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World War II Veterans Information Center

Under Construction. We have some 40,000 names in the database already, including all 11,680 names of those Hoosiers killed in action. We have a 4-6 week backlog of names waiting to be entered, and are receiving more names daily. We promise to get them entered just as fast as we can within the resources we have available.

If you would like to help in this "monumental" task by entering names into the Veteran’s Database, please see our Volunteer Program page,or just fill out this Volunteer Application. For further information on the Veteran’s Database, our Volunteer Program, or the IndianaWar Memorials in general, please call us at 317-232-7615, or email us at

The Second World War consumed the best of a generation. Around the globe, over 75 million men, women and children died. Some 17 million Americans served in the United States Armed Forces; almost 400,000 of these were Hoosiers.

One-half million Americans were killed, and another half million were wounded. Indiana lost almost 12,000 of her sons and daughters, while another 17,000 returned home bearing the painful scars of wounds.

The purpose of this online information center is to commemorate those who served - especially those who were killed - so that future generations will remember.

Our database includes all of the Hoosiers who lost their lives in the war. However, we only have a fraction of the names of the rest who served. If you know of a veteran whose name is not included, please provide the name, branch of service and Indiana origins (hometown or county). If you have additional information, we would also like to know dates of service, areas of service, service number, highest rank held and awards and decorations received. You can EMAIL this to or mail it to:

World War II Memorial
P.O. Box 44159
Indianapolis, IN 46244