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UPP Account Grant Request

UPPA Fund Grant

The UPP Account Grant is available to anyone looking to improve the safety of Indiana's communities by protecting underground facilities through: public awareness, training and education, or incentive programs.

Completing the Application

Download the UPP Account Grant Application here.
Download the UPP Account Grant Application Instructions here.

*Note - when you submit your grant, do not submit as a PDF.

Please fill out all fields completely in as much detail as possible. The start date for any proposed event must be after the date you send in the application. Applications for events that have already occurred may not be approved.  Questions regarding your application should be directed to Underground Plant Protection Account Fund Program Manager Darby Miller at DarbMiller@urc.in.gov. Legal questions may be directed to the General Counsel's Office at URCGeneralCounsel@urc.in.gov.

Completed applications should be emailed to the Underground Plant Protection Account Program Manager, at DarbMiller@urc.in.gov.

Granting of Funds

Your completion of this grant application does not guarantee that the IURC shall award grant funds.  Should the IURC provide a grant award, it will do so in writing.  The IURC shall make every attempt to respond to application requests within thirty days.

Applicants shall be required to enter into a fully executed Grant agreement prior to the provision of Underground Plant Protection Account funds.  A sample Grant agreement is available here.

Please note that due to state procurement rules, a grant agreement is not necessary for grants of $5,000 or less. However, the IURC still requires a completed and approved grant application.

In order to be able to pay a grant or contract, the requestor must be entered into the State of Indiana payment system. This will require a properly completed W-9 and Direct Deposit Form. These forms can be found below.

W-9 Form
Direct Deposit Form


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