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Agriculture is a vital component of Indiana’s economic health. In fact, more than 80 percent of Indiana’s land is devoted to farms and forests. At the heart of Indiana agriculture is a desire to sustain Indiana’s resources while fueling economic growth throughout our state. At ISDA, the Division of Economic Development is available to provide guidance, information and encouragement to interested agribusinesses and organizations in entering new markets and expanding sales. Whether that is through international trade missions or local expansion initiatives, ISDA is here to help link your business to a variety of industry organizations, state and federal programs, international contacts and more.

Agriculture contributes more than $31.2 billion to the Hoosier economy, making Indiana the 10th largest agriculture state. The Heartland state is ranked the #1 state in manufacturing in the nation, boasts access to three international ports, a top ranked airport and is a logistical powerhouse.





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Our team continues to add value to Indiana agriculture by working with agribusinesses and our partners like you. We would love to hear about your agribusiness.

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