Update portal profile

Your user profile in the portal is separate from your attorney record.  Updating your name, phone numbers, and email address on the user profile page will not update the contact information in your attorney record.

The email address that you list in your User Profile on the Portal is used for sending password reset messages and payment receipts.

The User Profile email address is kept separate from the Roll of Attorneys email address for technical reasons. 

If your name changes, you are required to update your name with the appellate clerk's office within 30 days of the change, but you must complete this process on paper. See the appellate clerk's office website for an Affidavit for Name Change.  Once the name change is complete, your new name will be reflected on the Personal Information section of your Attorney Record.  Your name in your user profile for the portal will not be automatically updated.


Name change: Admission and Discipline Rule 2