Medication Storage and Disposal

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Safe Medication Storage

DO consult with a pharmacist to see if any of your prescribed medications have the potential for misuse.

DO store your medication in a cool, dry place such as a cabinet, drawer or medicine safe that is locked and out of the reach of children.

DO keep the original container including the label that provides information about the medication.

DO properly dispose of unused or expired medication. Click here to find a list of places to dispose of the medication.

DON’T leave your medication in locations that are easily available for others including children and pets.

DON’T store medicine in a location where humidity and temperature may vary because this could alter the medication’s strength and effects.

DON’T share prescription medications. The effects of medication on others may vary from person to person.

DON’T flush your medication in the toilet, pour down the drain or throw in the trash due to environmental impacts and accidental poising that may occur.

For more information on safe guarding your medication please visit the following websites: