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Fish Consumption Advisory for Indiana

Fish Consumption Advisory by County


How to read the Indiana Fish Consumption Advisory:

  • Identify which population you are. The options are:
    1. The sensitive population: This includes females under the age of 50 excluding women who are no longer capable of becoming pregnant, males under age 15, and people with compromised immune systems.
    2. The general population: This includes adult men over the age of 15 and women over the age of 50 or are no longer capable of becoming pregnant.
  • View the species that you will be fishing for that you plan to eat.
  • Measure the fish you plan to eat.
  • One meal is 8 oz. for an adult and for children (ages 2-6) a meal is 3 oz.
  • Unlimited consumption means 225 meals in a year period or 4.5 meals in a week.
  • If your fish species is not listed for a water body, or there is no advisory for the waterbody you're looking for, please consult the Indiana Safe Fish Consumption Guidelines that are based on all of the state fish tissue data: