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System Information

Voice System Information

As of December, 2019, 184 communications sites are on the air. More than 85,000 device IDs  from 2,227 Local, State, and Federal agencies in all 92 Indiana counties are entered in the SAFE-T System database. In addition to the original 126-site plan, the SAFE-T buildout map now includes sites contributed by counties as well as sites built with federal grant dollars. These additions translate to wider and more reliable coverage for Hoosier first responders.

Authorized  Subscriber Equipment List

System Maps

  • To request a copy of our system map(s), please contact the IPSC Connection Center (ICC):
  • Mutual Aid Options: PDF

Data Interoperability System

Indiana has moved into the next generation of public safety communications: integrated public safety data sharing. The state has developed a statewide multi-agency, multi-jurisdiction police, fire and EMS data interoperability system to include computer aided dispatch (CAD), Mobile data devices (MDD), Automatic vehicle location (AVL) and records management system (RMS.

Implementation of the project is similar to that of the voice system – the state provides the infrastructure and central server systems; user agencies will own, operate and manage the daily use of CAD/MDD/AVL/RMS applications.

For more information on the statewide Data Interoperability System, please contact the IPSC MADDEN Center: email, phone 317.234.9686.