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Under the authority vested in this Court to provide by rule for the procedure employed in all courts of this state and this Court's inherent authority to supervise the administrative procedures of all courts, Rule 11 of the Indiana Rules for Small Claims is amended to read as follows (deletions shown by striking and new text shown by
underlining                                                                                                      ): 

. . .

(D ) Release of Judgment. Upon payment in full, including accrued interest,

the clerk shall notify the judgment creditor and shall require him or her to file a release of judgment. If the judgment creditor fails to file a release of judgment within thirty (30) days of the issuance of the notice, the clerk shall enter on the Chronological Case Summary that the judgment has been satisfied, the plaintiff has failed to release judgment pursuant to court directive, and the clerk shall enter a release of judgment in the judgment docket.

     . . .

    These amendments shall take effect January 1, 1999.
    The Clerk of this Court is ORDERED to forward a copy of this Order to the Clerk of each Circuit Court in the State of Indiana; Attorney General of Indiana; Legislative Services Agency and its Office of Code Revision; Administrator, Supreme Court of Indiana; Administrator, Indiana Court

of Appeals; Administrator, Indiana Tax Court; Public Defender of Indiana; Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission; Indiana Supreme Court Commission for Continuing Legal Education; Indiana Board of Law Examiners; Indiana Judicial Center; Division of State Court Administration; the libraries of all law schools in the state; the Department of Correction for posting at all prison libraries; The Michie Company; and West Publishing Company.
    West Publishing Company is directed to publish this order in the advance sheets of this Court.
    The Clerks of the Circuit Courts are ORDERED to bring this Order to the attention of all judges within their respective counties and to post this order for examination by the Bar and general public.
    DONE at Indianapolis, Indiana, this _____ day of December, 1998.
                            FOR THE COURT

                            Acting Chief Justice of Indiana

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