Under the authority vested in this Court to provide by rule for the procedure employed in all courts of this state and this Court’s inherent authority to supervise the administrative procedures of all courts, Rules 63 of the Rules of Trial Procedure of this Court, is amended to read as follows (deletions shown by striking and new text shown by underlining):
Rule 63. Disability and unavailability of a judge
. . .
(D) Compensation of judge pro tempore . A judge pro tempore appointed by the Supreme Court under this rule shall receive a salary computed at the same rate as the regular judge commencing from the date he qualifies. A judge pro tempore appointed locally shall be allowed the sum of paid twenty-five dollars ($25.00) for each day or part thereof actually served. In all cases the compensation of the The judge pro tempore shall be paid out of the respective county, city or town general fund, without an appropriation therefor, upon allowance by the board of county commissioners of the county or council of the city or town in which the court is located. If he is appointed locally, the judge pro tempore shall present a claim to the board of county commissioners specifying the number of days or parts of days actually served, which claim shall be verified by the clerk of the court and the board shall allow the claim. If he is appointed by the Supreme Court, the judge shall present a claim to the board with a copy of his appointment from the Supreme Court, a statement showing the date of his qualification verified by the clerk and a request that he be paid in the same manner thereafter as a regular judge, and thereafter he shall be paid in the same manner as a regular judge. Nothing herein shall be construed to diminish in any manner the compensation of any regular judge so long as such regular judge continues in office.
. . .
     These amendments shall take effect on January 1, 2001.

The Clerk of this Court is Order to forward a copy of this order to the Clerk of each Circuit Court in the State of Indiana; Attorney General of Indiana; Legislative Services Agency and its Office of Code Revision; Administrator, Supreme Court of Indiana; Administrator, Indiana Court of Appeals; Administrator, Indiana Tax Court; Public Defender of Indiana; Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission; Indiana Supreme Court Commission for Continuing Legal Education; Indiana Board of Law Examiners; Indiana Judicial Center; Division of State Court Administration; the libraries of all law schools in the state; the Michie Company; and West Publishing Company.
West Publishing Company is directed to publish this order in the advance sheets of this Court.
The Clerks of the Circuit Courts are directed to bring this Order to the attention of all judges within their respective counties and to post this Order for examination by the Bar and general public.
DONE at Indianapolis, Indiana, this _____ day of December, 2000.

                        FOR THE COURT

                        ______________________________                                Randall T. Shepard                                            Chief Justice of Indiana

All Justices Concur