E-filing service providers

Indiana's e-filing model will provide the public with a choice from among several e-filing service providers. Any company that wishes to become an e-filing service provider in Indiana must complete a certification process through the Indiana Supreme Court.

Service providers currently certified in Indiana are listed below. As additional service providers are certified, they will be listed here.

Note: E-filing is currently available only in a limited number of courts. See the implementation schedule for a full list of courts and case types available for e-filing.

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Online training from Tyler Technologies is available for filers and law firm administrators.

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Learn how to get help and support to e-file a request for a protection order.


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Learn about the features offered (PDF) by Green Filing and sign up for training.


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View tutorials from US Legal Pro.


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Get training and support from OneLegal.


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View tutorials and get support from Legal E-file.