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Welcome to the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission

The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (Commission) is an administrative agency that hears evidence in cases filed before it and makes decisions based on the evidence presented in those cases. An advocate of neither the public nor the utilities, the Commission is required by state statute to make decisions in the public interest to ensure the utilities provide safe and reliable service at just and reasonable rates.

The Commission also serves as a resource to the legislature, executive branch, state agencies, and the public by providing information regarding Indiana’s utilities and the regulatory process. In addition, Commission members and staff are actively involved with regional, national, and federal organizations regarding utility issues affecting Indiana.

Notifications & Updates

AES Indiana Public Meeting regarding the ACE Project
In June, the Commission held a public meeting to hear from AES Indiana regarding the implementation of the ACE Project and how AES Indiana is working to address issues customers have experienced with the new system. AES Indiana’s responses to the Commission’s first two requests for additional information can be found by clicking here or here.

Implementation Regarding FERC Order 2222

The Commission is working with stakeholders on its implementation regarding Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Order 2222. Information about stakeholder meetings and comment periods can be found by clicking here.

2024 IRP Contemporary Issues Technical Conference
This year's IRP Contemporary Issues Technical Conference was held virtually in June and covered a variety of topics including loss of load expectation studies, load forecasting, and resource adequacy. In case you missed it, the presentations and a recording of the conference can be found by clicking here.

2024 Summer Reliability Forum
In May, the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission hosted a Summer Reliability Forum for the investor-owned electric utilities and regional transmission organizations to provide an update on their preparations for the 2024 summer season. For additional information, click here.

Commission Administered Fines and Civil Penalties
Under Indiana Code ยง 4-22-2-19.6(f), the Commission shall post on its website a schedule of fines and civil penalties that apply to violations of laws, rules, and requirements of federal programs administered by the IURC. This document, which can be found by clicking here, lists the applicable fines and civil penalties.