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Indiana Violent Death Reporting System (INVDRS)


Indiana is one of 40 states to receive funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to collect violent death data using the National Violent Death Reporting System. The purpose of the funding is to improve the planning, implementation, and evaluation of violence prevention programs. The grant will be administered by the State Department of Health’s Division of Trauma and Injury Prevention.

The Indiana Violent Death Reporting System (INVDRS) will gather vital records data, law enforcement records, and coroner reports into one central web-based registry in order to better understand the circumstances of violent deaths, including homicides, suicides, undetermined intent deaths, and unintentional firearm deaths. The CDC provides funding to utilize the software and to implement an abstraction process (people, technical support, etc.) to combine the data. The coding manual used by the record abstractors can be found here. The coding manual includes information on what data elements are collected and the definition of the element.

Handout on the INVDRS

Handout on the INVDRS and Child Fatality Review Program

INVDRS Brochure 

2016 Indiana Suicide and Unintentional Drug Overdose Deaths Report

2016-2017 Indiana Suicide and Unintentional Drug Overdose Deaths Report

Suicide in Indiana Infographic


Current INVDRS Data Providers

The Indiana Violent Death Reporting System relies on the ongoing support of Indiana Coroners and Law Enforcement agencies. INVDRS combines data from the death certificate, police reports, and coroner reports to develop a comprehensive picture of the circumstances surrounding violent deaths in Indiana. The INVDRS staff would like to recognize those agencies that are fully supporting INVDRS by submitting their reports for inclusion in the database.

Coroners (counties in blue are participating)

Law Enforcement Agencies 

Death Investigation Guide for Coroner and Law Enforcement Officers


INVDRS Advisory Board Meeting Schedule

To facilitate the development of the INVDRS, an advisory board has been established.  The board will meet quarterly and will focus on the technical aspects of developing and implementing the reporting system.  The board is made up of individuals/organizations with experience in conducting injury reporting systems and persons representing organizations that can provide the needed data (coroners, law enforcement, vital records, and crime laboratories).  Please contact Morgan Sprecher (msprecher@isdh.in.gov) if you or someone from your agency is willing to serve on the advisory board.

Upcoming 2019 Advisory Board Meetings

 Date  Location  Floor  Time

2 North Meridian, Indianapolis, IN 46204 (ISDH)

Rice Auditorium 10 am - 12 pm EST

Previous Advisory Board Meeting

 Date  Meeting Agenda  Meeting Notes  Additional Material


11/16/18 Cancelled    


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*Joint meeting with IPAC*

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Contact Information:
Morgan Sprecher, MPH
INVDRS Epidemiologist, Division of Trauma and Injury Prevention

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