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Memory Care Units

The Indiana Veterans' Home has two memory care units for the care of our residents who have been diagnosed with dementia and Alzheimer's. Residents are placed in the unit based on their level of functioning, high or low, with care and activities specifically tailored to their level of need.

In early 2017, the McAllister Foundation and artist, Stacy Bogan, have endowed the memory units at IVH with four captivating landscapes that focus on the beauty of Indiana. Besides enhancing the home-like environment of our memory care units, these murals will also act as a functioning feature of patient care by helping to reduce anxiety and aiding in resident orientation.

For more information on the positive impact this installation will have for our residents, please visit There are many benefits interacting that with art provides for people with dementia. Researchers have found that art allows people to tap into their imagination. Paintings trigger memories and engagement between the person with dementia and the artwork. Behaviors like laughter and smiling, leaning forward to listen, and sharing dialog of personal meaning have been observed, along with the occasional personal reminiscence. The interaction is very much an experience about being in the present or in a moment of joy!

Thank you to the McAllister Foundation and Stacy Bogan for your generous donation!

Both memory care units are locked units and located within the Pyle building. The resident rooms in these units are single-occupancy for the comfort of our residents. For more information about memory care at IVH, contact our Admissions Department.

McAllister Foundation representative Bill McCaw, Representative Sheila Klinker, IVH Superintendent Joy Grow, and artist Stacy Bogan display the dedication resolution in front of the Lake Shafer landmarks mural during the February 2020 ribbon-cutting ceremony.


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