Emergency, Pending & Final Rules

Before the Commission may add or make changes to its existing rules, it must follow the formal rulemaking process. By doing so, it ensures the opportunity for public comment and allows the issues at hand to be fully vetted. To find out how the rulemaking process works, please click here.

Rulemakings are listed in order by the Commission's rulemaking number (RM #), with those most recently initiated being displayed first. Click the Details link to open a page that provides additional information about that specific rulemaking, including how to participate and whom to contact.

Emergency Rules

Emergency rules are sometimes needed either to address an emergency under Ind. Code § 8-1-2-113 (emergency alteration, amendment, or suspension of rates or services) or as required by a new statute. The emergency rule process is greatly truncated, and the rule normally expires within 90 to 180 days. Emergency rules generally function as place holders until a formal rulemaking process can occur.

Emergency Rule to amend the Net Metering Rule as required by IC 8-1-40-12
RM# 17-04 | Details

Pending Rules

Pipeline Safety Update to Minimum Pipeline Safety Rules
RM# 17-02 | Status: Public Hearing & Public Comment |  Details

Integrated Resource Plan and Energy Efficiency Plan
RM# 15-06 | Status: Public Hearing & Public Comment |  Details

Revisions to Procedural Rules
RM# 15-02 | Status: Rule Development | Details

Revisions to Integrated Resource Planning
This rulemaking has been discontinued. Please refer to Commission RM #15-06 for the new IRP-EEP Rulemaking.
The email distribution list for this proposed rulemaking has been transferred into RM #15-06.
RM# 11-07 | Status: Rule Development | Details

Effective Rules

Rule Readoption: Various Rules in 170 IAC
RM# 18-01 | LSA# 18-113 | Details

Required Update to Pipeline Safety Rules to Match Federal Regulations
RM# 15-04 | LSA #15-424 | Details

Various Rule Readoptions

RM# 17-01 | LSA# 17-124 | Details

RM# 16-01 | LSA# 16-168 | Details

RM# 15-01 LSA# 15-103 | Details

RM# 13-03 | LSA# 13-227 | Details

Municipal Procedures for Outside City Rates
RM# 12-06 | LSA# 12-442 | Details

Tree Trimming
RM# 10-04 | LSA# 12-42 | Details

Electricity and Telecommunications Interconnections
RM# 12-05 | LSA# 12-114 | Details

Attorney Appearances in Commission Proceedings
RM# 11-08 | LSA# 11-590| Details

Indiana Voluntary Clean Energy Portfolio Standard Program
RM# 11-05 | LSA# 12-97 | Details

Practice before the Commission Creditworthiness, Deposits, and Refunds for Natural Gas Customers
RM# 12-03 | LSA# 12-199 | Details

Past Rulemakings

To view final rules from past years, please click here.

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