Wade Havvard v. State 49A02-9802-CR-100 49F18-9607-DF-098543 Word Perfect
Lake Co. Juvenile Detention Center et al v. J.M.D., Deceased, et al 45A04-9805-JV-263 45C01-9711-CT-2748 Word Perfect
Reynolds v. State of Indiana 80A04-9803-CR-173 80C01-9704-DF-054 Word Perfect
Mundon v. Mundon 57A03-9803-CV-128 57C01-9707-DR-110 Word Perfect
Hanson v. State 48A04-9805-CR-235 48D03-9707-CF-270 Word Perfect
Geico v. Rowell 45A03-9806-CV-253 45D05-9603-CT-477 Word Perfect
Clinton Young/Shirley Ayers vs. Elkhart County Office of Family and Children 20A03-9804-JV-188 20C01-9611-JT-404 Word Perfect
City of Fort Wayne vs. George Kotsopoulos and M. Robert Benson 02A03-9705-CV-170 02C01-9504-MI-41 Word Perfect
Goldman v. Cha 45A05-9709-CV-403 45C01-9409-CT-01948 Word Perfect
Larry C. Johnson v. State of Indiana 19A01-9803-CR-121 19C01-9709-DF-246 Word Perfect
Lloyd A. Southwood v. Carlson 82A04-9703-CV-124 82D03-9406-CP-1092 Word Perfect
James L. Grimm v. Russell Kruse 17A03-9806-CV-266 17C01-9103-ES-019 Word Perfect
Chad W. Breitweiser v. State of Indiana 52A02-9806-CR-545 52C01-9703-DF-39 Word Perfect
Eileen A. Groves v. James F. Groves 71A05-9802-CV-53 K-5991 Word Perfect
Regnante v. Dept of Revenue 49A04-9703-CV-104 49D13-9606-CP-757 Word Perfect
Basicker v. Denny's 49A02-9804-CV-352 49D06-9510-CT-1487 Word Perfect
Chissell v. State of Indiana 33A05-9805-CR-238 33D02-9603-CF-30 Word Perfect
Robert G. McCullough v. Karen E. McCullough 53A04-9702-CV-43 53C03-9401-DR-70 Word Perfect
William Wilcoxen v. State 10A01-9804-PC-160 10C01-9101-CF-9 Word Perfect
Donald Guffey v. State 33A04-9801-CR-25 33C01-9704-CF-15 Word Perfect
Manuel A. Cacdac, M.D. v. Brenda West and Ramana Reddy, M.D. 84A01-9712-CV-407 84D03-9401-CT-80 Word Perfect
Johnson Controls v. Forrester 41A01-9805-CV-192 41D02-9701-CT-2 Word Perfect
Western Ohio Pizza Inc., Mas Realty and D.D. Inc. v. Clark Oil & Refining Corp. 49A05-9802-CV-87 49D02-9104-CP-378 Word Perfect
In Re:Marriage of Preston 85A04-9801-CV-19 85C01-9606-DR-239 Word Perfect
Indiana Bell v. Maynard 03A01-9808-CV-316 03C01-9610-CT-1457 Word Perfect
Bagnall v. Town of Beverly Shores 64A05-9704-CV-138 64D05-9606-CP-1465 Word Perfect
Goonen v. State of Indiana 79A02-9806-CR-535 79D02-9704-CF-32 Word Perfect
Paul D. Decker vs. State of Indiana 48A02-9803-CR-291 48E02-9503-DF-68 Word Perfect
John Rowe vs. State of Indiana 84A05-9710-PC-425 C-CR86102 Word Perfect
Hook v. State of Indiana 48A02-9802-CR-118 48D01-9610-CF-241 Word Perfect
Beta Steel Corp. v. State Bd of Tax Comm. 71T10-9801-TA-14 N/A Word Perfect
Stewart v. State 49A02-9703-CR-132 49F09-9510-DF-148638 Word Perfect
Ryobi Die Casting v. Scott Montgomery and Michelle Montgomery 73A05-9805-CV-278 73C01-9608-CP-52 Word Perfect
State v. Stephen P. Loveless 79A02-9805-PC-400 79E01-9302-CF-82 Word Perfect
William Ondo v. Mary Bonnie Kemper 64A03-9606-CV-222 64D01-9204-RS-902 Word Perfect
Lonnie Morgan v. State of Indiana 48A04-9707-CR-307 48D03-9308-CF-269 Word Perfect
Bloomington Hospital v. Robert Stofko 93A02-9808-EX-688 C-133718 Word Perfect
Donald Nelson v. Hector & Debra Marchand 64A03-9704-CV-108 64D02-9411-CP-3022 Word Perfect
Moore v. State of Indiana 49A02-9703-CR-160 49G04-9507-CF-104948 Word Perfect
Allen & Betty Colley v. Indiana Farmers Mutual Ins. Group 46A03-9609-CV-350 46C01-9008-CP-170 Word Perfect
Memorial Hospital v. Szuba 93A02-9807-EX-611 C-143193 Word Perfect
Smith v. State Lottery Comm. 49A05-9802-CV-59 49D01-9704-CT-606 Word Perfect
Michael Nuckles v. State 49A02-9705-PC-279 CR87-286D Word Perfect
Brown v. Dobbs 64A04-9704-CV-155 64D02-9505-CT-1203 Word Perfect
Michael Civils, etal v. James & Chad Huffman 73A01-9807-CV-246 73C01-9709-CT-093 Word Perfect
Michael Civils v. Robert W. Stucker, and Benjamin M. Stucker/James Huffman and Chad Huffman 73A01-9807-CV-246 73C01-9709-CT-93 Word Perfect
Eddie Griffin v. State of Indiana 18A02-9609-CR-602 18D01-9307-CF-39 Word Perfect
Toan v. State of Indiana 10A05-9704-PC-139 10E01-85M-73 Word Perfect
Robinson v. C&I Leasing 49A04-9703-CV-89 49D13-9607-CT-1248 Word Perfect
Yale Financial Systems v. Lynda Sanders/Gainer Bank 45A03-9705-CV-144 45C01-8910-MI-3784 Word Perfect
M.V. v. Charter Terre Haute 84A05-9807-CV-373 84D02-9610-CT-17288 Word Perfect
Craig E. Capehart v. Lynn Dee Barker Capehart 49A02-9802-CV-151 49D06-9604-DR-490 Word Perfect
City of Muncie v. James W. Lowe, D. Bruce Ring, et al 18A02-9710-CV-719 18D01-9602-CP-52/53 Word Perfect
Jordan v. State 40A04-9703-CR-90 40C01-9511-DF-593 Word Perfect
D.D.B. v. State 49A02-9704-JV-257 49D09-9609-JD-04414 Word Perfect
Jackson v. Madison Co. Dept. of Family & Children 48A02-9709-JV-594 48D02-9605-JT-006 Word Perfect
Matt T. Burkett v. State of Indiana 12A04-9707-CR-265 12C01-9611-CM-170 Word Perfect
Linda Sons, et al v. Crown Point 45A04-9703-CV-80 45C01-9307-CP-1344 Word Perfect
Rodgers v. State of Indiana 42A01-9805-CR-179 42D02-9501-DR-148 Word Perfect
Hedge v. Susi Spa, et al 46A03-9602-CV-358 46D01-9602-CP-48 Word Perfect
Hedge v. Susi Spa, etal 46A03-9710-CV-358 46D01-9602-CP-48 Word Perfect
Melton v. State of Indiana 16A04-9809-CR-446 16C01-9803-CF-34 Word Perfect
Fricke v. Gray 49A02-9705-CV-281 49D10-9412-CT-0261 Word Perfect
Wells v. Stone 47A05-9608-CV-324 47C01-9404-CP-232 Word Perfect
Pluard v. Patients 45A03-9803-CV-120 45C01-9612-CT-2552 Word Perfect
Long v. Dilling Mechanical 09A05-9803-CV-157 09C01-9511-CP-90 Word Perfect
Debbie J. Neese v. Larry J. Kelley 67A04-9802-CV-105 67C01-8204-DR-145 Word Perfect
Douglas A. Louth v. State of Indiana 76A05-9806-CR-321 76C01-9104-CF-28 Word Perfect
Jose Sada v. State of Indiana 49A02-9802-PC-163 CR85-230C Word Perfect
In Re: Estate of Hutman 64A03-9805-CV-242 64D01-9712-CV-242 Word Perfect
General Accident Ins. Co. et al v. Hughes 09A02-9803-CV-235 09C01-9704-CP-35 Word Perfect
Midwest Security Life Ins. Co. v. Stroup 06A05-9804-CV-201 06D01-9506-CP-139 Word Perfect
Sears Roebuck v. Noppert 84A04-9802-CV-47 84D03-9604-CT-652 Word Perfect
Collins v. J.A. House 49A04-9708-CV-337 49D03-9406-CT-1013 Word Perfect
Freddie Edwards v. Dale Sisler 45A03-9701-CV-3 45D05-9506-CT-1090 Word Perfect
Hooker v. Smalley 03A01-9706-CV-171 03D02-9608-CP-159 Word Perfect
Witham Memorial v. Lalas 06A01-9712-CV-415 06C01-9609-CP-255 Word Perfect
James McGlothen v. Heritage Environmental Services, L.L.C. 45A04-9807-CV-371 45D01-9806-CP-453 Word Perfect
Ault v. State of Indiana 18A04-9807-PC-342 18D01-9503-CF-15 Word Perfect
Carl Conder/Moore-Langen Printing vs. P. and W. Wood 49A04-9706-CV-230 49D13-9606-CT-980 Word Perfect
Bracksieck v. State 18A02-9704-CR-252 18D04-9606-DR-144 Word Perfect
Lackmond v. Construction Supply 49A02-9706-CV-399 49D02-9608-CP-1048 Word Perfect
Julie Cedars v. Cherish Waldon 54A01-9710-CV-355 54C01-9310-CP-335 Word Perfect
David Vakos v. Travelers Ins. 02A03-9612-CV-435 02D01-9508-CT-291 Word Perfect
Sammons Communications of Indiana v. Larco Cable Construction 64A03-9609-CV-339 64D02-9407-CP-1832 Word Perfect
Kent E. Poulson v. Tami K. Poulson 50A03-9707-CV-261 50C01-9110-DR-222 Word Perfect
Kriss Tumbleson v. State 48A05-9804-CR-226 48D03-9709-CF-378 Word Perfect
CSX v. Rabold 51A01-9701-CV-12 51C01-9004-CP-N65 Word Perfect
Thompson v. State 10A04-9601-CR-8 10D01-9503-CF-28 Word Perfect
Bartruff v. State of Indiana 50A03-9806-CR-294 50D01-9801-CF-1 Word Perfect
Page v. State of Indiana 27A02-9805-PC-465 27D01-9206-CF-42 Word Perfect
Walkup v. Wabash Nat. Corp. 79A04-9709-CV-394 79D01-9611-CP-368 Word Perfect
Laura C. Bonadies v. Sisk 71A03-9703-CV-87 71D02-9409-CT-295 Word Perfect
Johnny Davis v. State 49A05-9611-CR-467 49G02-9508-CF-118473 Word Perfect
Demmond v. Demmond 64A04-9809-CV-477 64D01-9605-DR-1346 Word Perfect
Kaghann's Korner v. Brown & Sons Fuel 17A03-9802-CV-79 17C01-9507-CP-56 Word Perfect
James Gregor v. Wm. Szarmach 45A04-9805-CV-241 45C01-9509-CT-1568 Word Perfect
Tony E. Spoon v. Town of Pittsboro 32A01-9804-CV-137 32C01-9706-CP-219 Word Perfect
Miller v. Ryan 29A02-9612-CV-818 29D02-8803-CP-141 Word Perfect
Andrew Ford v. State 45A05-9711-CR-471 45G01-9404-CF-99 Word Perfect
Layne v. State of Indiana 18A05-9701-CR-37 18D02-9410-CF-23 Word Perfect
Indiana Lawrence Bank v. PSB 25A03-9801-CV-24 25C01-9607-CP-202 Word Perfect
Shoot/Sheward v. State of Indiana 49A05-9704-CV-144 49D06-9509-MI-1324 &49D10-9506-MI-849 Word Perfect
Lakes v. Rudolph 64A05-9705-CV-118 64D01-9505-CP-1292 Word Perfect
Heilgenstein v. Matney 49A05-9706-CV-225 49D05-9104-DR-430 Word Perfect
Town & Country Ford, Inc. v. Scott Busch and Lana Foust 82S04-9807-CV-343 82D03-9703-CP-703 Word Perfect
State of Indiana, Civil Rights Commission, et al v. Indianapolis Newspapers, Inc. et al 49A04-9703-CV-95 49D01-9607-CP-913 Word Perfect
A.A. v. State 90A02-9809-JV-723 90C01-9705-JD-92 Word Perfect
Morris Lee Burton, Jr. v. State 53A05-9804-CR-189 53C04-9707-CF-478 Word Perfect
Stanley Ruth v. State 49A02-9802-CR-114 49G06-9611-CF-182557 Word Perfect
John F. Hanley v. Eastern Indiana Investment Corp. 49A04-9803-CV-171 49D05-9704-MI-519 Word Perfect
In the Matter of H.M.H. 49A02-9711-JV-788 49D09-9703-JP-81 Word Perfect
Standard Lumber Company of St. John Inc. v. Salve B. Josevski and Sophie Josevski 45A03-9806-CV-259 45D05-9607-CP-1363 Word Perfect
John A. Grigsby v. State of Indiana 30A01-9806-CR-206 30D02-9706-DF-515 Word Perfect
Est. of Miller v. City of Hammond 45A03-9707-CV-242 45C01-9502-CT-249 Word Perfect
Woodward v. Woodward 01A02-9611-CV-723 01C01-9505-DR-45 Word Perfect
Deible v. Poole 45A03-9706-CV-211 45D01-8904-CT-383 Word Perfect
The Common Council of the City of Hammond, etal v. John Matonovich 45A03-9705-CV-162 45D02-9610-MI-936 Word Perfect
Timothy D. Hancz v. City of South Bend 71A03-9703-CV-72 71D05-9608-CP-794 Word Perfect
J.M. v. State of Indiana 49A02-9709-JV-602 49D09-9704-JD-1587 Word Perfect
Red Roof Inns v. Purvis 48A02-9707-CV-438 48D01-9412-CP-899 Word Perfect
Star Financial Bank v. Shelton/Terry 18A04-9608-CV-359 18D04-9608-CP-165 Word Perfect
State of Indiana v. John Walton 49A02-9608-CR-492 49G06-9508-CF-112808 Word Perfect
Derrick Thomas v. State 34A05-9708-CR-362 34D03-9702-DF-209 Word Perfect
Indiana Family & Social Services Adm. v. Jones 35A02-9707-CV-465 35C01-9607-CP-246 Word Perfect
Right Reason v. Silva 71A05-9707-CV-306 71D05-9609-CP-872 Word Perfect
Topper v. In Fam & Soc Serv 49A02-9605-CV-296 49D06-9503-MI-0431 Word Perfect
Common Cause v. State 49A02-9612-CV-842 49D01-9406-CP-491 Word Perfect
Schultz v. Farm Credit Services 37A04-9710-CV-430 37C01-9606-CP-071 Word Perfect
Indiana Glass Co. v. Indiana Mich. Power 27A02-9707-CV-479 27C01-9101-CP-37 Word Perfect
City of East Chicago v. Litera 45A04-9704-CV-141 45D01-9501-CT-84 Word Perfect
Rendon v. Rendon 48A02-9708-CV-562 48D02-9401-DR-6 Word Perfect
Southerland v. Hammond 88A04-9612-CV-487 88C01-9602-CT-10 Word Perfect
Sinn v. State of Indiana 48A04-9612-CR-496 48D03-9412-CF-321 Word Perfect
Estate of Pauline Rondinelli 45A03-9607-CV-248 45D02-9004-ES-114 Word Perfect
Hiser v. Hiser 54A05-9603-CV-100 54C01-9306-DR-166 Word Perfect
Jay County REMC v. Wabash 33A04-9706-CV-260 33C01-9704-CP-69 Word Perfect
Dvorak/Larmour-Goldin v. Christ 49A02-9705-CV-293 49D06-9603-CP-396 Word Perfect
Jeffrey D. Hornback v. State 09A02-9705-CR-317 09D01-9510-DF-196 Word Perfect
Humphrey v. Christopher 07A04-9712-CV-523 07C01-9707-CT-196 Word Perfect
Worrell v. Elkhart Co. Office of Family and Children 20A04-9710-JV-458 20C01-9406-JC-210 Word Perfect
State v. Shelton 49A02-9707-CR-472 49G05-9610-CF-163035 Word Perfect
Porter v. Irvin's 49A04-9706-CV-219 49D03-9508-CT-1220 Word Perfect
Brooks v. State 48A02-9706-CR-403 48D01-9501-CF-4/48D01-9511-CF-329 Word Perfect
Red v. Miller 46A05-9701-CV-9 46D01-9206-CP-145 Word Perfect
Barth v. Barth 49A05-9701-CV-13 49D01-9603-CT-446 Word Perfect
State v. Edward L. Joe 10A01-9701-CR-173 10D01-9701-CF-3 Word Perfect
Jeremy S. Bradtmiller v. Hughes Properties, Inc. 02A03-9708-CV-297 02D01-9601-CT-30 Word Perfect
Lori Deasy-Leas et al v. Matthew Leas et al 02A03-9708-CV-277 02C01-9209-DR-1096 Word Perfect
Gary Elvers v. State of Indiana 09A02-9706-PC-374 09C01-9207-CF-119 Word Perfect
First Bank of Whiting v. Schuyler 56A03-9705-CV-142 56D01-9109-CP-75 Word Perfect
Donald Adams v. State of Indiana 71A05-9706-CR-257 71D01-9606-CM-4980 Word Perfect
Pinnacle Properties v. Saulka 53A01-9709-CV-317 53C01-9701-SC-167 Word Perfect
Citizens Action Coalition v. Ind. Statewide 93A02-9701-EX-65 40504 Word Perfect
Ad Craft v. Bd. of Zoning 82A01-9705-CV-146 82D03-9602-CP-366 Word Perfect
Dyson v. State of Indiana 52A02-9610-CR-632 52C01-9601-DF-008 Word Perfect
Lehnen v. State of Indiana 79A04-9611-CV-465 79D01-9208-CP-204 Word Perfect
Five Star Concrete, L.L.C., v. Klink, Inc. 17A03-9706-CV-217 17C01-9609-CP-76 Word Perfect
The Paternity of J.W.L. v. A.J.P., Jr. 49A05-9711-JV-460 49D11-9505-JP-825 Word Perfect
Luider v. Skaggs 73A01-9709-CV-286 73C01-9607-CP-43 Word Perfect
Dion Jones v. State 49A02-9706-PC-383 49G06-9004-CF-46714 Word Perfect
Roessler v. Milburn 10A04-9703-CV-100 10C01-9410-CT-393 Word Perfect
Charles Ray Weida, III v. State 08A02-9706-CR-351 08D01-9610-DF-66 Word Perfect
Phillip Miller v. State 49A02-9706-CR-387 49G01-9510-CF-150132 Word Perfect
Wallace Weiss, Jr. v. Margaret (Weiss) Frick 20A04-9705-CV-192 20D01-9301-DR-011 Word Perfect
Steven Moredock v. State of Indiana 49A02-9707-PC-455 CR78-414A Word Perfect
Shewmaker v. Etter 49A02-9707-CV-462 49D13-9606-CT-940 Word Perfect
Chamberlain v. Parks 48A04-9707-CV-267 48D03-9411-CT-805 Word Perfect
Stoker v. State of Indiana 33A01-9701-CR-19 33C01-9601-CF-002 Word Perfect
Tax Certificate v. Smethers 48A02-9704-CV-227 48C01-9409-MI-338 Word Perfect
Knotts v. Knotts 32A05-9710-CV-430 32D02-9606-DR-104 Word Perfect
Mendenhall v. Skinner & Broadbent Co. 49A04-9709-CV-393 49D13-9606-CT-767 Word Perfect
Nunn v. State of Indiana 48A02-9701-CR-57 48D03-9510-CF-352 Word Perfect
NIPSCO v. Scott A. Bolka 46A04-9708-CV-344 46C01-9611-CP-466 Word Perfect
Biereichel v. Steven Smith etal 45A03-9708-CV-265 45D01-9404-CR-402 Word Perfect
Trowbridge v. Torabi 64A03-9706-CV-221 64D02-9606-CP-1541 Word Perfect
Robert Hitchcox v. Nancy Young Hitchcox 53A05-9706-CV-236 53C06-9406-DR-450 Word Perfect
Karl Schoemer v. Hanes & Assoc 49A02-9703-CV-203 49D07-9405-CP-526 Word Perfect
State v. Chrzan 66A04-9705-CR-173 66D01-9601-CM-15 Word Perfect
William E. Logan, Jr. v. State 92A03-9704-CR-117 92C01-9606-CF-100 Word Perfect
Scot Beehler v. Angela Beehler 20A05-9709-CV-419 20D03-9411-DR-162 Word Perfect
Raquet v. Thompson 34A04-9704-CV-134 34D02-9310-CP-208 Word Perfect
Vernon v. Acton 49A02-9702-CV-121 49D11-9512-CT-1937 Word Perfect
Browning-Ferris Industries v. Review Board 93A02-9702-EX-76 96-15983 96-R-2618 Word Perfect
Ebbinghouse v. First Fleet 90A02-9709-CV-598 90D01-9608-CT-1 Word Perfect
Nancy Kemp etal v. F&SS & State Personnel 45A03-9709-CV-334 45D03-9607-CP-2143 Word Perfect
Town of Syracuse etal v. Abbs 43A04-9709-CV-404 43C01-9503-CP-187 Word Perfect
Stella I. Walker v. State of In./MSDC 93S02-9804-EX-216 C-121558 Word Perfect
Allan Neville v. State 49A02-9702-CR-118 49G05-9201-CF-9168 Word Perfect
Perkins v. State 48A02-9707-CR-446 48D03-9705-CF-223/MC-216 Word Perfect
Jacqueline Bookout Wade, etal v. Norfolk and Western Railway Co, etal 79A02-9708-CV-504 79D01-9503-CT-17 Word Perfect
Bryant v. Bryant 65A01-9710-CV-334 65C01-9406-DR-131 Word Perfect
Ashcraft v. State of Indiana 69A05-9705-CR-179 69C01-9208-CF-080 Word Perfect
Scott v. Randle 09A02-9612-CV-832 09C01-9011-CP-00286 Word Perfect
Trice v. State of Indiana 49A02-9708-CR-572 49G05-9608-CF-120978 Word Perfect
Milburn v. Milburn 41A05-9708-CV-338 41D01-9508-DR-00274 Word Perfect
Russell v. Russell 41A01-9708-CV-255 41D01-9412-DR-396 Word Perfect
Harold Carie & Al Harper vs. PSI Energy, Inc. 83A01-9707-CV-229 83C01-9307-CP-55 & 56 Word Perfect
Robert Coleman v. State 49S00-9302-CR-253 49G01-9108-CF-108225 Word Perfect
Book v. Hester 60A01-9708-CV-265 60C01-9511-CP-274 Word Perfect
Poehlman v. Feferman 71A05-9709-CV-384 71D02-9209-CP-729 Word Perfect
Bastin v. First Indiana 49A02-9703-CV-146 49D13-9606-CP-687 Word Perfect
Reed v. State of Indiana 32A01-9611-CR-287 32C01-9611-DF-131 Word Perfect
Powell v. American Health 02A05-9705-CV-192 02D01-9608-CT-312 Word Perfect
Gibson v. State 55A05-9704-CR-152 55D03-9603-CF-66 Word Perfect
Fimbels v. DeClark, etal 71A03-9707-CV-259 71D07-9505-CP-436 Word Perfect
State Employees v. Barclay 49A04-9708-CV-342 49D05-9604-CP-517 Word Perfect
Coble v. Joseph Motors 91A02-9707-CV-415 91C01-9509-CT-23 Word Perfect
State of Indiana v. Steven Johnson 65A05-9709-CR-388 65D01-9701-CM-59 Word Perfect
Grimes v. State of Indiana 77A01-9707-CR-216 77D01-9701-DF-31 Word Perfect
Dwight David Little v. State of Indiana 45A03-9705-CR-165 45G01-9410-CF-262 Word Perfect
Barrington Management Co. v. Paul E. Draper Family LTD 79A02-9705-CV-321 79D01-9608-CP-245 Word Perfect
Aldridge v. IN Dept. of Natural Resources 49A02-9708-CV-511 49D05-9407-CT-699 Word Perfect
Dorwyn C. Collier v. Anne C. Collier 02A03-9709-CV-311 CC-87-116 Word Perfect
City of New Haven v. Allen Co. Bd. of Zoning 02A03-9609-CV-347 02C01-9608-CP-881 Word Perfect
Gary D. Thorpe v. State of Indiana 52A05-9605-CR-190 52C01-9504-CF-48 Word Perfect
Real Estate Appraiser License v. Thomas J. Stewart 49A02-9710-CV-692 49D10-9607-CP-1004 Word Perfect
Eddie Griffin v. State of Indiana 18A02-9609-CR-602 18D01-9307-CF-39 Word Perfect
Meridian Leasing Corp. v. IN Dept. State Revenue 49T10-9804-TA-35 N/A Word Perfect
Wayman v. J & S Petroleum 93A02-9712-EX-867 C-123163 Word Perfect
Timothy G. Scott v. State Bd Tax Comm. 49T10-9804-TA-36 N/A Word Perfect
Gene M. Jones v. State Bd Tax Comm. 49T10-9804-TA-37 N/A Word Perfect
Robin Carrigg v. State 49A04-9706-CR-254 49G01-9608-CF-117769 Word Perfect
The Dutch Corp. v. State Bd Tax Comm. 49T10-9804-TA-38 N/A Word Perfect
George Kessen v. Dennis Graft 57A03-9709-CV-309 57C01-9406-CP-50 Word Perfect
David & Mary Ebert v. State Bd Tax Comm. 49T10-9804-TA-39 N/A Word Perfect
Melinda Miller v. State 45A04-9708-CR-325 45G02-9607-CF-124 Word Perfect
Martin Realty v. State Bd Tax Comm. 49T10-9804-TA-41 N/A Word Perfect
L.H. Stamping Corp. v. State Bd Tax Comm. 49T10-9804-TA-42 N/A Word Perfect
Van Duyn v. Cook-Teague 48A02-9710-CV-726 48D03-9406-CT-407 Word Perfect
D'iorio v. D'iorio 71A03-9709-CV-305 71D07-9509-CP-888 Word Perfect
Morton v. Moss 48A02-9701-CV-41 48D01-9412-CP-948 Word Perfect
Scoville Realty v. Myers 20A03-9712-CV-408 20D02-9202-CP-145 Word Perfect
Highway Comm. v. Curtis/Sutton 37A05-9711-CV-498 37C01-8806-CP-169 Word Perfect
Karl Haynens v. State of Indiana 49A02-9704-PC-251 CR83-170C Word Perfect
Taylor v. Buehler 64A03-9712-JV-415 64C01-9004-JP-143 Word Perfect
Roberson v. Hicks 49A05-9707-CV-272 49D05-9308-CT-1004 Word Perfect
Heinzman v. Mason 29A05-9709-CV-411 29D01-9511-ES-175 Word Perfect
Ballard v. Book Heating 93A02-9712-EX-807 C136922 Word Perfect
Gary Edward Becker v. State 49A05-9704-CR-142 49G04-9502-CF-16790 Word Perfect
City of Valparaiso etal v. Defler 64A03-9704-CV-127 64D02-9403-CP-615 Word Perfect
Kenneth Weppler v. Dennis Stansbury 66A03-9705-CV-160 66D01-9408-CP-12 Word Perfect
Tyonia Hamilton v. State 49A05-9712-JV-518 49D09-9704-JM-70 Word Perfect
Matter of C.K. 52A04-9709-JV-407 52C01-9501-JD-5 Word Perfect
Robert W. Roeder, III v. State 10A01-9709-CR-322 10D02-9511-CM-146 Word Perfect
Vaillancourt v. State 44A03-9712-CR-46 44D01-9505-CF-53 Word Perfect
Ollie H. Smithey v. State 45A03-9801-CR-7 45G04-9708-MC-30005 Word Perfect
Lawson v. Lawson 27A02-9801-CV-8 ST-79-523 Word Perfect
Sordelet v. (Sordelet) Golsteyn 02A03-9708-CV-299 CC-86-739 Word Perfect
Stryczek v. Methodist 45A05-9704-CV-169 45C01-9302-CT-239 Word Perfect
Thornburg v. Ball Memorial Hospital 18A05-9706-CV-246 18C01-9702-CP-60 Word Perfect
Jenkins v. State of Indiana 45A03-9705-CR-148 45G01-9602-CF-26 Word Perfect
Perkins v. State of Indiana 49A02-9711-CR-792 49F07-9609-CM-148358 Word Perfect
Corey Anderson v. State of Indiana 49A04-9707-CR-313 49G20-9611-CF-167970 Word Perfect
Edward/Peggy Wright v. Clay Twnshp. Regional Wast District 29A05-9706-CV-240 29D01-9401-CP-23 Word Perfect
Beta Steel v. Porter Co. 37A03-9709-CR-329 37D02-9609-OV-99 Word Perfect
Downs v. Panhandle 61A05-9701-CV-14 61C01-9403-CP-81 Word Perfect
Hurt v. State 82A01-9705-CR-161 82C01-9506-CF-476 Word Perfect
Ind. Farmers Mut. v. Richie 12A05-9711-CV-467 12D01-9610-CT-303 Word Perfect
Harvey v. Harvey 37A04-9705-CV-198 37D02-9511-DR-105 Word Perfect
Grundy v. State 49A04-9704-PC-131 49G04-8802-CF-1416 Word Perfect
Randolph v. State 49A02-9802-CR-91 49G01-9703-CF-36629 Word Perfect
Joshua P. Smith v. State 79S00-9708-CR-429 79D01-9412-CF-122 Word Perfect
Horace Mann v. Richards 27A04-9712-CV-548 27D01-9404-CP-196 Word Perfect
Michael Whitener v. State 20S00-9706-CR-477 20C01-9508-CF-43 Word Perfect
Union Township v. State of Indiana 64A04-9707-CV-306 64D02-9707-CP-1473 Word Perfect
Degussa v. Mullens 49A05-9706-CV-215 49D07-9403-CT-301 Word Perfect
Elkhart v. Yoder, etal 20A05-9705-CV-173 20D03-9412-CT-88/89 Word Perfect
Holloway v. Bob Evans 49A02-9711-CV-734 49D02-9509-CT-1417 Word Perfect
Bragg v. State 02A03-9711-CR-388 02D04-9605-DF-267 Word Perfect
Dollar Inn v. Slone 49A05-9709-CV-378 49C01-9009-CT-3481 Word Perfect
Bitner v. Hull 49A04-9706-CV-237 49D04-9502-DR-294 Word Perfect
Sanders v. State Fam. & Soc. Serv. 85A02-9710-CV-725 85C01-9611-CP-494 Word Perfect
Agee v. Central Soya 49A04-9611-CV-471 49C01-9507-CT-1813 Word Perfect
Kollar v. South Bend 71A05-9703-CV-108 71C01-9311-CP-11087 Word Perfect
Robert L. Clark v. State 10A01-9702-CR-63 10C01-9607-CF-52 Word Perfect
Moore v. Moore 49A02-9711-CV-798 49D11-9609-DR-1292 Word Perfect
Michael W. Kavanaugh v. State of Indiana 10A05-9609-CR-358 10C01-9403-CF-50 Word Perfect
Williams v. Delta Steel 45A05-9711-CV-482 45C01-9605-CT-898 Word Perfect
State etal v. John Maillard 44A03-9706-CV-198 44C01-9604-CP-26 Word Perfect
Salin Bank/Trust v. Review Bd 93A02-9710-EX-720 97-R-1920 (97-10093) Word Perfect
Griffin vs. State of Indiana 02A05-9704-CR-163 02D04-9410-CF-806 Word Perfect
Mutual Hospital Services vs. William Burton 53A04-9711-CV-492 53C07-9509-EU-187 Word Perfect
Michael T. Hubbard vs. State of Indiana 16A01-9712-PC-405 16C01-9001-CF-45 Word Perfect
Williams v. State 10A01-9801-CR-33 10D02-9302-CF-29 Word Perfect
Carroll v. State 49A02-9802-JV-205 49D09-9710-JC-5207 Word Perfect
Fisher v. Estate of Haley 02A05-9708-CV-357 02D01-9607-CP-1024 Word Perfect
Beverly Enterprises v. Spragg 49A05-9711-CV-479 49D11-9711-CT-9 Word Perfect
Matter of Gerke 01A02-9711-CV-769 01C01-9707-MH-008 Word Perfect
Catellier v. Depco Inc. 29A02-9709-CV-626 29D04-9612-SC-2407 Word Perfect
Kelli & Michael Berrell v. IN Auto Sales & Repair 20A03-9801-CV-21 20D02-9501-CT-41 Word Perfect
Maurice A. May v. State of Indiana 48A02-9710-CR-697 48D03-9603-CF-164 Word Perfect
Connie Minton v. Marc E. Weaver 82A01-9801-JV-19 82D01-9602-JP-96 Word Perfect
Itha D. & Gary Thomas v. State, IDOT, Baker Concrete Construction Co, et al 37A03-9702-CV-52 37C01-9503-CT-32 Word Perfect
Aaron Coats v. State of Indiana 49A02-9709-CR-618 49G05-9611-DF-167289 Word Perfect
Hagerman Construction v. Theresa Copeland, et al 18A04-9612-CV-519 18D01-9208-CP-184 Word Perfect
Jones v. State 49A02-9709-CR-610 49D09-9703-JD-1406 Word Perfect
In the Matter of Adoption of M.A.S. 49A02-9712-JV-835 49D08-9703-AD-109 Word Perfect
Madden v. State 40A05-9711-PC-489 40C01-8901-CF-1 Word Perfect
Joyce S. Ross v. Raminder Cheema and Pillow Express Delivery Service, Inc. 49A04-9707-CV-302 49D07-9607-CP-1021 Word Perfect
Joyce S. Ross v. Raminder Cheema, etal 49A04-9707-CV-302 49D07-9607-CP-1021 Word Perfect
Patricia A. Ruhlig v. American Comm. Mutual Ins. Co. 67A01-9709-CV-288 67C01-9512-CP-588 Word Perfect
Carol Creasy v. Lloyd Rusk 08A02-9709-CV-604 08C01-9606-CT-3 Word Perfect
Builders Square v. Haines 45A03-9710-CV-364 45C01-9505-CT-906 Word Perfect
Marriage of Dowden v. Allman 49A05-9702-CV-70 49D03-9212-DR-2169 Word Perfect
Reese v. Reese 75A04-9711-CV-480 75C01-9112-DR-183 Word Perfect
Lytle v. Ford 54A04-9701-CV-30 54C01-8910-CP-532 Word Perfect
Allstate v. Brown 49A04-9710-CV-452 49D12-9507-CT-1180 Word Perfect
Kevin Haston v. State 44A03-9712-CR-409 44D01-9212-CF-163 Word Perfect
Scott E. Necessary v. Inter-State Towing 49A02-9703-CV-188 49D03-9603-CT-328 Word Perfect
Haley v. State 66A03-9706-CR-223 66C01-9505-CF-7 Word Perfect
In Re the Matter of J.W. v. Hendricks Co. Office of Family & Children 32A01-9708-JV-253 32C01-9509-JC-64 Word Perfect
Tipmont v. Fischer 61A05-9604-CV-135 61C01-9304-CP-117 Word Perfect
Marcus Richardson v. State 49S00-9602-CR-181 49G01-9409-CF-125321 Word Perfect
Gary Sylvester v. State 48S00-9608-CR-550 48D03-9312-CF-398 Word Perfect
Daryl Alexander v. Kimberly D. Cole 48A05-9803-CV-163 85-CD-558 Word Perfect
Kenneth Wesley v. State 42A01-9712-CR-403 42C01-9703-CF-3&4 Word Perfect
Arnold Winters v. State 49A02-9712-PC-884 86-199F Word Perfect
Michael Parker v. State of Indiana 49A02-9706-CR-364 49G04-9407-CF-92304 Word Perfect
Christopher A. Brewster v. State of Indiana 43A03-9708-CR-298 43D01-9505-CF-110 Word Perfect
Richard Scott et al, v. Marshall County Bd. of Zoning Appeals 50A03-9706-CV-193 50C01-9601-CP-3 Word Perfect
Doyle G. Moore, Jr. v. State of Indiana 18A4-9710-CR-417 18D02-9312-CF-54 Word Perfect
Robert/Tamara Harkness v. Charles Hall, et al 59A04-9609-CV-377 59C01-9408-CP-259 Word Perfect
R. Jackson v. State of Indiana 45A04-9611-CR-466 45G01-9510-CF-212 Word Perfect
Darrelyn McCloud v. State of Indiana 48A02-9708-CR-556 48C01-9507-CF-106 Word Perfect
D.I.R. v. State of Indiana 71A04-9612-JV-516 71J01-9603-JD-203 Word Perfect
Steven L. Miller vs. Cindy L. (Miller) Moore 29A01-9711-CV-466 29D02-9610-DR-525 Word Perfect
S. Anthony Long, et al v. Mark Durnil, et al 49A2-9710-CV-701 49D02-9610-CP-1358 Word Perfect
State of Indiana v. Klinger 79A02-9708-CR-573 79D01-9608-CF-47 Word Perfect
Van Eaton v. Fink 53A05-9708-CV-335 53C03-9604-CP-468 Word Perfect
Moore (Thomas) v. State of Indiana 48A04-9711-CR-473 3SCR8694 Word Perfect
Jones v. Minick 02A04-9801-CV-12 02C01-9608-CP-964 Word Perfect
Jamie E. Becker v. American Family Insurance 25A03-9612-CV-463 25C01-9304-CP-153 Word Perfect
Cassius R. White v. State 48S00-9609-CR-586 48D01-9507-CF-195 Word Perfect
Demetrius Taylor v. State of Indiana 49A02-9710-PC-673 49G02-9001-CF-14491 Word Perfect
Whitfield v. State of Indiana 33A05-9709-CR-368 33C01-9701-CF-3 Word Perfect
Marliene A. Bower v. James C. Bower 79A02-9802-CV-171 79D01-9610-DR-422 Word Perfect
Keith Davenport v. State 49S00-9510-CR-1245 49G01-9502-CF-16323 Word Perfect
State of Indiana vs. Eilers 90A02-9708-CR-540 90D01-9603-CM-105 Word Perfect
State v. Eilers 90A02-9708-CR-540 90D01-9603-CM-105 Word Perfect
Kentucky Truck v. Review Board 93A02-9711-EX-757 97-13310 97-R-2142 Word Perfect
Robert Griesinger v. State of Indiana 71A03-9710-CR-383 71D04-9606-CF-242 Word Perfect
Schloot v. Guinevere Real Estate 49A04-9706-CV-258 49D13-9606-CT-759 Word Perfect
Mettler v. State 25A05-9801-CR-37 25C01-9702-CF-21 Word Perfect
Dennis M. Cranor v. State 32A01-9710-CR-335 32C01-9703-CF-34 Word Perfect
Larry A. Parmley v. State 46A03-9708-CR-290 46C01-9504-CF-28 Word Perfect
Walters v. Modern Aluminum 84A01-9712-CV-410 84D02-9607-CT-1182 Word Perfect
Marrow v. State of Indiana 86A05-9801-CR-23 86C01-9612-CF-70 Word Perfect
Clifton Mauricio v. State of Indiana 02A03-9511-CR-383 02D04-9407-CF-529 Word Perfect
Head v. State of Indiana 45A05-9601-CR-40 45G04-9308-CF-186 Word Perfect
Waldon v. State of Indiana 49A5-9609-CR-366 49F16-9512-CM-184299 Word Perfect
Robert Stephen Giles v. State 90A05-9712-CR-526 90C01-9310-CF-126 Word Perfect
Hayden v. Linton-Stockton Class 28A01-9703-CV-89 28D01-9509-CP-290 Word Perfect
Worldcom v. Thompson 55A05-9701-CV-33 55D02-9701-CP-6 Word Perfect
Stamper v. Hyundai 54A05-9607-CV-261 54C01-9203-CP-0103 Word Perfect
Randall Rush etal v. Elkhart County Plan Commission etal 43A05-9708-CV-363 43C01-9605-CP-404 Word Perfect
Angle v. State 12A04-9711-CR-495 12C01-9703-CF-32 Word Perfect
MHC Surgical v. Medicaid 45A04-9704-CV-121 45D01-9605-CP-449 Word Perfect
Von Haden v. Sup. Est. of Von Haden 52A02-9712-CV-876 52C01-9611-CP-541 Word Perfect
Louise Flock v. Anne Snider 31A04-9708-CV-358 31C01-9609-CT-193 Word Perfect
Butler v. Shipshewana Auction 44A03-9707-CV-248 44C01-9609-CT-13 Word Perfect
SDL v. Dereamer 30A05-9611-CV-460 30C01-9412-CP-493 Word Perfect
Temby v. Judge Bardach 29A05-9707-CV-285 29D04-9701-MI-133 Word Perfect
Marshall v. Clark 79A05-9510-CV-420 79D02-9209-CP-158 Word Perfect
Conseco, Inc. v. Hickerson 29A04-9802-CV-85 29C01-9712-CP-1158 Word Perfect
Sightes v. Barker 46A05-9702-JV-52 46C01-9006-JP-134 Word Perfect
Randall Fugate v. State of Indiana 49A02-9611-CR-754 49G03-9109-CF-113618 Word Perfect
Thomas v. State of Indiana 49A04-9611-CR-461 49G01-9511-CF-178104 Word Perfect
Douglas W. Williams v. State 45A03-9707-PC-251 4CR-143-987-567 Word Perfect
Spencer v. Spencer 09A05-9703-CV-117 09D01-9705-DR-76 Word Perfect
Shell Oil v. Meyer 79A04-9512-CV-470 79D01-9305-CP-118 Word Perfect
Grand Trunk RR v. Kapitan 45A03-9709-CV-336 45D02-9705-CT-549 Word Perfect
Ellerbusch v. Myers 87A01-9610-CV-314 87D01-9604-CP-51 Word Perfect
Westfield Ins. V. Asxom 03A01-9703-CV-102 03C01-9701-CT-123 Word Perfect
Michael J. Galanis v. Lyons & Truitt et al 64A03-9704-CV-115 64D02-9512-CP-3015 Word Perfect
Callis v. State of Indiana 39A04-9606-CR-252 39C01-9412-CF-7 Word Perfect
Nichols v. State of Indiana 49A02-9612-CR-841 49G04-9512-CF-189768 Word Perfect
Firstmark Std. Life v. Goss 49A02-9708-CV-582 49C01-9006-CP-2042 Word Perfect
Johnson v. State of Indiana 49A02-9802-CR-146 49F18-9604-DF-47399 Word Perfect
Wehner v. State of Indiana 03A04-9608-PC-307 03D02-8707-CM-1340 Word Perfect
Dwayne M. Brown v. State of Indiana 49A02-9603-CR-158 49G05-9409-CF-121403 Word Perfect
Glover v. State of Indiana 49A04-9611-CR-456 49G03-9412-CF-181619 Word Perfect
Robert Anderson et al v. East Allen Education Assoc. 02A03-9608-CV-269 02D01-9409-CP-1382 Word Perfect
Dwyer v. Wynkoop 49A05-9703-CV-101 49D06-9303-DR-475 Word Perfect
Linda Schuman & Rachel Stuckey v. Ernest & Susan Kobets 49A02-9704-CV-256 49D05-9606-CP-776 Word Perfect
Marshall v. K&W Products 20A04-9607-CV-281 20E01-9409-SC-3816 Word Perfect
Steven J. Sharp v. State of Indiana 34A02-9612-PC-803 34C01-8709-CF-078 Word Perfect
Kia George Harrison v. State 18S00-9712-CR-687 18D01-9612-CF-70 Word Perfect
Milton McGee v. State 45S00-9705-CR-323 45G02-9604-CF-67 Word Perfect
Rocky Stidham v. Kathy (Stephens) Whelchel 27A02-9704-JV-211 CJP-77-64 Word Perfect
Journal Gazette v. Purdue 79A02-9706-CV-370 79D01-9612-CP-399 Word Perfect
Howe v. Voninski 64A03-9712-CV-428 80-PSC-513 Word Perfect
William O. Irvine v. Sharon L. Irvine 49A04-9602-CV-72 49D01-9204-DR-413 Word Perfect
Ley v. Blose 29A02-9708-CV-553 29D02-9603-CT-135 Word Perfect
Scoville Realty v. Myers 20A03-9712-CV-408 20D02-9202-CP-145 Word Perfect
Tippecanoe Valley v. Landis 43A03-9705-CV-151 43C01-9506-CP-547 Word Perfect
Green v. State 49A04-9712-CR-531 49F14-9612-DF-195926 Word Perfect
Ritz v. Area Planning Commission of Franklin 24A04-9709-CV-379 24C01-9603-CP-62 Word Perfect
Burton R. Green v. Marjorie Maginn, Comm Dept of Ins. 49A02-9701-CV-7 49D01-9312-CP-3945 Word Perfect
Robertson v. Board of Zoning 64A04-9712-CV-501 64D02-9703-CP-650 Word Perfect
Coy v. National Ins. Assoc. 49A04-9609-CV-355 49D07-9308-CP-904 Word Perfect
Reynolds v. State 65A05-9712-CR-547 65D01-9707-DF-382 Word Perfect
Michigan Mutual Insurance Co. v. Sports, Inc. 84A04-9707-CV-314 84D01-9201-CP-133 Word Perfect
Thompson v. Leeper Living Trust 50A04-9801-CV-20 50C01-9702-MI-3 Word Perfect
Jay B. Glendenning v. Angela D. (Glendenning) Martel 34A02-9705-CV-260 34D01-8911-DR-491 Word Perfect
Benton v. Oakland City 26A04-9702-CV-65 26C01-9606-CT-5 Word Perfect
Hensler v. Brooks 39A01-9701-CV-6 39C01-9303-CP-100 Word Perfect
Hanson v. Spolnik 32A01-9703-CV-79 32C01-9610-DR-141V Word Perfect
Krovitch v. Stull 71A03-9802-JV-84 71J01-9705-AD-40 Word Perfect
McConnell, et al v. Porter Memorial 64A05-9803-CV-116 64D02-9503-CT-737 Word Perfect
Robertson v. State of Indiana 22A01-9706-PC-189 22D01-8910-CF-156 Word Perfect
Cowart v. White 29A02-9803-CV-275 29D03-9409-DR-454 Word Perfect
Williams v. State of Indiana 48A02-9707-CR-463 48D03-9509-CF-303 Word Perfect
David E. Murphy v. Debra K. Murphy 34A02-9710-CV-676 34D02-9209-DR-384 Word Perfect
United of Omaha v. Hieber et al 02A05-9709-CV-408 02C01-9205-CT-44 Word Perfect
United of Omaha v. Wm. Hieber, etal 02A05-9709-CV-408 02C01-9205-CT-44 Word Perfect
Hermitage Ins. Co. & Alumatech v. Jack Salts 23A01-9804-CV-157 23C01-9307-CT-152 Word Perfect
Dorian Peterson/Byron A. Thompson vs. State of Indiana 45A05-9712-CR-516 45G02-9701-CF-4 Word Perfect
Terry & Cheryl Roser et al v. Ileen Silvers 85A02-9707-CV-460 85C01-9306-CP-243 Word Perfect
Lamb v. State of Indiana 48A02-9712-CR-847 48D03-9612-CF-459 Word Perfect
Menard v. Dage-MTI 46A03-9708-CV-276 46C01-9407-CP-184 Word Perfect
Asghar v. State 49A04-9710-CR-449 49G01-9611-CF-194134 Word Perfect
Angela Murphy v. John Mortell, Commissioner 49A04-9702-CV-54 49D02-9310-CT-1091 Word Perfect
Worldcom v. Thompson 32A04-9705-CV-196 32D02-9703-CP-39V Word Perfect
Boss Manufacturing v. Steel Suppliers, Inc. 20A03-9703-CV-98 20D01-8810-CP-532 Word Perfect
Gerald W. Buchanan v. State of Indiana 49S00-9709-CR-492 49G05-9606-CF-78286 Word Perfect
Margaret Chance v. State Auto Ins. 02A03-9611-CV-410 02C01-9405-CP-368 Word Perfect
Timothy J. Turner v. State of Indiana 21A04-9702-CR-76 21C01-9504-CF-33 Word Perfect
Taurus Foster v. State of Indiana 71S00-9709-CR-510 71D07-9701-CV-28 Word Perfect
Paul E. Wolf v. William E. Boren 55A05-9701-CV-3 55D02-9505-CT-81 Word Perfect
Jodi L. Carr v. Lee Carr 79A02-9703-CV-131 79C01-9406-GU-48 Word Perfect
Larkins v. Larkins 49A02-9612-CV-811 49D12-9510-DR-1600 Word Perfect
Robert Kostuck v. Vincent & Barbara Brown 74A01-9706-CV-168 74C01-9610-SC-292 Word Perfect
Walter William Richeson v. State of Indiana 45A05-9508-CR-310 45G01-9311-CF-295 Word Perfect
City of New Haven v. Chemical Waste 02A03-9606-CV-203 02C01-9506-CP-642 Word Perfect
Castillo-Cullather v. Pollack 53A01-9703-CV-98 53C01-9411-CP-1323 Word Perfect
Drudge v. Brandt 25A03-9801-CV-35 25C01-9701-CP-24 Word Perfect
Town of Montezuma v. Kristy Downs 61A01-9701-CV-13 61C01-9403-CP-81 Word Perfect
In the Matter of Stephen Goldsmith etal v. Scott Newman 49A02-9702-CV-108 49D10-9605-CP-760 Word Perfect
Ragucci v. Metropolitan 49A02-9607-CV-463 49D11-9510-CP-1772 Word Perfect
Irvine v. Rare Feline Breeding 29A04-9703-CV-120 29C01-9605-CT-377 Word Perfect
Howell v. State 02A04-9612-CR-497 02D04-9604-CM-4059 Word Perfect
Indiana-American Water Co. vs. Town of Seelyville 84A01-9801-CV-32 84D01-9711-CP-2060 Word Perfect
Montgomery, Zukerman, Davis, Inc. vs. Chubb Group of Insurance Companies 49A05-9804-CV-193 49D04-9501-CP-70 Word Perfect
Terry Lee Griffin v. State of Indiana 21A01-9611-PC-379 21D01-9106-CF-408 Word Perfect
General Motors Corp. V. Northrop Corp. 49A02-9603-CV-146 49D01-9109-CP-1029 Word Perfect
Beaman/Jordan v. Smith/City of Martinsville 55A01-9309-CP-352 55D02-9309-CP-352 Word Perfect
Dixon v. State of Indiana 10A05-9604-CR-161 10C01-9404-CF-066 Word Perfect
Jones & Wright v. Western Reserve Group 68A05-9708-CV-326 68C01-9506-CP-0124 Word Perfect
Young v. Butts 32A05-9607-CV-307 32D01-9603-CP-169 Word Perfect
Gooch (Nathan) v. State of Indiana 34A02-9507-CR-391 34D03-9411-CM-2173 Word Perfect
Natural Gas v. Downs 61A01-9612-CV-396 61C01-9403-CP-81 Word Perfect
Beckwith v. Satellite 82A01-9801-CV-11 82C01-9710-CP-307 Word Perfect
Keybank Natl. Assoc. v. NBD Bank etal 55A01-9802-CV-53 55D02-9505-CP-78 Word Perfect
McCartin v. Midwest 11A01-9608-CV-274 11C01-9403-CF-53 Word Perfect
State v. Wynne 49A02-9802-CR-104 49G02-9707-CF-104411 Word Perfect
Robert E. Utley v. State 82A04-9801-CR-14 82C01-9610-CF-956 Word Perfect
Thomas J. Freije v. State 32A05-9803-CR-128 32D03-9511-CF-148 Word Perfect
Sandefur v. Sandefur 73A05-9612-CV-521 73C01-9606-ES-021 Word Perfect
Ackles v. Hartford 48A02-9712-CV-833 48D01-9604-CT-259 Word Perfect
Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line v. Tishner, et al 29A02-9707-CV-431 29D02-8807-CP-419 Word Perfect
Roche v. State 46A03-9511-CR-384 46D02-9501-CF-9 Word Perfect
Johnson v. State 49A02-9801-CR-37 49G04-9606-CF-86039 Word Perfect
Stepp v. Duffy 49A04-9612-CV-526 49F01-9211-CP-2184 Word Perfect
Ridgeway v. Teshoian 89A04-9712-CV-551 89C01-9405-CT-21 Word Perfect
Randall Washington v. State of Indaina 45A03-9609-CR-319 45G02-9503-CF-64 Word Perfect
Greater Hammond Comm. Service vs. Lucille Mutka 45A03-9706-CV-203 45D01-9502-CT-203 Word Perfect
LCEOC v. Greer 45A03-9710-CV-356 45D01-9604-CT-429 Word Perfect
Bosecker v. Westfield, Inc. 82A04-9711-CV-500 82D03-9607-CP-1848 Word Perfect
Temby v. Hon. Gail Bardach 29A05-9707-CV-285 29D04-9701-MI-133 Word Perfect
Sebastian Araiza and State Farm Mutual Automobile Ins. Co. v. Chrysler Insurance Co. 45A03-9803-CV-138 45D01-9402-CT-216 Word Perfect
Bernard Daugherty and Knox County, Indiana v. State 42A05-9712-CV-512 42C01-9503-CP-80 Word Perfect
J. Wendt/Sons v. E. C. Levy Co. 71A03-9706-CV-184 71D05-9610-CP-972 Word Perfect
Williams v. State 49A05-9610-CR-421 49G05-9411-CF-157007 Word Perfect
Robert Mehl vs. Shari Mehl 29A05-9710-CV-417 29C01-9306-DR-300 Word Perfect
State of Indiana, Speedway Police Dept. vs. Thomas Person 49A02-9711-CV-793 49D10-9612-MI-1770 Word Perfect
Kelley Bush v. NIPSCO 64A03-9604-CV-143 64D02-9304-CT-893 Word Perfect
Eric L. Davis v. State of Indiana 71A3-9704-CR-137 71D08-9608-DF-515 Word Perfect
IN Civil Rights Comm. v. Judy A. Ledbetter, et al 45A03-9609-CV-321 45D02-9312-CP-1003 Word Perfect
Samuel Valentin v. State of Indiana 49A02-9606-PC-376 CR86-155A Word Perfect
Helmchen, et al v. White Hen Pantry, Inc. 56A03-9609-CV-337 56C01-9109-CP-141 Word Perfect
Maudlin v. Hall 47A01-9803-CV-107 47D01-9701-CP-50 Word Perfect
Helen M. Townsend v. St Bd Tax Comm 49T10-9809-TA-00110 N/A Word Perfect
Davidson v. Crossman 49A02-9712-CV-824 49C01-9703-CP-439 Word Perfect
Long v. Methodist 54A05-9704-CV-143 54C01-9306-CP-179 Word Perfect
John Matonovich etal v. St Bd Tax Comm 49T10-9809-TA-00111 N/A Word Perfect
Bishop v. State of Indiana 79A02-9711-CR-751 79D01-9612-CF-94 Word Perfect
James McCormick Sr. by James McCormick Jr. v. Indiana Dept. of Revenue 49T10-9809-TA-00112 N/A Word Perfect
Timothy Strowmatt v. State 71A03-9606-CR-224 71D03-9406-CF-544 Word Perfect
Brenwick Development Co. Inc. v. St Bd Tax Comm 49T10-9809-TA-00113 N/A Word Perfect
Brenwick Land Co., L.P. v. St Bd Tax Comm 49T10-9809-TA-00114 N/A Word Perfect
In the Matter of James Taylor etal v. Indiana Family and Social Services Administration 49A02-9801-CV-11 49D11-9609-MI-1306 Word Perfect
Custer v. Plan Comm. of Garrett 17A05-9711-CV-476 17C01-9609-CP-78 Word Perfect
Johnson v. AAA Chicago 71A04-9804-CV-182 71D07-9605-CT-00128 Word Perfect
Benjamin Pruitt v. City of Lake Station 45A04-9702-CV-71 45C01-9403-CT-517 Word Perfect
Aide v. Chrysler 49A02-9801-CV-49 49D06-9611-CP-1576 Word Perfect
Burnett v. Villaneuve 34A02-9610-CV-686 34C01-9607-CP-116 Word Perfect
Wabash Grain v. Smith 61A01-9709-CV-321 61C01-9506-CP-188 Word Perfect
Jimmie Carter v. State of Indiana 27A02-9610-CR-662 27D03-9507-DF-630 Word Perfect
Otis P. & Roberta R. Johnson v. Mark Steffen, et al 49A02-9508-CV-449 49C01-9203-CP-943 Word Perfect
Ronald Ruff v. Charter Behavioral Health System of Northwest Indiana, Inc. 45A03-9802-CV-53 45D05-9701-CP-184 Word Perfect
Kopas v. State of Indiana 56A04-9802-CR-106 56D01-9607-DF-48 Word Perfect
Board of Commiss. v. Wagoner 55A04-9710-CV-446 55C01-9701-MI-25 Word Perfect
Tippecanoe Education Assn v. Tippecanoe School Corp. 79A02-9711-CV-808 79D02-9704-CP-79 Word Perfect
Discovery House v. Metro. Bd. Zoning Appeals of Marion Co. 49A02-9711-CV-739 49D06-9608-CP-1148 Word Perfect
Jefferson Griffin v. State of Indiana 73A01-9710-CR-337 73D01-9608-CF-54 Word Perfect
John D. Harper v. INDOT, et al 02A05-9712-CV-511 02D01-9411-CT-396 Word Perfect
Vincent Wright v. State 34A04-9802-CR-48 34C01-9505-CF-67 Word Perfect
Alfred Navaretta v. State of Indiana 29A02-9801-CR-76 29D05-9709-DF-3515 Word Perfect
Stevie D. Tyus v. State of Indiana 82A01-9804-CR-159 82C01-9708-CF-750 Word Perfect
Mafnas v. Owen County 60A01-9703-JV-90 60C01-9405-JC-411 Word Perfect
Hickory Hills v. Daniel Coffman 45A03-9704-CV-106 45D02-9604-CP-382 Word Perfect
IN State Bd of Accounts v. Consolidated Health Group 29A02-9704-CV-223 29D03-9607-CP-323 Word Perfect
M. Joanne Turner v. R. Ross Davis 49A02-9707-CV-483 49D02-9304-CT-443 Word Perfect
Charles D. Barrow v. David A. Pennington 49A02-9804-CV-349 49D03-9703-CP-352 Word Perfect
Sloane v. State of Indiana 85A04-9606-CR-231 85C01-9512-CF-93 Word Perfect
Sammy L. Johnson v. State of Indiana 27A02-9711-CR-799 27C01-9605-DF-21 Word Perfect
U.S. Gypsum v. IN Gas 93A02-9710-EX-667 40437 Word Perfect
Gershin v. Demming 53A01-9704-CV-118 53C06-9506-CF-690 Word Perfect
Corrigan v. Al-Trim Corp. 67A01-9805-CV-165 67C01-9512-CP-592 Word Perfect
Straley v. Kimberly 41A01-9612-CV-388 41D01-9404-CP-97 Word Perfect
Plisinski v. Plisinski 30A01-9709-CV-309 30C01-9508-DR-309 Word Perfect
John B. Moore v. State of Indiana 82A04-9702-PC-94 82C01-8910-CF-7719 Word Perfect
Pepper/Comm. Hosp. v. Von Arx 49A04-9805-CV-242 49F03-9310-MH-517 Word Perfect
Wayne D. Paulson and Diane Paulson v. Centier Bank f/k/a The First Bank of Whiting 56A03-9612-CV-434 56C01-9007-CP-109 Word Perfect
Henry Lewis v. State 49A02-9611-CR-704 9511193 Word Perfect
Annetta M. Schweitzer v. State 32A05-9805-CR-251 32D01-8605-CF-34 Word Perfect
Thomas Barnes, City Council of Gary, Indiana etal v. Rose Ann Antich 45A03-9712-CV-449 45C01-9511-CT-2143 Word Perfect
Steven G. Newsome v. State of Indiana 20A03-9701-CR-25 20D03-9508-CF-150 Word Perfect
SSD Control Tech. v. Breakthrough Technologies, Inc. 20A03-9706-CV-201 20D03-9611-CP-104 Word Perfect
Alonzo Carson v. State of Indiana 49A02-9512-CR-716 49G05-9212-CF-170200 Word Perfect
Maharis v. Orange 59A05-9606-CV-225 59C01-9509-CP-138 Word Perfect
TAM v. State Farm 79A05-9610-CV-406 79D02-9510-CP-104 Word Perfect
Thompson v. Monroe 49A05-9609-CV-362 49D02-9312-CP-1282 Word Perfect
Ind. Erectors v. Trustees Ind. University 53A01-9703-CV-88 53C01-9212-CP-117 Word Perfect
Sisson v. Wilson 07A01-9712-CV-430 07C01-9510-MI-0285 Word Perfect
Indiana Dept. of Environmental Mgmt. etal v. Medical Disposal Services, Inc. 56A05-9805-CV-243 56C01-9708-MI-6 Word Perfect
IN Dept Nat. Res. v. Town of Syracuse 43A03-9701-CV-9 43C01-9506-MI-539 Word Perfect
Gary Thorpe v. State 52A05-9605-CR-190 52C01-9504-CF-48 Word Perfect
"Doe" v. Tobias 72A01-9712-CV-394 72C01-9404-CP-45 Word Perfect
Porter v. State 49A02-9711-CR-778 49F09-9610-DF-149886 Word Perfect
Town of Merrillville v. Peter Blanco 45A03-9509-CV-308 45D01-9209-MI-1084 Word Perfect
Bradley A. Mescher v. State 02A03-9608-CR-308 02D04-9605-CM-3862 Word Perfect
Allan W. Fulk v. State 17A03-9705-CR-154 17D01-9601-CF-3 Word Perfect
Manuel Garcia, Sr. v. State of Indiana 37A03-9702-CR-53 37C01-9305-CF-11 Word Perfect
Thomas W. Stiles v. State of Indiana 64A03-9704-CR-128 64D02-9608-CF-86 Word Perfect
Charles L. Pebley v. State of Indiana 34A02-9609-CR-558 34D03-9511-DF-104 Word Perfect
Yoon v. Yoon 49A02-9611-CV-733 49D06-9501-DR-75 Word Perfect
David Grafe v. State of Indiana 49A02-9701-PC-16 CR86219F Word Perfect
Bennett v. Indiana Life 49A04-9605-CV-168 49D07-9403-CP-250 Word Perfect
Nora/Paul Auler v. Bruce Van Natta, M.D. and Humana Women's Hospital 29A02-9703-CV-191 29C01-9604-CP-287 Word Perfect
Sigler v. State 61A04-9802-PC-61 84-CR-66, 84-CR-70 Word Perfect
Serletic v. Noel 46A04-9705-CV-195 46C01-9009-CP-197 Word Perfect
Vasquez v. State of Indiana 44A03-9803-CR-95 44D01-9406-CF-87 Word Perfect
Tommie C. Purcell, Jr. vs. State of Indiana 86A03-9801-CR-29 86C01-9502-DF-14 Word Perfect
Gulley v. Winter 55A01-9703-CV-76 55D02-9408-CT-91 Word Perfect
Winona Memorial Hospital v. Kuester 49A02-0001-CV-19 49D07-9907-CT-928 Word Perfect
Richard Kennedy v. Rick Jester 82A01-9805-CV-170 82D03-9609-CP-2477 Word Perfect
Burrell v. State 84A01-9705-CR-162 84D01-9608-CF-250 Word Perfect
American Family Life Assurance v. Mary Russell 84A05-9711-CV-494 84D02-9608-CP-1425 Word Perfect
Eck v. Alusuisse Flexible Etc. 48A05-9803-CV-127 48C01-9409-CP-332 Word Perfect
Taylor v. Fall Creek Regional Waste District 48A02-9802-CV-195 48D02-9605-CP-24 Word Perfect
State v. Kent 55A01-9711-CR-359 55D01-9703-DF-66 Word Perfect
Clanton v. United Skates 49A02-9703-CV-140 49D01-9508-CT-1158 Word Perfect
Cox v. State 48A02-9703-CR-158 48D03-9208-CF-273 Word Perfect
Neal L. Seals v. State of Indiana 18A02-9807-CR-563 18D01-9607-CF-45 Word Perfect
Bobby Gene Young v. State of Indiana 45S00-9801-CR-9 45G04-9611-CF-216 Word Perfect
Rush County Zoning v. Ryse 70A04-9612-CV-535 70C01-9504-MI-67 Word Perfect
Reed (Deborah) v. State 49A02-9603-CR-151 49G02-9503-CF-033800 Word Perfect
John Autrey, Jr. v. State of Indiana 71S00-9612-CR-761 71D04-9509-CV-426 Word Perfect
State v. Roy Dennis 49A02-9706-CR-349 49F18-9701-DF-10090 Word Perfect
Austin v. State of Indiana 49A02-9711-CR-786 49G03-9701-CF-5709 Word Perfect
LTV Steel Company v. Kenneth Zeller 49A04-9612-CV-512 49D10-9503-MI-399 Word Perfect
Miller v. NBD Bank etal 32A01-9711-CV-367 32D01-9603-ES-36 Word Perfect
Newby v. State 88A04-9711-CR-483 88D01-9705-CF-106 Word Perfect
Stevens v. State 10A01-9804-CR-156 10D02-9404-CF-72 Word Perfect
Estate of Pope 89A01-9804-CV-141 89D01-9711-ES-98 Word Perfect
Linda S. Barga v. Indiana Farmers Mutual Insurance Group, Inc., and Gerald D. Siler and Fugua Chrysler-Plymouth Inc. 18A02-9610-CV-663 18C01-9002-CP-27 Word Perfect
Ruth Thie v. Katherine L. Davis etal 49A02-9609-CV-574 49D04-9509-CP-1430 Word Perfect
Joan Coleman v. Indiana Family and Social Services Administration 49A02-9609-CV-608 49D01-9502-CP-169 Word Perfect
Katherine L. Davis v. James Schrader 49A02-9602-CV-87 49D05-9411-CP-1212 Word Perfect
Smith v. Standard Life 06A01-9609-CV-293 06C01-9406-CP-136 Word Perfect
Steven Troyer v. T. Dilynn Troyer 20A03-9606-CV-207 20C01-9310-DR-308 Word Perfect
Nikolaenko v. State 02A05-9701-CR-5 02D04-9511-CF-583 Word Perfect
Cordray v. State of Indiana 82A04-9703-CR-109 82C01-9601-CF-36 Word Perfect
Squires v. Utility Trailers of Indianapolis, Inc., d/b/a Utility/Peterbilt of Indianapolis, Inc. 49A05-9702-CV-63 49D07-9504-CP-600 Word Perfect
State v. Eckhardt 26A05-9703-CR-94 26C01-9611-MC-15 Word Perfect
State v. Troy D. Harris 33A05-9712-CR-508 33C01-9702-CF-8 Word Perfect
Tracy L. Moreland v. State 20A03-9712-CR-450 20D03-9606-CF-71 Word Perfect
Donnell L. Robertson v. State 45A03-9704-PC-130 45G04-9308-CF-215 Word Perfect
State of Indiana v. Thompson 02A03-9705-CR-149 02D04-9302-CF-94 Word Perfect
UNR-Rohn Inc. v. Summit Bank of Clinton County 12A02-9512-CV-723 12C01-9302-CP-21 Word Perfect
Schaffert v. Jackson Nat. Life Ins. 45A03-9701-CV-30 45D01-9405-CP-476 Word Perfect
Huntington v. Debrota 49A05-9708-CV-361 49D02-9701-CP-33 Word Perfect
Settles v. Leslie 49A04-9711-CV-468 49D04-9409-CP-1267 Word Perfect
Crosman v. Millender 45A04-9801-CV-4 45D01-9605-CT-502 Word Perfect
Victor/Mary Vertucci as natural parents for S.V., a minor 49A02-9803-CV-259 49D02-9505-CT-775 Word Perfect
Richardson v. State 67A01-9705-CR-143 67C01-9609-CF-74 Word Perfect
Hon. James B. Young, Adoption of Resolution of the Court of Appeals of Indiana 49A05-9811-MS-541 N/A Word Perfect
Ehrlich v. Thayer 79A02-9610-CV-624 79C01-9609-CP-238 Word Perfect
Henderson v. State 71A04-9608-CR-329 71D01-9510-CF-502 Word Perfect
Abbs v. Town of Syracuse 43A03-9612-CV-447 43C01-9404-CP-310 Word Perfect
Brad Frisbie v. State 45A03-9704-CR-126 45D07-9412-CF-176240A1 Word Perfect
Kantz v. Elkhart Co. Highway Dept. 20A04-9708-CV-341 20D02-9411-CT-792 Word Perfect
State v. Drubert 50A05-9703-CR-106 50D02-9607-DF-137 Word Perfect
Bowman v. Bowman 34A05-9706-CV-221 34C01-9609-DR-201 Word Perfect
Area Plan v. Wilson 82A01-9712-CV-429 82D03-9606-CP-1626 Word Perfect
Bd Zoning Appeals, Bloomington vs. Jack & Barbara Leisz 53A01-9703-CV-82 53C02-9506-CP-789 Word Perfect
Marcella/Melinda Engelking vs. Estate of Lowell Eugene Engelking, II, et al 03A01-9707-CV-200 03D02-9604-EU-16 Word Perfect
State v. Livengood 15A01-9612-CV-412 15C01-9304-CT-24 Word Perfect
Michelle Jones v. State 49A02-9706-CR-391 49G06-9610-CF-161389 Word Perfect
Harvest Life v. Getche 61A04-9801-CV-18 61C01-9503-CP-73 Word Perfect
Windell v. Miller 10A01-9702-CV-47 10C01-9506-CP-242 Word Perfect
United of Omaha v. Heiber etal 02A05-9709-CV-408 02C01-9205-CT-44 Word Perfect
Broome v. State 29A05-9604-CR-131 29D01-9504-CF-27 Word Perfect
Nishikawa v. Van Phan 44A05-9806-CV-316 44D01-9710-CP-64 Word Perfect
Indiana Port Commission v. Consolidated Grain & Barge Co. 49A02-9712-CV-832 49D04-9706-CP-843 Word Perfect
Barbara Abel Thomas v. Bill H. Abel 49A02-9602-CV-108 S280-0463 Word Perfect
Weinberg v. Geary 45A03-9612-CV-439 45C01-9206-CT-1296 Word Perfect
State v. J.D. 43A03-9712-JV-438 43D01-9609-JD-212 Word Perfect
Groveland School v. Bailey 64A04-9805-CV-260 64D02-9505-CT-1201 Word Perfect
Warren v. State 53A01-9704-CR-130 53C03-9603-CF-150 Word Perfect
Community Care v. Sullivan 18A04-9708-CV-354 18D01-9511-CP-241 Word Perfect
Shorter v. City of Sullivan 77A01-9711-CV-379 77D01-9512-CF-228 Word Perfect
State Brd. of Regis. v. Eberenz 10A04-9805-CV-237 10D02-9706-CP-156 Word Perfect
Wright v. Elston 10A01-9806-CV-209 10D01-9509-CT-120 Word Perfect
Sebastian Araiza and State Farm Automobile Ins. Co. v. Chrysler Ins. Co. 45A03-9803-CV-138 45D01-9402-CT-216 Word Perfect
Payne v. State of Indiana 49A02-9608-CR-482 49G05-9504-CF-044826 Word Perfect
City of New Haven v. Chemical Waste Management 02A03-9606-CV-203 02C01-9506-CP-642 Word Perfect
Union Security v. Acton 18A02-9802-CV-147 18D01-9508-CP-194 Word Perfect
Thorne v. State 26A01-9703-CR-83 26C01-9603-CF-5 Word Perfect
Ground v. State of Indiana 49A02-9803-CR-271 49G05-9610-CF-163830 Word Perfect
Ernest T. Smith v. State 79S00-9609-CR-583 79D02-9509-CF-89 Word Perfect
City of Indianapolis v. James Heath 49A02-9612-CV-804 49D07-9603-CP-438 Word Perfect
Chosnek v. Rolley 79A02-9612-CV-764 79C01-9307-CP-246 Word Perfect
Tom Smith v. State Lottery 49A05-9802-CV-59 49D01-9704-CT-606 Word Perfect
In the Matter of the Paternity of A.J.R., D.B.M. v. State b/n/f A.R. 53A01-9804-CV-163 53C07-9611-JP-367 Word Perfect
Charlotte A. Jenkins v. Arden Jenkins 43A03-9704-CV-136 43D01-7605-DR-168 Word Perfect
Charles Bischoff v. State of Indiana 35A02-9807-CR-627 35D01-9502-DF-15 Word Perfect
Cohen v. Myer 82A01-9807-CV-244 82D03-9712-CP-4193 Word Perfect
Ronald K. Bretz, Jr. v. State of Indiana 18A02-9804-CR-307 18D02-9711-CF-69 Word Perfect
Michael R. Cody v. State of Indiana 55A01-9803-CR-111 55D01-9704-CM-79 Word Perfect
Maurice C. Macklin v. State of Indiana 49A04-9801-CR-44 49F18-9705-DF-64158 Word Perfect
John Reid, M.D. v. Rex Ragsdale 82A01-9802-CV-52 82D03-9510-MI-2376 Word Perfect
Leroy W. Elmore v. State of Indiana 45A03-9605-PC-165 2CR-213-1285-848 Word Perfect
Mariscal v. State of Indiana 49A04-9701-CR-10 49G05-9512-CF-186537 Word Perfect
Ohio Valley Plastics v. National City Bank 49A02-9702-CV-110 49D03-9510-CP-1515 Word Perfect
Taylor v. State of Indiana 49A05-9611-CR-473 49G02-9601-CF-18184 Word Perfect
Marlow v. Marlow 48A02-9803-CV-211 48D01-9602-DR-120 Word Perfect
CSX Transport Inc. v. Kirby 84A04-9608-CV-324 84D01-9209-CT-1401 Word Perfect
Evolga v. State of Indiana 45A05-9806-PC-292 1CR-162-978-864 Word Perfect
D.H. v. State 49A04-9701-JV-33 49D09-9609-JD-4239 Word Perfect
Res-Care, Inc. v. Indiana FSSA 18A02-9804-CV-338 18D02-9509-CP-183 Word Perfect
Helton v. Harbrecht 45A03-9802-CV-47 45D02-9509-CP-880 Word Perfect
Shell Oil Co. v. Lovold Co. 32A01-9705-CV-154 32D01-9603-CP-62 Word Perfect
Walter Goudy v. State of Indiana 48S00-9604-CR-296 48D03-9504-CF-110 Word Perfect
Jay Read v. City of South Bend 71A03-9609-CV-352 71C01-9508-CP-873 Word Perfect
Monschien v. Lalonde 49A05-9803-CV-171 49D02-9604-DR-490 Word Perfect
State of Indiana etal v. Indianapolis Newspapers Inc. etal 49A04-9703-CV-95 49D01-9607-CP-913 Word Perfect
Everroad v. State 03A01-9805-CR-174 03C01-9707-CF-1144 Word Perfect
Burke v. Cleland 45A03-9802-CV-43 45D03-9704-ES-61 Word Perfect
Rebecca Beason-Strange-Claussen v. City of Hammond, IN. 64A03-9511-CV-387 64D01-9110-CT-2689 Word Perfect
G & N Aircraft v. Boehm 45A05-9708-CV-323 45D01-9506-CT-722 Word Perfect
Benjamin v. City of W. Lafayette 79A04-9803-CV-124 79D01-9310-CP-299 Word Perfect
Frederick A. Reed v. State 71S00-9704-CR-233 71D08-9607-CF-283 Word Perfect
Thompson v. Wickes Lumber Co. 49A02-9608-CV-515 49D02-9311-CP-1160 Word Perfect
D. Grubb v. E.G. Childers 53A01-9802-CV-75 53C04-9609-CP-717 Word Perfect
Alex E. Waters v. State of Indiana 77A01-9709-CV-295 77C01-9705-MI-118 Word Perfect
Flynn v. State 03A01-9707-CR-238 03D01-9610-CF-944 Word Perfect
Herschell A. Sherwood v. State of Indiana 48S00-9606-CR-447 48D03-9408-CF-195 Word Perfect
Lincke v. Long Beach Country Club 46A03-9805-CV-213 46C01-9508-CT-270 Word Perfect
Sutton v. State of Indiana 22A01-9706-CR-182 22D01-8901-CF-6 Word Perfect
C.W.W. v. State of Indiana 10A01-9706-CR-194 10E01-9501-CF-62 PDF
Weaver v. State of Indiana 29A04-9804-CR-197 29D04-9610-DF-7148 Word Perfect
In Memory of the Late Honorable Joseph O. Carson, II, Adoption of Resolution of the Court of Appeals of Indiana 49A04-9812-MS-592 N/A Word Perfect
Dennis L. Johnson v. State of Indiana 48S00-9712-CR-684 48D03-9609-CF-309 Word Perfect
Lebrun v. Conner 84A05-9708-CV-359 84D01-9611-CT-2019 Word Perfect
Comm. IDEM v. Bethlehem Steel 49A02-9803-CV-281 49D06-9701-MI-109 Word Perfect
Brunner v. Trustees 49A02-9707-CV-452 49D13-9606-CT-1125 Word Perfect
Robert Jennings v. State 59A01-9706-CR-193 59C01-9309-CF-62 Word Perfect
Santana v. State of Indiana 45A05-9609-CR-353 45G04-9108-CF-165 Word Perfect
State of Indiana v. Hill 49A04-9612-CR-500 -49G04-9508-CF-122141 Word Perfect
State of Indiana v. Moore 79A02-9702-CR-115 79D01-9610-CF-64 Word Perfect
James/Judy Johnston, & Richard Allen Dobeski v. State of Indiana 64A04-9801-PC-32 64-PCCr-105 Word Perfect
Faver v. Bayh 67A01-9607-CV-220 67C01-9407-CP-353 Word Perfect
Kirchoff v. Selby 26A01-9601-CV-34 26C01-9203-CP-15 Word Perfect
Ajabu v. State 49A05-9801-CR-44 49F09-9606-DF-76212 Word Perfect
Terry Wildman v. Natl. Fire and Marine Insurance Co. 49A05-9803-CV-168 49D11-9704-CT-519 Word Perfect
Henry J. Moore v. State 49A04-9802-CR-72 49G01-9707-CF-104908 Word Perfect
Samek v. State 56A03-9706-CR-214 56D01-9605-CF-22 Word Perfect
State v. Joseph W. Klein 49A02-9802-CR-105 49G04-9604-CF-49882 Word Perfect
Pierce v. Pierce 45A03-9705-CV-168 45D02-8811-DR-01314 Word Perfect
Robert Boykin v. State 49A02-9807-PC-615 49G01-9001-CF-9936 Word Perfect
Newman v. Deiter 49A04-9710-CV-448 49D05-9605-CP-0717 Word Perfect
Lavelle Malone v. State 49A05-9805-CR-250 49G02-9708-CF-121370 Word Perfect
Grzan v. Charter Hospital 45A04-9802-CV-82 45D04-9403-CT-418 Word Perfect
Grubb v. Monroe County 53A01-9808-JV-294 53C07-9801-JT-3 Word Perfect
4-D Bldgs v. James Palmore etal 41A01-9707-CV-205 41D02-9610-CP-217 Word Perfect
Zemco Manufacturing Inc. vs. Joel R. Pecoraro, Sr. 02A03-9802-CV-69 02D01-9503-CT-108 Word Perfect
Smith v. State 49A02-9701-CR-14 49F18-9603-DF-039249 Word Perfect
State v. Land & Tutt 79A02-9705-CR-282 79C01-9610-CF-17 Word Perfect
Kevin D. Boss v. State of Indiana 79A05-9803-CR-173 79D01-9611-CF-92 Word Perfect
Mejia v. State of Indiana 18A05-9710-CR-440 18D02-9608-CF-47 Word Perfect
David R. Geiger v. State 20A03-9703-CR-69 20D03-9508-CF-139 Word Perfect
Michael Perry v. Elkhart OF&C 20A03-9704-JV-111 20C01-9604-JT-180 Word Perfect
Bruce Allen Wilson v. State 17A03-9703-CR-77 17C01-9411-CF-75 Word Perfect
Nationscredit v. Grauel 79A04-9712-CV-516 79D01-9605-CP-148 Word Perfect
Jennipher Forte v. Connerwood Healthcare, Inc. 49A02-9807-CV-561 48D03-9609-CT-641 Word Perfect
Williams v. Indiana Dep. 67A01-9712-CV-418 67C01-9506-CP-305 Word Perfect
Peter Dvorak et al v. City of Bloomington 53A05-9712-CV-503 53C04-9604-OV-360 Word Perfect
Dorsett v. Carter 55A02-9805-CV-455 55D02-9402-CT-23 Word Perfect
William I. Thompson v. State 21A05-9710-CR-453 21C01-9704-CF-78 Word Perfect
Waters v. State 79A05-9806-PC-295 79D01-9207-CF-48 Word Perfect
Beech v. State 49A05-9802-PC-90 CR83-172D Word Perfect
Barclay v. Universal 45A03-9802-CV-68 45C01-9706-CT-01520 Word Perfect
Raines v. Auto-Owners 20A05-9805-CV-248 20F03-9604-CP-036 Word Perfect
Casey Sams v. State 49A02-9609-CR-577 49G01-9512-CF-180034 Word Perfect
Manzo v. Estep 45A04-9703-CV-108 45D05-9510-CT-1848 Word Perfect
Vetor v. State 48A04-9705-CR-190 48E02-9609-DF-294 Word Perfect
Jason Ward etal v. Samuel Frye, Jr. & Winchester Transporation 46A03-9707-CV-249 46D02-9607-CT-135 Word Perfect
Robert Attebury v. State 82A01-9803-CR-96 82C01-9706-CF-564 Word Perfect
Adkins v. State 49A05-9803-CR-135 49G01-9701-CF-013663 Word Perfect
Lenhardt v. Lumpe 49A05-9706-CV-216 49D04-9408-CT-1187 Word Perfect
Lamey v. Lamey 49A04-9704-CV-167 49D08-9607-EX-536 Word Perfect
National Gen. Ins. v. Riddell 49A01-9807-CV-618 49C01-9802-CP-291 Word Perfect
National Gen. Ins. v. Riddell 49A02-9807-CV-618 49C01-9802-CP-291 Word Perfect
Obregon v. State 71A03-9711-CR-397 71D03-9703-DF-170 Word Perfect
Ansert v. Ansert 93A02-9706-EX-363 C-126413 Word Perfect
Keith Davenport v. State of Indiana 49S00-9510-CR-1245 49G01-9502-CF-16323 Word Perfect
Lake County Trust Co. v. Terry and Sandra Wine 64A03-9804-CV-174 64D02-9401-CP-116 Word Perfect
Regester v. In State Bd of Nursing 06A04-9704-CV-150 06D01-9610-CP-219 Word Perfect
Scott County v. Vaughn 72A05-9805-CV-271 72C01-9403-CT-19 Word Perfect
City of Indianapolis v. Woods 49A02-9801-CV-74 49D12-9702-CP-0246 Word Perfect
Ford Motor Co. v. Reed 49A02-9607-CV-466 49D05-9208-CP-865 Word Perfect
Phillip Kirts v. State of Indiana 04A03-9707-IF-233 04C01-9608-IF-T1119 Word Perfect
Robles v. State 32A01-9801-CR-23 32D03-9703-CM-100 Word Perfect
Mart v. Hess 49A05-9804-CV-186 49D01-9605-CT-631 Word Perfect
Mabbitt v. State 49A05-9801-CR-38 49F19-9808-CM-119753 Word Perfect
Ronald G. Becker v. State 45A03-9804-CR-178 45G04-9702-CF-37 Word Perfect
Joel Garza v. Kevin D. Lorch, et al 31A01-9804-CV-143 31C01-9612-CP-254 Word Perfect
Indiana Payphone v. Ind Bell 93A02-9510-EX-618 39474 Word Perfect
Craig Arvin v. Kim Arvin 34A02-9708-CV-559 34D01-9607-DR-150 Word Perfect
Ross v. Cavett 49A02-9709-CV-591 49D07-9502-CT-205 Word Perfect
Murray v. Hamilton Co Sheriff 29A04-9610-CV-411 29C01-9503-MI-157 Word Perfect
Chad L. Wright v. State of Indiana 18S00-9606-CR-458 18D01-9410-CF-48 Word Perfect
Silkey v. Investors Diversified 82A04-9707-CV-272 82D03-9406-CP-1330 Word Perfect
Hill v. Bethlehem Steel Corp. 93A02-9703-EX-175 C-12171 Word Perfect
Shepherd v. State 43A05-9609-CR-395 43D01-9503-CF-67 Word Perfect
Ralph D. Smith v. State of Indiana 85S04-9701-CR-27 85C01-9303-CF-19 Word Perfect
Ind Civil Rights v. Alder 09A02-9611-CV-697 09D01-9305-CP-62 Word Perfect
Donald Ray Peck v. State of Indiana 71A05-9806-CR-283 71D02-9712-DF-768 Word Perfect
Nicole L. Thompson et al v. Jeff Ownsby et al 73A05-9804-CV-232 73C01-9708-CT-10 Word Perfect
KPMG Peat Marwick v. Asher 29A04-9702-CV-66 29D03-9205-CP-261 Word Perfect
Gleason v. Bush 79A02-9704-CV-232 79D01-9305-CP-122 Word Perfect
Kevin Lee Hough v. State of Indiana 02S00-9305-PD-497 CR-86-185 Word Perfect
Ozuna v. State 79A02-9706-CR-377 79D02-9609-CF-57 Word Perfect
Ronald Carter v. State of Indiana 49A05-9707-CR-305 49G03-9504-CF-46698 Word Perfect
Norman Timberlake v. State of Indiana 49S00-9305-DP-577 49G02-9302-CR-14191 Word Perfect
Yarbrough v. State 34A04-9805-CR-264 34C01-9312-CF-93 Word Perfect
Indiana Family & Social Services v. Hospitality House of Bedford 49A05-9712-CV-506 49D01-9107-CP-762 Word Perfect
Fuquay v. State of Indiana 82A01-9702-PC-67 82C01-9009-CF-8304 Word Perfect
Nathan A. Jones v. State of Indiana 48A02-9705-CR-264 48D01-9002-CF-018 Word Perfect
Scisney v. State of Indiana 82A05-9608-CR-348 82C01-9506-CF-519 Word Perfect
Woods v. State of Indiana 49A05-9712-CR-536 49F10-9701-CM-3983 Word Perfect
Gloria Jones v. Cheryl Sullivan 71A03-9801-CV-11 71D06-9508-CP-765 Word Perfect
Kerkhof v. Kerkhof 30A01-9712-CV-406 30C01-9608-CR-251 Word Perfect
Office of Environmental Adjudication v. J.M. Corporation 49A02-9509-CV-525 49D05-9406-MI-10588 Word Perfect
Seth Stevens v. State 49A02-9703-CR-130 49F05-9605-CM-68032 Word Perfect
Harvey Hevenor v. State of Indiana 34A02-0203-CR-240 34D01-0011-CM-301 Word
Giffin v. Edwards 02A03-9806-CV-261 02D01-8903-CP-493 Word Perfect
Warrick Comm. v. Warrick Council 87A04-9807-CV-374 87D02-9801-CP-12 Word Perfect
Elswick v. State 20A03-9804-PC-162 20C01-8911-CF-117 Word Perfect
Kitco Inc. & Rhett W. Burgess v. Corp. for General 02A03-9806-CV-258 02D01-9511-CT-413 Word Perfect
S.M. v. Elkhart County Office of Family and Children 20A03-9805-JV-235 20C01-9704-JT-5 Word Perfect
Lake County v. County Council 45A03-9802-CV-78 45D04-9612-CP-1056 Word Perfect
City of Fort Wayne v. Moore 02A03-9806-CV-290 02D01-9505-CT-213 Word Perfect
Sorenson v. Allied Products 04A03-9802-CV-49 04C01-9506-CT-78 Word Perfect
Wayman v. J & S Petroleum 93A02-9810-EX-803 C123163 Word Perfect
Ashcraft v. Northeast 77A05-9712-CV-551 77C01-9512-CT-270 Word Perfect
Jason C. Marsh and Rhonda Marsh v. Kirk Dixon, Dyna Soar Aerobatics, Inc. 49A05-9803-CV-146 49D10-9610-CT-1378 Word Perfect
IN Michigan Power Co. v. Roush 93A02-9802-EX-103 C13372 Word Perfect
Suyoung Choung v. Iemma 71A04-9806-CV-288 71D05-9707-CP-698 Word Perfect
Tommie Lee Byrd v. State 48A05-9709-CR-386 48C01-9511-CF-218 Word Perfect
State v. J.E. 02A05-9804-PC-210 02D04-9006-CM-17905 PDF
James D. Wilson v. State 55A01-9803-PC-92 55E01-8710-CF-760 Word Perfect
Novicki v. Rapid-American 49A02-9803-CV-241 49D02-9501-MI-161 Word Perfect
W.L. v. State of Indiana 49A04-9804-JV-228 49D09-9708-JD-3863 Word Perfect
In Re: The Matter of City of Clinton Water Works Rate Schedule v. City of Clinton, Dept. of Water Works 83A04-9805-CV-248 83C01-9709-MI-9 Word Perfect
Ramsey v. Madison 48A04-9808-JV-407 48D02-9804-JT-003 Word Perfect
Clarence Bland v. State 48A02-9809-CR-739 48C01-9709-CF-173 Word Perfect
Oman vs. State of Indiana 46A03-9808-CR-365 46D04-9805-CM-679 Word Perfect
Town Council v. Parker 87A01-9808-CV-305 87C01-9608-CP-305 Word Perfect
Christina Blunt-Keene v. State 27A02-9812-PC-978 27D03-9312-CM-1129 Word Perfect
Devin Royce Maurer v. Cathleen Jo Maurer 11A01-9811-CV-431 SCV-98-166 Word Perfect
James/Angela Tanton v. William/ Sandy Grochow et al 29A02-9805-CV-420 29D05-9709-MI-888 Word Perfect
Mark Albright v. State 80A02-9809-CR-737 80C01-9708-DF-143 Word Perfect
James Hollowell v. State of Indiana 49A04-9802-CR-103 49G05-9705-CF-63362 Word Perfect
Theodore Purdy v. State of Indiana 49A04-9807-CR-360 49F10-9802-CM-02664 Word Perfect
Kevin Coleman v. State 45A05-9803-PC-174 3CR-10-185-54 Word Perfect
Becker v. Four Points Investment 71A03-9805-CV-203 71D05-9506-CP-620 Word Perfect
Ladd v. State 53A01-9803-CR-124 53C03-9604-DF-227 Word Perfect
Wurster, Turpin, Conner v. State of Indiana 49A02-9802-CR-126 49G03-9704-CF-60445 Word Perfect
Meyer vs. Wolvos 71A05-9711-CV-465 71C01-9307-CP-10592 Word Perfect
Kevin L. Wilson v. State of Indiana 48A02-9804-CR-385 48E02-9506-DF-201 Word Perfect
Kiltz etal v. Estate of Alfred Wm. Kiltz 65A01-9805-CV-184 65C01-9705-EU-41 Word Perfect
Kenneth W. Fleming v. Pizza Supply Corp. 49A02-9802-CV-193 49D05-9104-MI-506-001 Word Perfect
Ritchison v. State of Indiana 43A04-9808-CR-396 43D03-9705-DF-67 Word Perfect
Ritchison v. State 43A04-98080-CR-396 43D03-9705-DF-67 Word Perfect
Spencer v. O'Connor 49A02-9805-CV-466 49D11-9801-CP-139 Word Perfect
Jones (William) v. State 02A03-9803-CR-140 02C01-9707-DF-161 Word Perfect
City of Indianapolis v. Taylor 30A04-9612-CV-521 30D01-9207-CT-212 Word Perfect
Crowley v. Crowley 34A04-9712-CV-514 34C01-9603-DR-57 Word Perfect
State of Indiana v. Robin D. Barkdull 44A03-9808-CR-355 44C01-9803-DF-29 Word Perfect
Daniel E. Webster v. State of Indiana 25A03-9807-CR-330 25C01-9711-CF-080 Word Perfect
Miriam Nash v. Richard Howell 45A03-9809-JV-385 45D06-9701-JP-13 Word Perfect
State of Indiana v. Linck 34A04-9803-CR-139 34D02-9705-DF-72 Word Perfect
Benedetto v. Indiana University 49A02-9805-CV-440 49D13-9707-CT-985 Word Perfect
State of Indiana v. Langen 45A04-9806-CV-281 45D03-9601-CP-141 Word Perfect
Comm. Action of Greater Indpls. vs. Ind. Farmers Mutual Insurance 49A02-9809-CV-734 49D11-9802-CT-264 Word Perfect
Bronnenberg v. Est. of Bronnenberg 18A05-9706-CV-223 18D02-9205-ES-48 Word Perfect
Cunningham v. Georgetown Homes 45A03-9802-CV-44 45D03-9703-CP-01006 Word Perfect
Santana v. Santana 71A04-9810-CV-498 71C01-9705-MI-102 Word Perfect
Gibson v. State 27A02-9802-CR-162 27D02-9704-CF-41 Word Perfect
Rosentrater v. Rosentrater 45A03-9807-CV-303 45D01-9306-DR-886 Word Perfect
JWP Zack v. Hoosier Energy 42A01-9710-CV-339 42D01-9310-CP-69 Word Perfect
Kissell v. First Federal Savings 27A05-9809-CV-436 27D02-9304-CP-72 Word Perfect
Hosler v. Caterpillar 91A05-9806-CV-302 91C01-9708-CT-020 Word Perfect
McDaniel v. Business Investment 49A04-9804-CV-202 49D01-9606-CT-902 Word Perfect
409 Land Trust v. South Bend 71A04-9810-CV-523 71D04-9702-CP-165 Word Perfect
Shannon Lyttle v. State 71S00-9705-CR-334 71D04-9509-CF-428 Word Perfect
Gilliana v. Paniaguas 45A03-9805-CV-237 45D01-9512-CP-1347 Word Perfect
Goodman v. State 28A01-9804-CR-155 28D01-9706-CF-331 Word Perfect
Stewart v. Stewart 34A02-9809-CV-768 34D03-9510-DR-148 Word Perfect
Capps v. State of Indiana 49A02-9807-PC-605 49G06-8811-CF-134912 Word Perfect
INS Investigations v. Lee 40A01-9807-CV-268 40C01-9507-CP-176 Word Perfect
Cuto v. State of Indiana 49A02-9807-CR-609 49G04-9309-CF-19703 Word Perfect
Jo G. Paxton v. Millicent H. Paxton 43A04-9809-CV-439 43D04-9408-DR-723 Word Perfect
D.L. Thomsen & Thomsen Law Office v. Kentin & Edna Musall 49A05-9812-CV-596 49D03-9805-CP-678 Word Perfect
Wampler v. Tusing 53A01-9808-CV-288 53C05-9612-CP-1480 Word Perfect
Todd Dale v. J.G. Bowers Inc. 27A02-9807-CV-577 27D01-9702-CP-85 Word Perfect
In Re: B.W., A Child in Need of Services, J.M Werheim v. F.L. Werheim 49A02-9808-CV-671 49D09-9710-JC-524 Word Perfect
Julie Johnson v. State 24A04-9809-CR-474 24C01-9509-CM-496 Word Perfect
Damian W. Christian v. State 79A02-9805-CR-449 79E02-9610-CM-3938 Word Perfect
R.P.D. b/n/f P.A.D., David L. Parker etal 49A02-9803-JV-199 49D09-9612-JP-281 Word Perfect
Richard E. Settle v. State 06A01-9809-CR-326 06D02-9503-CF-124 Word Perfect
Ivay O. Holmes v. AC and S Inc.; Atlas Turner, Inc.; A.W. Chesterton Co. etal 49A02-9712-CV-846 49D02-9501-MI-0001-046 Word Perfect
Kaghann's Korner v. Brown & Sons Fuel 17A03-9802-CV-79 17C01-9507-CP-56 Word Perfect
IN State Bd Tax Comm v. IN Chamber of Commerce 02A04-9807-CV-337 02C01-9804-CP-529 Word Perfect
John & Carol Hayes v. Joseph & Kimberly Hayes 29A02-9805-CV-451 29C01-9705-DR-373 Word Perfect
Darlene Wanda Mears v. Lake County Council 64A03-9807-CV-300 64D05-9301-CT-165 Word Perfect
Jess M. Miller v. State of Indiana 46A03-9805-CR-236 46C01-9701-CF-1 Word Perfect
Rick & Cindy Bunch v. Kamal K. Tiwari, M.D., 5304-9901-CV-19 53C06-9712-CT-1681 Word Perfect
Rick & Cindy Bunch v. Kamal K. Tiwari, M.D. 53A04-9901-CV-19 53C06-9712-CT-1681 Word Perfect
Rick/Cindy Bunch v. Kamal K. Tiwari, M.D. 53A04-9901-CV-19 53C06-9712-CT-1681 Word Perfect
City of Muncie v. James Peters 18A04-9807-CV-372 18D02-9510-CP-223 Word Perfect
Steven D. Fricke and Cheryl Fricke v. Lynnette Gray 49A02-9705-CV-281 49D10-9412-CT-0261 Word Perfect
Pryor v. Pryor 62A01-9806-CV-226 62C01-9802-DR-31 Word Perfect
Minks v. Pina, etal 45A03-9708-CV-273 45D01-9602-CT-163 Word Perfect
Morgan v. Benner 06A01-9809-CV-344 06D01-9606-CT-118 Word Perfect
Joseph R. Frantz and Frantz Lumber Co., Inc. v. Bill Cantrell 85A02-9810-CV-848 85D01-9709-CP-118 Word Perfect
Knowles v. Murray 09A04-9709-CV-405 09C01-9504-CT-5 Word Perfect
Kuhfahl v. State of Indiana 03A01-9805-CR-185 03D01-9702-CF-177 Word Perfect
Edwards v. Edwards 45A04-9804-CV-226 45C01-9611-CR-02265 Word Perfect
Indpls. Athletic Club v. Alco 49A02-9706-CV-347 49D02-9211-CT-1253 Word Perfect
Anthem Ins. v. Tenet Healthcare 10A01-9807-CV-243 10C01-9512-CP-435 Word Perfect
Groves v. Taylor 14A01-9808-CV-284 14C01-9412-CT-315 Word Perfect
Teresa D. White v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Ins., et al 47A05-9810-CV-508 47C01-9409-CT-713 Word Perfect
Weldon v. Universal 49A04-9808-CV-400 49D05-9707-CT-997 Word Perfect
Bloomington Hospital v. Robert Stofko 93A02-9808-EX-688 C-133718 Word Perfect
Sisson v. State 08A04-9805-CR-258 08C01-9703-CF-13 Word Perfect
Christian v. State 49A02-9804-CR-379 49G03-9308-CF-093779 Word Perfect
Christian v. State of Indiana 49A02-9804-PC-379 49G03-9308-CF-093779 Word Perfect
Vanmatre v. State of Indiana 48A02-9806-CR-476 48D03-9806-CF-030 Word Perfect
In the Matter of the Guardianship of Virgil Earl Shaffer; Kim D. Shaffer v. Mary Lou Williams and Jacqueline Long 20A03-9601-CV-14 20D01-9503-GU-20/43C01-9612-GU-50 Word Perfect
Johnson v. State 49A02-9803-CR-272 49F15-9709-DF-140946 Word Perfect
Croney v. State 49A05-9809-CR-480 49G04-9705-CF-64182 Word Perfect
Lowry v. Lanning 71A03-9902-CV-59 71D01-9807-SC-8749 Word Perfect
Cunningham v. Baker 45A03-9811-CV-462 45D01-9607-CT-717 Word Perfect
Tarry v. Mason 41A01-9809-CV-343 41C01-9308-DR-215 Word Perfect
Lee Bartlett v. State 49S00-9705-CR-349 49G03-9406-CF-73338 Word Perfect
John Golitko, etal v. Indiana Dept. of Correction 49A04-9808-CV-392 49C01-9711-CP-2717 Word Perfect
CF-3 45A05-9807-CR-352 45G02-9601 Word Perfect
Daroll Pavey v. State of Indiana 23A04-9812-CR-602 23C01-9710-DF-383 Word Perfect
Pedraza v. Grande 71A03-9807-CV-325 71D06-9410-CT-357 Word Perfect
Jack, Jack L. & Stella Walker v. Jennifer & Kevin Campbell 17A03-9806-CV-279 17C01-9710-AD-16 Word Perfect
Jack, Jack L. & Stella Walker v. Jennifer/Kevin Campbell 17A03-9806-CV-279 17C01-9710-AD-16 Word Perfect
Russell W. Roach v. State of Indiana 49S00-9512-CR-1324 49G01-9501-CF-6876 Word Perfect
Penn Central Corp. v. Buchanan 06A04-9803-CV-137 06D01-9711-MI-279 Word Perfect
M & J Management, Inc. v. Review Board, Sandra K. Schaeffer 93A02-9810-EX-830 (98-13995) 98-R-2101 Word Perfect
Sleweon, M.D. v. Burke, Murphy, Constanza, & Cuppy, et al 45A03-9808-CV-343 45D04-9612-CP-1069 Word Perfect
Reynaldo C. Rondon v. State of Indiana 45S00-9403-PD-229 2CR-186-1084-760 Word Perfect
Campbell, Riley v. Tippecanoe County Office of Family & Children 79A02-9901-JV-046 79D03-9707-JC-188 Word Perfect
McQueen v. Fayette 21A01-9810-CV-395 21C01-9707-CT-197 Word Perfect
Vaden v. State of Indiana 10A05-9806-CR-322 10D02-9607-CF-131 Word Perfect
Brandmaier v. Metro Dev. 49A02-9806-CV-514 49F12-9707-CP-1898 Word Perfect
Alani v. Monroe Co. Bank 53A05-9904-CV-154 53C03-9603-CP-345 Word Perfect
Tate v. Cambridge 49A05-9811-CV-550 49D04-9601-CT-71 Word Perfect
Paul Etter v. State 79A05-9811-PC-571 79E01-9403-CF-115 Word Perfect
In Re: Remonstrance Appealing Special Ordinance No. 68, 1997, as amended, of the City of Terre Haute, IN (Larry & Sally Arnold et al) 84A04-9807-CV-368 84D01-9803-CP-399 Word Perfect
Orem v. Ivey Tech 49A02-9803-CV-267 49D12-9609-CP-1243 Word Perfect
Irvin v. Hood 87A05-9809-CV-463 87C01-9709-AD-175 Word Perfect
American Legion v. Christon 84A01-9803-CV-109 84D01-9412-CT-2041 Word Perfect
Wal-Mart v. Wall 53A01-9807-CV-270 53C03-9710-SC-4007 Word Perfect
Kathryn Azhar v. State 29A02-9902-CR-96 29D05-9809-OV-3726 Word Perfect
Jones v. Tippecanoe 79A02-9810-JV-778 79D03-9804-JT-142 Word Perfect
Perry Co. v. Kempf 74A05-9711-CV-497 74C01-9612-CP-397 Word Perfect
Galligan v. Galligan 10A01-9807-CV-256 10C01-9708-CT-324 Word Perfect
Borgman v. State Farm 30A04-9810-CV-515 30D01-9807-CT-230 Word Perfect
Morgan v. Ferguson 55A05-9804-CV-227 55D01-9409-MI-471 Word Perfect
B & L Appliances v. McFerran 27A05-9809-CV-445 27C01-9712-CP-686 Word Perfect
NIPSCO v. G.V.K. Corp. 75A05-9612-CV-534 75C01-9201-CP-16 Word Perfect
Jeff Cardwell and Les Hardin d/b/a Hickory Estates Construction v. Estate of James M. Kirkendall, Jackie Kirkendall etal 34A02-9811-CV-911 34D01-9801-CP-3 Word Perfect
Mitchell v. State 41A01-9805-CR-189 41D02-9703-DF-37 Word Perfect
Bartley v. Bartley 87A04-9810-CV-492 87C01-9606-DR-219 Word Perfect
Jack Martin v. Melvin Carraway, et al 29A02-9901-CV-11 29C01-9707-CP-611 Word Perfect
Thacker v. Thacker 49A02-9810-CV-798 C87-2570 Word Perfect
City of Anderson, et al v. Gary A. Weatherford 48A04-9811-CV-534 48D03-9804-CT-270 Word Perfect
Boesch v. Jones 46A04-9901-CV-45 46D04-9710-SC-2798 Word Perfect
Diversified vs. Miner, et al 43A03-9811-CV-473 43D01-9409-CP-218 Word Perfect
M.V. v. Charter Terre Haute 84A05-9807-CV-373 84D02-9610-CT-1728 Word Perfect
Buzzard v. State of Indiana 44A03-9805-CR-222 44C01-9201-CF-002 Word Perfect
Buzzard v. State 44A03-9805-CR-222 44C01-9201-CF-2 Word Perfect
Homes by Pate, Inc. v. Christel DeHaan 06A04-9804-CV-196 06D01-9712-CP-301 Word Perfect
H.B., A.B., M.B., and S.B. v. State of Indiana, Elkhart Division of Family & Children 71A05-9808-CV-406 71D07-9507-CT-277 Word Perfect
Lucas Graham v. State 67A02-9901-CR-9 67D01-9809-DF-162 Word Perfect
State Ex Rel Indiana State Bar Assoc. v. State Board Tax Commissioners 49S00-9810-OR-543 N/A Word Perfect
Pratt v. Pierce 18A05-9902-CV-84 18D02-9803-CP-82 Word Perfect
Bledsoe v. Fleming 49A05-9807-CV-357 49D12-9709-CT-1353 Word Perfect
Assoc. Aviation Underwriters v. George Koch Sons, Inc. 82A01-9901-CV-1 82C01-9605-CT-210 Word Perfect
Kelsey v. Kelsey 49A02-9805-CV-454 49D04-9307-DR-1126 Word Perfect
Henry August Arhelger, Jr. v. State 82A01-9901-CR-30 82C01-9703-DF-257 Word Perfect
Fuller v. Town of Vevay 78A04-9808-CV-402 78C01-9611-CP-33 Word Perfect
Russell v. State of Indiana 49A02-9803-CR-224 49G06-9702-CF-22336 Word Perfect
Russell v. State 49A02-9803-CR-224 49G06-9702-CF-22336 Word Perfect
Precision Screen v. Hixson 17A03-9811-CV-458 17D01-9404-CT-4 Word Perfect
Odom v. State of Indiana 71A04-9805-CR-234 71D01-9703-CF-125 Word Perfect
City of Gary, Indiana v. Ameritech 45A03-9808-CV-333 45D05-9802-CP-224 Word Perfect
Darell J. Ford v. State of Indiana 70A01-9811-CR-436 70C01-9706-CF-53 Word Perfect
Charles E. Lockert v. State of Indiana 25A03-9810-CR-449 25C01-7410-CF-108 Word Perfect
Michael & Sandra Serviss v. State of Indiana/Dept. of Natural Resources 64A03-9810-CV-450 64D03-9701-CT-20 Word Perfect
Wabash v. Bank One 61A01-9803-CV-114 61C01-9503-CP-82 Word Perfect
White v. Indiana Parole 49A04-9806-CV-305 49D11-9709-CP-1344 Word Perfect
Diana/Carl Sword, Jr. v. NKC Hospitals, Inc. 10S05-9610-CV-637 10C01-9203-CT-126 Word Perfect
Sean Cole v. The Lantis Corp. 49A02-9809-CV-766 49D04-9607-CT-1002 Word Perfect
Rodriguez v. State 49A02-9807-CR-590 49G03-9601-CF-6344 Word Perfect
Jermaine L. Smith v. State 49A02-9809-CR-767 49F14-9802-DF-28560 Word Perfect
Charles E. Bentz v. Jennings County Election Board 40A04-9812-CV-627 40C01-9811-MI-401 Word Perfect
Schafer v. Sellersburg 10A01-9804-CV-149 10C01-9701-CP-26 Word Perfect
Sweet v. White County 65A01-9712-CV-416 65C01-9509-CP-209 Word Perfect
Williams v. State 49A02-9806-CR-550 49F09-9701-DF-017812 Word Perfect
Gardner v. Williams 48A04-9804-CR-225 48D03-9605-CF-158 Word Perfect
State v. David R. Derossett 73A01-9902-CR-58 73D02-9806-IF-1345 Word Perfect
Lincoln v. Smiley 10A05-9903-CV-115 10C01-9501-ES-20 Word Perfect
Jug's v. IDWD 93A02-9803-EX-237 96-L-44 Word Perfect
Jannette Atherton v. State 30A05-9902-PC-46 30C01-6306-CF-8672 Word Perfect
Richardson v. Calderon 50A03-9811-CV-469 50C01-9706-CT-14 Word Perfect
Cahoon v. Cummings 79A05-9801-CV-026 79D01-9502-CP-38 Word Perfect
Kimberly Gooch v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co. 49A02-9806-CV-479 49D05-9207-CP-719 Word Perfect
Brenda L. Dyer v. State 18A02-9809-CR-729 18D02-9803-CF-18 Word Perfect
Meury v. Eagle-Union School 06A01-9803-CV-117 06D01-9704-CP-90 Word Perfect
Guy Roberts v. State 47A01-9804-CR-152 47D01-9207-CF-66 Word Perfect
In the Matter of the Adoption of J.P. v. E.W. 71A03-9901-CV-2 71J01-9804-AD-44 Word Perfect
Kyle W. Campbell v. State 48A05-9806-CR-310 48D03-9509-CF-316 Word Perfect
Tanglewood Trace d/b/a Health Quest Corp. v. Long 93A02-9811-EX-918 C-127891 Word Perfect
Bopp v. Brames 84A01-9807-CV-278 84D03-9303-CP-276-277 Word Perfect
In Re Contempt Findings: Kefalidis 64A05-9712-CV-542 64D01-9510-CT-2786 Word Perfect
Beverly M. Brazauskas v. Ft. Wayne 71A05-9806-CV-280 71D07-9302-CP-10017 Word Perfect
Owens v. State 34A02-9804-CR-396 34C01-9505-CF-62 Word Perfect
In the Matter of C.S. 67A01-9807-JV-252 67C01-9704-JC-4/67C01-9712-GU-30 Word Perfect
Dandy E. Taylor II, et al v. Jennifer L. Duke, et al 49A04-9811-CV-550 49D09-9602-CT-248 Word Perfect
Warrick County, Indiana v. Orville W. & Eilene M. Weber 87A01-9808-CV-286 87D02-9709-MI-172 Word Perfect
Burke v. Board of Directors 53A01-9806-CV-236 53C06-9605-CP-573 Word Perfect
Sales v. State 08A02-9806-CR-515 08D01-9801-CM-22 Word Perfect
Sharon A. Conner v. Robert A. Conner 02A03-9810-CV-438 02C01-9702-DR-121 Word Perfect
Butler v. City of Peru 52A02-9803-CV-269 52C01-9501-CP-9 Word Perfect
Cooper v. State 71A03-9807-CR-329 71D04-9712-CF-559 Word Perfect
Melody Martin v. Robert W. Richey, Jr., M.D. 53S04-9805-CV-271 53C05-9505-CP-585 Word Perfect
Sherif K. Shaalan v. William D. Jerden 53A01-9812-CV-458 53C07-9705-AD-20 Word Perfect
Delbert Van Dusen, M.D., David M. O'Brien, M.D., and Columbus Regional Hospital v. William H. Stotts and Sharon Stotts 03S00-9711-CV-631 03D02-9609-CP-193 Word Perfect
Saul M. Stevens v. Shirley Olsen 84A01-9810-CV-380 84D01-9402-CP-68 Word Perfect
Charlotte Johnson v. Arjum Gupta, M.D. and Wallace Sherritt, D.O. 64S03-9805-CV-272 64D05-9501-CT-143 Word Perfect
Ivay O. Holmes vs. AC & S, Inc., et al 49A02-9712-CV-846 49D02-9501-MI-46 Word Perfect
D.J. Thomsen & Thomsen Law Office v. Kentin & Edna Musall 49A05-9812-CV-596 49D03-9805-CP-678 Word Perfect
City of Gary Common Council v. White River Environmental Partnership et al 45A03-9809-CV-386 45C01-9805-CP-1287 Word Perfect
Cole v. Loman & Gray 49A04-9809-CV-460 49D03-9701-CP-122 Word Perfect
Richard K. Corbin v. State of Indiana 18A05-9811-CR-555 18D02-9605-CF-28 Word Perfect
Delta Tau Delta, Beta Alpha Chapter, and Delta Tau Delta National Fraternity v. Tracey D. Johnson 49S01-9601-CV-40 49D05-9207-CP-700 Word Perfect
Robert Vernon v. The Kroger Company, a corporation, LaSalle Square Assoc., LaVon R. Blankenbaker et al 50S04-9907-CV-380 50D01-9002-CT-4 Word Perfect
L.W. v. Western Golf Assoc. and Evans Scholars Foundation 79S02-9907-CV-379 79D02-9310-CP-131 Word Perfect
Bowman v. Beghin 29A05-9807-CV-370 29C01-9710-CT-1015 Word Perfect
Christian Sanders v. State 46A05-9803-CR-129 46D01-9608-CF-101 Word Perfect
Michael R. Stalling v. State 46A04-9901-CR-33 46D04-9709-DF-1557 Word Perfect
Julian Pettrie v. State 49A02-9812-CR-952 49G06-9711-CF-17382 Word Perfect
Dennis Sutton v. State 52A02-9901-CR-59 52C01-9802-CF-22 Word Perfect
Dixon v. State 89A01-9807-CR-247 89C01-9701-CF-17 Word Perfect
Penny Wight v. Kosciusko County 43A03-9809-JV-396 43D01-9802-JM-42 Word Perfect
Dupree v. State of Indiana 71A03-9902-CR-55 71D03-9709-CF-395 Word Perfect
Bateman v. Foley 45A03-9801-CV-17 45C01-9603-RS-609 Word Perfect
J.C. Spence & Assoc. Inc. v. Thomas E. Geary 84A05-9810-CV-504 84D03-9706-CT-1131 Word Perfect
Samantha & Nicholas Courter v. Leonard Fugitt 15A01-9808-CV-322 15E01-9805-CT-004 Word Perfect
Elmer Buchta Trucking v. Stanley 14A01-9805-CV-164 14C01-9612-CT-363 Word Perfect
Best Homes, Inc. v. Patty Lou Rainwater, et al 45A05-9903-CV-107 45D01-9705-CT-477 Word Perfect
Love v. State 41A01-9812-CR-446 41D03-9805-CM-566 Word Perfect
Weldon v. Universal 49A04-9808-CV-400 49D05-9707-CT-997 Word Perfect
Noble v. Fahlsing 57A04-9806-CV-278 57C01-9611-CP-141 Word Perfect
In Re: Marriage of Claypool 45A04-9808-CV-424 284-24 Word Perfect
State v. Bailey 56A03-9807-CR-311 56D01-9703-CF-11 Word Perfect
Owens Corning v. Cobb & Hinds 49A04-9801-CV-46 49D02-9501-MI-147 Word Perfect
Owens Corning v. Cobb & Hinds 49A04-9801-CV-46 49D02-9501-MI-47 Word Perfect
County Line v. The Cincinnati Ins. Co. 35A02-9811-CV-938 35C01-9806-CP-195 Word Perfect
Bebout v. State of Indiana 82A04-9812-CR-629 82C01-9803-CF-285 Word Perfect
Martin, C. v. State of Indiana 49A02-9803-CR-285 49G02-9211-CF-155967 Word Perfect
Peoples Bank & Trust Co. v. Henry 49A04-9810-CV-490 49D03-9704-CP-621 Word Perfect
Fox v. Arthur 28A01-9809-CV-339 28C01-9602-JC-41/28C01-9604-DR-95 Word Perfect
C. Davis v. State 58A01-9807-CR-255 58D01-9709-CF-066 Word Perfect
Webster v. Pekin Ins. Co. 20A03-9812-CV-490 20D02-9609-CT-465 Word Perfect
Graves v. State 49A02-9810-CR-784 49G04-9707-CF-100842 Word Perfect
Coy v. National Ins. Assoc. 49A02-9810-CV-777 49D07-9308-CP-904 Word Perfect
Mary Alys Maul v. Gretchen Van Keppel 37A03-9811-CV-468 37D01-9709-CP-262 Word Perfect
Edgar Lloyd Ward v. D & A Enterprises 10A05-9811-CV-538 10D02-9711-CT-247 Word Perfect
Andreatta v. Hunley 43A04-9806-CV-328 43D01-9705-CT-199 Word Perfect
W.T.J. v. State of Indiana 49A05-9808-JV-390 49D09-9806-JD-2785 Word Perfect
Jennings v. State 87A05-9805-CR-267 87C01-9611-CF-137 Word Perfect
Osterman v. Baber 02A03-9805-CV-238 02C01-9701-CP-62 Word Perfect
Baker v. Weather 49A05-9807-CV-381 49D08-9705-CT-0754 Word Perfect
Pryor v. Pryor 62A01-9806-CV-226 62C01-9802-DR-31 Word Perfect
T.C.H. v. State 45A05-9811-CR-567 45G02-9806-DF-10029 PDF
Funk v. State 79A04-9712-CR-527 79D01-9208-CF-00063 Word Perfect
Michael A. Sangsland v. State 92A04-9803-CR-174 92C01-9703-CF-43 Word Perfect
T.Y.T. v. Allen Co Division of Family & Children 02A03-9903-JV-127 02D07-9712-JC-305 Word Perfect
Cohen & Glenn v. State of Indiana 45A04-9809-CR-467 45G02-9806-CF-116 Word Perfect
Billy McKay v. State of Indiana 49A02-9811-CR-899 49G05-9804-CV-64056 Word Perfect
IN Office Environ. Mgmt. v. Kunz 49A02-9812-CV-982 49D05-9712-MI-1805 Word Perfect
Indiana Office of Environmental Management v. Kunz 49A02-9812-CV-982 49D05-9712-MI-1805 Word Perfect
Best Distributing Co. Inc. v. Seyfert Foods Inc. 49A04-9802-CV-98 49D01-9508-CP-1225 Word Perfect
Estate of Joseph C. Hofgesang, Ben B. Hardy, Executor v. James F. Hansford and Carol Sue Hansford 22A01-9808-CV-293 C-82-C-218 Word Perfect
Richard Calvin Williams, Jr. v. State of Indiana 45A03-9807-PC-299 45G02-9102-CF-00030 Word Perfect
Rust v. Lawson 34A02-9901-CV-54 34C01-9710-AD-33 Word Perfect
Shenefield v. Barrette 85A04-9812-CV-579 85C01-9807-CT-297 Word Perfect
Rheem Mfg. Co. v. Phelps Heating 49A02-9807-CV-620 49D13-9607-CT-1202 Word Perfect
Mila Jane Wallace v. Chris G. Wallace 29A05-9806-CV-317 29D01-9604-DR-190 Word Perfect
Ad Craft, Inc. v. Area Plan Commission 82A04-9806-CV-289 82D03-9511-CP-2829 Word Perfect
Waldridge v. Futurex Industries 93A02-9903-EX-169 C-112161 Word Perfect
Clarence Webb v. State of Indiana 49A02-9812-CR-992 49F15-9807-DF-115064 Word Perfect
State of Indiana v. Friedel 76A05-9808-CR-410 76C01-9803-DF-221 Word Perfect
State v. Friedel 76A05-9808-CR-410 76C01-9803-DF-221 Word Perfect
Patricia Foster v. Evergreen 49A04-9808-CV-422 49D13-9607-CT-1267 Word Perfect
Mayflower Transit v. Davenport 71A03-9810-CV-448 71D01-9806-SC-6802 Word Perfect
Delores Shelton v. Sandra L. Wick & Debra A. Stephens 41A05-9903-CV-105 41D01-9809-CO-402 Word Perfect
Delores Shelton et al v. Sandra L. Wick and Debra A. Stephens 41A05-9903-CV-105 41D01-9809-CT-402 Word Perfect
U.S. Outdoor Adv. v. In Dept of Trans. 49A02-9803-CV-276 49D11-9612-CP-1716 Word Perfect
Dennis Tracy v. Suzanne Tracy 45A03-9808-CV-369 45D04-9610-DR-949 Word Perfect
Dennis Tracy vs. Suzanne Tracy 45A03-9808-CV-369 45D04-9610-DR-949 Word Perfect
Davidson v. Perron 43A03-9902-CV-63 43C01-9803-CP-214 Word Perfect
Transcontinental v. Manta 45A03-9811-CV-484 45D05-9706-MI-1092 Word Perfect
Nichole Clendening v. In Family & Social Services 54A01-9810-CV-376 54C01-9712-MI-410 Word Perfect
Adam Rupert v. State of Indiana 20A04-9810-CR-514 20D03-9607-CF-81 Word Perfect
Ins. Comm. of Indiana v. Terry Smith 49A04-9901-CV-46 49C01-9410-CT-3602 Word Perfect
John Bochner v. State of Indiana 41A05-9812-CR-629 41C01-9806-CF-96 Word
Midcontinent Paper Converters, Inc. v. Brady, Ware & Schoenfeld, Inc. 89A01-9810-CV-390 89C01-9612-CP-169 Word Perfect
Piers v. American United Life 49A02-9812-CV-959 49D04-9710-CP-1547 Word Perfect
Samm v. State of Indiana 84A01-9810-CV-381 84D01-9707-CP-1374 Word Perfect
Samm v. State 84A01-9810-CV-381 84D01-9707-CP-1374 Word Perfect
Blume v. Stewart 32A01-9905-CV-158 32C01-9810-DR-122 Word Perfect
Mitchell L. Rogers v. State of Indiana 48A02-9809-CR-748 48C01-9711-DF-238 Word Perfect
Dolon v. Family and Social Serv. 18A05-9808-CV-433 18D02-9506-CP-1 Word Perfect
Cashen v. Cashen 20A03-9901-CV-31 20D02-9609-ES-118 Word Perfect
Travelers v. Summit 49A05-9711-CV-480 49D02-9509-CP-1378 Word Perfect
G.J. v. State 49A04-9812-JV-597 49D09-9805-JD-2101 Word Perfect
State v. Aynes 53A05-9903-CR-141 53C05-9709-CF-591 Word Perfect
In the Matter of G.B., A Child Alleged to be Delinquent 45A03-9810-JV-436 45D06-9608-JD-3302 Word Perfect
Carlson v. State 46A03-9804-CR-197 46C01-9502-CF-9 Word Perfect
Burk v. State 11A01-9805-CR-191 11C01-9705-DF-32 Word Perfect
Ernest C. Collier v. State 49A04-9808-PC-410 49G05-8809-CF-97243 Word Perfect
Arthur Dwight Hurst v. State 79A02-9903-CR-167 79D01-9606-DF-18 Word Perfect
Banjo Corporation v. Bruce Pembor and Paula Pembor 41A04-9902-CV-57 41D01-9704-CT-150 Word Perfect
David Harris, D.D.S. v. Mary J. Raymond 71S05-9805-CV-276 71C01-9506-CT-26 Word Perfect
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. v. Nancy Bathe and David Hedge 49A02-9812-CV-1001 49D06-9703-CT-372/49D13-9703-CT-321 Word Perfect
Howerton v. Red Ribbon, Inc. 18A02-9806-CV-504 18D01-9510-CT-20 Word Perfect
R.C. Boggs v. Tri-State Radiology, Inc. 82A04-9809-CV-450 82D03-9710-CP-3553 Word Perfect
Sears Roebuck and Co. v. Milan Manuilov 73A01-9805-CV-193 73C01-9705-CT-5 Word Perfect
Long v. State 79A02-9811-CR-861 79D01-9710-CF-98 Word Perfect
Allstate Ins. Co. v. Bradtmueller 02A03-9809-CV-377 02C01-9705-CT-87 Word Perfect
IN State Employees' Appeals Comm. v. Greene 49A02-9810-CV-819 49D03-9601-CP-48 Word Perfect
Marlatt v. State of Indiana 12A04-9808-CR-432 12D01-9806-IF-0962 Word Perfect
Salin Bank v. Peden Trust 09A05-9810-CV-495 09D01-9703-CP-39 Word Perfect
Johnson Oil Co. v. Area Plan Comm. of Evansville et al 82A01-9812-CV-477 82D03-9712-CP-4328/82D03-9803-CP-950 Word Perfect
Sales v. State 08A02-9806-CR-515 08D01-9801-CM-22 Word Perfect
Mullis v. Brennan 32A01-9808-CV-315 32D03-9612-CP-120 Word Perfect
Perkins v. State 32A04-9903-CR-114 32D03-9801-CM-19 Word Perfect
State v. Corey Bailey 02A03-9902-CR-49 02D04-9706-DF-389 Word Perfect
Gary Jett v. State 49A05-9811-CR-549 49F07-9805-CM-74281 Word Perfect
Lutz v. Lemon 20A03-9809-CV-381 20D02-9603-ES-30 Word Perfect
Joseph Larry v. State of Indiana 48A02-9812-CR-1018 48C01-9711-CF-249 Word Perfect
State of Indiana v. Felix Hensley 03A01-9811-CV-414 03C01-9412-CP-1282 Word Perfect
Tyrone O'Neal v. State 49A04-9811-CR-570 49G04-9710-CF-151429 Word Perfect
Abbey Villas Development Corp. etal v. Site Contractors Inc. 02A04-9807-CV-345 02D01-9702-CP-326 Word Perfect
Kevin Ellis v. Luxbury Hotels & Michael Wallin 01S02-9909-CV-485 01D01-9202-CT-1 Word Perfect
Bradley S. Ballard v. State of Indiana 03A04-9806-CR-317 03D01-9706-CF-612 Word Perfect
F.E.H.,Jr. v. State of Indiana 49A02-9809-JV-726 49D02-9805-JD-2721 Word Perfect
Hoehn v. Koverman 10A01-9812-CV-473 10D01-8711-DR-503 Word Perfect
Thacker v. State 55A01-9903-PC-87 55D02-9409-CF-99 Word Perfect
Lechner v. State 49A02-9809-CR-741 49G05-9804-CF-19835 Word Perfect
Lee v. State 49A02-9811-CR-942 49G06-9709-CF-129019 Word Perfect
Julie Wilson v. Larry L. Wilson 79A02-9906-CV-414 79D02-9110-DR-319 Word Perfect
National Oil & Gas v. Gingrich, et al 17A03-9812-CV-532 17C01-9704-CP-43 Word Perfect
Bluck v. State 12A02-9812-CR-976 12C01-9608-CF-100 Word Perfect
Jimmy Bailey v. State 71S00-9809-CR-486 71D07-9701-CF-27 Word Perfect
Bee Window Inc. v. Ottis Turman 49A02-9903-CV-181 49D13-9806-CP-871 Word Perfect
Community Care Centers v. Tioga Pines 30A01-9702-CV-62 30C01-9002-CP-125 Word Perfect
Rollings v. Smith 84A01-9809-CV-362 84D02-9204-CP-536 Word Perfect
James Wilder v. State 71S00-9805-CR-268 71D07-9701-CF-25 Word Perfect
Markley v. Grover 20A03-9812-CV-498 20C01-9508-CT-49 Word Perfect
Lyndal Jones v. State of Indiana 55A01-9809-CR-358 55D02-9705-DF-119 Word Perfect
Smith v. King 45A03-9907-CV-287 45C01-9905-MI-1290 Word Perfect
Bernard W. Hopper v. Roy Carey et al 72A01-9809-CV-330 72C01-9509-CT-109 Word Perfect
Kyle W. Campbell v. State 48A05-9806-CR-310 48D03-9509-CF-316 Word Perfect
May v. Frauhiger 43A03-9809-CV-398 43D01-9701-CP-27 Word Perfect
Wagner v. Estate of L. Fox 15A01-9809-CV-346 5468 Word Perfect
Grain Dealers v. Wuethrich 66A04-9902-CV-70 66C01-9511-CT-012 Word Perfect
Darst v. Illinois Farmers Ins. Co. 49A02-9809-CV-775 49D01-9705-CT-0756 Word Perfect
Joseph Muncy v. State of Indiana 41A04-9902-CR-54 41D02-9401-CF-19 Word Perfect
Hernandez v. State 02A03-9812-CR-492 02D04-9311-CF-953 Word Perfect
Hayden v. Notre Dame 71A03-9812-CV-519 71C01-9703-CT-30 Word Perfect
Smith v. Washington 49A04-9808-CV-398 49D02-9503-CT-459 Word Perfect
United REMC v. IN & Mich. Power 93A02-9809-EX-747 41021 Word Perfect
Lynn R. Kellett v. State of Indiana 84A04-9809-CR-440 84E05-9608-DF-1171 Word Perfect
Robert Gomolisky et al v. Katherine Davis, et al 49A02-9905-CV-339 49D01-9611-CP-1621 Word Perfect
Johnny Estep v. State of Indiana 49A02-9901-CR-41 49F14-9803-DF-41121 Word Perfect
Kathleen Flynn v. IN Bureau of Motor Vehicles 49A02-9809-CV-727 49D01-9401-CT-15 Word Perfect
Dennis R. Johnson v. State of Indiana 79A02-9903-CR-194 79D01-9707-CF-72 Word Perfect
Donald Rausch v. Dewayne Reinhold & IN Ins. Co. 66A04-9907-CV-301 66C01-9703-CT-3 Word Perfect
Yvonne C. Hiles v. Joan Null, et al 02A03-9812-CV-531 02C01-9205-CP-440 Word Perfect
Employers Ins. of Wausau v. Recticel Foam 49A02-9702-CV-124 49D03-9501-CP-9 Word Perfect
Marvin & Robin Wells v. MetroHealth etal 49S05-9909-CV-502 49D03-9511-MI-1578 Word Perfect
Martin v. Brown 18A02-9812-CV-963 18D01-9807-CT-37 Word Perfect
Partlow v. In. Family & Social Services Admin. 49A04-9810-CV-527 49D05-9709-CP-1388 Word Perfect
Smith v. King (Rehearing) 45A03-9907-CV-287 45C01-9905-MI-1290 Word Perfect
Ellison v. State 45A05-9901-CR-2 45G04-9709-CF-183 Word Perfect
Dustin Trowbridge v. State of Indiana 48S00-9711-CR-633 48D03-9609-CF-328 Word Perfect
Troy L. Ashcraft v. State 69S05-9808-CR-454 69C01-9208-CF-80 Word Perfect
Indiana Michigan Power Co. v. Runge, R. 50A05-9811-CV-529 50C01-9007-CP-134 Word Perfect
Carolyn Hampton v. State of Indiana 49S00-9612-CR-789 49G04-9509-CF-134575 Word Perfect
Richard D. Ingram v. State 49S00-9710-CR-544 49G03-9601-CF-15507 Word Perfect
Tony Lee Smith v. State of Indiana 54A01-9905-CR-157 54D01-9702-DF-20 Word Perfect
Sharon Halbe v. Howard Weinberg, M.D. 45S03-9506-CV-692 45D01-9204-CT-452 Word Perfect
Howard Weinberg, M.D. v. Sheryl Bess 45S03-9503-CV-307 45D02-9207-CP-689 Word Perfect
Jane F. Doe and Jane I. Doe v. Shults-Lewis Child and Family Services Inc. 64S05-9712-CV-658 64D01-9008-CT-2111/2112 Word Perfect
Eugene Bowers v. State 49A05-9905-CR-219 49G05-9902-CF-32121/49G05-9809-CF-152911 Word Perfect
Johnson v. State 02A03-9901-CR-3 02D04-9805-DF-365 Word Perfect
Noble Co. v. Rogers 57A03-9903-CV-124 57C01-9611-CP-140 Word Perfect
Krol v. Centier Bank 45A05-9903-CV-136 45D05-9404-ES-074 Word Perfect
Wicker v. Community Media 93A02-9904-EX-296 C-143840 Word Perfect
Jacques v. Allied Building Serv. 67A04-9812-CV-600 67C01-9709-CT-310 Word Perfect
Cochran v. Cochran 28A05-9903-CV-130 28D01-9706-DR-162 Word Perfect
Hollingsworth v. State of Indiana 90A02-9810-CR-849 90C01-9312-CF-141 Word Perfect
Indiana Bell v. Indiana Utility Regulatory Comm. 93A02-9801-EX-22 40849 Word Perfect
Lloyd v. State 71A03-9805-PC-231 71D05-9305-CF-445(A) Word Perfect
Mullins v. State 49A02-9906-CR-412 49F18-9808-DF-134812 Word Perfect
Pitman v. Pitman 38A02-9807-CV-608 38D01-9802-CP-19 Word Perfect
Simmons v. State 10A04-9806-CR-322 10D01-9701-CF-10 Word Perfect
Kalwitz Estate v. Kalwitz, et al 46A03-9903-CV-104 46C01-9505-ES-82/46C01-9512-ES-211 Word Perfect
Kim Schaeffer v. Joseph Schaeffer 17A03-9907-CV-266 17C01-8807-DR-72 Word Perfect
USAC v. Smith 49A05-9904-CV-167 49D01-9501-CT-36 Word Perfect
Timothy Drake v. Olissa McKinney 27A05-9904-JV-150 27D02-9811-JP-1040 Word Perfect
Timothy Drake v. Olissia McKinney 27A05-9904-JV-150 27D02-9811-JP-1040 Word Perfect
IDEM v. Adapto, Inc. 49A02-9812-CV-981 49D10-9609-CP-1352 Word Perfect
Washington Co. Memorial Hospital v. Lanny & Brenda Hattabaugh 88A05-9901-CV-34 88D01-9805-CP-127 Word Perfect
Northwestern National Ins. v. Mapps 02A03-9810-CV-426 02D01-9701-CP-98 Word Perfect
Walter Ballinger v. State of Indiana 49A04-9808-CR-412 49G03-9706-CF-091240 Word Perfect
Ashley v. State of Indiana 48A02-9906-CR-446 48D01-9607-CF-155 Word Perfect
Fox v. State 54A01-9809-CR-324 54C01-9612-CF-89 Word Perfect
National City v. Morris 54A05-9811-CV-545 54C01-9712-CP-0387 Word Perfect
C & E Corp. v. Ramco Industries v. State 20A03-9903-CV-119 20D03-9806-CP-136 Word Perfect
Indiana v. Bishop 49A02-9810-CV-818 49D03-9601-CP-48-1 Word
Group Dekko Svcs. v. Debra Miller 57A03-9902-CV-39 57C01-9704-CP-65 Word Perfect
Plesha v. Edmonds 45A04-9904-CV-168 45D05-9707-CT-1297 Word Perfect
Stemm v. Estate of Dunlap 22A05-9906-CV-246 22D01-9702-CP-67 Word Perfect
J.T. v. State 27A02-9811-JV-924 27D02-9807-JD-717 Word Perfect
Cintemp Inc., CTI Personnell v. Review Board etal 93A02-9811-EX-876 98-13806, 98-14638 etal Word Perfect
Moyars v. Moyars 04A03-9904-CV-134 04C01-9708-DR-86 Word Perfect
Civil Rights Comm. v. County Line 27A02-9901-CV-29 27D03-9803-CP-91 Word Perfect
Sherrie Germaine v. State of Indiana 52A02-9902-CR-129 52D01-9709-DF-78 Word Perfect
Hartford v. Lake County 45A05-9904-CV-172 45D03-9707-CP-2287 Word Perfect
Spurlock v. State 70A01-9812-CR-452 70C01-8707-CF-36 Word Perfect
Ingram M. Hamiter v. Brian K. Torrence 49A05-9812-JV-605 49C01-8802-JP-136 Word Perfect
Lieberenz v. State of Indiana 57A03-9811-CR-480 57D01-9803-CF-005 Word Perfect
Larry Perkins v. State of Indiana 49A02-9811-JV-895 49D09-9708-JD-4094 Word Perfect
Gregory John Long v. State of Indiana 76A04-9905-CR-223 76D01-9707-CM-600 Word Perfect
Donald L. Myers, II v. State of Indiana 38A02-9902-PC-94 38C01-9306-CF-9 Word Perfect
Clinton W. Shumate v. State of Indiana 35A05-9901-CR-25 35D01-9201-CF-12 Word Perfect
Michael L. Rowe v. State 26A05-9907-CR-306 26D01-9806-DF-57 Word Perfect
M.S. v. Eagle-Union Community School Corp. 06A04-9806-CV-291 06D02-9706-CP-31 Word Perfect
D. Smith v. State of Indiana 44A03-9901-CR-19 44D01-9711-CV-58 Word Perfect
Jewell K. Krise v. State of Indiana 16A05-9809-CR-460 16C01-9705-CF-55 Word Perfect
Moshenek v. Anderson 46A05-9808-CV-431 46C01-9806-MI-180 Word Perfect
Joseph Paschall v. State of Indiana 49A02-9902-CR-104 49F15-9806-DF-91870 Word Perfect
Virgil Matthews v. State of Indiana 91A02-9810-CR-836 91D01-9801-CF-4 Word Perfect
T. Smith v. State of Indiana 55A01-9811-CR-407 55D03-9804-CF-91 Word Perfect
Tick Tock v. Monticello 49A02-9807-CV-575 49D12-9411-CP-279 Word Perfect
Willie Dumes v. State of Indiana 49A04-9901-CR-15 49G05-9805-CF-083710 Word Perfect
IN Insurance Co. v. American Comm. Services 46A05-9809-CV-481 46D01-9403-CP-67 Word Perfect
Gary & Kathy Collard v. Derrell & Cindy Enyeart 48A05-9905-CV-198 48D02-9803-MI-0172 Word Perfect
Whitley Co. v. Bauer, et al 92A03-9806-CV-251 92C01-9511-CP-356 Word Perfect
Wade v. State of Indiana 49A02-9806-CR-538 49G01-9601-CF-7714 Word Perfect
Wickliffe v. State of Indiana 77A01-9903-PC-94 77C01-9901-MI-1 Word Perfect
Avon v. Harville 32A01-9902-CV-39 32C01-9802-CP-62 Word Perfect
Estate of Whitehead 77A01-9904-CV-134 77C01-9506-ES-38 Word Perfect
McCurry v. State of Indiana 49A04-9811-PC-572 CR85-295C Word Perfect
Cullimore v. St. Anthony, et al 37A03-9901-CV-37 37D01-9610-CP-244 Word Perfect
Smock Materials Handling Co. Inc. v. Charles A. Kerr 53A01-9810-CV-375 53C01-9608-CT-1054 Word Perfect
DeRee v. All American Shipping 49A02-9810-CV-835 49D05-9411-CT-1307 Word Perfect
Harvey v. State 49A02-9902-CR-148 49G03-9611-CF-175587 Word Perfect
Justice v. Clark Memorial 10A01-9905-CV-156 10C01-9706-CT-219 Word Perfect
Summers v. Auto Owners 48A04-9903-CV-109 48D03-9710-CP-840 Word Perfect
Delaware Co. v. Indiana Civil Rights Comm. 49A02-9811-CV-939 49D07-8801-MI-64 Word Perfect
Ind. Ins. v. Margotte 42A05-9905-CV-202 42C01-9612-CP-253 Word Perfect
Aaron Maslin v. State 35A02-9906-CR-385 35C01-9808-CF-41 Word Perfect
Mahowald v. State of Indiana 49A02-9808-CV-693 49D11-9712-CP-1772 Word Perfect
John Bryant, Jr. v. The County Council of Lake County, Indiana, et al 45A03-9812-CV-503 45D04-9612-CP-1056 Word Perfect
Daryl C. Newman v. State 48A04-9812-CR-584 48D03-9804-CF-171 Word Perfect
Donald L. Green v. State 04A03-9906-CR-233 04C01-9810-DF-251 Word Perfect
Charles E. Callahan v. State 82A01-9904-CR-128 82D02-9704-CF-319 Word Perfect
Marla Neidige v. Cracker Barrel 93A02-9904-EX-248 C138530 Word Perfect
Carlos Johnson v. State 49A02-9901-JV-15 49D09-9809-JD-4702/49D09-9709-JD-3614 Word Perfect
Hotmix v. Hardrock 29A02-9904-CV-285 29D02-9610-CP-498 Word Perfect
Clephane v. State of Indiana 55A01-9905-CR-145 55D02-9802-CF-31 Word Perfect
Kmart Corp. v. Donna Fay Englebright 65A04-9812-CV-593 65C01-9502-CT-00033 Word Perfect
INDOT v. Southern Bells 82A01-9908-CV-261 82D03-9903-CP-791 Word
Judy Goff v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. 93A02-9906-EX-448 C117011 Word Perfect
Mays v. State 89A04-9805-CR-273 89D01-9608-CF-69 Word Perfect
Baugh v. State 83A01-9810-CR-369 83C01-9612-CF-78 Word Perfect
Holmes v. Jones 50A03-9901-CV-33 50D01-9802-PO-13 Word Perfect
The Clear Creek Conservancy District v. Ronald E. Kirkbride and Bonnie K. Kirkbride 67A05-9904-CV-152 67C01-7107-MI-4 Word Perfect
Becker v. State 49A02-9901-CR-35 49F03-9502-CF-016790 Word Perfect
Mid-America Surgery Center et al v. James & Darla Schooler 18A05-9904-CV-181 18D03-9810-CP-205 Word Perfect
Barnard v. Himes 79A04-9901-CV-13 79D02-9712-CT-33 Word Perfect
Coachmen v. Dunn 64A05-9901-CV-47 64D02-9110-CT-2910 Word Perfect
Indpls. Podiatry v. Efroymson 49A04-9810-CV-517 49D10-9608-CT-1218 Word Perfect
Winters v. State 49A02-9812-CR-953 49F19-9805-CM-80407 Word Perfect
Dinsmore v. Lake Electric Co. 45A03-9805-CV-226 45D03-9607-CP-02146 Word Perfect
Methene v. State 34A02-9901-CR-44 34C01-9609-CF-58 Word Perfect
Area Plan Commission of Evansville & Vanderburgh County v. Timothy Major 82A01-9812-CV-472 82D03-9601-CP-72 Word Perfect
Mary L. Smith v. State of Indiana 02A03-9906-CR-239 02D02-9205-CF-250 Word Perfect
Bemenderfer v. Williams 49A02-9808-CV-663 49D06-9410-CT-1776 Word Perfect
Strangeway v. State 18A05-9903-CR-138 18D01-9804-CF-34 Word Perfect
Interstate Cold Storage, Inc. v. General Motors Corp. 17A03-9902-CV-52 17D01-9606-CT-11 Word Perfect
Columbia Club Inc. v. American Fletcher Realty Corp. et al 49A02-9901-CV-61 49D06-9712-CP-1886 Word Perfect
Mangold v. DNR 78A01-9903-CV-88 78C01-9801-CT-2 Word Perfect
Mark A. Reed v. State of Indiana 20A03-9902-CR-72 20D02-9902-CF-85 Word Perfect
George Otis Turner v. State of Indiana 39A05-9901-CR-12 39C01-9708-CF-58 Word Perfect
Ember v. Ember 02A03-9904-CV-161 S-67-11070 Word Perfect
D.O. McComb & Sons, Inc. 17A04-9905-CV-195 17D01-9808-SC-1077 Word Perfect
Conner v. State 57A03-9811-CV-474 57C01-9705-CT-4 Word Perfect
State v. Thomas C. Collom 61A05-9812-CV-607 61C01-9804-CP-84 Word Perfect
Bradley v. Hall 30A01-9906-CV-202 30C01-9610-CV-333 Word Perfect
Troxel v. Troxel 71A04-9904-CV-162 71J01-9707-ES-343 Word Perfect
Pitman v. Pitman 18A02-9903-CV-180 18D03-9701-DR-17 Word
Gold v. Ishak 64A05-9809-CV-479 64D05-9610-CT-2756 Word
Gates v. Town of Chandler 87A01-9903-CV-98 87D02-9802-CT-42 Word Perfect
JMF, a Minor v. State 55A05-9906-CV-260 55D02-9902-MH-4 Word Perfect
Wray v. State 10A01-9902-PC-51 10C01-8703-CF-23 Word Perfect
Cindy S. Brandenburg Flint v. Jay and Jackie Hopkins 67A01-9906-CV-203 67D01-9902-SC-88 Word Perfect
Gallant Ins. Co. v. Nathaniel Burton, Jr. 02A03-9903-CV-125 02D01-9603-CT-105 Word
Bloemker v. Detroit 85A02-9901-CV-19 85C01-9110-CP-488 Word
Berry v. State 27A05-9903-CR-101 27D02-9708-DF-72 Word
Duren v. State 87A01-9905-CR-170 87D01-9804-DF-33 Word
Swartz v. Swartz 71A03-9906-CV-244 71D04-9409-DR-714 Word
Tawdul v. State 17A03-9903-CR-110 17D01-9803-CM-224 Word
Lockett v. State 02A03-9905-CR-184 02D04-9810-CF-551 Word
Askren Hub States Pest Control Services, Inc. v. Zurich Insurance Co. and Zurich American Insurance Group 49A02-9902-CV-133 49D01-9612-CP-01676 Word
Donahue v. St. Joseph County 50A03-9905-CV-203 50D01-9806-CT-6 Word Perfect
King v. State 45A03-9902-CR-56 45G02-9708-DF-10046 Word Perfect
Est. of Goodwin v. Goodwin 49A02-9904-CV-236 49D08-9510-ES-794 Word Perfect
Edwin D. Ricketts v. State 72A05-9910-CV-466 72D01-9603-CT-29 Word
Josephine Brooks et al v. Gariup Const. 45A03-9902-CV-75 45D05-9805-CP-1055 Word
Flying J. v. Jeter 45A03-9902-CV-41 45D04-9807-CT-00561 Word Perfect
Randall A. Hancock v. State 34A02-9808-CR-657 34D03-9712-DF-2430 Word
Carswell v. State of Indiana 52A02-9901-CR-69 52C01-9806-CF-108 Word Perfect
Norman R. Cowper v. Ray & John Collier 32A01-9812-CV-441 32D02-9712-CP-269 Word Perfect
Perkins v. Owens 48A04-9707-CV-273 48D03-9405-CP-0357 Word Perfect
Perkins v. Owens 48A04-9707-CV-273 48D03-9405-CP-357 Word Perfect
Swanigan v. State of Indiana 82A01-9904-CR-133 82D02-9808-CF-580 Word Perfect
NIPSCO v. Dabagia 46A03-9802-CV-51 46D01-9409-CP-288 Word Perfect
Fratus v. Marion 27A02-9901-CV-12 27C01-9802-CP-59 Word
Consolidated Rail Corp. v. Estate of Michael K. Martin 27A05-9812-CV-617 27D01-9609-CP-445 Word
Hovenden v. State of Indiana 92A03-9903-CR-100 92C01-9803-CF-69 Word
Ralph R. Robinson v. State of Indiana 04A04-9903-CR-115 04C01-9802-CM-06 Word Perfect
Cliffton E. Geiger v. State of Indiana 57A03-9809-CR-417 57C01-9705-CF-50 Word
Plue v. State of Indiana 48A02-9907-CR-479 48E02-9503-DF-69 Word
L. Ann Sweet v. Pape 43A05-9904-CV-168 43C01-9712-CP-883 Word
Villa v. State of Indiana 79A04-9902-CR-87 79D01-9007-CF-78 Word
Wayne Metal v. IDEM 90A02-9901-CV-71 90C01-9508-MI-115 Word
Evansville Garage Bldrs. v. Shrode 82A01-9901-CV-17 82D03-9707-CP-2362 Word
Phillip Beeks v. State of Indiana 35A04-9905-PC-236 CR-82-45 Word
Thom v. City of Jeffersonville 10A01-9906-CV-187 10C01-9804-CT-170 Word Perfect
Edward Cohn v. Marcus Strawhorn 49A02-9903-CV-183 49D05-9706-CP-828 Word Perfect
Mullins v. State of Indiana 49A02-9902-CR-81 49G03-9804-CF-59295 Word Perfect
Simon Johnson v. State of Indiana 82A04-9812-CR-620 82C01-9808-CF-762 Word Perfect
Kim T. Wattley v. State of Indiana 02A03-9907-CR-277 02D04-9810-CF-571 Word Perfect
Gronceski v. Town of Long Beach Bd of Zoning Appeals 46A03-9810-CV-422 46D01-9712-MI-352 Word Perfect
State Dept. Trans. v. Hoffman 32A05-9902-CV-77 32D03-9508-CP-77 Word Perfect
Winn v. State of Indiana 38A02-9901-CR-20 38C01-9705-CF-021 Word Perfect
Lehman v. Shroyer 18A02-9903-CV-202 18D03-9710-CP-64 Word Perfect
Impson v. State 12A02-9903-CR-208 12D01-9708-DF-098 Word
Rose v. Swaffar 53A01-9905-CV-176 53C02-9701-CP-00015 Word
Rennick v. N&W Railroad, et al 86A03-9905-CV-192 86C01-9802-CT-24 Word
Barry Durham et al v. U-Haul Intl. 49A02-9811-CV-940 49D10-9704-CT-504 Word
In Re: E.M.P. 45A04-9908-JV-346 45D06-9301-JP-123 Word
State of Indiana v. G.B. 49A04-9905-PC-239 CR84-091B PDF
Robert A. Evolga v. State 45A03-9906-PC-206 1CR-162-978-864 Word
Grimes v. Grimes 08A04-9902-CV-75 08C01-9708-DR-74 Word Perfect
Demetrius Johnson v. State 49A05-9812-CR-620 49G01-9710-CF-161322 Word
Jason A. Allen v. State 89A01-9902-CR-56 89C01-9705-CF-49 Word
Westfield Cos. v. Rovan, Inc. 43A03-9903-CV-112 43C01-9811-CP-787 Word
Yoder Grain v. Antalis 02A03-9905-CV-186 02D01-9507-CP-1077 Word
Waas v. Illinois Farmers 49A02-9906-CV-411 49D07-9612-CT-001722 Word
Roger D. Dishroon v. State 55A01-9906-CR-201 55D01-9209-CF-161 Word
Latta v. State 46A03-9811-PC-478 46C01-8905-CF-65 Word
Williamson v. Creamer 29A04-9903-CV-116 29D03-9409-DR-463 Word
Cincinnati Ins.Co. v. Bact Holdings 49A02-9904-CV-286 49D06-9708-CP-1272 Word
Cincinnati Insurance Co. v. Bact Holdings 49A02-9904-CV-286 49D06-9708-CP-1272 Word
Randolph v. Randolph 49A05-9908-CV-396 49D10-9903-DR-386 Word
Halsey v. Smeltzer 20A03-9906-CV-237 20C01-9903-CT-15 Word
James Cannon, Jr. v. State of Indiana 34A02-9902-CR-141 34D01-9702-CF-036 Word
Wendy Franklin v. Lisa Clark Benock 42A04-9902-CV-083 42C01-9703-CT-048 Word
F.E. Gates Co. v. Hydro-Technologies 02A03-9812-CV-505 02D01-9701-CP-220 Word
Arturo Chavez v. State of Indiana 79A02-9812-CR-986 79D01-9709-CF-092 Word
Arturo Chavez v. State 79A02-9812-CR-986 79D01-9709-CF-092 Word
Niccki Larae Bellamy v. Phillip Tyrone Gillis 49A05-9810-JV-505 49C01-9312-JP-2843 Word
James Moore v. State 10A04-9903-CR-134 10D01-9712-CF-87 Word
Malan v. Dalmer 45A03-9904-CV-148 45D02-9812-SC-2333 Word
Clyde Sparkman v. State 49A02-9811-CR-857 49G20-9803-CF-40069 Word
Gallant Ins. v. Allstate Ins. 49A04-9905-CV-222 49D06-9810-CP-1474 Word
Donald Hedrick and John Snyder v. Don Tabbert et al 49A02-9906-CV-423 49D10-9704-CT-632 Word
Keith McCotry v. State 48A05-9906-CR-294 48D03-9811-DF-534 Word
Jimmy K. Wright v. Joe Spinks 28A01-9905-CV-146 28D01-9709-CP-286 Word
Quentin Wallace v. State of Indiana 49A02-9904-CR-278 49G02-9711-CF-161860 Word
Perry-Worth Concerned Citizens v. Bd of Comm of Boone County 41A02-9903-CV-70 41D01-9809-CP-422 Word
Willie Dumes v. State 49A04-9901-CR-15 49G05-9805-CF-083710 Word
Bogetti v. State 30A01-9906-CR-194 30D02-9802-CM-176 Word
Timothy Hall v. State 49A02-9901-CR-49 49G01-9704-CF-050039 Word
Dow Chemical et al v. Ebling 22A05-9812-CV-625 22D01-9601-CT-30 Word
William Brettin v. Paul Grandstaff 66A03-9911-CV-408 66C01-9908-MI-14 Word
Glover v. Torrence 49A02-9903-CV-205 S384-328 Word Perfect
Donald J. Stuart v. Alice Jean Phillips(Stuart) 03A01-9906-CV-185 03D02-9506-DR-102 Word
Jay M. Timmons v. State 12A04-9904-CR-165 12D01-9805-DF-59 Word
Marvin Brickner v. Nancy L. Brickner 64A04-9903-CV-128 64D02-78PSC-2568 Word
Committment of Stephen Roberts 02A03-9902-CV-60 02D01-9812-MH-373 Word
State of Indiana v. Sabrina L. Rumple 02A05-9906-CR-262 02D04-9810-CM-7490 Word
L.T. Gates, M.D. v. Mai Riley 49A04-9901-CV-43 49D06-9510-CT-1540 Word
New Albany v. Carol Ammerman et al 22A01-9905-CV-153 22D01-9801-CP-4 Word
In Re the Adoption of I.K.E.W. v. Joseph Roberts 71A03-9909-CV-344 71J01-9810-AD-121/122 Word
Sexton v. Rowe 71A05-9910-CV-511 71J01-9904-MI-001 Word
Maybaum v. Putnam County OFC 67A01-9906-JV-223 67C01-9811-JC-17 Word
Richard Griswold v. State 32A01-9906-CR-219 32D02-9906-CF-227 Word
Intervenor Lisa Green v. Estate of Joseph T. Green 34A05-9905-CV-240 34D02-9612-ES-5 Word
Susan & Rodney Miles v. Miami Co Div of Family & Children 52A02-9910-JV-696 52C01-9801-JC-1 Word
Duneland v. Brunk 64A05-9909-CV-407 64D01-9804-CP-824 Word
Ft. Wayne Intl Airport v. Wilburn 02A03-9907-CV-255 02D01-9902-CT-64 Word
Jennings v. State 71A04-9906-CR-284 71D01-9801-CF-29 Word
Healthscript Inc. v. State 49A05-9908-CR-370 49G06-9904-CF-069249 Word
Indiana Gaming Co. v. Blevins 15A01-9907-CV-243 15C01-9808-CP-66 Word
Angela Huber (Malfavon) v. Michael Huber et al 22A05-9911-CV-482 22D01-9509-DR-289 Word
State of Indiana v. Rodney Blecher 02A03-9906-CR-212 02D04-9808-CF-441 Word
K.J.P. v. State of Indiana 79A02-9909-JV-659 79D03-9809-JD-385 Word
Kosciusko Co. Bd of Zoning Appeals 43A03-9905-CV-173 43D01-9808-CP-417 Word
C. Carter v. State of Indiana 02A03-9905-PC-191 02D04-9307-CF-519 Word
N.B., etal v. Sybinski, etal 49A02-9904-CV-311 49D11-9706-CP-926 Word Perfect
Brandon Robinson v. State of Indiana 43A04-9902-CR-48 43D03-9806-CR-48 Word Perfect
Edwards v. State of Indiana 79A02-9901-CR-64 79E03-9709-DF-378 Word
Charles Gardner, Jr., etal v. State of Indiana 49A04-9904-CR-144 49G03-9807-CF-126534 Word
Paul, etal v. I.S.I. Services, etal 02A03-9904-CV-167 02D01-9904-CP-666 Word
Jesse v. American Community Mutual Ins. 02A03-9906-CV-214 02D01-9801-CT-35 Word
Ledbetter v. Ball Memorial 18A02-9907-CV-459 18D01-9802-CP-43 Word
Integrated Home Tech. v. Draper 29A02-9909-CV-639 29D02-9901-CP-30 Word
Lott v. State 45A03-9904-PC-166 45G04-9103-CF-53 Word
State v. Price 79A02-9911-CR-749 79E01-9810-DF-340 Word
Pohle v. Cheatham 40A05-9908-CV-353 40D01-9803-CP-143 Word
Miles v. Christensen 52A05-9907-CV-311 52C01-9606-CP-309 Word
Conner v. State of Indiana 57A03-9811-CV-474 57C01-9705-CT-4 Word
In Re the Estate of Paul R. Weitzman 02A03-9906-CV-232 02D01-9802-EU-155 Word
Sizemore v. Templeton Oil Co. et al 50A04-9906-CV-244 50D01-9605-CP-23 Word
Overstreet v. State 55A01-9904-CR-110 55D02-9711-DF-272 Word
Save the Valley v. IDEM 49A02-9904-CV-266 49F12-9809-CF-3118 Word
IHSAA v. Vasario 45A03-9901-CV-16 45D05-9502-CP-350 Word
United Technologies v. Affiliated FM Ins. Co 49A05-9903-CV-132 49D10-9805-CP-729 Word
Robert Rust v. State of Indiana 49A04-9908-CR-344 49F07-9811-CM-184063 Word
Robert Rust v. State 49A04-9908-CR-344 49F07-9811-CM-184063 Word
Ray Sanders v. State of Indiana 31A04-9904-CR-160 31D01-9806-CF-450 Word
Ray Sanders v. State 31A04-9904-CR-160 31D01-9806-CF-450 Word
American Dry Cleaning v. State 49A02-9908-CV-567 49D01-9807-CP-1019 Word
American Dry Cleaning v. State of Indiana 49A02-9908-CV-567 49D01-9908-CV-567 Word
Wallem v. CLS 88A04-9904-CV-157 88C01-9607-CP-67 Word
Seach v. Armbruster 49A04-9907-CV-309 49D07-9704-CT-621 Word
David Gilman and William E. Statham v. Sandra Hohman 49A02-9904-CV-300 49D01-9405-CT-0425 Word
Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Assn. v. State of Indiana 49A02-9906-CV-449 49C01-9905-CP-1190 Word
Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Assn. v. State 49A02-9906-CV-449 49C01-9905-CP-1190 Word
Walter Medlock v. Robert Blackwell 47A01-9906-CV-207 47C01-9712-CT-1204 Word
Clark v. Madden 49A02-9906-CV-381 49D12-9806-DR-832 Word
Girl Scouts v. Velasquez 46A03-9907-CV-270 46D03-9804-CT-162 Word
Gates v. Town of Chandler 87A01-9903-CV-98 87D02-9802-CT-42 Word
William B. Roberts v. State of Indiana 86A04-9908-PC-340 86C01-9703-DF-11 Word
Indiana Bell v. Indiana Utility Regulatory Comm. 93A02-9801-EX-22 40849 Word
Broadway Radiology v. Tricou 45A03-9908-CV-320 45D03-9905-CP-1550 Word
Antwone Tucker v. State of Indiana 49A02-9902-CR-127 49F16-9810-CM-169319 Word
Larry F. Trigg v. State of Indiana 02A03-9909-CR-370 02D04-9809-DF-647 Word
Ward v. First Indiana Plaza 49A02-9904-CV-263 49C01-9603-CT-561 Word
Patton v. State of Indiana 49A02-9908-CR-523 49G02-9803-CF-047682 Word
Ledbetter v. Ross, et al 49A04-9907-CV-311 49D03-9708-CT-1149 Word
Lee Bernstein v. Daniel W. Glavin 45A03-9810-CV-445 45D01-9408-CT-952 Word
Winkler v. Roberson 71A05-9910-JV-464 71J01-9904-JP-169 Word
Balls v. State of Indiana 49A04-9908-CR-374 49G06-9806-CF-89219 Word
Query v. State of Indiana 49A02-9910-CR-733 49G20-9811-CF-176141 Word
Linda Tilley v. D. Sue Roberson 49A02-9910-CV-690 49D03-9909-CP-1266 Word
Black v. Employee Solutions 76A03-9904-CV-163 76D01-9801-CP-011 Word
Cole v. Holt 45A05-9907-CV-297 45D03-9903-CP-590 Word
Driver v. State of Indiana 34A02-9907-CR-509 34C01-9812-DF-00219 Word
In Re K.J.L. 02A03-9909-JV-355 02D07-9005-JP-285 Word
Michael Smith v. State of Indiana 49A02-9911-CR-786 49F08-9808-CM-142632 Word
Allen v. State of Indiana 75A05-9806-CR-314 75C01-9710-CF-89 Word
N. Vernon v. Funkhouser 40A05-9904-CV-180 40D01-9809-CP-320 Word
Nyby et al v. WMI, et al 75A03-9801-CV-1 75C01-8804-CP-157 Word
Ramiro Guerrero v. Allison Engine Co. 49A02-9905-CV-362 49D11-9607-CT-1033 Word
City of Indianapolis Housing Authority v. Pippin 49A02-9905-CV-379 49D05-9511-CT-670 Word
Michael Lee Kochersperger v. State 10A01-9902-CR-53 10C01-9707-CF-49 Word
Chesser v. City of Hammond Police Dept. 45A04-9909-CV-406 45D05-9801-MI-5 Word
American Management v. Riverside National 29A02-9908-CV-628 29D03-9808-CP-417 Word
Connell v. Welty 49A02-9906-CV-400 S776-629 Word
Edward Bertholet v. Linda Bertholet 64A03-9907-CV-280 64D02-9704-DR-824 Word
St. John Town Board v. Gene Lambert and Lana Lindsey 45A05-9905-CV-221 45D01-9402-CT-226 Word
Bobbitt v. State of Indiana 12A04-9908-PC-362 12D01-9611-DF-110 Word
Kentucky Truck Sales v. Kiser 93A02-9907-EX-495 98-08712 Word
Lisa Marchetti v. State of Indiana 49A02-9909-CR-652 49G05-9706-CF-89837 Word
Melvin Berry v. State of Indiana 49A02-9908-CR-600 49F13-9808-CM-127773 Word
Brandon Weaver v. State of Indiana 03A01-9910-CR-349 03C01-9411-CF-1180 Word
John Walker v. Edward McCrea 53A04-9905-CV-238 53C02-9411-CP-1391 Word
A.J.'s Automotive v. Donna & Samuel Freet 71A03-9909-CV-343 71C01-9808-CT-64 Word
RJH of Florida et al v. Summit Account & Computer et al 02A03-9903-CV-86 02D01-9210-CP-1780 Word
Gibson v. Evansville Vanderburgh Bldg. Comm. etal 87A01-9902-CV-40 87D02-9704-CP-64 Word
Gibson v. Evansville Vanderburgh Bldg. Comm.etal 87A01-9902-CV-40 87D02-9704-CP-64 Word
Gibson v. Evansville Vanderburgh Bldg.Comm.etal 87A01-9902-CV-40 87D02-9704-CP-64 Word
Timothy McCarthy, Jr. v. State of Indiana 37A04-9903-CR-108 37D01-9711-CF-389 Word
Warner v. Warner 34A05-9909-CV-409 34D02-8805-DR-394 Word
State v. Porter 82A01-9908-CR-287 82D02-9611-CF-791 Word
Termination of Parent-Child Relationship of D.L.M. and M.G. - Melanie R. Games v. Elkhart Office of Family & Children 20A04-9909-JV-433 21C01-9905-JT-59/20C01-9902-JT-25 Word
Downey v. State of Indiana 35A02-9904-CR-241 35C01-9808-CF-39 Word
J. Johnson v. State of Indiana 71A03-9906-CR-225 71D01-9811-CM-9697 Word
Ho v. State of Indiana 49A02-9904-CR-283 49G04-9809-CF-155105 Word
D. Miller v. State of Indiana 49A02-9904-CR-289 49G01-9805-CF-68593 Word
Scott v. Review Board 93A02-9908-EX-627 99-R-1350 Word
IN Re:Paternity of TMY 61A01-9909-JV-311 82-J-6 Word
Rene v. Reed 49A02-9907-CV-457 49D12-9805-CP-730 Word
D.B. v. State of Indiana 49A04-9911-JV-504 49D09-9905-JD-1919 Word
Landis v. State of Indiana 64A05-9906-PC-267 64D04-9508-CM-1300 Word
Town & Country v. Woods 54A01-9903-CV-89 54C01-9401-CP-7 Word
Nielsen v. Hall 45A04-9910-CV-449 45D07-9904-SC-558 Word
Washburn v. Tippecanoe County 79A04-9910-JV-457 79D03-9406-JD-144 Word
John Whitney v. State 49A02-9910-CR-708 49F18-9901-DF-007625 Word
Charles N. Wiggins v. State of Indiana 84A01-9905-CR-169 84D01-9802-CF-42 Word
Christopher Sebastian v. State of Indiana 78A04-9910-CR-444 78D01-9712-DF-357 Word
Rachel White v. State of Indiana 49A04-9908-CR-373 49G04-9808-CF-133965 Word
Orland v. National Fire 76A03-9904-CV-152 76C01-9708-CP-539 Word
Malcolm Lewis v. State of Indiana 49A02-9901-CR-34 49G01-9805-CF-62546 Word
Dante Adams v. State of Indiana 49A04-9903-CR-130 49G06-9809-CF-056875 Word
Troy Metcalf v. Estate of Barbara Hastings 54A01-9906-CV-221 54C01-9503-CT-75 Word
Ronald and Betty Crossno v. State of Indiana 49A04-9907-CV-334 49D02-9506-CT-922 Word
Christopher R. Minix v. State of Indiana 20A05-9905-CR-201 20D03-9701-CF-11 Word
Dale R. Hanna v. State of Indiana 33A01-9910-CR-344 33D02-9707-CF-147 Word
Clark v. Clark 45A03-9912-CV-443 45D02-9512-DR-01219 Word
Western v. State 32A01-9909-JV-331 32C01-9903-JC-20 Word
Lane v. State of Indiana 42A01-9908-CR-271 42D01-9707-CF-11 Word
Raymond Stone v. State of Indiana 49A02-9911-CR-780 49G20-9802-CF-17641 Word
Indiana Farmers v. Blaskie 57A03-9906-CV-219 57C01-9603-CT-5 Word
J. Clark v. State of Indiana 49A02-9905-CR-377 49G20-9703-CF-045892 Word
Gallant Ins. Co. v. Amaizo Federal C.U. & F. Buck 45A03-9905-CV-193 45D03-9608-CP-2530 Word
Wright v. Paraservices, Inc. 27A02-9911-CV-798 27D01-9806-CP-274 Word
Michael S. Dill v. State of Indiana 53A01-9910-CR-352 53C06-9712-CF-769 Word
Piercey v. Piercey 49A04-9906-CV-274 49D07-9706-DR-806 Word
Wayne Aaron v. Review Board of Indiana and GMC 93A02-9904-EX-294 (98-19080) and 98-R-2637 Word
Lykins v. State 21A01-9901-CR-20 21D01-9703-CM-208 Word
Amoco v. Commissioner 49A04-9810-CV-518 49D11-9606-CP-868 Word
Holmes v. Holmes 09A02-9906-CV-422 09C01-7905-DR-211 Word
Catherine L. Mitchell v. Star Financial Services 27A02-9909-CV-672 27D02-9905-CP-115 Word
Richardson v. Salaam 54A05-9903-CV-120 54C01-9212-CP-381 Word
Belser v. State of Indiana 49A05-9909-CR-427 49F17-9809-CF-151055 Word
Estate of Taylor 18A02-9904-CV-265 18D01-9807-CT-39 Word
Exide v. Millwright 18A05-9908-CV-380 18C01-9511-CT-34 Word
Exide v. Brehob 18A04-9906-CV-278 18D03-9801-CT-01 Word
Lake County v. Millender 45A04-0003-CV-106 45D03-9803-CP-910 Word
Judith Clemans v. Wishard Memorial 93A02-9910-EX-714 C-147142 Word
William K. Zimmerman v. State of Indiana 77A01-9909-CV-318 77C01-9907-CP-213 Word
Samar v. Hofferth 71A04-9907-CV-315 71D09-9808-CP-975 Word
Daniel & Polly Miller v. Grand Trunk Western Railroad, Inc. 64A05-9907-CV-320 64D01-9702-CT-315 Word
South Bend v. D&J Gravel 18A02-9912-CV-848 18D03-9906-CP-100 Word
P.T.Buntin, M.D.,P.C. v. Rose Marie Becker 49A05-9904-CV-170 49D06-9508-CT-1248 Word
Terry Pennycuff v. State of Indiana 49A02-9902-CR-117 49G01-9606-CF-088754 Word
Dennis W. Lighty v. State of Indiana 27A05-9907-CR-298 27C01-9803-DF-32 Word
Purdy v. State of Indiana 49A02-9809-CR-713 49F16-9804-DF-53747 Word
Bradley A. Sullivan v. City of Evansville 82A01-9906-CV-191 82C01-9805-CP-167 Word
Winters v. State of Indiana 82A04-9904-CR-182 82C01-9706-CF-561 Word
OP 82A04-9904-CR-182 Winters v. State of Indiana Word
Smith v. State of Indiana 85A02-9911-CR-753 85C01-9303-CF-19 Word
Metropolitan Dev. Comm. v. Thomas A. Schroeder 49A04-9901-CV-40 49F12-9712-CP-4039 Word
Marquez v. Mayer 49A04-9906-CV-247 49C01-9404-CT-1149 Word
D. Wilson v. State of Indiana 55A01-9908-CR-262 55D01-9901-CM-13 Word
Jeff Campbell, M.D. and Physicians Primary Care Service v. John Shelton, Pam Shelton, and John Shelton, Sr. 10A04-9904-CV-171 10C01-9405-CT-156 Word
Termination of Jones 26A01-0001-JV-22 26C01-9901-JT-1 Word
Felsher v. University of Ev. 82A04-9910-CV-455 82C01-9902-CP-63 Word
Caldwell v. Black 02A03-9912-CV-450 CC-86-147 Word
Bradley A. Turner et al v. City of Evansville et al 82A05-9908-CV-358 82C01-9812-CP-397 Word
I/N Tek, I/N Kote v. Hitachi Ltd. 71A03-9905-CV-204 71D06-9702-CP-147 Word
Zawistoski v. Glick 53A05-0001-CV-26 53C02-9802-CT-293 Word
Hudgens v. Wells County DFC 90A05-9912-JV-575 90C01-9804-JT-77,78,79,80 Word
Merkor Management v. McCuan 45A05-9907-CV-326 45D08-9707-CP-3388 Word
Global v. Metal Recovery 45A03-9905-CV-194 45C01-9705-CP-1302 Word
Nasser v. State 84A04-9910-CR-473 84E05-9901-CM-64 Word
Cole v. Gohman 49A02-9906-CV-452 49D01-9606-CT-866 Word
Guerin v. Schaefer 82A01-9907-CV-234 82D03-9903-PO-716 Word
Michell Vanderhoek, etal v. Mrs. Gertrude L. Willy & Terre L. Neil 45A03-9910-CV-382 45D05-9309-CT-1583 Word
Laura A. Dughaish & Khalil I. Dughaish v. Donald Cobb, M.D. 82A04-9906-CV-271 82D03-9506-CT-1311 Word
Georgene Eukers v. State of Indiana 34A02-9907-CR-502 34D03-9801-CM-190 Word
Sherri Hite v. Gregory Haase, M.D. 43A03-9810-CV-431 43D01-9707-CT-283 Word
Depeyster v. Santa Claus 74A04-9911-CV-481 74C01-9610-CP-305 Word
Suzanne M. Allman v. State of Indiana 17A04-9908-CR-381 17D01-9810-CM-956 Word
Clark v. State 49A05-9907-CR-307 49G03-9901-CF-10399 Word
Perez v. State 12A02-9907-PC-501 12C01-9503-CF-38 Word
Stastina Adkisson v. State of Indiana 49A05-9904-CR-193 49F10-9808-CM-139872 Word
James & John Vadas v. Rita Vadas 45A04-9901-CV-18 45C01-9705-DR-1340 Word
Wilkerson v. State of Indiana 48A04-9907-PC-314 3SCR-85-82 Word
Lorne Tucker v. State of Indiana 53A01-9906-CR-217 53C05-9803-CF-298 Word
Peter C. Americanos v. State of Indiana 49A02-9908-CV-583 49D02-9904-CT-486 Word
IN. Dept. of Financial Inst., etal v. Worthington Bancshares Inc. 30A05-9906-CV-288 30C01-9209-CP-436 Word
Kahrs v. Conley 06A04-9911-CV-491 06D01-9605-CT-90 Word
Mosser v. Mosser 32A04-9909-CV-414 32D02-9802-DR-38 Word
Tardy v. State 49A05-9901-CR-26 49G20-9803-CF-40072 Word
Michael Kile v. State 49A02-9912-CR-851 49G02-9901-CF-16718 Word
S. Gibson School v. Sollman 26A01-9906-CV-222 26D01-9903-MI-4 Word
Anthony Eubanks v. State 80A02-9906-PC-419 80C01-9304-CF-44 Word
Levee v. Beeching 71A04-9906-CV-248 71D05-9603-CT-85 Word
State Farm Fire & Casualty Co. v. T.B., a minor by her parents and next friends, George & Cathy Bruce and Murl & Vicki Dobson 53A01-9908-CV-266 53C06-9705-CT-676 Word
Hartig v. Stratman 82A01-9910-CV-336 82D03-9802-CP-517 Word
Rhonda Daugherty v. Ronald K. Allen 30A01-9909-CV-309 30C01-9908-CP-205 Word
Collins v. State of Indiana 48A02-0001-CR-60 48E01-9810-DF-300 Word
Segura v. State of Indiana 10A01-9906-PC-218 10D02-9203-CF-030 Word
Guadalupe Sanchez v. State 92A03-9908-CR-322 92C01-9807-CF-124 Word
Herron v. State of Indiana 71A03-9912-CR-444 71D01-9906-DF-709 Word
D.R. v. State of Indiana 49A02-9908-JV-536 49D09-9904-JD-1622 Word
Everett M. Robinson v. State 49A04-9907-CR-331 49G01-9706-CF-83584 Word
Julie Marley v. State 49A02-9908-CR-617 49G02-9706-CF-85105 Word
City of New Haven v. Reichhart 90A02-9904-CV-247 90C01-9202-CP-25 Word
Donnie W. Mitchell v. State 49A02-9912-CR-852 49G03-9903-CF-39503 Word
Anthis v. State 42A01-9908-CR-272 42C01-9711-CF-020 Word
Raymond L. Vanzandt v. State of Indiana 49A02-9908-CR-606 49G013-98121-CF-199221 Word
Board of Trustees v. Severson 56A03-9912-CV-451 56C01-9810-CP-169 Word
Hale v. Donnelley 43A03-9909-CV-362 43C01-9602-CP-163 Word
Donald J. Akers v. Charlotte Akers 33A01-9910-CV-354 33D01-9809-DR-73 Word
Marc E. Ellis v. Cherie D. Ellis 87A01-9909-CV-322 87C01-9004-DR-167 Word
Allen County v. Stellhorn 02A04-9907-CV-305 02C01-9203-CP-188 Word
Terrance Swanson v. State of Indiana 20A03-9910-CR-376 20A03-9810-CR-376 Word
IHSAA, Bob Gardner, Mary Keefer v.Jessah Martin 02A03-9912-CV-460 02D01-9911-CP-1980 Word
Joyce G. Cannon v. Gerald W. Cannon 49A05-9908-CV-366 49D019-9408-DR-827 Word
Samuel Patterson v. State of Indiana 46A03-9907-CR-252 46D01-9712-CF-158 Word
Samuel Patterson v. State 46A03-9907-CR-252 46D01-9810-CF-151 Word
The Guardianship of B.H., & S.H., Minor Children 67A05-9905-JV-231 67C01-9812-GU-37 Word
Bradley J. Davies v. State of Indiana 61A04-9910-CR-448 61C01-9810-CF-111 Word
E.R., C.R., N.R., J.R., & J.O.R. vs. Marion County Office Family & Children 49A02-9905-JV-354 49D09-9701-JC-30 Word
Smith v. Delaware County Office Family & Children 18A04-9912-JV-528 18C01-9901-JT-2 Word
Tripp v. State of Indiana 43A03-9909-CR-345 43D02-9808-CM-1391 Word
Clyde B. Atchley v. State of Indiana 20A05-9907-PC-328 20D02-9004-CF-30 Word
O'Bannon v. Anderson 48A02-9910-CV-698 48D02-9703-CT-309 Word
Progressive Ins. Co. v. General Motors 56A03-9812-CV-534 56D01-9712-CP-29 Word
Vranicar v. Brown County 07A05-9911-CV-493 07C01-9807-MI-199 Word
Cynthia Jane Cooper v. Forest Cooper 10A04-9912-CV-575 10C01-9711-DR-372 Word
Vanzandt v. State 49A02-0002-CR-62 49G06-9812-CF-1911594 Word
Stephen L. Bailey v. State 29A02-0001-CR-57 29D04-9309-CF-3802 Word
Tipton v. Nash 48A02-9912-CV-810 48C01-9809-CP-534 Word
Jason E. Doty v. State 06A01-9909-CR-308 06D01-9810-CF-100 Word
Garnet Everroad v. State 03A01-9909-PC-327 03C01-9701-DF-182 Word
Jay & Jenny Moberly v. William Day d/b/a Day Farms 07A01-9906-CV-216 07C01-9711-CP-0344 Word
Dorinda and Larry Bond v. Keith Bracey 71A04-0001-CV-44 71J01-9903-AD-36 Word
Mishler v. State of Indiana 20A05-9912-CV-544 20D01-9804-CT-323 Word
John Sims v. United States Fidelity & Guaranty Company 49A02-9904-CV-295 49D12-9904-CT-489 Word
Small v. Centocor 49A02-9910-CV-694 49D03-9809-CT-001313 Word
Bradley v. New Castle 33A01-9807-CV-281 33C01-9302-CP-19 Word
Terry D. Hay v. Danah S. Hay 39A04-9910-CV-459 39C01-9409-DR-403 Word
Shambaugh & Son/Abell Elevator v. Carlisle 02A03-9908-CV-325 02C01-9610-CT-102 Word
Burton v. Davis 39A05-9910-CV-468 39C01-9712-CT-510 Word
S.T. v. State 20A03-9912-JV-480 20C01-9809-JD-476 Word
Diana Wallace, et al v. Meadow Acres Manuf. Housing 02A03-9907-CV-265 02D01-9410-CP-1405 Word
Bixlers v. LaGrange Co. Bldg. Dept. et al 44A03-9909-CV-351 44D01-9905-CP-34 Word
Hayden v. Paragon 71A03-0001-CV-43 71D06-9711-CT-414 Word
Old Indiana v. Montano 06A01-9904-CV-142 06D01-9611-CT-253 Word
Bunting v. State of Indiana 29A05-9910-CR-462 29D05-9807-DF-2585 Word
Finucane v. Union Planters 29A02-9912-CV-856 29C01-9806-CP-478 Word
Stephens & Cincinnati Ins. Co. v. Irvin, Hodge & Sentry 12A02-9910-CV-684 12D01-9501-CP-26 Word
U-Haul v. Armstrong 49A02-9911-CV-759 49D01-9611-CT-1494 Word
Rogers v. Reynolds 49A02-9808-CV-668 49D02-9302-CT-8 Word
Hierlmeier v. North Judson 75A03-9911-CV-406 75C01-9801-CP-017 Word
Burton v. Elskens 79A02-9911-CV-747 79D01-9904-CT-19 Word
Leslie J. Edwards v. State of Indiana 79A02-9903-CR-214 79E01-9709-DF-377 Word
Robert Norris v. State 35A02-0001-CR-45 35D01-9905-CM-434 Word
Wesley J. Bigler, II v. State of Indiana 84A05-9904-PC-192 84D03-9012-CF-167 Word
Adkins v. Jackson Co. REMC 88A01-9907-CV-123 88C01-9609-CP-102 Word
Campbell v. State of Indiana 84A01-0001-CR-37 82D02-9810-CF-784 Word
Brian S. Tincher v. Brian S. Davidson 49A05-9912-CV-23 49D01-9502-CT-190 Word
Randall L. Lahr v. State of Indiana 27A02-0001-CR-28 27D02-9902-CF-8 Word
Michael & Becky Missi v. CCC Custom Kitchens, Inc. 10A01-9912-CV-440 10D02-9904-CT-040 Word
Walter H. Schulz v. State of Indiana 31A01-9907-CV-240 31C01-9610-CP-214 Word
Webber v. Miller 02A05-0003-CV-87 02D01-9608-CP-1127 Word
Kenneth Maxwell v. State of Indiana 48A05-0003-CR-114 48D03-9901-CF-1 Word
Ford & Ribet v. Culp Custom Homes, Inc. 46A03-0002-CV-39 46C01-9610-CP-414 Word
Auto-Owners Ins. Co. v. Cox 48A02-0003-CV-179 48D02-9303-CP-105 Word
Veness v. Midland Risk Ins. Co. 71A04-9907-CV-313 71D09-9809-CT-312 Word
In the Matter of N.B. and Mary Brock, Brian Saylor 02A03-9912-JV-487 02D07-9804-JT-37 Word
Equicor Development Inc., Thomas E. Goins and Stephen Roudebush v. The Westfield-Washington Township Plan Commission 29A02-9909-CV-661 29D02-9806-MI-349 Word
Ind. Dept. of Labor v. Richard 31A04-9905-CV-208 31C01-9801-CP-402 Word
State of Indiana v. Brant Morris 50A03-0001-CR-15 50D02-9809-DF-181 Word
Robert L. Coffer v. George W. Arndt, Jr. 49A02-9910-CV-720 49D02-9901-CT-47 Word
Joel Wells, Intervenor v. The Guardianship of Myrtle Farley 55A05-9910-CV-455 55D01-9807-GU-25 Word
John Farris v. State 02A03-9909-CR-371 02D04-9708-CF-472 Word
Skinner v. State/Cockrell v. State 49A05-9912-CR-529 49G05-9905-CF-078437/49G06-9905-CF-078436 Word
James C. Dickenson v. State 12A02-9907-PC-489 12D01-9608-CF-63 Word
Aldrich v. Coda 57A03-9908-CV-314 57D01-9811-CP-000168 Word
Michael Troyer v. Cowles Products Company, Inc. 20A03-9911-CV-415 20D03-9303-CP-00030 Word
In Re: M.M. v. Elkhart Office of Family & Children 20A04-0003-JV-124 20C01-9907-JT-103 Word
King v. Northeast 49A02-9907-CV-498 49D13-9610-CP-1856 Word
Lyons v. State of Indiana 49A02-9911-CR-779 49G02-9809-CF-155845 Word
W. Harris v. Delaware County Div. of Family & Children 18A04-0001-JV-7 18C01-9901-JT-01 Word
Ralph L. Wilson, Jr. v. Linda C. Wilson 88A01-9912-CV-410 88D01-9406-DR-134 Word
Gordon v. Gordon 43A03-0001-CV-25 43C01-9909-PO-151 Word
Clifford Brown v. Rhonda Branch 07A04-9907-CV-339 07C01-9704-CP-130 Word
Bush v. State 49A05-9912-CR-540 49G03-9912-CF-054063 Word
Estate of Helen Verdi, Frank J. Verdi v. Peggy Toland 74A01-9908-CV-277 74C01-9805-CP-158 Word
Northern Indiana Public Service Co. v. Grace Sharp 64A03-9807-CV-320 64D02-9110-CT-2973 Word
Carey v. Carey 34A02-9911-CV-784 34C01-9710-DR-718 Word
Bobby L. Gibson v. State of Indiana 29A02-0001-CR-14 29D04-9906-CM-02168 Word
Kelly v. Bennett 45A05-9912-CV-532 45C01-9810-CT-2580 Word
A.B. vs. State of Indiana 49A04-9908-JV-357 49D09-9905-JD-1994 Word
Ahmad v. Duncan 49A04-0001-CV-31 49D11-9907-CP-989 Word
Johnson v. Johnson 41A01-0002-CV-45 41D02-9908-MI-196 Word
Danks v. State of Indiana 46A03-9908-PC-330 46C01-8410-CF-5157-C Word
Danks v. State of Indiana 46A03-9908-PC-330 46C01-8410-CF-5157-C Word Perfect
Clark v. State 49A02-9908-CR-551 49G04-9710-CF-161337 Word
City of Hammond v. Marina Entertainment 56A05-9902-CV-87 56D01-9808-MI-2 Word
Soames v. Young Oil 52A02-9912-CV-878 52C01-9811-CP-566 Word
John F. Freidline, etal v. Civil City of South Bend 71A03-9912-CV-442 71C01-9812-CP-017890 Word
Steven v. Smalley v. State of Indiana 02A03-0001-CR-13 02D04-9908-CF-404 Word
State of Indiana v. Snyder 02A04-9910-CV-461 02D01-9707-CT-277 Word
State of Indiana v. Willits 30A05-0001-CR-29 30D01-9709-CF-60 Word
State of Indiana v. Darius Dodson 49A02-0002-CR-100 49G01-9909-CF-167448 Word
Charles G. Reeder and Dennis W. Palmer v. A. Patricia Harper, M.D., et al 49A05-9909-CV-416 49D03-9611-CT-1578 Word
Sigler v. State 29A02-0001-CR-27 29D01-9802-CF-11 Word
The Paint Shuttle, Inc. (Illinois), The Paint Shuttle, Inc. (Indiana), Jacqueline and Peter Miller v. Continental Casualty Co., et al 45A03-9911-CV-420 45D01-9803-CP-242 Word
Barry S. Poynter, Jr. v. State 57A03-9911-CR-423 57E01-9901-CM-7 Word
Gallant v. Isaac 49A02-0001-CV-56 49D10-9708-CT-1141 Word
Sholes v. Sholes 27A02-9906-CV-445 27C01-9802-DR-84 Word
Warrick v. Waste 82A04-9909-CV-423 82D03-9708-CP-2756 Word
John Ling, etal v. James Stillwell, etal 49A02-0002-CV-119 49D12-9909-MI-1363 Word
Term of Parental Rights of Hicks 42A01-9912-JV-443 42D01-9802-JT-2 Word
Hogle v. Hogle 02A04-9907-CV-332 02D01-9808-CP-1226 Word
Mercantile Ntl. Bank v. First Builders 45A03-9904-CV-132 45D01-9504-CP-389 Word
In Re the Matter of Paternity of J.A.C., Dennis Colter v. Judy A. Koenig 49A04-9912-JV-567 49D09-9810-JP-284/49D08-9810-GU-811 Word
August Trotter v. State of Indiana 49A02-0002-CR-78 49F09-9811-DF-180699 Word
Grubb v. State 53A05-9912-CR-545 53C06-9610-CF-619 Word
State of Indiana v. Bernard Foster 71A03-0001-PC-26 71D06-9406-CF-562 Word
Linke v. Northwestern School Corp. 34A05-9910-CV-467 34C01-9902-CP-131 Word
Kilkenny v. Mitchell, Hurst, Jacobs & Dick 29A02-0001-CV-58 29D03-9801-CP-10 Word
Dr. William D. Cutshall, Nancy Cutshall v. Ted A. Barker, et al 49A04-9908-CV-388 49D02-9810-CP-1376 Word
PERF v. Shepherd et al 40A01-0002-CV-56 40C01-9810-CP-376 Word
Larry Campbell v. State 09A02-0001-CR-31 09C01-9801-CF-2 Word
Kibbey v. State of Indiana 49A02-0003-CR-155 49G01-9902-CF-27866 Word
Conway v. School 93A02-0002-EX-106 C-141880 Word
Brannon v. Wilson 41A01-9906-CV-225 41D01-9609-CT-311 Word
Darnell Carter v. State of Indiana 79A02-9910-CR-738 79E01-9807-DF-248 Word
Rogier v. American Testing 49A02-9910-CV-707 49D10-9708-CP-1223 Word
Southport Little League v. Steven Vaughan and Rebecca Vaughan 49A02-9912-CV-882 49D01-9306-CT-565 Word
Medical and Prof. Coll Ser. v. Frank Bush 82A04-9912-CV-554 82D03-9808-CP-2886 Word
Davenport v. State 49A02-9911-CR-764 49G05-9710-CF-154335 Word
Joseph R. Desloover v. State 25A03-0001-CR-16 25D01-9901-CF-5 Word
John F. Niccum v. Myra J. Niccum 25A03-9912-CV-440 25C01-9705-DR-139 Word
Sanders v. State of Indiana 55A04-0003-CR-99 55D01-9907-CF-151 Word
Baxter v. State of Indiana 24A01-0001-CV-9 24C01-9802-CP-21 Word
Indiana v. Insurance 49A04-9909-CV-438 49D04-9601-CP-31 Word
Linda Newby v. John Newby 48A05-9908-CV-365 48D03-9608-DR-567 Word
Chad Michael Jones v. Mary Jane Maple & J. & M. Gauck 16A01-0001-JV-35 16C01-9902-JP-48 Word
Epperly v. Johnson 49A05-9908-CV-351 49D07-9608-CT-1135 Word
Miller v. Partridge 49A02-9909-CV-631 49D03-9902-CP-255 Word
Penley v. State 29A02-9909-CR-654 29D05-9801-CM-122 Word
State v. Barker 71A03-0001-CR-4 71D03-9905-DF-557 Word
State v. C.M.B. 32A01-9906-CV-182 32D02-9808-CP-170 Word
Ousley v. Bd of Comm. of Fulton Co. 25A03-9910-CV-380 25C01-9610-CP-245 Word
Castillo v. State of Indiana 09A02-9909-CR-648 09C01-9802-CF-00006 Word
Hannon v. Pesco 49A02-9908-CV-560 49D02-9802-CT-173 Word
Wood v. State of Indiana 48A05-0002-CR-51 48D03-9908-CF-227 Word
Jose Angel Tapia v. State of Indiana 45A03-9908-PC-304 45G04-8801-CF-47 Word
John B. Ellis v. State of Indiana 10A05-9908-PC-343 10C01-8901-CF-022 Word
James Robert Rohrer, D.O. v. Linda Clark Rohrer 42A05-9812-CV-610 42D01-9604-DR-18 Word
In the Matter of Inlow Children 29A05-9907-CV-319 29D02-9705-ES-60 Word
Crawford v. Enlow 13A01-9911-CV-378 13C01-9802-CP-14 Word
Jay M. Timmons v. State of Indiana 12A04-9904-CR-165 12D01-9805-DF-59 Word
Sherman v. Kluba 45A03-9901-CV-12 45D01-9501-CT-122 Word
Parks v. Cavins 45A03-9908-CR-331 45G03-9708-CF-00177 Word
Griffin v. State 49A02-9909-CR-647 49G05-9703-CF-44527 Word
C.S. v. State 49A05-9912-JV-567 49D09-9906-JD-2422/49D09-9908-JD-3204 Word
Nina Merritt, Kristin Alexander v. Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corporation 82A01-9912-CV-421 82D03-9712-CT-4354 Word
Robert L. Redmon v. State of Indiana 48A02-9912-CR-869 48D03-9906-CF-157 Word
Williamson v. Rutana 49A02-9912-CV-858 49D03-9105-DR-907 Word
Smith v. State 49A02-0005-CR-300 49G05-9903-CF-36941 Word
Saintignon v. State 18A02-0002-CR-88 18D02-9903-CF-24 Word
Haler v. Haler 70A03-9912-CV-459 70C01-9906-DR-156 Word
Lawrence Ward v. State of Indiana 34A04-0002-CR-59 34C01-9508-CF-85 Word
Brett & Colleen Stout v. Johnny Underhill, et al 62A01-9912-CV-426 62C01-9709-CP-275 Word
Stanrail Corp. v. Unemployment Insurance Review Board, Thomas Pierce 93A02-9911-EX-765 9924-7099-R-615 Word
Brenda Phelps, Elvis Pack v. Porter Co. Office of Family/Children 64A05-0003-JV-100 64C01-9905-JT-410/64C01-9502-JC-86 Word
Noble v. State 49A02-9902-CR-105 49F16-9709-DF-139778 Word
N. Miami/Johnson v. N. Miami 52A02-9911-CV-754 52D01-9901-CP-5 Word
James Stephens v. State 49A02-0003-CR-136 49G02-9805-CF-86001 Word
Robert Farmer v. Susan Farmer 45A05-0004-CV-145 45D01-8808-DR-736 Word
Meridian Insurance C. v. Simon Zepada & Ernest L. King 45A05-9905-CV-235 45D01-9602-CF-141 Word
Schoknecht v. Hasemier 49A02-0003-CV-168 49D01-9812-CP-1761 Word
Comm., Ind. Dept. of Env. Mgmt. v. RLG, Inc. and Lawrence Roseman 27A02-9909-CV-646 27C01-9602-CP-66 Word
Kimberly Stephens & The Cincinnati Ins. Co. v. Derek W. Irvin, Missy Hodge, & Sentry Insurance 12A02-9910-CV-684 12D01-9501-CP-26/12D01-9611-CP-333 Word
State of Indiana v. Darrell Gunn 71A04-9912-CR-543 71D08-9906-DF-621 Word
Donald Lee & Jeannine Ann Toon v. Glenda G. Stone & John D. Gerth 83A04-9903-CV-126 83C01-9704-ES-35/83C01-9709-CP-98 Word
Marvin Taylor v. State of Indiana 49A04-0001-CR-39 49G02-9807-CF-107714 Word
Hendrickson v. Alcoa 63A04-9910-CV-454 63C01-9605-CP-105 Word
N.D.F. v. State of Indiana 49A02-0003-JV-164 49D09-9907-JD-2958 Word
Greg W. Shoultz v. State 82A01-9912-CR-436 82D05-9712-CM-8710 Word
D.K. v. State of Indiana 47A05-9912-JV-542 47C01-9905-JD-194 Word
Davidson v. State of Indiana 22A01-0004-PC-116 22D01-8901-CF-1 Word
U-Haul v. Nulls Machine and Manufacturing Shop 49A02-9908-CV-569 49D01-9611-CT-1454 Word
Indiana Patient's Compensation Fund v. Wolfe 49A02-9912-CV-859 49D05-9902-CT-134 Word
James L. Preston and David L. McCarty v. State 67A01-0001-CR-014 67D01-9906-IF-1437/67D01-9906-IF-1410 Word
William A. Majors v. State of Indiana 34A05-0001-PC-34 34C01-9109-CF-72 Word
Morritz Weiss v. State of Indiana 55A01-0003-CR-102 55D01-9506-CF-78 Word
Vinson v. State of Indiana 52A04-0001-CR-13 52C01-9905-CF-75/52C01-9905-DF-68 Word
Lakes & Rivers Transfer v. Rudolph Robinson Steel 64A04-9906-CV-289 64D01-9505-CP-1292 Word
Stanrail Corp. v. Review Board 93A02-0002-EX-101 99-R-609 Word
Humphrey v. Day 49A02-0001-CV-30 49D05-9803-CP-943 Word
In Re: J.C. 32A02-9909-JV-426 32C01-9806-JC-40 Word
Mark A. Warsco v. Dorothy J. Hambright & Robert Edwards, Jr. 02A04-0004-CV-140 P-84-572 Word
State of Indiana v. Richard E. Fulkrod 48A02-0003-CR-176 48C01-9202-CF-32 Word
City of Indianapolis v. Johnson 49A02-0005-CV-333 49C01-9912-CP-2707 Word
Jose Vasquez v. State of Indiana 49A02-0006-CR-391 49F15-9910-DF-172952 Word
Michael Dennis v. State of Indiana 49A02-9902-CR-82 49F16-9709-DF-140955 Word
Kladis v. Nick's Patio, Inc. 71A03-0005-CV-191 71D08-0003-CP-297 Word
Linke v. Northwestern School Corp. 34A05-9910-CV-467 34C01-9902-CP-131 Word
R.J.H. v. State of Indiana 29A05-0001-CR-22 29D05-9710-DF-4265 PDF
Thomas Burkett v. State 49A02-0004-CR-239 49F08-9906-CM-099100 Word
Scott v. Randle 09A02-9912-CV-866 09C01-9011-CP-286 Word
Tumblin v. State of Indiana 49A02-9908-CR-549 49G05-9811-CF-177141 Word
Bulldog Battery Corporation, John Dawkins, June Dawkins, John Lunkes, and Norman Benjamin v. PICA Investments, Inc. 85A02-0003-CV-141 85D01-9808-CP-133 Word
Garza v. State 48A05-0003-CR-106 48E02-9702-DF-45 Word
Stafford v. State 52A05-9911-CR-520 52C01-9904-CF-59 Word
George Clark, Hamilton Co. Farm Bureau Cooperative Assoc., Britton Farms, Inc. v. CSX Transportation, Inc. 29A02-9902-CV-139 29D03-9308-CP-404 Word
Fuehrer v. Storm 32A01-0001-CV-27 32C01-9807-CP-267 Word
Control Techniques, Inc. v. John & Linda Johnson 45A03-9905-CV-198 45D04-9203-CT-229 Word
Wisnesky v. State 49A02-0004-CR-221 49G04-9906-CF-114845 Word
Brian E. Catt v. Bd. of Comm. of Knox County 42A01-9911-CV-396 42C01-9611-CT-231 Word
Jan & Candice Walker v. Michael D. & Marilyn McTague 79A05-0002-CV-48 79D02-9809-CP-165 Word
Ronald L. Talley v. State of Indiana 89A05-0004-CR-172 89C01-9904-CV-17 Word
Ballard v. Harman 52A02-0001-CV-40 52C01-9803-CP-117 Word
Jeremy Creager v. State of Indiana 49A02-0001-CR-42 49G06-9812-CF-191830 Word
Donnell Hughley v. State of Indiana 49A02-9912-CR-877 49G02-9901-CF-13459 Word
Mendoza v. State 12A05-0002-CR-89 12D01-9804-CF-41 Word
Gillespie v. State 49A02-0002-PC-113 49F16-9508-DF-117346 Word
Thomas Ruder v. Ohio Valley Wholesale, Inc. 82A05-9909-CV-402 82D03-9705-CP-01526 Word
Sanford D. Haley v. State of Indiana 44A03-0002-CR-00051 44D01-9605-CF-30 Word
John V. Dora v. State of Indiana 07A01-0004-CR-120 07C01-9911-IF-920 Word
Carla Elkins v. Marion Co. Office Family & Children 49A02-0003-JV-143 49D08-9908-JT-325 Word
Lawrence Renfroe v. Al C. Parke 67A01-0005-CR-140 67D01-0003-MC-11 Word
Mack v. State of Indiana 49A02-9912-CR-808 49G04-9709-CF-133672 Word
Cathy S. Albright v. Jeffrey Bogue 33A01-0003-CV-82 33D01-9712-DR-089 Word
David Robertson v. Christopher Wittenmyer 67A05-0006-CV-248 67C01-9910-CT-332 Word
Kincaid v. State of Indiana 79A04-0004-CR-142 79D01-8807-CF-58 Word
Robert & Teresa Phelps v. Peter Sybinsky 49A05-9912-CV-554 49D11-9907-CP-1016 Word
Kevin L. Hancock v. State 79A04-9912-CR-523 79D02-9905-CF-61 Word
INDOT v. McEnery 71A04-0007-CV-280 71D06-9803-CP-393 Word
State v. Hammond 41A04-0003-PC-126 41D03-9703-DF-41 Word
Doyle D. Bolden v. State of Indiana 79A05-0005-CR-211 79E02-9902-CM-433 Word
Burk v. Heritage Food 02A05-9912-CV-557 02C01-9803-CP-412 Word
Trustees of Purdue v. Hagerman 79A05-0002-CV-70 79D02-9902-CP-26 Word
Peace v. State of Indiana 45A04-0004-PC-139 45G02-9406-CF-169 Word
Michael et al, v. Jeffy L. Wolfe & Hoosier Ins. Co. 34A05-9912-CV-562 34D01-9812-CT-557 Word
Jason Graham v. State of Indiana 18A02-0002-CR-74 18D02-9811-CF-74 Word
Winona Memorial Hospital v. Kuester 49A02-0001-CV-19 49D07-9907-CT-928 Word
A.D. v. State of Indiana 49A05-0005-JV-203 49D09-9702-JS-235 Word
Ehle v. Ehle 02A03-9911-CV-412 02C01-9509-DR-1101 Word
Donald O. Loden v. Mary J. Loden 79A05-9911-CV-525 79D02-8103-DR-98 Word
Morgan Asset Holding Corp. v. CoBank, ACB 49A05-9910-CV-473 49D11-9903-CP-437 Word
Cochran v. Rodenbarger 29A02-0004-CV-272 29D01-8908-DR-318 Word
Wiggins v. Davis 48A02-0004-CV-271 48D03-9804-DR-317 Word
Eldon R. Leitch v. State of Indiana 92A04-9912-CR-536 92C01-9801-CF-5 Word
Santana Craig v. State of Indiana 49A02-9908-CR-538 49G02-9704-CF-60735 Word
Narducci v. Tedrow 19A04-0006-CV-230 19C01-9802-CP-33 Word
Hitachi Const. Machinery Co. v. Amax Coal Co. 77A04-9908-CV-356 77D01-9507-CT-128 Word
Santana Craig v. State of Indiana 49A02-9908-CR-538 49G02-9704-CF-60735 Word Perfect
Burkett v. American 49A02-0004-CV-260 49D03-9710-CP-1451 Word
Zavala v. State of Indiana 29A02-0003-CV-190 29C01-9810-CF-483 Word
Rockwell v. MSD 76A05-0005-CV-223 76C01-0001-CT-80 Word
Rogers v. Cosco 03A05-9911-CV-486 03C01-9804-CT-580 Word
Reyburn v. State 34A02-0004-CR-263 34D02-9808-CF-165 Word
Robinson v. Valladares 02A05-0005-CV-190 02D01-0001-SC-954 Word
Kenneth R. Arend v. James L. Etsler 02A05-0003-CV-82 02C01-8502-CP-243 Word
Stott v. Stott 84A01-9909-CV-305 84D01-9305-DR-735 Word
Teer v. State 69A01-0006-CR-193 69C01-9912-CF-42 Word
Allstate Ins. Co. v. Dana Corp./Dana Corp. v. Northbrook Ins. Co. 49A02-9909-CV-666/49A02-9906-CV-430 49D01-9301-CP-26 Word
Berntson v. Indiana 57A03-9912-CV-486 57C01-9902-MI-5 Word
Stephen Via v. State 89A01-0008-PC-265 89D02-9503-CF-13 Word
Pierce v. State of Indiana 43A04-0002-CR-53 43D03-9904-CF-35 Word
Riggin v. Riggin & Sons 18A02-9909-CV-679 18D01-9701-CP-1 Word
Speed v. Old Fort Supply 02A03-0002-CV-66 02D01-9709-CP-1732 Word
In Re The Matter of A.D. 49A02-0006-JV-378 49D08-9901-JT-20 Word
In The Matter of Robert L. Hutchison v. State 79A02-0004-JV-262 79D03-9908-JD-710 Word
In the Matter of Robert L. Hutchison v. State 79A02-0004-JV-262 79D03-9908-JD-710 Word
Eugene & Eileen Peterson v. First State Bank 62A05-0005-CV-176 62C01-9812-CP-316 Word
Mark Edward Frazier v. Sandra Jean Frazier 41A01-0003-CV-99 41D02-9810-DR-193 Word
Kenneth Spiller, Jr. v. State of Indiana 45A05-0003-PC-107 45G03-9501-CF-28 Word
IDNR v. Peabody 77A04-9909-CV-429 77C01-9805-MI-150 Word
Jerald J. Womack v. State of Indiana 43A03-0001-CR-27 43C01-9901-DF-6 Word
Indianapolis Newspapers v. Indiana State Lottery Commission et al 49A02-9911-CV-790 49C01-9908-CP-001680 Word
Kenworthy v. State 55A04-0004-CR-159 55D03-9812-CF-285 Word
Evan Vanzo v. State 49A05-0006-CR-230 49G14-9910-DF-178217 Word
Perry v. Cooper 49A05-0008-CV-344 49D07-0004-CP-000634 Word
Tri-Central v. Mason 34A05-0003-CV-123 34C01-9802-CP-00093 Word
Bedford L. Atwell v. State 79A02-9909-CR-685 79D01-9805-CF-64 Word
Larry Biehl v. State of Indiana 16A01-0001-CR-4 16C01-8910-CF-41 Word
Hardiman v. Akins 45A03-0004-CV-123 45D01-9703-CT-212 Word
Rodney E. Young, etal v. General Acceptance Corp.etal, 53A04-9911-CV-498 53C02-9808-CP-1184 Word
Charles & Patrick Carroll v. J.J.B. Hilliard, etal 49A04-9910-CV-468 49C01-9002-CT-372 Word
LeShore v. State of Indiana 02A03-0007-CR-234 02D04-9903-CF-133 Word
Matter of B.D.T. 85A04-0005-JV-212 85C01-9902-JD-15 Word
Indiana Dept. of Revenue v. Deaton 73A01-0002-CV-49 73D02-9901-SC-195 Word
Hamner v. State of Indiana 03A01-0005-PC-171 03C01-8910-CF-1091 Word
Leslie Dale Cosby v. State 12A05-0003-CR-110 12D01-9910-CM-490 Word
Ohning v. Driskill 82A04-0006-CV-258 82D04-9710-DR-1255 Word
Timothy L. Barnes v. State 29A05-0003-CR-93 29D05-9909-DF-3866 Word
Illinois v. Horace 45A03-0005-CV-167 45D09-9712-SC-4871 Word
Tai-Min, M.D. v. Scott & Renee Kirkpatrick 02A03-0001-CV-34 02D01-9910-CT-338/02D01-9906-CT-174 Word
State of Indiana v. Rans 71A03-0002-CR-71 71D08-9903-DF-277 Word
State of Indiana v. Gerschoffer 71A05-0003-CR-116 71D08-9906-DF-686 Word
Robert Seel v. State of Indiana, et al 49A02-0001-CV-33 49D12-9809-MI-1274 Word
Allen v. Great American Reserve 29A05-0003-CV-95 29C01-9909-CP-7512 Word
Freidline v. Shelby 71A03-0004-CV-132 71D06-9908-CP-1027 Word
Milestone Contractors v. In. Bell Telephone Co., dba Ameritech 49A04-0007-CV-302 03C01-0001-CP-1/49D03-9911-CP-1692 Word
Gregory Burke et al v. Town of Schererville 45A03-9912-CV-461 45D05-9801-CP-41 Word
Michael Graham v. State of Indiana 49A02-9911-CR-793 49G06-9806-CF-92690 Word
Sochacki v. Amateur Hockey 45A03-0002-CV-72 45D05-9811-CT-2221 Word
Dewitt v. State 45A04-0008-PC-325 45G03-7806-CR-103 Word
Executive Builders v. Trisler 73A01-0001-CV-30 73C01-8803-CP-57 Word
Steel v. Hyatt 93A02-0005-EX-302 C-130497 Word
State of Indiana v. Barker 71A03-0001-CR-4 71D03-9905-DF-557 Word
McCary v. State of Indiana 49A02-0004-PC-226 49G04-9309-CF-121825 Word
Charles R. Martin v. State of Indiana 06A5-0004-PC-149 S6320 Word
Thedell Polk v. State of Indiana 48A05-0002-CR-55 48D01-9603-CF-079 Word
Healthscript v. State 49A05-9908-CR-370 49G06-9904-CF-69249 Word
Poling v. State 14A01-9910-PC-342 14C01-8312-CF-070V Word
Estate of Harry Eberhard v. Illinois Founders Ins. Co. 49A02-0004-CV-266 49D10-9811-CP-1603 Word
IDEM v. Bourbon Mini-Mart, Inc., etal 50A03-9912-CV-476 50C01-9106-CP-107 Word
In Re: A.M.R. 49A05-0008-JV-323 49D09-0001-JS-39 Word
Kenneth C. Collins v. State 35A04-0006-CR-269 35C01-9906-CF-27 Word
Smith v. Miller 71A03-0002-CV-45 71D06-9501-CP-51 Word
Samuel & Marilyn Keene v. Elkhart Co. Park & Recreation Board 20A03-0006-CV-205 20D04-9608-CP-85 Word
Dwight A. Carroll v. State of Indiana 48A04-9912-CR-564 48D01-9904-CF-94 Word
Bethlehem v. Consolidated 45A03-0004-CV-130 45D05-9202-CP-267 Word
Wimmer v. Massoff 93A02-0003-EX-161 C-142944 Word
Howard O. Hollen v. State of Indiana 13A01-0001-CR-6 13C01-9809-DF-51 Word
Robins v. Harris 84A01-0002-CV-57 84D01-9712-CT-2199 Word
Michael Wank v. Saint Francis College 02A03-0003-CV-087 02D01-9901-CP-187 Word
Crump v. State of Indiana 29A04-9912-CR-572 29D01-9610-CF-131 Word
Thor Electric, Inc. v. Oberle & Assoc. 33A05-9812-CV-614 33C01-8706-CP-130 Word
Samuel Patterson v. State 46A03-0003-CR-109 46D01-9810-CF-151 Word
Blevins v. Clark 48A05-0004-CV-142 48D01-9709-CP-529 Word
Jimmy Robertson v. State of Indiana 49A02-0006-CR-383 49F10-9910-CM-188439 Word
Washington v. State of Indiana 12A02-0004-CR-230 12D01-9802-CM-17 Word
Ryan Lamunion v. State of Indiana 25A04-0006-CR-227 25C01-9902-CF-0007 Word
Merchants Nat'l v. Simrell's 84A01-9908-CV-285 84D03-9808-CT-1388 Word
In Re: The Marriage of Dianne M. Trackwell 84A01-0006-CV-192 84D01-9903-DR-418 Word
Kifer v. State 82A01-0003-CR-90 82D02-9909-DF-730 Word
Vincent E. Hatchett v. State 49A05-0007-CR-295 49G06-9909-CF-151178 Word
South Bend Tribune v. South Bend Community School 71A03-0005-CV-163 71C01-0002-CP-297 Word
MDM Investments v. City of Carmel 29A02-9912-CV-834 29D01-9801-CP-055 Word
Stanley R. Huffines v. State of Indiana 49A02-0006-CR-377 49G02-9906-CF-98888 Word
Hagerman v. Long 02A04-0002-CV-80 02D01-9804-CP-602 Word
Michael B. Smith and Colonial Mat Company, Inc. v. McCleod Distr. Inc. 41A01-9911-CV-403 41C01-9009-CP-343 Word
Pope v. State of Indiana 77A05-0003-CR-118 77D01-9902-CF-101 Word
Ransom v. State of Indiana 49A04-0005-CR-199 49G06-9911-CF-197489 Word
Scottie J. Ratliff v. State of Indiana 43A03-9912-CR-446 43D03-9907-DF-97 Word
Curry v. State of Indiana 49A02-9910-CR-732 49G03-9810-CF-169246 Word
General Housewares Corp. National Surety Corp. 49A04-9906-CV-282 49D06-9706-CV-282 Word
Wallace R. Weiss v. State of Indiana 49A05-0002-CV-64 49D10-9806-MI-833 Word
Rogers v. State of Indiana 49A04-0007-CR-278 49G05-9709-CF-140196 Word
GDC v. Ransbottom 43A04-0004-CV-157 43D01-9708-CP-368 Word
Bryan C. Scott v. Lawrence W. Crussen and Nancy Crussen 45A03-0003-CV-116 45C01-9810-CT-2572 Word
D.S.I., Stewart J. "Jason" Mart and Aquatic Renovation Systems, Inc. v. Natare Corp. 49A02-0001-CV-50 49D02-9704-CP-459 Word
Booker v. State 49A02-9908-CR-544 49G01-9706-CF-8144 Word
In the Matter of J.T., E.T., and R.T. v. Marion Co. Office of Family/Children 49A02-0007-JV-448 49D09-9808-JT-69 Word
IHSAA v. Martin 02A03-0001-CV-29 02D01-9911-CP-1980 Word
IHSAA v. Martin 02A05-0005-CV-178 02D01-9911-CP-1980 Word
Adoption of A.N.S. v. Matthew Greene 02A03-0006-CV-226 02D07-9711-AD-154 Word
Thayer v. Gohil 34A04-0007-CV-281 34D02-9910-CP-367 Word
Kenneth Spiller, Jr. v. State of Indiana 45A05-0003-PC-107 45G03-9501-CF-28 Word
State v. Darrell Gunn 71A04-9912-CR-543 71D08-9906-DF-621 Word
R.C. Patel, M.D. v. Mary Barker 45A03-0003-CV-96 45D01-9705-CT-493 Word
Indiana Fireworks et al v. Boatwright 49A02-0004-CV-225 49C01-9712-CP-2847 Word
Timothy Shultz v. State of Indiana 25A03-0003-CR-106 25C01-9711-DF-82 Word
Nantz v. State of Indiana 40A01-0006-CR-237 40C01-9911-DF-963 Word
Derrick Love v. State of Indiana 48A04-0006-CR-246 48D03-9911-CF-338 Word
Bolin v. Wingert 87A01-0006-CV-183 87C01-9802-CT-56 Word
Pinkney v. State of Indiana 71A03-0008-CR-304 71D08-9908-CF-472 Word
Rich Evans v. Medical and Professional Coll. Services, Inc. 87A05-0006-CV-222 87D01-9907-CP-123 Word
Time Warner Entertainment v. Whiteman/Wilson 49A02-9910-CV-719 49D11-9803-CP-420 & 49D06-9803-CP-423 Word
Dennistarr v. IDEM 33A04-0007-CV-306 33D03-9907-CP-127 Word
Fred Shenvar v. Paul Johnson 64A05-0004-CV-139 64D05-9812-CP-2675 Word
Termination of Parental Rights of J.T. 46A03-0007-JV-244 46D02-9910-JT-224 Word
Armstrong v. State of Indiana 49A02-0005-CR-304 49G01-9905-CF-74936 Word
Ralph S. Major, Jr. v. OEC-Diasonics 50A03-9910-CV-392 50C01-8804-CP-83 Word
Desiree Parrish v. Pike Township Trustee's Office 49A02-0004-CV-13 49C01-9911-MI-2564 Word
Pioneer Hi-Bred Int'l v. Keybank Nat'l Ass'n. 44A04-0002-CV-83 44D01-9804-CP-30 Word
Mercho-Roushdi Corp. v. James W. Blatchford III, M.D. 84A05-0008-CV-356 84D01-9912-CP-1990 Word
Outlaw v. Erbrich Products 93A02-0006-EX-358 C118445 Word
Kanach v. Rodgers 32A01-0005-CV-160 32D01-9906-DR-82 Word
Mahone v. State 45A04-9911-PC-487 4CR-7-185-25 Word
Topolski v. Topolski 20A03-0005-CV-180 20D01-9902-DR-152 Word
Mislenkov v. Accurate Metal Detinning 45A04-0004-CV-137 45C01-9811-CT-2753 Word
Barbie Lamb v. City of Bloomington 53A01-0009-CV-293 53C01-9908-CT-1170 Word
Laura Dado v. Sidney & Wendy Jeeninga 45A03-0004-CV-129 45D09-9903-SC-624 Word
Georgetown v. Keele 22A01-0005-CV-147 22C01-9909-CP-406 Word
Lawrence Renfroe v. State 67A01-0005-CR-140 67D01-0003-MC-11 Word
Daniel Carpenter v. State of Indiana 69A01-0008-CR-260 69D01-0008-CR-260 Word
Mario McCann v. State of Indiana 49A05-0002-CR-43 49G03-9708-CF-127103 Word
Lynn v. Windridge 49A02-0005-CV-299 49D05-9509-CP-1408 Word
Lake v. Tech 71A05-0001-CV-32 71C01-9808-CP-1102 Word
James & Pamela Brewer v. EMC Mortgage Corp. 29A04-0006-CV-228 29D01-9709-CP-523 Word
Timothy Kopkey v. State of Indiana 66A04-0005-CR-220 66C01-9609-CF-32 Word
Couchman v. Restoration 27A05-0008-CV-320 27C01-9908-PC-513 Word
Porter v. Fort Wayne Community Schools 02A04-0007-CV-312 02D01-9909-CP-1789 Word
In Re: The Guardianship of K.T. 50A03-0007-CV-248 50D01-9808-GU-21 Word
Reno v. Haler 70A03-9912-CV-459 70C01-9906-DR-156 Word
Barlow v. Sipes 47A01-0006-CV-212 47A01-0006-CV-212 Word
Phelps v. State of Indiana 49A04-0003-PC-113 49G01-9207-CF-089809 Word
Russell v. Bowman 49A02-0005-CV-338 49D06-0001-CP-14 Word
Marathon Oil Co. v. Collins 80A02-0002-CV-111 80C01-9201-CP-008 Word
Termination of Ferbert 49A02-0008-JV-487 49D08-9810-JT-471 Word
Hertz v. School City of East Chicago 45A04-0004-CV-162 45D01-9809-CT-709 Word
Benberry v. State of Indiana 49A02-0005-CR-330 48G03-9902-CF-020055 Word
Ray-Hayes v. Heinamann 89A05-0007-CV-306 89D02-9807-CT-018 Word
Northern Indiana Commuter Trans. v. Chicago Southshore & South Bend RR 46A05-0003-CV-103 46C01-9904-CP-140 Word
K. Buckalew v. T. Buckalew 34A05-0004-CV-174 34C01-9811-DR-830 Word
Zollman v. Gregory 49A02-0002-CV-126 49D03-9910-CP-1478 Word
Jeffrey Gardner v. Tiffany Yrttima 41A01-0008-JV-242 41C01-8803-JP-24 Word
Dave and Annette Homer v. Burman Electric Service 27A02-0009-CV-568 27D03-9910-SC-3873 Word
Linda Boczar v. Laurence Reuben 49A04-0010-CV-417 49D01-9910-CP-001462 Word
Tammy Robins v. William Harris 84A01-0002-CV-57 84D01-9712-CT-2199 Word
Commitment of G.M. 53A04-0010-CV-439 53C04-0007-MH-115 Word
Turner v. Kokomo 34A02-0004-CV-236 34D03-9612-CP-181 Word
Samuel Patterson v. State 46A03-0003-CR-109 46D01-9810-CF-151 Word
Azhar v. Town of Fishers 29A02-0006-CV-354 29D02-9910-CP-627 Word
Owens v. State 49A02-0010-CR-655 49G03-9910-CF-182097 Word
James Buchanan v. State of Indiana 18A04-0004-CR-167 18D01-9908-CF-69 Word
Philip Hill v. Daniel Ramey 40A01-0005-CV-166 40D01-9904-PO-38 Word
Warlito Mann v. State of Indiana 30A04-0009-CR-381 30C01-9909-CF-47 Word
Palmer v. State 35A02-0008-CR-496 35D01-9708-CM-922 Word
Richard F. Garmene v. State 49A02-0005-CV-323 49F16-0002-PO-000232 Word
Lawrence Branham v. Celadon Trucking 49A02-0003-CV-196 49C01-9906-CT-1323 Word
B.E.I. Inc. v. Newcomer Lumber & Supply Co. 55A01-0007-CV-232 55C01-9907-CP-238 Word
St. Vincent v. Steele 34A02-0005-CV-294 34C01-9812-CP-00951 Word
Foor v. Town of Hebron 64A03-0009-CV-311 64D01-9808-CP-1800 Word
City of Anderson v. Timothy Davis 30A01-0002-CV-51 30D02-9809-CP-291 Word
The Matter of Guardianship of L.L. & J.L. v. W. Clark 40A01-0008-CV-253 40C01-9209-GU-18 Word
George Smyrniotis v. Sue Ann Marshall 76A03-0005-CV-174 76D01-9810-CP-573 Word
Bowers v. Kushnick 45A04-0004-CV-168 45D02-9702-CP-175 Word
Derrick R. Davis v. State of Indiana 48A02-0005-CR-306 48D01-9905-CF-121 Word
Farag v. DeLawter 52A02-0009-CV-586 52D01-9409-DR-208 Word
Vernon D. Carter v. State of Indiana 34A02-0010-CV-681 34D02-0010-PO-717 Word
Wilshire Servicing Corp. v. Timber Ridge Partnership 53A05-0008-CV-336 53C05-9806-CP-857 Word
Chad Dunson v. Terry Dunson and Teresa Dunson 34A02-0006-CV-375 34D02-9012-DR-325 Word
S.E. v. State 49A04-0009-JV-391 49D09-9905-JD-2137 Word
Carol M. Douglas v. Deidre Monroe 49A02-0004-CV-268 49D07-9903-CT-436 Word
Little Bear Sullivan v. State of Indiana 82A05-0009-CR-397 82D02-0002-CF-187 Word
Sales v. HSI 41A05-0003-CV-120 41D03-9901-CP-9 Word
T. Williams v. State 49A04-0009-CR-371 49G14-0005-DF-77265 Word
Antrim v. State 61A01-0010-CR-339 61C01-9911-CF-235 Word
Kenneth W. Eskew v. Adaline M. Cornett 49A02-0006-CV-411 49D02-9912-CP-1718 Word
Barnes v. State 83A01-0008-PC-292 83C01-9206-CF-38 Word
Beam v. Wausaw 20A03-0003-CV-102 20D01-9702-CT-81 Word
Eichenberger v. Eichenberger 82A01-0010-CV-330 82D03-0001-CP-280 Word
Derek Burrell v. Debbie Lewis 49A04-0005-CV-209 49D06-9610-DR-1475 Word
Roberta Noland v. IFSSA 49A02-0004-CV-245 49D10-9811-MI-1539 Word
Rickie Gordon v. State 49A02-0009-CR-582 49F17-9710-CM-145491 Word
Indiana State District Council of Laborers and Hod Carriers Welfare Fund v. Med First Medical Center 84A05-0012-CV-533 84D04-0008-SC-6330 Word
James T. Corr v. Glenn Shultz 71A03-0006-CV-217 71D09-9906-CT-171 Word
Muncie Indiana Transit Authority v. Michael B. Smith 93A02-0008-EX-536 C-140777 Word
Nancy & Bill Linville v. Rick D. Pressley 49A04-0006-CV-235 49D05-9805-CT-704 Word
Jeffrey Bringle v. State 41A04-0006-CR-240 41D03-9908-CM-00244 Word
Nathaniel Spearman v. State 49A04-0006-CR-261 49G04-9909-CF-168954 Word
Harrison v. Thomas 89A05-0006-CV-237 89D01-9905-CP-49 Word
State v. Bilbrey 18A04-0010-CR-433 18D02-9912-CF-94 Word
Allen (Steve) v. State of Indiana 59A01-0004-CR-123 59C01-9706-CF-028 Word
Richard Vestal v. State of Indiana 11A04-0003-CR-121 11C01-9702-CF-011 Word
Louis R. Thomas v. Howard C. Deitsch, M.D. 89A01-0002-CV-55 89D02-9906-CT-16 Word
Robert M. and Ann W. McBain v. Hamilton County 29A05-0008-CV-343 29D03-9709-MI-575 Word
Richard Brown v. State 66A05-0007-CR-270 66D01-9905-CM-152 Word
City of Ft. Wayne v. Certain Southwest Annexation Area Landowners 02A05-0002-CV-77 02D01-9702-CP-234 Word
Diedrich v. State of Indiana 50A05-0009-PC-370 50D01-9807-CF-54 Word
Cockrell v. State of Indiana 29A02-9911-CR-783 29C01-9803-CR-121 Word
E & L v. Gifford 46A04-0008-CV-321 46D04-9710-SC-2593 Word
William Peckinpaugh v. State 48A02-0005-CR-318 48D03-9912-CF-359 Word
Mattingly v. Warrick Cty. Drainage 82A01-9912-CV-414 82C01-9808-CP-00269 Word
Guadian v. State 43A05-0011-CR-494 43C01-9902-CF-37 Word
Ira C. Ritter and The Kroger Co. v. Jerry Stanton and Ruth A. Stanton 49A02-9912-CV-883 49D10-9506-CT-959 Word Perfect
Welter v. F.A. Wilhelm 30A01-0007-CV-234 30C01-9204-CT-183 Word
Fredrick James Porter v. State of Indiana 65A01-0007-CR-218 65C01-9912-CF-78 Word
James Wilkinson v. State of Indiana 29A02-0004-CR-228 29D02-9802-CF-97 Word
Kirk Martin v. State of Indiana 35A02-0006-CV-382 35C01-0005-CT-208 Word
Simmons (Robert) v. State of Indiana 35A05-0004-CR-156 35C01-9906-CF-22 Word
Rebecca Elliott v. Sterling Mgmnt., Ltd. 71A03-0004-CV-133 71D09-9901-CP-97 Word
Gregory S. Anderson v. State of Indiana 82A01-0008-CR-283 82C01-9909-CF-918 Word
James William Irwin v. State 79A04-0008-CR-365 79E02-9912-CM-4175 Word
Fredric Geoffrey McNabb v. Ralph E. Dennis 18A05-0007-CV-300 18D02-0003-EU-18 Word
James Santonelli v. State 45A03-0008-PC-305 45G02-9204-CF-116 Word
Orlando Martin v. State 45A05-0009-PC-379 45G04-9010-CF-00184 Word
Jeff Earl v. American States Preferred Insurance Co. 84A01-0007-CV-235 84D03-9706-CP-1122 Word
Austill v. State 87A01-0009-CR-296 87D01-9803-CF-17 Word
Rissler v. Lynch 22A01-0009-CV-313 44461 Word
Donald Hibler v. Conseco, Inc. 29A02-0002-CV-67 29D03-9812-CP-672/30D01-9112-CP-513 Word
Burns v. City of Terre Haute 84A01-0011-CV-374 84D01-9908-CT-1392 Word
Butler v. Kokomo 25A03-0010-CV-349 25D01-9406-CT-38 Word
Melo v. State 71A03-0009-CR-347 71D08-9908-DF-917 Word
Carroll's Mobile Homes v. Karla Hedegard 22A05-0008-CV-324 22C01-9907-CT-291 Word
Spears v. Brennan 49A02-0003-CV-169 49D02-9802-CP-236 Word
Stephens & Weiss v. Parkview Hospital 02A03-0009-CV-313 02D01-9908-CP-1609 Word
TMC Transportation v. Maslanka 46A03-0004-CV-154 46D02-9611-CT-230/46C01-9612-CP-503 Word
Jeffries v. State 49A02-0006-PC-393 49G03-9804-CF-66419 Word
Lashley v. State 55A01-0009-CR-303 55D01-9912-DF-272 Word
Tietjens v. Tietjens 27A05-0008-CV-326 27D01-9003-DR-133 Word
Sherrow v. GYN, Ltd. 89A01-0007-CV-219 89C01-0003-CT-003 Word
United Farm Bureau Mutual Ins. Co. v. Ludwig, et al 88A05-0009-CV-375 88D01-9610-CP-267 Word
S-Mart, Inc. v. Sweetwater Coffee Co., Ltd. 29A05-0002-CV-79 29D01-9806-CP-351 Word
City of Terre Haute v. Larry Simpson 84A01-0007-CV-217 84D03-9805-CP-757 Word
Metal Working Lubricants Co. v. Indpls. Water Co. 49A04-0004-CV-141 49D04-9806-CP-893 Word
Centennial Mortgage, Inc. v. David Blumenfeld 71A04-0007-CV-299 71D06-9207-CP-558 Word
John E. Schmidt v. State of Indiana 88A01-0008-PC-290 88C01-9811-CM-325 Word
Spudich, Ronald v. Northern Indiana Public Service Co. 45A05-0007-CV-298 45D01-9703-CT-296 Word
State v. Downey 79A05-0010-CR-415 79D01-9912-DF-55 Word
Willard Weidman v. Erie Insurance 20A03-0010-CV-379 20D02-9811-CP-637 Word
Oberst v. State 14A04-0005-CR-222 14D01-9812-CF-854 Word
N. Miami Education Assoc. v. N. Miami Community Schools 52A02-9911-CV-754 52D01-9901-CP-5 Word
City of Indianapolis v. Randy L. Byrns 49A02-0009-CV-591 49D11-9904-CT-566 Word
Debbie Trice v. State of Indiana 49A05-0008-CR-346 49G04-9807-CF-125015 Word
Melissa Kuehl v. James Hoyle, et al 49A04-0004-CV-164 49D02-9210-CP-1066/49D07-9203-CP-346 Word
Indianapolis Indiana Aamco Dealers Adv. Pool v. Anderson 48A02-0005-CV-282 48D01-9103-CP-175 Word
Pedraza v. City of East Chicago 45A03-0005-CV-188 45D05-9902-CP-174 Word
Hoosier Ins. Co. v. Audiology Foundation of America, et al 79A04-0004-CV-144 79C01-9902-CP-26 Word
J. & P. Davidson v. Boone County 06A05-0007-CV-289 06C01-9304-CP-77 Word
Pete Grubnich v. Betty L. Renner 45A05-0011-CV-500 45D01-9411-CT-1259 Word
Art Country v. Inland Mortgage 49A05-0004-CV-146 49D06-9906-CP-877 Word
Brandon Dowdell v. State of Indiana 49A02-0011-CR-745 49F18-8911-DF-181845 Word
Matter of D.Q., et al 49A05-0009-JV-373 49D04-9904-JT-483 Word
Arnold (Deenen) v. State of Indiana 49A02-0004-CV-259 49D01-9701-CT-49 Word
Murrell v. State of Indiana 39A04-0006-CR-244 39C01-9810-CF-77 Word
Myers v. Ellerbusch 87A01-0010-CV-358 87D02-9912-MI-232 Word
Macher v. Macher 46A04-0009-CV-382 46C01-9904-DR-117 Word
Matter of H.J. 46A04-0010-JV-434 46C01-0004-JD-186 Word
Keys v. State of Indiana 49A05-0012-CR-520 49G01-9501-CF-3549 Word
Neher v. Hobbs 92A04-0008-CV-316 92C01-9710-CP-00325 Word
ECORP, Inc. v. Rooksby 49A04-0004-CV-158 49D06-9910-CP-1430 Word
Mark v. Moser 29A02-0010-CV-623 29D03-9806-CT-323 Word
Lowell C. Maberry v. State 31A05-9903-CR-103 31D01-9803-CF-181 Word
Gary C. Williams v. State of Indiana 44A03-9903-PC-105 44C01-9109-CF-181 Word
Farley Neighborhood Assoc., et al v. Town of Speedway 49A04-0008-CV-328 49D03-0005-MI-660 Word
Zurich-American Ins. Group v. Carl Wynkoop 49A02-0009-CV-598 49D07-9610-CP-1439 Word
Railing v. Hawkins 72A01-0009-JV-324 72C01-8102-JP-26 Word
Douglas v. State of Indiana 18A02-0007-CR-466 18D02-9909-CF-72 Word
Kirby v. State of Indiana 18A02-0007-CR-467 18D02-9911-CF-83 Word
Edward M. Hopkins v. State of Indiana 49A04-0008-CR-347 49G02-9903-CF-47240 Word
Shannon Lee Jester v. State 20A03-0009-CR-326 20C01-9906-CF-58 Word
Stanley Deuitch v. John Fleming 30A01-0006-CV-211 30D01-9905-CT-195 Word
William F. Pendleton v. Sally McCarty, Indiana Dept. of Insurance 53A04-0009-CV-385 53C02-9909-MI-1320 Word
Interim Healthcare of Fort Wayne, Inc. v. Kimberly Moyer 02A04-0010-CV-420 02D01-9709-CT-347 Word
Simata Wilcox v. State 49A02-0008-CR-537 49F17-0003-CM-51850 Word
Donald J. Conrad v. State 57A03-0009-CR-331 57D02-9910-CF-1 Word
John David Smith v. State 29A02-0010-PC-640 29C01-9801-CF-3 Word
Charles Davis v. State 21A01-0008-CV-258 21C01-9610-CF-177 Word
Pitman v. State 85A05-0010-PC-419 85D01-9908-CM-726 Word
Robert Turner v. State 34A05-0009-CR-380 34D03-0003-CM-455 Word
Rocco Fridono v. Charles M. Chuman, M.D. 45A04-0002-CV-61 45C01-9310-CT-2053 Word
Rocco Fridono v. Charles M. Chuman, M.D. 45A04-0002-CV-61 45C01-9310-CT-2053 Word
Lake of the Woods v. Ralston 50A04-0009-CV-390 50C01-9909-CP-114 Word
J.B. v. State 49A04-0008-JV-339 49D09-0003-JD-1056/49D09-9908-JF-3124/49D09-9912-JD-5178 Word
Baxters, Fraternal & Gab v. ISTA 10A01-0009-CV-318 10D01-9803-CP-43 Word
Larry W. Gilbreath v. State of Indiana 28A05-0012-PC-565 28C01-9808-DF-61 Word
Brown, A. v. State 49A04-0011-CR-477 49G04-9902-CF-029613 Word
Johnson, Bartholomew v. State 10A01-0007-CR-240 10D03-9804-CM-203 Word
The Indiana High School Athletic Assoc., Inc. v. Joan Durham 49A05-9912-CV-00531 49D02-9909-CT-001280 Word
Joseph Hubbard, et al v. Tomlinson 36A05-0010-CV-435 36D11-9608-CP-106 Word
Noel Udarbe v. State of Indiana 45A03-0010-CR-373 45G01-9901-CF-16 Word
Baker, Jesse v. State 49A02-0010-CR-686 49G02-0001-CF-2522 Word
Jones (Dejong) v. State 42A05-0005-CR-181 42C01-9908-CF-38/42C01-9908-CF-40 Word
Light v. NIPSCO 44A05-0009-CV-402 44C01-9804-CT-11 Word
Edwards v. State 09A02-0009-CR-608 09C01-0001-CF-6 Word
J.M. Corp. v. Roberson 48A05-0010-CV-439 48D01-9501-CP-37 Word
Kyle Davis v. Ford Motor Company 20A03-0010-CV-367 20D02-9807-CT-448 Word
Robert E. Harris v. State 48A04-0010-CR-456 48C01-0001-CF-28 Word
Hall Drive-Ins v. City of Fort Wayne 02A04-0005-CV-219 02D04-9912-OE-1226(A) Word
Hall Drive-Ins v. City of Fort Wayne 02A03-0005-CV-189 02D04-9912-OE-1334(A) Word
Potts v. Williams 79A02-0008-CV-504 79D01-9905-CT-23 Word
John Wray v. State of Indiana 54A01-0012-CR-432 54E01-9911-CM-3899 Word
Harlett v. St. Vincent 49A04-0009-CV-407 49D10-0005-CT-658 Word
Faulk v. Northwest 49A04-9909-CV-409 49D13-9706-CT-885 Word
Moody v. State of Indiana 45A03-0008-PC-270 45G02-8802-CF-31 Word
Lineberry v. State of Indiana 48A02-0008-PC-484 48E02-9505-DF-149 Word
Estate of Gregory Penzenik v. Penz Products 71A03-0010-CV-351 71D07-9808-EU-28 Word
In Re: Estate of Harold G. Meyer 45A03-0005-CV-162 45D03-9704-ES-61 Word
Jason Lane b/n/f JoAnne Sharp v. Frankfort Comm. Schools Bldg. Trades Corp. 12A02-0012-CV-757 12D01-9711-CT-400 Word
Donald S. Bruce v. State of Indiana 33A04-0008-CR-346 33D01-9912-CF-45 Word
Schaefer v. State of Indiana 45A05-0007-CR-293 45G02-9909-CF-159 Word
Plan Com'm of Harrison County v. Aulbach 31A01-0008-CV-271 31C01-9904-CP-102 Word
Carmen Granados v. State 71A03-0011-CR-421 71D08-9908-CF-942 Word
Parkview v. Mildred Roese 02A05-0009-CV-386 02C01-9911-CP-1507 Word
Oxley v. Matillo 32A05-0011-CV-501 32C01-0004-CT-115 Word
Vincent Evans v. State of Indiana 49A04-0009-PC-373 49G06-9407-CF-086105 Word
Stegemoller v. AC&S, Inc. 49A02-0006-CV-390 49D02-9501-MI-107 Word
Patricia K. Hendershot, J.D. v. IN Medical Network, Inc. 49A02-0007-CV-442 49D01-9711-CP-1563 Word
In Re The Paternity of C.R.R. Karen Peterson v. Leonard Walter Wallace 49A04-0101-CV-37 49C01-9909-RS-1975 Word
Sharber v. State 29A04-0012-CR-538 29D04-9904-DF-1291 Word
Candlelight v. MHC 03A01-0006-CV-177 03D01-9905-CP-417 Word
Johnson Co. Plan Comm. v. Tinkle 41A04-0010-CV-425 41D02-0003-MI-84 Word
Victor L. Merida v. Jennifer L. Cardinal 49A04-0004-CV-146 49D10-9807-CT-1031 Word
Edwards v. ISTA 10A01-0008-CV-258 10D03-0003-SC-259,260&262 Word
Walker v. Pillion 29A02-0009-CV-604 29C01-9806-CP-485 Word
Klotz v. Klotz 45A03-0011-CV-417 45D02-9903-DR-201 Word
Goodson (Jeffrey) v. State of Indiana 18A02-0005-CR-339 18C01-9909-CF-0084 Word
State of Indiana v. Joseph Straub 41A01-0101-CR-23 45G04-9010-CF-00184 Word
Franklin Thomas v. State of Indiana 30A01-0008-CR-280 30D02-9905-DF-497 Word
Karl (Horst) v. Stein 71A04-0004-CV-173 71C01-9808-CT-066 Word
Tina Enlow Bergman v. Knox County Office Family & Children 42A01-0101-JV-18 42D01-9906-JT-1 Word
Martin, Jami v. State 03A01-0012-PC-412 03C01-8802-CF-175 Word
James Bedree v. Mitchell Bedree 02A03-0102-CV-47 02C01-9910-CP-1379 Word
Mark Turley v. Joseph T. Hyten 79A04-0010-CV-419 79D02-0004-CP-70 Word
Ronald G. Sheppard v. Jon J. Stanich 49A04-0010-CV-436 49D03-0002-CP-235 Word
Oswalt v. State 35A05-0011-CR-474 35D01-9903-DF-31 Word
Lampkins v. State 18A04-0009-CR-396 18C01-8301-CF-19 Word
Caudle v. State 49A02-0008-CR-546 49G20-9907-CF-125628 Word
Rice v. Meridian 61A02-0012-CV-785 61C01-9910-CP-290 Word
In Re: A.H. 03A01-0011-JV-403 03C01-9909-JC-1202 Word
Angelo D'Paffo v. State 28A04-0010-CR-442 28D01-9807-CF-413 Word
Boczar v. Meridian St. Foundation 49A02-0101-CV-24 49D07-0008-CP-1134 Word
Nurseryland v. State 45A03-9909-CR-349 45G02-9902-CF-23 Word
David Mackiewicz v. W. Metzger 82A01-0003-CV-70 82D03-9706-CP-2009 Word
Smock v. American Equity 49A02-0009-CV-564 49D13-3808-CP-1152 Word
John Dickson v. April D'Angelo 84A04-0011-JV-476 84C01-9910-JP-657 Word
Fridley v. Fridley 48A02-0012-CV-761 48D01-9705-DR-0267 Word
Harvey v. State 10A01-0012-CR-436 10D02-9904-CF-55 Word
Lisa Fields v. Darrell Fields 25A03-0012-CV-441 25C01-9802-DR-44 Word
Stroup v. Klump-O'Hannes 15A01-0101-CV-13 15C01-9308-DR-171 Word
Ferrell v. Dunescape Beach Club 46A03-0007-CV-250 46D02-9707-CP-94 Word
Family Development, LTD v. Steuben County Waste Watchers, Inc. 49A02-0005-CV-301 49D10-9810-MI-1421 Word
Master Copy v. Copyrite 49A02-0008-CV-507 49D07-9704-CP-516 Word
Morales v. State 10A05-0007-CR-294 10D01-9902-CF-10 Word
Burdine v. State of Indiana 55A01-0008-CR-267 55D02-9904-CF-81 Word
Songer v. Sorrell 52A02-0007-CV-433 52D01-9205-DR-112 Word
Macintosh v. Macintosh 10A01-0012-CV-413 10D02-9206-DR-117 Word
Newman v. State 49A04-0008-CR-340 49G03-9908-CF-133894 Word
Noland, Roberta v. FSSA 49A02-0004-CV-245 49D10-9811-MI-1539 Word
State of Indiana v. Ed Robert Anderson 06A01-0011-PC-402 06D01-9612-PC-74 Word
Hill v. State 18A05-0010-CR-411 18D02-9206-CF-52 Word
Catt v. State 42A05-0007-PC-274 42D01-9610-CF-48/42D01-9703-CF-5 Word
Jamie Jimmerson v. State of Indiana 82A01-0009-CR-327 82D02-9908-CF-616 Word
Reid R. Smith 07A01-0007-CR-245 07C01-9809-DF-341 Word
Michael L. Owens v. State 49A02-0011-PC-722 49G02-9102-CF-22631 Word
E & L Rental Equiptment v. Wade 46A03-0009-CV-342 46D04-9804-CP-140 Word
Zawacki v. U.S.X. 45A04-0011-CV-482 45D01-9812-CT-997 Word
Forrest Turner v. State 49A05-0008-PC-357 49G02-9508-CF-118387 Word
Estate of Spry v. Greg & Ken, Inc. 25A05-0012-CV-563 25C01-9908-CP-274 Word
Kristie L. Trammel v. State 82A01-0012-CR-418 82D02-0001-CF-039 Word
Clarence Batei Townsend v. State of Indiana 71A04-0012-CR-563 71D01-0005-CM-4219 Word
Jimmy Camp v. State of Indiana 49A02-0009-CR-585 49G14-0004-DF-53265 Word
Odis McManomy v. State of Indiana 79A02-0006-CR-409 79E02-9910-DF-770 Word
Meghan Rene, et al v. Dr. Suellen Reed, et al 49A02-0007-CV-433 49D12-9805-CP-730 Word
In Re:Estate of Edwin A. Shoaf, Deceased 41A01-0009-CV-298 41D02-9908-ES-37 Word
Parks v. State of Indiana 82A01-0007-CR-231 82C01-9910-CF-1076 Word
In Re:Schultz 64A03-0012-JV-429 64C01-9912-JT-1025,1026,1027&1028 Word
Kipp v. Wells County DFC 90A02-0102-JV-115 90C01-9706-JC-105 Word
Werne v. State of Indiana 19A01-0011-CR-383 19C01-9906-CF-222 Word
William Stone v. Barbara Stakes 11A05-0008-CV-349 11C01-0806-CT-163 Word
Hopster v. Burgeson 19A01-0008-CV-291 19C01-9611-MI-243 Word
In Re: The Adoption of J.D.C. 49A02-0010-CV-678 49D08-9912-AD-1269 Word
Outcalt v. Wardlaw 60A01-0007-CV-224 60C01-9210-CP-136 Word
Jeremiah Powell v. State of Indiana 38A02-0007-CR-462 38C01-9809-CF-38 Word
Poznanski v. Horvath 71A03-0101-CV-34 71D01-9811-CT-428 Word
Family v. Schluttenhofer 91A02-0010-CV-638 91C01-9801-CT-1 Word
William G. Perry v. State of Indiana 49A04-0012-CR-558 49G03-9010-CF-127931 Word
Darrell Skaggs v. State 49A02-0011-CR-703 49G01-0002-CF-23188 Word
Amwest v. State 20A03-0010-CR-363 20C01-9905-CF-43&44 Word
Harold Mason v. Herb Ault, et al 36A01-0012-CV-406 36D01-0004-CP-51 Word
David McCarthy v. State of Indiana 49A02-0012-CR-801 49G02-9508-CF-118388 Word
Ratcliff v. Barnes 08A04-0010-CV-457 08C01-9812-CP-99 Word
R. Foxworthy v. Heartland 54A04-0009-CV-374 54C01-9807-CT-209 Word
Menefee v. Metlife 79A02-0010-CV-639 79D02-0003-CT-13,79D02-0002-CT-8,32C01-0007-CT-207 Word
In Re: H.H.C. v. Hill 46A03-0012-JV-470 46D02-0005-JT-80 Word
PNC Bank et al v. State of Indiana 10A01-0009-CV-305 10C01-9804-CT-164911 Word
Molden v. State 49A04-0010-CR-448 49G02-9801-CF-7331 Word
Trenton Patterson v. State of Indiana 48A02-0012-PC-798 48D01-9311-CF-216 Word
Charles Howell, et al v. Morgan Hawk, et al 39A04-0012-CV-521 39C01-9904-CP-153 Word
Hyde v. Hyde 49A05-0008-CV-327 49D03-9801-DR-0078 Word
Scott Badger v. State 74A04-0007-PC-313 74C01-9002-CF-005 Word
Charles DesJardines v. State of Indiana 31A01-0002-CR-60 31D01-9801-CF-13 Word
D.D.K. v. State of Indiana 20A03-0101-JV-18 20C01-9908-JD-418 Word
Ronald Dolkey v. State of Indiana 82A01-0102-CR-053 82D02-0005-DF-408 Word
In The Matter of the Paternity of C.E.B. 84A05-0103-JV-108 84C01-0006-JP-423 Word
Damon Corporation v. Daniel Estes 20A05-0101-CV-29 20D04-0007-SC-1343 Word
Maria E. Pickens v. State of Indiana 82A04-0101-CR-6 82D05-9909-CM-4956 Word
State of Indiana v. Emry 27A01-0103-CR-91 27D03-9812-DF-1184 Word
State of Indiana v. Samuel L. Estep 49A05-0009-CR-371 49G06-9903-CF-42290 Word
Estate of John Skalka, Deceased 46A03-0009-CV-327 46D01-9706-ES-54(A)(B),46D01-9909-CP-279 Word
S.E. Johnson v. Jack 49A02-0010-CV-667 49D07-9906-CT-000904 Word
Dierckman v. Area Plan Commission of Franklin County 24A01-0009-CV-320 24C01-0003-CP-65 Word
Crafton v. Gibson 40A04-0011-CV-490 40C01-9709-DR-226 Word
McCoy, R.L. v. Jack 49A02-0011-CV-749 49D07-9906-CT-000904 Word
Apollo Plaza, Ltd. v. Antietam Corp & Teresa Penny 02A03-0011-CV-400 02D01-9602-CT-67 Word
Kenneth Chaffee, M.D. v. Heather Seslar 17A03-0011-CV-418 17C01-0006-CT-00015 Word
Kenneth Chaffee, M.D. v. Heather Seslar 17A03-0011-CV-418 17C01-0006-CV-418 Word
PFB v. State 71A05-0012-JV-518 71J01-9812-JD-1045 Word
Chaja v. Smith 46A03-0012-CV-456 46D01-9909-CP-277 Word
Celerino C. Angeles v. State of Indiana 12A02-9912-CR-849 12C01-9811-CF-371 Word
Ft. Wayne Ed. Assn. v. Ft. Wayne Comm. Schools 02A03-0006-CV-229 02D01-9907-CP-1497 Word
Marcus D. Blanton v. State of Indiana 01A04-0102-PC-61 01D01-0001-DF-2 Word
Ruben Hinojosa v. State 45A05-0010-CR-450 45G02-9806-DF-10029 Word
Robert Earl Badell v. State of Indiana 49A02-0003-PC-193 CR78-176B Word
City of South Bend v. John Kimsey, et al 71A03-0101-CV-13 71D03-9609-CP-909 Word
Mary Carter v. Tracy and Monty Jones 48A04-0011-CV-466 48C01-9607-CP-276 Word
Dawson v. State of Indiana 48A05-0011-PC-498 48D01-8911-CF-153 Word
R.R. Donnelley & Sons Co. v. North Texas Steel Co. Inc. 43A03-9911-CV-431 43C01-9512-CP-999 Word
Jay & Mary Green v. Hendrickson Publishers, Inc. 79A02-0009-CV-603 79D02-9906-CP-144 Word
Ollis v. Knecht 16A05-0011-CV-492 16D01-9909-CT-97 Word
Lois Black v. ACandS, Inc. 45A04-9912-CV-565 45D01-9807-CT-521 Word
Jack P. Cittadine v. IN Dept. of Transportation 20A03-0010-CV-395 20D01-0008-CP-547 Word
Timber v. Morrison 93A02-0012-EX-839 C-146444 Word
State of Indiana v. Eichholtz 49A02-0104-CR-224 49F10-0008-CM-131183 Word
Bacompt Systems, Inc. v. Paul S. Ashworth 29A02-0009-CV-565 29D03-9806-CP-293 Word
Indian Trucking et al v. Matthew Harber et al 64A03-0003-CV-77 64D04-9707-CT-208 Word
Lloyd Johnson v. State of Indiana 47A04-0103-PC-112 47D01-9708-DF-553 Word
Ratliff v. State 49A02-0010-CR-677 49G20-9910-CF-180114 Word
Christensen v. Christensen 20A05-0012-CV-528 20D01-9903-DR-182 Word
Ringham v. State 49A02-0009-CR-577 49G01-9907-CF-122609 Word
Clark v. State of Indiana 49A05-0011-CR-466 49G03-9910-CF-182096 Word
Estate of Eryk T. Heck v. Raymond E. Stoffer 02A03-0007-CV-267 02C01-9907-CT-88 Word
State of Indiana v. Kemp 10A01-0101-CR-40 10C01-9912-CF-112 Word
IDOH v. Legacy Healthcare 29A05-0007-CV-308 29D1-0003-CP-154 Word
IN Family & Social Services v. Cordelia Radigan 21A04-0102-CV-62 21C01-0007-CP-214 Word
Estate of Evan Sears v. Patricia Griffin 71A05-0012-CV-550 71C01-0008-CP-1200 Word
Jack Eiser Sales Co. v. Thomas Wilson, Prosecuting Attorney 76A04-0009-CV-370 76D01-9909-CP-513 Word
State v. Gary W. Stacy 21A04-0101-CR-5 21D01-9811-CM-744 Word
Spencer v. Spencer 87A05-0011-CV-497 87C01-9802-DR-83 Word
McClyde et al v. Archdiocese of Indpls et al 49A02-0008-CV-549 49D03-9705-CT-759 Word
United v. Riverside 85A04-0010-CV-460 85D01-0002-CP-40 Word
Anthony Norris v. State of Indiana 71A03-0010-CR-356 71D01-9911-CF-679 Word
Steuben v. Ft. Wayne 76A04-0006-CV-259 76C01-9801-CP-20 Word
French v. State 03A05-0009-CR-381 03D01-9810-DF-1032 Word
Turner v. State 49A02-0012-CR-769 49G03-0002-CF-34600 Word
Lamar Fuller v. State 48A04-0101-CR-27 48D03-0005-CF-146 Word
Kevin Speer v. State 79A02-0011-PC-713 79E01-9611-DF-571/79E01-9702-DF-95 Word
John Wesley, Jr. v. State 27A04-0012-PC-531 27C01-9104-CF-12 Word
Board of Commissioners of the County of Harrison, Indiana v. Gary Lowe, Brenda Lowe and Kimberly Lowe 22A01-0101-CV-031 22C01-9908-CT-321 Word
Rodney Snider v. State 34A04-0011-CR-497 34D03-9810-DF-2211 Word
Mann, John v. State of Indiana 15A05-0012-CR-512 15E01-9911-DF-248 Word
Baker v. Town of Middlebury 20A05-0012-CV-523 20D01-0002-CP-59 Word
Allen County School v. Allen County 02A03-0012-CV-445 02C01-9703-CP-257 Word
Court View Centre, L.L.C. v. Robert Witt & The Bekan Ins. Group 45A03-0008-CV-303 45D01-9604-CP-399 Word
Raymond W. Smith, Jr. v. Bob Evans Farms, Inc. 93A02-0104-EX-230 #C-145228 Word
Townsend(Jonathan) v. State of Indiana 55A01-0006-CR-204 55C01-9910-DF-196 Word
Hammond v. Doughty 45A04-0012-CV-523 45C01-0009-CP-01215 Word
Steve D. Eller v. State of Indiana 14A01-0011-PC-392 14C01-9901-CF-1 Word
Adam Diaz v. State 33A01-0102-PC-72 33D01-9503-CF-013 Word
Indiana Department of Correction v. Charles Bogus 67A04-0103-PC-90 67D01-0008-MC-48 Word
Wright v. State 29A02-0102-CR-120 29D03-9906-DF-128 Word
Zawacki v. State 35A02-0012-CR-771 35C01-0006-CF-32 Word
Becker v. Kreilein 19A01-0102-CV-49 19C01-9712-CP-275 Word
McBride v. Cole 30A05-0103-CV-96 30C01-9601-CT-17 Word
Crawley v. Oak Bend Estates Homeowners Assn. 32A05-0012-CV-509 32C01-0006-CP-157 Word
Lusk v. Swanson 15A01-0101-CV-29 15C01-9907-CT-44 Word
Harris (Carl) v. Smith & Harris 47A01-0011-JV-405 47C01-9803-JP-00115 Word
Bright PCS/SBA Communications v. Seely 02A03-0012-CV-433 02C01-0006-CP-891 Word
Shavaughn Wilson v. State 49A04-0012-CR-519 49G20-9712-CF-175225 Word
In Re Matter of Involuntary Termination of Parent Child Relationship Kilbert 49A02-0101-JV-13 49D08-0002-JT-145 Word
Grandview v. T. Harmon 03A01-0010-CV-336 03D02-9711-CP-213 Word
Boone County Area Planning Comm. and Harold Hotham, et al v. Shelburne, et al 06A04-0010-CV-455 06D01-0005-CP-142 Word
Antonacopulos v. Antonacopulos 45A03-0101-CV-33 45D05-9901-DR-98 Word
John Kostidis v. General Cinema Corp. of Indiana, et al 64A05-0012-CV-521 64D02-9707-CT-1416 Word
Bizik v. Bizik 64A03-0012-CV-451 64D01-9709-DR-2048 Word
Caudle v. State of Indiana 49A02-0008-CR-546 49G20-9907-CF-125628 Word
Melissa Dittoe Dietz v. Finlay Fine Jewelry Corp., L.S. Ayres & Company, Inc. 71A03-0010-CV-372 71C01-9903-CT-013 Word
Bedwell v. Sagamore Insurance Co. 90A02-0102-CV-83 90C01-9909-CP-140 Word
K.D.(Dowdy) v. State of Indiana 49A02-0101-JV-35 49D09-0010-JD-4207 Word
State of Indiana v. Norman Suggs 21A01-0101-CR-10 21D01-9804-CM-208 Word
Chinda v. State of Indiana 49A02-0011-CR-752 49G06-9907-CF-121110 Word
Schultz v. Erie Ins. 49A02-0006-CV-386 49D12-9804-CT-622 Word
Franz v. State Farm 45A03-0102-CV-39 45D02-0006-CP-167 Word
Anthony williams v. State of Indiana 49A02-0101-CR-21 49G14-9811-DF-180777 Word
Miller v. Martig 33A01-0009-CV-326 33D01-9908-CP-93 Word
In the Visitation of: J.D.G., Raymond and Sue Schenkel v. David Gaunt 02A03-0103-CV-67 02D07-9905-DR-248 Word
Raymond & Sue Schenkel v. David Gaunt 02A03-0103-CV-67 02D07-9905-DR-248 Word
Mike Wolff & Carol Anderson v. Mooresville Plan Commission 55A01-0011-CV-387 55D01-9911-MI-486 Word
South Newton School Corp. v. South Newton Classroom Teachers 49A02-0101-CV-4 49D13-9910-CP-1509 Word
Joseph B. Garner v. State of Indiana 31A01-0012-CR-437 31D01-0002-CF-114 Word
Conseco Finance Servicing Corp. v. Old National Bank 23A01-0101-CV-1 23C01-9911-CP-349 Word
In Re the Marriage of Goodman 79A02-0103-CV-128 79D01-0002-DR-66 Word
Joseph Lewis v. State of Indiana 49A02-0010-CR-657 49G06-0002-CF-19326 Word
Stewart v. State of Indiana 02A03-0103-CR-89 02D04-0007-DF-564 Word
Debra (Siegel) Carmichael v. Michael J. Siegel 29A02-0011-CV-740 29D01-9111-DR-561 Word
Eddie Chandler v. Dorothy Dillon 45A05-0009-CV-401 45D03-9805-CP-1747 Word
Corey Parker v. State of Indiana 10A1-0010-CR-344 10D01-9912-CF-79 Word
Martha Poirier v. Green Services 45A03-9910-CV-388 45D01-9503-CT-338 Word
Chemical Waste Management v. New Haven 02A03-0008-CV-299 02D01-9812-CP-2358 Word
State of Chad E. McGuire 21A04-0101-CR-2 21D01-9812-DF-827 Word
Brazauskas v. Fort Wayne 71A03-0102-CV-55 71D07-9302-CP-10017 Word
Lewis, S. v. State 52A02-0008-CR-503 52C01-9711-CR-179 Word
Wal-Mart v. Wright 29A05-0009-CV-403 29D01-9307-CT-320 Word
Alspach v. State of Indiana 27A02-0102-CR-116 27D03-0002-CM-224 Word
Elkins v. State of Indiana 82A01-0103-CR-85 82D05-9908-CM-04304 Word
Stephen Malone, et al v. Robert Price 57A04-0010-CV-449 57C01-0001-CP-40 Word
Billy Wayne Nash v. State 45A03-0101-CR-10 45G02-0003-CF-71 Word
In the Matter of G.B., Parents, G. Berry and T. Yardley v. Dearborn County Division of Family and Children 15A05-0101-JV-34 15C01-0009-JC-17 Word
William Stone v. Barbara Stakes 11A05-0008-CV-349 11C01-0806-CT-163 Word
Liberty Mortgage v. National City Bank 88A01-0103-CV-82 88D01-0006-CP-159 Word
Charles Hampton v. State of Indiana 49A02-0103-CR-141 49G05-0009-CF-16213 Word
Kenneth Adams v. State of Indiana 49A04-0010-CR-444 49F16-0001-DF-894 Word
Town of Leo-Cedarville v. IN Al.Bev.Comm. 49A05-0005-CV-201 49D01-9909-MI-1246 Word
William M. Parks v. A.P. Green Industries, etal 45A03-0007-CV-240 45D01-9902-CT-154 Word
State v. Matthew Powell 21A01-0101-CR-4 21D01-9808-DF-508 Word
James, Frank v. State of Indiana 89A04-0101-CR-25 89D02-0005-CF-025 Word
In matter of guardianship of CMW: Carl White v. Lisa White 29A05-0104-CV-165 29D01-0102-GU-15 Word
Indianapolis Public Housing v. Aegean Construction 49A02-0101-CV-25 49D10-9703-CP-339 Word
Golden Rule Ins. Co. v. IN Dept. of Ins. 49A02-0010-CV-672 49D04-9910-CP-1430 Word
Donald Slayton v. State of Indiana 19A05-0104-CR-173 19D01-0008-DF-978 Word
V.C. Tank Lines et al v. Ronald Faison 93A02-0103-EX-133 45D01-0003-CP-52 Word
Mark Howard v. State of Indiana 10A01-0011-CR-395 10D03-9809-DF-449 Word
West Bend v. Keaton 71A03-0103-CV-65 71C01-9905-CT-21 Word
Miner v. Southwest Schools 84A01-0105-CV-163 84D01-9905-CT-863 Word
VOA v. Premier 02A04-0104-CV-154 02D01-9909-SC-19794 Word
Ogden v. Premier Properties 82A01-0101-CV-14 82D03-0006-CP-1742 Word
Gustavo Guy v. State of Indiana 49A02-0101-CR-18 49G06-9911-CF-203358 Word
Lewis (Corey) v. State of Indiana 90A05-0007-CR-301 90C01-9508-CF-171 Word
Louallen v. State of Indiana 58A05-0102-CR-53 58D01-0008-CF-062 Word
In the Matter of Termination of Parent-Child Relationship of D.J. and E.J. v. LaGrange County Division of Family and Children 44A04-0105-JV-203 44C01-9908-JT-4 Word
Linda Marie Ostertag v. Michael Lee Ostertag, Sr. 10A05-0011-CV-478 10D01-9806-DR-90 Word
Williams v. State of Indiana 84A05-0102-CR-67 84D01-9910-CF-418 Word
Reed Sign Services, Inc. v. Lynn Reid 34A02-0103-CV-132 34C01-0007-CP-450 Word
Logansport Equipment Rental Inc. v. Transco Inc. et al 09A02-0104-CV-226 09C01-9909-CP-132 Word
State of Indiana v. Billie J. Erlewein 21A01-0101-CR-3 21D01-9810-CM-660 Word
Robert Stanley v. State of Indiana 18A05-0103-CR-112 18D02-9811-CF-78 Word
Ford v. State of Indiana 45A04-0010-PC-454 45G01-9404-CF-0099 Word
Marriage of Fobar v. Vonderahe 34A05-0101-CV-2 34D01-9904-DR-154 Word
Reid Smith v. State of Indiana 07A01-0007-CR-245 07C01-9809-DF-341 Word
Garrett (Megan) v. State of Indiana 49A02-0010-CR-659 49G05-9908-CF-135958 Word
Brian Leslie v. State of Indiana 54A01-0102-PC-73 54D01-9606-CF-83 Word
WW Extended Care v. Aetna Life Ins. 02A05-0104-CV-145 02C01-9711-MI-133 Word
Robert Lark, Jr. v. State 48A02-0011-CR-723 48E01-9708-DF-243 Word
Hurlow v. Managing Partners 53A04-0011-CV-479 53C03-9704-CP-437 Word
In re the Marriage of L.M.A. v. M.L.A. 20A05-0106-CV-249 20D02-9405-DR-368 Word
Kenneth Williams v. State 02A05-0103-CR-119 02D04-0006-DF-535 Word
Duane Harrington v. State 10A01-0106-CR-222 10C01-9909-CF-082 Word
A.E.B. v. State of Indiana 49A02-0105-JV-262 49D09-0101-JD-16 Word
Kent Sterrett Lloyd III v. Tammy A. Lloyd 10A05-0103-CV-132 10D02-0008-DR-140 Word
In Re the Marriage Of: Alison Sanjari v. Amir H. Sanjari 20A05-0106-CV-236 20D05-0010-DR-640 Word
Shaffer, W. v. State 41A04-0105-CR-215 41D03-0001-CF-00015 Word
Fred Turner and Melissa Turner v. Richmond Power and Light Company 89A01-0002-CV-67 89D01-9901-CT-003 Word
Helen Fulk v. Allied Signal, et al 45A04-0001-CV-8 45D01-9808-CT-759 Word
Gibson v. Hand 40A01-0105-CV-193 40C01-0102-MI-050 Word
Darrin W. Partlow v. Miami Correctional Facility 52A04-0103-PC-134 52C01-0101-MI-11 Word
Boston Pritchett v. Michelle Heil 56A03-0103-CV-72 56C01-9912-CP-152 Word
IFSSA v. Legacy Healthcare/New Horizon Developmental Center 29A04-0103-CV-85 29D01-0003-CP-180 Word
Farmers, Ins. v. Smith/Wilson 20A03-0011-CV-412 20D02-9805-CP-331 Word
Bowling v. Poole 69A01-0105-CV-173 69D01-9810-CP-65 Word
Evansville Outdoor Advertising, Inc. v. Board of Zoning of Evansville and Vanderburgh County 82A01-0105-CV-177 82D03-0012-CP-3850 Word
Leonard D. Frye v. State of Indiana 82A04-0102-CR-56 82C01-0007-CF-843 Word
Paternity of M.G.S. 64A03-0104-JV-120 64C01-0007-JP-595 Word
Giancario DiMizio et al v. Romo et al 48A02-0103-CV-138 48C01-9812-CP-0711 Word
Edward E. Griffin v. State of Indiana 11A01-0101-CR-2 11C01-0003-CF-24 Word
Bruce Davidson v. James Perron 43A05-0105-CV-184 43C01-9803-CP-214 Word
Lake County Sheriff's Correction Merit Bd v. Peron, etal 45A04-0106-CV-249 45D03-0105-CP-846 Word
Karen L. Garling v. Dept. of Natural Resources 09A02-0101-CV-7 09C01-0001-CP-5 Word
Jurich v. Garlock, Inc., et al 45A03-0010-CV-366 45D01-9704-CT-345 Word
John W. Bartle v. HCFP Funding, Inc. 49A04-0011-CV-469 49D01-9812-CP-1767 Word
In Re Marriage of Pamela Doyle and Rick Doyle 79A02-0103-CV-125 79D02-0005-DR-159 Word
City of Salem v. Alexander 88A05-0103-CV-105 88C01-9708-CP-123 Word
Jonathan Hamill v. City of Carmel 29A05-0012-CR-564 29D04-0007-CV-4813 Word
Jonathan Hamill v. City of Carmel 29A05-0012-CR-564 29D04-0007-OV-4813 Word
State v. Gary W. Isaacs 21A04-0101-CR-4 21D01-9908-CM-333 Word
Richard Cowart v. State of Indiana 49A02-0103-CR-124 49G03-0006-CF-90308 Word
In the Matter of: A.W., a Delinquent Child 54A01-0101-JV-25 54C01-9909-JD-136 Word
Stephen J. Meyer v. Kimberly Michelle Meyer 49A02-0011-CV-712 49D13-9704-DR-478 Word
Huddleston v. State of Indiana 02A03-0106-CR-176 02D04-9906-CF-277/02D04-9912-CF-580 Word
Huddleston v. State 02A03-0106-CR-176 02D04-9906-CF-277 Word
Hornbostel v. State of Indiana 82A01-0103-CR-92 82D02-0008-CF-764 Word
Dominiack Mechanical v. Dunbar 71A03-0012-CV-455 71D04-9804-CP-481 Word
SLR Plumbing v. Turk 71A03-0105-CV-157 71D07-9812-CP-1659 Word
IN Dept. of Transportation v. Shelly & Sands, Inc. 29A02-0103-CV-165 29C01-9712-CP-1200 Word
Robert White v. State of Indiana 18A04-0102-CR-58 18D02-0006-CF-37 Word
Community Action Program of Evansville v. Veeck 93A02-0105-EX-264 C-128896 Word
Ruben Gonzalez v. State of Indiana 45A04-0101-CR-29 45G04-0003-CF-41 Word
Spencer v. Bridgewater 84A01-0104-CV-134 84D03-0005-CT-1000 Word
Halteman v. Duguid 93A02-0106-EX-381 C-151270 Word
Thomas L. Dreiling v. Custom Builders 93A02-0104-EX-212 C-141038 Word
Keith Wooden v. State of Indiana 49A04-0104-CR-157 49G03-0011-CF-194572 Word
Arvin K. Rothschild v. Victoria Hall Devos 49A04-0103-CV-89 49D07-0101-CR-37 Word
Groce v. State of Indiana 49A02-0102-CR-84 49C01-0006-MI-001313/49C01-0006-MI-001316 Word
Osterloo v. Waller 20A04-0103-CV-117 20D02-9509-CT-585 Word
Kevin T. Kaplan v. Karen S. Kaplan 03A01-0106-CV-223 03C01-9810-DR-1459 Word
Sims (Mario) v. Beamer 50A03-0008-CV-295 50C01-0005-CP-67 Word
Jay Greenfield v. Arden Seven Penn Partners, L.P. 02A04-0104-CV-173 02D01-9904-CP-844 Word
Harco, Inc. of Indianapolis v. Plainfield Interstate Family Dining Associates 49A02-0101-CV-10 49D07-9801-CP-128 Word
Mary Carter v. Tracy Jones and Monty Jones 48A04-0011-CV-466 48C01-9607-CP-276 Word
Allied Signal v. Lucille Herring 49A02-0008-CV-528 49D02-9501-MI-0001-058 Word
Terry R. Kincaid v. State of Indiana 06A01-0104-PC-138 06D02-9607-CF-310 Word
Town of Plainfield v. Town of Avon 32A01-0107-CV-266 32D03-0012-CP-222 Word
Tyvis Ashley v. State 18A04-0105-CR-194 18C02-0008-CF-49 Word
Bernard Totten v. State 02A05-0105-PC-224 02D04-8904-CF-275/277/309 Word
South Haven Sewer Works v. Jones 64A03-0101-CV-15 64D01-9911-CT-2601 Word
Darin Williams v. State 54A01-0012-PC-453 54C01-9812-CF-110 Word
Paternity of A.M.C. 49A02-0105-JV-270 49C01-8910-JP-2726 Word
Ella M. Outlaw v. Erbrich Products Co. 93A02-0106-EX-399 C-118445 Word
Lanny Abney v. State of Indiana 49A02-0103-CR-160 49G03-9909-CF-164322 Word
Douglas L. Newcomb v. State of Indiana 30A01-0104-CR-139 30D02-0005-CM-542 Word
Bruce Stansberry etal v. Wendy Howard 48A02-0104-CV-241 48C01-0008-MI-590 Word
Sarah Lutz v. Russell Fortune, III and William L. Elder, Trustees and William L. Fortune, et al 49A04-0012-CV-545 49D08-9709-TR-45 Word
Palmer & Sons v. Russell & NIPSCO 64A04-0101-CV-7 64D01-9612-CP-3147 Word
Cheryl Titus v. Rheitone, Inc. 29A05-0105-CV-209 29D01-0101-CP-17 Word
Kuester v. Inman 49A04-0104-CV-150 49D04-0001-CT-120 Word
Wernle, Ristine & Ayers v. Yund 93A02-0012-EX-819 C-144302 Word
L. Ralph Rogers M.D. v. Mendel et al 82A04-0103-CV-84 82C01-0005-CT-271 Word
Kirit C. Shah, M.D. v. Stan & Nancy Harris 82A01-0103-CV-111 82C01-0007-CT-357 Word
Anthony Walker v. State 49A02-0101-CR-30 49G02-9808-CF-131021 Word
Jaco v. State of Indiana 32A05-0104-CR-160 32D03-9907-CF-81 Word
Sharmeika Moons & Randy Williams v. State Farm Mutual Ins. 45A03-0102-CV-53 45D02-9910-CT-407 Word
Lattimore v. Amsler 37A03-0107-JV-241 37C01-0105-JM-51 Word
Shepler v. State of Indiana 43A03-0104-CR-117 43D02-9906-CM-991 Word
Burgett v. State of Indiana 49A05-0102-CR-46 49G02-9905-CF-090188 Word
Tioga Pines v. Indiana Family and Social Services 30A04-0104-CV-142 30C01-9002-CP-00125 Word
Harris v. Traini 89A04-0012-CV-515 89D02-9805-CT-12 Word
Domingo T. Robles v. State 50A04-0104-CR-162 50C01-0006-CF-6 Word
Russell Lewis v. State 49A05-0104-CR-157 49G05-9904-CF-056795 Word
Walker v. Elkin 34A05-0104-CV-143 34D03-0010-SC-4099 Word
Kalwitz v. Estates of Kalwitz 46A03-0105-CV-152 46C01-9505-ES-82/46C01-9512-ES-211 Word
Jane Carrera v. Allen Co. OF&C 02A03-0105-JV-135 02D07-0008-JT-104 Word
Judith Houchens v. Michael T. Boschert 15A04-0011-CV-495 15C01-9705-DR-126 Word
Angelone v. Chang 02A03-0101-CV-19 02D01-9806-CP-1225 Word
Bushong v. Williamson 54A01-0103-CV-100 54D01-0003-CP-84 Word
Bowen v. Monroe Guaranty Ins. Co. 30A01-0104-CV-156 30D01-0006-CP-296 Word
Carter v. Knox 42A05-0104-JV-151 42D01-9906-JT-3 Word
Joshua James Davies v. State 48A04-0103-CR-102 48D01-0005-CF-189 Word
Henry v. Henry 02A03-0106-CV-203 02C01-9809-DR-1007 Word
Carol Russell v. Vicki Neumann-Steadman 49A02-0104-CV-253 49D10-9903-CP-405 Word
Zemco Manufacturing, Inc. v. Navistar International Trans. Corp., et al 02A03-0012-CV-467 02C01-9805-CP-663 Word
Joseph N. Hancock v. State of Indiana 47A01-0102-CR-63 47C01-9908-CF-398 Word
Kenneth Washington v. State 49A04-0103-CR-110 49G06-9904-CF-68467 Word
Dorothy Mae Beard v. Edward Beard 15A01-0104-CV-128 15C01-0003-DR-075 Word
Hellums v. State 14A04-0104-CR-155 14D01-9904-CF-278 Word
Adam Borton v. State 49A02-0102-CR-69 49G05-9902-CF-30706 Word
State of Indiana v. Michael Gradison 49A02-0108-CR-509 49F07-0008-CM-133109 Word
Reed Sign Services, Inc. v. Lynn Reid 34A02-0103-CV-132 34C01-0007-CP-450 Word
Samuel Jackson v. State 02A05-0105-CR-203 02D04-0006-CF-338 Word
Barber v. Echo 55A04-0009-CV-410 55D03-0007-SC-1066 Word
Joseph L. Morgan, III v. State of Indiana 71A04-0104-CR-164 71D03-9905-CF-267 Word
James E. Bradshaw v. State of Indiana 29A02-0106-CR-366 29D04-0011-DF-7519 Word
Garry L. Kirk v. Kathy Mae Kirk 45A03-0103-CV-80 45C01-9001-DR-199 Word
American Economy v. Felts 43A04-0103-CV-123 43C01-0010-CP-720 Word
Holliday v. Crooked Creek Villages 49A05-0010-CV-428 49D06-9807-CP-1018 Word
Robert Lark, Jr. v. State of Indiana 48A02-0011-CR-723 48E01-9708-DF-243 Word
Commissioner, Dept. of Revenue and State Dept. of Revenue v. Paul D. Fort 49A02-0103-CV-159 49C01-9911-CT-2496 Word
McClain v. Chem-Lube 43A05-0104-CV-149 43D01-9907-CT-362 Word
Francies v. Francies 49A02-0103-CV-175 49D07-9606-DR-0913 Word
Brandon C. Williams v. State of Indiana 71A03-0012-PC-472 71D01-9804-CF-157 Word
Meeks v. State of Indiana 39A05-0106-CR-262 39C01-0004-CF-21 Word
Meeks v. State 39A05-0106-CR-262 39C01-0004-CF-21 Word
W.R.S. v. State of Indiana 49A02-0106-JV-360 49D09-9911-JD-889 Word
John R. Turney v. State 27A02-0010-CR-644 27D01-0006-CF-61 Word
Laymon R. Marshall v. State of Indiana 25A03-0105-CR-139 25D01-0003-CF-24 Word
I.D.E.M v. Jennings Northwest Regional Utilities et al 49A02-0104-CV-246 49D05-9909-MI-1248 Word
Fight v. State of Indiana 19A04-0103-CR-89 19C01-0004-CF-128 Word
James v. Pike County Office of Family and Children 63A01-0106-JV-237 63C01-0009-JT-112/113 Word
Crystal Miller v. State 64A03-0102-CR-62 64D05-9910-CF-549 Word
Francis Ingram v. City of Indianapolis 49A02-0106-CV-370 49D10-0103-CT-345 Word
M. Dixon v. State of Indiana 49A02-0008-PC-543 49F16-9808-DF-120934 Word
Ingram v. State of Indiana 49A02-0105-CR-286 49G01-0004-CF-637 Word
Luhnow v. Horn 25A05-0106-CV-241 25C01-9906-CP-195 Word
Salvatore DeSantis v. State 30A01-0102-CR-65 30D02-9911-DF-1263 Word
PCL/Calumet v. Entercitement, LLC, etal 32A01-0011-CV-376 32D02-9910-CP-251/55D01-9910-CP-452 Word
Shelter v. Woolems 53A01-0101-CV-28 53C05-9812-CT-01824 Word
Bailey v. Spain, et al 46A03-0102-CV-40 46C01-9603-CT-88 Word
Apple Glen Crossing v. Trademark Retail 02A05-0103-CV-110 02D01-0101-CP-0158 Word
Kathy M. Speaker v. John J. Speaker 53A04-0105-CV-188 53C01-0005-DR-285 Word
Allstate Insurance Co. v. Hammond 49A02-0103-CV-164 49D05-9908-CT-1125 Word
State v. Glassock 49A05-0103-CR-104 49G05-9810-CF-158215 Word
Lake Central v. Scartozzi 45A04-0105-CV-227 45D02-0103-CP-132 Word
Brent R. McIntosh, M.D. v. Joe M. Cummins 49A04-0107-CV-290 49D04-9906-CT-768 Word
Cohoon v. Financial Plans 41A04-0102-CV-77 41D01-0010-CP-320 Word
Justiniano v. Williams 93A02-0104-EX-257 C-144003 Word
Farrell Haycraft v. State 31A01-0103-CR-101 31D01-0008-CF-685 Word
VanPelt v. State 86A04-0106-CR-280 86C01-0006-DF-20 Word
Allen v. Moran 55A01-0105-CV-164 55C01-9912-CP-478 Word
Honeycutt v. State 49A05-0105-CR-201 49F15-9805-DF-074027 Word
Blocher v. Debartolo 49A04-0102-CV-67 49C01-9802-CP-214 Word
PFB v. State 71A05-0012-JV-518 71J01-9813-JD-1045 Word
Robin Wood v. Ronald Schuen 18A04-0012-CV-524 18D01-0002-CP-37 Word
Cooper v. State of Indiana 48A02-0104-CR-229 48D01-0009-CF-343 Word
Moreno v. State of Indiana 44A04-0108-CR-351 44C01-0010-CM-125 Word
Antonio J. Brown v. State 82A05-0105-CR-178 82D02-0004-CF-350 Word
Randy Giles v. State of Indiana 65A01-0105-CR-180 65C01-0007-CF-56 Word
Timothy Hartig v. Melvin & Louise Stratman 82A01-0105-CV-184 82D03-9802-CP-517 Word
Royce Glover v. State of Indiana 49A02-0106-CR-384 49G01-9910-CF-172478 Word
Taijuan Patton v. State 49A02-0104-CR-219 49G02-0005-CF-82050 Word
Larry Lawson v. Lafayette Home Hospital, Inc. 79A02-0102-CV-117 79D02-9909-CT-52 Word
VanWinkle v. Nash 49A05-0103-CV-109 49D02-9703-CT-0330 Word
Kim A. Rocca v. Donna G. Rocca 82A05-0104-CV-163 82D04-9311-DR-1622 Word
Willie L. Harris, etal v. A.C.& S., Inc., etal 45A03-0004-CV-144 45D01-9609-CT-896 Word
Salmon v. City of Bloomington 53A01-0107-CV-256 53C02-0001-CP-132 Word
Greg Allen Construction, et al v. Daniel Estelle, et al 54A01-0009-CV-300 54C01-9705-CP-1253 Word
Noble Roman's v. Ward 49A04-0107-CV-315 49D05-0001-CP-4 Word
Russell Prewitt v. State 10A05-0106-CR-256 10D02-0001-CF-17 Word
Howard v. State 79A05-0105-CR-221 79D02-9601-CF-4 Word
William L. Bryant v. State of Indiana 49A02-0109-PC-585 49G03-9811-CF-177174 Word
James Simmons v. State of Indiana 49A02-0103-CR-136 49G03-0003-CF-039653 Word
Devorah Kolbet v. Paul R. Kolbet 71A03-0107-CV-219 71C01-0001-DR-199 Word
Linda K. Schuman v. Ernest M. Kobets 49A05-0103-CV-91 49D07-9910-CP-1480 Word
James Koppin et al v. James Strode et al 49A02-0103-CV-148 49D12-9911-CT-1680 Word
Hall (Virgil) v. State of Indiana 27A05-0106-CR-245 27C01-0006-CF-35 Word
Mike Austin v. Vanderburgh 82A01-0101-CV-37 82C01-9907-CP-271 Word
Sammy Greco v. KMA Auto Exchange, Inc. 34A02-0012-CV-754 34D03-9610-CP-160 Word
Carter v. Bank One Trust Co. 12A02-0104-CV-210 12C01-0008-ES-0108/0113 Word
Thompson v. State 49A04-0103-CR-107 49G01-9910-CF-171599 Word
Alan Bunch v. State 79A02-0105-PC-338 79D01-9009-CF-116 Word
Stroud, et al v. Lints, et al 20A04-0010-CV-458 20C01-9806-CT-38 Word
Tina R. Like v. State 63A01-0105-CR-179 63C01-0002-CF-84 Word
Bovie (Ronald) v. State 48A04-0105-CR-206 48D03-9502-CF-51 Word
State of Indiana v. Carlson 41A01-0105-CR-192 41C01-0005-DF-104 Word
Gus Goldsmith v. Amy Jones, et al 10A05-0108-CV-378 10C01-0101-CP-3 Word
Leann G. Chafin v. Cleveland E. Grayson 18A02-0102-CV-78 18C01-9808-CP-284 Word
Richard H. Edwards v. State of Indiana 31A01-0103-CR-113 31D01-0007-DF-560 Word
Charles Willis Ingram v. State of Indiana 48A04-0105-CR-192 48C01-9902-CF-24/48C01-0001-CF-22 Word
Phyllis Milledge v. The Oaks, A Living Center 93A02-0104-EX-233 C-134211 Word
Tankersley v. Parkview Hospital 02A03-0106-CV-184 02D01-0002-CP-318 Word
Monterey Morgan v. Ford Motor Company 71A03-0003-CV-108 71D07-9405-CT-130 Word
Cyr v. Yoder 02A04-0109-CV-403 02D01-0003-SC-4721 Word
J.W. v. State of Indiana 85A04-0108-JV-365 85C01-0012-JD-186 Word
Gabriel Childs v. State 02A03-0107-CR-218 02D04-0007-DF-615 Word
Ledesma, Javier A. v. State of Indiana 45A03-0107-CR-234 45G03-9902-CF-00018 Word
Harris v. State 43A04-0106-PC-261 43D01-9805-CF-44 Word
Rios v. State 49A02-0105-CR-265 49G20-0007-CF-121521 Word
William E. Hatcher v. State of Indiana 65A01-0104-CR-155 65C01-0011-CF-0009 Word
Circle Centre v. Y/G Indiana 49A05-0107-CV-308 49D05-0001-CP-90 Word
Donald Hatcher v. State of Indiana 49A02-0107-CR-496 49F13-0011-IF-205791 & 205793 Word
Schwartz v. Gary 45A03-0103-CV-64 45D05-0003-CP-150 Word
R. Cooper v. State of Indiana 79A05-0107-CR-292 79D06-0101-DF-0018 Word
Hopper v. Colonial Motel 10A01-0109-CV-357 10C01-9811-CP-550 Word
Georgos v. Jackson 45A03-0106-CV-216 45D04-9708-CT-651 Word
Burrus v. State of Indiana 49A02-0106-CR-406 49G01-9710-CF-150701 Word
Tony Armour v. State of Indiana 49A02-0107-CR-485 49G20-0002-CF-30838 Word
Woodruff v. Klein 12A02-0109-CV-610 12D01-0009-MI-324 Word
David B. Craun v. State 49A02-0012-CR-810 49G02-9908-CF-136409 Word
South Bend Clinic v. Robert F. Kistner 71A03-0107-CV-217 71D05-9702-CP-119 Word
Crabtree v. State 49A04-0107-CR-297 49G20-0005-CF-043423 Word
Lloyd Johnson v. State 47A04-0103-PC-112 47D01-9708-DF-553 Word
Ervin Crabtree v. State of Indiana 49A02-0102-CR-96 49G20-0005-CF-76474 Word
Goble (Michael) v. State 92A03-0103-CR-95 92C01-0002-DF-034/039 Word
Timothy Parks v. Patrick Cunningham, Jr. 77A01-0109-CV-328 77C01-9912-CP-0369 Word
Johnny Wise v. State 02A03-0108-CR-277 02D04-0010-CF-590 Word
In Re the Matter of the Involuntary Termination of the Parent-Child Relationship of A.F. and M.F. 49A02-0106-JV-418 49D08-0006-JT-682 Word
Gallant Insurance Co. v. Oswalt & Chadwick 43A04-0104-CV-148 43C01-9612-CT-964 Word
Krag Roydes & Lindsay Cappy v. Barbara Cappy 53A04-0105-CV-207 53C07-9608-GU-954 Word
Fred & Melissa Turner v. Richmond Power & Light Co. 89A01-0002-CV-67 89D01-9901-CT-003 Word
E.M.W. v. State of Indiana 50A03-0107-JV-239 50C01-0010-JS-34/50C01-0102-JS-4 Word
Charlotte Johnson v. Arjun M. Gupta 64A03-0108-CV-259 64D05-9501-CT-143 Word
State v. Gibbs 21A01-0103-CR-216 21C01-0011-CF-225 Word
Francis v. State of Indiana 49A02-0108-CR-525 49G02-0012-CF-224065 Word
Term. of Parent-Child Relationship of E.S., minor child & Shupperd, Kim(mother) 52A05-0105-JV-197 52D01-0011-JT-15 Word
Miles v. State of Indiana 82A01-0107-CR-267 82C01-0004-CF-472 Word
GKC v. Elk 20A03-0108-CV-281 20D01-9804-CT-287 Word
Ward v. Ward 49A02-0107-CV-464 49D06-9406-DR-1055 Word
Sue Ellen Miller v. Michael Miller 34A05-0106-CV-282 34D02-0004-DR-244 Word
Huddleston v. State of Indiana 02A03-0106-CR-176 02D04-9906-CF-277 Word
Diana L. Elkins v. Daniel L. Elkins 09A05-0103-CV-126 09C01-9903-DR-63 Word
Baca v. New Prime, Inc. 89A1-0108-CV-304 89D01-9804-CT-014 Word
Gibson v. Hernandez 71A03-0109-CV-301 71C01-0103-MI-25 Word
Cox (Tony) v. Town of Rome City 57A04-0109-CV-395 57D01-9809-CP-140 Word
Quarles (Emery) v. State 49A05-0105-CR-229 49F15-9810-DF-164501 Word
Gregory Beaudry v. State of Indiana 03A01-0105-CR-169 03D01-9008-CF-367 Word
Loomis v. Ameritech 45A03-0012-CV-474 45D02-9912-CT-439 Word
First of America Bank v. Norwest Bank 02A03-0106-CV-210 02D01-9605-CP-669 Word
Frank Rodziewicz v. Waffco Heavy Duty Towing 45A03-0106-CV-195 45D08-0012-SC-5461 Word
Cheatham v. Pohle 40A01-0010-CV-329 40D01-9803-CP-143 Word
William W. VanWinkle v. State of Indiana 61A05-0107-CR-301 61C01-9912-CF-262 Word
Richard Beeching & NEA-South Bend v. Carol Levee 71A03-0103-CV-66 71D05-9603-CT-85 Word
James S. Ferge v. State of Indiana 49A02-0108-CR-530 49F07-0008-CM-131178 Word
Ingle v. State 22A01-0109-CR-340 22D01-9607-CF-183 Word
E. H. v. State 49A02-0105-JV-323 49D09-0102-JD-707 Word
Pavey v. State of Indiana 39A01-0101-CR-19 39C01-0008-CF-55 Word
Lovold Company v. Galyan's 32A04-0105-CV-226 32D01-9603-CP-062 Word
Ron Woehnker v. Cooper Tire & Rubber Company 93A02-0110-EX-691 C-152475 Word
Sanders v. State 45A03-0107-PC-232 45G02-9003-CF-48 Word
Boyd v. State of Indiana 49A04-0106-CR-269 49G01-0008-CF-139815 Word
Elizabeth Steiner v. State of Indiana 47A05-0103-CR-123 47D02-0006-CM-585 Word
Wernie, Ristine & Ayers v. Yund (ON RHG) 93A02-0012-EX-819 C-144302 Word
Cockrell v. Hawkins 53A01-0107-CV-275 53C03-9911-CP-01535 Word
Merrillville v. Atlas 45A05-0010-CV-417 45D02-9711-CP-1228 Word
Pickens v. State 49A04-0106-CR-278 49G03-0004-CF-65622 Word
Bailey v. State of Indiana 49A02-0108-CR-508 49G99-0011-DF-200334 Word
M. Dee Jones v. Trent G. Nichols 03A05-0106-CV-254 03C01-9806-CT-784 Word
Ind. Bell Telephone Co. v. Ind. Utility Regulatory Comm. 93A02-0107-EX-491 41657 (EDR-1) Word
Keith Walker v. State 29A02-0107-CR-457 29C01-0005-CF-24 Word
Steve C. Person v. State 49A02-0106-CR-410 49G06-0004-CF-54030 Word
Jeffrey A. Berghausen v. Microsoft Corporation 10A01-0106-CV-230 10C01-0001-CP-12 Word
Henthorne v. Legacy 36A01-0106-CV-244 36D01-9909-CT-23 Word
Richard Lee Davis v. State of Indiana 34A02-0102-PC-107 7026 Word
Duncan v. Duncan 15A04-0111-CV-489 15C01-0012-CT-81 Word
Vickie Grant v. Wal-Mart Stores 49A04-0106-CV-263 49D06-0004-CT-587 Word
Jasper Hammons, Jr. and Stella Hammons v. Cassandra Jenkins-Griffith 67A01-0104-JV-145 67C01-9312-JP-36 Word
PSI Energy, Inc. v. IOUCC & PSI Industrial Group 93A02-0103-EX-182 41448 Word
Reginald J. Thomas v. State of Indiana 34A04-0106-CR-230 34D02-9901-CF-9 Word
Leland Roberts d/b/a Roberts Farms v. Agricredit Acceptance Corp. 33A04-0106-CV-235 33D01-9906-CP-69 Word
American Family v. Hall 49A02-0108-CV-565 49D11-9904-CT-514 Word
In Re the Paternity of R.A.F. and J.L.F./Victoria Alexander v. John Leslie Foy 45A03-0104-JV-126 45D06-9511-JP-5206 Word
WW Extended Care v. Rushinsky 02A03-0109-CV-302 02C01-9711-MI-133 Word
Justice (Tanya) v. State of Indiana 49A05-0105-CR-211 49G05-0007-CF-129908 Word
McLinden v. Coco 45A05-0105-CV-219 45C01-9903-CP-935 Word
Brian Allen Hero v. State 45A03-0106-CR-172 45G02-0003-CF-65 Word
Smock (Rodney) v. State 89A01-0105-CR-191 89D02-0003-CF-16 Word
Title Search Co. v. 1st Source Bank 71A04-0109-CV-388 71C01-0002-CP-171 Word
Hancock v. City of Greenfield, In. 93A02-0102-EX-94 41755 Word
Brandeis Machinery & Supply Co. v. Capitol Crane Rental, Inc. 49A05-0107-CV-314 49D01-9911-CP-1638 Word
Aida E. Martinez v. Michael Belmonte 45A03-0012-CV-453 45D02-9707-CT-837 Word
Robert Tipton v. State 49A04-0107-PC-329 49G06-9403-CF-34295 Word
Mable Wallace v. Harriet Rosen and IPS 49A02-0106-CV-419 49D04-9604-CT-560 Word
John R. Bradley v. State 65A01-0106-CR-236 65D01-0010-DF-629 Word
The Plan Commission of Floyd County, IN v. Steven E. Klein 22A01-0106-CV-204 22C01-0007-CP-384 Word
Farm Bureau Ins. Co. v. Allstate Ins. Co. 42A05-0108-CV-350 42D02-9801-CT-27 Word
Estate of Passmore v. Lee Alan Bryant Health Care 61A01-0108-CV-286 61C01-9805-CP-102 Word
Encore Hotels v. Preferred Fire Protection 03A04-0108-CV-380 03C01-9902-CP-284 Word
Richard & Kaye Kennedy v. Guess, Inc., et al 29A02-0110-CV-674 29C01-9810-CT-829 Word
Encore Construction v. SC Bodner and Imperial Marble Corp. 03A01-0105-CV-161 03C01-9810-CP-1394/03C01-9808-CP-1340 Word
Myers v. State 44A03-0108-CR-288 44C01-9910-DF-109 Word
Wee Scots v. Fleming 10A01-0108-CV-312 10D03-0007-CP-559 Word
Richard L. Young v. State 54A01-0109-CR-333 54C01-9709-CF-58 Word
Lawrence and Janice Langman v. Peter Milos, DPM & Dennis W. Smith, DPM 64A03-0109-CV-312 64D02-0008-CP-6482 Word
Debra Stoehr v. Carolyn & Robert Yost 49A05-0108-CV-343 49D13-9808-CT-1102 Word
In Re the Paternity of N.D.J. v. K.S.P. & R.L.J. 17A05-0112-JV-561 17C01-0107-JP-85 Word
Wright v. American States Insurance 45A03-0103-CV-85 45D01-9903-CT-228 Word
Keith Cansler v. Earl Mills & General Motors Corp. 05A02-0107-CV-467 05C01-9905-CP-73 Word
Karen Garling v. IN Dept. of Natural Resources 09A02-0101-CV-7 09C01-0001-CP-5 Word
Scott Newman v. Howard Bernstein 49A02-0111-CV-777 49D10-0002-CP-244 Word
Park Hoover v. Ardsley 49A04-0106-CV-268 49D06-0011-MI-1698 Word
James Watkins v. State 49A02-0103-CR-151 49G06-9910-CF-171334 Word
Expressway Dodge, Inc. v. Richard McFarland 93A02-0111-EX-762 C-148912 Word
Larry E. Clay v. State of Indiana 79A02-0107-CR-488 79D02-0007-CF-67 Word
Dennis Murray, Sr. v. Conseco, Inc. 29A02-0108-CV-552 29D03-0012-CP-898 Word
Daugherty v. Industrial Contracting 93A02-0110-EX-671 C-147608 Word
Tina R. Like v. State 63A01-0105-CR-179 63C01-0002-CF-84 Word
J.V. v. State 49A02-0108-JV-557 49D09-0104-JD-1930 Word
Wayne King D.M.D. v. United Leasing, Inc. 82A01-0107-CV-254 82D03-0008-CP-2372 Word
Kashman v. Haas 54A05-0112-CV-528 54C01-0004-CP-94 Word
Tate v. Fenwick 82A01-0111-CV-406 82C01-0102-RS-105 Word
Commercial Coin Laundry Systems v. Stephen A. Enneking and Debbie Enneking 24A01-0109-CV-359 24C01-9909-CP-210 Word
Johnson (Antwand) v. State 49A05-0106-CR-269 49G02-0003-CF-045528 Word
Marcuccilli v. Stanley 27A02-0105-CV-266 27D02-9709-CP-266 & 267 Word
Kopinski v. Health 49A02-0111-CV-795 49D05-0108-CT-1232 Word
P.T. Barnum's Nightclub et al v. Duhamell 49A02-0107-CV-481 49D12-9912-CT-1819 Word
Village v. Town 81A04-0110-CV-424 81C01-9610-CP-148 Word
State of Indiana v. C. Hawkins 49A02-0110-CR-668 49G05-0011-CF-204861 Word
Zimmerman v. Hanks 77A04-0106-CV-266 77D01-0006-SC-317 Word
Murdock Construction v. Eastern Star 49A02-0107-CV-445 49D11-9902-CP-283 Word
Harry Roberson v. State 48A02-0108-CR-504 48C01-0012-CF-331 Word
Patrick R. Scoleri v. Rebecca Scoleri 45A05-0108-CV-381 45D01-9309-DR-1431 Word
Senn v. State 03A01-0110-PC-387 03C01-9303-CF-547 Word
Baxter v. McKinney 67A04-0104-JV-144 67C01-9802-JP-17 Word
Adrian Brand v. State of Indiana 49A02-0104-CR-242 49G02-9902-CF-023701 Word
Allene Watson v. Donna Sears 72A01-0108-CV-310 72C01-0012-CT-194 Word
Jerome W. Maffett v. State of Indiana 82A04-0109-PC-416 82C01-9205-CF-310 Word
Tracy L. Wright v. State of Indiana 10A01-0106-CR-221 10D02-9906-CF-91 Word
In Re 76A05-0201-CV-38 76C01-0109-MH-13 Word
Greenboam v. State of Indiana 46A03-0103-CR-79 46C01-9812-CF-96/46C01-9506-CF-38 Word
Raab v. Town of Schereville 45A05-0110-CV-437 45D08-0106-SC-2992 Word
Schlichter v. State of Indiana 49A02-0112-CR-819 49G05-9608-CF-129256 Word
Irvin Jones v. State of Indiana 49A02-0108-CR-531 49G06-0101-CF-6131 Word
Evans v. Evans 32A01-0104-CV-152 32C01-9506-DR-75 Word
Melvin Berry v. State of Indiana 49A04-0108-CR-332 49F07-0012-CM-230148 Word
Mortgage Credit Services v. Equifax Credit Information Services 49A02-0105-CV-345 49D12-0002-CP-309 Word
Michael G. Stith v. State of Indiana 18A02-0108-PC-506 18D03-9807-DF-237 Word
Indiana Real Estate vs. R. Ackman 42A04-0109-CV-386 42D02-9806-CP-159 Word
Rudolph Clay v. Epifanio Marrero 45A03-0203-CV-93 45C01-0203-MI-27 Word
Samaddar v. Jones 47A04-0110-CV-467 47D01-0012-CP-1256 Word
Rogers v. Lockard 32A04-0107-CV-307 32C01-0007-CP-203 Word
Tanya Justice v. State 49A05-0105-CR-211 49G05-0007-CF-129908 Word
Ron Breneman v. Clifford Slusher 71A03-0110-CV-338 71C01-0104-CP-734 Word
Stewart v. Kingsley Terrace Church 49A05-0111-CV-505 49D13-0002-CP-156 Word
Larry Flake v. State 89A01-0111-CR-428 89C01-0001-CF-4 Word
89C01-0001-CF-4 89A01-0111-CR-428 89C01-0001-CR-428 Word
Cure v. Cure 82A04-0105-CV-193 82D04-9706-DR-736 Word
Venessa S. (Muffley) Downey v. todd A. Muffley 50A03-0106-CV-197 50D01-9507-DR-107 Word
State v. Davis 53A05-0109-CR-404 53C03-0102-CF-112 Word
State, Medical Licensing Bd. v. Simon Trueblood, M.D. 45A04-0106-CV-253 45C01-0106-MI-34 Word
In Re Termination of Parent Child Rel. 17A03-0101-JV-8 17C01-0010-JT-3 Word
Fairfield Development, Inc., Donald Martz, Virginia Martz and Charles Martz v. Georgetown Woods Senior Apartments Limited Partnership 49A05-0108-CV-347 49D02-9404-CP-390 Word
Baker (John) v. State 02A04-0107-PC-320 02D04-0002-CF-82 Word
Crossman Communities, Inc. v. Freda R. Dean 49A02-0110-CV-685 49D05-0109-CP-1482 Word
Anita Inlow v. Michael A. Wilkerson 49A02-0110-CV-689 49D06-9904-CP-494 Word
Monty Young v. Tri-Etch, Inc. 18A02-0109-CV-631 18C01-9908-CT-12 Word
Keith Woodson v. State of Indiana 49A04-0109-PC-396 49G01-9303-CV-36249 Word
Peter Dvorak et al v. City of Bloomington 53A01-0105-CV-188 53C04-9604-CV-350 Word
Steven Lae v. Shane & Emily Householder 02A05-0112-CV-549 02D01-0105-SC-10666 Word
Timothy Gerald et al v. Turnock Plumbing, Heating & Cooling 71A04-0106-CV-245 71C01-9910-CT-00078 Word
Richard Edwards v. State of Indiana 31A02-0103-CR-113 31D01-0007-DF-560 Word
Lynn Johnston v. Frank O'Bannon, et al 53A01-0106-CV-229 53C04-0007-CP-1040 Word
Indiana Insurance v. Davis 82A05-0101-CV-18 82D03-9905-CP-1572 Word
Hancock Co. Rural Electric Membership Corp. v. City of Greenfield 93A02-0109-EX-586 41671 Word
Wales v. State 31A01-0107-CR-279 31D01-0011-CF-923 Word
Indiana Insurance Co. v. American Community Services, et al 46A05-0107-CV-320 46D01-9510-CP-414 Word
John W. Bartle v. Health Quest Realty VII 29A04-0107-CV-292 29D01-9903-CP-0118 Word
PHM School Corporation v. Joy, Tianna, et al 71A04-0010-CV-437 71D07-9810-CP-1368 Word
Floyd v. Rolling Ridge 53A01-0201-CV-41 53C06-0003-CP-308 Word
Wellington v. Parsons 49A04-0108-CV-345 49D04-9809-CT-1336 Word
Grubb v. Estate of Wade 49A02-0105-CV-276 49D08-9902-ES-234 Word
Ratcliff v. Citizens Bank 79A05-0109-CV-393 79D01-9712-CP-469 Word
Woods v. State 49A02-0110-CR-658 49G01-0105-CF-118417 Word
In Re: VAMC 71A03-0112-JV-431 71J01-9906-JP-592 Word
Darwin A. Owsley v. State 49A04-0108-CR-340 49G20-0010-CF-190340 Word
Alexander (Rasoull) v. State of Indiana 49A02-0105-CR-324 49G01-0001-CF-000599 Word
Alexander (Rasoull) v. State 49A02-0105-CR-324 49G01-0001-CF-599 Word
Louis Aguilera v. City of East Chicago et al 45A05-0106-CV-270 56D01-0003-MI-21 Word
Sharon Baker & Darryl Cole v. Marion Co. Ofc. of Family & Children et al 49A02-0105-JV-299 49D04-9908-JT-1104 Word
Robert K. Schnepp v. State of Indiana 79A02-0109-CR-593 79D06-0101-DF-3 Word
Mark Boetsma et al v. Marie Boetsma 71A03-0107-CV-253 71J01-0006-ES-285 Word
Hoang v. Jamestown 02A05-0108-CV-344 02D01-0104-SC-7393 Word
Smith v. Deem 41A01-0109-CV-353 41D03-9808-CT-149 Word
Hall v. Eastland Mall et al 82A04-0110-CV-433 82D03-9812-CP-4250 Word
Elijah Moore v. State 45A03-0108-CR-282 45G02-8300-CR-135 Word
Bernard G. Frye and Lyman Roberts, Jr. v. State of Indiana 83A01-0107-CV-246 83C01-9812-CP-159 Word
Gregory Finger v. State 49A02-0106-CR-389 49G01-0009-CF-165692 Word
Heyward v. State 49A02-0111-PC-761 49G03-9104-CF-045779 Word
Paul Hopkins v. State of Indiana 80A02-0106-CV-359 80C01-0009-MI-242 Word
Ind. Municipal Power v. Edinburgh 29A04-0112-CV-559 29C01-0102-CP-159 Word
Paragon Family Restaurant d/b/a Round the Corner Pub v. Mario Bartolini, Jr. 45A03-0106-CV-212 45D01-9805-CT-396 Word
Chris Nicholson and Norman Baker v. State of Indiana 48A02-0108-CR-533 48D03-9808-CF-376,375 Word
State Auto Insurance Companies v. William Shannon 18A02-0111-CV-747 18C03-0102-CP-49 Word
State v. Dugan 49A02-0108-CR-513 49F09-0003-DF-52726 Word
Jacobs (Kristen) v. ManhartL 20A03-0107-CV-238 20D02-0005-CP-00326 Word
Michael T. Lewis v. State 02A05-0112-CR-534 02D04-0008-CF-418 Word
King, Andy v. State 33A04-0112-CR-539 33D01-0103-DF-6 Word
Fuerhrer v. Storm 32A01-0108-CV-298 32C01-9807-CP-267 Word
In the Matter of J.P. v. State 49A04-0110-JV-432 49D09-0101-JD-290 Word
David Keith Hildebrandt v. State of Indiana 82A01-0108-CR-311 82D02-0009-CF-833 Word
Rayle v. Bolin 79A05-0111-CV-492 79C01-0010-CP-356 Word
Frontier Insurance Company v. State of Indiana 20A04-0111-CR-497 20D04-9904-DF-137 Word
Kurtis R. Hall v. State of Indiana 48A02-0105-CR-285 48D01-0007-CF-258 Word
State of Indiana v. Glass, James 21A01-0201-CR-43 21D01-0001-CM-005 Word
Ogle (Jerry) v. Ogle (Margaret) 34A02-0109-CV-634 34C01-9002-DR-00046 Word
Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Humane Society of Delaware County, Inc. v. City of Muncie, Indiana, et al 18A02-0201-CV-30 18D03-0006-CP-126 Word
Joseph Bocko v. State of Indiana 58A01-0109-CR-346 58C01-9909-CF-8B Word
Brantley v. State 71A05-0111-PC-511 71D02-9907-DF-729 Word
Indiana Family and Social Services Admin. v. Irene Culley 49A02-0110-CV-670 49D05-0009-MI-1366 Word
Keybank v. Stephen J. Michael 35A05-9912-CV-541 35C01-9911-MI-454/35C01-9910-CP-441 Word
F.B.I. Farms v. Moore 76A03-0201-CV-24 76C01-0110-CP-836 Word
Cleveland Walker, Jr. v. State of Indiana 45A05-0105-PC-228 45G01-9110-CF-226 Word
Richard J. Laughner v. State of Indiana 82A01-0104-CR-141 82D2-0008-CF-710 Word
Kenneth E. Dixon v. State of Indiana 73A04-0109-CR-409 73D02-0011-DF-116 Word
Edward M. Hopkins v. State 49A02-0109-CR-590 49G02-9903-CF-047240 Word
Brooks v. Friedman 49A02-0105-CV-333 49D10-9903-CT-459 Word
Learman v. Auto-Owners 20A03-0110-CV-339 20C01-9908-CP-279 Word
Meridian Mutual Insurance Co. v. John B. Purkey 29A02-0106-CV-348 29D03-9812-CP-675 Word
Oliver v. Pinnacle 43A03-0201-CV-15 43C01-9905-CP-334 Word
Jeremiah Shane v. State 52A02-0202-CR-177 52C01-0106-CF-42 Word
In the Matter of R.A. 49A05-0110-JV-432 49D09-0012-JS-990 Word
Comm., Dept. of Revenue v. Mark J. Partlow 49A02-0110-CV-659 49C01-0104-MI-1004 Word
Town of Porter v. Brandstetter 64A03-0110-CV-319 64D02-0012-CP-10556 Word
Dishmon v. State of Indiana 48A02-0106-CR-407 48D01-0011-CF-435 Word
Farm Bureau Ins. Co. v. Allstate Ins. Co. 42A05-0108-CV-350 42D02-9801-CT-27 Word
Jodi C. Painter v. Thomas E. Painter 49A02-0112-CV-880 49D01-8903-DR-297 Word
Aldana v. City of East Chicago 45A05-0110-CV-440 45D01-9905-CT-361 Word
Network v. BZA 46A03-0110-CV-326 46C01-0011-MI-377 Word
Malone, et al v. Basey 73A01-0112-CV-451 73C01-9806-CT-11 Word
Robb v. Bachkurinskiy 49A02-0111-CV-797 49D06-9812-CT-1733 Word
Farm Bureau Ins. Co. v. Allstate Ins. Co. 42A05-0108-CV-350 42D02-9801-CT-27 Word
Bradley (David) v. State of Indiana 49A02-0107-CR-494 49G05-9902-CF-020194 Word
Ransburg v. Richards 29A05-0101-CV-25 29D03-9901-CP-26 Word
Quigg Trucking v. Nagy 79A05-0110-CV-465 79D02-9909-CT-00048 Word
In The Matter of A.L.H 71A05-0112-JV-522 71J01-0009-JT-112 Word
Sims v. Sims 49A02-0109-CV-588 49D02-9704-DR-577 Word
David Westbrook v. State of Indiana 18A02-0109-CR-626 18C01-9912-CF-0101 Word
David Westbrook v. State 18A02-0109-CR-626 18C01-9912-CF-0101 Word
Wayne A. Peters v. Donald Forster 42A01-0109-CV-350 42D02-0005-CT-117 Word
State of Indiana, et al v. Mark L. Reynolds 49A05-0108-CR-372 49F07-0001-CM-17043 Word
Nwannunu (Denise) v. Weichman & Assoc. 45A03-0109-CV-308 45D02-9707-CP-0824 Word
Matthew D. Piper v. State of Indiana 03A01-0111-PC-430 03C01-9008-CF-876 Word
In Re The Marriage of Troy D. Cohoon v. Daphne D. Cohoon 49A04-0109-CV-400 49D12-9901-DR-10 Word
Wesley M. Woodward v. State of Indiana 49A05-0107-CR-319 49G09-0004-DF-057060 Word
Michael Scarbrough v. State 49A04-0109-CR-387 49G14-0105-DF-117932 Word
Fermon L. Ammons v. State 49A05-0109-CR-398 49G20-0104-CF-83757 Word
Washel v. Bryant 53A04-0110-CV-450 53C05-0105-CP-796 Word
Hochstedler v. St. Joseph Co. Solid Waste 71A03-0110-CV-330 71D01-0009-SC-09618 Word
Jeffrey Rybolt v. State of Indiana 49A04-0109-CR-402 49F19-0009-CM-167253 Word
Jason Michael Bear v. State 35A02-0107-CR-502 35C01-0006-CF-30 Word
Larry Martin v. Judy Martin 23A05-0111-CV-516 23C01-0007-DR-222 Word
Embrey v. O'Bannon 49A02-0112-CV-863 49C01-0001-CP-0120 Word
James Clenna v. Marion Co. Office of Family & Children 49A02-0108-JV-521 49D08-0007-JT-710 Word
Bornstein et al v. Watson's of Indianapolis 49A05-0110-CV-468 49D06-9908-CT-1164 Word
Craig E. Capehart v. Lynn Dee Barker 49A04-0106-CV-281 49D06-9604-DR-490 Word
Danny F. Haggard v. State of Indiana 48A05-0107-CR-285 48C01-0101-CF-011/48C01-0011-CF-314 Word
Robert R. Krilich v. Soltesz/Brandt Development Co et al 45A04-0202-CV-57 45D05-0001-MI-11 Word
Ramco Industries, Inc. v. C&E Corporation et al 20A05-0111-CV-520 20D03-9806-CT-136 Word
Bobby Smith v. Henry C. Smithers Roofing Co. 93A02-0112-EX-808 C-143838 Word
Annexation of Territory to the City of Fort Wayne 02A03-0111-CV-375 02C01-9503-CP-277 Word
C. Anderson v. State of Indiana 49A02-0110-CR-720 49G03-0005-CF-86704 Word
H. Erskine Cherry v. State of Indiana 48A04-0109-CR-417 48C01-0101-CF-2 Word
Grabarczyk v. State of Indiana 07A01-0108-CR-290 07C01-9907-DF-272 Word
Brinkman v. Brinkman 55A01-0109-CV-352 55D02-9040-DR-103 Word
Jesse B. Wright v. State 49A04-0108-CR-341 49F19-0101-CM-5626 Word
Board of Trustees of Ball State University v. Sarah A. Strain 18A02-0106-CV-426 18C01-9801-CT-1 Word
Heather J. Shaw v. State 46A05-0202-CR-65 46C01-9907-CF-79 Word
Hayden v. State of Indiana 18A04-0202-CR-85 18C02-0110-CF-69 Word
Mishler v. MAC Systems 27A02-0111-CV-778 27D02-0111-CP-222 Word
William B. Koons v. State of Indiana 82A04-0110-PC-438 5622 Word
Wilcher v. State of Indiana 49A02-0108-CR-564 49G02-9911-CF-199623 Word
Chad Cochran v. State of Indiana 64A03-0107-CR-246 64D04-0004-CM-3135 Word
Hamer v. State of Indiana 48A02-0201-CR-2 48C01-9710-DF-208 Word
Blackwell v. Dykes 64A04-0112-CV-554 64D05-9909-CT-2036 Word
Debora (Burns) Freese v. Bruce K. Burns 29A04-0112-CV-555 29D02-9211-DR-402 Word
Wertz v. State of Indiana 54A01-0108-CR-321 54C01-0004-CF-50 Word
Duane Bone v. State of Indiana 21A01-0105-CR-168 21D01-0004-CM-292 Word
Jackson v. Jeffersonville 10A01-0112-CV-456 10C01-0101-CP-011 Word
Scott (Murphy) v. State of Indiana 35A05-0109-CR-395 35C01-0011-CF-54 Word
Sims, M. v. State of Indiana 20A03-0110-PC-328 20D02-9801-CF-0001 Word
Jason Inlow, etal v. Ernst & Young, LLP 49A05-0105-CV-225 49D07-9908-CT-1193 Word
Haley (Jana) v. Haley (Kent) 87A01-0110-CV-392 87C01-9501-DR-33 Word
Bobbie Ann Wyzard v. Joe Pat Wyzard 22A04-0109-CV-401 22C01-9903-DR-51 Word
Dryer & Reinbold v. Tabor 49A02-0201-CV-19 49D05-0105-CP-745 Word
James H. Kindred v. State of Indiana 67A04-0201-PC-32 67C01-8404-CF-9 Word
Fire Police City v. Eagle 02A03-0201-CV-17 02D01-0009-CP-1456 Word
AFL v. Indiana Glass Co. 38A02-0111-CV-730 38C01-0110-CP-89 Word
Crowe, Chizek v. Oil Tech 45A05-0110-CV-458 45C01-9709-CT-02244 Word
Fifth Third Bank v. Indiana Insurance Company 83A01-0112-CV-472 83C01-9601-CT-3 Word
Bradley Marcum v. State 06A01-0110-CR-374 06D01-0011-DF-103 Word
Tamara Cook v. Whitsell-Sherman 48A04-0111-CV-493 48C01-0007-CT-0516 Word
Infectious Disease of Indianapolis, P.S.C. v. Toney 49A04-0111-CV-477 49D13-9712-CT-1725 Word
Vicki Luz v. Hart Schaffner & Marx 93A02-0110-EX-645 C-147792 Word
Robert Montgomery v. G. Raymond Trisler 73A01-0203-CV-103 73C01-8803-CP-57 Word
Gary/Chicago Airport v. Maclin 45A03-0202-CV-61 45D02-0011-CP-319 Word
Cindra Scott v. State 42A01-0105-CR-175 42D01-9908-CF-37 Word
R. Unger v. FFW Corporation, et al 85A02-0201-CV-87 85D01-0106-CP-134 Word
Alexander (Rasoull) v. State 49A02-0105-CR-324 49G01-0001-CF-599 Word
Rhodes, Dale. R. v. State 43A05-0110-CR-463 43D03-0011-DF-178 Word
Merrill, Jerry v. Knauf Fiber Glass GMBH 73A01-0111-CV-435 73C01-9906-CP-67 Word
The Travelers Indemnity Co. v. P.R. Mallory 54A05-0111-CV-507 54C01-0005-CP-156 Word
State of Indiana v. Keith Miller 49A05-0201-PC-40 CR-84-178C Word
In The Matter of the Estate of Samuel J. Dellinger, Sr., Deceased v. 1st Source Bank 71A05-0111-CV-506 71J01-9906-EU-00049 Word
Russell J. Wells v. State of Indiana 92A04-0202-CR-84 92D01-0105-DF-247 Word
Estate of Foleno v. Foleno 76A05-0111-CV-496 76C01-0007-ES-59 Word
Creel v. I.C.E. Associates 41A04-0112-CV-521 41C01-0104-CT-128 Word
Catherine Trost-Steffen v. Kenneth L. Steffen 61A05-0110-CV-441 61C01-9907-DR-181 Word
Solomon v. Blue Chip Casino 46A03-0202-CV-48 45D01-0001-CP-011/46D01-9907-CT-215 Word
Bartrum v. GCOFC 27A02-0201-JV-76 27D02-0103-JT-214 Word
Davis v. State 52A02-0108-CR-538 52C01-9809-CF-141 Word
James D. Simmons v. State of Indiana 48A05-0112-CR-565 48E01-0008-DF-248 Word
Guy Sutton v. Mary Sutton 37A05-0112-CV-551 37C01-0108-DR-287 Word
Shriner v. Sheehan & Universal Distributors Co. of Indianapolis, Inc. 49A02-0108-CV-545 49D01-9701-CP-127 Word
City of Vincennes v. Pethtel 42A04-0202-CV-94 42C01-0011-CT-424 Word
John P. McGarrity v. Berlin Metals, et al 45A03-0109-CV-303 45D05-9812-CT-2564 Word
In The Matter of the Supervised Estate of Connie Hamblen v. Nancy J. Jewell 84A04-0201-CV-49 82D02-0102-ES-1447 Word
Monty Young v. Tri-Etch, Inc. d/b/a Sonitrol Security Systems of Muncie, Inc. 18A02-0109-CV-631 18C01-9908-CT-12 Word
Shane Joseph Farmer v. State of Indiana 48A05-0201-CR-46 48C01-0010-CF-270 Word
Jeremy Bush v. State of Indiana 69A01-0201-CR-22 69C01-0006-CF-30 Word Perfect
Norton (Antoine) v. State of Indiana 49A05-0109-CR-390 49G02-0008-CF-148315 Word
Wendell B. Iddings v. State of Indiana 06A04-0107-CR-286 06D01-0005-CF-45 Word
Jefferson Holloway v. State 49A04-0112-PC-550 49G02-9605-CF-63020 Word
Michael Paul Arcuri v. State of Indiana 45A03-0110-CR-317 45G03-0103-CF-68 Word
Denney v. State 49A05-0201-PC-4 49G05-9210-CF-143815 Word
The Kroger Co., d/b/a Kroger RX, and Yolanta Simacek v. The Estate of John C. Hinders 34A02-0112-CV-893 34C01-0012-CP-882 Word
Morequity, Inc. v. Key Bank, N.A., et al 41A04-0111-CV-480 41C01-0002-CP-41 Word
Herdrich Petroleum Corp., et al v. Radford, et al 89A05-0108-CV-341 89D01-9505-CT-202 Word
Karen Poyser v. David Peerless, Karen K. Dorfman, St. Richard's School Foundation, Inc., et al 49A05-0108-CV-352 49D13-8810-MI-1498 Word
James R. Dalton v. State of Indiana 79A05-0201-CR-33 79D06-0108-CM-1114 Word
In Re: VAMC 71A03-0112-JV-431 71J01-9906-JP-592 Word
Asher Hill v. State of Indiana 49A02-0107-CR-440 49G05-0005-CF-76761 Word
Hollowell v. State of Indiana 49A02-0111-CR-769 49G02-0103-CF-58415 Word
Marianne Schwartz & Elaine R. Renoire v. John R. Schwartz 51A01-0108-CV-315 51C01-9403-GU-2 Word
Edwards (Scottie) v. State 49A02-0109-CR-628 49G02-0102-CF-036584 Word
Gatto v. St. Richard's School 49A05-0201-CV-14 49D11-0001-CP-93 Word
Roberts (Edward) v. County of Allen 92A04-0201-CV-26 92C01-0106-CP-00251 Word
Helen Holt v. Quality Motor Sales, Inc. 34A02-0202-CV-164 34D01-34D01-0003-CP-213 Word
Moore v. Greensburg High School 16A05-0202-CV-79 16C01-0101-CP-10 Word
Fowler v. Brewer 73A01-0201-CV-36 73C01-0002-CT-0008 Word
Carmel Tatum v. Robert Tatum 49A04-0112-CV-562 49D01-9408-DR-836 Word
Price v. R & A Sales 84A04-0111-CV-508 84D02-9907-CT-1120 Word
Parker v. State 20A04-0202-CR-102 20D02-9808-CF-97 Word
Bondex International et al v. Ott 02A03-0112-CV-412 02D01-9911-CP-2074 Word
Ferguson v. State 55A05-0204-CR-187 55C01-0108-CF-197 Word
Conseco Finance v. Friendly Village 10A04-0110-CV-472 10C01-0003-CP-169 Word
Volz v. State of Indiana 69A05-0107-CR-297 69C01-0006-CF-31 Word
Heritage Development of Indiana, Inc. v. Opportunity Options, Inc., et al 29A05-0112-CV-541 29D04-0106-CP-905 Word
Porter v. Bankers Trust Co. of California 21A05-0108-CV-346 21C01-9910-MI-330 Word
Kincade v. MAC Corp., et al 49A02-0201-CV-8 49D02-9911-CT-1588 Word
Dragon v. State of Indiana 06A05-0204-PC-173 06D01-9009-CF-76 Word
Firestone v. State of Indiana 49A02-0201-CR-39 49G02-0104-CF-83368 Word
Lewis (John) v. State of Indiana 49A02-0110-CR-698 49G06-0103-CF-075806 Word
Wales v. State of Indiana 31A01-0107-CR-279 31D01-0011-CF-923 Word
Kirby v. State of Indiana 55A01-0109-CR-335 55D03-0004-CF-105 Word
Richards & O'Neill, LLP, Floyd I. Wittlin & Robert Leonard v. Edward M. Conk 49A02-0105-CV-293 49D05-9904-CP-508 Word
Stephen R. Snyder and Susan J. Snyder v. Kosciusko Co. Bd. of Zoning Appeals, John & Susann Kellogg 43A03-0203-CV-88 43D01-0012-CP-863 Word
L.L. v. State 49A05-0204-JV-157 49D09-0108-JD-3776 Word
Bradburn, Myron & Bonita, et al v. John Hamilton 18A02-0202-CV-142 18D01-9511-CP-241 Word
Gary Board of Zoning, et al v. Thurman and Anne Eldridge 45A03-0109-CV-310 45D03-0005-CP-1202 Word
In Re the Paternity of Baby W. Clinton Sharp v. Mark and Sherri Fields 11A05-0203-JV-110 11C01-0112-JP-270 Word
Larry Hyppolite v. State 48A04-0107-PC-314 48D01-9801-CF-37 Word
Indiana Lumbermens Mutual Ins. Co. v. American Log Homes 61A01-0203-CV-111 61C01-0107-CP-231 Word
In the Matter of R.S.,J.S.,T.S., and M.S. Lola Sons v. Lake Co. Office of Family and Children 45A03-0202-JV-46 45D06-0012-JT-191,189,192&190 Word
Michael Lewis v. State of Indiana 02A05-0112-CR-534 02D04-0008-CF-418 Word
American Family v. Globe 49A04-0204-CV-163 49D10-0108-CP-1256 Word
Ronald Pryor, et al v. Berdie Hoskins 18A02-0109-CV-608 18D01-0001-CT-6 Word
State of Indiana v. Haines 48A02-0205-CR-421 48C01-0104-CF-102 Word
Leslie Ackerman v. State of Indiana 29A02-0111-CR-745 29D04-0006-CM-4144 Word
David M. Jones v. State of Indiana 48A04-0109-PC-406 48H02-9704-CM-2404 Word
David M. Jones v. State of Indiana 48A02-0109-PC-615 48H02-9707-CM-4023 Word
David M. Jones v. State of Indiana 48A02-0109-PC-616 48H02-9706-CM-3601 Word
Indiana Health v. Cardinal Health 27A02-0111-CV-800 27D02-9912-CP-246 Word
Maria Dawn Brown v. State of Indiana 47A05-0110-CR-464 47D02-9910-DF-882 Word
Ronnie Johnson, Jr. v. State of Indiana 48A02-0110-CR-650 48E02-9912-DF-383 Word
Sims v. Ivens 32A04-0111-CV-513 32D02-9802-CP-37 Word
Melissa King v. Secretary, IN. IFSSA, & Noble County Office of Family & Children, Health Care Excel 57A04-0201-CV-47 57D01-0008-CP-128 Word
State v. Bishop (Stephen) 32A01-0106-CV-238 32D01-9612-CP-273 Word
Robert L. Smith v. State of Indiana 49A02-0204-PC-308 49A02-0204-PC-308 Word
Ebersol v. Mishler 52A05-0201-CV-51 52D01-9901-CP-4 Word
James Cox v. State 49A02-0201-CR-32 49G03-0003-CF-039653 Word
Rassbach et al v. Alcala 45A03-0112-CV-405 45D04-0005-CT-94 Word
Rick Armstrong v. Cerestar USA, Inc. 45A03-0109-CV-314 45C01-9804-CT-1024 Word
William Scott Kroegher v. State of Indiana 79A02-0112-CR-839 79D02-0005-CF-49 Word
Todd Poe v. State of Indiana 28A01-0202-CR-77 28C01-0006-CF-53 Word
LaMonte Baxter v. State 48A04-0201-PC-6 48D03-9810-CF-461 Word
Brenda Miller v. City of Anderson et al. 48A02-0203-CV-203 48D03-9904-CP-402 Word
K.A. v. State 49A02-0204-JV-291 49D09-0111-JD-5305 Word
City of Gary, Indiana v. Smith & Wesson Corp. 45A03-0105-CV-155 45D05-0005-CT-243 Word
Dusty Dawn Smith Correll v. INDOT 84A04-0112-CV-549 84D03-9312-CT-1912 Word
Thomas & Carol Gyuriak v. James Millice 71A04-0112-CV-569 71C01-0005-CT-86 Word
Dunkley v. State of Indiana 49A02-0201-CR-69 49F10-0105-CM-99901 Word
Lazzell v. Indiana Family & Social Services 03A01-0202-CV-74 03D01-0102-MI-184 Word
Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Ins. Co. v. White 46A05-0106-CV-257 46D03-9503-CT-77 Word
Michelle Dawn Hook v. State of Indiana 48A02-0109-CR-633 48E01-0008-DF-262 Word
Carl Mote, Jr. v. State of Indiana 25A03-0112-CR-411 25D01-0004-CF-54 Word
Wontorski v. Williamsburg Mobile Homes 56A04-0112-CV-530 56C01-0107-CP-97 Word
Infinity Products, Inc. v. Quandt 29A02-0105-CV-280 29D01-9610-CP-539 Word
Charles F. Boring, Jr. v. Marvina Austin Boring 43A03-0205-CV-157 43C01-0110-DR-757 Word
Mason v. Mason 06A05-0203-CV-133 06C01-0001-CP-13 Word
Billy Jo Oeth v. State of Indiana 65A04-0202-CR-83 65D01-0004-CF-194 Word
Erlewein v. State 16A01-0201-CR-19 16C01-0101-CF-2 Word
Edward Brown v. The Anderson Board of Public Safety and David Eicks, Anderson Building 48A02-0205-CV-356 48D03-9805-CP-406 Word
The Guardianship of Walter F. Brown 45A03-0110-CV-344 45D02-9903-GU-33 Word
Breitweiser v. Indiana Office of Environmental Adjudication, et al 49A04-0111-CV-505 49F12-0103-CP-1074 Word
Packer v. State 82A01-0112-PC-458 82D02-9909-DF-748 Word
Roy Miller v. Industrial Hardwoods 69A04-0204-CV-173 69C01-0005-CP-039 Word
I.D.E.M. v. Roland 45A03-0201-CV-18 45C01-9308-CP-01586 Word
McDonald v. State 18A04-0203-CR-129 18C02-0102-CF-06 Word
American Family v. Federated Mutual 49A05-0203-CV-115 49D03-0012-CT-1889 Word
A. Davis v. State 20A05-0203-PC-142 20C01-9403-CF-25 Word
Scoey Scott v. State 49A02-0202-CR-138 49G14-0107-DF-153339 Word
Cleveland Walker, Jr. v. State of Indiana 45A05-0105-PC-228 45G01-9110-CF-226 Word
Jose Diaz v. State of Indiana 49A02-0201-CR-12 49F10-0107-CM-148332 Word
Larry A. Garmon v. State of Indiana 48A02-0202-CR-152 48D01-0104-CF-205 Word
Matthew Browning v. State of Indiana 48A02-0203-CR-255 48D01-0101-CF-48 Word
Joseph A. Barfield v. State 87A05-0203-CR-144 87C01-0105-CF-43 Word
Patricia Ann Brown, C.P.A. v. Patricia A. Brown 49A02-0202-CV-125 49D04-0006-CT-818 Word
Brent M. Goffinet v. State 62A01-0202-CR-65 62C01-0003-CF-115 Word
Design Industries, Inc. v. Wm. A. Cassano 49A02-0111-CV-796 49D06-9910-CP-1504 Word
Leasing One v. Caterpillar 88A01-0203-CV-109 88C01-0009-CP-214 Word
Smith v. Smith 83A01-0205-CV-166 83C01-9906-DR-103 Word
Lori A. Kreighbaum v. First National Bank et al:OP 77A05-0202-CV-92 77C01-0009-CP-259 Word
Abrom v. Center for Mental Health 48A04-0205-CV-231 48C01-9205-MH-7 Word
Robert R. Krilich v. Soltesz et al 45A04-0202-CV-57 45D05-0001-MI-11 Word
Earlham College v. Woollen 27A02-0112-CV-849 9161 Word
Scott A. Warner v. Estate of Virginia Williams Allen & United Farm Family Mutual Ins. Co. 18A02-0111-CV-759 18C01-0101-CP-12 Word
S.C. v. State 49A05-0205-JV-205 49D09-0202-JD-637 Word
Michael Martin v. Kimberly Eggman 49A02-0203-CV-241 49D01-0106-CP-918 Word
William Norris v. The City of Terre Haute, The Board of Public Works & Safety of Terre Haute, et al 84A01-0111-CV-447 84D02-0008-CP-1902 Word
Michael P. Watson, Jr. v. State 33A05-0201-CR-2 33C01-0011-CF-032 Word
Ann Bueter, M.D., James F. Dupler, M.D., and Women's Health Partnership v. Sandra & Mark Brinkman 49A02-0111-CV-725 49D05-0102-MI-328 Word
Donna Germann v. Tom's 24-Hour Towing 20A03-0207-CV-221 20D02-0111-CP-738 Word
Centex Equity Corp. v. David S.Robinson 49A02-0110-CV-644 49D10-9904-CP-490 Word
Roehling v. State of Indiana 49A05-0202-CR-82 49F07-0106-CM-133950 Word
Gary Brooks v. Jeremiah McGee 71A03-0205-CV-152 71J01-0110-AD-124 Word
Frank L. Lamagna v. State of Indiana 58A05-0202-CR-74 58C01-9909-CF-881 Word
Robert Willis v. State of Indiana 49A02-0203-CR-198 49G03-0012-CF-228039 Word
Ella M. Outlaw v. Erbrich Products Co., Inc. 93A02-0202-EX-139 C-118445 Word
Thomas Smith v. State of Indiana 49A05-0103-CR-127 49G01-0002-CF-25914 Word
Randy Walgamuth v. State of Indiana 50A04-0202-CR-55 50D01-0101-CF-06 Word
Barry Thurman v. Kayla Thurman 33A01-0205-CV-177 33D01-8904-DR-049 Word
William O. Rivers v. State of Indiana 49A02-0202-CR-116 49G05-9805-CF-83071 Word
Fabian Elisea v. State of Indiana 41A04-0206-CR-257 41C01-0105-CM-136 Word
Peggy S. Tillotson v. Clay County DFC 11A01-0205-JV-162 11C01-0108-JT-172/11C01-0108-JT-173 Word
Curley v. State 67A04-0109-CR-392 67D01-9910-CM-761 Word
Luke Payne v. State 49A05-0202-CR-108 49G03-0106-CF-126019 Word
Quinn Lehman v. State 50A04-0206-CR-271 50D01-0012-CF-121 Word
Progressive v. Harper 35A05-0204-CV-185 35D01-9911-CP-220 Word
Randy K. Hillenburg v. State of Indiana 53A04-0108-CR-358 53C05-9909-CR-629 Word
Laura E. Gibson v. State of Indiana 53A04-0202-CR-74 53C06-0105-CM-2257 Word
Little Beverage, et al v. Mary DePrez, et al 49A02-0203-CV-232 49D13-0111-CP-1902 Word
Bradly Cox v. State of Indiana 79A05-0202-CR-67 79D05-0101-DF-44 Word
Baugh v. State 29A02-0202-CR-167 29D04-0102-DF-858 Word
Bonner v. State 49A04-0201-CR-19 49F19-0109-CM-185975 Word
Powdertech v. Joganic 64A03-0202-CV-39 64D02-0003-CT-2039 Word
Lightning Litho, Inc. v. Danka Industries, Inc. 71A03-0204-CV-106 71D06-9904-CP-602 Word
Bennett v. Crownlife Ins. 80A02-0204-CV-294 80C01-0011-CP-288 Word
Mathis v. State of Indiana 49A02-0202-CR-172 49G02-0104-CF-85828 Word
Bressler Outdoor Ad v. City of Fort Wayne 02A03-0201-CV-0003 02D01-0006-CP-986 Word
Kathryn Sikora v. Michael Fromm 64A03-0202-CV-59 64D03-9702-CT-62 Word
Munsell v. Hambright, et al 43A03-0202-CV-50 43D01-0006-CP-388 Word
Indiana CPA Society v. Gomembers, Inc. 49A04-0205-CV-214 49D12-0110-CP-1568 Word
American Family Insurance Group v. John and Linda Houin 50A03-0204-CV-99 50C01-9508-CT-24 Word
State Farm v. Leybman 02A04-0201-CV-8 02D01-9908-CP-1648 Word
Miles v. State 48A02-0202-CR-141 48D03-0108-CF-290 Word
Abner v. Department of Health 49A02-0201-CV-21 49D04-9906-CP-825 Word
Robert Gilbert v. Kathi Gilbert 45A05-0204-CV-195 45D02-8300-CV-1172 Word
Brattain v. State of Indiana 73A01-0204-CR-153 73D01-9802-CF-007 Word
Lloyd Strong v. Steve A. and Judy L. Jackson 76A03-0202-CV-54 76D01-9908-CP-469 Word
Asher Hill v. State of Indiana 49A02-0107-CR-440 49G05-0005-CF-76761 Word
Stephen L. and Melinda Vaughn v. Daniels Company(West Virginia), Inc., et al 14A01-0111-CV-408 14C01-9712-CT-404 Word
Clark v. Sporre 02A05-0110-CV-421 02C01-9705-CT-88 Word
Borgman v. Sugar Creek 93A02-0201-EX-16 C140512 Word
Livermore v. State 26A05-0204-CR-162 26C01-0111-CF-17 Word
Baughman v. State 40A01-0204-CR-135 40D01-0105-DF-45 Word
Mullins v. Qualkenbush 59A01-0203-CV-108 59C01-9905-CP-234 Word
State v. Classic Pool 49A02-0207-CV-561 49D03-0201-PL-122 Word
Severson v. Board of Purdue Trustees, et al 79A05-0112-CV-559 79D02-0102-CP-055 Word
Edward Graylin Sallee v. State 55A04-0202-CR-67 55D01-0105-CF-137 Word
Chad Leroy Goodwin v. State 82A01-0112-CR-483 82D02-0108-CF-575 Word
Whitaker v. State of Indiana 26A04-0204-CR-164 26C01-0110-CF-12 Word
Joseph and Jana Robbins v. Stephanie Baxter and Decoby Askew 29A02-0202-CV-107 29D01-0008-AD-1058 Word
Scott Turner v. Raymond Stuck 49A02-0203-CV-180 49D03-0012-CP-1767 Word
Indiana Insurance Guaranty Assoc. v. Blickensderfer, D.O., et al 20A05-0110-CV-448 20C01-0001-CP-29 Word
Randy Rudd v. Randall Agan Pritt, et al 29A05-0201-CV-41 29D01-0101-AD-002 Word
Ryan Merriweather v. State of Indiana 49A02-9201-CR-42 49G01-0012-CF-226605 Word
City of Crawfordsville v. David Price d/b/a David Price Excavating, David Price Excavating, Inc. 54A05-0204-CV-193 54C01-9902-CP-59 Word
George W. Kristoff v. Maya Glasson 53A05-0110-CV-459 53C04-9712-CT-1704 Word
Ken Phillips, Mark Phillips and Dellinger's, Inc. v. Jeffrey G. Scalf 55A01-0207-CV-261 55C01-0204-PL-215 Word
Keith Woodson v. State 49A04-0109-PC-396 49G01-9303-CF-36249 Word
Smith v. Brown 31A01-0111-CV-448 31C01-9705-CP-185 Word
Kathy R. Hensley v. State 40A01-0204-CR-120 40C01-0108-DF-135 Word
Reeder Associates II v. Chicago Belle, LTD, et al 45A03-0204-CV-113 45D11-0109-CP-891 Word
Marc Avant v. State 49A02-0111-CR-783 49F10-0110-CM-203059 Word
William and Diane Clark v. James P. Crowe 32A01-0202-CV-3 32C01-9901-CP-18 Word
Masonic Temple Assoc. of Crawfordsville v. In Farmers Mutual Ins. Co. 54A05-0203-CV-118 54C01-0008-CP-248 Word
Vann v. United Farm Bureau 33A01-0203-CV-98 33C01-9907-CT-15 Word
In Re the Paternity of M.R., Mauri Goens v. Jalen Rose 29A05-0207-JV-316 29D04-0204-JP-575 Word
Van Bibber Homes Sales et al v. Thomas & Pam Marlow 60A01-0201-CV-33 60C01-9908-CP-247 Word
Gloria O'Connell et al v. Town of Schererville et al 45A03-0204-CV-115 45C01-9812-CT-3107 Word
Toni E. Wilson v. Continental Casualty Co. 49A02-0206-CV-456 49D03-0202-PL-199 Word
In Re the Paternity of B.D.D. and B.D.D. 20A03-0206-JV-192 20D02-0107-JP-140 Word
Curtis Lee Weida v. State of Indiana 34A02-0111-CR-764 34C01-0009-CF-305 Word
Wenzel v. Hopper & Galliher 49A02-0105-CV-274 49D03-9509-MI-1353 Word
AKJ Industries, Inc., et al v. Mercantile National Bank 45A05-0112-CV-546 45D01-9809-CP-743 Word
Jeremy Risner v. Indiana Parole Board 67A01-0206-CV-230 67D01-0203-MI-7 Word
Circuit City Stores, Inc. v. American National Insurance Company 49A02-0204-CV-299 49D03-9910-CP-1524 Word
Carolyn H. Srivastava v. Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation, Inc. 49A02-0112-CV-883 49D06-0011-CP-1662 Word
Kristy Childress v. Brian D. Buckler 48A05-0110-CV-430 48C01-0001-CP-456 Word
Microvote Corp. v. GRE Insurance Group 49A04-0205-CV-202 49D10-0010-CP-1476 Word
Kelly Smith v. State 49A02-0110-CR-657 49G01-9911-CF-204100 Word
Michael R. Bayes v. State 17A03-0203-CR-79 17D01-0102-CF-4 Word
Bussing v. Indiana Dept. of Transportation 82A01-0111-CV-433 82C01-9907-CP-289 Word
Bentley v. State 49A02-0202-CR-160 49G20-0110-CF-202246 Word
Jeffrey M. Cloum v. State 80A05-0201-CR-54 80C01-0101-CF-7 Word
Steven Springer v. State 31A01-0110-CR-368 31D01-9911-CF-955 Word
Worman Enterprises, Inc. v. Boone Co. Solid Waste Mang. District 06A01-0206-CV-202 06D01-0011-CP-390 Word
In Re Marriage of Larry & Ruth Bass 49A02-0112-CV-826 49D03-9908-DR-1140 Word
Delbert Furnish v. State of Indiana 18A02-0203-CR-199 18D01-9705-CF-35 Word
J.J.M. v.State 35A02-0204-JV-305 35C01-0112-JD-121 Word
Aldridge v. State 39A01-0203-CR-87 39C01-0107-CF-41 Word
Hooper v. State 82A01-0203-CR-115 82D02-0104-DF-248 Word
M. Williams v. State 48A04-0207-CR-315 48D03-0108-CF-265 Word
Richard Annes v. State of Indiana 49A04-0109-PC-410 CR72-735C Word
Western Southern Life Ins. Co. v. Acton & Mullis 47A01-0204-CV-121 47D02-0111-SC-2115 Word
Sheila Buther, et al v. Girl Scouts of Tribal Trails Council, Inc. 09A05-0203-CV-138 09C01-0105-CP-065 Word
Jones v. Kingsbury 49A02-0203-CV-217 49D12-9902-CT-239 Word
Wright v. Wright 32A01-0208-CV-293 32D02-9901-DR-12 Word
In Re J.W. 15A05-0206-JV-272 15C01-0104-JT-6 Word
Dwight and Sharron Murdock v. Fraternal Order of Eagles 45A03-0205-CV-134 45D10-0102-CT-76 Word
St. Mary's v. Loomis 82A01-0112-CV-488 82D03-9912-CT-3895 Word
Strowmatt v. State 71A05-0201-PC-25 71D01-9406-CF-544 Word
Everhart (Bert) v. Scott Co. Office of Family & Children 72A01-0205-JV-155 72C01-0111-JT-239 Word
Roy A. Martin v. State 10A05-0201-CR-12 10D01-0105-CF-061 Word
Anita Graddick v. James R. Graddick 49A02-0205-CV-415 49D05-0007-DR-944 Word
William C. Balfour v. State 18A05-0201-CR-48 18D04-9806-CM-213/214 Word
In Re the Valma M. Hanson Revocable Trust No. 103-83-1 45A05-0202-CV-55 45D05-0103-TR-1 Word
Robert Oldham v. State 49A04-0203-CR-123 49G05-9911-CF-191914 Word
State v. Gary M. Geis 18A02-0208-CR-673 18C02-0201-FC-02 Word
Robert Amrhein v. Matthew Eden and Amanda Eden 16A01-0201-CV-18 16C01-0008-CP-235/16C01-9910-CP-286 Word
Victor Cihonski v. State of Indiana 84A01-0204-CR-149 84D03-0107-DF-1658 Word
Sofia Zorka Poznic v. Porter Co. Dev. Corp. et al 64A05-0206-CV-280 64D05-0108-CP-6496-SJ Word
Robertson v. Bond 02A03-0207-CV-239 02D01-0201-CT-39 Word
Brenda Zollman v. Geneva Leasing Associates, Inc. 49A04-0203-CV-135 49D07-9902-CP-287 Word
Allen J. Brockman v. John N. Kravic, Ph.D. 22A04-0204-CV-169 22D01-0110-CP-394 Word
Cole v. State of Indiana 30A01-0203-CR-107 30D01-0005-CF-19 Word
Jefferson v. State of Indiana 49A02-0203-CR-183 49F19-0111-CM-212368 Word
Cleasant v. State of Indiana 10A01-0205-CR-194 10D02-0102-CF-20 Word
Corporation for Gen. Trade v. J. Sears 84A01-0203-CV-86 84D01-0011-CP-2349 Word
Judy D. & Gary D. Reed v. Beachy Construction Corp. 34A04-0202-CV-90 34D01-9901-CT-509 Word
Benson v. State of Indiana 50A05-0203-PC-113 50D01-9709-PC-2 Word
Rodney Willis v. State of Indiana 49A02-0203-CR-213 49G14-0101-DF-4476 Word
Jackie Taylor v. State of Indiana 03A1-0203-PC-99 03D01-9605-CF-423 Word
Lionel Robinson v. State of Indiana 45A04-0201-CR-23 45G03-0102-DF-30 Word
Conseco Finance Servicing Corp. v. Kimberly Mobile Home Park 36A01-0205-CV-192 36D01-0112-SC-1940 Word
Matter of K.G., D.G., D.C.B., and J.J.S. 49A04-0205-JV-239 49D09-0108-JD-3517/49D09-9911-JD-4707/49D09-0006-JD-2323 Word
Seger v. Seger 87A01-0208-CV-314 87D02-0109-DR-242 Word
Robert's v. Pearson 49A04-0208-CV-401 49D07-0208-PL-1329 Word
Jesse A. Simmons v. State 26A01-0205-CR-186 26D01-0110-CM-404 Word
Suell v. Dewees 10A01-0204-CV-122 10C01-0003-CT-132 Word
Wingham v. State 36A05-0203-PC-132 36D01-9804-CM-344 Word
Timothy Parks v. Madison County 77A04-0106-CV-257 77D01-0012-CP-374 Word
In Re: B.K.C. 49A02-0202-JV-174 49D09-0112-JD-5794 Word
Eric D. Luckhart v. State 18A02-0204-CR-347 18C03-0110-CF-95 Word
John Ketcham v. State 84A05-0204-CR-160 84D01-0109-CF-2283 Word
Keaton v. Fort Wayne Neurosurgery 02A03-0206-CV-193 02D01-0108-SC-18287 Word
Ziegler v. State 42A01-0106-CV-232 42D02-0011-CP-209 Word
Larry Poyser v. Thomas & Marsha Flora 43A03-0207-CV-232 43C01-0107-CP-464 Word
Monyhan v. State of Indiana 47A04-0204-CR-192 47D02-0011-CF-1118 Word
GYN-OB Consultants v. Schopp 02A03-0203-CV-73 02C01-0011-CT-127 Word
Krueger v. Hogan 81A01-0206-CV-205 81C01-0203-CT-49/50 Word
Sanchez v. Thanos 45A03-0208-CV-282 45D09-9912-SC-3743 Word
Stephen D. McCormick v. Helen A. McCormick 22A05-0206-CV-289 22C01-8908-DR-192 Word
Smith v. State 44A05-0204-CR-158 44C01-0006-CF-25 Word
Byrd, et al v. American Federation of State, County & Municipal Emp. 49A02-0202-CV-165 49D11-9805-CP-675 Word
Thomas R. Romine v. James W. Gagle 48A04-0202-CV-66 48D03-9808-CP-758 Word
Myers v. Irving 18A02-0204-CV-269 18D03-9810-CP-199 Word
Rishel v. Est. of Rishel 37A04-0202-CV-79 37D01-0006-CP-193 Word
Gregory J. Putz v. Debra A. Allie 46A03-0205-CV-151 46D04-0005-CP-182 Word
Apter v. Apter 49A05-0203-CV-136 49D03-9208-DR-1432 Word
Chad E. Vicory v. State of Indiana 49A05-0204-CR-165 49G02-9812-CF-197275 Word
Lloyd Strong v. Steve A. Jackson and Judy L. Jackson 76A03-0202-CV-54 76D01-9908-CP-469 Word
Wedgewood Community Association v. Robert & Barbara Nash 02A03-0204-CV-112 02D07-0003-CP-470 Word
Madrid v. Bloomington 79A04-0206-CV-277 79D01-0106-CP-336 Word
Frederick A. Brown v. State of Indiana 62A04-0204-CV-154 62C01-0010-MI-346 Word
Luong et al v. Chung King Express, et al 93A02-0207-EX-578 C-137428 Word
In the Matter of the Estate of Samuel J. Dellinger, Sr. Deceased v. 1st Source Bank, Personal Representative 71A05-0111-CV-506 71J01-9906-EU-49 Word
Lyndon Vaughn v. State 49A04-0204-CR-158 49G16-0201-DF-2465 Word
Paul Kien v. State 20A03-0105-CR-153 20D03-0006-CF-69 Word
Buschman v. ADS Corporation 32A01-0202-CV-63 32C01-0107-CP-247 Word
Robin M. Drwecki v. Richard D. Drwecki 45A03-0203-CV-84 45C01-9709-DR-2312 Word
James K. Divello v. State of Indiana 04A03-0201-CR-14 04C01-0110-DF-483 Word
C.T.S. v. State of Indiana 49A02-0206-JV-439 49D09-0111-JD-4964/4965 Word
Moler v. State of Indiana 39A04-0206-CR-272 39C01-9801-CF-3 Word
Thompson v. State of Indiana 49A04-0205-CR-215 49F09-0102-DF-036615 Word
Thomas C. Minor v. State of Indiana 49A02-0202-PC-169 49G03-9611-CF-183010 Word
Dorman v. Osmose 53A05-0206-CV-284 53C01-0006-CT-953 Word
Rice v. IDEM 35A02-0203-CV-249 35D01-9910-CP-183 Word
Utica Mutual Insurance v. Precedent Companies 49A04-0209-CV-416 49D06-0101-CP-48 Word
Laquane Ware v. State 34A02-0206-CR-440 34D02-0110-CF-352 Word
Highhouse v. Midwest 89A01-0202-CV-75 89C01-9912-CP-191 Word
Anonymous Dr. v. Barbara Sherrard 10A01-0207-CV-244 10D01-0007-CT-149 Word
IFSSA v. Hospitality House 49A02-0206-CV-467 49D01-9107-CP-762 Word
Michael Dore v. Donna Dore 64A03-0206-CV-208 81-PSC-DR-3088 Word
Retseck v. Fowler State Bank 04A03-0205-CV-160 04C01-G85-9 Word
James Clenna v. State of Indiana 49A02-0206-CR-481 49F08-0110-CM-209266 Word
Marcus L. Sanders v. State of Indiana 49A02-0206-CR-514 49G04-0102-CF-46449 Word
Jerome Williams v. State of Indiana 49A02-0201-CR-96 49G03-0003-CF-53499 Word
Vaughn v. Daniels Company (West Virginia), Inc. 14A01-0111-CV-408 14C01-9712-CT-404 Word
Seeley(Elmer) v. State of Indiana 77A01-0207-PC-252 77C01-9502-DF-0002 Word
Amy Little v. Progressive Insurance 77A04-0205-CV-219 77D01-0110-CT-303 Word
J.R.T., II v. State of Indiana 49A02-0206-JV-438 49D09-0109-JD-3918 Word
State of Indiana v. James Howell 45A03-0209-CR-324 45G04-0108-DF-186 Word
Merrick Scott Rayle v. Irene Temple Bolin, et al 79A02-0206-CV-474 79C01-0010-CP-356 Word
Michael Allen v. State of Indiana 51A01-0207-PC-248 51C01-9904-PC-42 Word
Stytle v. Angola Die Casting 93A02-0210-EX-827 C-154593 Word
State Farm v. Garrett 41A05-0112-CV-525 41D01-0006-MI-182 Word
State of Indiana v. Robert Bulington 79A04-0206-CR-261 79D02-0201-FB-2 Word
E&L Rental v. Bresland 46A05-0208-CV-368 46D02-0202-SC-118 Word
Dora v. State 07A01-0112-CR-482 07C01-9912-CM-490 Word
Worman Enterprises, Inc. v. The Boone Co. Solid Waste Mang. District 06A01-0206-CV-202 06D01-0011-CP-390 Word
Reynolds (Rebecca) v. State 20A05-0206-PC-297 20C01-9909-CF-91 Word
In the Matter of E.L. v. State 49A02-0206-JV-449 49D09-0203-JD-1360 Word
Dick Corp v. Geiger et al 29A03-0206-CV-212 29D02-9911-CP-657 Word
M.J.H. v. State 49A02-0206-JV-500 49D09-0201-JS-167 Word
Ameritech Publishing v. Strachan 49A05-0204-CV-167 49D01-0105-CP-898 Word
Fillmore & Innoteck v. Fillmore Machine 17A03-0207-CV-242 17C01-0001-CP-02 Word
Hammond Development v. McDermott 45A03-0207-CV-249 45D05-0203-MI-22 Word
Board of Zoning of Porter County v. P.R.O.U.D 64A03-0207-CV-217 64D02-0205-PL-3683 Word
Keim v. Potter 29A02-0208-CV-698 29C01-0011-CT-941 Word
Perfection Bakeries Inc. v. Review Board and Frank A. Ellet 93A02-0208-EX-661 01-R-929 Word
Sam and Mac v. Treat 71A05-0204-CV-171 71D07-9806-CT-778 Word
Vanderburgh Co. Bd. of Commissioners v. John W. Mundy 82A04-0209-CV-449 82D03-0108-CP-2837 Word
Thomas Brademas, Sr. v. South Bend Community School Corp., et al 71A03-0210-CV-357 71D05-0109-CP-1347 Word
D.P. v. State of Indiana 49A02-0207-JV-546 49D09-0203-JD-1298/49D09-0205-JD-2288 Word
Christina (Frey) McCune v. Terry & Carolyn Frey 40A05-0209-CV-449 40C01-0109-MI-237 Word
Christopher Higgins v. State of Indiana 82A04-0203-CR-109 82C01-0009-CF-1094 Word
In Re Danikolas 45S00-0205-JD-281 N/A Word
Miller v. State of Indiana 82A01-0203-CR-89 82C01-9501-DF-23/82C01-0103-DF-278 Word
Lush v. State of Indiana 03A01-0204-CR-129 03D01-9702-CF-116 Word
State of Indiana v. Rochelle Jones & Tiwanna Shaw 71A04-0205-CR-229 71D03-9908-DF-963/71D03-9810-CF-465 Word
Robert Peals v. County of Vigo 84A01-0111-CV-434 84D01-9811-CP-1972 Word
Briscoe v. State of Indiana 49A02-0206-CR-498 49G14-0112-DF-226569 Word
Goodrich v. Indiana Michigan Power 71A03-0205-CV-167 71C01-9711-CT-63 Word
Stephen K. Sherwood v. State 55A01-0110-CR-402 55C01-9604-CF-65 Word
Clark v. State 82A01-0209-CV-366 82D06-0202-SC-1799 Word
Matovich v. Rodgers 53A01-0205-CV-182 53C02-0001-CT-93 Word
Anthony Graves v. State 49A02-0207-PC-522 CR81-9B Word
Associated Medical v. Lewis 49A05-0203-CV-122 49D12-9912-CP-1710 Word
In Re: R.L.R. 82A01-0208-CV-309 82D07-0010-AD-94 Word
Seide v. State 82A04-0204-CR-175 82C01-0012-CF-1369 Word
Cyrus Sutherlin v. State 49A02-0208-CR-638 49G06-0110-CF-203845 Word
Robert L. Nichols v. State 30A01-0208-CR-325 30D02-0101-CM-6 Word
Stephen F. Ramsey v. Review Board 93A02-0204-EX-312 01-R-780 Word
Halsema v. State 79A02-0207-CR-545 79D01-0109-CF-92 Word
Szpunar v. State 49A04-0202-CR-97 49G03-0106-CF-126676 Word
ISP.com v. Theising 29A02-0207-CV-610 29D01-0202-PL-104 Word
Hammock v. Red Gold & Liberty Mutual 48A02-0201-CV-46 48D03-9912-CT-1103 Word
Bostic v. House of James 29A02-0207-CV-529 29D03-0204-CC-283 Word
Glotzbach v. State 10A05-0207-CR-321 10D03-0003-DF-174 Word
Jim Robinson v. Gazvoda 55A01-0204-CV-128 55D03-0108-SC-1346 Word
R. Watson v. State of Indiana 48A05-0205-CR-229 48C01-9910-CF-264 Word
Cavazos v. Midwest General Metals Corp. 93A02-0209-EX-771 C-147817 Word
Thedell A. Polk v. State of Indiana 48A02-0206-CR-447 48D01-0110-CF-498 Word
Vasquez v. State 27A02-0206-CR-478 27D01-9807-CF-65 Word
Hamilton v. State 49A02-0202-CR-122 49G06-0101-CF-010431 Word
Cowan v. State 53A04-0208-CR-412 53C06-0105-DF-359 Word
UFG, LLC, David Henigan v. Southwest Corp. 71A03-0205-CV-162 71D07-0004-CP-441 Word
M-Plan, Inc., et al v. Indiana Comprehensive Health Insurance, et al 49A02-0209-CV-759 49D07-0207-PL-1136 Word
Brian K. Doughty v. Review Board of the Department of Workforce Development 93A02-0206-EX-472 01-R-2818 Word
In Re: The Paternity of M.R., Mauri Goens v. Jalen Rose 29A05-0207-JV-316 29D04-0204-JP-575 Word
John Wehry v. Bill Daniels 06A01-0208-CV-311 06D02-0202-SC-269 Word
Lake County Auditor v. Lonnie Burks 45A03-0203-CV-78 45D05-0004-CP-258 Word
Tincher v. Davidson 49A02-0208-CV-674 49D01-9502-CT-190 Word
Indiana Dept. of Ins. v. Vernon 49A02-0108-CV-547 58293 Word
INS Investigations Bureau v. Lee 49A04-0108-CV-364 40C01-9507-CP-176 Word
Roy Sowell v. State 49A02-0206-CR-448 49G06-0106-CF-141243 Word
KRH v. Heim 49A04-0205-JV-230 49C01-0105-JP-978 Word
Frampton v. Hutcherson 79A02-0204-CV-309 79D01-0006-CT-39 Word
Washington, Dominic v. State 49A02-0207-CR-527 49G02-0101-CF-205464 Word
Martin, Joshua v. State 70A05-0202-CR-94 70C01-0103-CF-78 Word
Manning-Dow v. Fox 49A05-0204-CV-181 49D11-0012-CT-1818 Word
PNC Bank v. Snoddy 22A05-0208-CV-361 22C01-0112-TR-65 Word
Scott Saxton v. State 49A02-0208-CR-657 49G02-9208-DF-111650 Word
Cinergy Corp., et al v. Aetna Casualty & Surety Co., et al 49A02-0206-CV-503 49F12-0202-PL-679/32D02-0010-CP-191 Word
Reginald J. Walker v. State of Indiana 45A04-0206-CR-275 45G01-0101-CF-6 Word
Turner v. Turner 53A01-0210-CV-414 53C05-0104-DR-261 Word
Debra Sue Winters v. Dennis Talley and Angella Talley, In Re: the Adoption of G.S.W. 13A01-0209-CV-353 13C01-0110-AD-4 Word
Board of Trustees of the Ohio Township, et al v. Patricia A. Brooks, et al 87A01-0208-CV-320 87C01-0202-PL-80 Word
Hendricks v. Hendricks 48A02-0208-CV-665 48D02-0010-DR-634 Word
Sherman C. Debro v. State 53A04-0208-CR-388 53C01-0103-DF-206 Word
City of Hobart Common Council v. School City of Hobart, et al 45A03-0201-CV-33 45D01-0105-MI-11 Word
Countrywide Home Loans v. Billy J. Rood, et al 27A04-0207-CV-353 27C01-0102-CP-99 Word
Matt T. Burkett v. State of Indiana 34A02-0209-CR-718 34D01-0103-DF-58 Word
KPMG v. Carmel Financial 49A02-0206-CV-511 49D01-0101-CP-72 Word
The Adoption of M.M.G.C., H.H.C., & K.E.A.C. et al 45A03-0209-CV-287 45D06-0103-AD-63,62&59 Word
Kenneth McMichael v. Scott County School District #2 72A01-0208-CV-330 72C01-0008-CP-125 Word
Knowles v. Cook 29A05-0209-CV-459 29D01-0203-CC-160 Word
George Sisk v. State of Indiana 49A02-0205-CR-394 49G20-0008-CF-133317 Word
Geraldine East v. Estate of East 43A03-0203-CV-96 43D01-0110-ES-59 Word
Kavanaugh v. St. Mary's 82A01-0210-CV-417 82C01-0003-CP-239 Word
Robert Armstrong v. Federated Mutual Ins. 03A05-0205-CV-222 03D02-0104-CT-102 Word
Lake County Auditor v. Bank Calumet 45A03-0206-CV-178 45C01-0008-MI-00140 Word
Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor v. Lincoln Utilities, Inc. et al 93A02-0204-EX-301 41873 Word
Hernandez v. State 20A05-0206-CR-256 20D03-0012-CF-190 Word
Dean, Paul Kevin v. State 48A04-0210-CV-495 48E02-0110-SC-3163 Word
McBride v. State 89A01-0207-CR-263 89C01-9812-CF-78 Word
In Re: The Commitment of Marcia Heald 49A05-0208-CV-386 49D08-0207-MH-755 Word
Fisher v. State 45A03-0207-PC-241 45G02-9308-CF-193 Word
Jackson, Gary v. State 49A02-0205-CR-413 49G04-9711-CF-168060 Word
Havlin v. Wabash 93A02-0205-EX-388 C-134955 Word
Cergnul v. Heritage Inn 53A01-0206-CV-213 53C06-9802-CT-212 Word
Thacker, Jerry v. State 82A04-0212-CV-625 82D03-0208-PL-3794 Word
In the Matter of the Invol. Term. of Parent-Child Rel. (Cobb) 49A04-0208-JV-385 49D08-0009-JT-992 Word
Emery v. Sautter 52A02-0211-CV-979 52D01-9406-DR-129 Word
Norton v. State 09A02-0205-CR-370 09D01-0111-CF-47 Word
MPACT v. Flying J, et al. 26A01-0209-CV-345 26C01-0111-CP-142 Word
Sallee v. State 55A05-0201-CR-26 55D01-0105-CF-137 Word
Hale v. State 49A02-0208-CR-656 49F08-0205-CM-152569 Word
Holmes v. State 49A02-0204-CR-337 49G14-0110-DF-195836 Word
Fred King v. Roy Wiley 43A03-0204-CV-102 43D01-0008-CP-491 Word
Joshua Meadows v. State of Indiana 49A02-0204-CR-346 49G02-0109-CF-186492 Word
City of Marion v. Claude Taylor 27A02-0210-CV-857 27D03-0107-CP-311 Word
Daniel E. Lambert v. Suella Southard 90A02-0208-CV-675 90C01-0012-ES-95 Word
Johnson, Larry v. State 34A05-0205-CR-215 34D02-0102-DF-82 Word
Vandenbosch v. Daily 34A02-0204-CV-283 34D02-0008-CT-542 Word
Keybank v. Davis 20A03-0207-CV-250 20D03-9304-CP-59 Word
Joshua Wilson v. State of Indiana 82A01-0209-PC-368 82C01-9702-CF-208 Word
Charlene L. Lawson v. First Union Mortgage Company 71A03-0208-CV-272 71D07-0111-CP-01635 Word
J.D.Z.v. State of Indiana 49A02-0205-CR-375 49G04-0105-CF-108015 PDF
Micah Newson v. State 49A02-0207-CR-609 49F15-0111-DF-215281 Word
Belcaster v. Miller, et al 46A05-0209-CV-466 46D02-9703-CP-36 Word
Aaron Rodriguez v. State of Indiana 49A02-0207-CR-549 49G06-0109-CF-180372 Word
Pfaffenberger v. Jackson County 36A01-0205-CV-167 36C01-9806-CP-74 Word
Boston v. GYN 89A05-0206-CV-270 89D02-0110-CT-31 Word
Taylor v. State of Indiana 20A03-0212-CR-412 20D02-0203-FB-23 Word
Phyllis Mitchell v. Jack Mitchell 12A02-0210-CV-815 12C01-0012-DR-438 Word
Clarence E. Fraley v. Clarence K. Minger & Eva Minger 69A01-0208-CV-315 69C01-9610-CP-136 Word
Ameritech Indiana v. Time Warner Communications 93A02-9907-EX-460 41097 Word
Flammer v. State 51A01-0207-CR-241 51C01-0001-CF-16 Word
Terrence D. Bonner v. State 02A03-0210-CR-350 02D04-0206-FC-105 Word
Jeffrey J. Marlowe v. State of Indiana 46A03-0207-CR-229 46D01-0202-FA-012 Word
Julie Marie Bojrab v. George David Bojrab 02A03-0204-CV-127 02D07-0001-DR-7 Word
Jackson (Jeremy) v. State of Indiana 19A05-0211-PC-555 19D01-0006-DF-634 Word
State of Indiana v. Starks 31A04-0209-PC-438 31D01-0010-DF-489 Word
Dawson (Hillard) v. State of Indiana 42A01-0211-CR-427 42C01-0111-CF-080 Word
Linda (Hayden) Lawson v. Paul Hayden 50A03-0208-CV-256 50C01-0004-DR-19 Word
Dehayes Group v. Pretzels, Inc., et al 90A04-0209-CV-429 90D01-9811-CP-114 Word
Mapco v. Steven J. Godwin 65A05-0204-CV-172 65D01-9902-CP-25 Word
Matthew Finney v. State of Indiana 55A05-0209-CR-421 55D02-0111-DF-289 Word
Matthew Finney v. State 55A05-0209-CR-421 55D02-0111-DF-289 Word
Earl Hardy v. State of Indiana 49A02-0205-PC-401 49G03-9502-CF-16491 Word
Rocky A. Flash v. Susan Holtsclaw 49A04-0210-CV-480 49D05-0110-PO-1565 Word
Patrick J. Ellerman v. State of Indiana 79A02-0206-CR-437 79D01-0109-CF-85 Word
Georgetown v. Sewell 22A04-0206-CV-289 22C01-0001-CP-33 Word
Larry Pinkton v. State of Indiana 49A02-0205-CR-412 49F09-0109-DF-188467 Word
Ronald E. Elliott v. State of Indiana 90A02-0208-CR-687 90C01-0109-CF-146 Word
Hancock (Joseph) v. State of Indiana 47A04-0210-CR-488 47C01-9908-CF-398 Word
Gray v. State of Indiana 49A04-0204-CR-196 49G01-0012-CF-220679 Word
Diana Madden v. State 49A02-0208-CR-668 49F10-0109-CM-190916 Word
Inlow v. Henderson, Daily, Withrow & Devoe 49A02-0206-CV-476 49D07-9807-CT-98 Word
Tonda M. (Thacker) Depew v. Robert J.Burkle, M.D. 84A03-0203-CV-122 84D03-0005-CT-915 Word
Metropolitan Board of Zoning of Marion County v. Lane 49A02-0204-CV-303 49D10-0011-MI-1573 Word
New Welton Homes v. Eckman, et al. 27A02-0208-CV-694 27C01-0112-CP-876 Word
Burns v. Hatchett 82A05-0212-CV-576 82D03-0008-CP-2654 Word
Parkhurst v. Van Winkle 89A01-0212-CV-501 89D02-0207-PO-26 Word
McKnight v. State of Indiana 89A01-0209-CR-371 89D01-9804-CF-21 Word
J.L. v. State 49A05-0208-JV-400 49D09-0112-JS-800 Word
Kocher v. Getz 35A02-0206-CV-436 35C01-9802-CP-43 Word
Haville v. Haville 79A02-0209-CV-749 79D02-9707-DR-164 Word
Groves v. State 20A03-0207-PC-231 5954B Word
Phillip Stroud v. State of Indiana 71A03-0206-CR-215 71D08-9907-CF-410 Word
Tinkham v. State of Indiana 01A04-0206-CR-255 01C01-0109-CF-24 Word
The Marriage of Denise E. Dean and Rollin Dean 18A02-0209-CV-737 18D03-9210-DR-374 Word
Janine E. Nienaber v. Joseph W. Nienaber 15A04-0209-CV-443 15C01-9803-DR-81 Word
Brandon Michael Smith v. State of Indiana 48A02-0206-CR-253 48E01-9912-DF-382 Word
Larry R. Williams v. State of Indiana 29A02-0209-CR-806 29D04-0203-FD-1426 Word
Indianapolis Star v. Trustees of Indiana University 53A04-0112-CV-527 53C04-0101-CP-11 Word
State Farm v. Steury 02A04-0208-CV-398 02D01-0104-CP-750 Word
Fulton County Commissioners v. Miller 50A03-0210-CV-347 50C01-9912-CT-38 Word Perfect
Del Vecchio v. Conseco, Inc., et al 49A02-0209-CV-709 49D02-0106-CP-858 Word
William Allen v. State 49A05-0208-CR-408 49G20-0111-CF-218023 Word
OP 49G20-0111-CF-218023 William Allen v. State of Indiana Word
Mann v. Russell's Trailer Repair 49A02-0208-CV-686 49D10-9805-CT-640 Word
In Re the Termination of Parent-Child Rel. of E.T. and B.T., Caroline Taylor, Leroy Taylor 02A03-0209-JV-294 02D07-0012-JT-149 Word
Andrew K. Cunningham v. Diana L. Cunningham 79A05-0210-CV-493 79D02-9804-DR-97 Word
Marlow v. Conley 30A01-0209-CV-352 30D01-0012-CP-606 Word
Danny Ray Bennett v. State 53A01-0206-CR-203 53C05-0106-CF-466 Word
M.T. v. State of Indiana 49A02-0208-JV-660 49D09-0204-JD-1645 Word
Stephen Van-Scyoc v. Mid-State Paving 93A02-0207-EX-533 C-136395 Word
Jeffrey D. Hollins v. State 10A05-0210-PC-496 10D01-9503-CF-30 Word
Farris v. State 64A03-0211-CR-392 64D01-9601-CF-1 Word
Loyd v. State 49A02-0210-CR-859 49G04-0103-CF-56012 Word
In the Matter of the Estate of Samuel J. Dellinger, Sr., Deceased v. 1st Source Bank, Personal Representative 71A05-0111-CV-506 71J01-9906-EU-49 Word
Board of Commissioners v. Three I 87A04-0208-CV-369 87D01-0203-PL-84 Word
Dunkley v. State 49A02-0201-CR-69 49F10-0105-CM-99901 Word
Jordan v. State of Indiana 48A02-0207-CR-539 48D03-0102-CF-34 Word
Prowell v. State of Indiana 82A04-0204-CR-160 82C01-9305-CF-313 Word
Westmoreland v. State of Indiana 06A01-0206-CR-215 06D02-0111-CF-997 Word
McKibben Construction v. Longshore 34A02-0210-CV-867 34C01-9905-CP-300 Word
Emmanuel House of Prayer v. Bishop Milton L. Hall 45A03-0207-CV-251 45D05-0202-PL-48 Word
Frohardt v. Bassett 49A02-0204-CV-324 49D11-9905-CT-723 Word
Anglin v. State 57A03-0210-CR-370 57C01-0110-CF-100 Word
S & S v. Marion County 49A04-0207-CV-350 49D07-0001-MI-41 Word
Christopher Sipple v. State of Indiana 79A04-0211-CR-572 79D02-0112-CF-148 Word
Lee Alan Bryant Healthcare Facilities, Inc. v. John Hamilton 61A04-0210-CV-516 61C01-0202-MI-51 Word
Carlson v. Moss 73A01-0206-CV-210 73D02-0111-SC-1959 Word
State of Indiana v. Larry W. Stamper 72A04-0209-CR-467 72C01-0109-CF-55 Word
Huffman v. IN Dept. of Environmental Mang. and Eli Lilly & Co. 49A02-0207-CV-564 49F12-0201-MI-63 Word
National City Bank of Indiana v. All-Phase Electric Supply Co. 20A03-0211-CV-380 20D01-0110-CP-681 Word
Zettie Cotton v. Edward Ellsworth 48A04-0204-CV-185 48C01-0201-PL-150 Word
American Standard v. Cicily E. Rogers 49A05-0209-CV-446 49D06-0012-CP-1810 Word
Beauchamp v. State 41A05-0110-CR-467 41D01-9809-CF-129 Word
Brown Co. et al v. Booe et al 07A01-0206-CV-211 07C01-0008-CP-260 Word
Story B&B, LLP v. Brown Co. Area Plan Comm. & March 07A01-0206-CV-201 07C01-0104-CP-116 Word
Wedgewood Community Assn. Inc. v. Nash 02A03-0204-CV-112 02D01-0003-CP-470 Word
James H. Higgason, Jr. v. State of Indiana 77A05-0208-CV-362 77D01-0108-SC-472 Word
Woods v. Woods 71A03-0301-CV-13 71D05-0111-DR-507 Word
Dayon v. Miller v. State of Indiana 77A04-0207-CR-313 77D01-0110-CF-74 Word
Ziebell v. State 82A01-0206-CR-229 82D02-0109-CF-652 Word
Brady v. Allstate 71A03-0206-CV-181 71D04-9807-CP-844 Word
Mark Meisenhelder v. Zipp Express 49A02-0205-CV-390 49D10-0105-CP-710 Word
Timothy Dean Parks v. State 77A01-0207-CV-266 77C01-0104-CP-129 Word
James M. Bahm, II v. State of Indiana 10A01-0208-PC-317 10D01-9705-CF-28 Word
Oneida Kelly v. Estate of Jimmie "JJ" Johnson, Vivian Stinson 82A01-0208-CV-305 82D07-0009-ES-495 Word
Debra L.Morris v. Bank One, Indiana, N.A. 54A01-0204-CV-139 54C01-9512-CP-438 Word
Detrex v. Skelton 09A04-0207-CV-326 09C01-9905-CP-56 Word
International Health & Racquet Club v. Scott 79A04-0211-CV-538 79D01-0111-CP-667 Word
Earles v. Perkins 49A02-0206-CV-484 49D02-9902-CT-183 Word
Fulton County Commissioners v. Miller 50A03-0210-CV-347 50C01-9912-CT-38 Word
Area Plan Commission of Evansville 65A01-0205-CV-161 65C01-0012-CP-298 Word
City of Jasper v. Collignon 19A01-0210-CV-386 19C01-0203-PL-0114 Word
Akono Gwondoya Olatunji f/k/a/ David Bellamy 45A03-0212-PC-420 45G01-8710-CR-184 Word
City of Hammond v. Joseph Cipich 45A03-0204-CV-116 45D01-0102-CT-30 Word
Eitler v. St. Joseph Regional Med. Center 71A04-0209-CV-464 71C01-0104-CP-00822 Word
O'Connor v. State 91A02-0203-PC-252 91D01-9507-CF-94/91D01-9507-CF-95/91D01-9310-CF-131 Word
Holland v. Coast Midwest Transport 93A02-0212-EX-1028 C-154623 Word
J.M. Foster, Inc.; Morrison Construction Company, Inc.; and Chicago Bridge & Iron Company v. Carol Lou Spriggs, Administratrix of the Estate of Charles R. Spriggs, Deceased, and widow in her own right 49A05-0111-CV-508 49D02-9501-MI-1294 Word
Kevin O'Banion v. State 27A02-0211-CR-959 27D03-0010-DF-915 Word
Predrag Vukovich, individually and as agent, member and/or representative of Alliance, L.L.C. v. Donald R. Coleman and International MagnaProducts, Inc. 64A05-0209-CV-439 64D01-0206-PL-5119 Word
Cloyd v. Pasternak 49A02-0209-CV-794 49D11-9807-CT-972 Word
Hinojosa v. Board of Public Works 45A03-0205-CV-169 45D11-0102-CP-145 Word
Glen Michael Youngblood v. Indiana Department of Natural Resources, et al 20A03-0205-CV-161 20C01-9803-CP-70 Word
Jesse E. Robinson v. State 45A03-0209-PC-303 45G02-8500-CR-76 Word
Keith Patton v. State 49A02-0211-PC-975 CR83-232D Word
Eli S. Hannoy v. State 49A05-0206-CR-282 49G01-0008-CF-139836 Word
Garcia v. Garcia 65A04-0207-CV-356 78-C-276 Word
Oliver v. State 49A05-0203-CR-111 49F08-0108-CM-166831 Word
City of Hammond v. Reffitt 45A03-0205-CV-142 45C01-9512-CT-2294 Word
Randy J. Ross, R.N. v. Indiana State Board of Nursing, Kay Engelbrecht, R.N., in her individual capacity, Hilda Glass, L.P.N., in her individual capacity, Kay Leach, R.N., in her individual capacity, Juanita Richards, L.P.N., in her individual capacity, Marya Rose, in her individual capacity, Marsha King, R.N., in her individual capacity, and the Health Professions Bureau 49A05-0206-CV-293 49D13-0001-CP-127 Word
Jones, R. v. State 55A05-0212-CR-617 55D03-0201-FB-7 Word
Savoree v. Industrial 84A01-0212-CV-487 84D03-9902-CP-246 Word
Terrance Swann v. State 49A05-0210-CR-507 49G03-0003-CF-50175 Word
Humphries v. Ables 48A05-0206-CV-278 48C01-0108-CP-683 Word
Thomas Edmond v. State 45A03-0209-PC-321 45G01-9912-CF-229 Word
Sizemore v. Erie Insurance 41A01-0211-CV-443 41D01-0105-CT-170 Word
Puryear v. Progressive Ins. 22A01-0211-CV-450 22C01-0101-CP-17 Word
Kendall v. State 49A02-0205-CR-392 49G02-0105-CF-108795 Word
Miller v. Miller 49A04-0209-CV-453 49D01-0110-DR-1768 Word
Booker v. State 48A05-0301-CR-18 48C01-0112-CF-398 Word
Anderson v. State 02A03-0208-CR-271 02D04-0105-CF-226 Word
Essany v. Bower 64A03-0301-CV-25 64D04-0209-PO-7866 Word
In Re: K.J.A., a Child Alleged to be a Delinquent Child, Indiana Family and Social Services Administration, Division of Disabled Aging and Rehabilitative Services, an agency of the State of Indiana v. Henry County Office of Family and Children 33A01-0205-JV-191 33C01-0008-JD-23 Word
Indiana Family and Social Services Administration, et al., v. Amhealth (Evansville), Inc., et al. 49A05-0203-CV-117 49D04-0110-CP-1683 Word
Wayne Meyers v. State 41A05-0205-CR-241 41D01-9910-DF-150 Word
Vann v. United Farm 33A01-0203-CV-98 33C01-9907-CT-15 Word
Gray v. State 69A05-0212-CR-601 69C01-0105-CF-19 Word
Jones v. State 63A01-0209-CR-357 63C01-0112-CF-758 Word
Birch v. Midwest 41A04-0205-CV-232 41D02-9808-CT-0203 Word
Carla L. Beck v. State 32A05-0210-CR-504 32D03-0111-CM-629 Word
Fulton Co. Advisory Plan Comm. v. Gregory L. & Annette K. Groninger 25A03-0301-CV-22 25C01-0110-CP-295 Word
Timothy Henson v. State 49A05-0302-CR-73 49G01-0111-CF-216704 Word
Richter v. Asbestos Insulating 02A05-0210-CV-481 02D01-0201-CT-38 Word
Boonville v. Cloverleaf Healthcare, et al. 32A05-0301-CV-44 32D01-0204-CC-38 Word
State v. T. Eric Evans 05A02-0210-CV-875 05C01-0202-CC-25 Word
Asher v. State 69A05-0210-CR-489 69C01-0009-CF-42 Word
Janet Peters v. Cummins Mental Health, Inc. 32A01-0209-CV-356 32D03-0202-PL-05 Word
Active U.S.A. v. McGhee 93A02-0301-EX-66 C160226 Word
Community Hospital v. Avant 45A05-0212-CV-607 45D02-0203-CT-00036 Word
Fioretti v. Aztar Indiana 82A04-0211-CV-556 82D03-0106-CT-1945 Word
Rhodes v. Wright 88A05-0302-CV-64 88C01-0111-CT-307 Word
Farm Credit Services v. Mitchell 41A04-0210-CV-497 41D01-0110-EU-65 Word
Showboat Marina Casino v. Tonn & Blank 45A03-0301-CV-3 45D04-0206-MF-26 Word
Carr v. State 45A03-0212-CR-418 45G03-0109-CR-209 Word
Gary & Lisa Crowe v. T.J. Boofter 22A01-0210-CV-394 22C01-9607-CT-342 Word
David Lee Thompson v. State of Indiana 10A01-0208-PC-316 10C01-9402-CF-16 Word
Benavides v. Moore 06A04-0303-JV-117 06C01-9609-MI-253/06C01-9604-JP-88/06C01-9503-JP-46 Word
Tunny v. Erie Ins. Co. 41A04-0211-CV-557 41D01-0104-MI-00122 Word
Yvonne E. Barnard, Administratrix of the Estate of Mark E. Barnard, Deceased and Yvonne E. Barnard, Individually v. Saturn Corporation, a Division of General Motors Corporation, and Saturn of Northwest Indiana, Inc. 64A05-0206-CV-291 64D04-9804-CT-106 Word
Mays v. State 49A02-0212-PC-1049 49G01-9907-CF-126934 Word
Beckley v. Beckley 05A02-0211-CV-929 05C01-0009-DR-65 Word
Farrell v. Littell 03A01-0212-JV-493 03C01-9801-JP-101 Word
Winebrenner v. State 57A03-0212-CR-411 57D01-0201-FD-35 Word
Wilson v. Lincoln Federal 49A02-0212-CV-1019 49D05-0104-CP-667 Word
Cole v. State 58A04-0207-CR-311 58C01-0106-CF-400 Word
Brown v. State 49A05-0206-CR-281 49G01-0108-CF-164228 Word
Servicemaster Diversified v. Wiley 46A04-0210-CV-485 46D02-9811-CP-151 Word
Randy McGee v. State 45A05-0211-PC-562 45G03-0010-CF-213 Word
Bank of New York v. Nally, Stephen H., et al. 29A02-0212-CV-1057 48D03-9808-CP-758 Word
McBride v. Monroe County Office of Family and Children 53A05-0212-JV-629 53C07-0207-JT-369 Word
Floyd v. State 77A01-0212-CR-489 77C01-0203-FB-16 Word
Cornell v. Hamilton 49A02-0208-CV-635 49D04-0002-CP-180 Word
Biomet v. Barnes and Thornburg 02A05-0205-CV-197 02D01-9710-CT-395 Word
Stratton v. State 12A04-0206-CR-288 12C01-0103-DF-70 Word
Simms v. State 20A05-0207-CR-310 20C01-0110-CF-121 Word
LaPorte v. Town & Country 46A04-0212-CV-585 46D02-0109-CP-208 Word
Griffith (Ryan) v. State 49A05-0206-CR-255 49G01-0011-CF-206105 Word
Hall (Mark & Christopher) v. State 48A04-0209-CR-457 48E01-0101-DF-00005/48E01-0101-CM-00006 Word
Kinkead (Herb) v. State 32A05-0302-CR-79 32D03-0104-CF-76 Word
Bayes v. State 02A05-0211-CR-556 02D04-0204-FC-71 Word
Davis, M. v. State 49A04-0211-CR-561 49G20-0106-CF-142462 Word
Global v. March 93A02-0211-EX-903 C153805 Word
Disbro v. State 15A05-0303-CR-106 15D01-0111-CM-1205 Word
Nunn v. Nunn 49A05-0301-CV-10 49D07-0111-DR-1764 Word
NIPSCO v. LaPorte, IN Bd. of Commissioners. et al 93A02-0205-EX-369/46A05-0203-CV-137 42194/46D02-0203-PL-47 Word
Jeffrey L. Monar v. John R. Hurt 83A01-0211-CV-429 82D03-0003-CP-839 Word
Palmer Dodge, Inc. v. Iswatu Long 49A02-0211-CV-905 49C01-9910-CP-44 Word
City of Fort Wayne v. Christine Slattery 02A03-0209-CV-304 02D01-0108-CP-1458 Word
The Matter of Terminiation of Parent/Child Rel. of B.T. 10A04-0210-JV-493 10D01-0102-JT-148/10D01-0102-JT-149 Word
In The Matter of N.M., a child alleged to be delinquent v. State of Indiana 49A02-0303-JV-231 49D09-0112-JD-5824 Word
Anthony Settles v. State 34A05-0211-CR-552 34D02-0103-CF-98 Word
Barna Log v. General Casualty 91A02-0211-CV-961 91C01-0205-PL-010 Word
Purepac Pharmaceutical, et al. v. Lollar 22A01-0212-CV-475 22C01-9706-CT-307 Word
Cowherd v. State 49A02-0212-PC-1059 49G02-9604-PC-54913 Word
Deaconess v. Gruber 82A01-0211-CV-439 82C01-0204-MI-229 Word
AGT, Inc. v. City of Lafayette 79A04-0207-CV-310 79D02-0102-CP-22 Word
Core Funding Group, LLC v. James H. Young 49A05-0208-CV-364 49D12-0104-CP-631 Word
Minor, Thomas C. v. State 49A02-0202-PC-169 49G03-9611-CF-183010 Word
In the Matter of the Adoption of B.C.S., a minor, and Charles and Mary Gerweck v. Thomas E. Schoenradt 09A02-0211-CV-918 09C01-0108-AD-3 Word
State of Indiana v. Jeremy R. Stickle 24A01-0212-CR-490 69C01-0201-FD-17 Word
Forbes v. Merrill Lynch 45A05-0301-CV-36 381-1564-KCS Word
Fifth Third v. Comark 49A02-0211-CV-921 49D10-0102-CP-175 Word
Haun v. State 45A03-0210-CR-330 45G03-0104-CF-92 Word
Brower v. Brattain 30A04-0212-CV-629 30D01-0209-PL-497 Word
State v. Steve Boles, et al. 21A04-0302-CR-94 21D01-9912-CM-891/21D01-9905-CM-343/21D01-9707-CM-503/21D01-9702-CM-146/21D01-9711-CM-833 Word
Wind Dance Farm, Inc. v. Hughes Supply, Inc. 22A04-0210-CV-501 22C01-0202-MF-102 Word
James M. Bahm, II v. State of Indiana 10A01-0208-PC-317 10D01-9705-CF-28 Word
J.J.C. v. State 49A02-0212-JV-1045 49D09-0201-JD-000234 Word
Bruce Allen Thornton, Jr. v. State of Indiana 53A05-0212-CR-595 53C01-0110-CF-831 Word
Anthony Willoughby v. State of Indiana 49A02-0302-PC-134 49G06-8909-CF-99165 Word
Mary Jo (Wolf) Malicoat v. Donald Wolf 82A05-0301-CV-29 82D04-9501-DR-50 Word
Joseph Mark Cox v. State 76A03-0210-CR-361 76D01-0204-FC-6 Word
Farm Credit Services of Mid-America, FLCA v. Jay Tucker, et al 90A04-0210-CV-520 90D01-0105-CP-70 Word
John Cushenberry v. State 49A04-0210-PC-487 49G05-0108-CF-170418 Word
Nelson v. State 49A02-0207-CR-523 49G20-0103-CF-59277 Word
Tammi Quinn v. State 84A01-0210-CR-404 84D01-0108-CF-2048 Word
Phillip Lee v. State 02A03-0303-PC-104 02D04-8805-CF-246 Word
Culbertson v. State 63A01-0209-CR-347 63C01-0102-CF-102 Word
Visitation of C.H. 49A02-0303-CV-211 49D05-0210-MI-1770 Word
Edington v. State 50A03-0212-PC-448 50D01-9602-CF-20 Word
Kelly v. Bennett 45A03-0210-CV-333 45C01-9710-CT-2580 Word
Louisville R.R. v. Indiana Gas 03A01-0210-CV-384 03D02-0004-CP-50 Word
Fitzgerald, d/b/a Shrum Manufactured Housing v. Cummings 49A02-0209-CV-708 49D01-9701-CP-113 Word
Kesler v. Marshall 20A03-0204-CV-107 20C01-9610-CP-260 Word
Anthony Rust v. State 49A04-0212-CR-594 49G20-0103-CF-72639 Word
Coutee v. Lafayette Neighborhood Housing Services 79A04-0210-CV-513 79D02-0105-CP-88 Word
City of Indianapolis v. Cary Campbell 49A02-0208-CV-704 49F12-0006-CP-2501 Word
Joseph Mark Cox v. State 76A03-0210-CR-362 76D01-0204-FC-414 Word
Advantage Home Health v. Indiana Department of Health 18A02-0211-CV-928 18C01-0109-CP-547 Word
Roy Matthews v. State 49A02-0211-CR-989 49G20-0112-CF-227220 Word
Cathy A. & Mark Thayer v. Michael OrRico, et al. 79A02-0211-CV-974 79D02-9911-CP-237 Word
John Wheatley v. AUL Ins. Co. 10A01-0211-CV-440 10D01-0003-CT-74 Word
Ronald Elliott v. State 90A02-0208-CR-687 90C01-0109-CF-146 Word
Kenneth Smith v. State 49A02-0302-PC-101 49G03-9310-CF-140053 Word
Danny Turner v. Angela Freed 48A02-0210-JV-826 48D02-9010-JP-279 Word
Spring Hills Developers v. The Reynolds Group 93A02-0209-EX-716 41559 Word
April Hill-Moundzouris v. State 33A01-0209-CR-378 33C01-0203-FC-13 Word
Lee Alan Bryant Health Care Facilities, Inc. v. John Hamilton 61A04-0210-CV-516 61C01-0202-MI-51 Word
City of Gary v. Major 45A04-0207-CV-357 45D03-0009-CP-2366 Word
D & M Healthcare, Inc., Extendicare Homes, Inc., Indiana Health & Rehabilitation Centers, G.P., Kindred Nursing Centers, L.P. and Indiana Health Care Association, Inc. v. Frank O'Bannon, Indiana Family and Social Services Administration and its Office of Medicaid Policy and Planning, John Hamilton and Melanie Bella 49A05-0301-CV-26 49D06-0205-PL-846 Word
Charlotte Randolph, individually and as friend and mother of Kwabene Randolph and Richard Rupcich, Administrator of the Estate of Kwabene Randolph v. Methodist Hospitals, Inc., Michael A. Linton, M.D., David D. Chube, M.D., Edgar Dizon, M.D., St. Mary Medical Center, Inc. 45A03-0210-CV-371 45D01-0207-CT-172 Word
Autobanc Corp., d/b/a CNAC, et al. v. Hodges Towing Service 53A01-0207-CV-260 53C04-0205-SC-2152 Word
R.G. v. State 49A02-0212-JV-1044 49D09-0108-JD-3530/49D09-0105-JD-2327 Word
Spaulding v. Williams 27A04-0303-CV-113 27D02-0206-DR-125 Word
Ronald Smith v. Julie Smith 71A03-0212-CV-416 71D04-9501-DR-42 Word
Roman Ocelotl-Toxqui v. State 49A02-0212-CR-1026 49G05-0206-FA-176644 Word
Andrew Peter Stoltmann v. State 82A01-0302-CR-43 82D02-0203-FC-213 Word
State v. Donteau Gladney 49A02-0304-CR-339 49G04-0210-FC-254652 Word
Edgeworth-Laskey Properties, et al. v. New Boston Allison 49A02-0210-CV-889 49D07-0102-CP-217 Word
Guy's Concrete, Inc. v. Dawn and Scott Crawford 45A03-0210-CV-343 45D04-0106-CT-38 Word
Scott Jason Simmons v. State 82A01-0302-CR-45 82D02-0205-FB-398 Word
Thurman v. State 49A02-0211-CR-946 49F08-0205-CM-155436 Word
Greenberg News Network v. Frederick 93A02-0211-EX-952 C149761 Word
Olcott International & Co., Inc. v. Micro Data Base Systems, Inc. 79A05-0211-CV-544 79D02-9908-CP-171 Word
Leffingwell v. State 27A02-0304-CR-325 27D02-0206-FA-55 Word
Shirley L. Wolf V. State 48A02-0302-CR-145 48D03-0208-CF-248 Word
Lake Central v. Fetsch Townhomes 45A03-0209-CV-310 45D04-9912-CP-629 Word
Matthew Bridgewater v. State 49A04-0211-CR-541 49G20-0205-CF-131412 Word
L. Thomas Booth and Norma Sue Booth v. Robert G. Wiley, M.C., Ronald K. Norlund, O.D., and Midwest Eye Consultants, P.C., d/b/a Cataract & Laser Institute and Clearvision Laser Centers, Great Lakes, LLC 02A03-0210-CV-355 02D01-0207-CT-260 Word
Eli S. Hannoy v. State 49A05-0206-CR-282 49G01-0008-CF-139836 Word
Darrell Forbes v. State of Indiana 59A02-0210-CR-416 59C01-0009-CF-63 Word
Jean Poulard v. Lyal Lauth, Patricia Lauth and Parul Parenteau and The News-Dispatch Publishing Co., Inc.,; Geoffrey Moser; Dave Hawk; and Erin Carey 46A03-0209-CV-297 46D02-0004-CP-80 Word
Ted L. Vertner v. State of Indiana 49A02-0203-CR-215 49F15-0009-DF-166630 Word
James Ernest White v. State of Indiana 10A01-0209-PC-348 10C01-9409-CF-108 Word
Ernest Townsend v. State of Indiana 49A04-0207-CR-341 49G03-0009-CF-165662 Word
Van Vactor Farmsk v. Marshall County Plan Commission 50A03-0209-CV-326 50D01-0105-MI-8 Word
Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District v. Chicago South Shore and South Bend Railroad 46A03-0301-CV-33 49D02-0207-PL-93 Word
Adrian May v. State of Indiana 10A01-0211-CR-441 10D01-0205-FC-35 Word
Schultz v. Wolfe 75A05-0303-CV-098 75C01-0002-DR-024 Word
Krumm v. State 71A03-0208-CR-259 71D03-0101-CF-24 Word
Edward Niksich v. Zettie Cotton 48A02-0210-CV-851 48E01-0205-DC-1105 Word
Young v. Thompson 49A02-0211-CV-958 49D08-0201-PL-240 Word
Aaron Baker v. Fenneman & Brown Properties, LLC and Southern Bells of Indiana, Inc., all d/b/a Taco Bell 87A04-0210-CV-492 87D02-0010-CT-205 Word
In the Matter of K.B. 46A03-0301-JV-35 46C01-0203-JC-23 Word
Frasier (Larry) v. State 07A01-0207-CR-239 07C01-0011-DF-0465 Word
Kristin R. Lashbrooks v. Maria H. Schultz 10A01-0212-CV-473 10C01-0007-CT-364 Word
Brandon Tyler Custis v. State of Indiana 11A01-0210-CR-420 11C01-0201-MR-2 Word
Darrell L. Manuel v. State 32A01-0212-CR-484 32D01-0112-CF-174 Word
Ben Endres v. Indiana State Police 50A05-0210-CV-477 50D01-0105-MI-9 Word
The Pillsbury Company v. Rebecca Osborne 93A02-0211-EX-924 C149181 Word
Patricia Woodard v. Calvin Woodard, Jr. 53A01-0307-CV-257 07C01-0302-DR-89 Word
Antwain James Hines v. State of Indiana 02A04-0304-CR-191 02D04-0202-FB-29 Word
Mario F. Sanchez v. State of Indiana 03A04-0207-CR-343 03D01-0108-CF-1010 Word
Hayes v. State 53A01-0208-CR-332 53C06-0101-CF-26 Word
Grott v. Jim Barna Log Systems 46A03-0301-CV-4 46C01-0203-PL-66 Word
Richardson v. State 82A04-0211-CR-536 82D02-0110-CF-738 Word
Rodriguez v. State 45A03-0211-CR-393 45G01-0109-CF-198 Word
Case v. Case 45A04-0212-CV-613 45D10-0106-DR-117 Word
Thomas v. Smith 15A04-0303-CV-139 15C01-0102-DR-43 Word
Donald Leo McRoy v. State of Indiana 82A01-0301-CR-6 82D02-0112-CF-957 Word
Everett Meeker v. Indiana Parole Board 67A04-0211-CV-532 67D01-0204-MI-8 Word
Vincent Hatchett v. State of Indiana 49A04-0211-PC-530 49G06-9909-PC-151178 Word
United States v. Estate of Breidenbaugh 19A01-0303-CV-79 19C01-9905-ES-56 Word
Mark Kennedy v. Hene Meat Company, Inc. 49A02-0210-CV-821 49D12-0106-CP-878 Word
Gordon Dempsey v. George Carter 49A04-0209-CV-463 49D02-0109-CP-1332 Word
Donald Knoy v. Joseph W. Cary and Janice Cary 42A01-0211-CV-445 42D01-0109-CT-019 Word
Robert Willingham v. State of Indiana 82A01-0211-CR-455 82D02-0205-FA-426 Word
George Black v. State of Indiana 41A04-0204-CR-180 41D01-0201-FD-17 Word
Daniel Lee Groff, et al. v. City of Butler 17A03-0303-CV-78 17C01-0206-PL-12 Word
Story Bed & Breakfast, LLP v. Brown County Area Plan Commission 07A01-0206-CV-201 07C01-0104-CP-116 Word
Donald F. Saunders v. State of Indiana 03A04-0304-PC-196 03D01-8604-CF-278 Word
CSL Community Association v. Jennings Northwest Regional Utilities 40A01-0303-CV-81 40C01-0209-PL-199 Word
State of Indiana v. Tony R. Isaacs 21A01-0305-CR-178 21D01-0112-C -760 Word
State of Indiana v. Tony R. Isaacs 21A01-0305-CR-178 21D01-0112-CM-760 Word
Jerry Montgomery v. Indiana Department of Correction, et. al. 49A04-0301-CV-28 49D11-0207-MI-1247 Word
City of Bloomington v. Review Board of the Department of Workforce Development and Sherman C. Debro 93A02-0210-EX-866 02-R-1937 Word
Stanley Bryant v. State 49A05-0211-PC-541 49G01-9406-CF-080252 Word
A.H. v. State 49A04-0302-JV-73 49D09-0209-JD-003843 Word
Sloan (John) v. State 49A02-0301-CR-00014 49G03-0206-FB-156863 Word
Erick Gamas-Castellanos v. Catherine Gamas 10A01-0303-CV-104 10C01-0205-DR-120 Word
Joshua Hawkins v. State of Indiana 02A05-0302-CR-70 02D04-0109-CF-178 Word
Dayon Mill v. State of Indiana 77A04-0207-CR-313 77D01-0110-CF-74 Word
Antwaan L. Randle El v. Tashia Beard 53A05-0212-JV-608 53C07-0203-JP-131 Word
Larriante Sumbry v. John Pera and Anna Anton 46A03-0303-CV-101 46D04-0212-MI-15 Word
E & S Mems v. Eagen 49A02-0301-CV-33 49D10-0010-CT-1477 Word
David Michael Hardin v. Annette R. Hardin 41A05-0208-CV-384 41D02-9912-DR-222 Word
Alvies v. State 33A04-0209-CR-441 33C01-0108-CF-20 Word
Aboukalkah v. Sharps 02A05-0206-CV-283 02C01-8703-DR-320 Word
Henderson (Joseph) v. State 49A05-0301-CR-37 49G04-9810-CF-166506 Word
Charles Black v. State 49A02-0207-CR-548 49G20-0112-CF-225279 Word
Integon v. Singleton 22A01-0301-CV-13 22D01-0110-CT-389 Word
Charles Shaffer, et al. v. State of Indiana, et al. 49A04-0208-CV-370 49C01-0002-CP-334 Word
Gregory Foster v. State of Indiana 02A03-0206-CR-183 02D04-0103-CF-103 Word
Jeffrey & Judith Thomas v. North Central Roofing 20A03-0301-CV-8 20D02-0003-CP-210 Word
State of Indiana v. Loren Akins 79A05-0210-CR-520 79D06-0112-DF-258 Word
Pathfinder Communications Corporation v. Dave Macy 02A04-0303-CV-146 02D01-0302-CT-71 Word
Hobson v. State 49A04-0212-CR-578 49G01-0107-CF-156387 Word
Lakes and Rivers Transfer v. Rudolph Steel 64A03-0211-CV-405 64D01-9505-CP-1292 Word
Oxford Financial Group, Ltd. v. Philip Evans, et al. 49A02-0303-CV-214 49D13-0209-PL-1628 Word
Appolon v. Faught 55A05-0304-CV-158 55C01-0002-DR-91 Word
Louis Moyer v. State of Indiana 48A02-0212-CR-997 48D03-0110-CF-349 Word
Kelly Bedle v. Susan Kowars 15A01-0211-CV-462 15C01-0105-CP-093 Word
Matthew J. Phares v. State of Indiana 73A01-0302-CR-63 73D02-0103-CM-329 Word
George Rambo v. Robert Begley, M.D. 29A02-0303-CV-181 29D03-0206-PL-441 Word
Glenn v. State 49A02-0303-CR-215 49G02-0104-CF-083567 Word
State of Indiana v. Alan Lee Berryman 10A01-0202-CR-76 10D01-0111-CF-124 Word
Monroe Guaranty v. Magwerks 49A02-0208-CV-622 49D07-9902-CP-228 Word
O'Bannon v. Schindler 40A01-0206-CV-200 40C01-0203-PL-0055 Word
Wyrck v. Gentry 82A01-0303-CV-102 82D03-0005-CP-1441 Word
R.S. and S.I. v. State 49A05-0303-JV-119 49D09-0210-JD-4328/49D09-0206-JD-2544/49D09-0210-JD-4331 Word
Byrd v. EBB Farms 81A01-0207-CV-250 81C01-1002-CP-28 Word
Sharp v. Fields 14A01-0305-CV-189 14C01-0111-AD-155 Word
Schlosser v. Rock Industries 50A03-0302-CV-56 50C01-9908-CT-26 Word
Virginia White v. Crystal Darnette White and Jeffrey Allen Small 71A04-0303-JV-101 71J01-8911-JP-767 Word
Leo Meyer v. Marine Builders, Inc. 10A01-0304-CV-123 10D02-0205-PL-93 Word
Reed v. State 49A05-0301-PC-20 49G01-9003-CF-39054 Word
Hoosier Health v. St. Francis Hospital 49A04-0302-CV-60 49D11-9908-CP-1158 Word
Jenkins v. Godbey 79A02-0305-CV-450 79C01-0204-DR-15 Word
State v. Moore (Frank) 49A04-0301-CR-20 49G05-0206-FB-181821 Word
Jon C. Owen, Jr. v. State 57A05-0302-CR-77 57D02-0206-IF-2552 Word
Virgil Hall, III v. State of Indiana 27A02-0207-CR-538 27C01-0006-CF-35 Word
Bryon Wohlwend v. Donna & Michael Edwards 54A01-0211-CV-460 54D01-0005-CP-00150 Word
Terry Davis v. State of Indiana 49A05-0211-CR-539 49G16-0207-FD-202278 Word
Timothy W. Stephenson v. State of Indiana 40A05-0304-CR-185 40C01-0101-CF-19 Word
Timothy R. Chamberlain, M.D. v. Richard Steven Walpole 02A04-0302-CV-92 02D01-0201-CT-14 Word
Robert Leicht v. State of Indiana 34A02-0210-CR-840 34D02-0204-FC-145 Word
James Thompson v. State of Indiana 49A05-0211-PC-563 CR80-53-A Word
Edward J. Mroz v. Indiana Insurance Co. 71A03-0212-CV-443 71D08-0101-CP-147 Word
M.L.H. v. State of Indiana 49A02-0303-JV-247 49D09-0010-JD-3946 Word
Dawson v. Estate of Ott 35A02-0304-CV-347 35C01-0104-ES-40 Word
Zeller Elevator Company v. Debbie & Perry Slygh 93A02-0303-EX-245 Emsh95020111/Emsh95020112 Word
Sequa Coatings Corporation v. Northern Indiana Commuter Transporation District 64A05-0305-CV-248 64D03-9910-CT-587 Word
Patricia O'Connor v. State of Indiana 49A02-0301-CR-7 49G04-0001-CF-012048 Word
James Boner v. State of Indiana 26A05-0303-CR-114 26C01-0208-FD-69 Word
Doris Litherland v. Amy McDonnell 64A03-0303-CV-84 64D04-0112-CT-10201 Word
Steven L. and Roxann Hudson v. Edgar E. Davis 54A01-0303-CV-77 54D01-0109-CP-326 Word
S.H. v. D.H., Opinion on Appellant's Motion to Stay and Opinion on Appellee's Motion to Reconsider 15A01-0309-CV-335 15C01-9807-DR-179 Word
Citizens Action v. NIPSCO 93A02-0210-EX-855 41746 Word
Freddie Concepcion v. State 49A02-0303-PC-183 CR86-155A Word
Edward Wilson and Deborah Wilson v. Sharon Cloum 80A05-0302-CV-57 80C01-0101-GU-2 Word
Dustin Bass v. State 34A02-0307-CR-609 34D03-0210-CM-1914 Word
John C. Newsome v. State 35A02-0211-CR-981 35C01-0203-FB-23 Word
K.F. and R.F. v. LaPorte County Office of Family and Children 46A05-0305-JV-210 46C01-0110-JC-075/46C01-0110-JC-74 Word
Belcher, Omar v. State of Indiana 49A02-0303-CR-273 49F10-0207-CM-189397 Word
Coleman, Carol v. Charles Court LLC, et. al. 18A02-0212-CV-994 18D01-0003-CT-23 Word
Elizabeth Cortner v. John and Martha Louk 29A05-0212-CV-592 29D03-9905-CT-282 Word
Samuel I. Crow v. State of Indiana 87A01-0301-CR-5 87D01-0105-CF-54 Word
Shawn M. Falls v. State of Indiana 82A01-0301-CR-20 82C01-0203-FC-267 Word
Security Trust Corporation, et. al. v. Estate of Robert R. Fisher 02A03-0210-CV-353 02D01-0107-CP-1355 Word
Mario Sims, Sr. v. State of Indiana 50A03-0211-CV-399 50D01-0203-PL-0005 Word
Chanel Reynolds v. Thomas Dewees 18A05-0303-JV-122 18C01-9801-JP-8 Word
Stephen Sipe v. State of Indiana 02A03-0306-CR-226 02D04-0201-FA-7 Word
Jerry Thacker v. Margaret & Jack Wentzel, Jr. 82A01-0307-CV-238 82D03-0204-PL-1809 Word
Frank E. Gray v. State of Indiana 49A02-0302-CR-135 49G05-0208-FC-221640 Word
Eric Leon Stinson, Jr. v. State of Indiana 82A01-0304-CR-121 82D02-0212-FA-1053 Word
Sherri Zubrenic v. Dunes Valley Mobile Home Park 64A03-0302-CV-63 64D02-0103-CT-1740 Word
Stephen Law v. State of Indiana 49A02-0302-PC-100 49G03-9601-CF-004536 Word
Alan Lee Berryman v. State of Indiana 10A05-0302-CV-86 10D01-0201-MH-001 Word
Michael Grim v. State of Indiana 33A01-0212-CR-479 33C01-0206-FC-0024 Word
Jason L. Inlow, et al. v. Anita Inlow 29A02-0304-CV-284 29D01-0111-CT-720 Word
Kenneth C. Buckley v. State of Indiana 48A02-0211-CR-982 48D03-0201-FC-23 Word
Gregory Kirk v. State of Indiana 49A05-0303-CR-108 49G01-0206-FC-158576 Word
Lawrence & Judy Gunkel v. Renovations, Inc., et al. 76A01-0306-CV-206 76C01-0010-CT-754 Word
Mirtha McHenry v. State of Indiana 79A02-0303-CR-251 79C01-0011-CV-46 Word
Ronald L. Shanabarger v. State of Indiana 41A05-0207-CR-327 41D01-9906-CF-94 Word
Jesse Reynolds v. State of Indiana 48A05-0210-CR-508 48D03-0202-FA-708 Word
Ronald E. Brabandt v. State of Indiana 22A01-0302-CR-64 22D01-0103-DF-102 Word
Christy Williamson v. State of Indiana 07A01-0210-PC-393 07C01-9701-CF-4 Word
Naomi & Grant Stewart v. City of Indianapolis 49A02-0305-CV-408 49F12-0207-OV-2511 Word
Joshua Mathews v. Adam Hansen 45A05-0305-CV-221 45C01-9903-AD-18 Word
Lydia Escobedo, et al. v. BHM Health Associates 45A03-0211-CV-383 45D02-9703-CP-268 Word
Brian R. Sebastian v. Beth A. Sebastian 18A02-0301-CV-31 18D01-9312-DR-67 Word
Robert J. Fox, Jr. v. State of Indiana 47A01-0303-CR-76 47D01-0004-CF-180 Word
Heather Rea v. James A. Shroyer 27A02-0306-JV-479 27D02-9811-JP-1010 Word
In Re The Supervised Estate of Ronda E. Williamson v. Wilma Williamson 05A02-0212-CV-1086 05C01-0112-EU-00065 Word
Boonville Convalescent Center v. Cloverleaf Healthcare 32A05-0301-CV-44 32D01-0204-CC-38 Word
Anthony D. Cuyler v. State of Indiana 76A03-0304-CR-142 76D01-0206-FD-632 Word
Cathy & Mark Thayer v. Charles Vaughan 79A02-0303-CV-260 79D02-0003-CP-107 Word
Melissa Woodward v. State of Indiana 49A04-0301-CR-8 49F15-0205-FD-133186 Word
Ronnie R. Williams v. State of Indiana 34A02-0212-CR-1084 34D03-0203-CM-400 Word
Gregory Dzierba v. City of Michigan City 46A03-0301-CV-34 46D01-0111-CP-377 Word
Clyde Perfect and Ella Mae Perfect v. Michael McAndrew 15A05-0303-CV-139 15C01-9911-CP-155 Word
Matter of the Adoption of T.J.F. 02A05-0212-CV-616 02D07-9705-AD-36 Word
Donald D. Slate v. State of Indiana 49A02-0301-CR-1 49F19-0205-CM-125759 Word
Lewis Allen v. State of Indiana 49A04-0212-CR-605 49G20-0105-CF-118333 Word
Trelleborg YSH, Inc. v. Lynn Corcoran & Review Board of the Indiana Department of Workforce Development 93A02-0303-EX-185 03-R-161 Word
Donald Leo McRoy v. State of Indiana 82A01-0301-CR-6 82D02-0112-CF-957 Word
Frenshell Hayworth v. State of Indiana 49A04-0302-CR-61 49G06-0209-FC-240888 Word
Bedros N. Nersessian v. Maple Leaf Duck Farms, Inc. & Review Board of the Indiana Department of Workforce Development 93A02-0302-EX-94 02-R-03117 Word
Gary Kicken v. Michelle Kicken 78A01-0301-CV-22 78D01-9906-DR-68 Word
Eddie W. Henson, Jr., v. State of Indiana 77A01-0304-CR-132 77D01-0204-FD-31 Word
GKN Co., formerly known as Gust K. Newberg Construction Company v. Starnes Trucking, Inc. 49A02-0304-CV-282 49D01-9405-CT-0434 Word
D.J. v. State of Indiana 49A02-0304-JV-295 49D09-0108-JD-3676 Word
Victor & Maria Lepucki v. Lake County Sheriff's Department 45A03-0212-CV-439 45D02-9909-CT-379 Word
Michael Dean Robinett v. State of Indiana 02A03-0302-PC-65 02D04-9105-CF-228 Word
Raymond Snellenbarger v. Peter F. Kunz and Jane Elder Dunz, and Two Gaits Development Company, Limited Partnership 29A02-0209-CV-755 29C01-9802-CP-101 Word
In Re: Custody, Support & Visitation of A.N.W. 21A04-0302-CV-87 21C01-0204-MI-187 Word
Aaron Packer v. State of Indiana 71A03-0212-CR-432 71D08-0203-MR-03 Word
Ed Robert Anderson v. State of Indiana 06A01-0306-CR-214 06D01-S-6600 Word
Peter Benjamin v. Denise Benjamin 64A03-0211-CV-386 64D02-0107-DR-6113 Word
Teddy Murray v. State of Indiana 01A02-0303-CR-225 01C01-0111-CF-030 Word
Oliver & Iverson Transport, Inc. v. Donald Honeycutt 93A02-0302-EX-132 C-157541 Word
S & S Enterprises v. Marathon Ashland Petroleum 49A02-0212-CV-1033 49D06-0006-CP-860 Word
L.W. v. State of Indiana 49A02-0306-JV-464 49D09-0302-JD-699 Word
Maria Andrianova v. Indiana Family and Social Services Administration 29A05-0301-CV-49 29D01-0012-MI-744 Word
Roger Dale Bowles v. Griffin Industries 93A02-0212-EX-1021 C11646458 Word
Darla & James Malott v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, et al. 45A03-0301-CV-16 45C01-9812-CT-3000 Word
Alfredo L. Wessling v. State of Indiana 62A01-0301-CR-42 62C01-0208-FC-692 Word
Larry Bowyer v. Indiana Department of Natural Resources 09A02-0303-CV-259 09C01-0001-CP-5 Word
Jayla Morningstar, et al. v. Brian & Elizabeth Maynard 01A05-0305-CV-224 01C01-0201-CT-2 Word
Leighton C. Johnson, Jr., M.D. v. James & Paula Eldridge 49A02-0304-CV-316 49D10-9912-CP-1798 Word
First Federal Savings Bank v. Donald Hartley and Joyce Hartley 85A04-0305-CV-233 85C01-0110-CP-509 Word
George D. King v. State of Indiana 49A04-0301-CR-37 49G03-0201-FA-3711 Word
Brian Linky, et al. v. Midwest Midrange Systems, et al. 49A02-0305-CV-373 49C01-0303-CT-664 Word
Joshua Wilson v. State of Indiana 82A05-0306-PC-299 82C01-9702-CF-208 Word
Sheryl L. Thayer v. James Whitcomb Riley Festival Association, et al. 30A05-0306-CV-294 30D01-0201-CT-33 Word
The Matter of the Termination of the Parent-Child Relationship of L.N., D.N. & L.N. 06A05-0308-JV-399 06C01-0208-JT-371 Word
Vlado Naumoski, et al. v. Miguel & Janet Bernacet 45A03-0303-CV-90 45D05-0001-CT-018 Word
Levy (Anthony) v. State of Indiana 49A02-0301-CR-28 49F07-0111-CM-216700 Word
Scot and Kathy Burke v. Blachly, Tabor, Bozik & Hartman 45A04-0303-CV-105 45D05-0010-CP-711 Word
Stephen Lovings v. Adam Cleary 64A03-0307-CV-273 64D04-0011-CT-9114 Word
Michael Duncan v. State of Indiana 49A02-0302-CR-161 49G03-0108-CF-168890 Word
Steven Cook v. State of Indiana 33A01-0302-CR-75 33C01-0112-CF-038 Word
Monica Witte, et al. v. M.M. and Kristin Mundy 17A05-0303-CV-147 17D01-0012-CT-15 Word
Charles Renfro v. Nancy McGuyer, et al. 82A01-0305-CV-184 82C01-0210-PL-658 Word
Clifton J. Jackson v. State of Indiana 45A03-0305-CR-194 45G03-9802-CF-32 Word
C.R.M. v. State of Indiana 42A05-0304-JV-204 42D01-0206-JD-23 Word
Megail Roberts v. State of Indiana 49A02-0301-CR-54 49F09-0210-CM-248396 Word
Michael Weiss d/b/a Weiss & Company, Inc., et al. v. Warren Harper, et al. 49A02-0212-CV-1010 49C01-0001-CP-116 Word
City of North Vernon v. Jennings Northwest Regional Utilities 40A01-0304-CV-145 40D01-9910-CP-296 Word
Issac Hooker v. State of Indiana 82A01-0304-PC-128 82C01-8808-CF-6902 Word
Darryl Pinkins v. State of Indiana 45A03-0301-PC-30 45G01-9001-CF-0005 Word
Lorean Evans, et al. v. Buffington Harbor River Boats, et al. 45A05-0212-CV-575 45D02-9907-CT-319 Word
Daniel Carr v. State of Indiana 20A03-0302-CR-55 20D03-0110-CF-112 Word
Juan L. Sanchez v. Gerald B. Benkie, et al. 46A03-0209-CV-322 46D02-0001-CP-003 Word
Lacie Nybo v. State of Indiana 71A03-0303-CR-81 71D02-0103-CF-118 Word
Henry and Phyllis Baker v. Heye-America 27A02-0306-CV-523 27C01-0008-CT-531 Word
Debra Underwood v. Gale Tschuor Co., Inc. 55A01-0211-CV-461 55D02-9911-CP-192 Word
Saveen Kondamuri v. Jayasri Kondamuri 45A03-0305-CV-189 45D03-0208-DR-01862 Word
Steven Flowers v. Gail Flowers 48A05-0301-CV-34 48D03-9403-DR-135 Word
Anthony Jacobs v. State of Indiana 49A02-0305-PC-402 49G01-9609-PC-150138 Word
Richard Hull v. State of Indiana 49A02-0304-CR-359 49G03-0010-CF-193048 Word
Steven I. Paul v. State of Indiana 22A01-0304-CR-138 22C01-0211-MR-252 Word
James Bedree v. Jennifer Degroote 02A03-0306-CV-241 02D01-0209-SC-17984 Word
Caito Foods v. George Keyes 20A03-0305-CV-151 20D06-0207-CT-300 Word
Quinn Robinson v. State of Indiana 45A03-0307-PC-255 45G02-9512-CF-252 Word
Edward Bartley, Jr. v. State of Indiana 22A01-0303-CR-84 22D01-0207-FA-293 Word
State of Indiana v. Elvin M. Lloyd 66A03-0307-CR-272 66D01-0205-CM-165 Word
C.M.L. by his mother v. Republic Services, Inc., et al. 78A01-0303-CV-99 78D01-0205-CT-101 Word
Betty & Michael Weis v. State of Indiana 26A04-0305-CR-226 26C01-0303-FD-29/28 Word
Tina Allender v. Sandy Fields 07A04-0305-CV-261 07C01-0102-SC-59 Word
Michael Borders v. Barbara A. (Borders) Noel 49A04-0306-CV-285 S586-1726 Word
Chester Borsuk, et al. v. Town of St. John 45A03-0305-CV-196 45D01-0011-MI-33 Word
Sequa Coatings Corporation v. Northern Indiana Commuter Transporation District 64A05-0305-CV-248 64D03-9910-CT-587 Word
David T. Creekmore v. State of Indiana 41A01-0304-PC-157 41D01-0104-DF-49 Word
James B. Breece, et al. v. Stephen Lugo, et al. 48A02-0302-CV-105 48D01-0206-PC-00482 Word
Dustin Todd Wolfe v. Brooke Wolfe Gregory, et al. 51A05-0305-CV-245 51C01-0112-CP-272 Word
Warren Gutermuth v. State of Indiana 10A01-0306-PC-218 10C01-9603-CF-21 Word
Carrie Douglas v. State of Indiana 49A02-0211-PC-956 CF87-296F Word
Daniel Boone Collins v. State of Indiana 49A05-0304-PC-159 49G06-9606-CF-74629 Word
Marshall Haddock v. State of Indiana 49A02-0305-CR-414 49G03-0203-FA-75620 Word
Ira L. Muex v. State of Indiana 79A04-0302-CR-66 79D01-0011-CF-133 Word
Larry Ray Boyles v. State of Indiana 84A05-0305-PC-255 84D05-0208-PC-2200 Word
David D. Parrett v. State of Indiana 21A01-0301-PC-12 21C01-9610-CF-183 Word
Linda Jones v. State of Indiana 67A01-0303-CR-86 67C01-0112-DR-184 Word
Claer-Marie Harris v. Mark T. Harris 64A05-0307-CV-318 64D01-9901-DR-189 Word
Robert Richardson v. State of Indiana 49A02-0303-PC-195 CR78-420D Word
State of Indiana v. Robert Jeffrey Pelley 71A03-0305-CR-163 71D08-0208-MR-00016 Word
Marlon Shepperson v. State of Indiana 48A05-0303-CR-129 48D03-0208-FD-252/48D03-0209-FD-271 Word
Leonardo Darnell Zanders v. State of Indiana 45A03-0309-CR-379 45G02-9910-DF-10059 Word
Rosby Corporation v. Townsend, Yosha, Cline & Price 49A05-0302-CV-68 49D11-9705-CP-0727 Word
Sarah Sellmer v. State of Indiana 29A04-0303-CR-147 29D04-0111-CF-07259 Word
State of Indiana v. Lowell Necessary 89A05-0311-CR-593 89D03-0101-DF-15 Word
Duane Dedelow, et al. v. Kathleen Pucalik, et al. 45A03-0304-CV-148 45D11-0207-PL-00082 Word
James B. Gorski v. DRR, Inc., d/b/a Hots Show Club, et al. 49A02-0304-CV-300 49D02-9806-CT-826 Word
Bobby McElvain v. Neil and Susie Hite 82A04-0307-CV-365 82D07-0208-AD-172/82D07-0208-AD-173 Word
Ivory Joyner, et al. v. Citifinancial Mortgage Company 45A04-0303-CV-132 45C01-0106-CP-677 Word
Jeffrey Vlietstra v. State of Indiana 46A04-0302-CR-54 46D03-0111-DF-1679 Word
Barbara Saler, et al. v. Gene Irick, et al. 49A02-0304-CV-280 49D08-0206-PL-1488 Word
Richard A. Randall v. Norfolk Southern Railway 18A02-0305-CV-421 18C01-0204-CT-16 Word
Governor Joseph Kernan, et al. v. Richard Schindler, et al. 40A01-0206-CV-200 40C01-0203-PL-55 Word
Finlay Properties, Inc. v. Hoosier Contracting, LLC 49A02-0307-CV-644 49D12-0209-PL-1588 Word
Theodore Alexander v. PSB Lending Corporation 82A04-0212-CV-592 82C01-0111-CP-654 Word
Michael T. Lewis v. State of Indiana 02A03-0306-CR-217 02D04-0008-CF-418 Word
Estate of Penzenik v. Penz Products 71A05-0304-CV-192 71D05-0003-CP-341 Word
Mark C. Dawson v. Karen A. Dawson 32A05-0305-CV-226 32D01-9810-DR-128 Word
American Family Mutual Insurance v. Federated Mutual Insurance, et al. 49A02-0306-CV-489 49D03-0012-CT-1889 Word
Allstate Insurance Company v. Tim L. Scroghan 03A01-0304-CV-140 03C01-9909-CT-1317 Word
Bart Alan Bales v. Sharon Lynn Bales 46A05-0306-CV-279 46C01-8512-DR-47914 Word
James C. Mesarosh v. State of Indiana 51A01-0302-CR-56 51C01-0206-FC-102 Word
William Blanchard v. State of Indiana 49A02-0302-CR-104 49G03-0107-CF-148134 Word
Craig W. Glass v. State of Indiana 40A01-0307-CR-243 40C01-0211-FA-177 Word
Chanelle Linet Alexander v. Jack Cottey, et al. 49A02-0301-CV-32 49C01-0006-CT-1217 Word
Cathy & Mark Thayer v. Charles Vaughn 79A02-0303-CV-260 79D02-0003-CP-107 Word
Midwestern Indemnity Company, et al. v. System Builders, et al. 49A02-0304-CV-287 49D02-9707-CP-969 Word
Gloria McGill v. John Ling, et al. 49A02-0303-CV-174 49D12-9908-CT-1084 Word
Bank of New York v. Stephen H. Nally, et al. 29A02-0212-CV-1057 48D03-9808-CP-758 Word
Robert Wright v. State of Indiana 49A05-0304-CR-188 49G05-0211-FC-283362 Word
Nicholas R. Brannon v. State of Indiana 61A01-0304-CR-151 61C01-0207-FB-107 Word
State of Indiana v. E.R. 50A04-0305-CR-217 50D02-0301-CM-26 PDF
Spencer Sherrell v. Northern Community School 80A02-0304-CV-367 80C01-0105-MI-133 Word
Anthony T. Herron v. State of Indiana 84A01-0304-CR-134 84D03-0204-MR-1142 Word
Rust-Oleum Corporation v. Carol and Theresa Fitz 71A03-0303-CV-95 71C01-9211-CP-01580 Word
PSI Energy, Inc. v. The Home Insurance Company, et al. 32A01-0204-CV-146 32D01-9807-CP-230 Word
Dorothy McKnight v. Marion County Office of Family & Children 49A04-0307-JV-339 49D009-0205-JT-118 Word
Donald Land v. State of Indiana 82A04-0304-CR-176 82D02-0111-CF-850 Word
Marcella Keith, et al. v. Pauanani Dooley, et al. 22A05-0303-CV-112 22D01-0203-PL-101 Word
Robert J. Cox v. Diane L. Anderson 48A02-0301-CV-61 48D03-9709-RS-747 Word
Star Wealth Management, Company v. Lloyd Brown 48A02-0303-CV-239 48D01-0105-CT-384 Word
Jeremiah Beverly v. State of Indiana 49A02-0304-CR-298 49G05-0111-CF-216204 Word
Gerald L. Stokes v. State of Indiana 49A02-0212-CR-1081 49G20-0208-FA-215280 Word
Walter McGill v. Jayne Franklin McGill 47A04-0307-CV-342 47D01-9005-DR-357 Word
Travis Stephens v. State of Indiana 49A02-0304-CR-330 49G02-9810-CF-163152 Word
Sedona Development Group, Inc. v. Merrillville Road Limited Partnership 45A03-0306-CV-211 45D11-0103-CP-208 Word
Linda Johnson v. Parkview Health Systems 02A03-0303-CV-108 02D01-0204-CT-175 Word
PSI Energy, Inc. v. William Lee Roberts, et al. 49A02-0210-CV-883 49D02-9601-MI-0001-687 Word
Mildred Rawls v. Marsh Supermarkets, Inc. et al. 34A05-0306-CV-274 34D02-0011-CP-892 Word
Ronald L. Hunter v. State of Indiana 20A03-0303-CR-91 20D06-0105-DF-522/20D06-0108-DF-748 & 753 Word
Matthew Glass v. Trump Indiana, Inc. 45A03-0302-CV-70 45D02-9910-CT-381 Word
Arthur John Bryant v. State of Indiana 31A01-0209-CR-365 31D01-0106-MU-485 Word
Michael Ray Minton v. State of Indiana 48A02-0301-CR-22 48D02-0103-CF-105 Word
Gilbert R. Augspurger v. Julie E. Hudson 49A04-0111-CV-514 49D10-9610-DR-1525 Word
Ezell Neville v. State of Indiana 49A05-0305-CR-212 49G03-0210-FB-254741 Word
Carlin Krieg v. Donald Hieber 17A05-0306-CV-311 17D01-0105-CP-154 Word
David Copeland v. State of Indiana 49A02-0306-CR-522 49G17-0210-FD-293468 Word
Kevin L. McCarty v. State of Indiana 49A04-0306-PC-296 49G03-0006-CF-112552 Word
State of Indiana v. Gary Hanley 67A01-0307-CR-236 67C01-0203-FA-50 Word
Kevin E. Smith v. State of Indiana 02A05-0303-CR-105 02D04-0109-CF-429/02D04-0109-CF-634/02D04-0110-CF-680 Word
Judston McClure v. State of Indiana 79A05-0309-CR-437 79C01-0009-CF-42 Word
Pedro Sanchez v. State of Indiana 49A02-0304-CR-362 49G14-0212-FD-298179 Word
Ten Cate Enbi, Inc. v. Julie Metz 73A04-0309-CV-455 73D01-0112-CP-283 Word
Conzalos Glasco v. State of Indiana 49A05-0306-PC-264 49G05-9903-CF-50503 Word
American Family Mutual v. Eugene H. Ginther, et al. 71A05-0305-CV-214 71D04-9906-CP-770 Word
Cathy & William Brady v. Brown Township Lifestar Ambulance 55A01-0305-CV-166 55C01-9909-CT-325 Word
Jomokenyatta N. Dorsey v. State of Indiana 84A01-0308-CR-282 84D03-0304-FC-905 Word
Traci Jacobs v. State of Indiana 75A03-0305-CR-179 75C01-0301-FB-1 Word
The Estate of Robert W. Hunter by Nina Jean Hunter v. Charles L. Young, Jr. 29A02-0306-CV-474 29D01-0207-PL-523 Word
Danny & Cindra O'Brien v. Watco Contract Switching, et al. 49A05-0303-CV-131 49D01-0101-CP-139 Word
Marshall Randolph v. State of Indiana 45A04-0307-PC-376 45G01-0204-PC-2 Word
Valentin Jaramillo v. State of Indiana 76A03-0306-CR-209 76D01-0208-FB-924 Word
Tyler Lawson v. State of Indiana 29A05-0306-CR-295 29D05-0301-CM-145 Word
State of Indiana v. Joseph Molnar 64A03-0305-CR-202 64D01-0302-CM-1554 Word
Don Merritt v. State of Indiana 49A04-0305-CR-213 49G20-0201-FA-13409 Word
Michael Shirley v. State of Indiana 49A02-0306-CR-480 49G14-0206-FD-156960 Word
Indiana Department of Environmental Management v. Boone County Resource Recovery Systems 06A01-0302-CV-49 06C01-0011-CP-368 Word
Strack and Til, Inc. v. Sharon Carter 45A03-0209-CV-311 45D10-0112-CT-485 Word
Thomas Van Etten v. Kosta L. Fegaras, et al. 46A04-0309-CV-440 46D02-9901-CT-011 Word
Mark Polinsky, et al. v. Frank Violi 09A05-0310-CV-538 09D01-0305-PL-17 Word
Jeremy L. Vennard v. State of Indiana 42A01-0305-CR-193 42D01-0108-CF-144 Word
Cardiology Associates of Northwest Indiana, P.C., and JCPN, LLC v. Tracy Collins, M.D. 45A03-0302-CV-43 45C01-0206-PL-164 Word
Marvin L. Conklin v. Betty Fisher 91A02-0310-CV-835 91C01-0110-CT-15 Word
Metropolitan School District of Lawrence Township v. Linda J. Carter 93A02-0308-EX-730 C-156346 Word
Velvet Imre & Gregory Gambill v. Lake States Insurance Company 64A03-0308-CV-330 64D01-0109-CP-8108 Word
Jason L. Massey v. State of Indiana 56A03-0309-CR-373 56D01-0210-FB-11 Word
Jeffrey O. Butrum v. Kathy L. Roman 84A04-0308-JV-389 84C01-8407-JP-250 Word
Ann and Jeff Willis v. Christopher Westerfield 49A02-0211-CV-930 49D03-9901-CT-000013 Word
Joe M. Cummins v. Brent R. McIntosh, M.D. 49A02-0309-CV-786 49D04-9906-CT-768 Word
John Cho, et al. v. Purdue Research Foundation, et al. 79A02-0305-CV-449 79D01-0108-CP-440 Word
Paula Jo Wagner, et al. v. Roy E. Spurlock, Jr., et al. 45A03-0303-CV-86 45C01-9908-CP-2000 Word
Sally R. Riley v. Heritage Products, Inc. 54A04-0306-CV-303 54D01-0210-MI-355 Word
State of Indiana v. Kerel L. Seabrooks 71A05-0302-CR-74 71D01-0102-CF-64 Word
In Re: C.A. and L.A. v. Cedric Adams 71A03-0310-CV-394 8305-10-1813 Word
Marianne R. Arms v. Larrabee L. Arms 88A01-0303-CV-95 88C01-9905-DR-31 Word
Provident Bank v. Tri-County Asphalt 49A02-0304-CV-341 49D05-0112-CP-1954 Word
Jelani Merritt v. State of Indiana 71A03-0305-CR-169 71D08-9910-CR-574 Word
Tina Messer v. Cerestar USA, et al. 45A04-0303-CV-140 45C01-0010-CT-00566 Word
Jason Edwards v. State of Indiana 49A02-0307-CR-586 49F10-0211-CM-275722 Word
Chester Borsuk v. Town of St. John 45A03-0305-CV-196 45D01-0011-MI-33 Word
Lawrence Thomas v. State of Indiana 46A04-0306-PC-295 46D01-9303-CF-024 Word
Willie J. Jackson v. Timothy A. Jones, et al. 49A02-0305-CV-390 49D04-0105-CT-832 Word
Willie J. Jackson v. Timothy A. Jones, et al. 49A02-0305-CV-390 49D04-0105-CT-832 Word
Lindsey Clark v. Brandon Taylor 62A01-0308-JV-296 62C01-0206-JP-54 Word
Andrew J. Scott. State of Indiana 65A01-0307-CR-240 65D01-0210-FB-510 Word
Larry L. Craig v. State of Indiana 49A02-0301-PC-45 49G02-9103-PC-039906 Word
Anastazia Schmid v. State of Indiana 79A02-0212-CR-995 79D02-0103-CF-28 Word
Sandy Diane Pugh v. State of Indiana 48A02-0310-CR-934 48D01-0007-CF-269 Word
Vaughn Hannibal v. State of Indiana 34A02-0306-CR-520 34D02-0209-FC-327 Word
Thomas Schaeffer v. Atul Kumar 45A03-0203-CV-94/45A03-0302-CV-54 45C01-9809-MI-2192/45C01-0203-PL-79 Word
Curtis Ray Johnican v. State of Indiana 82A01-0305-CR-196 82D02-0209-FA-781 Word
Joshua H. Woolley v. Washington Township Small Claims Court 49A05-0309-CV-485 49D05-0204-MI-737 Word
James E. Clark v. State of Indiana 41A01-0306-CR-224 41D01-0212-CM-330 Word
Amy Bostick v. State of Indiana 33A01-0308-CR-281 33D01-9807-CF-20 Word
John Thomas Sees v. Bank One, Indiana, N.A. 35A02-0309-CV-744 35C01-0012-CP-577 Word
Phyllis Gaddis v. Stardust Hills Owners Association, Inc. 67A01-0309-CV-347 67D01-0208-SC-931 Word
Sondra L. Ratliff v. Michael K. Ratliff 07A01-0307-CV-249 07C01-0002-DR-44 Word
Estate of Kelly S. Spry v. Ruth Batey, et al. 20A04-0306-CV-268 20D02-0209-CT-572 Word
Kimberly Johnson v. State of Indiana 49A02-0308-CR-701 49G16-0208-FD-21481 Word
In the Matter of Involuntary Termination of Parent-Child Relationship of D.D. 49A02-0306-JV-461 49D08-0110-JT-1143 Word
Rick and Areta Nance v. Holy Cross Counseling Group, et al. 71A03-0307-CV-271 71D05-0109-CP-01302 Word
Hilton A. Turner v. City of Kokomo, et al 34A04-0303-CV-144 34D02-0208-PL-00709 Word
K.M. v. State of Indiana 82A01-0306-JV-212 82D01-0303-JD-96 Word
Citizens Action Coalition of Indiana, Inc. v. Northern Indiana Public Service Company, et al. 93A02-0212-EX-1062 IURC 42150 Word
Teresa Theobald v. Gregory Theobald 15A01-0305-CV-163 15C01-0104-DR-91 Word
Building Materials Manufacturing Corporation v. T & B Structural Systems, Inc. 46A03-0307-CV-268 46D03-0305-PL-116 Word
T.M. v. State of Indiana 33A05-0306-JV-303 33D01-0207-JD-0017 Word
Ronald W. Frazier v. James A. Mellowitz 49A02-0305-CV-385 49D07-9904-CT-525 Word
Donna Poppe v. James Jabaay, et al. 45A03-0304-CV-139 45C01-9905-DR-1391 Word
Hyundai Motor America, Inc. v. Sandra Goodin 82A05-0303-CV-155 82D03-0111-CP-3964 Word
Timothy Jarrett v. State of Indiana 49A05-0306-CR-283 49G17-0109-DF-179690 Word
Anna King, et al. v. Eric C. Ebrens, et al 24A01-0308-CV-308 24C01-0201-PL-22 Word
Indiana Insurance Company v. Patricia S. Dreiman, et al. 42A01-0305-CV-174 42C01-0004-CP-173 Word
Jason L. Inlow, et al. v. Henderson, Daily, Withrow & Devoe 49A02-0305-CV-432 49D06-0304-CT-693 Word
Phoenix Natural Resources Inc. v. Orville Messmer, et al. 19A05-0305-CV-213 19D01-0003-CP-0051 Word
Franklin E. Patterson v. Daniel W. Dykes 48A05-0306-CV-267 48D01-0212-MI-1060 Word
April L. Sudvary v. David E. Mussard 50A03-0310-CV-392 50C01-9903-DR-9 Word
Loren Jay Adams v. State of Indiana 49A02-0307-CR-568 49G01-0205-FB-155588 Word
Stephen and Brenda Argabright v. R.H. Marlin, Inc. 49A05-0305-CV-220 49D13-9801-CT-103 Word
Dennis Ruggieri v. State of Indiana 71A03-0304-CR-147 71D03-9912-CF-703 Word
F. Brown v. M. Jones 18A02-0306-CV-469 18D01-0004-CP-116 Word
In Re The Matter of the Estate of Michael Long, Deceased, Roger Long, Personal Representative 38A02-0306-CV-526 38C01-0202-ES-6 Word
Daniel J. Wood v. State of Indiana 36A01-0303-CR-80 36C01-0008-DF-222/36C01-0303-CR-80 Word
Kosciusko County Area Plan Commission v. 1st Source Bank 43A05-0308-CV-413 43D01-0301-PL-1 Word
City of Carmel v. Leeper Electric 30A01-0304-CV-158 30C01-9703-CP-76 Word
Cherryl Stewart v. Randolph County Office of Family & Children 68A01-0312-JV-462 68C01-0212-JT-206/68C01-0212-JT-207/68C01-0212-JT-208/68C01-0212-JT-209 Word
Christopher Gist v. State of Indiana 72A01-0308-CR-286 72C01-0210-FB-21 Word
Robin Montgomery v. State of Indiana 58A01-0304-CR-139 58D01-0105-CF-036 Word
Sam Matshazi v. State of Indiana 49A04-0307-CR-354 49G06-0302-FB-24010 Word
Shahid Iqbal v. State of Indiana 55A04-0311-CR-564 55D03-0208-MR-225 Word
Eugene King v. Tom Terry 18A02-0307-CV-601 18C01-0104-CP-242 Word
Keith R. Michael, et al. v. City of Bloomington, et al. 53A01-0310-CV-399 53C02-0206-PL-1040 Word
In The Matter of K.S.P and J.P. 56A03-0309-CV-375 56C01-0303-AD-1 Word
Arvel Ray Collins v. Tara Lea Collins 10A01-0308-CV-284 10D01-8912-DR-388 Word
Maurice K. Smith v. State of Indiana 64A03-0306-CR-204 64D01-0210-FB-9017 Word
Stephen Faust v. State of Indiana 49A02-0307-CR-647 49G02-0207-FB-201330 Word
Dennis C. Bielfeldt v. Ernst R. Nims 45A03-0305-CV-170 45D05-9211-CT-266 Word
Westfield Companies v. Ralph Knapp, et al. 56A03-0304-CV-141 56C01-0007-CP-77 Word
Estate of Robert "Bobby" Lee Helms 55A01-0301-CV-23 55D01-9711-CP-499 Word
John F. Csicsko, M.D., et al. v. John Hill, et al. 76A03-0308-CV-307 76D01-0301-CT-21 Word
Philip R. Davis v. Union Federal Bank of Indianapolis 02A03-0309-CV-376 02D01-0010-CP-1641/02D01-0010-CP-1636/02D01-0010-CP-1643/02D01-0010-CP-1646/02D01-0207-MF-249 Word
Richard W. Osborne v. State of Indiana 59A01-0309-CR-331 59C01-0206-FC-36 Word
Deborah C. Steiner v. Bank One, et al. 02A04-0309-CV-484 02C01-9901-DR-52 Word
Madan Verma d/b/a Madan Construction Company, Inc., et al. v. D.T. Carpentry, LLC. 45A03-0309-CV-344 45D02-9906-CT-303 Word
James & Della Lovings v. Dave Thomas 64A03-0307-CV-261 64D01-0106-CP-5237 Word
In the Matter of the Guardianship of Josephine A. Hickman 53A01-0211-CV-446 53C07-0108-GU-60 Word
Gene and Carolyn Lasater v. Donald House, Sr. 18A04-0305-CV-223 18C04-0104-CP-43 Word
Dean E. Blanck v. Indiana Department of Corrections 52A02-0309-CV-800 52C01-0308-CT-397 Word
Federated Rural Electric Insurance Exchange v. National Farmers Union 49A05-0305-CV-227 49D01-0003-CP-448 Word
State of Indiana v. David Leon Jones 48A02-0308-PC-723 48D03-9903-CF-55 Word
Richard and Janet Orban v. Dana Krull, et al. 43A05-0307-CV-366 43C01-0106-CP-103 Word
Brenna Guy v. State of Indiana 49A04-0206-CR-267 49F08-0108-CM-173167 Word
Mukesh I. Desai v. Sherry L. Croy 91A02-0306-CV-512 91C01-0106-CP-106 Word
Carl R. Denton, Jr. v. State of Indiana 41A05-0309-CR-488 41D02-0105-DF-79 Word
B.J.B. v. State of Indiana 65A05-0309-JV-433 65C01-0101-JD-1 Word
Fort Wayne Lodge, LLC v. EBH Corporation 02A05-0305-CV-241 02D01-9912-CP-2243 Word
Terry Huber v. State of Indiana 67A05-0311-CR-585 67C01-0101-DF-20 Word
Patrick Fitzgerald v. State of Indiana 28A01-0306-CR-199 28D01-0205-FB-335 Word
William Roberts v. State of Indiana 93A02-0309-EX-783 159799 Word
Westfield Insurance Company v. Yaste, Zen & Rye Agency 43A03-0306-CV-239 43C01-9811-CP-787 Word
Larry L. Bailey v. Carlus H. Holiday, et al. 22A04-0301-CV-33 22C01-0212-PL-646 Word
Thomas G. Jaehnen v. Phillip R. Booker 58A01-0307-CV-269 58D01-0207-PL-008 Word
Commissioner Sally McCarty v. Vicki L. Sanders, et al. 49A02-0304-CV-324 49D10-0008-CT-001135 Word
Reginald L. Ward v. Indiana Parole Board 32A05-0310-CV-499 32C01-0308-MI-70 Word
Bourbon Mini-Mart, Inc., et al. v. Indiana Department of Environmental Management 50A03-0307-CV-285 50D01-9106-CP-107 Word
Stephen & Suzan Cox v. William E. Paul, DDS 71A03-0303-CV-92 71C01-9801-CP-135 Word
The Coca-Cola Company, et al. v. Babyback's International, Inc. 49A02-0308-CV-703 49D03-0101-CT-62 Word
Glendora Honeycutt, et al. v. Clifford Ong, et al. 49A04-0308-CV-387 49D05-0208-CT-1477 Word
Beto Partners, LLC v. Unsupervised Estate of Robert E. Bender 06A04-0307-CV-377 06D01-0102-ES-29 Word
Stephen John West v. State of Indiana 65A04-0309-CR-435 65D01-0302-FD-97 Word
Jeffrey O. Butrum v. Kathy L. Roman 84A04-0308-JV-389 84C01-8407-JP-250 Word
Sandra E. Beike v. Walter C. Beike 46A05-0311-CV-562 46D01-9501-DF-009 Word
In Re Adoption of Infant Female Fitz 29A04-0308-CV-384 29D01-0101-AD-2 Word
Samuel Hoggatt v. State of Indiana 49A02-0310-CR-858 49G16-0005-CM-079200/49G16-0009-DF-159623/49G16-0101-DF-019847 Word
Burd Management, LLC v. State of Indiana 49A02-0307-CV-572 49D12-0210-PL-1827 Word
Anthony Tinker v. State of Indiana 49A02-0310-PC-860 49G04-9407-PC-089189 Word
Graycor Industrial v. Anthony Metz 93A02-0308-EX-721 C-154720 Word
Chanelle Linet Alexander v. Jack Cottey, et al. 49A02-0301-CV-32 49C01-0006-CT-1217 Word
Brandy D. Stanifer v. Travis G. Wright 77A01-0305-CV-182 77D01-0110-CT-328 Word
Provident Bank v. Tri-County Southside Asphalt, Inc. 49A02-0304-CV-341 49D05-0112-CP-1954 Word
Fernando Trujillo v. State of Indiana 49A02-0308-CR-727 49G06-0301-FA-8310 Word
Mark Murfitt v. Vickie Murfitt 43A03-0308-CV-316 43C01-0105-DR-379 Word
Karen Bailey v. State of Indiana 49A02-0305-CR-441 49G06-0212-FC-293663 Word
Donald Ennis v. State of Indiana 63A01-0312-PC-458 63C01-9909-CF-510/63C01-0307-PC-513 Word
Daniel C. Portee v. State of Indiana 02A04-0212-PC-595 02D04-0003-DF-193 Word
Dimitrios and Laura Garnelis v. Marion County Health Department 49A04-0308-CV-429 49D05-0101-CT-84 Word
John P. Myers v. State of Indiana 72A01-0306-CR-217 72D01-0212-FD-326 Word
Dreibelbiss Title Company v. Fifth Third Bank 49A02-0309-CV-823 49D12-0205-PL-786 Word
Rosalind R. Bowman v. Harold E. Smoot 53A01-0308-CV-314 53C06-9704-CT-376 Word
Dallis J. Tirey v. Marla L. Tirey and State of Indiana 66A03-0310-CV-410 66C01-9402-DR-7 Word
Robert Stytle v. Angola Die Casting Company, et al. 93A02-0311-EX-970 C-154593 Word
Swiggett Lumber and Construction Company v. Barbara Quandt, et al. 32A04-0310-CV-532 32D01-0301-CT-5 Word
Joshua A. Willis v. State of Indiana 30A05-0307-CR-348 30D02-0101-DF-054 Word
Sandra K. Kelley, Ph.D. v. Vigo County School Corporation 84A01-0308-CV-293 84D03-9909-CP-1607 Word
Michael Dicen v. State of Indiana 55A01-0305-CV-173 55D01-0301-PL-30 Word
Donna Greenfield, Personal Representative of the Estate