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Date Published Case Lower Court Case Number Appellate Court Case Number
10/15/20 In the Matter of the Termination of the Parent-Child Relationship of K.R., J.T.R., J.L.R., and E.R. (Minor Children); A.B. (Mother) and J.R. (Father) v. Indiana Department of Child Services 76C01-1807-JT-234, 76C01-1807-JT-235, 76C01-1807-JT-236, 76C01-1807-JT-237 20S-JT-63
10/08/20 Steven Glover, As Personal Representative of the Estate of Shelina M. Glover v. Allstate Property and Casualty Insurance Company 49D14-1711-CT-41566 20S-CT-23
10/02/20 Dawn Riddle and Matthew Riddle v. Dennis Cress, Haley Wilkerson, and Helen Cress 41D04-1810-PL-133 20S-PL-573
09/28/20 Brian W. Kinman v. State of Indiana 21C01-1802-F5-131, 21C01-1906-F5-467 20S-CR-569
09/08/20 D.P. v. State of Indiana; State of Indiana v. N.B. 67C01-1901-JD-3, 48C02-1811-JD-390 20S-JV-443
09/08/20 Patrick Humphrey v. Brian Tuck, US Xpress, Inc. 36D01-1604-CT-22 20S-CT-548
08/25/20 Benjamin S. Smith v. Franklin Township Community School Corporation 49D13-1810-CT-42794 20S-CT-98
08/18/20 Jordan B. Wadle v. State of Indiana 21D01-1511-F3-912 19S-CR-340
08/18/20 Alain Kiiwon Powell, Jr. v. State of Indiana 79C01-1703-F1-4 19S-CR-527
08/05/20 Brandon Battering v. State of Indiana 66C01-1512-F1-3 20S-CR-31
08/04/20 State of Indiana v. Samuel E. Vande Brake 79D01-1903-F1-5 20S-CR-499
07/09/20 Tammi Clark, as personal representative of the Estate of Kandace Pyles, deceased v. Samer Mattar, M.D. 49D11-1601-CT-3080 20S-CT-109
07/06/20 Brittany Nicole Mullins v. State of Indiana 79D02-1808-F4-34, 79D02-1904-F2-18 20S-CR-451
06/30/20 Marcus Lee McCain v. State of Indiana 45G04-1708-MR-6 20S-CR-281
06/29/20 State of Indiana v. Wesley Ryder 49G09-1506-F6-19537 20S-CR-435
06/26/20 Anthony Gammons, Jr. v. State of Indiana 49G06-1706-F1-21991 20S-CR-22
06/24/20 N.G. v. State of Indiana 20D05-1811-XP-76 19S-XP-673
06/23/20 Brian E. Hardin v. State of Indiana 55C01-1709-F2-1851 20S-CR-418
06/23/20 Katelin Eunjoo Seo v. State of Indiana 29D01-1708-MC-5640 18S-CR-595
06/15/20 In the Matter of Steven T. Fulk N/A 19S-DI-277
06/12/20 Bayer Corporation, et al. v. Rene Leach, et al. 49D14-1803-CT-12218 20S-CT-354
05/29/20 River Ridge Development Authority v. Outfront Media, LLC, David Watkins, No Moore, Inc., the Schlosser Family Limited Partnership, the Town of Utica, and the Utica Board of Zoning Appeals 10C02-1709-PL-99 19S-PL-645
05/22/20 Brandon L. Johnson v. State of Indiana 59C01-1602-F4-160 20S-CR-61
05/19/20 Thomas K. Jackson v. State of Indiana 46D01-1704-F3-367 20S-CR-315
05/18/20 Jesse L. Payne v. State of Indiana 61C01-0505-FB-79 20S-CR-313
05/11/20 In the Matter of Curtis T. Hill, Jr. N/A 19S-DI-156
05/11/20 FMS Nephrology Partners North Central Indiana Dialysis Centers, LLC v. Meritain Health, Inc., et al. 71D07-1605-PL-194 20S-PL-302
05/06/20 In the Matter of Scott J. Lennox N/A 19S-DI-628
05/05/20 In the Matter of R.L. (Minor Child); J.R. (Mother) v. Indiana Department of Child Services and Child Advocates, Inc. 49D09-1803-JC-638 20S-JC-296
04/01/20 In the Matter of J.C. and R.C. (Minor Children); B.C. (Mother) v. Indiana Department of Child Services, and Child Advocates, Inc. 49D09-1803-JT-347, 49D09-1803-JT-348 20S-JT-235
03/31/20 Forrest Perkins v. Memorial Hospital of South Bend 71D05-1609-CT-404 20S-CT-233
03/30/20 Cathy Jo Robertson v. State of Indiana 40D01-1705-PL-67 19S-PL-432
03/23/20 City of New Albany v. Board of Commissioners of the County of Floyd 22D02-1804-MI-598 19S-MI-674
03/11/20 Kathy Salyer v. Washington Regular Baptist Church Cemetery, and Kristy Sams 69C01-1703-PL-9 20S-PL-102
03/10/20 In the Matter of Raymond Gupta N/A 19S-DI-71
03/03/20 Cavanaugh's Sports Bar & Eatery, Ltd. v. Eric Porterfield 45D04-0710-CT-288 20S-CT-88
03/03/20 Bryce A. Burton v. Martin Benner and Indiana State Police 04C01-1612-CT-176 19S-CT-549
03/02/20 Bradley A. Estabrook v. Mazak Corporation N/A 19S-CQ-590
02/20/20 In the Matter of M.S. (Minor Child in Need of Services); A.C. (Mother) v. Indiana Department of Child Services 32D03-1711-JC-186 19S-JC-505
02/20/20 Derek Heuring v. State of Indiana 87D02-1808-F2-435 19S-CR-528
02/17/20 Collins Asset Group, LLC v. Alkhemer Alialy 29D01-1704-CC-3957 19S-CC-531
02/17/20 Dean Blair and Paula Blair v. EMC Mortgage, LLC 82D07-1207-MF-3333 19S-MF-530
01/31/20 S.H. v. D.W. 03D01-1802-PO-626 19S-PO-118
01/29/20 In the Matter of Joseph W. Burton N/A 19S-DI-309
01/21/20 In the Matter of Nicole D. Fraley N/A 18S-DI-304
01/10/20 In the Matter of the Adoption of C.A.H., A.C.S. (Father) v. R.S.E. and R.K.E. (Grandparents) 55D01-1705-AD-85 20S-AD-5
12/18/19 American Consulting, Inc. d/b/a American Structurepoint, Inc. v. Hannum Wagle & Cline Engineering, Inc., d/b/a HWC Engineering, Inc., Marlin A. Knowles, Jr., Jonathan A. Day, David Lancet, et al. 49D01-1503-PL-7463 18S-PL-437
12/03/19 Heraeus Medical, LLC, et al. v. Zimmer, Inc., et al. 43D04-1802-PL-21 19S-PL-471
11/12/19 A.M. v. State of Indiana 43D01-1708-JD-292 19S-JV-603
11/12/19 Kenworth of Indianapolis, Inc., et al. v. Seventy-Seven Limited, et al. 49D04-1010-PL-43362 19S-PL-37
11/12/19 In the Matter of the Honorable Andrew Adams; In the Matter of the Honorable Bradley B. Jacobs; In the Matter of the Honorable Sabrina R. Bell N/A 19S-JD-386, 19S-JD-566, 19S-JD-567
10/31/19 In the Matter of Ma.H., Le.H., Lo.H., W.H., La.H., Me.H., and S.W. (Minor Children); M.H. (Father) and R.H. (Mother) v. Indiana Department of Child Services 90C01-1707-JT-22, -29, -30, -31, -32, -34, -35 19S-JT-323
10/28/19 State of Indiana v. Tyson Timbs 27D01-1308-MI-92 27S04-1702-MI-70
10/24/19 William Clyde Gibson, III v. State of Indiana 22D01-1606-PC-4, 22D01-1701-PC-1 22S00-1601-PD-9, 22S00-1608-PD-411
10/18/19 Kevin Andrew Schuler v. State of Indiana 31D01-1308-MR-508 31S00-1703-LW-134
10/10/19 International Business Machines Corporation v. State of Indiana, acting on behalf of the Indiana Family & Social Services Administration 49D01-1005-PL-21451 19S-PL-19
10/08/19 Rodney W. Falls v. State of Indiana 43D03-1802-F6-166 19S-CR-557
10/01/19 C.S., Jr. v. State of Indiana; Z.T. v. State of Indiana 20C01-1712-JD-612. 20C01-1710-JD-540 19S-JV-136, 19S-JV-137
09/20/19 Tracie Easler v. State of Indiana 49G10-1707-CM-25008 19S-CR-324
09/13/19 Rainbow Realty Group, Inc., et al. v. Katrina Carter and Quentin Lintner 49D14-1505-CC-16629 19S-CC-38
09/11/19 Brian L. Paquette v. State of Indiana 63C01-1602-F3-73 19S-CR-502
09/10/19 In the Matter of Brent Welke N/A 49S00-1707-DI-472
09/06/19 Corey R. Faith v. State of Indiana 31D01-1803-FA-204 19S-CR-499
08/21/19 Troy R. Shaw v. State of Indiana 02D04-1803-PC-17 19S-PC-466
08/09/19 In the Matter of M.I., N.I., N.I., N.I., N.I., S.I. (Minor Children); Denis Koehlinger v. K. H. (Mother); A.I. (Father) and L.M. (Father) v. Indiana Department of Child Services 02D08-1710-JT-146, 02D08-1710-JT-147, 02D08-1710-JT-148, 02D08-1710-JT-149, 02D08-1710-JT-150 19S-JT-281
08/08/19 Katrina Murray and Aquila F. Flynn, as Co-Personal Representatives of the Estate of Jaylan T.R. Murray, Deceased v. Indianapolis Public Schools and Arlington Community High School 49D13-1703-CT-11107 19S-CT-282
08/07/19 Alberto Baiza Rodriguez v. State of Indiana 20D06-1503-F6-264 18S-CR-143
08/07/19 State of Indiana v. Pebble Stafford 39C01-1307-FB-696 39S04-1712-CR-749
08/07/19 Derrick Cardosi v. State of Indiana 56D01-1608-MR-2 18S-LW-181
07/16/19 Mohamed M. Dadouch v. State of Indiana 42D02-1706-CM-477 19S-CR-404
06/27/19 NIPSCO Industrial Group v. Northern Indiana Public Service Company, and Office of the Utility Consumer Counselor 44733-TDSIC-2 18S-EX-475
06/27/19 Michael Hodges v. State of Indiana 49D11-1711-MI-40912 19S-MI-117
06/27/19 Jeana M. Horner, et al. v. Terry R. Curry, et al. 49D06-1602-PL-4804 18S-PL-333
06/27/19 In the Matter of Eq.W., M.W., A.W., S.W., and Ez.W. (Minor Children); V.B. (Mother) v. Indiana Department of Child Services 53C06-1711-JC-851, 53C06-1711-JC-852, 53C06-1711-JC-853, 53C06-1711-JC-854, 53C06-1711-JC-855 18S-JC-603
06/27/19 Cynthia Morrison, individually and on behalf of Ernest Morrison, deceased v. Ricardo Vasquez, M.D., et al; Indiana University Health Southern Indiana Physicians, Inc., et al. v. Charlene Noel 49D10-1712-CT-46774, 49D07-1802-CT-7520 19S-CT-382
06/26/19 Levetta Tunstall v. Dawn Manning 49D14-1602-CT-7366 19S-CT-18
06/26/19 International Business Machines Corporation v. State of Indiana, acting on behalf of the Indiana Family & Social Services Administration 49D01-1005-PL-21451 19S-PL-19
06/17/19 In the Matter of Hilary Bowe Ricks N/A 18S-DI-574
06/17/19 Angela Brewer, Individually and as Personal Representative of the Estate of Rickey A. Brewer, Deceased v. PACCAR, Inc. d/b/a Peterbilt Motors Co. 55C01-1605-CT-691 18S-CT-451
06/10/19 Dwayne A. Springfield v. State of Indiana 49G21-1612-F2-47464 19S-CR-348
06/05/19 Town of Brownsburg, Indiana, et al. v. Fight Against Brownsburg Annexation, et al. 32D02-1310-PL-109 19S-PL-342
06/04/19 In the Matter of the Honorable Robert W. Freese, Judge of the Hendricks Superior Court 1 N/A 19S-JD-52
06/04/19 Daniel O'Bryant, d/b/a O'Bryant Transport, LLC v. Alan P. Adams, Luan Adams, d/b/a A.L.A. Trucking, Inc. 48C01-1703-PL-19 18S-PL-584
06/03/19 State of Indiana v. Ernesto Ruiz 36C01-1510-F4-25 19S-CR-336
06/03/19 In the Matter of the Unsupervised Estate of Orlando C. Lewis, Jr., Orlando Lewis, Sr. v. Shana Toliver and Kathy Calloway 41D01-1707-EU-179 18S-EU-507
05/29/19 Kevin Michael Barber v. State of Indiana 53C02-1208-FC-788 19S-CR-329
05/28/19 Anthony Bedolla v. State of Indiana 49G02-0903-PC-34210 19S-PC-328
05/22/19 Delmar Kelly v. State of Indiana 32D02-1710-F2-25 18S-CR-585
05/16/19 In the Matter of Mandate of Funds for the Lake Superior Court; Lake County Council and Lake County Auditor v. The Hon. John R. Pera, et al. 45D10-1702-CB-3 18S-CB-442
04/30/19 In the Matter of the Civil Commitment of T.W. v. St. Vincent Hospital and Health Care Center, Inc., et al.; In the Matter of the Civil Commitment of A.M. v. Community Health Network, Inc. 49D08-1804-MH-14684, 49D08-1802-MH-7271 19S-MH-264
04/11/19 In the Matter of Marjonie Diane Gabriel N/A 18S-DI-6
04/02/19 Nathaniel Bennett v. State of Indiana 49G04-1509-F4-34803 18S-CR-538
03/27/19 Jeffrey Fairbanks v. State of Indiana 49G03-1508-MR-30525 18S-CR-604
03/18/19 Christapher Batchelor v. State of Indiana 11C01-1512-F6-890 18S-CR-436
03/15/19 City of Hammond v. Herman & Kittle Properties, Inc. and State of Indiana 49D07-1601-PL-531 19S-PL-148
03/08/19 Marcus Zanders v. State of Indiana 15D02-1502-F3-3 15S01-1611-CR-571
03/05/19 Angelo Bobadilla v. State of Indiana 29D04-1612-PC-9318 19S-PC-128
02/27/19 Zachariah J. Marshall v. State of Indiana 64D04-1611-CM-010105 18S-CR-464
02/27/19 State of Indiana v. Beth A. Neff 18C01-1707-IF-15 18S-IF-478
02/21/19 James T. Horejs, James Harris, and Robert Horejs, as Co-Administrators of the Estate of Laura A. Shaner, Deceased v. Albert Milford, D.O., et al. 45D11-0711-CT-195 19S-CT-97
02/04/19 In the Matter of the Honorable Geoff L. Robison, Judge of the New Haven City Court N/A 18S-JD-466
01/23/19 Q.D.-A., Inc. v. Indiana Department of Workforce Development 93484 19S-EX-43
01/11/19 Brittany Erin Hoak v. State of Indiana 10C02-1403-FA-26, 10C02-1711-F5-300 19S-CR-17
01/09/19 J.W. v. State of Indiana 33C01-1707-JD-38 19S-JV-12
01/03/19 John E. Moriarity and Mae E. Moriarity v. Indiana Department of Natural Resources 27C01-1511-PL-73 18S-PL-296
12/28/18 Lisa Livingston v. State of Indiana 59C01-1308-FA-546 18S-CR-623
12/28/18 In the Matter of Kirmille D. Lewis N/A 18S-DI-102
12/05/18 State of Indiana and Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles v. Daniel Reinhart 01D01-1703-MI-12 18S-MI-286
12/05/18 Richardson's RV, Inc. v. Indiana Department of State Revenue N/A 18S-TA-22
12/04/18 Kevin Andrew Schuler v. State of Indiana 31D01-1308-MR-508 31S00-1703-LW-134
12/03/18 Lori Barcroft v. State of Indiana 49G04-1205-MR-33537 18S-CR-135
11/29/18 Town of Ellettsville, Indiana Plan Commission and Richland Convenience Store Partners, LLC 53C01-1509-PL-1714 53S01-1709-PL-612
11/16/18 In the Matter of Tia R. Brewer N/A 18S-DI-299
11/07/18 Jeffrey A. Weisheit v. State of Indiana 10C01-1601-PC-1 10S00-1507-PD-413
11/02/18 Brenda Sue Gittings and Marc Richmond Gittings v. William H. Deal 74C01-1305-TR-27 18S-TR-231
11/02/18 In the Matter of Larry W. Rogers N/A 64S00-1704-DI-251
11/01/18 Campbell Hausfeld/Scott Fetzer Company v. Paul Johnson 64D05-1407-CT-5893 18S-CT-548
10/24/18 Akeem Daniels, Cameron Stingily, and Nicholas Stoner v. FanDuel, Inc. and DraftKings, Inc. 17-3051 18S-CQ-134
10/18/18 In the Matter of Edward R. Hall N/A 98S00-1703-DI-152
10/11/18 B.T.E. v. State of Indiana 36D02-1601-JD-3 36S05-1711-JV-711
10/11/18 Cember Wamsley, as Personal Representative of the Estate of Genia Wamsley v. Tree City Village, New Generation Mangement, Inc., and Matthew Joseph 16D01-1609-CT-410 18S-CT-502
10/04/18 David Wright v. State of Indiana 05C01-1601-F1-36 18S-CR-166
10/03/18 Monica Dycus v. State of Indiana 49G12-1601-CM-1053 18S-CR-488
09/25/18 NIPSCO Industrial Group v. Northern Indiana Public Service Company 44403-TDSIC-4 18S-EX-334
09/24/18 State of Indiana v. Norfolk Southern Railway Company 02D04-1505-IF-3082, -3084, -3251, -3255, -3263, -3362, -1506-IF-6383, -1508-IF-9742, -1512-IF-15577 18S-IF-193
09/13/18 R.R. v. State of Indiana 47C01-1409-JD-294, 47C01-1609-JD-342 18S-JV-230
09/13/18 Jennifer Cox v. Evansville Police Department and The City of Evansville; Babi Beyer v. The City of Fort Wayne 82C01-1209-CT-479, 02D01-1506-CT-247 18S-CT-447
08/29/18 In the Matter of Trista A. Hudson N/A 64S00-1705-DI-325
08/24/18 Marquell M. Jackson v. State of Indiana 82C01-1510-F1-6686 18S-CR-113
08/23/18 Curtis Boggs v. State of Indiana 15C01-1603-F1-7 18S-CR-430
08/22/18 In the Matter of Glenn E. Davis, Jr. N/A 18S-DI-95
08/21/18 In the Matter of Michael Jeffries N/A 18S-DI-94
08/10/18 In the Matter of the Honorable Ryan D. Johanningsmeier, Judge of the Knox Superior Court 2 N/A 18S-JD-351
08/08/18 In the Matter of Marcus E. Ellison N/A 71S00-1704-DI-187
08/08/18 In the Matter of Charles R. Huston N/A 18S-DI-258
06/29/18 Brian L. Paquette v. State of Indiana 63C01-1602-F3-73 63S04-1709-CR-570
06/29/18 Matthew Edmonds v. State of Indiana 49G05-1506-F3-20232 18S-CR-50
06/27/18 In the Matter of Douglas L. Krasnoff N/A 49S00-1603-DI-148
06/27/18 Hamilton Southeastern Utilities, Inc. v. Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission, et al. 44683 18S-EX-49
06/27/18 State of Indiana v. John B. Larkin 46C01-1212-FA-610 46S04-1711-CR-701
06/25/18 J.R. v. State of Indiana 49D09-1701-JD-70 18S-JV-285
06/21/18 Aaron L. Fansler v. State of Indiana 27C01-1506-F3-15 27S02-1710-CR-672
06/20/18 B.A. v. State of Indiana 49D09-1602-JD-234 49S02-1709-JV-567
06/20/18 D.Z. v. State of Indiana 32D03-1704-JD-86 18S-JV-295
06/20/18 NIPSCO Industrial Group v. Northern Public Service Company 44403-TDSIC-4 18S-EX-334
06/20/18 Adrian Durden v. State of Indiana 49G05-1505-MR-17228, 49G05-1506-F5-19402, 49G05-1506-F5-19449, 49G05-1506-F5-20230 18S-CR-329
06/19/18 In the Matter of the Supervised Estate of Gary D. Kent; John David Kent and Kevin Kent, as Co-Personal Representatives of the Estate of Gary D. Kent; Nicholas Kent; and David Kent v. Cynthia Kerr 55D01-1602-ES-22, 55D01-1603-TR-38, 55D01-1605-ES-659 55S01-1712-ES-747
06/19/18 Erie Indemnity Company, as Attorney-in-Fact for the Subscribers at Erie Insurance Exchange v. Estate of Brian L. Harris, by Its Special Representative, Laura Harris, and Anna Marie Harris, et al. 46D02-1511-CT-2015 18S-CT-114
05/24/18 In the Matter of Fronse W. Smith, Jr. N/A 71S00-1711-DI-707
05/22/18 In the Matter of Stephen W. Schuyler N/A 18S-DI-184
05/17/18 A.A. v. Eskenazi Health/Midtown CMHC 49D08-1609-MH-31348 49S02-1711-MH-688
05/10/18 Paul Gresk, Trustee for the Bankruptcy Estate of Derek VanWinkle and Stacey VanWinkle on behalf of M.V. and A.V. their minor children v. Cortney Demetris, M.D., et al. 49D05-1510-MI-35716 49S02-1711-MI-686
05/01/18 Brandon McGrath v. State of Indiana 49G14-1404-FD-21182 49S04-1710-CR-653
04/27/18 Douglas Kirby v. State of Indiana 34D04-1001-FD-11 18S-CR-79
04/25/18 In the Matter of Joseph Patrick Hudspeth N/A 41S00-1612-DI-659
04/12/18 Elizabeth Roumbos v. Samuel G. Vazanellis & Thiros and Stracci, PC 45D01-1501-CT-2 45S03-1710-CT-635
04/12/18 Kristopher L. Weida v. State of Indiana 79D01-1602-F5-13 79S02-1711-CR-687
03/26/18 Dennis Garner v. Gregory S. Kempf and Clerk of Vanderburgh County (garnishee) 82D07-1310-PL-4775 82S01-1705-PL-334
03/23/18 In re the Adoption of E.B.F., J.W. v. D.F. 28C01-1501-AD-1 18S-AD-167
03/23/18 The Care Group Heart Hospital, LLC v. Roderick J. Sawyer, M.D. 49D10-1208-PL-32513 49S05-1710-PL-671
03/14/18 In the Matter of the Honorable Dean A. Young, Judge of the Blackford Circuit Court N/A 05S00-1706-JD-430
03/09/18 T.H. v. State of Indiana 49D09-1607-JD-1198 18S-JV-80
02/27/18 In the Matter of Robert John Wray N/A 02S00-1511-DI-648
02/23/18 Jacob O. Robinson v. State of Indiana 22C01-1402-FD-377 18S-CR-33
02/16/18 Billy Brantley v. State of Indiana 49G05-1411-F2-50827 18S-CR-98
02/16/18 Shelly M. Phipps v. State of Indiana 28D01-1603-F6-42 28S05-1707-CR-499
02/15/18 Mathew W. McCallister v. State of Indiana 87D01-1402-MR-74 87S00-1609-LW-497
02/14/18 Don H. Gunderson and Bobbie J. Gunderson, Co-Trustees of the Don H. Gunderson Living Trust v. State of Indiana, Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Alliance for the Great Lakes, et al. 46D02-1404-PL-606 46S03-1706-PL-423
02/13/18 Roy Lee Ward v. Robert E. Carter, Jr., Commissioner of the Indiana Department of Correction, and Ron Neal, Superintendent of the Indiana State Prison, In Their Official Capacities 46C01-1512-PL-2154 46S03-1709-PL-569
01/19/18 L.G. v. S.L., et al. 29D01-1511-AD-1454 18S-AD-32
01/17/18 Jessica McCain v. State of Indiana 79D01-1606-F1-8 18S-CR-26
12/21/17 Darryl Calvin v. State of Indiana 02D06-1604-F4-30 02S03-1709-CR-611
12/21/17 Matthew L. Johnson v. State of Indiana 32D04-1508-F2-18 and 32D04-1507-F4-18 32S05-1707-CR-469
12/20/17 In the Matter of: Marcus E. Ellison N/A 71S00-1704-DI-187
12/20/17 Bellwether Properties, LLC v. Duke Energy Indiana, Inc. 53C01-1506-CT-1172 53S04-1703-CT-121
12/19/17 Destin Jones v. State of Indiana 84D01-1504-F3-863 84S05-1712-CR-741
12/18/17 In the Matter of: Philip H. Chamberlain N/A 53S00-1303-DI-191
12/13/17 Merchandise Warehouse Co., Inc. v. Indiana Department of State Revenue N/A 49S10-1712-TA-735
12/12/17 Town of Ellettsville, Indiana Plan Commission and Richland Convenience Store Partners, LLC v. Joseph V. DeSpirito 53C01-1509-PL-1714 53S01-1709-PL-612
12/06/17 In the Matter of: Richard S. Mossler N/A 29S00-1704-DI-203
12/05/17 Carltez Taylor v. State of Indiana 82C01-1512-MR-7498 82S00-1610-LW-576
11/06/17 In the Matter of: Robert Neary N/A 46S00-1512-DI-705
11/02/17 Suzanne E. Esserman v. Indiana Department of Environmental Management 49D04-1509-PL-32140 49S02-1704-PL-189
11/02/17 State of Indiana v. Tyson Timbs 27D01-1308-MI-92 27S04-1702-MI-70
10/31/17 Dale Sedam, Kim Sedam, and Bryan Norris, as co-personal representatives of the Estate of David C. Hamblin, Deceased v. 2JR Pizza Enterprises, LLC doing business as Pizza Hut #013413, et al. 39C01-1209-CT-890 39S05-1703-CT-171
10/20/17 Richard D. Shepard v. State of Indiana 84D03-1202-FB-468 84S01-1704-CR-190
10/18/17 Mario Watkins v. State of Indiana 82C01-1412-F2-5337 82S01-1704-CR-191
10/16/17 In the Matter of: Doug Bernacchi N/A 46S00-1512-DI-694
10/11/17 Virginia Garwood and Kristen Garwood v. State of Indiana, et al. 31C01-1105-CT-24 31S01-1710-CT-647
10/03/17 Jefferson Jean-Baptiste v. State of Indiana 49G19-1604-CM-12899 49S02-1707-CR-500
10/02/17 State of Indiana v. Sameer Girish Thakar 29D05-1602-FD-1056 29S02-1705-CR-284
09/07/17 Will Thomas v. State of Indiana 27D01-1404-FA-5 27S02-1703-CR-170
09/06/17 Justine Archer v. State of Indiana 49G05-1602-F6-5142 49S04-1705-CR-288
09/05/17 In the Matter of: Beau J. White N/A 27S00-1703-DI-131
08/31/17 In the Matter of: John Downey Pierce N/A 61S00-1703-DI-153
08/30/17 Michael R. Pilkington v. Karen A. Pilkington 18C05-1510-PL-24 18S02-1708-PL-554
08/28/17 Mary Price v. Indiana Department of Child Services; Director of Indiana Department of Child Services 49D01-1507-PL-23062 49S05-1705-PL-285
08/24/17 John Doe #1, et al. v. Indiana Department of Child Services 49D11-1404-CT-11045 49S02-1609-CT-464
08/15/17 The Board of Commissioners of Union County, Indiana v. Joe McGuinness, in his official capacity as Commissioner of the Indiana Department of Transportation and the Indiana Department of Transportation 81C01-1507-PL-118 81S01-1708-PL-529
08/14/17 Corey McAlpin v. State of Indiana 39C01-1408-F4-707 39S01-1705-CR-342
08/11/17 In the Matter of: Gillian DePrez Keiffner N/A 49S00-1509-DI-522
08/10/17 Bob Leonard v. State of Indiana 02D05-1502-MR-1 02S00-1604-LW-185
07/21/17 Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission v. Spirited Sales, LLC 49D01-1502-PL-5520 49S00-1611-PL-614
07/21/17 Rodney J. McGuire v. State of Indiana 09C01-1502-FA-1 09S02-1707-CR-491
07/20/17 In the Matter of: Douglas L. Krasnoff N/A 49S00-1308-DI-517
07/12/17 Michael A. Miller v. State of Indiana 28C01-1408-F1-2 28S04-1707-CR-468
06/29/17 Jordan Jacobs v. State of Indiana 49G10-1509-CM-31258 49S02-1706-CR-438
06/29/17 Walik L. Whiteside v. State of Indiana 02D04-1503-FB-3 02S05-1706-CR-441
06/27/17 Andy A. Shinnock v. State of Indiana 18C02-1508-F6-117 18S05-1706-CR-429
06/22/17 Summer Snow v. State of Indiana 45G01-1412-F5-42 45S03-1703-CR-169
06/22/17 Reginald Harris v. State of Indiana 45G01-1412-F5-41 45S03-1703-CR-172
06/20/17 William McNeal v. State of Indiana 49G21-1509-F5-31039 49S05-1706-CR-405
06/14/17 In the Matter of: Everett E. Powell, II N/A 49S00-1504-DI-231
05/31/17 Keyaunna Hurley v. State of Indiana 49G12-1510-CM-37573 49S05-1705-CR-346
05/17/17 In the Matter of: Joseph M. Johnson III N/A 01S00-1604-DI-188
05/11/17 Royce Love v. The State of Indiana 71D03-1308-FD-653 71S03-1612-CR-641
05/11/17 Danny Sims v. Andrew Pappas and Melissa Pappas 45D05-1306-CT-107 45S03-1701-CT-26
05/09/17 Thomas Pinner v. State of Indiana 49G20-1503-F5-8548 49S02-1611-CR-610
05/05/17 Trondo L. Humphrey v. State of Indiana 48C03-1206-PC-19 and 48D03-9511-CF-417 48S02-1609-PC-480
05/04/17 Noe Escamilla v. Shiel Sexton Company, Inc. 54D01-1107-CT-562 54S01-1610-CT-546
05/04/17 Marcus Zanders v. State of Indiana 15D02-1502-F3-3 15S01-1611-CR-571
05/03/17 In the Matter of Justin R. Wall N/A 35S00-1509-DI-577
05/02/17 Mark Leonard v. State of Indiana 71D02-1408-MR-000009 71S00-1509-LW-539
04/28/17 In the Matter of the Honorable Tommy D. Phillips II, Judge of the Dunkirk City Court N/A 38S00-1609-JD-517
04/26/17 Michael Ryan v. TCI Architects/Engineers/Contractors, Inc. and BMH Enterprises, Inc., d/b/a Craft Mechanical 49D06-1303-CT-8401 49S02-1704-CT-253
04/24/17 KS&E Sports and Edward J. Ellis v. Dwayne H. Runnels 49D11-1312-CT-44030 49S02-1606-CT-349
04/21/17 Corey Middleton v. State of Indiana 32D02-1502-PC-3 32S01-1704-PC-226
04/07/17 Charles McKeen, M.D. v. Billy Turner 53C06-1201-CT-88 53S05-1704-CT-202
03/28/17 State of Indiana v. Wallace Irvin Smith, III 45G02-0002-CF-24 45S05-1611-CR-572
03/21/17 Consumer Attorney Services, P.A., The McCann Law Group LLP, and Brenda L. McCann, Individually and as Owner and/or Officer of Consumer Attorney Services, P.A., et al. v. State of Indiana 49D11-1401-PL-1477 49S05-1703-PL-161
03/17/17 Marvin Beville v. State of Indiana 84D06-1411-F6-2855 84S01-1606-CR-347
03/14/17 Lt. Henry G.L. McCullough and Princess S.D. Naro-McCullough v. CitiMortgage, Inc. 71C01-1405-MF-270 71S03-1605-MF-272
03/07/17 In the Matter of Donald Edward James N/A 02S00-1607-DI-389
03/06/17 Cheryl L. Underwood v. Thomas Bunger, in his capacity as the personal representative of the estate of Kenneth K. Kinney; Judith M. Fulford; and Sheree Demming 53C01-1504-MI-657 53S01-1703-MI-126
03/02/17 State of Indiana v. David Brown 49F07-1307-CM-043945 49S05-1606-CR-348
02/20/17 In the Matter of the Honorable T. Edward Page, Senior Judge N/A 94S00-1701-JD-3
02/17/17 Termination: VG, et al. v. Indiana Department of Child Services 54C01-1510-JT-246, 54C01-1510-JT-247, 54C01-1510-JT-248, 54C01-1510-JT-249, 54C01-1510-JT-250 54S01-1612-JT-630
02/16/17 Tresa Megenity v. David Dunn 22D03-1309-CT-1354 22S04-1609-CT-465
02/15/17 J.D.M. v. State of Indiana 21C01-1209-JD-257 21S01-1702-JV-84
02/14/17 In the Matter of: Gene D. Emmons N/A 87S00-1604-DI-190
02/08/17 City of Lawrence Utilites Service Board, City of Lawrence, Indiana, and Mayor Dean Jessup, Individually and in his Official Capacity v. Carlton E. Curry 49A02-1506-CT-699 49S02-1609-CT-481
02/07/17 In Re: The Matter of D.J. and G.J., Children in Need of Services; Gr.J. (Mother) and J.J. (Father) v. Ind. Dept. of Child Services 02D08-1507-JC-324 & -325 02S03-1610-JC-548
01/26/17 Demajio Ellis v. State of Indiana 71D03-1301-PC-1 71S05-1606-PC-360
01/25/17 Anthony J. Wampler v. State of Indiana 14D01-1407-FB-714 14S05-1701-CR-37
01/25/17 Michael T. Shoun v. State of Indiana 20C01-1311-MR-7 20S00-1601-LW-61
01/24/17 In the Matter of: Narles W. Coleman N/A 98S00-1301-DI-52
01/03/17 Kennedy Tank & MFG. Co., Inc., and Hemlock Semiconductor Operations LLC and Hemlock Semiconductor, LLC v. Emmert Industrial Corporation d/b/a Emmert International 49D01-1501-CT-2052 49S02-1608-CT-431
12/16/16 State of Indiana v. Frank Hancock 39D01-1410-F4-857 39S05-1604-CR-182
12/16/16 Kyle Bess v. State of Indiana 09D02-1502-F5-14 09S02-1609-CR-484
12/06/16 In the Matter of: Divina K. Westerfield N/A 49S00-1505-DI-321
12/06/16 In re the Marriage of: Thomas Todd Reynolds v. Tricia Reynolds 29D03-0904-DR-515 29S04-1612-DR-636
11/29/16 M.O. v. State of Indiana 29D04-1412-CM-10052 29S02-1608-CR-433
11/29/16 Eduardo Cruz-Salazar v. State of Indiana 49G14-1312-FD-81376 49S05-1611-CR-626
11/16/16 ESPN, Inc. and Paula Lavigne v. University of Notre Dame Police Department 71D07-1501-MI-17 71S05-1606-MI-359
10/26/16 April Goodwin, Tiffany Randolph and Javon Washington v. Yeakle's Sports Bar and Grill, Inc. 27D01-1105-CT-400 27S02-1510-CT-627
10/26/16 F. John Rogers, as Personal Representative of Paul Michalik, Deceased, and R. David Boyer, Trustee of the Bankruptcy Estate of Jerry Lee Chambers v. Angela Martin and Brian Paul Brothers 02A05-1506-CT-520 02S05-1603-CT-114
10/25/16 State of Indiana v. Robert Collier 49F15-9608-PC-124576 49S04-1610-PC-554
10/25/16 In the Matter of: Terry Lee Smith N/A 91S00-1603-DI-136
10/25/16 Victor Karp v. State of Indiana 15D01-1412-F4-71 15S04-1610-CR-555
10/21/16 Mary K. Patchett v. Ashley N. Lee 49D01-1305-CT-4116 29S04-1610-CT-549
10/12/16 Chuck W. Adams, Charles E. Howard, et al. v. ArvinMeritor, Inc., et al. 49D14-1206-PL-25688 49S02-1610-PL-532
10/04/16 Robert Lewis, III v. State of Indiana 45G03-1104-MR-3 45S00-1601-LW-32
09/29/16 James F. Griffith v. State of Indiana 27D01-1208-MR-113 27S00-1503-LW-145
09/29/16 Cynthia Bell v. State of Indiana 49G08-1408-CM-39656 49S02-1609-CR-511
09/14/16 Kyle Bess v. State of Indiana 09D02-1502-F5-14 09S02-1609-CR-484
09/01/16 In the Matter of: Harold E. Bean N/A 49S00-1601-DI-2
09/01/16 D.A. v. State of Indiana 48C06-1408-MI-379 48S02-1604-MI-183
08/29/16 Mi.D. v. State of Indiana 24C02-1501-CM-70 24S05-1606-CR-358
08/23/16 Kristy Burnell v. State of Indiana 29D06-1407-F6-5545 29S02-1512-CR-707
08/16/16 In Re the Involuntary Termination of the Parent-Child Relationship of R.S., (Minor Child), and R.S. (Father) v. Marion County Department of Child Services and Child Advocates, Inc. 49D09-1503-JT-96 49S04-1606-JT-350
08/04/16 Corey T. Weaver v. State of Indiana 32D02-1410-CM-1002 32S04-1608-CR-415
08/03/16 In the Matter of the Honorable William I. Garrard, Senior Judge of the Indiana Court of Appeals N/A 98S00-1607-JD-381
07/26/16 State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company v. Carol Jakubowicz, individually and as Parent and Legal Guardian of Jacob Jakubowicz and Jospeh Jakubowicz, minors 45C01-0810-CT-156 45S05-1605-CT-253
07/21/16 Jay Classroom Teachers Association v. Jay School Corporation and Indiana Education Employment Relations Board 49D02-1402-PL-3406 49S05-1603-PL-113
07/21/16 In the Matter of: Joseph C. Lehman N/A 20S00-1507-DI-431
07/20/16 In the Matter of: Timothy S. Durham DISCIPLINARY 49S00-1212-DI-672
07/12/16 Victor Roar v. State of Indiana 49F09-1404-FD-18644 49S02-1607-CR-372
07/07/16 Timmie Bradley v. State of Indiana 49G20-1301-FA-3632 49S05-1602-CR-83
07/05/16 State of Indiana, Acting on Behalf of the Indiana Family & Social Services Administration v. The Marion Superior Court and The Hon. David J. Dreyer, as Judge Thereof N/A 49S00-1605-OR-294
06/28/16 Steven Clippenger v. State of Indiana 71D03-1206-MR-8 71S00-1510-LW-590
06/28/16 In the Matter of Charles P. White N/A 49S00-1203-DI-156
06/22/16 Dannie Carl Pattison v. State of Indiana 27D03-1303-FD-110 27S05-1603-CR-115
06/16/16 Thomas L. Hale v. State of Indiana 35D01-1405-FA-132 35S02-1601-CR-37
06/02/16 Andy Mohr West d/b/a Andy Mohr Toyota, Butler Motors, Inc. d/b/a Butler Toyota, and TW Toy, Inc. d/b/a Tom Wood Toyota v. Office of the Ind. Secretary of State, Auto Dealer Services Div., et al. 49D04-1403-PL-9960 49S02-1511-PL-668
06/01/16 David P. Allen v. Kimberly W. Allen 13C01-0201-DR-9 13S01-1601-DR-53
05/18/16 In the Matter of: Elton D. Johnson N/A 71S00-1408-DI-544
04/28/16 Kathy L. Siner, Personal Representative of the Estate of Geraldine A. Siner, Deceased, et al. v. Kindred Hospital Limited Partnership, d/b/a Kindred Hospital of Indianapolis, et al. 49D12-1305-CT-20123 49S05-1604-CT-219
04/28/16 Town of Fortville v. Certain Fortville Annexation Territory Landowners 30C01-1310-MI-1832 30S01-1510-MI-626
04/28/16 Leonard L. Suggs v. State of Indiana 02D06-1408-F6-90 02S03-1508-CR-510
04/28/16 Travis Allen v. State of Indiana 49F10-1112-CM-86414 49S05-1601-CR-46
04/27/16 Ronald L. Sanford v. State of Indiana 49G04-8804-PC-40167 49S05-1604-PC-210
04/26/16 William Bowman v. State of Indiana 21C01-1310-FA-768 21S04-1510-CR-604
04/26/16 In the Matter of the Term. of the Parent-Child Relationship of: N.G., L.C., & M.C. (Minor Children), and A.C. and J.G. (Their Parents) A.C. (Mother) v. Ind. Dept. of Child Services (mem. dec.) 02D08-1403-JT-22---24 02S04-1604-JT-207
04/22/16 Adam Gaff v. Indiana-Purdue University of Fort Wayne 02D02-1310-PL-378 02S03-1604-PL-201
04/21/16 Adam Horton v. State of Indiana 79D05-1401-FD-26 79S02-1510-CR-628
04/19/16 Citizens Action Coalition of Indiana, Energy Policy Institute, and Common Cause of Indiana v. Eric Koch, and Indiana House Republican Caucus 49D14-1504-PL-12401 49S00-1510-PL-607
04/12/16 In Re the Custody of M.B. B/N/F S.C. and D.C. v. S.B. and S.W. 65C01-1407-MI-247 65S04-1604-MI-180
04/12/16 Scott Hitch v. State of Indiana 49A02-1404-CR-295 49S02-1506-CR-376
04/12/16 William Clyde Gibson III v. State of Indiana 22D01-1205-MR-1145 22S00-1206-DP-360
04/11/16 Whistle Stop Inn, Inc. and Louise Liford d/b/a Thirsty Turtle v. City of Indianapolis, Mayor Greg Ballard, Indianapolis City-Council, and Hoosier Park, LLC 49D14-1310-MI-38464 49S02-1604-MI-175
04/05/16 City of Beech Grove v. Cathy J. Beloat 49D03-1302-CT-5276 49S02-1604-CT-165
04/05/16 Kevin Allyn Ammons v. State of Indiana 45G03-8811CF-217 45S03-1604-CR-167
04/05/16 Michael Ackerman v. State of Indiana 49G04-1304-MR-26772 49S00-1409-CR-770
03/30/16 State of Indiana v. Brian J. Taylor 46D01-1403-MR-110 46S04-1509-CR-552
03/29/16 Ronald L. Eckelbarger v. State of Indiana 90C01-1406-FB-5 90S02-1603-CR-157
03/22/16 State of Indiana, Acting on Behalf of the Indiana Family & Social Services Administration v. International Business Machines Corporation 49D10-1005-PL-021451 49S02-1408-PL-513
03/22/16 State of Indiana v. John Buncich, in his capacity as Chairman of the Lake County Democratic Central Committee, Christine M. Russell, individually, Randolph Palmateer, individually, et al. 45C01-1407-PL-84 45S00-1409-PL-587
03/16/16 Samuel E. Sallee v. State of Indiana 03C01-1312-MR-6529 03S00-1504-LW-237
03/15/16 Saundra S. Wahl v. State of Indiana and Daniel P. Wahl v. State of Indiana 29D06-1309-FD-7824 and 29d06-1309-fd-7823 29S04-1510-CR-605 and 29S02-1510-CR-606
03/15/16 In Re the Marriage of: Amy Steele-Giri v. Brian K. Steele 45D03-0606-DR-617 45S04-1512-DR-682
03/03/16 Newland McElfresh v. State of Indiana 32D03-1305-FD-487 32S01-1511-CR-667
03/02/16 Ashonta Kenya Jackson v. State of Indiana 48C04-1311-FB-2175 48S02-1509-CR-554
03/02/16 Larry Myers, et al. v. Crouse-Hinds, et al.: GE v. Mary R. Geyman, et al.: Owens-Illinois, Inc v. Mary R. Geyman, et al. 49D02-1405-MI-14372: 49D02-9801-MI-1-360 49S00-1502-MI-119: 49S00-1501-MI-35: 49S00-1501-MI-36
03/01/16 Austin Blaize v. State of Indiana 26C01-1301-MR-1 26S00-1410-LW-771
02/26/16 Lamont Wilford v. State of Indiana 49F07-1305-CM-35442 49S02-1602-CR-110
02/25/16 Sidney Lamour Tyson v. State of Indiana 45G01-1301-FD-11 45S03-1509-CR-528
02/25/16 State of Indiana v. Scott Zerbe 49D13-1403-MI-9780 49S05-1509-MI-529
02/19/16 Dee Ward v. State of Indiana 49G06-1304-FB-025434 49S02-1602-CR-96
02/18/16 In Re the Termination of the Parent-Child Relationship of V.A. (Minor Child), and A.A. (Father) v. Indiana Department of Child Services 02D08-1307-JT-80 02S04-1602-JT-93
02/16/16 Tom Bonnell v. Ruby A. Cotner, Douglas Wayne Cotner, Arthur J. Johnson, Jimmy J. Johnson, and Jerry L. Johnson 66C01-1208-PL-11 66S03-1509-PL-530
01/28/16 In Re: Indiana State Fair Litigation, Mid-America Sound Corporation v. Indiana State Fair Commission, et al., Jill Polet, et al. 49D02-1111-CT-44823 & 49D02-1111-CT-44823-001 through 49D02-1111-CT-44823-010 49S02-1601-CT-51
01/25/16 Shane Keller v. State of Indiana 88D01-1307-FB-489 88S04-1506-CR-354
01/22/16 Town of Zionsville, Indiana v. Town of Whitestown, Indiana, and Angel Badillo 06D02-1406-PL-64 06A01-1601-PL-36
01/21/16 Antonio Garcia v. State of Indiana 49G14-1208-FD-54147 49S05-1505-CR-335
01/20/16 Kastin E. Slaybaugh v. State of Indiana 79D02-1401-FB-01 79S02-1601-CR-28
01/14/16 James Beasley v. State of Indiana 49G01-1210-MR-67595 49S04-1601-CR-19
01/14/16 Leandrew Beasley v. State of Indiana 49G01-1210-MR-67593 49S02-1601-CR-20
01/06/16 R.E. v. M.S. 49G21-1404-PO-10832 49S05-1601-PO-6
12/22/15 Randy L. Thornton v. State of Indiana, Ind. Dept. of Corr., Marion Co., Indiana, City of Indianapolis, Matthew Pietrzak, Stephanie Buttz, Eric Lee, and Dianna Johnson 49D11-1402-PL-3833 49S02-1512-PL-709
12/16/15 AM General LLC v. James A. Armour 71D04-1212-PL-279 71S03-1507-PL-407
12/15/15 Jeffrey Hewitt v. Westfield Washington School Corporation, et al. 29D01-1202-PL-001050 29S04-1506-PL-377
12/08/15 Stacy Knighten v. East Chicago Housing Authority, Individually and d/b/a West Calumet Complex, Davis Security Service, LLC, and Donnell Caldwell 45D10-1105-CT-96 45S04-1512-CT-686
12/02/15 Christopher Schmidt v. Indiana Insurance Company, C&F Insurance Group, LLC, and Bart Stith 22C01-1104-PL-455 22S01-1507-PL-412
12/01/15 In the Matter of: David J. Steele N/A 49S00-1509-DI-527
11/10/15 John Hernandez v. State of Indiana 49F08-1405-CM-23544 49S02-1511-CR-644
11/10/15 Kevin Gertiser v. Anne Stokes f/k/a Gertiser 29A02-1401-DR-43 29S02-1511-DR-643
11/06/15 Commissioner of the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles in his Official Capacity v. Rodney G. Vawter, et al. 49D14-1305-PL-6159 49S00-1407-PL-494
11/05/15 Latoya Lee v. State of Indiana 49G05-1209-MR-62638 49S02-1511-CR-638
10/26/15 Wenzel Williams v. State of Indiana 48C04-1402-FB-192 48S05-1507-CR-424
10/16/15 Robert A. Masters v. Leah Masters 02D07-1204-DR-261 02S04-1504-DR-156
10/15/15 In the Matter of: Anonymous DISCIPLINARY 79S00-1508-DI-512
10/07/15 Aadil Ashfaque v. State of Indiana 49G14-1305-FD-29521 49S02-1505-CR-288
10/07/15 Christopher Tiplick v. State of Indiana 49G20-1210-FC-70439 49S04-1505-CR-287
09/24/15 Christopher Helsley v. State of Indiana 63C01-0104-CF-231 63S00-1406-LW-440
09/24/15 William Clyde Gibson III v. State of Indiana 22D01-1204-MR-919 22S00-1206-DP-359
09/21/15 Ray Clifton v. Ruby McCammack 49A02-1404-CT-276 49S02-1504-CT-228
09/18/15 Anthony P. Sharp, Jr. v. State of Indiana 20C01-1210-MR-4 20S04-1509-CR-549
09/18/15 Blake Layman & Levi Sparks v. State of Indiana 20C01-1210-MR-7; 20C01-1210-MR-5 20A04-1310-CR-518
09/09/15 Dennis Boyer and Richard Smith v. Ernest Smith, Suzanne Cassidy, Esq., and In-Plas, Inc. 15D01-1208-CT-32 15S01-1509-CT-526
09/01/15 David Anderson, Joe Wray, John Kennard, Commissioners, and Board of Trustees, Brown County Fire Protection District v. Susanne Gaudin, Janet Kramer, and Ruth Reichmann 07C01-1108-PL-364 07S01-1505-PL-284
09/01/15 Gary Allen Gibson v. State of Indiana 39C01-1308-FB-845 39S05-1509-CR-517
08/27/15 JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. v. Claybridge Homeowners Association, Inc. v. Deborah M. Walton, et al. 29D04-0801-MF-31 29S02-1504-MF-188
08/27/15 Sci Propane, LLC; South Central Indiana Rural Electric Membership Corp.; RushShelby Energy Rural Electric Co-op, Inc. v. Courtney Frederick, as Personal Rep. of the Est. of Stephan Fredrick, Deceased 55D01-0510-PL-658 55S04-1508-PL-501
08/26/15 Goodrich Quality Theaters, Inc., and Roncelli, Inc. v. Fostcorp Heating and Cooling, Inc., Wilson Iron Works, Inc., and Johnson Carpet, Inc. 34D02-0705-PL-4298 64S03-1504-PL-227
08/21/15 The Huntington National Bank v. Car-X Assoc. Corp. 64D02-1401-MF-398 64S04-1504-MF-187
08/20/15 In Re the Involuntary Term. of the Parent-Child Relationship of K.E., a Minor Child, and His Father, J.E., and His Mother, S.S. v. Ind. Dept. of Child Services 82D01-1402-JT-18 82S04-1508-JT-491
08/04/15 David J. Markey v. Estate of Frances S. Markey, Deceased; Stephen L. Routson, Personal Representative Under the Last Will and Testament of Frances S. Markey, Deceased et al 89D01-1208-ES-51 89S05-1412-ES-749
07/30/15 Gary Sistrunk v. State of Indiana 49G05-1202-FB-010112 49S05-1410-CR-654
07/30/15 Craig Sampson v. State of Indiana 87D02-1201-FC-30 87S01-1410-CR-684
07/30/15 In Re the Visitation of L-A.D.W., R.W. v. M.D. and W.D. 82A01-1402-DR-82 82S01-1507-DR-452
07/29/15 Wellpoint, Inc. (F/K/A Anthem, Inc.) and Anthem Insurance Companies, Inc. v. National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, PA, AIG Europe (U.K.) Limited, et al 49D10-0507-PL-26426 49S05-1404-PL-244
07/21/15 In the Matter of: Steven J. Ouellette DISCIPLINARY 02S00-1502-DI-107
07/09/15 In the Matter of: Tenneil E. Selner DISCIPLINARY 71S00-1402-DI-96
07/02/15 Marq Hall v. State of Indiana 49G02-1210-FA-68981 49S05-1412-CR-728
06/29/15 Larry D. Russell, Jr. v. State of Indiana 84D01-1212-FC-3871 84S01-1409-CR-583
06/29/15 Celebration Worship Center, Inc. v. Patrick Tucker and Carolyn P. Tucker, A/K/A Patty Tucker 22C01-1106-PL-948 22S01-1506-PL-401
06/29/15 Jeffrey M. Miller and Cynthia S. Miller v. Kristine C. Danz 49D07-1003-PL-14761 49S05-1506-PL-400
06/26/15 Antonio Smith v. State of Indiana 71D08-1303-FC-58 71S04-1506-CR-364
06/26/15 Andrew S. Satterfield v. State of Indiana 63C01-1112-FB-564 63S00-1401-LW-306
06/24/15 In the Matter of: Bradley D. Hamilton DISCIPLINARY 49S00-1412-DI-752
06/24/15 In the Matter of: Robert E. Stochel DISCIPLINARY 45S00-1412-DI-738
06/17/15 Robert Lewis III v. State of Indiana 45G03-1104-MR-3 45S00-1312-LW-512
06/11/15 In the Matter of the Adoption of Minor Children: I.B. and W.B.: B.B. v. B.C. and J.L., and Indiana Department of Child Services 82D07-1302-AD-22 and 82D07-1302-AD-23 82S05-1502-AD-63
06/09/15 State of Indiana v. Brishen R. Vanderkolk 79D04-1301-FD-6 79S04-1411-CR-718
06/09/15 State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company v. Kimberly S. Earl and the Estate of Jerry Earl 36C01-1008-CT-13 35S05-1408-CT-562
06/03/15 Jason and Justina Kramer v. Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend, Inc. 71C01-1104-CT-53 71S03-1506-CT-350
06/02/15 Rebecca Stafford, Individually and as Surviving Parent of Drayden Powell, Deceased, and Drayden Powell, Deceased v. James E. Szymanowski, M.D. and Gyn, Ltd., Inc. 89D02-1209-CT-33 89S01-1502-CT-64
06/02/15 Peter Griffith v. State of Indiana 48C03-1111-FC-2033 48S02-1501-CR-10
05/20/15 Roy Bell v. State of Indiana 25D01-1111-MR-755 25S00-1310-LW-713
05/20/15 Kevin Charles Isom v. State of Indiana 45G04-0708-MR-00008 45S00-0803-DP-125
05/19/15 In the Matter of: Thomas R. Philpot N/A 45S00-1304-DI-224
05/19/15 Cornelius Hines v. State of Indiana 52D02-1209-FC-236 52S05-1408-CR-563
05/14/15 Marquise Lee v. State of Indiana 49G05-1209-MR-62632 49S02-1505-CR-276
05/14/15 Billy Young v. State of Indiana 49G05-1209-MR-65281 49S02-1505-CR-275
05/13/15 The Board of Commissioners of the County of Jefferson v. Teton Corporation, Innovative Roofing Solutions, Inc., Gutapfel Roofing, Inc., and Daniel L. Gutapfel 72C01-1108-CT-15 72S04-1410-CT-642
05/12/15 YTC Dream Homes, Inc., et al. v. DirectBuy, Inc., et al. 45D01-1302-PL-21 45S03-1505-PL-264
05/12/15 In the Matter of: Andrew D. Thomas DISCIPLINARY 82S00-1305-DI-386
05/12/15 In the Matter of J.K., A Child in Need of Services: M.K. v. Marion County Department of Child Services and Child Advocates, Inc. 49D09-1305-JC-16154 49S02-1505-JC-260
05/12/15 Daniel Lee Pierce v. State of Indiana 78C01-1201-FA-3 78S05-1407-CR-460
04/28/15 James Bogner v. Teresa Bogner 45D03-0808-DR-796 45S04-1501-DR-23
04/24/15 DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc. and Johnson & Johnson v. Travis Brown et al. 49D11-1202-CT-008271 49S02-1504-CT-225
04/23/15 Charles Stephenson v. State of Indiana 15C01-1205-MR-1 15S00-1401-LW-40
04/22/15 WellPoint, Inc. (f/k/a Anthem, Inc.) and Anthem Insurance Companies, Inc. v. National Union Fire Insurance Co. of Pittsburgh, PA, AIG Europe (U.K.) limited, New Hampshire Insurance Co. et al. 49D10-0507-PL-26425 49S05-1404-PL-244
04/21/15 In the Matter of: R. Mark Keaton N/A 02S00-1302-DI-95
04/08/15 Donald W. Myers, III v. State of Indiana 76C01-0404-FA-411 76S03-1407-CR-493
04/08/15 Cohen & Malad, LLP v. John P. Daly, Jr., Golitko & Daly, P.C., and Golitko Legal Group, P.C. 29D03-1105-PL-6478 29S02-1504-PL-165
03/26/15 First American Title Insurance Company v. Stephen W. Robertson, Insurance Commissioner of the State of Ind., in his Official Capacity, on Behalf of the Ind. Dept. of Insurance 49D07-1105-PL-19374 49S04-1311-PL-732
03/25/15 Dustin E. McCowan v. State of Indiana 64D02-1109-MR-9107 64S03-1408-CR-516
03/24/15 Lora Hoagland, On Behalf of Herself and All Others Similarly Situated v. Franklin Township Community School Corp. 49D02-1111-PL-42082 49S02-1410-PL-643
03/24/15 Detona Sargent v. State of Ind., and the Consolidated City of Indianapolis/Marion Co., and the Indianapolis Metro Police Dept 49D07-1111-MI-44802 49S02-1312-MI-790
03/24/15 Drakkar R. Willis v. State of Indiana 49F25-1301-CM-4568 49S02-1410-CR-617
03/24/15 In the Matter of: Christopher A. Hollander N/A 49S00-1402-DI-118
03/24/15 Charles Moore v. State of Indiana 71D02-1201-MR-2 71S00-1405-LW-361
03/20/15 In the Matter of Dennis Alan Howell 14-30094 HCD 94S00-1405-CQ-321
03/19/15 In the Matter of the Civil Commitment of T.K. v. Dep't of Veterans Affairs 49D08-9906-MH-582 49S02-1503-MH-138
03/18/15 Ball State University v. Jennifer Irons; In Re the Marriage of: Jennifer Irons and Scott Irons 45C01-1106-DR-543 45S03-1503-DR-134
03/17/15 Thomas H. Kramer, Member and Manager of Domus Property Investments, LLC v. Mark Kramer, and Domus Property Investments, LLC 71C01-0510-PL-292 71S04-1503-PL-132
03/12/15 Indiana Restorative Dentistry, P.C. v. The Laven Insurance Agency, Inc. and ProAssurance Indemnity Co., Inc. f/k/a the Medical Assurance Co., Inc. 49D03-1010-PL-46336 49S05-1407-PL-491
03/05/15 Kenneth Griesemer v. State of Indiana 49F10-1208-CM-56547 49S04-1408-CR-564
03/02/15 State of Indiana v. Michael E. Cunningham 19D01-1305-FD-460 19S05-1409-CR-599
02/18/15 Jeffrey A. Weisheit v. State of Indiana 10C01-1008-MR-00601 10S00-1307-DP-492
02/11/15 Brandon Brummett v. State of Indiana 49G02-1206-FB-42411 49S02-1502-CR-69
02/10/15 In the Matter of the Honorable Dianna L. Bennington, Judge of the Muncie City Court N/A 18S00-1412-JD-733
02/04/15 John O. Study v. State of Indiana 06D01-0710-FC-115 06S04-1407-CR-461
01/22/15 Jason Young v. Hood's Gardens, Inc. 29D04-1008-PL-12527 29S02-1405-PL-314
01/15/15 Ruben Rosales v. State of Indiana 48C03-1207-FA-1240 48S02-1404-CR-297
01/15/15 Jeffrey A. Cleary v. State of Indiana 45G04-1011-FB-114 45S03-1404-CR-295
01/08/15 Frank Jacobs v. State of Indiana 49G04-1205-FB-31784 49S04-1403-CR-162
01/06/15 Fishers Adolescent Catholic Enrichment Society, Inc. v. Elizabeth Bridgewater o/b/o Alyssa Bridgewater EDha08100620 & EDrt08110681 93S02-1310-EX-704
12/23/14 In Re the Adoption of B.C.H. 41D01-1011-AD-38 41S04-1408-AD-515
12/18/14 Rodregus Morgan v. State of Indiana 49F18-1208-FD-60696 49S02-1405-CR-325
12/17/14 Shawn Blount v. State of Indiana 49G20-1211-FB-76812 49S02-1405-CR-338
12/16/14 Mark Rolley v. Melissa Rolley 87D02-1110-DR-1398 87S01-1412-DR-739
12/10/14 William A. Parks v. State of Indiana 79D01-1209-FA-14 79S04-1412-CR-730
12/05/14 In the Matter of the Honorable Mickey K. Weber, Judge of the Clarksville Town Court N/A 10S00-1409-JD-606
12/04/14 In Re: The Carroll County 2013 Tax Sale: Twin Lakes Regional Sewer District v. Richard C. Ray and Patricia A. Alford, and Carroll County, Indiana by and through The Carroll County Auditor 08C01-1308-MI-20 08S00-1402-MI-98
12/04/14 In Re: The Carroll County 2012 Tax Sale: Twin Lakes Regional Sewer District, Steven E. Hruska, Virginia Hanna, Equity Trust Company FBO #80677, and Carroll County, Indiana 08C01-1208-MI-15 08S02-1402-MI-78
12/04/14 In the Matter of the Adoption of Minor Children: J.T.D. and J.S.: Ind. Dept. of Child Services v. N.E. 45D02-1306-AD-1, 45D02-1306-AD-2 45S03-1406-AD-387
11/13/14 Teaching Our Posterity Success, Inc. v. Indiana Department of Education and Indiana State Board of Education 49D04-1212-PL-47002 49S05-1411-PL-700
11/13/14 First American Title Insurance Company v. Stephen W. Robertson, Insurance Commissioner of the State of Indiana, in his official capacity, On Behalf of the Indiana Department of Insurance 49D07-1105-PL-019374 49S04-1311-PL-732
11/13/14 Joseph K. Buelna v. State of Indiana 20D03-0810-FA-52 20S04-1404-CR-243
11/06/14 Gregory F. Zoeller, Attorney General and Rick J. Ruble, Commissioner of the In. Dept. of Labor v. James M. Sweeney, David A. Fagan, Charles Severs et. al. 45D01-1305-PL-52 45S00-1309-PL-596
10/30/14 Anthony Hollowell v. State of Indiana 49G02-1008-PC-060299 49S02-1310-PC-684
10/30/14 Wayne A. Campbell v. State of Indiana 13C01-0606-PC-3 13S05-1410-PC-682
10/28/14 Michael E. Lyons, Individually; Denita L. Lyons, Individually et. al. v. Richmond Community School Corporation et. al. 89D01-1006-PL-11 89S04-1312-PL-788
10/22/14 Gary Wayne Oswalt v. State of Indiana 35C01-1104-FA-80 35S02-1401-CR-10
10/21/14 Jonathan D. Carpenter v. State of Indiana 02D04-1207-FD-1008 02S05-1404-CR-246
10/16/14 Indiana State Ethics Commission, Office of Inspector General, and David Thomas, in his Official Capacity as Inspector General v. Patricia Sanchez 49D03-1206-PL-23262 49S02-1402-PL-80
10/15/14 Joseph Wysocki and M. Carmen Wysocki v. Barbara A. Johnson and William T. Johnson, both Individually and as Trustees of the Barbara A. Johnson Living Trust dated 12-17-1996 45D04-0805-CT-92 45S03-1407-CT-459
10/07/14 Evansville Courier & Press and Rita Ward v. Vanderburgh County Health Department 82C01-1208-PL-409 82S04-1401-PL-49
10/01/14 In re the Paternity of D.M.Y., et al., M.R. v. B.Y. 34C01-9904-JP-59 34S04-1410-JP-607
09/30/14 Gersh Zavodnik v. Irene Harper 49D03-1008-PL-36797 49A04-1307-PL-316
09/30/14 Robert Corbin v. State of Indiana 75C01-1204-FD-72 75S03-1401-CR-13
09/25/14 In the Matter of the Adoption of O.R., N.R. v. K.G. and C.G. 21C01-1207-AD-196 21S01-1409-AD-592
09/24/14 S.L. v. State of Indiana 20D03-0907-FC-18 20S05-1405-CR-339
09/22/14 In the Matter of: Trezanay M. Atkins N/A 49S00-1306-DI-435
09/17/14 State of Indiana v. Frank Greene 49F25-0811-PC-261114 49S02-1403-PC-172
09/09/14 Antonio Hughley v. State of Indiana, The Consolidated City of Indianapolis/Marion County, and The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department 49D01-1110-MI-38687 49S04-1406-MI-386
09/09/14 Barbara J. Pohl v. Michael G. Pohl 32D04-1209-DR-593 32S04-1404-DR-245
09/03/14 TP Orthodontics, Inc., Christopher Kesling, DDS, MS, Adam Kesling, and Emily Kesling, et al. v. Andrew Kesling, Individually and as Trustee of the Andrew C. Kesling Trust Dated March 28, 2001 et al. 46D02-1001-MI-15 46S03-1405-MI-337
09/03/14 Old National Bancorp d/b/a Old National Trust Company v. Hanover College 68C01-1110-TR-116, 68C01-1110-TR-117 68S05-1404-TR-296
09/03/14 Christopher Cross v. State of Indiana 73D01-0608-FA-22 73S01-1401-CR-29
09/02/14 Natural Resources Defense Council v. Poet Biorefining- North Manchester, LLC, Poet Biorefining- Cloverdale, LLC, Central Indiana Ethanol, Inc., et al. 49F12-1102-MI-5363 49S02-1405-MI-313
08/26/14 Indiana Patient's Compensation Fund v. Judy Holcomb, Personal Representative of the Estate of Mable Louise Cochran, Deceased 49D06-1108-CC-32645 49S05-1404-CC-209
08/25/14 Indiana Department of State Revenue v. Caterpillar, Inc. 08-0333R 49S10-1402-TA-79
08/13/14 Douglas A. Guilmette v. State of Indiana 71D08-1012-MR-11 71S04-1310-CR-705
08/12/14 Joshua Gomillia v. State of Indiana 49G22-1106-FA-45521 49S02-1408-CR-521
07/24/14 Carol Sparks Drake v. Thomas A. Dickey, Craig Anderson, Charles E. Podell, and Duke Realty Corp. 29D04-0908-CT-2767 29S02-1407-CT-483
07/22/14 Kenyatta Erkins v. State of Indiana 58C01-1103-FA-3 58S01-1309-CR-586
07/21/14 Camoplast Crocker, LLC, The Kelch Corporation, and Seats, Inc. v. Kris Schoolcraft, as Personal Representative of the Wrongful Death Estate of Rickie D. Schoolcraft, Deceased, et al. 29D03-1201-CT-446 29S02-1407-CT-476
07/17/14 Gayle Fischer v. Michael and Noel Heymann 49D04-0605-PL-19166 49S02-1309-PL-620
07/10/14 In re the Involuntary Termination of the Parent-Child Relationship of K.W., a Minor Child, and His Mother, C.C. K.W. v. Indiana Department of Child Services and Child Advocates, Inc. 49D09-1211-JT-42678 49S02-1407-JT-458
07/09/14 Veolia Water Indianapolis, LLC, City of Indianapolis, Department of Waterworks, and City of Indianapolis v. National Trust Insurance Company and FCCI Insurance Company a/s/o Ultra Steak, Inc., et al. 49D12-1010-PL-44624 49S04-1301-PL-8
07/02/14 In the Matter of: Patrick H. Stern N/A 49S00-1205-DI-255
07/02/14 In the Matter of: Steve L. Brejensky N/A 29S00-1205-DI-277
06/27/14 Keion Gaddie v. State of Indiana 49F19-1208-CM-53729 49S02-1312-CR-789
06/27/14 Donald Murdock v. State of Indiana 48C06-1107-FC-1358 48S02-1406-CR-415
06/27/14 Dexter Berry v. State of Indiana 49F25-1203-FB-14944 49S04-1406-CR-416
06/27/14 South Shore Baseball, LLC d/b/a Gary South Shore RailCats and Northwest Sports Venture, LLC v. Juanita DeJesus 45D02-0911-CT-251 45S03-1308-CT-531
06/27/14 Tin Thang v. State of Indiana 49F07-1212-CM-81589 49S04-1402-CR-72
06/20/14 Nick McIlquham v. State of Indiana 49G20-1107-FB-47971 49S05-1401-CR-28
06/19/14 Ralph Andrews v. Mor/Ryde International, Inc. 20D03-0908-PL-55 20S04-1406-PL-399
06/12/14 Randy L. Knapp v. State of Indiana 28C01-1108-MR-1 28S00-1305-LW-327
06/10/14 Shannon Robinson and Bryan Robinson v. Erie Insurance Exchange 49D06-1107-PL-26871 49S02-1311-PL-733
06/05/14 Victor Ponce v. State of Indiana 20C01-1001-PC-1 20S04-1308-PC-533
06/03/14 Virginia E. Alldredge and Julia A. Luker, as Co-Personal Representatives of the Estate of Venita Hargis v. The Good Samaritan Home, Inc. 82D03-1110-CT-5314 82S01-1305-CT-363
06/03/14 Bruce Ryan v. State of Indiana 49G02-1110-FC-77449 49S02-1311-CR-734
06/02/14 Martez Brown v. State of Indiana 48C01-1012-MR-00783 48S02-1406-CR-363
06/02/14 Jacob Fuller v.State of Indiana 48C01-1103-MR-434 48S02-1406-CR-364
05/29/14 Derek Asklar and Pauline Asklar v. David Gilb, Paul Garrett Smith d/b/a P.H. One Trucking, Empire Fire & Marine Insurance Co. d/b/a Zurich Northland Insurance Co., Travelers Indemnity Co. of America 02D01-1003-CT-130 02S03-1305-CT-332
05/28/14 Larry Robert David, II, as Special Administrator of the Estate of Lisa Marie David, Deceased v. William Kleckner, M.D. 49D13-1208-MI-30944 49S02-1405-MI-355
05/28/14 Stacy Smith and Robert Smith, Individually and as Co-Personal Representatives of the Estate of Johnny Dupree Smith, Deceased v. Delta Tau Delta, Inc. and Beta Psi Chapter of Delta Tau Delta, et al 54D01-1009-CT-346 54S01-1405-CT-356
05/16/14 In the Matter of: Steven B. Geller N/A 49S00-1106-DI-318
05/14/14 State of Indiana v. Tammy Sue Harper 79C01-1102-FB-5 79S02-1405-CR-334
05/13/14 In re Mental Health Actions for A.S., Sara Townsend 10C01-1208-MH-124 10S01-1402-MH-113
05/13/14 McLynnerd Bond, Jr. v. State of Indiana 45G03-1102-MR-2 45S03-1309-CR-597
05/07/14 In the Matter of: Christopher E. Haigh N/A 98S00-0608-DI-317
05/07/14 Mayor Gregory Ballard v . Maggie Lewis, John Barth, and Vernon Brown 49D12-1302-PL-5483 49S00-1311-PL-716
05/01/14 Daniel Brewington v. State of Indiana 15D02-1103-FD-84 15S01-1405-CR-309
05/01/14 Alva Electric, Inc., Arc Construction Co., Inc., Danco Construction, Inc., Deig Bros. Lumber & Construction Co., Inc., et al. v. Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corporation and EVSC Foundation, Inc. 82C01-1102-PL-78 82S01-1307-PL-473
04/29/14 Ernesto Roberto Ramirez v. State of Indiana 45G04-1101-MR-3 45S05-1305-CR-331
04/29/14 Martin Meehan v. State of Indiana 71D02-1112-FC-286 71S04-1308-CR-535
04/29/14 In the Matter of: Karl N. Truman N/A 10S00-1401-DI-55
04/16/14 David Bleeke v. Bruce Lemmon, in his capacity as Commissioner of the Indiana Department of Correction; Thor R. Miller, as Chairman of the Indiana Parole Board; et al. 02D01-1005-PL-164 02S05-1305-PL-364
04/16/14 Ronnie Jamel Rice v. State of Indiana 45G03-0712-MR-11 45S00-1206-CR-343
04/11/14 In the Matter of: Anonymous N/A 45S00-1301-DI-33
04/03/14 Christopher Groce and Tracey Groce v. American Family Mutual Insurance Company, and Michael A. Meek 48C01-0911-CT-967 48S02-1307-CT-472
04/01/14 Bryant E. Wilson v. State of Indiana 27C01-1006-FC-160 27S02-1309-CR-584
03/27/14 C.S. v. State of Indiana 18C05-1103-CM-01 18S02-1304-CR-297
03/27/14 Front Row Motors, LLC and Jerramy Johnson v. Scott Jones 49D02-1001-PL-001299 49S02-1311-PL-758
03/26/14 In the Matter of the Involuntary Termination of the Parent-Child Relationship of I.P., T.P. v. Indiana Department of Child Services, and Child Advocates, Inc. 49D09-1207-JT-29849 49S02-1402-JT-81
03/26/14 In the Matter of the Involuntary Termination of the Parent-Child Relationship of S.B., Ay.B., A.B. and K.G., K.G. v. Marion County Department of Child Services, and Child Advocates, Inc. 49D09-1208-JT-31368, 49D09-1208-JT-31369, 49D09-1208-JT-31370, 49D09-1208-JT-31371 49S02-1402-JT-77
03/25/14 State of Indiana v. Darrell L. Keck 67D01-1202-CM-127 67S01-1403-CR-179
03/25/14 Joanna S. Robinson v. State of Indiana 20D05-1110-CM-507 20S04-1307-CR-471
03/21/14 State of Indiana v. I.T. 20C01-1111-JD-519 20S03-1309-JV-583
03/18/14 David S. Delagrange v. State of Indiana 49G03-1003-FC-15460 49S04-1304-CR-249
03/13/14 In re the Involuntary Termination of the Parent-Child Relationship of G.P., a Minor Child, and His Mother, J.A. v. Indiana Department of Child Services and Child Advocates, Inc. 49D09-1108-JT-31826 49S02-1308-JT-558
03/13/14 Howard Justice v. American Family Insurance Company 49D05-1001-PL-1701 49S02-1303-PL-221
03/13/14 Bobby Alexander v. State of Indiana 49G04-1103-FA-15328 49S04-1308-CR-534
03/12/14 Joseph D. Hardiman and Jaketa L. Patterson, as Co-Administrators of the Estate of Britney R. Meux, Deceased v. Jason R. Cozmanoff 45D11-1209-CT-214 45S03-1309-CT-619
03/11/14 State of Indiana v. Adrian Lotaki 32D05-1101-FD-29 32S01-1403-CR-151
03/11/14 In re Adoption of T.L. and T.L.; M.G. v. R.J. and E.J. 02D07-1110-AD-155 and 02D07-1110-AD-156 02S03-1308-AD-528
03/10/14 Bonnie Moryl, as Surviving Spouse and Personal Representative of the Estate of Richard A. Moryl v. Carey B. Ransone, M.D., La Porte Hospital, Dawn Forney, RN, Wanda Wakeman, RN BSBA, et al. 46D03-1009-CT-550 46S04-1403-CT-149
03/07/14 In the Matter of the Termination of the Parent-Child Relationship of E.M. and El.M., E.M. v. Indiana Department of Child Services 45D06-1102-JT-41 and 45D06-1102-JT-42 45S03-1308-JT-557
03/06/14 Fayette County Board of Commissioners v. Howard Price 21C01-1103-PL-146 21S04-1308-PL-530
03/04/14 The Honorable Kimberly J. Brown, Judge of the Marion Superior Court JUDICIAL 49S00-1308-JD-560
02/20/14 James T. Mitchell v. 10th and The Bypass, LLC and Elway, Inc. 53C06-0812-PL-3285 53S01-1303-PL-222
02/18/14 State of Indiana v. William Coats 49F08-1004-FD-30232 49S02-1305-CR-328
02/13/14 Brian Yost v. Wabash College, Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity- Indiana Gamma Chapter at Wabash College, Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity, Inc., and Nathan Cravens 54D01-0908-CT-351 54S01-1303-CT-161
02/12/14 In the Matter of S.D., Alleged to be a Child in Need of Services; J.B. v. Indiana Department of Child Services 49D09-1205-JC-19222 49S05-1309-JC-585
02/11/14 Paul Stieler Enterprises, Inc., d/b/a Harbor Bay, et al. v. City of Evansville and Evansville Common Council; VFW Post 2953, et al. v. City of Evansville and Evansville Common Council 82C01-1203-CT-138 and 82C01-1203-PL-137 82S01-1306-CT-436 & 82S01-1306-PL-437
02/11/14 Michael Inman v. State of Indiana 49G02-1004-MR-29733 49S00-1207-LW-376
02/06/14 Veolia Water Indianapolis, LLC, City of Indianapolis, Department of Waterworks, and City of Indianapolis v. National Trust Insurance Company and FCCI Insurance Company a/s/o Ultra Steak, Inc., et al 49D12-1010-PL-44624 49S04-1301-PL-8
01/21/14 American Cold Storage, et al. v. The City of Boonville 87D01-0810-PL-452 87S01-1303-PL-157
12/19/13 Scott Speers v. State of Indiana 55D02-1202-FC-290 55S01-1312-CR-841
12/19/13 Tyrice J. Halliburton v. State of Indiana 20C01-1101-MR-1 20S00-1206-LW-560
12/17/13 Indiana Gas Company, Inc. and Southern Indiana Gas and Electric Company, et al v. Indiana Finance Authority and Indiana Gasification, LLC 43976 93S02-1306-EX-407
12/12/13 Richard Eric Johnson v. Gillian Wheeler Johnson 49D03-9906-DR-898 49S05-1303-DR-199
12/12/13 Demetrius Walker v. State of Indiana 49F10-1203-CM-19943 49S02-1312-CR-804
11/26/13 F.D., G.D., and T.D. b/n/f J.D. and M.D.; and J.D. and M.D., individually v. Indiana Dept. of Child Services, Evansville Police Dept., and Vanderburgh County Prosecutor's Office 82D03-0906-CT-3283 82S01-1301-CT-19
11/22/13 Harold O. Fulp, Jr. v. Nancy A. Gilliland 41D01-1011-TR-299 41S01-1306-TR-426
11/21/13 Danielle Kelly v. State of Indiana 30C01-1009-FA-209 30S01-1303-CR-220
11/18/13 Gersh Zavodnik v. Michela Rinaldi, et al 49D03-1006-CT-27798 49S05-1311-CT-759
11/15/13 Patrick Austin v. State of Indiana 20D03-1105-FA-8 20S03-1303-CR-158
11/13/13 Julie Kitchell v. Ted Franklin, as the Mayor of the City of Logansport, and the Common Council of the City of Logansport 09D02-1303-PL-11 09S00-1307-PL-476
11/12/13 Billy Russell v. State of Indiana 49G06-1009-MR-75247 49S04-1311-CR-741
11/12/13 Jamar Washington v. State of Indiana 49F15-1105-FD-030605 49S02-1212-CR-669
11/05/13 Jason Wilson v. Kelly (Wilson) Myers 71D05-0411-DR-640 71S03-1305-DR-399
10/31/13 Robert Bowen v. State of Indiana 08C01-1007-FB-8 08S02-1306-CR-423
10/29/13 Heather N. Kesling v. Hubler Nissan, Inc. 49D12-0901-CT-2954 49S02-1302-CT-89
10/08/13 In the Matter of: Thomas M. Dixon N/A 71S00-1104-DI-196
09/26/13 M & M Investment Group, LLC v. Ahlemeyer Farms, Inc. and Monroe Bank 03C01-1109-CC-5167 03S04-1211-CC-645
09/26/13 Courtney L. Schwartz v. Jodi S. Heeter 02D07-0807-DR-474 02S03-1301-DR-18
09/17/13 Kevin M. Clark v. State of Indiana 20D03-1002-FA-00007 20S05-1301-CR-10
09/12/13 Clark County Board of Aviation Commissioners, Board of Commissioners of Clark County, Indiana v. Dennis Dreyer and Margo Dreyer, as Co-Personal Reps. of the Estate of Margaret A. Dreyer 10C02-0902-PL-23 10S01-1308-PL-529
09/12/13 Andrew McWhorter v. State of Indiana 33C02-0806-PC-0001 33S01-1301-PC-7
08/28/13 Mary Elizabeth Santelli, as Administrator of the Estate of James F. Santelli v. Abu M. Rahmatullah, Individually and d/b/a Super 8 Motel 49D04-0704-CT-014720 49S04-1212-CT-667
08/28/13 State of Indiana v. Russell Oney 49F18-9911-DF-191975 49S05-1212-CR-668
08/28/13 Juan M. Garrett v. State of Indiana 49G01-0706-PC-120521 49S04-1207-PC-431
08/27/13 John W. Schoettmer & Karen Schoettmer v. Jolene C. Wright & South Central Community Action Program, Inc. 49D11-1010-CT-43803 49S04-1210-CT-607
08/22/13 Ronald G. Becker v. State of Indiana 45G04-9702-CF-37 45S03-1301-CR-9
08/16/13 In Re the Matter of the Adoption of Minor Children; C.B.M. and C.R.M.: C.A.B. v. J.D.M. and K.L.M. 37D01-0805-AD-3 37S03-1303-AD-159
08/08/13 Mary Alice Manley, and Gary Manley v. Ryan J. Sherer, M.D., and Sherer Family Medicine, P.C. 59C01-1007-PL-320 59S01-1205-PL-249
07/30/13 Ann L. Miller and Richard A. Miller v. Glenn L. Dobbs, D.O. and Partners in Health 15D02-0803-CT-2 15S05-1302-CT-91
07/18/13 In Re the Guardianship of A.J.A. and L.M.A., Minor Children; J.C. v. J.B. and S.B. 48D02-1011-GU-367 48S02-1305-GU-398
07/17/13 In the Matter of: Joseph Stork Smith DISCIPLINARY 29S00-1201-DI-8
07/16/13 Commissioner of Labor on the Relation of Stephen R. Shofstall, Edward C. Posey, and Deborah N. Posey v. International Union of Painters and Allied Trades AFL-CIO, CLC District Council 91 49D06-1001-PL-004271 49S02-1205-PL-269
07/02/13 Michael Chambers v. State of Indiana 53C09-1106-FB-000558 53S01-1307-CR-459
07/01/13 N.L. v. State of Indiana 47C01-1011-JD-505 47S01-1302-JV-126
06/28/13 In Re Mandate of Funds for Center Township of Marion County Small Claims Court Order for Mandate and Mandate of Funds 49D01-1111-SC-10887 49S00-1207-MF-420
06/28/13 Valentin Escobedo v. State of Indiana 71D01-0812-FA-49 71S03-1306-CR-455
06/28/13 Brad W. Passwater v. State of Indiana 48D03-0704-PC-86 48S05-1210-PC-583
06/25/13 Michael D. Perkinson, Jr. v. Kay Char Perkinson 36D02-0803-DR-295 36S05-1206-DR-371
06/25/13 Loren Hamilton Fry v. State of Indiana 09D02-1109-MR-2 09S00-1205-CR-361
06/25/13 Erving Sanders v. State of Indiana 49G14-1101-FD-6488 49S02-1304-CR-242
06/25/13 Barbara A. Johnson and William T. Johnson, Both Individually and as Trustees of the Barbara A. Johnson Living Trust Dated 12-17-1996 v. Joseph Wysocki and M. Carmen Wysocki 45D04-0805-CT-00092 45S04-1211-CT-634
06/21/13 Sharon Wright and Leslie Wright v. Anthony E. Miller, D.P.M., and Achilles Podiatry Group 54D01-0903-CT-106 54S01-1207-CT-430
06/18/13 Tim Berry, Auditor of State; M. Caroline Spotts, Principal Clerk of the House of Representatives; and The State of Indiana/ Brian C. Bosma, Speaker v. William Crawford, et al. 49D10-1106-PL-23491 49S00-1201-PL-53 & 49S00-1202-PL-76
06/14/13 Robert Bowen v. State of Indiana 08C01-1007-FB-8 08S02-1306-CR-423
06/05/13 Term. of the Parent-Child Rel. of: K.T.K., K.C., and K.R.K. (Minor Children), and R.C. (Mother) v. Indiana Dept. of Child Services, Dearborn County Office 15C01-1101-JT-001, 15C01-1101-JT-002, 15C01-1101-JT-003 15S01-1306-JT-402
06/04/13 City of Indianapolis v. Rachael Buschman 49D11-1007-CT-30321 49S02-1210-CT-598
05/31/13 Brian Scott Hartman v. State of Indiana 68C01-1002-MR-17 68S01-1305-CR-395
05/17/13 Kirk B. Lynch v. State of Indiana 40C01-0907-FB-262 40S05-1301-CR-23
05/17/13 In the Matter of: Arthur J. Usher, IV N/A 49S00-1105-DI-298
05/17/13 Calvin Merida v. State of Indiana 69C01-1012-FA-8 69S01-1301-CR-24
05/17/13 State of Indiana ex rel. Glenn D. Commons, et al. v. The Hon. John R. Pera, et al. N/A 45S00-1303-OR-209
05/14/13 Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois v. Vincennes Indiana Girls, Inc. 42C01-1005-PL-310 42S00-1210-PL-597
05/14/13 State of Indiana v. John Doe 49D10-0402-CT-443 49S00-1201-CT-14
05/02/13 Gerald P. VanPatten v. State of Indiana 02D04-0911-FA-69 02S03-1205-CR-251
04/11/13 Utility Center, Inc. d/b/a Aqua Indiana, Inc. v. City of Fort Wayne, Indiana 90C01-0803-PL-3 90S04-1208-PL-450
04/04/13 Daniel Ray Wilkes v. State of Indiana 10C01-1009-PC-612 10S00-1004-PD-185
03/27/13 In Re: Prosecutor's Subpoena Regarding S.H. and S.C.; S.H. v. State of Indiana 73D02-1105-MC-63 73S01-1209-CR-563
03/26/13 Teresa Meredith, Dr. Edward E. Eiler, Richard E. Hamilton, Sheila Kennedy, Rev. Michael Jones, Dr. Robert M. Stwalley, III, et al. v. Mike Pence, as Governor of Indiana, and Glenda Ritz, et al. 49D07-1107-PL-25402 49S00-1203-PL-172
03/21/13 Anthony H. Dye v. State of Indiana 20D01-0705-FB-15 20S04-1201-CR-5
03/21/13 Todd J. Crider v. State of Indiana 91D01-1012-FD-150 91S05-1206-CR-306
03/13/13 Brandy L. Walczak, Individually and on Behalf of Those Similarly Situated v. Labor Works - Fort Wayne LLC, d/b/a Labor Works 02D01-1002-PL-31 02S04-1208-PL-497
03/12/13 Curtis A. Bethea v. State of Indiana 18C01-0805-PC-3 18S05-1206-PC-304
03/07/13 In Re: Visitation M.L.B.: K.J.R. v. M.A.B. 41D01-1007-MI-00031 41S01-1209-MI-556
03/06/13 Holiday Hospitality Franchising, Inc. v. Amco Insurance Company 33C01-0901-CT-0003 33S01-1206-CT-312
03/05/13 Kimberly Heaton v. State of Indiana 48D01-0904-FC-61 48S02-1206-CR-350
03/05/13 Michael Dodd and Katherine Dodd v. American Family Mutual Insurance Company 12D01-0409-CT-412 12S02-1203-CT-170
02/22/13 K.W. v. State of Indiana 49D09-1109-JD-2341 49S02-1301-JV-20
02/22/13 Felix C. Sickels v. State of Indiana 20D06-0109-CF-845 20S03-1206-CR-308
02/20/13 Joey Jennings v. State of Indiana 53C03-0906-CM-2250 53S01-1209-CR-526
02/20/13 Kathleen Peterink v. State of Indiana 57D01-1008-FD-246 57S03-1302-CR-136
02/19/13 Ronald B. Hawkins v. State of Indiana 20D06-1101-FC-2 20S03-1208-CR-499
02/12/13 Dennis Jack Horner v. Marcia (Horner) Carter 34C01-9803-DR-168 34S02-1210-DR-582
01/24/13 Carlin Iltzsch v. State of Indiana 49G06-1106-FB-38359 & 49G06-0412-FB-228844 49S02-1301-CR-57
01/15/13 Timothy W. Plank, Individually and as Personal Representative of the Estate of Debra L. Plank, Deceased v. Community Hospitals of Indiana, Inc., and State of Indiana 49C01-0311-CT-3130 49S04-1203-CT-135
01/10/13 Andre Gonzalez v. State of Indiana 45G02-9606-CF-180 45S03-1206-CR-307
12/19/12 Abby Allen and Walter Moore v. Clarian Health Partners, Inc. 49D01-1005-CT-20423 49S02-1203-CT-140
12/19/12 Hugh David Reed v. Edward Reid; Reid Machinery, Inc.; North Vernon Drop Forge, Inc.; Jennings Mfg. Co., Inc.; Reid Metals, Inc.; Glen White; Douglas Dibble; Midwest Environmental Svcs. Inc., et al. 40D01-0711-PL-299 40S01-1107-PL-436
12/19/12 John Kimbrough, III v. State of Indiana 45G04-1011-FA-48 45S04-1212-CR-687
12/12/12 Margaret Kosarko v. William A. Padula, Administrator of the Estate of Daniel L. Herndobler, Deceased 45D04-0719-CT-268 45S03-1206-CT-310
12/12/12 Kathy Inman v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company 41D03-0711-CT-66 41S01-1108-CT-515
12/12/12 Jacqueline Wisner, M.D. and The South Bend Clinic, L.L.P. v. Archie L. Laney 71D04-0708-CT-135 71S03-1201-CT-7
12/12/12 Hassan Alsheik v. Alice Guerrero, Individually and as Administratrix of the Estate of I.A., Deceased 45D11-0602-CT-31 45S04-1212-CT-675
11/30/12 State of Indiana Ex Rel., Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission v. Derek A. Farmer N/A 94S00-1103-MS-165
11/13/12 John Haegert v. University of Evansville 82C01-0508-PL-664 82S01-1204-PL-235
11/13/12 D.C. v. J.A.C. 32D05-0809-DR-114 32S04-1206-DR-349
11/07/12 Michael Kucholick v. State of Indiana 12C01-1003-FC-62 12S02-1211-CR-630
11/05/12 Elmer J. Bailey v. State of Indiana 49G17-1101-FD-4920 49S02-1204-CR-234
11/05/12 State of Indiana v. Elvis Holtsclaw 49F18-1004-FD-029400 49S02-1205-CR-264
10/31/12 Stephen W. Robertson, Indiana Comm. of Insurance, as Admin. of Indiana Patient's Compensation Fund and The Indiana Patient's Compensation Fund v. B.O., A Minor, Lisa A. Ort and Kevin C. Ort 49D14-0706-CT-23482 49S04-1111-CT-671
10/30/12 Lisa J. Kane v. State of Indiana 30D01-1012-FD-219 30S04-1206-CR-372
10/23/12 National Wine & Spirits, Inc., National Wine & Spirits Corporation, NWS, Inc., NWS Michigan, Inc., and NWS, LLC v. Ernst & Young, LLP 49D10-0606-CT-22460 49S02-1203-CT-137
10/17/12 J.M. v. Review Board of the Indiana Department of Workforce Development and T.C. 10-R-06947 93S02-1203-EX-138
10/04/12 Citimortgage, Inc. v. Shannon S. Barabas a/k/a Shannon Sheets Barabas, ReCasa Financial Group, LLC, and Rick A. Sanders 48C01-0806-CC-00593 48S04-1204-CC-213
09/13/12 An-Hung Yao and Yu-Ting Lin v. State of Indiana 35C01-1001-FC-12 and 35C01-1001-FC-16 35S02-1112-CR-704
07/31/12 Sean Thomas Ryan v. Dee Anna Ryan 71C01-0803-DR-114 71S03-1111-DR-644
07/31/12 Shepherd Properties Co., d/b/a Shepco Commercial Finishes v. International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, District Council 91 49C01-0810-PL-48145 49S04-1112-PL-697
07/31/12 Anthony H. Dye v. State of Indiana 20D01-0705-FB-15 20S04-1201-CR-5
07/31/12 James C. Purcell v. Old National Bank 49D07-0408-CT-1517 49S02-1201-CT-4
07/31/12 The Presbytery of Ohio Valley, Inc., d/b/a The Presbytery of Ohio Valley, d/b/a Ohio Valley Presbytery, et al. v. OPC, Inc., f/k/a Olivet Presbyterian Church, Inc., et al. 82C01-0707-MF-343 82S02-1105-MF-314
07/31/12 Engelica E. Castillo v. State of Indiana 45G04-0906-MR-5 45S00-1102-LW-110
07/31/12 Andrew Conley v. State of Indiana 58C01-0912-MR-001 58S00-1011-CR-634
07/30/12 Thomas R. Crowel v. Marshall County Drainage Board 50C01-1003-MI-2 50S03-1202-MI-71
07/30/12 Dalmas Maurice Otieno Anyango and Jane Tinna Agola Otieno, as Natural Parents and Next of Kin of Isaiah Omondi Otieno, Deceased v. Rolls-Royce Corporation, Honeywell International Inc., et al. 49D07-1003-CT-9655 49S04-1207-CT-434
07/27/12 In the Matter of Thomas E. Q. Williams N/A 30S00-1101-DI-37
07/26/12 Roger L. Bushhorn v. State of Indiana 40C01-1001-FA-10 40S01-1206-CR-309
07/26/12 Douglas Cottingham v. State of Indiana 06D02-0806-FD-634 06S01-1112-CR-703
07/26/12 Michael J. Lock v. State of Indiana 35D01-0906-FD-135 35S04-1110-CR-622
07/26/12 Robert Smith v. State of Indiana 49G06-0905-FC-46709 49S02-1109-CR-529
07/26/12 Indiana Dept. of Revenue v. Miller Brewing Co. 49T10-0607-TA-69 49S10-1203-TA-136
07/25/12 Kenneth Dwayne Vaughn v. State of Indiana 45G04-0809-FC-00124 45S05-1112-CR-684
07/23/12 Robert L. Clark, Jr. and Debra Clark v. Robert L. Clark, Sr. 01C01-0811-CT-16 01S02-1112-CT-690
07/12/12 State of Indiana v. Steven Ray Hollin 69C01-0802-PC-001 69S05-1201-PC-6
06/29/12 Annette (Oliver) Hirsch v. Roger Lee Oliver 29D02-0411-DR-988 29S02-1109-DR-530
06/29/12 Walter Lyles v. State of Indiana 49F08-1012-CM-90532 49S02-1201-CR-49
06/26/12 Michael Sharp v. State of Indiana 12D01-0811-FA-150 12S02-1109-CR-544
06/25/12 Sharon Gill, on her own behalf and on behalf of the Estate of Gale Gill v. Evansville Sheet Metal Works, Inc. 49D02-9801-MI-0001-357 49S05-1111-CV-672
06/21/12 Roy Lee Ward v. State of Indiana 74C01-0107-CF-158 74S00-0907-PD-320
06/21/12 Indiana Department of Revenue v. United Parcel Service, Inc. 49T10-0704-TA-24 49S10-1107-TA-417
06/20/12 In the Matter of: Douglas W. Patterson N/A 82S00-1111-DI-662
06/20/12 John Berry v. State of Indiana 49G22-0902-FA-024179 49S04-1110-CR-611
06/20/12 Rondell Walker v. State of Indiana 34D01-0904-FA-358 34S02-1206-CR-346
06/19/12 Tina Whiting v. State of Indiana 38C01-0809-MR-1 38S05-1206-CR-345
06/12/12 Michael W. Baker v. State of Indiana 89C01-0809-FB-017 89S01-1109-CR-543
06/05/12 Hannah Lakes v. Grange Mutual Casualty Co. (NFP) 89D01-0501-CT-002 89S05-1109-CT-531
05/31/12 Mickey Cundiff v. State of Indiana 31D01-0912-FD-889 31S05-1108-CR-512
03/23/12 Troy R. Smith v. State of Indiana 35D01-0610-FD-240 35S02-1106-CR-369
03/23/12 Brice Webb v. State of Indiana 71D03-0910-MR-23 71S05-1106-CR-329
03/22/12 Hunt Construction Group, Inc., and Mezzetta Construction, Inc. v. Shannon D. Garrett 49D01-0705-CT-21326 49S02-1106-CT-365
03/22/12 Sheila Perdue, et al. v. Michael A. Gargano, et al. 49D10-0803-PL-13340 49S02-1107-PL-437
03/22/12 State Automobile Mutual Insurance Company v. Flexdar, Inc. and RTS Realty 49F12-0705-PL-018927 49S02-1104-PL-199
03/21/12 State of Indiana v. International Business Machines Corporation 49D10-1005-PL-021451 49S00-1201-PL-15
03/21/12 Marion County Auditor, and McCord Investments, LLC v. Sawmill Creek, LLC a/k/a Saw Creek Investments, LLC 49C01-0509-MI-036054 49S02-1106-CV-364
03/21/12 John Witt, HydroTech Corp, and Mark Shere v. Jay Petroleum, Inc., and Jack R. James 38D01-0712-MI-4 38S02-1110-CV-608
03/21/12 Loparex, LLC v. MPI Release Technologies, LLC, Gerald Kerber, and Stephen Odders 1:09-CV-01411-JMS 94S00-1109-CQ-546
03/21/12 Rodney Nicholson v. State of Indiana 55D01-0811-FC-383 55S01-1107-CR-444
03/20/12 Jerrell D. White v. State of Indiana 15D01-0909-FC-25 15S01-1109-CR-545
03/20/12 Henry L. Howard, et al. v. United States 1:09-CV575-MBH 94S00-1106-CQ-333
03/20/12 Hannah Lakes v. Grange Mutual Casualty Company 89D01-0501-CT-2 89S05-1109-CT-531
03/20/12 Rebecca D. Kays v. State of Indiana 42D02-0912-CM-1504 42S05-1107-CR-441
03/20/12 Harold J. Klinker v. First Merchants Bank, N.A. 01C01-0903-PL-001 01S04-1107-PL-438
03/20/12 Randall L. Woodruff, Trustee, U.S. Bankruptcy Court, on Behalf of Legacy Healthcare, Inc.d/b/a New Horizon Develop. Center v. In. Family & Social Serv. Admin., Office of Medicaid Policy & Planning 29D05-0605-PL-01104 29S02-1110-PL-598
03/20/12 LaPorte Community School Corporation v. Maria Rosales 46C01-0701-CT-039 46S04-1105-CT-284
03/19/12 Jimmie E. Jones, Jr. v. State of Indiana 29D02-0910-MR-237 29S02-1108-CR-511
03/16/12 Indiana Department of State Revenue v. AOL, LLC 49T10-0903-TA-7 49S10-1108-TA-514
03/16/12 Jesse J. Harris, Jr. v. State of Indiana 34D01-0911-MR-1002 34S02-1203-CR-169
03/15/12 Michael R. Kole, Joseph L. Weingarten, and Glenn J. Brown, et al. v. Scott Faultless, Daniel Henke, Eileen Pritchard, Stuart Easley, et al. 1:10-CV-1735-TWP-DML 94S00-1112-CQ-692
03/15/12 Charlie White; Thomas E. Wheeler, II, Gordon Durnil, and Bernard L. Pylitt, as members of Indiana Recount Comm. v. Indiana Democratic Party, through its Chairman, Daniel J. Parker 49C01-1012-MI-55881 49S00-1202-MI-73
03/14/12 Phyllis Hardy, Alax Keith Furnish and Megan Jessica Furnish, by next friend Phyllis Hardy v. Mary Jo Hardy 51C01-0901-PL-0059 51S01-1106-PL-366
03/13/12 In the Matter of K.D. & K.S.; S.S. v. The Indiana Dept. of Child Services and Child Advocates, Inc. 49D09-0911-JC-50107 and 49D09-0911-JC-50108 49S02-1107-JC-416
03/13/12 In the Matter of T.N.; G.N. v. The Indiana Dept. of Child Services and Child Advocates, Inc. 49D09-1008-JC-35913 49S05-1203-JC-165
03/12/12 In the Matter of: Carl J. Brizzi N/A 49S00-0910-DI-425
03/09/12 R.L. Turner Corporation v. Town of Brownsburg 32D02-0912-PL-40 32S01-1109-PL-573
03/09/12 Indiana Department of State Revenue v. Rent-A-Center East, Inc. 49T10-0612-TA-106 49S10-1112-TA-683
03/08/12 Keith Hoglund v. State of Indiana 90C01-0605-FA-1 90S02-1105-CR-294
03/06/12 Mark J. Thatcher v. City of Kokomo, et al. 1:10-cv-101-WTL-TAB 94S00-1109-CQ-570
02/22/12 Jerrme Cartwright v. State of Indiana 82C01-0812-FA-1396 82S01-1109-CR-564
02/22/12 Antwon Abbott v. State of Indiana 34D01-0909-FA-819 34S02-1202-CR-110
02/22/12 Joey Addison v. State of Indiana 49G04-0812-MR-289345 49S05-1105-CR-267
02/16/12 Amir H. Sanjari v. State of Indiana 20D06-0610-FC-35 20S03-1105-CR-268
02/16/12 Richmond State Hospital and All Other Similarly Situated State Institutions and Agencies v. Paula Brattain, et al. 49D11-0108-CP-1309 49S02-1106-CV-327
02/14/12 Kevin L. Hampton v. State of Indiana 84D06-0808-PC-2678 84S04-1103-PC-161
02/02/12 Michael B. Adams v. State of Indiana 29D06-0910-CM-005841 29S02-1109-CR-542
01/31/12 Henry C. Bennett and Schupan & Sons, Inc. v. John Richmond and Jennifer Richmond 20D01-0512-CT-700 20S03-1105-CV-293
01/31/12 Reginald N. Person, Jr. v. Carol A. Shipley 20D01-0411-CT-739 20S03-1110-CT-609
01/24/12 Antoine Hill v. State of Indiana 45G01-0504-PC-2 45S03-1105-PC-283
01/20/12 Indiana Dept. of Insurance, Indiana Patient's Compensation Fund v. Robin Everhart, Personal Rep. of the Estate of James K. Everhart, Jr. 84D01-0410-CT-10001 84S01-1105-CV-282
01/19/12 Chrysler Group, LLC v. Review Board of the Indiana Dept. of Workforce Development and T.A., et al. (09-28378) 10-R-00621 93S02-1109-EX-565
01/18/12 A.T. v. State of Indaina 49D09-1004-JD-1002 49S02-1201-JV-26
01/18/12 Rickey D. Whitaker v. Travis M. Becker 02C01-0812-CT-40 02S03-1201-CT-27
01/12/12 Keith M. Ramsey, M.D., The Methodist Hospitals, Inc. v. Shella Moore 45D04-0903-CT-83 45S05-1105-CT-281
01/12/12 In the Matter of Augustus J. Mendenhall N/A 32S00-1005-DI-230
01/12/12 Thomas Dexter v. State of Indiana 79D02-0905-FA-12 79S05-1106-CR-367
01/12/12 In the Matter of Nancy J. Flatt-Moore N/A 30S00-0911-DI-535
01/10/12 Sarah Haag, Gordon Haag and Cathy Haag; Molly Kruger, William Kruger, III, and Katherine F. Kruger, et al. v. Mark Castro, The Indiana Youth Soccer Association, Virginia Surety Company, Inc., et al. 29C01-0606-CT-576 29S04-1102-CT-118
12/29/11 State of Indiana v. Economic Freedom Fund,, Inc., Meridian Pacific, Inc., and John Does 3-10 07C01-0609-MI-0425 07S00-1008-MI-411
12/29/11 State of Indiana v. Amanda Renzulli 32D04-0904-CR-194 32S04-1102-CR-117
12/29/11 Diane Recker v. Review Board of the Indiana Dept. of Workforce Development, and FedEx Trade Networks 10-R-1235 93S02-1105-EX-285
12/20/11 In the Matter of: Lawrence T. Newman N/A 49S00-0907-DI-331
12/20/11 In the Matter of the Honorable Jeffrey A. Harkin, Judge of the Hammond City Court N/A 45S00-1106-JD-390
12/15/11 David R. Snyder v. J. Bradley King and Trent Deckard, in their Official Capacities as Co-Directors of the Indiana Election Division; and Linda Silcott and Pam Brunette, et al. 1:10-cv-1019-WTL-MJD 94S00-1101-CQ-50
12/13/11 Steven Spangler and Heidi Brown v. Barbara Bechtel, Expectations Women's Health and Childbearing Center, and St. Vincent Randolph Hospital 49D03-0306-CT-1120 49S05-1012-CV-703
11/30/11 Christopher Jewell v. State of Indiana 32D02-0808-FB-1 32S04-1104-CR-200
11/29/11 David Hopper v. State of Indiana 13C01-0910-PC-2 13S01-1007-PC-399
11/22/11 Town of Avon v. West Central Conservancy District, Washington Township, and Ronnie Austin, in his capacity as Trustee and Park Governor 32D04-0810-PL-40 32S05-1104-PL-217
11/22/11 Lisa Gray v. State of Indiana 82D05-0809-CM-6587 82S01-1106-CR-328
11/17/11 D.C. v. State of Indiana 49D09-0908-JD-002572 49S02-1102-JV-116
11/17/11 Indiana Spine Group, PC v. Pilot Travel Centers, LLC P-199588 93S02-1102-EX-90
10/19/11 Otha S. Hamilton v. State of Indiana 49G04-1004-FA-029545 49S02-1110-CR-621
10/18/11 Nathan Brock v. State of Indiana 38D01-0705-FC-3 38S02-1101-CR-8
10/13/11 Jeffery W. Cain v. State of Indiana 17D01-0905-MR-001 17S00-1008-CR-684
10/11/11 The Involuntary Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of C.G. and Z.G., Z.G. v. Marion County Dept. of Child Services and Child Advocates, Inc. 49D09-0903-JT-13906 49S04-1101-JT-46
10/06/11 Putnam County Sheriff v. Pamela Price 60C01-0906-CT-385 60S01-1012-CV-665
09/29/11 In the Matter of Everett E. Powell, II N/A 49S00-0910-DI-426
09/29/11 Franklin Electric Company, Inc. v. Unemployment Insurance Appeals of the Indiana Dept. of Workforce Development 08-37203 93S02-1102-EX-89
09/28/11 Desmond Turner v. State of Indiana 49G02-0606-MR-101336 49S00-0912-CR-565
09/20/11 Rod L. Avery and Marshall K. Avery v. Trina R. Avery 49D08-1002-PL-4558 49S05-1102-PL-76
09/20/11 Richard L. Barnes v. State of Indiana 82D02-0808-CM-759 82S05-1007-CR-343
09/15/11 Mary Beth Lucas and Perry Lucas v. U.S. Bank, N.A., as Trustee for the C-Bass Mortgage Loan Asset-Backed Certificates, Series 2006-MH-1 28D01-0901-MF-27 28S01-1102-CV-78
08/30/11 Quincy Branham & Shannon Branham v. Rodney Varble & Carol Varble 62C01-0806-SC-252 62S04-1103-SC-139
08/30/11 Quincy Branham & Shannon Branham v. Rodney Varble & Norman Chastain 62C01-0902-SC-36 62S01-1103-SC-141
08/10/11 Howard Regional Health System d/b/a Howard Community Hospital, Charles G. Marler, M.D., and Community Family Health Center v. Jacob Z. Gordon b/n/f/ Lisa Gordon 34D02-0609-CT-782 34S02-1009-CV-476
07/21/11 Glenn Carpenter v. State of Indiana 49G20-0910-FB-85384 49S02-1104-CR-198
07/11/11 Cedric Lewis v. State of Indiana 49G23-0805-FB-124017 49S02-1010-CR-619
06/30/11 Arturo Garcia-Torres v. State of Indiana 64D01-0505-FB-4871 64S03-0912-CR-550
06/29/11 Indiana Patient's Compensation Fund v. Beverly S. Brown 49D07-0904-CT-20191 49S02-1106-CT-388
06/29/11 Indiana Department of Child Services v. A.B. 71J01-0811-JD-000826 71S00-1002-JV-156
06/29/11 Steven Siwinski, et al. v. Town of Ogden Dunes 64D06-0708-OV-14835 64S03-1010-CV-599
06/29/11 Hematology-Oncology of Ind., P.C. v. Hadley W. Frutis, et al. 49D05-0611-CT-45470 49S05-1106-CV-387
06/29/11 Donald A. Pierce v. State of Indiana 13C01-0706-FA-002 13S04-1101-CR-7
06/29/11 Citizens State Bank of New Castle v. Countrywide Home Loans, Inc. 76D01-0710-MF-657 76S03-1009-CV-515
06/29/11 Jeffery H. McCabe v. Commissioner, Indiana Dept. of Insurance 49C01-0809-CT-43128 49S02-1010-CV-602
06/28/11 Bruce Lemmon, et al. v. Michael L. Harris 52C01-0709-MI-644 52S02-1011-CV-642
06/28/11 Brenda Moore v. State of Indiana 49F10-0812-CM-276934 49S04-1101-CR-24
06/28/11 Randy Horton v. State of Indiana 48D03-0903-FA-88 48S04-1106-CR-386
06/23/11 Elmer D. Baker v. State of Indiana 17D01-0607-FA-007 17S04-1009-CR-500
06/23/11 Crisis Connection, Inc. v. Ronald K. Fromme 19C01-0708-FA-192 19S05-1012-CR-678
06/23/11 J.M. v. M.A., et al. 20D06-0904-DR-187 20S04-1012-CV-676
06/23/11 Lamar M. Crawford v. State of Indiana 49G03-0904-MR-39093 49S05-1106-CR-370
06/22/11 D.M. v. State of Indiana 49D09-1001-JD-125 49S02-1101-JV-11
06/21/11 Michael Ashby and Randy O'Brien v. The Bar Plan Mutual Insurance Co., and C. Bruce Davidson, Jr. 49D05-0504-CT-014786, 49D05-0504-PL-014864, 49D12-0504-CT-014786, 49D12-0504-PL-014864, + 49S04-1011-CV-635
06/21/11 Misty D. Davis v. Animal Control - City of Evansville, et al. 82C01-0702-CT-75 82S01-1102-CV-77
06/21/11 Gibraltar Financial Corp. v. Prestige Equipment Corp., National Machinery Exchange, Inc., et al. 20D05-0805-CT-3 20S03-1010-CV-618
06/16/11 In the Matter of Mark R. McKinney N/A 18S00-0905-DI-220
06/14/11 Douglas Denzel v. State of Indiana 49F08-0807-CM-168596 49S02-1106-CR-340
06/14/11 Alva Curtis v. State of Indiana 49F08-0706-FD-123880 49S02-1010-CR-620
06/08/11 Randy Edward Johnson v. State of Indiana 53C09-0803-FA-00289 53S01-1106-CR-335
06/01/11 Jeffery Sloan v. State of Indiana 18C02-0806-FA-03 18S04-1009-CR-502
05/27/11 In the Matter of the Honorable William J. Hughes, Judge of the Hamilton Superior Court Judicial 29S00-1105-JD-279
05/27/11 In the Matter of Joshua A. Parilman N/A 98S00-1012-DI-681
05/26/11 State of Indiana v. Jeffrey Brunner 57D01-9911-DF-260 57S04-1010-CR-603
05/26/11 State of Indiana v. Charles Boyle 49F18-9709-PC-137207 49S05-1105-PC-305
05/18/11 Cassie E. Pfenning v. Joseph Lineman, et al. 27D01-0702-CT-127 27S02-1006-CV-331
05/18/11 Tyrus D. Coleman v. State of Indiana 20C01-0703-MR-1 20S03-1008-CR-458
05/12/11 State ex rel. Gregory F. Zoeller v. Aisin USA Manufacturing, Inc. 36D01-0905-MI-8 36S01-1009-CV-469
05/12/11 Richard L. Barnes v. State of Indiana 82D02-0808-CM-759 82S05-1007-CR-343
05/10/11 Cornelius T. Lacey, Sr. v. State of Indiana 02D04-0812-FB-222 02S05-1010-CR-601
05/10/11 Damion J. Wilkins v. State of Indiana 02D04-0812-FB-221 02S03-1010-CR-604
05/10/11 City of Indianapolis, et al. v. Christine Armour, et al. 49D11-0706-CT-026050 49S02-1007-CV-402
05/05/11 Joshua Konopasek v. State of Indiana 25D01-0807-FC-342 25S03-1012-CR-669
04/27/11 Martin Serrano v. State of Indiana and the City of Fort Wayne 02D01-0808-PL-422 02S03-1104-CV-241
04/21/11 Tom George, et al. v. National Collegiate Athletic Association N/A 94S00-1010-CQ-544
04/21/11 Bradley J. Love v. Robert Rehfus, et al. 30C01-0705-PL-493 30S01-1004-CV-162
04/21/11 George Janiec v. Lake County Board of Election and Registration 45D12-1103-MI-14 45S00-1104-MI-228
03/29/11 Edward Dawson v. State of Indiana 49G02-0804-FB-87393 49S02-1103-CR-176
03/15/11 Debra L. Walker v. David M. Pullen 64D01-0603-CT-1883 64S05-1101-CT-6
03/10/11 David K. Murphy v. State of Indiana 18C02-0808-FB-15 18S02-1103-CR-142
02/24/11 Jason D. Miller v. State of Indiana 08C01-0803-FA-1 08S02-1102-CR-108
02/16/11 Richard Joslyn v. State of Indiana 49G22-0812-FC-272486 49S04-1102-CR-85
02/16/11 Jeffrey Tharp v. State of Indiana 49G21-0902-CM-25807 49S02-1005-CR-256
02/14/11 In the Matter of William Young N/A 49S00-1007-JD-374
02/11/11 In the Matter of Heather McClure O'Farrell N/A 29S00-0902-DI-76
02/11/11 In the Matter of Patrick K. Rocchio N/A 98S00-0911-DI-533
02/10/11 Killbuck Concerned Citizens Association v. J.M. Corporation and Ralph Reed 48D01-0806-PL-996 48S00-1003-PL-158
02/09/11 Noe Romo v. State of Indiana 49G20-0801-FA-21754 49S04-1009-CR-499
02/09/11 Indiana Dept. of State Revenue v. Belterra Resort Indiana, LLC 49T10-0605-TA-49 49S10-1010-TA-519
02/08/11 Nicholas Green v. Ford Motor Company N/A 94S00-1007-CQ-348
02/08/11 Mariea L. Best v. Russell C. Best 06C01-0209-DR-381 06S05-1102-CV-73
02/03/11 Clifton Mauricio v. State of Indiana 02D04-0902-PC-7 02S03-1009-PC-501
01/26/11 Fredrick Michael Baer v. State of Indiana 48D01-0805-PC-126 48S00-0709-PD-362
12/29/10 National Union Fire Insurance Co. of Pittsburgh, PA., et al. v. Standard Fusee Corp. 49D14-0512-PL-48895 49S04-1006-CV-318
12/27/10 In the Matter of Jane G. Cotton N/A 48S00-0910-DI-497
12/22/10 Gregory L. Galloway v. State of Indiana 33C01-0710-MR-2 33S01-1004-CR-163
12/22/10 Andres Sanchez v. State of Indiana 20D03-0707-FA-44 20S04-1012-CR-692
12/21/10 Anthony D. Delarosa v. State of Indiana 29D01-0704-MR-52 29S00-0911-CR-531
12/17/10 Indiana High School Athletic Association v. Jasmine S. Watson 71C01-0811-PL-245 71S03-1002-CV-119
12/17/10 Sheehan Construction Company, et al. v. Continental Casualty Company, et al. 49F12-0702-PL-7751 49S02-1001-CV-32
12/16/10 Adoption of L.D.; A.B. and N.E. v. Jo.D. and Ja.D. 49D04-0708-AD-35277 49S02-1006-CV-330
12/15/10 Joshua G. Nicoson v. State of Indiana 32D04-0804-FB-3 32S04-1003-CR-150
12/15/10 Hamilton County Property Tax Assessment Board of Appeals & Hamilton County Assessor v. Oaken Bucket Partners, LLC 49T10-0612-TA-113 49S10-1003-TA-140
12/09/10 Jeffrey E. Akard v. State of Indiana 79D02-0810-FA-36 79S02-1009-CR-478
12/08/10 Dannie Ray Runyon v. State of Indiana 57C01-0510-FC-71 57S04-1006-CR-317
11/12/10 In the Matter of William J. Rawls N/A 49S00-0908-DI-355
10/13/10 TRW Vehicle Safety Systems, Inc., and Ford Motor Company v. Sally J. Moore, et al. 73C01-0305-CT-13 73S05-0909-CV-404
10/05/10 In the Matter of Paternity of P.S.; B.S. v. L.S. & G.D. 02D07-0811-JP-941 02S03-1010-JV-518
10/05/10 Indiana Department of State Revenue v. Belterra Resort Indiana, LLC 49T10-0605-TA-49 49S10-1010-TA-519
10/05/10 Wayne D. Kubsch v. State of Indiana 71D01-0803-PC-14 71S00-0708-PD-335
10/05/10 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of I.A.; J.H. v. IDCS 62C01-0802-JT-33 62S01-1003-JV-148
09/30/10 Thomas P. Donovan v. Grant Victoria Casino & Resort, L.P. 49D05-0709-MI-39223 49S02-1003-CV-124
09/30/10 State of Indiana v. James S. Hobbs, IV 19D01-0903-CM-175 19S01-1001-CR-10
09/30/10 Caesars Riverboat Casino, LLC v. Genevieve M. Kephart 31C01-0701-CC-005 31S01-0909-CV-403
09/30/10 Sheehan Construction Co., Inc., et al. v. Continental Casualty Co., et al. 49F12-0702-PL-7751 49S02-1001-CV-32
09/29/10 James A. Carr v. State of Indiana 25D01-0611-MR-277 25S04-1004-CR-219
09/29/10 Matthew A. Baugh v. State of Indiana 18C04-0804-FB-7 18S04-1007-CR-398
09/29/10 Efren R. Diaz v. State of Indiana 20C01-0407-FA-88 20S05-0911-PC-521
09/29/10 State of Indiana v. Craig Cooper 49F09-9903-PC-46148 49S02-1004-PC-220
09/29/10 Anne M. Bingley v. Charles B. Bingley 02D07-0605-DR-274 02S03-1002-CV-122
09/28/10 David Hopper v. State of Indiana 13C01-0910-PC-002 13S01-1007-PC-399
09/22/10 Rosalyn West v. Betty Wadlington,et al. 49D06-0803-CT-10163 49S02-1009-CV-509
09/22/10 Virginia Meister v. State of Indiana and the City of Union City, Indiana 68D01-0402-MI-198 68S04-1009-CV-510
09/21/10 Max Koenig v. State of Indiana 42C01-0608-FB-49 42S04-1009-CR-505
09/21/10 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of I.B.; M.L. v. IDCS 03C01-0809-JT-2077 03S05-1004-JV-218
09/17/10 In the Matter of Kenneth E. Lauter N/A 55S00-0906-DI-267
09/16/10 Foundations of East Chicago, Inc. v. City of East Chicago and State of Indiana 49D13-0705-PL-019348 49S02-0908-CV-383
09/10/10 Lyn Leone, et al. v. Commissioner, BMV 49D02-0802-PL-6305 49S02-0910-CV-505
09/09/10 Matter of the Estate of Harry L. Rickert 18C01-0605-EU-118 18S04-1002-CV-118
09/03/10 In the Matter of Anonymous N/A 10S00-1006-DI-288
09/01/10 Suzanne Eads, et al. v. Community Hospitals 45C01-0802-CT-14 45S03-1001-CV-33
08/30/10 Anne W. Murphy, et al. v. Jannis Fisher, et al. 49D01-9309-MI-952 49S02-1008-CV-463
08/27/10 In the Matter of: Anonymous N/A 18S00-0902-DI-73
07/08/10 Steven W. Everling v. State of Indiana 48C01-0802-FA-75 48S05-0911-CR-506
07/01/10 In the Matter of Anonymous N/A 73S00-0812-DI-626
07/01/10 Che B. Carter v. State of Indiana 49G04-9006-PC-76589 49S04-0903-PC-102
06/30/10 Luis E. Duran v. State of Indiana 45G04-0708-FA-23 45S03-0910-CR-430
06/30/10 Curtis F. Sample v. State of Indiana 45G02-0602-FA-10 45S03-1006-CR-338
06/30/10 Austin Knight v. State of Indiana 02D04-0702-FA-20 02S03-1006-CR-339
06/30/10 The Kroger Co. v. Lu Ann Plonski 49C01-0509-CT-38467 49S02-0907-CV-347
06/30/10 League of Women Voters, et al. v. Todd Rokita 49D13-0806-PL-27627 49S02-1001-CV-50
06/30/10 Subhen Ghosh v. Indiana State Ethics Commission and Office of the Inspector General 32D02-0707-MI-6 32S01-0910-CV-504
06/29/10 Andre Peoples v. State of Indiana 79D02-0801-FA-3 79S02-0912-CR-549
06/29/10 Myron Owens v. State of Indiana 49G20-0710-FA-224725 49S02-0910-CR-429
06/29/10 Kenneth Brown v. State of Indiana 11C01-0507-FB-200 11S04-0911-CR-537
06/29/10 Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library v. Charlier Clark & Linard, P.C. 06C01-0406-PL-336 06S05-0907-CV-332
06/29/10 U.S. Bank, N.A. v. Integrity Land Title Corp. 17D02-0608-MF-160 17S03-1002-CV-120
06/28/10 Richard Patrick Wilson and Billy Don Wilson v. Gene Isaacs, Sheriff of Cass County, and Brad Craven 09D01-0708-CT-13 09S05-1003-CV-149
06/28/10 Sylvia B. Pivens, et al. v. ITT Corporation, Inc. 07-CV-2878 (CS) 94S00-0911-CQ-508
06/24/10 Steven T. Marbley-El v. State of Indiana 71D01-0808-PC-35 71S03-1006-PC-329
06/24/10 Curtis Outlaw v. State of Indiana 49F19-0901-CM-4126 49S02-1006-CR-328
06/23/10 Indiana Patient's Compensation Fund v. Gary Patrick 49C01-0801-CT-3290 49S02-0909-CV-402
06/22/10 In the Matter of Mandate of Funds; St. Joseph County Commissioners and St. Joseph County Council v. The Hon. Peter J. Nemeth and the St. Joseph Probate Court 71J01-0902-JM-1, 71J01-0902-JM-2, 71J01-0902-JM-3 71S00-0912-MF-569
06/17/10 Christine Dugan v. Mittal Steel, USA, Inc., et al. 45D05-0609-CT-180 45S05-1002-CV-121
06/09/10 Anthony Malenchik v. State of Indiana 79D05-0711-FD-628 79S02-0908-CR-365
06/09/10 J.S. v. State of Indiana 79D02-0703-FC-15 79S02-1006-CR-296
06/08/10 Walker Whatley v. State of Indiana 49G20-0803-FD-64067 49S02-0908-CR-379
06/03/10 Christian Hollinsworth v. State of Indiana 49F13-0709-CM-177170 49S02-1006-CR-286
06/03/10 State of Indiana v. Robert Richardson 49G20-0707-FA-135662 49S02-0910-CR-428
06/01/10 Lisa M. Beckingham v. Review Board of the Indiana Dept. of Workforce Development 08-R-01919 93S02-0907-EX-308
06/01/10 John D. Giovanoni, II v. Review Board of the Indiana Dept. of Workforce Development 08-R-01092 93S02-0907-EX-311
06/01/10 Thomas A. Neu, Elizabeth A. Neu, and Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. v. Brett Gibson 49D10-0506-MF-21457 49S02-0910-CV-442
05/27/10 The Travelers Indemnity Company of America v. Jerry Jarrells 29D03-0212-CT-943 29S02-0908-CV-378
05/25/10 Indiana Family and Social Services Administration v. Alice V. Meyer, et al. 69C01-0612-MI-14 69S01-0905-CV-233
05/25/10 Desmond L. Davidson v. State of Indiana 49F15-0808-FD-185990 49S02-1001-CR-41
05/19/10 Gabino Gonzalez v. State of Indiana 82D02-0610-FD-898 82S01-0909-CR-408
05/18/10 Foundations of East Chicago v. City of East Chicago, et al. 49D13-0705-PL-19348 49S02-0908-CV-383
05/14/10 Chawknee Caruthers v. State of Indiana 46D01-0709-MR-160 46S05-0910-CR-431
05/13/10 Larry D. Storie v. Randy's Auto Sales, LLC v. St. Paul Mercury Insurance Company 09-1675 94S00-0912-CQ-559
05/06/10 Garelick & Glazier Cohen, et al. v. Pam Statom 49D01-0511-PL-043816 49S02-0906-CV-280
05/05/10 Clint Beldon v. State of Indiana 43D03-0707-FD-94 43S05-0910-CR-496
04/30/10 Julie Gardiner v. State of Indiana 08C01-0603-FA-10 08S02-0906-CR-277
04/30/10 Paternity of N.P.; R.P. v. L.S. 45D05-0006-JP-467 45S03-0904-JV-133
04/29/10 Everett Cash Mutual Insurance Company v. Rick Taylor and Katrina Taylor 02D01-0706-PL-285 02S03-0909-CV-395
04/27/10 Gary Dennis Jackson v. State of Indiana 39C01-0609-FB-90 39S01-0907-CR-309
04/20/10 Gloria A. Murray, et al. v. The City of Lawrenceburg, et al. 15C01-0511-PL-75 15S04-0907-CV-310
04/15/10 Jimmie C. Smith v. Champion Trucking Company, Inc. C172793 93S02-0906-EX-276
04/15/10 David A. Shotts v. State of Indiana 71D02-0708-CF-236 71S03-0905-CR-253
04/14/10 Robert E. Carter, Jr., et al. v. Nugent Sand Co., et al. 49D02-0710-PL-42564 49S00-0812-CV-649
04/14/10 State ex Rel. Indiana State Bar Association v. United Financial Systems Corporation, et al. N/A 94S00-0810-MS-551
04/08/10 Shewanda Beattie v. State of Indiana 82C01-0705-FB-490 82S01-0907-CR-307
04/08/10 Jeffrey Treadway v. State of Indiana 49G05-0511-MR-188188 49S00-0803-CR-147
04/01/10 In the Matter of Rodney P. Sniadecki N/A 71S00-0811-DI-608
03/25/10 In the Matter of the Hon. David A. Moreland, Judge of the Bicknell City Court N/A 42S00-0910-JD-441
03/24/10 State of Indiana v. Allan M. Schlechty 38D01-0806-CM-095 38S04-0905-CR-246
03/22/10 Kyle Kiplinger v. State of Indiana 62C01-0608-MR-789 62S00-0809-CR-486
03/11/10 In the Matter of the Hon. Jennifer L. Koethe N/A 46S00-0905-JD-216
03/10/10 Kevin S. Varner v. State of Indiana 45G02-9006-CF-109 45S04-0909-CR-407
03/10/10 Regunal Dowell v. State of Indiana 32D01-0801-PC-1 32S01-1003-PC-136
03/04/10 Eric P. Sibbing v. Amanda N. Cave 49D10-0608-CT-33387 49S02-0906-CV-275
03/02/10 Andrew King v. State of Indiana 49G03-0801-FC-23143 49S04-0911-CR-507
02/24/10 Washington Township Fire Dept. v. Beltway Surgery Center P-175616 93S02-1002-EX-115
02/23/10 Reynaldo A. Griffin v. State of Indiana 71D08-0606-FB-71 71S03-0907-CR-333
02/23/10 Stephan M. Gallagher v. State of Indiana 15C01-0511-FA-014 15S04-0909-CR-405
02/17/10 State of Indiana ex rel. Crain Heating Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Inc. v. The Clark Circuit Court, the Hon. Daniel E. Moore, et al. 10C01-0908-PL-646 10S00-0910-OR-500
01/28/10 Gina Johnson v. Robert Johnson 46D01-0604-DR-119 46S04-0907-CV-346
01/27/10 Robert Bules and Brian Bules v. Marshall County and Marshall County Highway Dept. 50D01-0701-CT-00001 50S03-1001-CV-57
01/21/10 Kail Fortson v. State of Indiana 82C01-0703-FD-303 82S04-0811-CR-592
01/15/10 State of Indiana v. Michael Haldeman/ Rachel Lawson 55D02-0803-FB-82 & 55D02-0803-FB-85 55S00-0906-CR-266
01/06/10 N.E., Alleged to be CHINS; N.L. v. IDCS 49D09-0712-JC-53883-886 49S02-0906-JV-270
01/06/10 Gary M. Hevner v. State of Indiana 27D02-0604-FD-72 27S02-1001-CR-5
12/18/09 Thomas A. Armfield v. State of Indiana 29D03-0509-FC-384 29S02-0811-CR-590
12/18/09 Mercho Roushdi Shoemaker Dilley Thoraco Vascular Corp. v. James W. Blatchford, III, M.D., and Eve G. Cieutat, M.D. 84D01-9912-CP-1990 84A01-0801-CV-30
12/18/09 Damen Holly v. State of Indiana 49F10-0703-CM-26737 49S02-0811-CR-591
12/15/09 Babes Showclub, Jaba, Inc. and James B. Altman v. Patrick Lair and Lisa Lair 49D01-0709-CT-40299 49S05-0905-CV-214
12/11/09 In the Matter of Jeffrey S. Rasley and, In the Matter of David M. Wood N/A 49S00-0808-DI-468 & 49S00-0808-DI-467
12/10/09 Danny Ray Wilkes v. State of Indiana 10C01-0705-MR-158 10S00-0808-DP-453
12/10/09 Gary Community School Corp. v. Lolita Roach-Walker and Victor Walker 45D04-0609-CT-262 45S05-0904-CV-145
12/09/09 Cornelius Cooper v. State of Indiana 49G20-0201-FA-10652 49S02-0904-CR-135
12/08/09 Otho L. Lafayette v. State of Indiana 45G04-0708-FA-00025 45S03-0904-CR-182
12/01/09 Brennen Baker and Moisture Management v. Tremco Inc., and Rick Gibson 29C01-0411-CT-1547 29S02-0902-CV-65
11/30/09 Clay City Consolidated School Corp. v. Ronna Timberman and John Pipes, II 11D01-0608-PL-367 11S04-0904-CV-134
11/30/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of M.B., et al; T.B. v. IDCS 34C01-0703-JT-9 & 34C01-0703-JT-10 34S02-0904-JV-147
11/30/09 Ava McSwane, et al v. Bloomington Hospital and Healthcare System and Jean M. Eelma, M.D. 53C04-0602-PL-337 53S04-0808-CV-420
11/18/09 In the Matter of the Estate of Lawrence W. Inlow; Anita Inlow v. Jason L. Inlow, Heather N. Johnson, Jeremy H. Inlow, and Sarah C. Inlow 29D02-9705-ES-60 29S02-0902-CV-89
11/13/09 State of Indiana ex rel. Adrian D. Kirtz v. The Delaware Circuit Court No. 5 and the Hon. Thomas A. Cannon, Jr. N/A 18S00-0909-OR-411
11/03/09 James Kohlmeyer v. Second Injury Fund C-147791 93S02-0812-EX-642
10/30/09 Ezra Bradshaw v. Gary Chandler and Affirmative Insurance Company 49D01-0402-CT-219 49S05-0904-CV-150
10/27/09 Rudrappa Gunashekar and Jayashree Gunashekar v. Kay Grose d/b/a America's Affordable Housing, J & K Mfg. 02D01-0509-CC-1274 02S03-0812-CV-762
10/22/09 Charles Rivers v. State of Indiana 49G04-0708-FA-173420 49S02-0910-CR-489
10/15/09 Keith Myers v. Wesley C. Leedy 85C01-0611-PL-596 85S02-0808-CV-478
10/15/09 Ian Clark v. State of Indiana 43C01-0705-FA-127 43S00-0810-CR-575
10/13/09 Thomas Williams and Sanford Kelsey v. Kelly Eugene Tharp and Papa John's U.S.A., Inc. 29C01-0510-CT-1146 29S02-0901-CV-40
10/07/09 Suzanne Hebert Hamilton v. Richard Wayne Hamilton 82D04-0605-DR-516 82S01-0904-CV-149
10/05/09 In the Matter of Anonymous N/A 36S00-0811-DI-605
09/24/09 Richard Pendergrass v. State of Indiana 71D03-0607-FA-34 71S03-0808-CR-445
09/08/09 Jim and Jill Kovach v. Caligor Midwest, et al 49D11-0407-PL-1227 49S04-0902-CV-88
09/03/09 Mahmoud M. Basileh v. Arwa G. Alghusain 29D01-0112-DR-833 29S02-0810-CV-584
09/03/09 Brenda S. Wagner and Darren M. Wagner v. Bobbi J. Yates, et al 22D01-0512-CT-525 22S01-0808-CV-475
09/02/09 Robert Rovai v. Ann Marie Rovai 45C01-0604-DR-316 45S03-0812-CV-628
08/24/09 Tommy D. Alvey v. State of Indiana 82D02-0604-FA-289 82S01-0902-CR-66
07/30/09 State of Indiana v. Steve Hernandez 45G02-7505-CR-111 45S00-0806-CR-377
07/21/09 Tri-Etch, Inc., d/b/a Sonitrol Security Systems of Muncie, et al v. Cincinnati Insurance Company 49D01-0505-CT-019704 49S02-0901-CV-8
07/01/09 State of Indiana v. Jason Cioch 79D06-0712-CM-2168 79S05-0902-CR-92
06/30/09 George Jackson v. State of Indiana 48D01-0608-FB-270 48S02-0809-CR-513
06/30/09 City of East Chicago v. East Chicago Second Century, Inc. 49D01-0504-PL-14394 49S02-0808-CV-436
06/30/09 State of Indiana v. Anthony W. Pollard 05D01-0701-FD-47 05S02-0906-CR-305
06/26/09 In Re Adoption of Unborn Child of B.W.; W.G. v. D.B. & J.B. 03D01-0609-AD-1774 03S04-0810-CV-560
06/26/09 David R. Camm v. State of Indiana 87D02-0506-MR-54 87S00-0612-CR-499
06/26/09 Bryan G. Mosley v. State of Indiana 49F10-0711-CM-242464 49S02-0812-CR-643
06/26/09 Roy Lee Ward v. State of Indiana 74C01-0107-CF-158 74S00-0707-DP-263
06/23/09 James H. Helton, Jr. v. State of Indiana 20D03-0609-PC-10 20S04-0901-PC-41
06/23/09 Frank Dennis v. State of Indiana 49G03-9701-CF-012155 49S00-9901-CR-17
06/23/09 Juan C. Lucio v. State of Indiana 29D01-0704-MR-47 29S00-0901-CR-1
06/23/09 Northern Indiana Public Service Company v. United States Steel Corporation 43204 93S02-0809-EX-489
06/18/09 Christopher Bailey v. State of Indiana 49F19-0711-CM-242612 49S02-0812-CR-630
06/17/09 Susana Henri v. Stephen Curto 49D02-0412-CT-2275 49S02-0812-CV-641
06/17/09 Indiana Department of Revenue v. Kitchin Hospitality, LLC 49T10-0604-TA-35 49S10-0808-TA-474
06/16/09 Kevin D. Burke v. Duke Bennett 84C01-0711-MI-145 84S01-0904-CV-148
06/16/09 Byron K. Breaston v. State of Indiana 20D01-0607-FD-66 20S04-0810-CR-561
06/16/09 John D. Farris v. State of Indiana 02D04-0301-PC-1 02S03-0904-PC-181
06/16/09 Elizabeth Thomas v. Blackford County Area Board of Zoning Appeals and Oolman Dairy, LLC 05C01-0609-PL-178 05S04-0902-CV-90
06/16/09 Tommy Pruitt v. State of Indiana 15C01-0109-CF-054 15S00-0512-PD-617
06/16/09 Brenda Spar v. Jin S. Cha, M.D. 45D10-0402-CT-20 45S05-0906-CV-273
06/16/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of J.M.; A.S. & A.M. v. IDCS 02D07-0707-JT-147 02S05-0904-JV-146
06/15/09 Jim Atterholt, Commissioner of the Indiana Dept. of Insurance v. Geneva Herbst, Personal Rep. of the Estate of Jeffrey A. Herbst 49D07-0511-PL-045446 49S04-0806-CV-344
06/02/09 Joseph and LaTanya Bonner, et al v. Mitch Daniels, et al 49D01-0604-PL-016414 49S02-0809-CV-525
05/28/09 Jeffrey Young v. State of Indiana 49G23-0706-FB-105813 49S02-0905-CR-252
05/28/09 Kerry L. Meredith v. State of Indiana 89C01-0510-FB-021 89S04-0808-CR-430
05/27/09 Brandon Stanley v. Danny Walker 41D01-0510-CT-78 41S01-0810-CV-539
05/21/09 Filter Specialists, Inc. v. Dawn Brooks, et al 46C01-0509-MI-290 46S05-0808-CV-444
05/19/09 Edwin Hayes, Jr. v. State of Indiana 15C01-0603-FB-007 15S01-0807-CR-392
05/19/09 Dennis Conwell and Frank Splittorff, d/b/a Piece of America v. Gray Loon Outdoor Marketing Group, Inc. 82D03-0503-PL-1340 82S04-0806-CV-309
05/19/09 State of Indiana Ex Rel., The Indiana State Police v. Chad Arnold 49G02-93-052910 49S02-0807-CR-393
05/19/09 Gary Community School Corporation v. Tom Powell 45D10-0306-PL-58 45S03-0809-CV-482
05/13/09 Maggie Bush and Leonard Bush v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Ins. Co. 71C01-0605-CT-71 71S03-0810-CV-558
05/13/09 Estate of Margaret H. Prickett, Deceased v. Marilyn Prickett Womersley 71J01-0302-ES-92 71S03-0808-CV-419
05/08/09 Alexa Whedon v. State of Indiana 49G04-9903-CF-035467 49S02-0905-PC-218
05/05/09 Samuel Hardley v. State of Indiana 49F18-0609-FD-173415, 49F18-0608-FD-159522 49S05-0905-CR-209
04/30/09 Richard P. Wallace v. State of Indiana 49F15-0401-FD-1458 49S02-0803-CR-138
04/30/09 Todd Jensen v. State of Indiana 02D04-9903-CF-129 02S04-0803-CR-137
04/28/09 Dreaded, Inc. v. St. Paul Guardian Insurance Company 49D10-0503-PL-11747 49S02-0805-CV-244
04/28/09 Lake County Trust Company v. Advisory Plan Commission of Lake County 37C01-0603-PL-074 37S03-0904-CV-192
04/24/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of G.Y.; R.Y. v. IDCS 49D09-0705-JT-20577 49S02-0902-JV-91
04/17/09 Eric D. Bannister v. State of Indiana 03D02-0701-FC-91 03S04-0904-CR-166
04/17/09 In Re: T.S.; Indiana Dept. of Child Services, LaPorte County v. LaPorte County CASA, et al 46C01-0804-JC-48 46S04-0904-JV-160
04/13/09 Gregory Zoeller v. East Chicago Second Century 49D01-0504-PL-14394 49S02-0808-CV-437
04/08/09 Jeffrey A. Graham v. State of Indiana 03D01-0512-FD-02059 03S04-0809-CR-507
04/08/09 State of Indiana v. Adam L. Manuwal 50D02-0606-CM-831 50S05-0805-CR-269
04/08/09 In the Matter of the Adoption of Infants H.; Marion County Division of Indiana Dept. of Child Services v. S.M. 29D03-0504-AD-510 29S02-0904-CV-140
04/07/09 Roy Lee Ward v. State of Indiana 74C01-0107-CF-158 74S00-0707-DP-263
04/07/09 James Butler v. Indiana Department of Insurance 49D04-0512-CT-49754 49S05-0805-CV-216
03/31/09 Tommy R. Pruitt v. State of Indiana 15C01-0109-CF-054 15S00-0512-PD-617
03/31/09 The Indiana Dept. of Environmental Management v. Raybestos Products Co. 49D12-0209-PL-1553 49S02-0804-CV-183
03/31/09 Brian Tyler v. State of Indiana 69C01-0603-FA-1 69S04-0801-CR-3
03/31/09 Tony R. Gray v. State of Indiana 10C01-0702-FB-082 10S01-0808-CR-476
03/25/09 In Re the Paternity of K.I., and J.I. v. J.H. 13C01-0403-JP-004 13S05-0805-JV-213
03/25/09 Estate of Jerome Mintz v. Connecticut General Life Ins. Co. and Wayne E. Gruber 49D03-9704-CP-571 49S05-0805-CV-214
03/17/09 Ahmad Edwards v. State of Indiana 49G05-9907-CF-121975 (07-208 On Remand from U.S. Supreme Court) 49S02-0705-CR-202
03/13/09 Miller Brewing Company v. Indiana Department of State Revenue 49T10-0607-TA-69 49S00-0711-TA-553
03/12/09 Todd Allen Clark v. Michelle D. Clark 35D01-0702-DR-62 35S05-0809-CV-506
03/12/09 Gary Becker v. Heather Becker 49D10-9709-DR-1244 49S04-0903-CV-113
03/11/09 In the Matter of Kevin W. Marshall; and In the Matter of C. Jerome Smith N/A 45S00-0606-DI-218 & 45S00-0606-DI-219
03/11/09 In the Matter of: the Hon. Grant W. Hawkins, Judge in the Marion Superior Court and the Hon. Nancy Broyles, Commissioner in the Marion Superior Court N/A 49S00-0804-JD-157
03/11/09 In the Matter of James R. Recker N/A 49S00-0506-DI-302
03/11/09 In the Matter of the Hon. Thomas J. Felts N/A 02S00-0901-JD-26
03/10/09 In the Matter of R.J.G. 64C01-0708-JD-565 64S04-0809-JV-483
03/10/09 Jim Atterholt, et al v. Geneva Herbst, et al 49D07-0511-PL-045446 49S04-0806-CV-344
03/10/09 Christine R. Scheible v. Ronald Smith, Fred Jackson 03D01-0602-CT-338 03S01-0807-CV-390
03/04/09 State of Indiana v. Kimco of Evansville, Inc., et al 82C01-0006-CP-315 82S01-0806-CV-308
03/02/09 In the Matter of Robert E. Lehman N/A 49S00-0808-DI-471
02/19/09 Robert Jeffrey Pelley v. State of Indiana 71D08-0208-MR-16 71S05-0808-CR-446
02/17/09 Bruce Wayne St. Clair, Jr. v. State of Indiana 76D01-0603-FC-341 76S03-0805-CR-215
02/10/09 Steven McCullough v. State of Indiana 49G17-0706-FD-102219 49S02-0809-CR-508
01/22/09 Cooper Industries, et al v. City of South Bend, et al 49F12-0303-PL-752 49S04-0711-CV-541
01/22/09 Stan Klotz v. Sarah Hoyt and Chrissy Kornmann 18C04-0701-SC-0110 18S02-0807-CV-391
01/21/09 In the Matter of the Hon. Kenneth R. Scheibenberger N/A 02S00-0807-JD-396
12/31/08 State of Indiana v. Raymond Washington, Jr. 02D04-0607-CM-5058 02S03-0804-CR-191
12/24/08 Randall and Marla Wagler, et al. v. West Boggs Sewer District, Inc. 14C01-0512-PL-437 14S00-0710-CV-397
12/24/08 Therese Newkirk, Personal Representative of the Estate of Martha O'Neal v. Bethlehem Woods Nursing and Rehabilitation Center 90C01-0409-PL-0008 90S05-0812-CV-768
12/24/08 Technisand, Inc. v. Jessie Melton, Personal Representative of the Estate of Patty Melton 30C01-0310-CT-687 30S01-0801-CV-28
12/23/08 State of Indiana v. American Family Voices, Inc., Jim Gonzalez, et al 31C01-0609-MI-78 31S00-0803-CV-139
12/22/08 Abjul K. Johnson v. State of Indiana 20C01-9603-CF-12 20S03-0812-CR-763
12/18/08 State of Indiana v. Charlene Davis 49F08-0402-FD-029556 49S02-0812-CR-657
12/16/08 J.C.C. v. State of Indiana 49D09-0101-JD-379, 49D09-0101-JD-380, 49D09-0101-JD-389 49S02-0803-JV-143
12/11/08 Ky Morton v. Jerome Ivacic 71D01-0703-SC-02172 71S03-0812-CV-638
12/11/08 Louis Richard Harris v. State of Indiana 48C01-0306-FA-192 48S02-0812-CR-637
12/10/08 State of Indiana v. Michael A. Cozart 22C01-0308-FA-261 22S01-0803-PC-145
12/09/08 John C. Roberts, M.D. v. Community Hospitals of Indiana, Inc. 49D02-0605-CT-022328 49S02-0804-CV-189
12/09/08 The Indiana Department of Environmental Management v. Raybestos Products Co. 49D12-0209-PL-1553 49S02-0804-CV-183
11/21/08 In the Matter of Anonymous N/A 49S00-0805-DI-276
11/13/08 Victor Herron v. Anthony A. Anigbo, M.D. 45C01-0503-CT-40 45S03-0811-CV-594
11/13/08 Lloyd Overton v. Marshall Grillo, D.O., et al. 64D02-0110-CT-8838 64S04-0811-CV-595
11/12/08 Rudy Wayne Cardwell v. State of Indiana 10D01-0509-FB-084 10S05-0811-CR-588
11/12/08 Shawn E. Norris v. State of Indiana 43C01-0408-FC-134 43S03-0807-CR-379
11/05/08 Kerry J. Greenwell v. State of Indiana (Order) 82D02-9004-CF-188 82A04-0709-PC-524
10/29/08 Stephanie Bailey v. Lewis Mann 34D02-0703-DR-295 34S04-0805-CV-304
10/28/08 Robert J. Bassett, Jr. v. State of Indiana 15C01-0507-MR-001 15S00-0611-CR-474
10/21/08 Norman R. Carlson, Jr., et al v. Sweeney, Dabagia, Donoghue, Thorne, Janes & Pagos; and John H. Sweeney 46C01-0501-PL-036 46S05-0801-CV-27
10/20/08 State of Indiana v. Shannon Hollars (ORDER) 12D01-0412-FA-180 12S02-0808-CR-477
10/20/08 Larry C. Walden v. State of Indiana 18C01-0402-FC-08 18S02-0710-CR-458
10/15/08 Travelers Casualty and Surety Co. v. United States Filter Corp., et al 49D01-0409-PL-1745 49S02-0712-CV-596
10/07/08 Larry W. Newton v. State of Indiana 18D01-9410-CF-46 18S00-0804-CR-151
09/19/08 In the Matter of Kimberly O. Powell N/A 49S00-0803-DI-127
09/17/08 Pinnacle Properties Development Group, LLC v.City of Jeffersonville, Indiana 10C01-0512-PL-784 10S01-0805-CV-302
09/04/08 In the Matter of Scott A. Benkie/In the Matter of Douglas A. Crawford N/A 49S00-1201-PL-53 & 49S00-1202-PL-76
09/03/08 Roderick Lee v. State of Indiana 27C01-0302-PC-1 27S04-0805-PC-226
08/27/08 Christopher R. Brown, D.D.S., Inc. v. Decatur County Memorial Hospital C-159326 93S02-0711-EX-561
08/27/08 Brian Woods v. State of Indiana 49G20-0203-FA-072222 49S04-0808-CR-469
08/19/08 Marla K. Young v. Timothy S. Young 09C01-0008-DR-93 09S05-0803-CV-136
07/01/08 Anthony A. Hopkins v. State of Indiana 49G02-9903-PC-43913 49S05-0803-PC-144
06/30/08 Brenwick Associates LLC and Town of Whitestown, Indiana v. Boone County Redevelopment Commission and the Board of Commissioners of Boone County, Indiana 06D01-0610-PL-365 06S04-0712-CV-573
06/30/08 600 Land, Inc. v. Metropolitan Board of Zoning Appeals of Marion. Co., Indiana, et al. 49F12-0407-PL-1912 49S05-0711-CV-513
06/30/08 Willie Eaton v. State of Indiana 89C01-0505-FA-6 89S04-0802-CR-106
06/30/08 Phillip Miles v. State of Indiana 49G02-0111-FC-223525 49S04-0806-PC-371
06/27/08 Ralph Belvedere v. State of Indiana 48D03-0406-FC-303 48S05-0806-CR-370
06/27/08 George Membres, III v. State of Indiana 49G02-0510-MC-185560 49S02-0701-CR-33
06/27/08 Darius V. Bowles v. State of Indiana 49G20-0303-FA-035854 49S04-0708-CR-310
06/27/08 Debra A. Barnett v. Camille Clark, Trustee of Pleasant Township 76D01-0503-CT-122 76S03-0803-CV-148
06/26/08 Darryl Jeter v. State of Indiana 45G04-0312-MR-10 45S00-0608-CR-298
06/26/08 Charles Young v. State of Indiana 27C01-9205-CF-35 27S02-0806-PC-364
06/26/08 Charles Young v. State of Indiana 27C01-9205-CF-35 27S02-0806-PC-363
06/26/08 Nicole L. Huss v. David M. Huss 01C01-0504-DR-37 01S04-0711-CV-514
06/26/08 Keith Neff v. State of Indiana 49G20-0202-FA-054636 49S02-0806-CR-362
06/26/08 Michael D. Smith v. State of Indiana 49G04-0505-FA-073813 49S05-0806-CR-365
06/24/08 Anthony N. Stewart v. Signe L. (Stewart) Vulliet 12D01-0311-DR-488 12S02-0708-CV-331
06/24/08 Kirk Reuille v. E.E. Brandenberger Construction, Inc. 02D01-0210-PL-474 02S04-0803-CV-124
06/24/08 Ronald Mayes v. Second Injury Fund C-152300 93S02-0802-EX-107
06/19/08 Richard Pflanz v. Merrill Foster 36D01-0412-CT-36 36S01-0710-CV-425
06/17/08 Indiana State University v. William LaFief, et al 06-R-2956 93S02-0801-EX-17
06/13/08 In the Matter of Douglas W. Patterson N/A 82S00-0402-DI-90
06/10/08 Emma McPeek, et al v. Charles McCardle 58C01-0412-PL-5 58S01-0708-CV-305
06/10/08 Sophia Willis v. State of Indiana 49G16-0602-FD-022935 49S02-0707-CR-295
06/04/08 Beth Palmer Kopczynski, et al v. David Bryan Barger and Peggy Lucas Barger 88D01-0401-CT-030 88S05-0710-CV-423
06/04/08 Henry J. Adkins v. State of Indiana 20D05-0406-FD-258 20S03-0709-CR-374
06/04/08 Wayne Jewell v. State of Indiana 34D02-0502-FA-49 34S05-0806-CR-316
05/27/08 Nu-Sash of Indianapolis, Inc. d/b/a McKee Sunroom Designs v. Steve Carter, Indiana Attorney General 49D06-0605-PL-021739 49S02-0801-CV-16
05/23/08 Troy Monroe v. State of Indiana 37C01-0409-FA-397 37S03-0805-CR-294
05/23/08 In the Matter of Geoffrey N. Fieger N/A 98S00-0609-DI-340
05/22/08 Michael Sweatt v. State of Indiana 49G01-0412-MR-216344 49S02-0805-CR-290
05/22/08 Rosalio Pedraza v. State of Indiana 49G01-0508-FB-139250 49S04-0711-CR-516
05/21/08 Timothy Ray Creech v. State of Indiana 35C01-0605-FC-24 35S02-0709-CR-376
05/15/08 Speedway SuperAmerica, LLC v. Gerald and Madeline Holmes 45C01-0111-CT-389 45S05-0711-CV-528
05/15/08 Villas West II of Willowridge Homeowners Association v. Edna McGlothin 34D02-0210-PL-893 34S02-0805-CV-266
05/15/08 Hobert Alan Pittman v. State of Indiana 31D01-0406-MR-481 31S00-0610-CR-355
05/15/08 Alan C. Jones v. State of Indiana 61C01-0204-FA-46 61S01-0711-CR-560
05/15/08 Dawn Elizabeth McDowell v. State of Indiana 34C01-0307-FB-261 34S05-0711-CR-512
05/14/08 In the Matter of David J. Colman N/A 53S00-0607-DI-248
05/13/08 A.B. v.State of Indiana 67C01-0603-JD-20 67S01-0709-JV-373
05/13/08 Querrey & Harrow, LTD, James N. Kosmond, et al v. Transcontinental Insurance Co. 45D05-0401-CT-264 45S03-0708-CV-307
05/13/08 Andrew Lee Watts v. State of Indiana 45G01-0308-MR-8 45S03-0611-CR-452
05/13/08 State of Indiana v. Karl D. Jackson 29D04-0501-FD-434 29S02-0710-CR-389
04/30/08 Sergio Campos v. State of Indiana 45G01-0507-FA-0035 45S03-0804-CR-199
04/29/08 Tonda Beth Nichols v. Rex David Minnick & R. David Minnick, Inc., d/b/a Commercial Properties 53C01-0206-PL-01056 53S01-0711-CV-515
04/09/08 James H. Higgason, Jr. v. Indiana Dept. of Correction 46D03-0610-CT-360 46S05-0804-CV-169
04/09/08 James H. Higgason, Jr. v. Indiana Dept. of Correction 46D03-0608-SC-1025 46S03-0804-CV-168
04/09/08 James H. Higgason, Jr. v. Indiana Dept. of Correction 46D03-0608-SC-1024 46S04-0804-CV-167
04/09/08 Eric D. Smith v. Indiana Dept. of Correction, et al 49D01-0511-CT-43581 49S02-0804-CV-166
04/08/08 Daniel H. Raess, M.D. v. Joseph E. Doescher 49D01-0206-PL-1116 49S02-0710-CV-424
04/03/08 The City of Carmel, Indiana v. Martin Marietta Materials, Inc. 29D03-0310-PL-939 29S04-0611-CV-469
04/01/08 Theron W. Hunter v. State of Indiana 69C01-9912-CF-43 69S01-0708-CR-332
04/01/08 Virginia Hartman and Suzanne Swinehart v. Dr. Gabe Keri 02D01-0503-CT-129 02S03-0706-CV-233
04/01/08 Michelle Gauvin v. State of Indiana 79D02-0503-MR-1 79S00-0702-CR-65
03/27/08 Jeffrey Pearson v. State of Indiana 45G04-0211-FD-250 45S03-0712-CR-574
03/26/08 Homeq Servicing Corp. v. Bradley and Constance Baker 25D01-0306-MF-89 25S03-0710-CV-459
03/11/08 Central Indiana Podiatry, P.C. v. Kenneth Krueger, Meridian Health Group, P.C. 29D02-0510-PL-93549 29S05-0706-CV-256
02/29/08 Darrell Maymon v. State of Indiana (order) 48D03-0111-CF-403 48S02-0801-PC-30
02/28/08 State Farm Mutual Automobile Ins. v. D.L.B., Deana H. Brake 89D01-0109-CT-25 89S05-0802-CV-102
02/28/08 Austin J. Elliott, et al v. Allstate Insurance Co. 49C01-0207-CT-1790 49S02-0704-CV-143
02/28/08 State Farm Mutual Automobile Ins. Co. v. Patricia Jakupko, et al 29D01-0308-CT-682 29S02-0704-CV-140
02/27/08 Linda Keesling, Harold Lephart, et al v. Frederick Beegle, III, John Bucholtz, et al 18C01-0202-PL-8 18S04-0704-CV-150
02/27/08 In the Matter of Daniel Cueller N/A 49S00-0411-DI-475
02/27/08 Antwain Henley v. State of Indiana 82C01-9808-CF-775 82S05-0701-PC-31
02/21/08 State of Indiana v. Universal Outdoor, Inc. 49D03-0408-PL-1466 49S05-0707-CV-290
02/21/08 Chi Yun Ho, M.D. v. Loretta M. Frye 67C01-0210-PL-349 67S01-0707-CV-291
02/21/08 Demond Hughes v. State of Indiana 49G04-9502-CF-16419 49S04-0802-CR-86
02/06/08 In the Matter of Richard M.Bash N/A 48S00-0603-DI-89
02/05/08 Auto-Owners Insurance Company v. Bank One 49D05-9810-CT-1529 49S04-0701-CV-27
01/29/08 Idan (John) Filip and Valaria Filip v. Carrie Block and 1st Choice Insurance Agency 75C01-0309-PL-72 75S05-0704-CV-149
01/22/08 Randolph County v. Leanne Chamness 18C03-0601-CT-5 18S02-0708-CV-306
01/15/08 Thabit Gault v. State of Indiana 27D02-0409-FA-132 27S02-0705-CR-181
01/15/08 Sandra and Mark Brinkman v. Anne P. Bueter, M.D., James F. Dupler, M.D., and Women's Health Partnership, P.C. 29D01-0410-CT-872 29S02-0704-CV-141
01/15/08 Valerie Raich Baxendale v. Samuel Raich, III 64D02-9712-DR-2527 64S05-0709-CV-372
01/11/08 Floyd Tewell v. State of Indiana (order) 48D03-0610-MI-901 48S02-0801-PC-21
01/09/08 Jesus Arrieta v. State of Indiana 10D02-0506-FA-383 10S05-0704-CR-139
01/09/08 Elmer Bennett v. State of Indiana 49F15-0510-FD-185054 49S02-0801-CR-12
01/09/08 State of Indiana v. Cheryl Oddi-Smith 49F18-0701-FD-6788 49S00-0710-CR-396
01/09/08 David Sholes v. State of Indiana 85C01-9608-CF-47 85S00-0612-CR-530
12/18/07 Russell Prewitt v. State of Indiana 10D02-0001-CF-017 10S04-0707-CR-294
12/18/07 Bridgestone Americas Holding, Inc., et al v. Violet Mayberry, et al 48D03-0307-PL-656 48S02-0703-CV-120
12/12/07 Guardianship of E.N., Adult 88C01-9906-GU-22 88S01-0703-CV-121
12/05/07 Steven Hollin v. State of Indiana 69C01-0511-FB-11 69S01-0705-CR-188
12/04/07 Ronald D. Liggett, d/b/a Liggett Construction Co. v. Dean and Elisabeth Young 38C01-0104-CP-32 38S02-0703-CV-80
11/29/07 Michael M. Cubel v. Debra A. Cubel 32D02-0409-DR-133 32S04-0707-CV-283
11/28/07 Aaron Reid v. State of Indiana 48D03-0601-FA-23 48S04-0711-CR-552
11/27/07 Ralph E. Lean v. Charles D. Reed and Paul A. Reinken, and Galaxy Online, Inc. and Galaxy Internet, Inc. 49D07-0307-PL-001375 49S02-0701-CV-14
11/27/07 Michael Dean Overstreet v. State of Indiana 41D02-0401-PC-1 41S00-0306-PD-249
11/13/07 In re Anonymous N/A 02S00-0707-DI-260
11/08/07 Benjamin Ritchie v. State of Indiana 49G04-0010-CF-172900 49S00-0409-PD-420
11/07/07 State of Indiana v. Zolo Agona Azania 02D04-8109-CF-401 02S03-0508-PD-364
10/30/07 Alexander Anglemyer v. State of Indiana 43D01-0505-FB-76 43S05-0606-CR-230
09/27/07 In Re: Parcels Sold for Delinquent Taxes; Vanderburgh County Auditor, et al. v. Michiana Campgrounds, LLC 82D03-0408-MI-3590 82S01-0701-CV-2
09/26/07 Clark County Council and Clark County Auditor v. Daniel F. Donahue, Cecile A. Blau, Vicki Carmichael, and Steven M. Fleece 10C01-0506-PL-375 10S00-0606-CV-199
09/26/07 In Re: Order for Mandate of Funds; Montgomery County Council v. Hon. Thomas K. Milligan, Hon. David A. Ault and Hon. Peggy Q. Lohorn 54C01-0510-MI-421 54S00-0611-MF-443
09/25/07 State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co. v. Ruth Estep 03C01-0008-CT-1117 03S01-0505-CV-255
09/19/07 Eusebio Kho, M.D. v. Deborah Pennington, et al. 72C01-0301-CT-4 72S04-0609-CV-332
09/18/07 St. Charles Tower, Inc. v. Board of Zoning Appeals of Evansville-Vanderburgh County 82C01-0506-PL-466 82S01-0702-CV-69
09/10/07 Regunal R. Dowell v. State of Indiana 32C01-0510-FB-13 32S01-0709-CR-352
08/29/07 Spenser A. Krempetz v. State of Indiana 20C01-0508-MR-150 20S00-0607-CR-270
08/08/07 Michael Robertson v. State of Indiana 49F09-0206-FD-167882 49S05-0704-CR-152
08/08/07 Philip Littler v. State of Indiana 71D08-0412-FA-119 71S03-0704-CR-151
07/24/07 Chad E. Strong v. State of Indiana 20D03-0407-FA-125 20S03-0612-CR-529
06/29/07 Ford Motor Company and Eby Ford Lincoln Mercury a/k/a Eby Ford Sales, Inc. v. Marilyn Rushford 20D01-0404-CT-296 20S03-0610-CV-350
06/27/07 Tina M. Grant v. Gregory J. Hager 82D04-0212-DR-1310 82S01-0706-CV-254
06/27/07 City of Carmel, Indiana v. Certain Southwest Clay Township Annexation Territory Landowners 29D03-0502-MI-188 29S00-0608-CV-300
06/27/07 State of Indiana v. Paul M. McManus 82C01-0102-CF-192 82S00-0503-PD-78
06/26/07 Alexander J. Anglemeyer v. State of Indiana 43D01-0505-FB-76 43S05-0606-CR-230
06/26/07 Carlos M. Jackson v. State of Indiana 15D01-0108-CF-26 15S01-0609-CR-333
06/26/07 Morris Windhorst v. State of Indiana 49G06-0602-FC-031047 49S04-0701-CR-32
06/26/07 Mark Clarke v. State of Indiana 49G20-0409-FA-169079 49S05-0612-CR-496
06/26/07 Aaron Israel v. Indiana Department of Correction 46D03-0410-SC-1351 46S03-0706-CV-253
06/26/07 Aaron D. McDonald v. State of Indiana 20C01-0508-MR-151 20S03-0706-CR-252
06/25/07 Annette Donica Giles v. Brown County, Indiana, By and Through Its Board of Commissioners 03C01-0210-CT-1306 03S01-0605-CV-175
06/22/07 State Ex Rel Kurt M. Hoffman v. Allen Circuit Court 02C01-0410-JP-64 02S00-0704-OR-161
06/22/07 Richard Brown v. State of Indiana 49F09-0407-FD-137884 49S05-0612-CR-494
06/22/07 Juan J. Vasquez v. State of Indiana 29C01-0502-FB-27 29S02-0701-CR-5
06/22/07 Utility Center, Inc., d/b/a Aquasource v. City of Fort Wayne, Indiana 02C01-0207-PL-92 02S04-0706-CV-248
06/21/07 Corey Mills v. State of Indiana 49G06-0209-PC-206534 49S04-0706-PC-246
06/21/07 George Reyes v. State of Indiana 01C01-9708-CF-17 01S02-0612-CR-495
06/21/07 John Grier v. State of Indiana 49G20-0508-FC-146719 49S05-0702-CR-68
06/20/07 Anthony Stockelman v. State of Indiana 36C01-0505-MR-002 36S00-0608-CR-285
06/20/07 David Boyle v. State of Indiana 49G03-9203-FC-163760 49S04-0706-CR-243
06/20/07 Bryant T. Rogers v. State of Indiana 71D02-0109-CF-00398 71S03-0706-CR-242
06/20/07 David L. Moshenek v. State of Indiana 42D01-8808-CF-26 42S04-0706-PC-244
06/20/07 Warren Gutermuth v. State of Indiana 10C01-9603-CF-21 10S01-0608-CR-306
06/20/07 Nicholas Biddinger v. State of Indiana 49G06-0401-MR-8802 49S05-0608-CR-305
06/20/07 Marvin Hochstetler v. Elkhart Co. Highway Dept., et al 20D02-0209-CT-571 20S05-0703-CV-97
06/20/07 James Rose and Robert Underwood v. Mercantile National Bank of Hammond, et al. 56D01-9512-CP-44 56S03-0608-CV-303
06/13/07 William T. Bradley v. State of Indiana 10D01-0409-FA-125 10S01-0706-CR-232
06/13/07 Rick L. Smith v. State of Indiana 78D01-0506-FD-248 78S01-0701-CR-4
06/12/07 Darren Witt v. State of Indiana 45G02-9510-CF-206 45S00-0608-CR-283
05/31/07 In the Matter of the Hon. John F. Hanley N/A 49S00-0703-JD-86
05/31/07 In Re Daniel B. Stephens N/A 45S00-0505-DI-244
05/29/07 Ronnie Drane v. State of Indiana 45G03-0410-MR-12 45S04-0611-CR-477
05/23/07 Porter Development, LLC v. First National Bank of Valparaiso 64D02-0212-PL-10373 64S04-0606-CV-236
05/22/07 Adrian Reed v. State of Indiana 49G02-0105-PC-119446 49S04-0705-PC-209
05/22/07 Alberici Constructors, Inc. v. Ohio Farmers Insurance Company 1:06-CV-158 94S00-0612-CQ-488
05/22/07 Eddie Cannon v. State of Indiana 49G03-0405-FC-83515 49S05-0705-CR-210
05/22/07 Wayne Kubsch v. State of Indiana 71D02-9812-CF-592 71S00-0507-DP-333
05/22/07 State Farm Mutual Auto Insurance Company and Michael Cancel v. Francisco Gutierrez 45C01-0006-CT-344 45S03-0608-CV-302
05/22/07 Fredrick Michael Baer v. State of Indiana 48D01-0403-MR-62 48S00-0404-DP-181
05/21/07 Michael Allen Lambert v. State of Indiana (order) 18D01-9101-CF-02 18S00-0412-SD-503
05/17/07 Ahmad Edwards v. State of Indiana 49G05-9907-CF-121975 49S02-0705-CR-202
05/15/07 Aaron Michael Rohr v. State of Indiana 40C01-0504-MR-93 40S00-0508-CR-381
05/10/07 State of Indiana v. Zolo Agona Azania 02D04-8109-CF-401 02S03-0508-PD-364
05/02/07 W. Ruth Mullins and Johnce Mullins, Jr. v. Parkview Hospital, Inc., et al 02D01-0212-CT-508 02S04-0608-CV-292
05/02/07 City of Carmel, Indiana v. Carl Michael Steele, et al. 29D01-0410-PL-918 29S02-0604-CV-139
05/02/07 Paul Joseph "Jay" Kelley, III v. Daniel T. Tanoos 84D03-0212-CT-9399 84S01-0605-CV-195
05/02/07 Tommy McElroy v. State of Indiana 49G01-0408-FC-144046 49S02-0605-CR-174
05/02/07 Charter One Mortgage Corp. v. Kyle Condra 49D03-0311-PL-2102 49S05-0612-CV-497
05/01/07 Cinergy Corp., Duke Energy Indiana, Inc. v. Associated Electric & Gas Insurance Services, LTD, St. Paul Surplus Lines Ins. Co., et al 32D02-0010-CP-191 32S05-0604-CV-151
04/27/07 Tabatha J. Naugle and Sandra M. Cain v. Beech Grove City Schools 49C01-0402-PL-490 49S02-0606-CV-242
04/26/07 John M. Stephenson v. State of Indiana 87D02-0210-PC-118 87S00-0106-PC-285
04/24/07 George Row v. Holly Holt, Herbert Houseworth, Town of Osgood, Indiana, William Dramann, Sheriff of Ripley County, Indiana, Ripley County, Indiana and Board of Commissioners of Ripley County, Indiana 15C01-0302-CT-14 15S01-0606-CV-239
04/19/07 Mainsource Bank v. Eva Hermann 16C01-0302-EU-11 16S05-0610-CV-351
03/28/07 Indiana Insurance Guaranty Association v. Bedford Regional Medical Center 47C01-0309-PL-1030 47S01-0609-CV-319
03/26/07 David Leon Woods v. State of Indiana S7007 06S00-0612-SD-544
03/13/07 In Re The Marriage of Virginia (England) Snow v. Steward England 03D02-0011-DR-228 03S05-0608-CV-293
03/13/07 Amy Smith v. James M. Toney and John Christner Trucking Company, Inc. 1:04-cv-0796-SEB-VSS 94S00-0602-CQ-48
03/13/07 Frankie Salyers v. State of Indiana 20C01-9812-CF-82 20S00-0509-CR-412
03/06/07 Porter County Sheriff's Department v. Rita J. and Douglas Guzorek 46C01-0405-CT-144 46S03-0606-CV-207
03/06/07 Jason Ronco v. State of Indiana 64D04-0309-CM-7966 64S05-0604-CR-152
03/01/07 Penn Harris Madison School Corporation v. Linda Howard 71D05-0110-CT-220 71S05-0511-CV-509
02/27/07 Robert E. Harris v. State of Indiana 48C01-0001-CF-28 48S04-0702-PC-72
02/22/07 In re the Marriage of Jeffrey Lambert v. Jill Lambert 32D01-0207-DR-104 32S01-0604-CV-136
02/21/07 Paul Meyers v. James Meyers 29C01-0407-PL-917 29S04-0609-CV-326
01/23/07 Andrew Biddle, et al. v. BAA Indianapolis, LLC and Indianapolis Airport Authority 32D01-0202-PL-15 32S05-0602-CV-33
01/17/07 Norman Timberlake v. State of Indiana 49G02-9302-CF-14191 49S00-0606-SD-235
01/16/07 Eligio C. Fajardo v. State of Indiana 32D02-0406-FA-2 32S01-0606-CR-237
01/09/07 Kathy L. Whited v. Kenneth B. Whited 34D03-0405-DR-5 34S02-0701-CV-8
01/09/07 J.S. v. Center for Behavioral Health 53C07-0401-MH-7 53A04-0509-CV-563
01/05/07 J.D. v. State of Indiana 49D09-0502-JD-540 49S02-0701-JV-3
01/03/07 James F. Ruble v. State of Indiana 18C03-0407-FC-25 18S04-0608-CR-304
12/28/06 R & D Transport, Inc. v. A.H., a minor and Sarah Richardson, Individually and as parent and natural guardian of A.H. 64D05-0408-CT-7012 64S05-0601-CV-23
12/19/06 In the Matter of the Hon. Thomas Newman, Jr. N/A 48S00-0607-JD-274
12/15/06 Norman Timberlake v. State of Indiana 49G02-9302-CF-14191 49S00-0606-SD-235
12/13/06 Jason Holcomb v. Walter's Dimmick Petroleum, Inc. and Glynell Kuhn 76C01-0305-CT-245 76S04-0604-CV-138
12/06/06 Atlantic Coast Airlines, Delta Airlines and Globe Security Services, Inc. v. Bryan & Jennifer Cook 49D10-0208-CC-1463 49S02-0505-CV-253
12/05/06 Richard & Gail Schultz v. Ford Motor Company 49D02-0002-CT-156 49S02-0508-CV-376
12/05/06 LinkAmerica Corporation v. William Albert and Connie J. Cox 49D03-0203-PL-445 49S04-0603-CV-88
12/05/06 American Family Insurance Company, a/s/o Alice Griepenstroh v. Ford Motor Company 49D03-0503-CT-9782 49S02-0609-CV-339
11/28/06 Porter County Sheriff Department v. Rita J. and Douglas Guzorek 46C01-0405-CT-144 46S03-0606-CV-207
11/22/06 Jeffrey Voss v. State of Indiana 49G02-0412-MR-232452 49S00-0510-CR-477
11/21/06 Shawn Prickett v. State of Indiana 06D01-0110-CF-0107 06S04-0509-CR-413
11/21/06 Angela Duncan v. State of Indiana 79C01-0407-MR-01 79S05-0611-CR-451
11/15/06 Gerald Reed v. State of Indiana 49G01-9511-PC-161354 49S04-0506-PC-293
11/15/06 Michael Green v. State of Indiana 15D01-0208-FA-004 15S01-0611-CR-468
11/08/06 Outback Steakhouse of Florida, Inc., Toncredi, Inc., and John Broz, d/b/a Outback Steakhouse of Muncie v. David D. and Lisa K. Markley 18C01-9907-CP-284 18S04-0602-CV-66
10/31/06 Natare Corporation v. D.S.I., Duraplastec Systems, Inc., et al. 49D02-9704-CP-459 49S05-0512-CV-637
10/05/06 Curtis Cooper v. State of Indiana 49G02-0204-MR-106697 49S00-0407-CR-324
10/04/06 Marshall Highler v. State of Indiana 02D04-0310-FB-187 02S03-0512-CR-616
09/29/06 In the Matter of Merrill "Scooter" Moores N/A 49S00-0503-DI-119
09/27/06 David Lee Helms, Jr. and Darlene R. Helms v. Carmel High School Vocational Building Trades Corporation 29C01-0402-CT-139 29S04-0609-CV-341
09/26/06 Joseph Glotzbach, CPA v. Jacqueline L. Froman 45D11-0012-CT-38 45S03-0511-CV-579
09/26/06 William E. Hunter v. State of Indiana 52C01-0403-FC-66 52S02-0604-CR-153
09/22/06 Dept. of Local Government Finance v. Roller Skating Rink Operators Assoc. d/b/a Roller Skating Assoc. 49T10-0108-TA-76 49S10-0609-TA-336
09/12/06 Otis Freshwater v. State of Indiana 27D01-0503-FC-43 27S02-0606-CR-240
09/12/06 J.D. v. State of Indiana 49D09-0406-JD-3077 49S04-0508-JV-356
09/12/06 A.E. v. State of Indiana 49D09-0406-JD-3091 49S02-0510-JV-456
09/07/06 Hershel Hammon v. State of Indiana 52C01-0302-CM-57 52S02-0412-CR-510
09/06/06 Joshua Staton v. State of Indiana 85C01-0404-FC-38 85S02-0605-CR-194
09/06/06 Ronald C. Howard v. State of Indiana 29D03-0206-FA-195 29S05-0609-CR-322
08/23/06 Dixie Packard & Clay Township Assessor v. Paul Shoopman 49T10-0209-TA-113 49S10-0509-TA-414
08/11/06 In the Matter of Frederick B. Ettl N/A 71S00-0503-DI-118
08/11/06 In the Matter of Daniel B. Stephens N/A 45S00-0505-DI-244
08/03/06 In Re The Adoption of M.W. (Morgan County Office of Family & Children v. R.K.H. and K.A.B.) 49D08-0501-AD-3279 49A05-0507-CV-395
07/27/06 Jason Hole v. State of Indiana 48D03-0401-FB-8 48S02-0607-CR-272
07/27/06 Juan Rivera v. State of Indiana 57C01-0410-FB-45 57S03-0607-CR-273
07/25/06 In the Matter of the Hon. Israel Nunez Cruz N/A 49S00-0603-JD-80
07/05/06 Thomas M. Weida v. Donald Kegarise and Kathy Kegarise 66C01-0301-PL-1 66S03-0508-CV-377
06/30/06 Robert Keene v. Marion County Superior Court 29C01-0011-CP-938 29S02-0507-CV-320
06/29/06 David Jeffrey Lee v. State of Indiana 45G01-0306-FD-113 45S05-0510-CR-454
06/29/06 Travis D. Garrison v. Charles E. Metcalf 10C01-0306-CT-394 10S01-0510-CV-455
06/29/06 Danny E. Brown, Jr. v. Ginger Brown 48D03-0004-DR-249 48S04-0509-CV-404
06/29/06 Alpha Psi Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity, Inc. v. Auditor of Monroe County 53C04-0309-PL-1678 53S00-0508-CV-384
06/29/06 Ryker Painting Co. Inc. v. George E. Nunamaker 49D12-0103-CP-377 49S05-0509-CV-399
06/29/06 Henry Luke Kellems v. State of Indiana 62C01-0203-FD-236/62C01-9911-DF-585 62S05-0501-CR-15
06/29/06 Michael B. Montgomery v. The Board of Trustees of Purdue University 79D01-0305-CT-36 79S05-0508-CV-354
06/28/06 Howard & Merry Funston v. School Town of Munster 45D11-0103-CT-119 45S03-0506-CV-262
06/28/06 Jason Paul Davidson v. State of Indiana 43C01-0205-MR-70 43S03-0506-CR-263
06/28/06 Dorsey Matthews v. State of Indiana 49G01-9409-CF-119589 49S02-0509-PC-405
06/28/06 Joshua Kendall v. State of Indiana 49G20-0012-CF-221196 49S02-0606-CR-234
06/28/06 Albert Hardister v. State of Indiana 49G20-0012-CF-221197 49S05-0507-CR-319
06/27/06 Nathan Haas v. State of Indiana 15C01-0208-FA-2 15S01-0606-CR-231
06/27/06 Kyle Neff v. State of Indiana 12C01-0312-MR-494 12S02-0606-CR-232
06/27/06 The Money Store Investment Corp. v. Neal A. Summers, et al 02C01-0109-CP-1341 02S03-0508-CV-355
06/22/06 Claudette Cain v. Roger Griffin 61C01-0205-PL-134 61S01-0509-CV-422
06/22/06 K.S. v. State of Indiana 49D09-0205-JD-2025 49S04-0503-JV-76
06/22/06 Dutchmen Manufacturing Inc. v. Chad and Don Reynolds 20D04-0011-CP-171 20S05-0506-CV-292
06/22/06 Sue Kozlowski v. Dordija Dordieski, et al 45C01-0108-CP-859 45S05-0606-CV-223
06/22/06 Robert Cavens, M.C. v. Tim Zaberdac 45D04-9807-CP-534 45S03-0505-CV-239
06/21/06 John Cantrell v. Sonya A. Morris 2:04-CV-364-PPS-APR 94S00-0505-CQ-243
06/20/06 Steve Bonney, et al. v. Indiana Finance Authority, et al. 71D07-0604-PL-144 71S00-0606-CV-204
06/20/06 Gregory Charles Hall v. State of Indiana 02D04-8207-CF-263 02S05-0503-PC-104
06/15/06 Michael C. Armstrong v. State of Indiana 26D01-0306-FC-8 26S05-0606-CR-212
06/15/06 Alfred G. Nelson v. State of Indiana 12D01-0301-FC-9 12S02-0606-CR-213
06/14/06 David Weiss v. State of Indiana 17D01-0309-FA-2 17S03-0510-CR-487
06/14/06 Jerry Reyes v. State of Indiana 49G04-0207-MR-193968 49S04-0510-CR-475
06/14/06 Roger D. Childress v. State of Indiana and Gary L. Carroll v. State of Indiana 61C01-0402-FB-56, 61C01-0303-FB-55, 61C01-0204-FD-59 & 61C01-0306-FC-104 61S01-0510-CR-484 & 61S04-0510-CR-485
06/14/06 City of Indianapolis and Indianapolis Police Department v. Richard Garman 49D10-0006-CT-852 49S00-0602-CV-55
06/14/06 Jeffrey Patrick, City of Gary & City of Gary Police Department v. Richard Miresso 45D01-0204-CT-101 45S03-0505-CV-223
06/13/06 Trinity Homes, LLC v. Frank Y. Fang 06D02-0310-SC-1357 06S01-0503-CV-124
06/08/06 Carson Lutz v. Erie Insurance Exchange, as Subrogee of Paul McCormick 49D13-0203-CC-482 49S02-0606-CV-205
06/06/06 Dirk Morris, et al. v. Economy Fire and Casualty Company 49D12-0308-CT-1475 49S02-0503-CV-98
06/06/06 State of Indiana ex rel. Indiana State Bar Association v. Gary L. Northouse and Michael E. Ramer N/A 94S00-0505-MS-205
05/24/06 Robert Trimble v. State of Indiana 40D01-0302-CM-116 40S01-0602-CR-64
05/23/06 In Re Estate of Gary Hammar, Lewis v. Hammar 56D01-0504-ES-04 56S03-0511-CV-587
05/23/06 State of Indiana v. Heath A. Spillers 48D03-0302-FA-49 48S02-0501-CR-5
05/23/06 Midtown Chiropractic v. Illinois Farmers Insurance Co. 49D06-0302-PL-336 49S02-0503-CV-96
05/18/06 Northern Indiana Public Service Company v. John S. Bloom 02D01-0203-CT-104 02S04-0505-CV-204
05/18/06 Wayne County Property Tax Assessment Board of Appeals v. United Ancient Order of Druids-Grove #29 N/A 49S10-0412-TA-504
05/18/06 Scott S. Holder v. State of Indiana 87C01-0301-FB-6 87S05-0505-CR-194
05/17/06 DePuy, Inc. v. Anthony Farmer 139388 93S02-0503-EX-97
05/09/06 In Re: Pilot Project for Electronic New Coverage in Indiana Trial Courts N/A 94S00-0605-MS-166
05/03/06 Michelle Ellenwine v. Dawn Fairley 71D06-0110-CP-1497 71S03-0605-CV-164
05/03/06 Metropolitan Development Commission of Marion Co. v. Pinnacle Media, LLC 49D02-0201-PL-000078 49S05-0511-CV-510
04/20/06 Jerry Grinstead v. State of Indiana 28C01-9406-CF-42 28S01-0501-PC-16
04/20/06 Jason Edward Fuchs v. Megan & Cheryl Martin 49D04-0008-JP-1263 49S02-0602-JV-69
04/18/06 Donna M. Schriber v. Anonymous 49C01-0204-CT-904 49S04-0501-CV-30
04/18/06 Joseph E. Corcoran v. State of Indiana 02D04-9707-CF-465 02S00-0508-PD-350
04/13/06 In the Matter of Anonymous N/A 98S00-0601-DI-17
04/12/06 Eddie Trail and Katrinka Trail v. Boys and Girls Clubs of Northwest Indiana 45D10-0302-CT-35 45S03-0504-CV-132
03/30/06 Frank Nagy, et al. v. Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corporation 82D03-0210-PL-4388 82S01-0409-CV-428
03/23/06 Larry D. Mitchell v. State of Indiana 49G01-0110-CF-198307 49S05-0603-CR-105
03/14/06 University of Southern Indiana Foundation v. Richard A. Baker and Integra Bank N.A. Trust and Investment Management Group 82D07-0403-TR-112 82S04-0510-CV-488
02/22/06 Keaton & Keaton, P.C. v. R. Mark Keaton, et al. 02C01-0212-PL-153 02S03-0602-CV-67
02/22/06 Allstate Insurance Company v. Ted & Rosella Fields and Jimmie Woodley 45C01-9510-CT-1927 45S05-0506-CV-291
02/22/06 Auto-Owners Insurance Company v. Jon Harvey, Misty Johnson, as Co-Personal Representative of the Estate of Brandy Nicole Harvey and Toby Michael Gearheart 83C01-0210-CT-43 83S01-0501-CV-7
02/22/06 Marsha Ledbetter v. Robert Hunter, M.D., Lawrence Benken, M.D., and Ball Memorial Hospital 49D02-9409-CT-384 49S02-0412-CV-501
02/21/06 Robert Trimble v. State of Indiana 40D01-0302-CM-116 40S01-0602-CR-64
02/16/06 Sarah Sellmer v. State of Indiana 29D04-0111-CF-7259 29S04-0602-CR-58
02/16/06 Henry Luke Kellems, Jr. v. State of Indiana 62C01-0203-FD-236 & 62C01-9911-DF-585 62S05-0501-CR-15
02/14/06 Duane E. Baber v. State of Indiana 29D02-0407-FC-82 29S04-0601-CR-5
02/14/06 Ronald Covington v. State of Indiana 49G02-0206-MR-157363 49S00-0501-CR-2
02/14/06 State of Indiana v. Thomas A. Quirk 30C01-0103-CF-34 30S01-0410-CR-458
02/14/06 Marvin Taylor v. State of Indiana 49G20-0108-CF-163624 49S04-0410-CR-457
02/08/06 Tyrus Bryant v. State of Indiana 48C01-0107-FB-195 48S04-0602-CR-40
02/08/06 Mark E. McDillon v. Northern Indiana Public Service Co. 45D08-0010-CP-4436 45S04-0412-CV-528
02/07/06 Stephen L. and Melinda Vaughn v. Daniels Co. (West Virginia), Inc. and Solar Sources, Inc. 14C01-9712-CT-404 14S01-0602-CV-37
02/02/06 In re Guidant Shareholders Derivative Litigation v. Ronald Donnels N/A 94S00-0407-CQ-318
02/01/06 Coca-Cola Company v. Babyback's International, Inc. 49D03-0101-CT-62 49S02-0408-CV-380
01/31/06 Karen C. Horseman v. J. Scott Keller 49D10-0311-MI-1998 49S00-0501-CV-17
01/31/06 Gene Lasater and Carolyn Lasater v. Donald House, Sr., as Pers. Rep. of Estate of Opal M. Pullen 18C04-0104-CP-43 18S04-0409-CV-430
01/25/06 City of Vincennes v. Kevin Emmons d/b/a Cherokee Rentals, Jeffrey Hendrixson and Eric Klein 42D02-0006-OV-130, 42D02-0006-OV-135 and 42D02-0006-OV-132 42S02-0504-CV-131
01/18/06 Greg Shelton v. Alaina Shelton 82D04-9805-DR-549 82S04-0601-CV-8
01/17/06 Kenyan L. Taylor v. State of Indiana 48D03-9302-CF-70 48S02-0503-PC-127
01/12/06 George F. Sanders v. State of Indiana 02D04-0309-FA-56 02S03-0505-CR-222
01/10/06 In the Matter of Danny Ray Hill N/A 71S00-0509-DI-416
01/05/06 Ann Willis and Jeff Willis v. Christopher Westerfield 49D03-9901-CT-13 49S02-0512-CV-692
12/30/05 L. Thomas & Norma Sue Booth v. Robert G. Wiley, M.D., Ronald K. Norlund, O.D., and Midwest Eye Consultants, P.C. 02D01-0107-CT-260 02S03-0402-CV-95
12/29/05 Board of Directors of the Bass Lake Conservancy District v. Susan & John Brewer 75C01-0210-PL-50 75S05-0505-CV-254
12/28/05 Marvin Bieghler v. State of Indiana 2436 34S00-0511-SD-679
12/22/05 Undray L. Knighten v. State of Indiana 03D01-0402-FB-281 03S04-0512-CR-681
12/21/05 John P. Myers v. State of Indiana 72D01-0212-FD-326 72S01-0406-CR-249
12/21/05 Michael Dicen v. New Sesco, Inc. 55D01-0301-PL-30 55S01-0409-CV-407
12/21/05 James Thomas Myers v. State of Indiana 20C01-0203-FA-33 20S03-0411-CR-494
12/20/05 John Thomas Sees v. Bank One, Indiana, N.A. 35C01-0012-CP-577 35S02-0406-CV-277
12/20/05 Robert Bester v. Lake Co. Office of Family and Children 45D06-0211-JT-104 45S03-0509-JV-435
12/20/05 Pamela S. Fackler v. Melvin J. Powell, Jr., and M. Jack Powell, Jr., Living Trust 02A03-0311-CV-453 02S03-0504-CV-166
12/13/05 In Re: L. Benjamin Pfaff N/A 20S00-0501-JD-14
12/13/05 Kenna D. Ryle v. State of Indiana 49G03-0303-MR-35666 49S02-0505-CR-207
12/13/05 LaMar Williams v. State of Indiana 49G20-0310-FA-176400 49S02-0512-CR-643
12/07/05 Daimler Chrysler Corporation v. Tina and Darrin Wagner 66D01-0312-PL-15 66S03-0512-CV-625
12/07/05 Daimler Chrysler Corporation v. Samuel and Diane Yaeger 55D03-0301-PL-2 55S05-0504-CV-165
12/06/05 In the Matter of the Hon. James Danikolas N/A 45S00-0403-JD-126
12/06/05 IDEM v. Lynn West, et al 49D13-0106-CP-914 49S02-0501-CV-22
12/06/05 State of Indiana ex rel. Indiana State Bar Assoc., et al v. Ludy Diaz N/A 94S00-0312-MS-589
12/01/05 Leonard Lamont Frye v. State of Indiana 82D02-0302-FB-156 82S05-0503-CR-112
11/29/05 Paul Wilfong v. Cessna Corporation 47D01-9811-CP-1060 47S01-0511-CV-609
11/29/05 Joseph Kincaid v. State of Indiana 20D03-0212-FB-224 20S04-0511-CR-611
11/29/05 Rodney D. KIing v. State of Indiana 20D03-0502-PC-3 20S00-0511-CR-612
11/29/05 In the Matter of Dorothy J. Thomsen N/A 49S00-0502-DI-36
11/23/05 Dawn King v. S.B. (In re Parentage of A.B.) 53C03-0310-JP-613 53S01-0511-JV-606
11/23/05 Krste Prentoski v. Five Star Painting, Inc. C-144134 93S02-0511-EX-605
11/23/05 Clinic for Women, Inc. v. Carl J. Brizzi 49D07-0303-PL-558 49S05-0501-CV-31
11/22/05 Terry Severs v. Majorie Severs 82D04-0301-DR-60 82S01-0511-CV-597
11/21/05 Jane Doe, et al v. J. David Donahue 49D12-0109-CP-1450 49S02-0509-CV-436
11/21/05 In the Matter of L. Benjamin Pfaff N/A 20S00-0501-JD-14
11/09/05 Alicia and Jacelyn Crabtree, b/n/f Kimberly Kemp v. Estate of Jackie L. Crabtree, Jr. 55C01-0204-CT-199 55S01-0409-CV-431
11/03/05 Metropolitan Development Commission of Marion Co., et al v. Pinnacle Media, LLC 49D02-0201-PL-78 49S05-0511-CV-510
11/03/05 Larriante Sumbry v. William Boklund 46D04-0303-CT-110 46S04-0511-CV-511
11/02/05 State of Indiana v. Dow Wilson 49G06-0302-FC-32946 49S05-0501-CR-6
11/02/05 John Glover v. State of Indiana 49G04-0210-MR-246224 49S02-0502-CR-56
10/27/05 Christina M. Allgood, Individually and on behalf of all others similarily situated v. Meridian Security Insurance Company 49D10-0301-PL-171 49S02-0501-CV-3
10/27/05 James B. Dunn, on behalf of himself and others similarily situated v. Meridian Mutual Insurance Company , an Indiana Corporation n/k/a State Automobile Insurance Company, an Ohio Corporation 49D11-0112-CP-2087 49S02-0510-CV-500
10/27/05 Indiana Association of Beverage Retailers, Inc. v. Indiana Alcohol and Tabacco Commission, Thornton Oil Corporation and Marion County Alliance of Neighborhood Associations 49D01-0303-PL-427 49S02-0504-CV-137
10/25/05 Aaron Reemer v. State of Indiana 34D01-0310-FB-367 34S02-0502-CR-58
10/17/05 In the Matter of John H. Freeman, IV N/A 49S00-0312-DI-616
10/13/05 Shelley Johnson v. State of Indiana 49G01-9801-PC-9721 49S05-0510-PC-470
10/13/05 State of Indiana v. David Leon Jones 48D03-9903-CF-55 48S02-0510-PC-472
10/13/05 Anthony Jacobs v. State of Indiana 49G01-9609-PC-150138 49S02-0510-PC-471
10/12/05 Jason E. Bridges v. State of Indiana 35C01-0210-FB-55 35S04-0406-CR-275
10/04/05 Randal Young v. State of Indiana 49G06-0309-FB-151740 49S04-0507-CR-321
09/29/05 David F. Losch v. State of Indiana 20C01-0212-MR-162 20S00-0405-CR-235
09/27/05 PSI Energy, Inc. v. William Lee Roberts, Jr. & Beverly Roberts 49D02-9601-MI-0001-687 49S02-0405-CV-217
09/23/05 Alan Matheney v. State of Indiana 45G02-9001-CF-22 45S00-0509-SD-425
09/16/05 In the Matter of Timothy V. Clark N/A 49S00-0309-DI-422
09/13/05 In the Matter of Cynthia L. Winkler and In the Matter of Blaine Goode N/A 88S00-0408-DI-346 & 88S00-0408-DI-347
09/13/05 Tommy R. Pruitt v. State of Indiana 15C01-0109-CF-54 15S00-0109-DP-393
08/31/05 In the Matter of John M. Hughes N/A 45S00-0506-DI-280
08/29/05 Alan Matheney v. State of Indiana 45G02-9001-CF-22 45S00-0506-SD-271
08/26/05 State ex rel. Michael Bramley v. Tipton Circuit Court 80C01-0402-MR-38 80S00-0507-OR-327
08/25/05 Arthur Baird v. State of Indiana CR85-66 54S00-0505-SD-240
08/16/05 Jedediah J. Haltom v. State of Indiana 84D05-0106-DF-1580 84S01-0409-CR-434
08/02/05 SMDfund, Inc., et al v. Fort Wayne-Allen Co. Airport Authority, et al 02C01-0302-PL-12 02S00-0409-CV-410
07/19/05 Aaron Anthony Johnson v. State of Indiana 71D02-0304-MR-15 71S03-0507-CR-322
07/19/05 Arthur P. Baird v. State of Indiana CR85-66 54S00-0505-SD-240
06/30/05 Roger Johnson v. Celebration Fireworks, Inc. 18D01-9501-CP-06 18S02-0501-CV-4
06/29/05 Monroe Guaranty Insurance Co. v. Magwerks Corporation 49D07-9902-CP-228 49S02-0402-CV-81
06/28/05 New Welton Homes v. Lance and Karen Eckman, and Richard C. Green d/b/a Green Concrete 27C01-0112-CP-876 27S02-0309-CV-398
06/28/05 Donna J. MacLafferty v. William P. MacLafferty 49D03-0212-DR-2054 49S04-0409-CV-429
06/28/05 Burd Management v. State of Indiana 49D12-210-PL-1827 49S02-0411-CV-476
06/28/05 PSI Energy Inc. v. William Lee Roberts, Jr. and Beverly Roberts 49D02-9601-MI-0001-687 49S02-0405-CV-217
06/23/05 Tippecanoe Associates II, LLC v. Kimco Lafayette 671, Inc. 79D02-0112-CP-249 79S05-0506-CV-289
06/23/05 Sixto Cotto v. State of Indiana 74C01-0302-FA-44 74S05-0506-CR-288
06/23/05 Donna K. Stites v. State of Indiana 85-S-14 65S01-0409-PC-433
06/23/05 Leslie Mask v. State of Indiana 49G04-0301-FD-011936/49G04-0301-FC-013162 49S02-0506-CR-209
06/23/05 William Lacey v. State of Indiana 49G04-9710-CF-135067 49S04-0502-PC-57
06/22/05 Dean E. Blanck v. Indiana Dept. of Correction 52C01-0308-CT-397 52S02-0409-CV-405
06/22/05 Steven V. Wright v. State of Indiana 49G01-0211-FB-276086 49S02-0506-CR-285
06/22/05 Advantage Home Health Care, Inc. v. Indiana State Dept. of Health 18C01-0109-CP-547 18S02-0405-CV-198
06/22/05 Timothy Jarrett v. State of Indiana 49G17-0109-DF-179690 49S05-0406-CR-247
06/21/05 Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #73, et al v. City of Evansville, Indiana, et al 82C01-9905-CP-202 82S01-0410-CV-441
06/20/05 Clarence E. Fraley v. Clarence and Eva Minger 69C01-9610-CP-136 69S01-0308-CV-387
06/17/05 Kelli Jo Trusley v. State of Indiana 41D02-0110-CF-158 41S01-0506-CR-282
06/17/05 Jelani Merritt v. State of Indiana 71D08-9910-CF-574 71S03-0405-CR-234
06/17/05 Kevin A. Conner v. State of Indiana 49G01-8801-CF-08449 49S00-0504-SD-164
06/16/05 Rose M. Sowders v. State of Indiana 53C04-0208-MR-787 53S01-0506-CR-278
06/16/05 Hershel Hammon v. State of Indiana 52C01-0302-CM-57 52S02-0412-CR-510
06/16/05 Aaron G. Fowler v. State of Indiana 49G16-0307-CM-123009 49S02-0412-CR-509
06/15/05 Louisville & Indiana Railroad Company v. Indiana Gas Company 03D02-0004-CP-50 03S01-0401-CV-9
06/15/05 Lisa C. Morgan v. State of Indiana 20C01-0309-FA-169 20S04-0506-CR-277
06/14/05 City of North Vernon v. Jennings Northwest Regional Utilities 40D01-9910-CP-296 40S01-0404-CV-184
06/14/05 Stephen A. and Suzan M. Cox v. William Paul, D.D.S. 71C01-9801-CP-135 71S03-0409-CV-417
06/14/05 State of Indiana v. Robert Jeffrey Pelley 71D08-0208-MR-16 71S03-0403-CR-134
06/07/05 Robert Wright v. State of Indiana 49G05-0211-FC-283362 49S05-0404-CR-161

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