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About Judicial Districts in Indiana

The Legislature first envisioned a system of trial court districts after the 1970 amendments to Article 7 (the Judicial Article) of the Constitution of Indiana. Thus, in 1975, the General Assembly passed P.L 305, SEC 1 (1975) and created an administrative office of the courts, with two divisions: one of which focuses strictly on Supreme Court work and one, the Division of State Court Administration (Division), focuses on the management of the trial courts and clerks.  Among other things, that legislation directs the executive director of the Division of State Court Administration, with the approval of the Supreme Court, to divide the state geographically into at least eight (8) trial court districts. IC 33-24-6-10.

For many years Indiana had been divided into 14 judicial administrative districts. But in response to a recommendation by the Indiana Judicial Conference and its strategic plan dubbed "A New Way Forward," the judicial district map was revised in late 2010 into 26 smaller Districts in order to facilitate more unified governance and more efficient collaboration within the Districts.

Indiana Administrative Rule 3(B) specifies that the Board of Directors of the Indiana Judicial Conference shall by rule "establish a structure for the governance, management and administration of the judicial district." As a result, each of Indiana's 26 Districts has developed  a district governance plan for the courts within that District. The District Plans cover a variety of topics including Special Judge Plans, Criminal Rule 2.2 plans and other areas of interest that might cross county lines within a District.

Districts may also adopt District Rules in accordance with Indiana Trial Rule 81 and the Schedule for All Local Court Rules.

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