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ISCR Software

IC 16-38-2 requires health care providers, as specified in Section 3.(a), to report cancer cases to the Indiana State Cancer Registry (ISCR). To assist facilities in submitting this data, ISCR provides software, free of charge, called the "ISCR FTP program." This program encrypts submission data using 256-bit AES encryption and RSA public key encryption and uploads the encrypted data to an SFTP server maintained by the Indiana Office of Technology (IOT). Alternatively the program can attach the encrypted data to an email to send to ISCR.

You will need a password and a facility list file to install the ISCR FTP program. To obtain the password and the file, contact the Indiana State Cancer Registry by email or by phone at 317-234-2561.

Configuration When to Use Files
RMCDS If you use Rocky Mountain Cancer Data Systems (RMCDS) software for your cancer registry, then install this configuration. The ISCR FTP program is integrated into RMCDS and is accessed from the Custom menu in the main RMCDS window. The program is used entirely within the RMCDS environment. Installation Instructions
Instructions for Use
Standard Install this configuration if you use any cancer registry software except RMCDS, for example, ERS, IMPATH, CNExT, Oncolog, or METRIQ, to name a few. The ISCR FTP program runs independently of your cancer registry software and is accessed from an icon placed on the desktop or from the Windows Start menu. Installation Instructions
Instructions for Use
Basic This configuration provides the file encryption features of the program, but none of the SFTP capabilities for transmitting data. Install this configuration if you need to use public key encryption but you don't need to submit data to ISCR. Installing the basic configuration requires neither a password nor a facility list file. Download
Update If you have already installed the ISCR FTP program, either the RMCDS configuration or the Standard configuration, and need to update the program to the latest version, then download this file. You do not need a password to download or install the update. Typically the program is able to update itself automatically, so it's rarely necessary to download this update yourself. Note that to install the update you need to run your current version of the ISCR FTP program after you download the file. See the instructions for details. Compare the version number and update level shown by the ISCR FTP program with this (which should match this):

Version: 6.1.5
Update 13

If you have an earlier version, you should download this update.
Installation Instructions

The column labeled Files contains the following links:

  • Installation Instructions gives directions on how to install a particular configuration of the program, or how to download an update to the program.
  • Download initiates downloading of a particular configuration or update of the program.
  • Instructions for Use gives directions on how to use a particular configuration of the program after you've installed it.

Edits Metafile

An edits metafile contains a set of algorithms--called edits--for checking the validity of many of the data items that make up a cancer record. The Indiana State Cancer Registry has created its own metafile. Data submitted to ISCR is expected to pass the edit checks from this metafile.

There are two metafile formats. The RMF format is used by programs such as GenEdits for actually running the edit checks. The Indiana metafile in this format is named INH16E.rmf. The EMF format is used by programs such as EditWriter for writing the edits and grouping them into edit sets. Indiana metafile in this format is named INH16E.emf. You can download a zip file containing both metafiles plus a file named Edits Version 16E (Hospital).pdf that lists the edits in the metafile with a description of each one.