397 02D01-0101-CP-158 Word
Paul Veal v. State of Indiana 49S00-0012-CR-785 49G05-9805-CF-785 Word
Wayne Kubsch v. State 71S00-9904-DP-239 71D02-9812-CF-592 Word
Phyllis Milledge v. The Oaks, A Living Center 93S02-0206-EX-346 C-134211 Word
Brian Majors v. Marsha Abell 94S00-0303-CQ-94 02-2204 Word
Peterson v. Borst & Boyd, et al 49S02-0302-CV-71 49D04-0210-MI-1844/49D02-0211-PL-1842 Word
State Bd. Tax Commissioners v. Inland Container Corp. 49S10-0202-TA-152 49T10-9609-TA-109 Word
AlliedSignal, Inc. v. Shirley Ott 02S04-0111-CV-599 02D01-9910-CP-2074 Word
Lois Black v. A.C.&S., Inc., et al. 45S04-0303-CV-124 45D01-9807-CT-521 Word
Willie L. Harris, Jr. v. A.C.&S., Inc. 45S03-0303-CV-125 45D01-9812-CT-992/45D01-9609-CT-896/84D03-9604-CT-652/84D03-9604-CT-653 Word
AlliedSignal, Inc. v. Lucille Herring 49S02-0303-CV-126 49D02-9501-MI-0001-058 Word
Carol Jurich v. Garlock, Inc. 45S03-0303-CV-127 45D01-9704-CT-345 Word
Estate of Eryk T. Heck v. Raymond E. Stoffer 02S03-0202-CV-125 02C01-9907-CT-88 Word
William Carpenter v. State of Indiana 49S04-0204-CR-257 49G04-0006-105736 Word
Eddie W. Henson v. State of Indiana 77S04-0210-CR-529 77C01-0101-DF-3 Word
Kenneth R. Chaffee, M.D. v. Heather L. Seslar 17S03-0204-CV-227 17C01-0006-CT-15 Word
Ronie Tucker v. State of Indiana 27S02-0206-PC-306 27D01-9206-CF-43 Word
In The Matter of Anonymous 20S00-0105-DI-279 N/A Word
In the Matter of Anonymous 49S00-0303-DI-97 N/A Word
Sharon Garland v. State of Indiana 75S00-0011-CR-713 75C01-9602-CF-011 Word
Tiverio Serrano Luna v. State of Indiana 79S02-0212-CR-638 79D02-0007-CF-71 Word
Tiverio Serrano Luna v. State of Indiana 79S02-0212-CR-639 79D02-0007-CF-71 Word
Fernando Griffith v. State of Indiana 41S00-0109-CR-438 41C01-0005-CF-114 Word
Inlow v.Ernst & Young 49S05-0302-CV-91 49D07-9908-CT-1193 Word
Manley v. State 46S03-0305-PC-212 46D01-0002-CF-30 Word
Charles G. Reeder v. A. Patricia Harper, M.D. 49S05-0101-CV-37 49D03-9611-CT-1578 Word
Cheatham v. Pohle 40S01-0209-CV-471 40D01-9803-CP-143 Word
John Wesley, Jr. v. State 27S04-0201-PC-10 27C01-9104-CF-12 Word
Ronnie Holden v. State 49S02-0202-CR-153 49G01-0006-CF-046689 Word
Alyssa Poznanski v. George Horvath 71S03-0111-CV-592 71D04-9811-CT-428 Word
David Michael Jones v. State 48S04-0212-PC-629 48H02-9704-CM-2404 Word
Steven Lae v. Shane and Emily Householder 02S05-0209-CV-490 02D01-0105-SC-10666 Word
Richard Annes v. State 49S04-0303-PC-100 49A04-0109-PC-410 Word
Scott Saxton v. State 49S02-0306-CR-250 49G02-9208-DF-111650 Word
Minor v. State 49S02-0306-PC-259 N/A Word
Jack P. Cittadine v. Ind. Dept. of Transportation 20S03-0306-CV-260 20D01-0008-CP-547 Word
Paul E. Miller v. State 02S03-0306-CR-276 02D04-0008-CF-416 Word
Matthew W. and Margaret A. Stroud v. Trevor A., Daniel M. and Vicki Lints 20S04-0306-CV-275 20C01-9806-CT-038 Word
John Doe v. Catherine O'Connor 49S00-0301-CV-1 49D03-0211-PL-001935 Word
Michael Georgos & Pangere Corporation v. Claude Jackson 45S03-0207-CV-401 45D04-9708-CT-651 Word
Monty R. Young v. Tri-Etch, Inc. 18S02-0211-CV-616 18C01-9908-CT-12 Word
Courtney Smith v. Cincinnati Insurance Company 41S01-0212-CV-628 41D01-9808-CT-00149 Word
Donna Bushong and Gary Bushong v. David Williamson 54S01-0205-CV-267 54D01-0003-CP-84 Word
Nicholas S. King v. Northeast Security, Inc. 49S02-0104-CV-193 49D13-9610-CP-1856 Word
NIPSCO v. Grace Sharp 64S03-0306-CV-284 64D02-9110-CT-2973 Word
Wernle, Ristine & Ayres v. Yund 93S02-0207-EX-399 C-144302 Word
Kevin C. Tankersley v. Parkview Hospital, Inc. 02S03-0207-CV-396 02D01-0002-CP-318 Word
Wontorski v. Williamsburg Mobile Homes 56S04-0303-CV-111 N/A Word
Allen v. State 49S00-0303-SD-122 CR87-194C Word
Brian Majors, et al. v. Marsha Abell, et al. 94S00-0303-CQ-94 02-2204 Word
In the Matter of Richie Douglas Hailey 49S00-0009-DI-560 N/A Word
In the Matter of James R. Keller & In the Matter of S. Jack Keller 98S00-0006-DI-369/49S00-0006-DI-368 N/A Word
In the Matter of Scott I. Richardson 49S00-0203-DI-174 N/A Word
In the Matter of Robert E. Stochel 45S00-0109-DI-402 N/A Word
State of Indiana v. John C. Dugan 49S02-0212-CR-671 49F09-0003-DF-052726 Word
In the Matter of the Estate of: Samuel J. Dellinger, Sr., Deceased v. 1st Source Bank 71S05-0305-CV-208 71J01-9906-EU-49 Word
David F. Malinski v. State of Indiana 64S00-0004-CR-287 64D01-9907-CF-395/64D02-9907-MI-1680 Word
In Re Temporary Disability of Governor O'Bannon 94S00-0309-MS-406 N/A Word
Dennis Murray, Sr. v. Conseco, Inc. 29S02-0309-CV-410 29D03-0012-CP-898 Word
Robert J. Bassett, Jr., v. State 03S00-0110-CR-548 03D01-0007-CF-835 Word
Peter Dvorak v. City of Bloomington 53S01-0209-CV-472 53C04-9604-OV-350 Word
Indiana Department of Environmental Management v. Twin Eagle LLC 49S00-0204-CV-237 49F12-0107-CP-2490 Word
John O. Smith v. Mark J. Baxter 87S05-0209-CV-468 87D02-9902-CT-031 Word
Katherine Humphreys, Secretary, Indiana Family & Social Services Administration v. Clinic for Women, Inc., Women's Pavillion, Inc., Ulrich G. Klopfer, D.O., and Martin Haskell, M.D. 49S00-0011-CV-714 49D12-9908-MI-1137 Word
Tamara Cook, v. Kenneth Whitsell-Sherman 48S04-0211-CV-607 48C01-0007-CT-516 Word
Mary Neal v. In the Matter of Termination of Parent-Child Relationship 17S03-0209-JV-470 17C01-0010-JT-003 Word
Beverly Brazauskas v. Fort Wayne-South Bend Diocese, Inc. 71S03-0205-CV-268 71A03-0102-CV-55 Word
In the Matter of Travis Raymond Fox 49S00-0304-CO-168 N/A Word
Christopher McCorker v. State of Indiana 45S05-0305-CR-224 45G04-0102-CF-00026/45G04-0102-CF-00028/45G04-0101-CF-00036 Word
Mark Thomas v. State of Indiana 49S04-0305-PC-175 49G03-9605-CF-72101 Word
Jeff A. Leone v. State of Indiana 28S00-0206-CR-327 28C01-0012-CF-101 Word
Veronica Embry v. Frank O'Bannon, et al. 49S02-0310-CV-479 49C01-0001-CP-120 Word
Monterey P. Morgen v. Ford Motor Company 71S03-0211-CV-593 71D07-9405-CT-00130 Word
Greg Allen Construction Company, Inc. v. Daniel L. and Sondra E. Estelle 54S01-0207-CV-400 54C01-9705-CP-153 Word
Steven S. Springer, Jr. v. State of Indiana 31S01-0302-CR-89 31D01-9911-CF-955 Word
In Re: Frederick R. Spencer 48S00-0210-JD-514 N/A Word
F.B.I. Farms, Inc., et al. v. Birchell More 76S03-0209-CV-491 76C01-0110-CP-836 Word
In the Matter of Alexandra J. Caputi 49S00-0301-DI-20 N/A Word
Stephen T. Serino v. State of Indiana 32S01-0305-CR-210 32A01-0201-CR-35 Word
Pat & Kim Coslett, et al. v. Weddle Brothers Construction Company, et al. 82S05-0305-CV-185 82C01-0106-CT-352 Word
Gregory Finger v. State of Indiana 49S02-0311-CR-587 49G01-0009-CF-165692 Word
Ronnie Holden v. State of Indiana 49S02-0202-CR-153 49G01-0006-CF-46689 Word
Paragon Family Restaurant v. Mario Bartolini, Jr. 45S03-0211-CV-608 45D01-9805-CT-396 Word
In Re: The Adoption of the Infant Child Baxter, Joseph & Jana Robbins v. Stephanie Baxter & Decoby Askew 29S02-0303-CV-117 29D01-0008-AD-1058 Word
Levohn Brown v. State of Indiana 35S00-0107-CR-324 35C01-0002-CF-8 Word
D & M Healthcare, Inc., et al. v. Joseph E. Kernan, in his official capacity as Governor of the State of Indiana, et al. 49S05-0310-CV-437 49D06-0205-PL-000846 Word
Alex Witmer v. State of Indiana 20S03-0312-CR-614 20A03-0208-CR-281 Word
City of Gary, by its Mayor, Scott L. King v. Smith & Wesson, et al. 45S03-0301-CV-36 45D05-0005-CT-243 Word
State of Indiana v. Stephen Bishop, et al. 32S01-0302-CV-72 32D01-9612-CP-273 Word
State of Indiana v. Alan Lee Berryman 10S01-0401-CR-15 10D01-0111-CF-124 Word
Board of School Commissioners of the City of Indianapolis v. Michael Walpole 49S00-0303-CV-112 49D07-0301-PL-123 Word
Harry Baugh v. State of Indiana 29S02-0301-CR-22 29D04-0102-DF-858 Word
Robert Henke v. State of Indiana 29S05-0401-CR-27 29D04-0012-CM-7823 Word
Antwain James Hines v. State of Indiana 02S04-0401-CR-30 02D04-0202-FB-29 Word
February 2004 Sitting of the Indiana Supreme Court N/A N/A Word
State of Indiana v. Robert Bulington 79S04-0310-CR-436 79D01-0201-FB-2 Word
Chad E. Vicory v. State of Indiana 49S05-0304-CR-153 49G02-9812-CF-197275 Word
Indiana Department of Natural Resources and Larry D. Macklin v. Newton County, Indiana 37S00-0206-CV-330 37D01-0004-OV-33 Word
Time Warner Entertainment Company, L.P., v. Kelly J. Whiteman and Jean Wilson 49S02-0402-CV-47 49D11-9803-CP-420/49D06-9803-CP-423 Word
MPACT Construction Group, LLC v. Superior Concrete Constructors, Inc. 26S01-0307-CV-349 26C01-0111-CP-142 Word
Lake County Auditor v. Lonnie Burks 45S03-0306-CV-282 45D05-0004-CP-258 Word
Barry Daugherty v. Industrial Contracting & Erecting 93S02-0209-EX-501 C-147608 Word
William S. Bennett v. State of Indiana 31S01-0402-CR-52 31D01-9511-CF-811 Word
In the Matter of Michael E. Allen & In the Matter of Patrick W. Young 49S00-0111-DI-613/45S00-0209-DI-502 N/A Word
Erick David Gameas-Castellanos v. Catherine Marie Gamas 10S01-0401-CV-11 10C01-0205-DR-120 Word
Rodney J. McCormick v. State of Indiana 46S03-0402-CR-91 46C01-9907-CF-84 Word
Ronald E. Dumas v. State of Indiana 45S00-0203-CR-187 45G01-9809-CF-187 Word
ISP.com LLC and ISP.net LLC v. David J. Theising, Receiver of IQuest Internet, Inc. 29S02-0308-CV-366 29D01-0202-PL-0104 Word
David J. Theising, Receiver of IQuest Internet, Inc. v. ISP.com, LLC, ISP.net LLC and IQuest Internet, LLC 49S05-0311-CV-577 49D11-0101-CP-0075 Word
Worman Enterprises, Inc. v. The Boone County Solid Waste Management District 06S01-0306-CV-254 06D01-0011-CP-390 Word
Jesse E. Robinson v. State of Indiana 45S03-0307-PC-314 45G02-8500-CR-76 Word
Alphonso Washington v. State of Indiana 45S03-0403-PC-114 45G04-9708-CF-181 Word
Alphonso Washington v. State of Indiana 45S03-0403-PC-114 45G04-9708-CF-181 Word
Floyd F. Laycock v. State of Indiana, Teodoro V. Garcia v. State of Indiana and James F. Glass, Sr. v. State of Indiana 11S04-0403-PC-117/45S03-0403-PC-116/49S02-0403-PC-115 11C01-9202-CF-11/45D02-9107-CF-147/CR87-122F Word
Samuel I. Crow v. State of Indiana 87S01-0403-CR-119 87D01-0105-CF-54 Word
Clifton J. Jackson v. State of Indiana 45S03-0403-CR-122 45G03-9802-CF-32 Word
Wayne A. Peters and Helen Peters v. Donald Forster 42S01-0301-CV-24 42D02-0005-CT-117 Word
Julee Schlosser et al. v. Rock Industries/State of Indiana 50S03-0403-CV-118 50C01-9908-CT-26 Word
Rita D. Thompson v. State of Indiana 49S04-0305-CR-209 49F09-0102-DF-036615 Word
Matter of Michael C. Kendall 49S00-0009-DI-561 N/A Word
Patricia Gribben v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. 94S00-0403-CQ-130 N/A Word
Louis Simon, et al. v. United States 94S00-0308-CQ-377 02-2945/02-3997 Word
Amy M. Rhodes, et al. v. Mark D. Wright, et al. 88S05-0310-CV-483 88C01-0111-CT-307 Word
Ali Abdul Hakim a/k/a Jesse James Williams v. State of Indiana 48S02-0404-PC-164 48C01-9301-CF-7 Word
Brian C. Eddington v. State of Indiana 50S03-0310-PC-462 50D01-9602-CF-20 Word
Richard & Kaye Kennedy v. Guess, Inc., et al. 29S02-0211-CV-594 29C01-9810-CT-829 Word
Michael E. Highhouse, M.D. v. Midwest Orthopedic Institute, P.C. 89S01-0308-CV-386 89C01-9912-CP-191 Word
Derrick Daron Clark v. State of Indiana 48S00-0205-CR-270 48D01-0104-CF-184 Word
Jeffrey Dean Washington v. State of Indiana 65S00-0209-CR-477 65D01-0112-CF-0567 Word
In the Matter of K.G., D.G. D.C.B and J.J.S. 49S04-0305-JV-225 49D09-0108-JD-3517/49D09-9911-JD-4707/49D09-0006-JD-2323/49D09-0009-JD-3486 Word
In the Matter of K.G., D.G. D.C.B. and J.J.S. 49S04-0305-JV-225 49D09-0108-JD-3517/49D09-9911-JD-4707/49D09-0006-JD-2323/49D09-0009-JD-3486 Word
In the Matter of Termination of E.T. and B.T 02S03-0308-JV-367 02D07-0012-JT-149/02D07-0012-JT-150 Word
Darnell Williams v. State of Indiana 45S00-9306-SD-248 2CR-133-886-531 Word
Benny Saylor v. State of Indiana 48S00-9712-PD-647 48D03-9206-CF-185 Word
Christopher M. Helsey v. State of Indiana 63S00-0303-CR-103 63C01-0104-CF-231 Word
Phillip A. Stroud v. State of Indiana 71S00-0011-DP-642 71D04-0009-CF-434 Word
Benjamin Ritchie v. State of Indiana 49S00-0011-DP-638 49G04-0010-CF-172900 Word
State of Indiana v. Charles E. Barker 49S00-0308-DP-392 49G05-9308-CF-95544 Word
State of Indiana v. Chijoike Bomani Ben-Yisrayl 49S00-0308-PD-391 CR84-076E Word
Ben Endres v. Indiana State Police 50S05-0406-CV-245 50D01-0105-MI-9 Word
Sterling Riggs v. State of Indiana 49S02-0406-CR-246 49G02-0103-CF-070866 Word
M-Plan, Inc., et al. v. Indiana Comprehensive Health Insurance Association, et al. 49S02-0312-CV-605 49D07-0207-PL-1136 Word
Angela Lockridge v. State of Indiana 49A02-0303-CR-191 49F09-0112-DF-232967 Word
In the Matter of Patrick J. Roberts 52S00-0310-DI-439 N/A Word
State of Indiana v. T. Eric Evans 05S02-0311-CV-497 05C01-0202-CC-025 Word
Gary D. Gee v. State of Indiana 49S05-0406-CR-271 49G20-0007-CF-119343 Word
Michael P. Penrod v. State of Indiana 35S02-0403-CR-142 35C01-0207-FA-40 Word
Darryl Eugene Fisher v. State of Indiana 45S03-0306-PC-251 45G02-9308-CF-193 Word
Wedgewood Community Association, Inc. v. Robert & Barbara Nash (Dissent to Denial of Transfer) 02A03-0204-CV-112 02D07-0003-CP-470 Word
Fulton County Advisory Commission v. Gregory L. & Annette K. Groninger 25S03-0311-CV-492 25C01-0110-CP-295 Word
Thomas Breitweiser, et al. v. Indiana Office of Environmental Adjudication, et al. 49S04-0303-CV-115 49F15-0103-CP-1074 Word
Darrell Forbes v. State of Indiana 59S01-0312-CR-608 59C01-0009-CF-63 Word
Indiana Department of Revenue v. 1 Stop Auto Sales, Inc. 49S10-0308-TA-358 49T10-9809-TA-108 Word
Keith Patton v. State of Indiana 49S02-0309-PC-402 CR83-232D Word
Loretta Baca v. New Prime, Inc. 89S01-0206-CV-351 89D01-0108-CT-14 Word
Charles Black v. State of Indiana 49S02-0312-CR-603 49G20-0112-CF-225279 Word
Edward J. Niksich v. Zettie Cotton & Steve Van Cleave 48S02-0402-CV-80 48E01-0205-SC-1105 Word
Julie Marie Bojrab v. George David Bojrab 02S03-0308-CV-365 02D07-0001-DR-7 Word
State of Indiana v. Steve Boles, et al. v. Frontier Insurance Company, et al. 21S04-0312-CR-604 21D01-9912-CM-891/21D01-9905-CM-343/21D01-9707-CM-503/21D01-9702-CM-146/21D01-9711-CM-833/21D01-9906-CM-388/21D01-9710-CM-769/21D01-9901-CM-037/21D01-9908-DF-547 Word
Sharon Baker v. Marion County Office of Family & Children 49S02-0209-JV-473 49D04-9908-JT-1104 Word
Sharon Baker v. Marion County Office of Family and Children 49S02-0209-JV-473 49D04-9908-JT-1104 Word
Infinity Products, Inc. v. Herbert Quandt 29S02-0305-CV-226 29D01-9610-CP-539 Word
Mark R. Passmore v. Multi-Management Services 61S01-0212-CV-637 61C01-9805-CP-102 Word
W. Brent & Marina Gill v. Fred Pollert and Pollert's Inc., et al 36S01-0304-CV-163 36C01-9906-CP-74 Word
Steven D. Cook v. State of Indiana 33S01-0406-CR-288 33C01-0112-CF-038 Word
Roy Lee Ward v. State of Indiana 74S00-0108-DP-361 74C01-0107-CF-158 Word
Rosemary Adams Huffman v. Indiana Department of Environmental Management, et al. 49S02-0311-CV-578 49F12-0201-MI-63 Word
George Pabey v. Robert Pastrick, et al. 45S04-0401-CV-14 45D10-0305-MI-007 Word
Donald Knoy v. Joe W. & Janice Cary 42S01-0401-CV-20 42D01-0109-CT-19 Word
Global Construction, Inc. v. Daniel T. March 93S02-0401-EX-21 C-153805 Word
Larry J. Bertoch v. NBD Corporation and U.S. Security, Inc. 93S02-0408-EX-374 C-128281 Word
Lisa Marie Pedraza v. Brian Gasperson 71S05-0312-JV-597 71J01-0208-JP-635 Word
Donald Davis v. State of Indiana 49S05-0408-CR-349 49G16-0211-FD-291797 Word
In the Matter of Derek M. Cassady 49S00-0405-DI-211 N/A Word
Travis J. Merlington v. State of Indiana 20S03-0401-CR-13 20C01-0111-CF-130 Word
In the Matter of Clifton Bruce Davidson, Jr. 49S00-0401-DI-28 N/A Word
Paul M. McManus v. State of Indiana 82S00-0104-DP-188 82C01-0102-CF-192 Word
Indiana Dept. of Revenue v. Trump Indiana, Inc. 49S10-0310-TA-484 49T10-0201-TA-5 Word
In the Matter of the Honorable Joan Kouros, Judge of the Lake Superior Court, Criminal Division 3 45S00-0309-JD-409 N/A Word
DFS Secured Health Care Receivables Trust v. Caregivers Great Lakes, Inc., et al. 94S00-0410-CQ-447 N/A Word
State of Indiana v. Kevin Starks 31S04-0308-PC-352 31D01-0010-DF-849 Word
Phillip Lee v. State of Indiana 02S03-0310-PC-463 02D04-8805-CF-246 Word
Federated Rural Electric Insurance Exchange v. National Farmers Union, et al. 49S05-0408-CV-381 49D01-0003-CP-448 Word
Richard L. Francis v. State of Indiana 46S03-0407-CR-328 46D01-0208-FA-72 Word
Daniel Boone Collins v. State of Indiana 49S05-0404-PC-189 49G06-9606-CF-074629 Word
Warren Gutermuth v. State of Indiana 10S01-0404-PC-190 10C01-9603-CF-021 Word
In the Matter of Mark Eugene Small 49S00-0405-DI-221 N/A Word
Lydia Escobedo, et al v. BHM Health Associates, Inc., AAA Home Care LLC/Rocky Mountain Home Care, et al 45S03-0403-CV-123 45D02-9703-CP-268 Word
Afredo D. Ruiz v. State of Indiana 48S02-0407-CR-329 48C01-0201-FA-19 Word
Travis L. Stephens v. State of Indiana 49S02-0404-CR-152 49G02-9810-CF-163152 Word
Story Bed & Breakfast, LLP v. Brown County Area Plan Commission and Patricia N. March 07S01-0402-CV-53 07C01-0104-CP-116 Word
Sandy Diane Pugh v. State of Indiana 48S02-0412-CR-533 48D01-0007-CF-269 Word
In the Matter of Anonymous 64S00-0308-DI-359 N/A Word
Chester Borsuk v. Town of St. John 45S03-0405-CV-236 45D01-0011-MI-33 Word
Bank of New York, Trustee v. Stephen H. Nally, et al. 29S02-0405-CV-214 29D02-0004-CP-0265 Word
Mirtha McHenry v. State of Indiana 79S02-0501-CR-1 79C01-0011-CF-46 Word
Monica, James & Diane Witte v. Mikayla Mundy, et al. 17S05-0406-CV-248 17D01-0012-CT-15 Word
Eric D. Holmes n/k/a Koor An Nur of Mary Katie Brown v. State of Indiana 49S00-0409-SD-423 49G05-8911-CF-131401 Word
Joseph E. Corcoran v. State of Indiana 02S00-0304-PD-143 02D04-9707-CF-465 Word
Donald Ray Wallace v. State of Indiana 84S00-0412-SD-502 C-CR-80-9 Word
Dept. of Local Gov't. Finance v. Commonwealth Edison Co. of Ind., Inc. 49S10-0307-TA-293 49T10-9507-TA-67/49T10-9607-TA-82/49T10-9707-TA-163/49T10-9807-TA-81 Word
State of Indiana Ex Rel the Attorney General of the State of Indiana v. The Lake Superior Court and the Hon. Robert Pete, as Judge thereof and Governor of the State of Indiana, et al v. Miller Citizens Corp., et al 45S00-0405-OR-204/45S00-0405-CV-224 45D05-0404-PL-91 Word
Lake County Property Tax Assessment Bd. of Appeals v. BP Amoco Corp. 49S10-0309-TA-400 49T10-0209-TA-114 Word
Lake County Property Tax Assessment Bd. of Appeals v. U.S. Steel Corp. 49S10-0309-TA-401 49T10-0209-TA-106 Word
Sherman C. Debro v. State of Indiana 53S04-0308-CR-388 53C01-0103-DF-206 Word
Lanny D. Abney v. State of Indiana 49S04-0501-CR-29 49G03-9909-CF-164322 Word
Lawrence and Judy Lynn Gunkel v. Renovations, Inc. and J & N Stone, Inc. 76S01-0403-CV-133 76C01-0010-CT-754 Word
Frederick Laux v. State of Indiana 27S00-0303-CR-104 27D01-0202-MR-28 Word
Carolyn S. Beckley v. Jack D. Beckley 05S02-0311-CV-498 05C01-0009-DR-65 Word
The City of Gary, et al. v. Ronnie Major & Affordable Towing and Associates 45S04-0401-CV-10 45D03-0009-CP-2366 Word
Hyundai Motor America, Inc. v. Sandra Goodin 82S05-0406-CV-279 82D03-0111-CP-3964 Word
Timothy R. Chamberlain, M.D., et al. v. Richard Steven Walpole 02S04-0403-CV-143 02D01-0201-CT-14 Word
Brenna Guy v. State of Indiana 49S04-0407-CR-301 49F08-0108-CM-173167 Word
Ritchie Halsema v. State of Indiana/Frank L. Halsema v. State of Indiana 79S04-0307-CR-350/79S02-0307-CR-351 79D01-0109-CF-89/79D01-0109-CF-92 Word
Adolphe E. Smylie v. State of Indiana 41S01-0409-CR-408 41D01-0207-FC-15 Word
Donald Earl Houser v. State of Indiana 57S00-0310-CR-433 57D01-0010-CF-20 Word
Valentin Jaramillo v. State of Indiana 76S03-0503-CR-93 76D01-0208-FB-924 Word
Brian Chism v. State of Indiana 54S05-0503-CR-105 54C01-9701-DF-3/54C01-9605-CF-33 Word
Anthony Graves v. State of Indiana 49S02-0306-PC-253 CR81-009B Word
Joshua Sandlin v. State of Indiana 78S01-0503-CR-111 78D01-9801-CF-4 Word
Brownsburg Community School Corporation v. Natare Corporation 49S02-0409-CV-406 49D05-0305-PL-906 Word
Patricia Gribben v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. 94S00-0403-CQ-130 1:03-CV-141-VSS-SEB Word
Patrick & Susan May Litchfield v. State of Indiana 50S03-0408-CR-382 50D02-0208-FD-172 Word
State of Indiana v. Loren Akins 79S05-0402-CR-93 79D06-0112-DF-258 Word
Kevin Kocher v. Alva Lynne Getz 35S02-0312-CV-602 35C01-9802-CP-43 Word
Associated Medical Networks, LTD v. Dr. William R. Lewis 49S05-0310-CV-435 49D12-9912-CP-1710 Word
In the Matter of Patrick S. Ryan 20S00-0402-DI-84 N/A Word
Peggy J. Haville v. Michael Haville 79S02-0310-CV-482 79D02-9707-DR-164 Word
Maurice Smith v. State of Indiana 64S03-0406-CR-284 64D01-0210-FB-9017 Word
Michael Allen Lambert v. State of Indiana 18S00-0412-SD-503 18D01-9101-CF-2 Word
Robert Neale v. State of Indiana 01S02-0408-CR-350 01C01-0110-CF-26 Word
Kimberly S. Ham v. State of Indiana 70S01-0409-CR-432 70D01-0201-CM-19 Word
State of Indiana v. Charles Barker 49S00-0308-DP-392 49G05-9308-CF-95544 Word
Dial-X Automated Equipment v. Anthony Caskey 93S02-0401-EX-8 C-150794 Word
Edward Dwayne Estes v. State of Indiana 48S05-0505-CR-208 48C01-0308-FA-248 Word
Bruce G. Heath v. State of Indiana 57S04-0409-CR-409 57C01-0106-CF-65 Word
Jason Patrick v. State of Indiana 71S03-0503-CR-115 71D02-0207-MR-14 Word
Arturo Aguilar v. State of Indiana 49S05-0503-CR-125 49G06-0101-CF-21909 Word
Terrease Nesbitt v. State of Indiana 71S05-0503-CR-130 71D08-0304-MR-13 Word
Joseph E. Corcoran v. State of Indiana 02S00-0304-PD-143 02D04-9707-CF-465 Word
Gregory Scott Johnson v. State of Indiana 48S00-0505-SD-192 3SCR85-71 Word
Michael J. Williams v. State of Indiana 49S02-0505-CR-242 49G01-0201-FB-9638 Word
Lawrence Thomas v. State of Indiana 46S04-0405-PC-233 46D01-9303-CF-24 Word