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Commission Reports

Annual Reports

According to Indiana Code §  8-1-1-14, the Commission Chairman is required to prepare an annual report and file it with the Governor and Chair of the Legislative Council. Below are the links to the most recent years' annual reports, which were presented to the Interim Study Committee on Utilities, Energy, and Telecommunications of the Indiana General Assembly (previously called the Regulatory Flexibility Committee). Prior to 2012, the Commission prepared separate annual reports and Regulatory Flexibility Reports; these can be found linked on an archive page here.

Year Page Count
2020 136 pages
2019 122 pages
2018 116 pages
2017 122 pages
2016 110 pages
2015 108 pages
2014 289 pages
2013 237 pages
2012 211 pages

Indiana Utility Guide

The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (Commission) strives to be open and transparent in providing all stakeholders information about the agency and the issues that affect the agency and related industries.

The Indiana Utility Guide serves as a foundational resource that contains detailed historical and background information, trending data, guidance on Indiana regulatory processes and procedures, and more. The intention is that the Indiana Utility Guide will be updated every few years.

It is important to note that the Indiana Utility Guide serves as a starting point in understanding the complex world of Indiana utilities. There are a variety of other helpful resources, workshops, courses, etc. available to help better understand the ever-changing world of utilities. This guide addresses a number of utility topics from the Commission's point of view, but the Commission encourages those interested to seek out the many resources available to become as informed as possible.

2019 Indiana Utility Guide

2016 Indiana Utility Guide